Nashville Recap Season 4 Episode 15

Nashville Recap: Shady Ladies

Anyone else longing for the open, honest, what-you-see-is-what-you-get-ness of one Miss Sadie Stone?

Though it seems like ages since the singer-songwriter graced our screens, it was barely a season ago she and Rayna were riding around Nashville, belting “Gasoline and Matches” and eluding the paparazzi like Bennifer —Lopez, not Garner — in their prime. Sure, Sadie had a teeny secret (with big, stupid fists) and wound up (accidentally!) killing that secret in a parking garage, but otherwise, she seemed like good people.

I bring her up in light of this week’s episode, which finds two relatively new Music City females going absolutely Chiquita-bananas loco. Add to that Layla’s prolonged, amorphous and rather wackadoodle revenge plan — best I can tell, her endgame involves mooning over Avery until he succumbs out of sheer boredom —  and can you blame me for reminiscing about Sadie’s sweet, simple sanity?

On the upside, Maddie gets yelled at during the hour, and that’s always a good time. And Kevin’s back! (For a hot minute.) Read on for the highlights of “When There’s Fire.”

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GUNNAR GETS CHASED | Let’s start with The Exes, who arrive in Dallas all psyched about opening for Autumn Chase. That is, Scarlett and Gunnar are jazzed until they witness the country superstar hug them hello in one breath and then publicly shame one of her guitar techs by firing him in the next. Ah, I see: Autumn is terrible-crazy, not fun-crazy. Got it.

Working off their manager’s advice to just go along with whatever Autumn says, Gunny and Scarlett smile and nod through a dinner where she pries into their past, eventually getting Gunnar to admit that he proposed to Scarlett and she turned him down. It’s awkward, but Little Miss No Filter doesn’t seem to notice or care, and she goes on to spread the story among the crew after the Dallas show.

Finally, Scarlett’s had enough, and she gently yet firmly asks Autumn to quit it. The older woman flibbertigibbets all over herself apologizing, and then Scarlett starts apologizing in that way that most women (including myself) do which is SO INFURIATING. And even though Autumn acts like everything is totally cool — going as far as thanking Scarlett for speaking her mind — the way she flirts all up on Gunnar later is problematic, methinks.

FOR BETTER OR WORSE | Juliette is getting sued by the Stephen Spielberg movie that employed her for five minutes, but she doesn’t care, because she’s happy with where things stand with Cadence. However, she does miss performing and recording, but she needs a manager to help restart her get her music career. She gets all dressed up and visits Glenn, but he disregards all of the adult-ing she’s clearly doing — just look at that updo-turtleneck combination! — and kindly informs her that he can’t work for her anymore.

After lamenting her situation to Avery (who is in NO way talking about his own situation when he says that Glenn “doesn’t hate you, Juliette. I think you hurt him, and he’s protecting himself”), she enlists Mr. Barkley and the Grand Ole Opry in a ruse that involves her performing a song dedicated to Glenn on the Opry stage that evening.

The tune, “Hole in the World,” is a sad one that at first angers, then moves The Toupeed One to find space in his heart for one more try with his troubled surrogate daughter. “If you can’t be my manager, just please tell me that you’ll be in my life,” she says tearfully. “Maybe I’ll do both,” he replies, just as wetly. No, YOU’RE crying!

Nashville Recap Season 4 Episode 15RAY ON THE ROAD | When no touring act will add Layla as an opener, Rayna comes up with what she thinks is a great idea: She’ll do a 10-date tour, which will give the struggling Highway 65 artist a platform from which to promote her first album. And after doing a one-off duet with Autumn at the Dallas show, Rayna is literally ready to rock-n-roll and get back out on stage. She even gets Deacon to agree — rather, she informs him that he’s coming along on tour with her — but it appears that Layla has made other plans. (Don’t worry, Rayna still wants to hit the road.)

Back in Nashville, Layla combs her bangs and goes to Luke’s office, where she sobs/blackmails him into taking her on as his opening act. But what about Riff? Oh hey, don’t sweat it —he acted erractically, packed a bag and took off, and his panicked wife doesn’t know where he is.

CASHED OUT | Cash implies that Maddie should sneak out and play a gig to feel less “trapped,” then puts up only the smallest resistance when the teen (understandably) thinks that’s an awesome idea. So Mads lies to Deacon that she’s going to a “coffeehouse,” then puts on a little black dress and takes the stage at a bar Cash sneaks her into. The song she performs makes her sound like a little girl teetering around in her mother’s heels (sample lyrics: “I’m a bad girl, I’m a real bad girl”), and when Daphne narcs, Deacon shows up at the bar like DEKE SMASH!

