The 100 Sneak Peek: Octavia Lashes Out at Bellamy Over Lincoln's Death

Let’s hope nothing bad ever happens to Octavia on The 100 — at this point, she’s one of the few characters still making any sense.

The heartbroken warrior unleashes her fury on Bellamy (again!) in TVLine’s exclusive clip of Thursday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) when he tries to stop her from returning to Arkadia.

“What more do I have to do to prove that I am on your side?” he asks, garnering this gut-wrenching response: “Bring Lincoln back. … Turning Pike in does not make you one of the good guys, Bellamy. You did that to save me, not because you thought what Pike was doing to the grounders was wrong.”

Those may be fighting words coming from Octavia, but hey, at least she’s using her words this time. (Last week’s bloody battle scene was brutal.)

Tell us, 100 fans: Are you ready to trust Bellamy again? Hit PLAY on the video above, then drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. Luli says:

    Im on Octavia’s side on this one. I think she is right.

    Can’t wait for this episode, Lindsey Morgan is going to slay!!! Hope she is in performer of the week, just with the promos you can see she will be incredible!!!

  2. wrstlgirl says:

    Any scene without Clarke is a good scene, LOL!!

    • Lori says:

      I hope you realize Clarke is the show. No Clarke the show is pretty much dead in the water. IMO when Clarke and Lexa RIP are not in the show, we get crazy Pike or Jaha for 42 minutes of crap.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Not as far as I’m concerned. Clarke is boring and a horrible leader. The rest of the cast makes the show for me.

      • Michelle says:

        Clarke is dragging the show down with her horrible leader skills. Plus she’s selfish and frankly, I don’t see why people want her to be with Bellamy. She’s awful.

        • lokresia says:

          I’m completely agree with you. The best episodes of the third season are those in which Clarke doesn’t lose screen time with her presence. And 3×10 is proof of that. It’s sad how I had to lose my favorite character, so I can see first great episode of my favorite show this season.
          Anyway, maybe people secretly want Bellamy to die. The statistics won’t be on his side! I never liked him and I thought the worst thing that can happen(which already happen) to this show are Clarke, Lexa and Bellamy as leaders and couples(I almost liked Clarke and Lexa together but they still are awful leaders) but I don’t want him to die. The irreversibility that death brings and pain of this are things I don’t want to happen to Octavia never again.

        • Lyon says:

          Are you talking about Bellamy who killed 300 of his own people in the culling? He’s the best.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Yeah they turned the Jaha character into a complete joke. In fact the whole AI story line is beyond awful.

    • Marlo says:

      How is Clarke a horrible leader? Her people cannot be left alone for a period of time before they need saving. She has to put all her pain aside and move forward for them. Some of them put too much pressure on her. She is literally a teenager. These adults need to act like adults.

      Truth is they fall apart without her. Watch her save the day again. So you may want to stop watching because no Clarke means dead sky people. Maybe Ontari will wipe them out first. That way they can’t complain anymore.

      • lokresia says:

        You mean watch how she will kill 300+ people again because thinking is process that it is completely strange to her. Maybe she took that from her people. To sky people shouldn’t be allowed to vote and choose their leaders(Diana and Pike) never again for the benefit of all mankind.

  3. xomareen says:

    Octavia does have some good points, Bellamy did mess up by killing those grounders and he has to live with it, but blaming Monroe and Lincoln’s death solely on him isn’t fair, he definitely would’ve helped saving the latter if she hadn’t chained him up.

    “You were hurting and you lashed out because that’s what you do.” Well, seems like we know where Octavia got that from because as far as I am concerned, she lashed out last episode, too. She’s a bit of a hypocrite.

    • Logan Hollis says:

      So she’s a hypocrite, but that doesn’t effect the validity of what she is saying. Bellamy did that solely to save her, even when he was forced to decide between his friends and Pike, he chose Pike. The fact that he defended attacking an army that showed no ill will toward them proves that what he did was for Octavia and not because he thought what Pike was doing was wrong.

      • Fogh says:

        But in the last episode we were told that he DIDN’T just do it for Octavia. He was told by Pike that Octavia would be safe if they returned to Arkadia but he still turned Pike in which means he did it for more than her.

        • Armie says:

          More like he knew Pike wouldn’t keep his word. Octavia committed treason against Pike. We all know what happens when you commit treason. Remember Kane?

    • Robin says:

      Why would he save Lincoln? He’s a grounder. Isn’t this the reason he ignored Kane about the 300 peacekeepers because all grounders are the same? Bellamy can’t have it both ways. The truth is he was wrong. You can’t lump a group of people together for other’s sins and then murder them. If he hadn’t enabled Pike and instead listened to Kane at the beginning there would be no Lincoln to save. So it is partially his fault.

