La'Porsha Renae: 'I Deeply Apologize' for LGBT 'Lifestyle' Comment — Plus: A Deep Dive Into Her Idol Performances!

American Idol‘s Season 15 runner-up, La’Porsha Renae, has a vision: Four shirtless men banging on African-style drums as she belts out a rhythm-heavy anthem of empowerment.

It’s a set piece that got its wings clipped by producers before her performance of Sia’s “Elastic Heart” — on the grounds that it didn’t fit Idol‘s family-friendly aesthetic — but one she’s keeping in her back pocket for future use, she explains in an extensive three-part video interview with TVLine.

The newest addition to the Motown Records roster also faced accusations of being less-than-friendly to LGBT families after a press-conference last Friday in which she was asked to comments about anti-gay legislation passed in her home state of Mississippi. “I am one of the people who don’t really agree with that lifestyle,” she said at the time, citing her religious upbringing. “But I do have a lot of friends and a lot of people that I love dearly who are gay and homosexual… We should just respect each other’s differences and opinions and move on.”

When I asked La’Porsha about the backlash over her comments, she admitted she’d been “offensive by using the word ‘lifestyle'” to describe homosexuality, adding that while she’s still not up to speed about HB1523, she is “firmly” against any law that promotes discrimination.

La’Porsha also got plenty of opportunity to dish her Idol run, including: How she approaches a song as if she were making love (!); why she thought it was important to be a student of Idol history; whether or not she regretted her on-stage comments about her so-so cover of “Stay With Me” on Top 3 night; and which Whitney Houston song she staunchly refused to tackle.

All that, plus intense conversations about her performances of “Diamonds,” “Come Together” and “No More Drama” — one of which she threatened not to sing an hour before the live telecast!

Press PLAY above for Part 1 — and below for Parts 2 and 3 — then hit the comments with your thoughts on La’Porsha’s apology and her future in the business.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Potsy says:

    Bull….that homophobic ignorant trash can go f herself as far as my money concerned. Half ass apologies after your label management told you to do it means nothing to us

    • DL says:

      When you grow up poor and disenfranchised in Mississippi and then suddenly find yourself thrown onto the national stage, a gaffe or two is expected. I don’t think she’s a hateful person, just clueless. A year or two in the entertainment industry will quickly correct that.

      • Emily says:

        I agree – give her time to learn.

        I was EXTREMELY angry and disappointed when I heard her comments, but even ignorant as she seems to be now, she still said she was against any discriminatory laws, so she could be on the ‘prejudiced because of being stupidly uninformed’ side of things rather than ‘prejudiced and hateful’ side. Let’s see if she changes when given an opportunity to.

        • Lyn says:

          One of the first laws of Christianity is “Judge not lest you be judged”. She’s a hypocrite. No matter she’ll blow the doors off of Candace Glover on the road to obscurity.

          • Sally McLinn says:

            She did say she respected them as People, but not their lifestyle. That should be enough.

          • Guest says:

            First laws? You mean in order or something? I’m not saying I agree with her but judgment is not the same as disagreement and I’m not sure why people always equate the 2 things.

          • NJMark says:

            That passage means don’t substitute your judgment for God’s. It’s doesn’t mean a person can’t have opinions.

        • Connie Horton says:

          White people think they rule
          Y’all is Ignorant

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        Well said, DL. Completely agree. She made an unfortunate statement, but she’s young, owned her mistake, and has learned from it.
        Good luck to her in her new career! Such a talented young lady and I wish her the best.

        • Tommysena Smith-Fields says:

          I agree with you Angie and DL. A misfortunate gaffe! But she also voiced her opinion, which is a right we all are entitled to. Should she be raked over the coals for doing so? I think not. We are mandated by God our Creator, to love one another regardless of our sexual orientation or differences. And the mere fact that she has gay and lesbian friends, attest to the fact she has love in her heart for them. And I’ve never known anyone who have true friends gay or straight, that they didn’t love.