Before you can say “grounded for life,” Deacon has his defiant daughter by the arm and is hustling her out to the car. Cash follows and screams at Deacon. “You don’t even know her!” the blonde shrieks, prompting Deke to warn her, “You need to stay the hell away from my daughter, or you will regret it.” The look that then passes over Cash’s face bodes something — I’m not sure what it is, but I’m sure it’s not good.

THE ONE THAT GOT AWAY | Luke has Will spend a day writing with Kevin. Kevin has a boyfriend. Will is sad about it. They argue a little, then almost cry a little, then admit that they loved each other. Side note: I would’ve watched these two snipe at each other, field calls involving the word “pinot” and write on yellow legal pads for the entire 45 minutes of tonight’s show. THAT IS HOW MUCH I MISS KEVIN WITH WILL.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments!

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  1. nadialus says:

    I was happy when Deacon showed up and told Cash to stay away. Maddie looked ridiculous on stage, it was cringeworthy. I’m hoping Cash leaves soon. Juliette’s scenes have been my favorite. Hayden really brings magic to the show. I’m really looking forward to Juliette and Rayna having scenes together next episode! I’ve really miss their dynamic. Juliette and Rayna are missing tour life and I think a small tour together would do them both good and the show good. I know that’s not the direction the show is probably going to go though, especially if Avery is going to be touring with Layla. As for Layla, I hate her character. It’s frustrating she gets as much screen time as she does, I wish they’d write her off already.

    • Jessa says:

      I’m loving Juliette’s scenes too. I’m hoping eventually she and Avery will make up and it will all be lovely again for them.
      But this show is bubbling over with crazy ladies. From Cash to Autumn to Layla…how many do we need, really? I totally agree that Layla is getting way too much time and is the least interesting character. I don’t think anyone is really all that invested in her story. I wish they could have left her happy and positive and sent her off into the sunset (and off the show) on a tour or something. Why do they keep dragging her back into angst-ville? I’m so tired of her wide-eyed “my life is so tragic” pout. And that HAIR. Ugh.

  2. Eli says:

    Do we know if Kevin’s coming back for more? The season finale press release made it seem so….

    • Ian says:

      I think he must be. I know Chris has been making it seem like they reunite.
      But boy, what a heartbreaking episode for them. All the more so for really making the point of how hurt Kevin had been. I’m still praying somehow Will gets a second chance.

  3. Jamie says:

    Die Layla Die. That’s all.

  4. Boiler says:

    I too would love to see Sadie back. The ONLY reason I wish Supergirl had failed even tho I don’t watch it

    • Ashton says:

      I don’t see why Sadie can’t come back, her role on Supergirl isn’t that major anymore… I feel like she could do both. But that’s just my wishful thinking.

      • Jake L. says:

        It’s not Supergirl that is causing the problem. Laura Benati is a major theatre star and is currently the lead in the musical She Loves Me in New York opposite Chuck (ok, Zachary Levi), so the chances of us seeing her this season are slim to none, and slim is on vacation this week. She knew she was doing She Loves Me when she signed onto Nashville so it was never intended to be anything other than a guest arc, and to be quite honest I’m surprised it was as long as it was.

        • The show is a limited engagement. It was just announced yesterday that it was extended another month, and will end in the beginning of June. Soooooooo….. technically, she could come back next season. I miss her on this show too. Just as I missed her on the stage. (And FYI – Zachary Levi is awesome on stage!)

  5. Jake L. says:

    I really want this show to be renewed and tweet using the #RenewNashville hashtag every week during the episodes, but honestly after this episode, it is really hard to argue for the show. Too many subplots about characters we aren’t invested n and not enough with the core characters. Seems the show has lost its focus.

  6. Michelle says:

    Was I the only one getting the vibe that Cash might have a THING for Maddie? The way she was screaming at Deacon and the way she was throwing Colt under the bus lately…it makes me wonder.

  7. Adam says:

    I am now on board with most of the other comments I’ve read on here about Maddie. Case in point…..the most annoying line of the night (or ever) when she heard Cole was going into the army and said something like…. “I’m just jealous because he gets to make HIS own decisions”.
    Really?…. wow… SMH…

  8. Jason says:

    If there is one thing that new show runners might do next year, I’m hoping it’s reigning in all the craziness the writers force on some of the female characters like Maddie and Layla. They’ve turned them into characatures instead of real people. And any moments of personal growth are immediately countered with some kind of madness. Rayna is the only one allowed to be consistently level headed. I don’t mind a little crazy. I just think it should be the exception and not the rule.

    • skyebright8 says:

      Agree, Maddie is always the temperamental rebellious teenager and Layla is either crying or scheming, can we have some character development and something new done with them. I was hopeful with Layla till this episode that the show would move her into becoming a better person, and that she’d moved on from revenge against Juliette to simply having a crush on Avery.