  4. Lola says:

    I’m just over if you’re not a friend to the grounders, you’re evil. If Octavia, Clarke, Kane, etc. want to lick the a** of grounders, that’s their personal decision. It doesn’t make Bellamy and company evil because they don’t trust people who have betrayed them time and time again. It’s not black and white. These people have literally treated them as enemies from the time they landed in the drop ship trying to survive. Even Octiavia’s precious Indra betrayed her when she turned her back at Mt. Weather despite Octavia’s only living relative being inside. Give me a break here. These people deserve as much as they give, which is not much. Octavia is very disappointing. She’s literally turned on the one person whose spent his life protecting her for some penis and some woman whose barely given her a reason to. Thank god I don’t have any siblings like that.

    • Shaun says:

      they had finally worked out a way to have peace and he ruined it.Making compromises is the game they have to play.

      • Lola says:

        Yep. Peace by the grounders standards until it’s not a peace. It’s easy to call a so called truce after you’ve literally gotten all of your people free from captivity and so forth. That truce wasn’t worth a dime when Lexa and her entire crew abandoned them on the mountain. I thought that was supposed to the peace and truce of them all working toward a common goal.

        • Rohan says:

          Let’s be friends in this sea of victim blaming insanity. People don’t understand how tenuous Sky people’s position was during the 3 month gap. Not to mention this prejudice only shows up against Bellamy, when both Monty and Brian were culpable.

      • Bob says:

        The grounders were against the sky people becoming the 13th clan, and was not happy at all with Lexa. The peace wouldn’t have lasted long.

        • Armie says:

          I’m not sure if you watch this show but there was an episode where Lexa killed the ice queen. Lexa had her son take over. You know Roan? He delivered Emerson and wasn’t hostile towards Clarke when they met again. So yeah there was peace. But Lexa was not good enough so they get psycho Ontari. I hope they love her.

    • Robin says:

      Why is someone else’s transgression automatically yours to pay? Because you’re simply born on earth? Do you not realize how crazy that sounds? Why are the 300 peacekeepers responsible for what Azgeda did? Imagine if all leaders thought this way. We would have world war 3, 4, 5 to infinity.

      You’ve gone too far with Octavia and Lincoln. Lincoln picked the sky crew over his own people over and over. This is what he gets: death. He saved Octavia and Bellamy beat him up for it. Then they tortured him later when it was their own fault for invading his space and not leaving after Octavia said to leave. Bellamy ignored his sister and wanted to kill Lincoln. So in the struggle, Finn gets stabbed. Then after all the aggravation they put Lincoln through he saves Finn and Clarke. But you act like he was just some sex boy. Did you forget how Bellamy stole the radio that Raven came down with to save his own ass? After Clarke tells him there are 300 that will die in the culling he fights Raven off. Clarke has to talk him dow. When he finally shows the river where he threw it, he’s off to the side while everyone else looks. He’s also the same jerk that wouldn’t let Jasper go to find Finn and Clarke. But didn’t have problems taking people to find his sister. That is original Bellamy and he’s back in season 3.

      • wait a minute here.. Bellamy only knew someone had taken his sister and chained her up in a cave. The grounders killed 3 of his friends while he was searching for her, one was Roma, he said she only came for him…Finn got stabbed and was dying, but Lincoln refused to tell them what bottle held the antidote. thats why he was tortured, to try and get him to talk. Yes Bellamy stole the radio, he didn’t know about the culling, he thought he was already a murderer (Jaha) and was trying to save himself from the ark. yes he was a jerk .. He wouldnt let Jasper go find Finn and Clarke because the grounders were about to attack, and didnt want to loose any more people. and don’t forget, he gave himself up to Murphy in exchange for Jasper. and after Murphy escaped he told Jasper they WOULD go after Clarke, Finn and Monty. Bellamy has made bad decisions, but for the most part, it was for what he saw as good reasons. He stepped up and was the one trying to protect his people from the thret of the grounders, that attacked his people from day one. In his eyes, every time they made deals with the grounders, the grounders went back on their words. with the exception of Lincoln. But Bellamy knew Lincoln loved his sister and protected her, he saw that at the bridge. when Anya was supposed to show up unarmed and alone. ( again in his eyes the grounders lied)
        Bellamy isn’t perfect, but he has a good heart. he sometimes doubts himself tho. Like someone said earlier, its not black and white.