          • B>Bell says:

            I am a true fan of laporsha and I am asking others if you have not yet bought any of her music will you consider buying her music now, to show her there some of us want see her succeed so lets do this for her

      • Sally McLinn says:

        “Clueless”? It’s her belief, leave it alone. That’s the way she was brought up. Just as there are some gays who were brought up Republican.

      • KD says:

        I used to work in McComb, it’s not some backwards redneck town with one stop light, it’s not a huge city, but it’s not poor and disenfranchised either. Trent’s hometown is actually less than half the size of McComb and he was much better at answering that question.

        • apoatropheA says:

          To be fair, La Porsha was unprepared for that question. Meanwhile, Trent was better prepared for whatever was going to get thrown at him. After La Porsha’s interview went viral, Trent obviously had time to prepare a classy answer when his turn came.

          • Definitely – they are not the same situations at all.

          • kevstar says:

            I don’t even understand why they asked HER. Why didn’t Trent that same question, since they are both from that state? Could it be they wanted the whole controversy to keep the show on people’s minds?

      • Tinlou says:

        A gaffe? I doubt it.. she said exactly what she meant and now she is trying to backtrack so she doesn’t totally ruin the career she hopes to have. I am happy she didn’t win now…just sayin!

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      Just cause she has her own viewpoint, she gets called a homophobe? Thats honestly so pathetic. I hate how everyone uses the term homophobe anyways. A phobia is being afraid of something. People aren’t afraid of LGBT members. It’s simply just not agreeing with their lifestyle, as that is not how they were created. Bash all you want, you are just being hypocrites. You say that you shouldn’t be labelled, but then you go and label people that don’t agree with you as homophobe, or a bigot.

      • Maddy says:

        If you get to say that homosexuality is a “lifestyle” or “choice,” despite countless scientific evidence and personal testimony from gay people that it is not, if you get to “believe” that, then we get to call you a homophobe.

        • dakillajoe says:

          It is a CHOICE and I could Care Less if you call me a Homophobe ! When they Find a Homosexual Gene then it’s not a Choice but for Now it is a CHOICE !

          • chris says:

            They have not found the heterosexual gene either so does that make it a choice Einstein? Who wakes up and decides who they are attracted to??? Orientation is a feeling not an action. It is regardless of what you actually do or do not do…it is about feelings and desires.

          • JoMarch says:

            You’re ignorant and uninformed. Why does there have to be gene? There’s other things that occur when a zygote grows into a baby. There are chemical things as well. But you know what, you’re in the minority with your stupid beliefs and I’m so glad. I won’t call you a homophobe because you didn’t say you hate homosexuals. I’ll just call you what you are: ignorant.

        • DJ says:

          Um I have gay friends (one of my best friends is gay)and I personally dealt with homosexuality since I was a young girl, and was even in a long term relationship w a girl in my early 20s, but I make a choice not to live that way and I choose to live a straight LIFESTYLE. It may not be a choice for most/some, but I don’t think everyone is born that way. A lot of people are influenced by outside influences like the media, porn, peers, etc, to want or wanna act out w same sex, as it can trigger something inside for the same sex attraction that they might not have thought of venturing out to prior. Obviously not all cases. But I’m living proof that it CAN be choice FOR SOME to turn away from that kind of life. It’s not to say that I’m not tempted from time to time to go back “there”, but I know that same sex orientation isn’t for me PERSONALLY, as it causes too much conflict inside due to my beliefs and the kind of life that I want to live. I’m CHOOSING to live straight, bcs that’s how I was born. Even when I was in homosexual relationship tho, I would never get offended by the term lifestyle or if anyone disagreed w my choices of living. I used that term too without any second thought. To each his own… That’s why I can’t judge my gay friends either with their lives… As they don’t judge me for my life. I just love them and vice versa. And it’s not the responsibility of every person in the world to keep up w the latest politically correct terminology. People need to lighten up, and lose the sensitivity. Homosexuality is becoming more accepted now in the US, now more than ever… So why do people have to get so worked up when there’s a handful of people that disagree w them… You don’t see straight people attacking you, calling you ignorant and bigot if someone says they have a straight lifestyle. All this backlash against la porsha is so annoying… Let her be her, let her stand by her beliefs… I wonder why people can’t just wish her well instead of being so petty. Can’t deny that she can sannng.