  9. Simon says:

    I’m hoping for Juliette to intervene with Maddy, and having a showdown with Cash, putting her in her place! In the preview for next week we see Rayna crying on Juliette’s door step, which also means some Hayden and Connie scenes finally!

  10. Deacon has every right to be livid. This is so far beyond teenage angst. Cash sneaking her into a bar to sing is illegal. The bar could be liable. And, of course, the show will somehow make this about Deacon and his anger BUT in reality most fathers would have done worse. I don’t know how Maddie got here (and yes, I watch all the time but the dive has been far and fast), but climbing out of this pit will take forever… and her actions impact her sister (the one she does have the recording contract with) UGH

    Another UGH for Layla. She sure was sure that Rayna didn’t have her back (what?) days after that huge launch party. Everytime I want to root for her, the crazy-insane-wackadoodle comes out. Was so happy Will practically hit her upside the head; too bad it didn’t last.

    And then there is this new singer – Autumn, (I see her and think the Walking Dead). Why did she have to be crazy too? Isn’t 2 enough?

    And, I guess to try and even out the lopsided gender balance on crazy, we have Luke’s bestie Riff taking a walk.

  11. iakovos says:

    Seems the biding time waiting for Juliette to return is over. Storylines hatched to fill the gaps are being resolved or seem to be near closure. I hope ABC gives NASHVLLE a renewal and the new THIRTYSOMETHING showrummers clean house and focus on our core characters. I am so glad Rayna is finally back on stage! I sense Juliette will end up as the opener on that tour and that frenemy spirit which fired the show in Season 1 will return.

  12. steven says:

    Why are we being punished with all this Maddie drama?! Why?!

  13. J.Says says:

    I’m starting to wonder if Cash will ultimately be a child predator. When it came to Colt, she was more than reasonably icy and disapproving, and discouraged any of Maddie’s attempts to dig deeper into what was wrong with him. Then, with Deacon, she claims to know Maddie better, accuses him of getting in her way and declares she won’t “abandon Maddie” when she “needs her, not now, not ever.” She also calls Maddie her “friend,” which is odd, given that she’s an adult who’s only supposed to have a professional relationship with Maddie.

  14. Soooooo sick of both Layla and Maddie. Ugh! Loved Juliette and Glenn’s scenes, they were the best part of the episode. I’m not surprised he gave in to her so quickly, he’s like her dad.

  15. Kathy says:

    Hate the Cash/Maddie storyline, she comes off as child predator. Lala needs to go as well.

  16. Kathy says:

    Do we really need someone else getting between Gunnar & Scarlett??? Too many new characters, let’s focus on the regulars.

  17. Jill says:

    This show has gone so far past the point of realistic I don’t even know what to say, which is sad because I feel like it really has the potential for some interesting storylines. I used to love the Maddie/Deacon relationship, but now Maddie is a super annoying spoiled brat. Cash’s line about Deacon not knowing Maddie, really? After you’ve known her what 2 months? That girl is CRAZY, and she and the owner of the bar should be arrested. Also, I’ve been to a lot of music shows at bars, that leg touching thing would never happen in real life. NEVER. I’m not saying Deacon and Rayna are written as the best parents, but Deacon is clearly the one in the right here. Also, who cares about Riff? This show has a way of bringing on random characters that no one invests in, then putting them in dramatic twists that make viewers feel absolutely nothing.

  18. Ella Jasper says:

    Does this show want to be renewed? Do they read what fans write about the show? No one likes Layla, no one wants another crazy woman in Autumn Chase, don’t know anyone that likes Cash, and everyone is sick of the way Maddie acts and treats Daphne. Get your regulars singing, bring back the love between the stars of the show and forget all these soap opera story lines. Seriously.

    • Celina says:

      Agreed! I love when the show actually play songs… this season seems without music!
      I think they need new characters to keep going, like autumn needs to exist so the exes can be the opening act. But, they don’t need to create drama and make the character a lead. Layla has more scenes than Will… hate that.

  19. jakis says:

    I guess now that they’ve killed off a pile of vindictive, evil women they had to bring on more evil, vindictive women to replace them, but… Did we need the Alicia Witt evil woman AND the Jessie Schram evil woman at the same time as Layla is ramping up her evil plot and Maddie has upped her evil, lying, bratty game to the max? They are right now flying through plot points so fast — Vita is a thief! Riff was here but is now gone! Frankie is cranky! Frankie falls off the wagon! Deacon has a hair-trigger temper! Avery is dating again! Layla has a gig and then she doesn’t and then she does again! Juliette’s in a movie but then she isn’t! Luke is sorry but then he isn’t and then he is! Will has a sad because he is gay! — that Maddie will be pregnant, delivered, have PPD, develop a drinking problem and start AA in the next episode.