        • Armie says:

          Did you actually watch that episode? Clarke catches up to Bellamy and says 300 people are about to die on the ark. His people! He disregards her so Raven demands he tell them where the radio is. He literally tells Raven that he should’ve killed her when he had a chance. She says well here I am and he pushed her back until she pulls a knife on him. Clarke has to plead with him to tell them where the radio is and he sits off to the side while everyone else looks. I know he has a pretty face but he wasn’t a good person. Clarke saves his ass when someone tries to shoot him so he wouldn’t be able to say who ordered Jaha’s death. Then he just gives up on Clarke the moment she needs saving. Well thanks to Lincoln who didn’t wait and ends up saving both Finn and Clarke. If he listened to Octavia since his world revolves around her, Finn wouldn’t have been stabbed. She tells Bellamy to leave but he has selective hearing and is adamant on killing Lincoln. Octavia calls him out on this because if Finn did die it was on him. Lincoln is grateful for the torture. I mean save Octavia and get tortured for their own fault is the best thanks. Lincoln owed them nothing.

    • lokresia says:

      She shouldn’t be on his side when he tortures or kills someone because he spent his entire life to care for her. It’s not about duty but love. Yeah, Octavia’s brother does everything he can to protect her, but at the end of the day she isn’t more protected but alone and hurt. Their siblings are toxic for both of them. He’s an adult but doesn’t even know who is he without her, and who he is with her isn’t a man who must be displayed to the world. Her turning out against Bellamy would be more useful to him than to her. He needs this break from his little sister more than she needs his protection because Octavia already knows who she is like a person and that is more important than just to be part of the sky people, Blakes or trikru.

  5. yes Octavia is a bit of a hypocrite talking about Bellamy lashing out ! I understand her pain, and they are all disappointed in Bellamy, but probably not as much as he is in himself. I think he is still not ready to trust the grounders, but realizes Pike was not right either. He will have to work for redemption, and he is a good guy, just lost right now. I am looking forward to seeing him prove himself, as we all know he can. When his full fledged guilt kicks in, it will be an emotional one for sure, unless it happens off screen(hope not). Just seeing last ep when Kane called him the enemy was heartbreaking. especially knowing in his heart, everything he was doing was to protect those same people.

    • Lola says:

      Kane is the biggest hypocrite of them all. Gives Bellamy words of encouragement saying that Bellamy did good when Bellamy, Clarke, Monty were forced to kill innocent children/people when they were at Mt. Weather but he gives him hell for other things. Guess when his own bacon is on the line, it’s ok to kill people.

      • What would you have done? They were warned multiple times to stop killing their people and that there is another way. They didn’t care, even after losing his dad he further escalated it, she warned him again and he goes after her mom. War is hell, there was no other choice.
        Bellamy lead a group that slaughtered their allies who were not provoked in any way other than, “we need their land” and only continued to act that way until it involved his sister. Kane while not a saint did not attack people unprovoked while on Earth.

    • Robin says:

      Except he wasn’t protecting them. He brought war instead. If it wasn’t for Clarke convincing Lexa to go with “blood must not have blood” a lot of sky people would be casualties right now.

      Just because you think you’re doing the right thing doesn’t make it true.

  6. Mike says:

    My ultimate problem with this season is this: Jason Rothenberg must have pitched one heck of a plot line to the head of The CW or some executive. Because what great on paper doesn’t necessarily translate well on screen. Certain conversations like the this one here is great. Its the follow through that has troubled me.

    • Lori says:

      I think S3 is better than expected. I say this because S2 was a masterpiece. So I had low expectations. I am loving S3.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      There’s a good-maybe great- storyline here but I think they just rushed it and left some things underdeveloped

  7. Ryan says:

    This season has messed up everything I’ve ever liked about the show. I can’t stand nor trust Bellamy, even though he used to be my favorite male character. I don’t even know what’s going on with Clarke anymore because she keeps disappearing in episodes. I don’t get Octavia – the girl keeps flipflopping on her stances and blaming everyone else for everything. I think Lindsey is a great actress, but Raven keeps getting crap on with even crappier storylines. What did the fans ever do to Jason for him to torture us with this season?

  8. sam says:

    “bloody battle” it was abuse.

  9. Happy says:

    I dislike how they wrote Bellamy’s character but hopefully he redeems himself.
    I feel so bad for Octavia! Can that poor girl catch a break in finding any kind of happiness?!

  10. Maryann says:

    Now they killed Lincoln? I am really glad I stopped watching after season 1 with all the main character deaths that have happened since then.