          • JB says:

            You’re bisexual then. Still not a choice sweetie. She was a has been before she was even something. It was not ignorance on her part. She knew what she was saying. She is a bigot.

          • Danielle Marie Kubik says:

            Enjoyed your post… a dear friend believed she was gay and lived the gay lifestyle…at 35 she realized she was not gay. She ‘chose’ that lifestyle because she couldn’t stand for a man to even touch her. courtesy of her father who began messing with her at the age of 3. On the flip side through out school I was ridiculed, spit at and ostracized…falsely being accused of ‘being gay’ simply because I excelled at sports. I believe a gay lifestyle IS a choice. Why? I believe it can be for an encyclopedia of reasons. LaPorsha has revealed she has a huge heart. I believe she was blind-sided.

          • Tommysena Smith-Fields says:

            Yes girl, yes!

        • Jerry says:

          I agree Maddy. I am gay, It is not a lifestyle or choice. A lifestyle is being wealthy and buying all the things you would like to. I had a very intense debate with one of my sisters so called facebook friends (he is a minister, a young one in his 30’s. He was all like your lifestyle. I was like you need to wake up and research what comes out of that so godly mouth of yours. It is not a lifestyle it is not a choice. You do not choose to be who you are, you simply are. I am not a religous person.I am completely happy with that. Maybe because of all the negativity I saw, heard growing up. Am i going to Hell? I don’t believe in heaven or hell.. but for those that do..i could care less about you trying to fix me or saving my soul. If being this way (call it gay or whatever you will) has tought me anything, it is being acceptable to those who are different, challanged and most of all ignorant. Mike drop!

          • Marilyn says:

            Proverbs 23:7 We can think ourselves into doing anything. Regular thoughts devoted to any particular activity will promote eventual acting it out, whatever it is. Everyone sins, whether saved or unsaved. That’s why we need The Lord. Thought discipline through prayer & reading The Word helps foster godly choices. Godly desires of the heart over fleshly cravings. But it definitely is a journey, including falling, then getting up on ones feet again to continue the journey.

          • Funky Chicken says:

            Religion is a lifestyle and a choice. Just saying.

        • Var says:

          To what scientific evidence are you referring?

      • Angela says:

        “It’s simply just not agreeing with their lifestyle, as that is not how they were created.”
        And you know that’s not how they were created…how?

      • German says:

        Well for one thing if it is, own who you are… If you are a homophobe or even a racist accept the name and own it. A person who demonstrates these labels just own who you are. A racist never wants to be called a racist just like a homophobe doesn’t like to be called homophobe… Too bad we have so many labels to accept ( Either way to make differences a negative, is just wrong on any label )

      • meisme says:

        @Goldenvibefan spot on!

      • Hmm says:

        Don’t say homophobic things if you don’t want to be called a homophobic bigot.

        You know what’s also bigoted? Making false equivalents in order to defend bigots. I dare say that you are also a homophobic bigot. My evidence? Your comment.

      • Sally McLinn says:

        ^^ Agree with Goldenvibefan.

      • Actually, many people are “afraid” of LGBT people. They pass legislation in many states because they are fearful that LGBT community will recruit their children, will molest them in public bathrooms or will want them to bake cakes for their weddings. “Homophobic” is a perfectly apt term for many people. But feel free to ignore all the hate spewed upon the community by focusing on the word used to describe it…just don’t be surprised if your comments aren’t seen in the kindest of lights.

      • Tommysena Smith-Fields says:

        I couldn’t agree with you more Goldenvibefan.

    • Lois ZB says:

      Yuck to you, Potsy. Michael, please remove this ignorant, trashy comment. It’s clear that “Potsy” is a much more biased individual than La’Porsha is.

    • meisme says:

      everyone has his/her own rights to speak out, and to agree or not agree to any lifestyle, no need to trash her. You can’t tell people what to say and what to think of others

      • Olivia says:

        Not “agreeing” with being gay is as stupid as not “agreeing” with skin color, you don’t agree with being. You can agree (or not) with doing, thinking, saying… but not being. You know what is a lifestyle? Choosing to do, think or say something. You know what IS a choice and therefore a lifestyle? Religion. People are not born religious, they grow up and feel it or not. Someone can grow up surrounded by religious people and turn out to be an atheist, or the other way around. Gay people however, just are. They can’t change for something they’re not wired for, just like you can’t “turn” a hetero into a homo. Then, there are people in between, at varying degrees.

        So no, you can’t tell people what to say or think, but you sure can tell them how stupid and ignorant they are so let me say this: the homophobes are a bunch of simpletons not even seeing that they themselves have stuff people could have reasons to dislike or downright hate them for to the point of passing legislation in order to make their lives miserable, just because “hey, why not?”. Stupid, right? We don’t see LGBT ganging up to destroy places of worship, give religious people like this woman a good beating for her faith, or passing bills to ban them from businesses or employment.
        @ the homophobes: keep on spitting on real human beings who do you no harm whatsoever just because you don’t like them, for some irrational reason. What goes around comes around. Be careful who’s in charge at a moment you’ll need tolerance and support.

      • kevstar says:

        Well I don’t agree in the fat chick lifestyle. So, how’s that?

        • B>Bell says:

          so u and all your associates and family are all super models? you truly can’t have any friends because people come in all shapes and sizes, which means you don’t like BIG GIRLS, and there are more BIG GIRLS than SKINNY GIRLS, I hope there isn’t a person in your life that u love, is what you call “FAT” because if so your comment will highly offend them, and how do we know you are probably a “FAT CHICK”

    • Dude says:

      She’s now dead to the only people who typically support and stand behind big black divas, so good luck

      • B>Bell says:


  2. Steven says:

    To quote Tyra Banks, “We were rooting for you! We were all rooting for you!” Now that I’m learning that she doesn’t agree with my “lifestyle” then I don’t agree with her “music”.

    • Erica says:

      Why is it that u want ppl to be tolerant of u and ur truth but she can’t be confident in hers? If she doesn’t agree she doesn’t agree! If u don’t like her singing fine, but don’t choose not to support simply bc ones views are different than ur own. That is contradictory to the very thing u preach!

  3. candice3150 says:

    What on earth does she have to apologize for? For using the word “lifestyle”? Seriously?? What could possibly be deemed offensive about that word? The PC thing and everyone getting offended over every little thing is going to be the downfall of this nation. Last I checked, in America we do still have the right to have differing opinions. No one should have to apologize for any opinion they have, no matter what it is. Equality for all applies to everyone.

    • Nick says:

      Because a lifestyle implies a choice(which being gay isn’t). Saying the “gay lifestyle” equates it to a healthy lifestyle or some crap like that. That’s why people get upset

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        Being gay is a choice. You can choose whether you act on your gay thoughts or not.

        • Melody says:

          Um scientists and research have proven that is false for a long long time.

        • Mary says:

          That is the most ignorant statement I have heard in a long time. Why oh why would anyone CHOOSE to be maligned and hated? Golden vibrant get your head out of the hate filled rhetoric espoused by the religious right and tea party.
          Get to know Gay people as people. oh that’s right. You probably already do. You just don’t know it. The person who helps you out next time just might be a Gay person being compassionate, good citizen.

        • DakotaS says:

          Your ignorant. Can you tell us the story of when you chose to be heterosexual. Sexual activity is a choice. Sexual orientation is not. Now LaPorscha unhealthy eating habits that she brags about in her social media videos is definitely a bad lifestyle choice I don’t agree with. She’ll find alot of gay people around her in show business so maybe they’ll help educate her. She comes from one of the poorest, lowest educated, most obese states. I respect her religious beliefs. We don’t live in a theocracy and let’s remember the Bible was used to promote slavery & segregation