  11. Radha says:

    Apparently people are forgetting that PIke used Bellamy’s grief and guilt over his girlfriend to warp his thinking and start “drinking the koolaid”. Clarke and Lexa knew a bomb was going to hit the tribes and Clarke let Lexa convince her to leave everyone there while they escaped to safety. So I’m really tired of people forgiving Clarke for THAT but are ready to string Bellamy up for what he did. Before his girlfriend was murdered, Bellamy was fine with the Grounders–at least the good ones. Pike brainwashed him when he was at his lowest after losing his girlfriend, after Clarke, his confidante and ally was gone. It doesn’t make what Bellamy did right, but I’m not going to wish for him to get torn a new one every single time by Octavia just because she lost only person she cares about. Octavia has proven time and again that she barely tolerates her brother and hates all the Sky people. And while I get why she has issues with them, her brother has always been the only person who gave a shit about her. He risked letting her out of that horrid prison floorboard to go to that party and they got caught. They killed their mother and put her in prison. But Bellamy was just trying to do something nice for her. And I feel she’s always resented him for it.
    So Bellamy was in the wrong here, but he was being mind warped by Pike–as many of the other Arkadians also were. Yes, Bellamy helped kill those Grounders and yes, he was wrong. But I’m not going to hold that against him when so many people on this show have done questionable things and people forgive them.

    And if Clarke would actually BE with the people she claims to care about so much–instead of playing house with Lexa and shacking up in that tower (like why couldn’t she and Lexa go back to Arkadia, why was she just holed up in the Grounder camp like she didn’t have her own people wondering where she is?) then maybe a lot of this crap wouldn’t have happened. But ever since the showrunner has decided to keep Clarke and Bellamy as far apart as possible every season (well, since season 2) to discourage shipping, Clarke has always been everywhere BUT Arkadia. It’s like, dude, we get it. You don’t want this pairing to happen. It’s cool. But at least give a better reason why Clarke isn’t with her own people. Her coming up and finding out about Lincoln only made me want to slap her. I still feel like a lot of Pike wouldn’t have happened if she had been at the Arkadia camp. And this is coming from someone who likes Clarke but lately she’s been annoying me.

    I liked this show better when it was just the teens surviving down on Earth without the adults interfering. We had more creepy radioactive creatures back then. What happened to them? How come we don’t see any creatures anymore? The kids were building their own camp and surviving.

    • Lee says:

      Bellamy is a grown man. The only adult among the delinquents. They were all under 18. So how is he just brainwashed by Pike? They barely just met. He had been with Kane, Abby and the rest for a good 3 months of peace. If the grounders were in fact all evil why didn’t they wipe them out after the mountain fell? They would have been at their weakest. All of a sudden Pike enters the picture and he sides with him over Kane, Abby and his sister?

      Would you rather Lexa evacuate TonDC so Bellamy would be dead? What about the rest of his people still trapped at Mt Weather? A death sentence for them, too. And please tell me how they were going to outrun the missile? Someone was their reporting back to Cage. You don’t think they’d notice mass movement? Even if by some miracle they get out of TonDC what’s keeping Cage from launching it at their next destination?

      All the things the other leaders did was because they were backed into a corner or being attacked. Preemptive strikes are dangerous because you are punishing someone for something they have not done. Pike and his group deliberately sought out those grounders to murder them. They weren’t being attacked. They weren’t drilling into their people’s bodies. They were there to fight and even die if the Azgedas attacked. All for the sky people who end up murdering them. But that’s okay. Bellamy gets a pass. It was just murdering innocent people.

      Clarke was the main reason they didn’t have a war. Did you not notice the mission was to remove the main threat to them? They killed the ice queen and were finally on their way back to the ark with peace. They didn’t know they’d get a mass murder in return. That’s why this makes absolutely no sense. How are you claiming to protect your people if you start a war? War has casualties. And they didn’t want to stop after Clarke convinced Lexa to try for peace. Bellamy thought it would be another good idea to go murder a village. Good thing Octavia spoiled that plan.

      So you’re right. This show would be better if we just had the teens. Bellamy is an adult, remember? People seem to forget he was only on the dropship for his sister. And he is several years older.

  12. Katrina Shaw says:

    I am absolutely fuming they killed Lincoln off, him and Octavia were my favourite story line and one of the only reasons I watched the show. Really not happy. oS unnecessary. I’m not even cross at Pike’s character I’m cross at the writers of the show.

  13. Crazy says:

    I don’t think octavia should forgive him yet she should later on but for now I think she shouldn’t even I am disappointed in him and he used to be one of my favorite guys on the show matter of fact he was my favorite guy on the show!😢