          And for people’s info, theres no federal protection for sexual orientation so in most of the country today, you can easily get fired or evicted for being gay or even if someone thinks your gay so don’t walk into work talking about a same sex date or putting photos on your desk. Heterosexual can throw it in your face with their baby bumps but the US has a long way to go for equality. The South unfortunately is repeating its bigoted history. They don’t even want poor Mr Slezak to adopt and raise kids. And now they want a bearded Trans man to walk into a ladies room? The people arrested in bathrooms for misconduct are Republican politicians – not peeing transgender people who are usually the victims of violence. An attacker isn’t going to care about a bathroom law

          • coco76 says:

            I don’t disagree with your opinions, but I think that your argument about equality would be better served by you not subtly “fat bashing” people. Just saying.

          • meisme says:

            She comes from one of the poorest, lowest educated, most obese states.. so that is ok for you to say that about her or other person who is poor and lowly educated?

          • Danielle Marie Kubik says:

            Sadly, you have much hatred and anger within. I think you need a bit of education regarding the subjects you spoke of. You’ve based your post on one bill passed in 1 Southern state, yet you’ve included the entire south. How can you even hope to see change when you assume not only other individuals feel the same, but the population of the entire South?

        • Being gay is not a choice, and there is nothing wrong with it. Being an evil bigot, is a choice, and you choice it every day, and it is the wrong choice.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Goldenvibefan, you’re an idiot. That’s like saying being straight is a choice because you can choose to act out your opposite-sex thoughts or not.

        • German says:

          How can you speak on something that you yourself have not experienced … Say no more words. If you have the experience do not speak for a whole group- so judgemental!

      • Ben says:

        I agree. Lifestyle is a loaded word and it was poor choice.

        But I know a number of Christians who think of lifestyle not as ‘choice to be gay’ but as ‘choice of a gay person to be in a sexual relationship’ and believe it is biblical for gay people to be chaste.

        Now, that isn’t much of a difference in terms of discrimination, but the point I’m making is that I think although she was implying a choice, it’s not the choice to BE gay that she was implying.

    • Tina says:

      I think it’s because it’s almost as if she said that people wake up one day and decide that they are that way. I do believe that people are born that way so it’s not a “choice”. However, you can choose how you want to live day to day like say choosing to actually marry your partner or not.

    • abz says:

      If you give an opinion, that’s perfectly fine, but there can be consequences, either positive or negative that come with it (especially when stated publicly in the media). People will have opinions on your opinion. If you say something ignorant, people will be upset by it.
      Using the word “lifestyle” implies “choice” and that’s a problem because being gay is not a choice. No one chooses to endure bullying, hatred, ignorance, family abandonment, rights taken away, etc. That and the fact that someone being gay really isn’t something someone should have an opinion on. That’s why there’s backlash. She probably alienated a lot of her fanbase. In the end, I don’t think her comments came from a place of hatred necessarily but rather ignorance. Perhaps this whole media blow-up will allow her to rethink her views. But, who knows.

      • candice3150 says:

        Even if she does believe it’s a choice (which she didn’t explicitly say ) – so what? A lot of people believe that. Whether that belief is based on religious views or not, they are still entitled to believe it. What she said wasn’t even close to hateful or mean or offensive. There is no reason for backlash in this case. She shouldn’t have to change her views just because some disagree with her and that works both ways. I’m not easily offended so I don’t get that mindset anyway. When someone believes differently than me I basically say “Okay” and move on with my day. They have the right to their beliefs and I have the right to mine.

        • abz says:

          But don’t you think it is a problem that a lot of people believe that and the negative consequences that arise from that? Sure a lot of people believe that and keep their opinions to themselves, but there are many that think that way and actively fight against LGBT people and bully and/or try to create laws to take away rights or make life harder. Think about all of the parents that share the same ignorant views and the LGBT kids that grow up in those household and end up messed up and scared of being abandoned by their families. To me, yes we can all express our opinions, but that doesn’t make all of our opinions are right. So many things in this world wouldn’t have changed unless people’s attitudes towards things changed. And lol I’m not saying changing Miss La’Porsha Renae’s view will accomplish changing all people’s view. Just in a general sense, ignorant attitudes shouldn’t always be accepted.

        • murley says:

          Well I think there are plenty of people who would disagree that what she said wasn’t offensive. I don’t see why people seem to think that the fact that people are gay is something that they get to have an opinion on. Being gay is a part of a person’s core identity. I don’t get to tell someone with blue eyes that In my opinion their eyes are brown and that is equally valid and we can just agree to disagree. It’s absurd. Also opinions are all well and good but state governments are using these opinions to deny people their human rights so it isn’t as simple and innocent as all that.

      • Court says:

        Also, what is a “gay lifestyle”? There seems to be a negative connotation with that word – like LGBT people are going out and being reckless or partying or sleeping around. It feels so trivial to say this, but LGBT people are just that – people. Being LGBT doesn’t define their lifestyle.

        And agreed, it also implies there is a choice.

        But I also agree, I don’t think her comments came from a place of hate.

    • Maxx Dog says:

      It’s offensive to. LGBT people and their allies because being gay isnt a lifestyle or a choice. An unhealthy lifestyle choice is overeating and choosing fried foods, Mac & cheese, liters of coke & sleeves of oreos like she discusses on Periscope all the time. The “I even have gay friends” comment didn’t help because any real gay person would tell her. She chooses to overeat. She didn’t choose which gender she’s attracted to. I don’t think she intended to be offensive or hurt people. I think she’s just ignorant, coming from a religious Southern environment. Its disappointing but not surprising. #Mississippi education

      • candice3150 says:

        So religious people in the South are ignorant and not allowed to express their views and opinions? How tolerant and inclusive of you.

        • Angela says:

          *Looks at Maxx Dog’s post* Er, I see nothing in there saying religious people should not be allowed to express their opinions or views.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          Oh gawd, the “religious freedoms” argument.
          Yeah, sorry, I’m not going to be tolerant of your intolerance. Go take a long walk on a short pier please.

          • candice3150 says:

            Yeah, you totally missed my point. I said nothing about religious freedom. My comment was directed towards the previous poster’s comment that said, because LP comes from a Southern religious background, she must be ignorant. I have an issue with any group being discriminated against, and that includes anyone who holds deep religious views. Why is it that it’s ok to bash Christians (or any religion) simply because they have a different belief / viewpoint? It’s not. That’s what’s so funny about this whole thing, and has been pointed out numerous times in these comments. Everyone is so offended and saying “don’t judge” yet the first thing they do is insult, bash and offend anyone that doesn’t hold their same opinions. It’s sad, really.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            Again, Candice, I’m not going to be tolerant of your intolerance. I can’t believe you would even posit that argument seriously and expect anyone to take you seriously. Hiding behind region or religion with one’s ignorance is not an excuse. And if Christians want to make that argument, then they should be rightly called out for their bigotry. Luckily it’s not all Christians, just the really stupid ones.

          • Ben says:

            @Angie – the problem I have with your perspective is you are no different to someone who says they don’t like ‘the gay lifestyle’. It’s exactly the same kind of intolerance – saying that you don’t like how the other person uses a part of themselves, and you should get to speak out against it. Saying “I won’t be tolerant of your intolerance” is just another way of saying “I expect you to be tolerant of my views, but I don’t have to be tolerant of yours.” That kind of attitude is only going to lead to continued conflict.

            Religious freedoms isn’t an argument, it’s a genuine freedom just as much as any other freedom. If people want to criticise La’Porsha’s viewpoint, they should go right ahead. But Candice is entirely right. Maxx Dogg decided La’Porsha holds this view because she ‘comes from a religious Southern environment’. That’s no less perjorative than saying you don’t like ‘the gay lifestyle’, as it is judging LP based on both her religion and her social demographic.

          • Angie_Overrated says:

            @Ben – No, you’re wrong. Let’s take out the LGBT and say the person is Asian. Let’s say someone says, “I’m not comfortable with Asians in my neighborhood.” It is not reasonable to expect ANYONE to be tolerant of that hateful viewpoint. There is no expectation to be tolerant of other’s people’s bigotry. The very notion is absurd.

      • DreamRose311 says:

        It’s probably way more offensive that you just asserted that any LGBT person that doesn’t berate a non-hateful friend of theirs for believing that it’s a choice is some how not ‘a real gay person’…

      • Coco576 says:

        Again, I don’t see why making a point about equality and not bringing others down has to end with fat shaming. It’s very sad that this is something people truly feel is okay and no one seems to care if others do it. If you want true equality then stop shaming EVERYONE, not just what it’s PC to stand behind.

    • Nora says:

      Trump supporter – they crawl out of the woodwork. Also flat earther no doubt

    • Sally McLinn says:

      ^^ agree withCandice3150.

  4. abz says:

    I was just rewatching her performance of “Diamonds” again and raving to someone about it and then it was just very unfortunate to come across her ignorant comments.

    • So, you were a fan of a young, black Christian woman from a small southern town and it never occurred to anyone that her viewpoints might be anything less than completely liberal? That requires an unbelievable level of naivety or denial. In fact her views are probably still more liberal than the majority of Americans. And she has time to grow and evolve, but not with thousands of strangers screaming at her. What we’ll end up doing is pushing her back into a more conservative viewpoint, and certainly created defensiveness on the part of her more conservative fans. Because we end up looking like a bunch of bullies when there are real enemies to fight.

      • MMW says:

        I’m standing up and clapping for you and this comment right now!!!

      • abz says:

        I don’t watch Idol anymore. I only watch the performances on YouTube as I lost interest in the show a while back and I don’t like the judges. But this season I only tuned in primarily for La’Porshe’s musical performances and didn’t have much desire to go too much into her bio as I’ve grown tired of sob stories after watching endless amounts of them on The Voice, so I didn’t know much about her other than that she has a great voice.

  5. DreamRose311 says:

    “They’re not animals… They’re people with feelings. Although all of us may not agree with that particular lifestyle for religious reasons, whatever the reason is, you still treat each other with respect.”

    She’s not an animal, she’s a person with feelings. Although she is completely wrong about LGBT being a choice, it is a part of her religious beliefs, and you still treat each other with respect. You can’t change everyone’s beliefs, no matter how wrong. Stop fighting someone who is actually respectful of those different from her, and fight the hateful jerks who deserve it. Otherwise you just sound like one of those hateful jerks.

    (On a side note, personally I don’t think ‘lifestyle’ necessarily connotes choice… some parts of one’s lifestyle are a choice, and some aren’t. I wouldn’t think it’s weird if someone referred to my ‘straight lifestyle’… but this isn’t the point, I digress, and I know she actually referred to it as a choice in a tweet…)

  6. syb says:

    Wow, people.She didn’t say she hates anyone, she didn’t say she thinks the laws should discriminate against anyone. My guess is that as her horizons broaden, her views will change as they have for millions of Americans over the last decade. Give her time to understand and accept. During that time, perhaps you all can practice a little empathy for a young lady from an upbringing, church and region that is a little backward on these issues, and who was clearly unprepared for such a question. We weren’t all born enlightened.

    • DreamRose311 says:

      I even read earlier that she condemns the discriminatory law she was asked about. People are fighting the absolute wrong person and the wrong battle here.

      • Janice says:

        Absolutely. Demanding understanding and compassion while spewing hate is hypocritical of us. And makes us looks like a bunch of immature tyrants having a tantrum. Which only encourages the more conservative Christian folk in her audience to double down in defense of her. It certainly does nothing to make ourselves look good or encourage her to educate herself on the issues. Meanwhile there are truly harmful laws being passed that we could be spending their time and energy on.

        • Ben says:

          Well said Janice. I think a lot of people don’t understand the merit of picking your battles. Winning hearts and minds is not done by having the loudest and most obnoxious voices. I don’t think people understand that all that hate does is forces the other side into entrenched positions where they feel they are being disenfranchised.

          • It’s hard for us to make the case that we are being bullied and oppressed when we are acting like bullies ourselves. But I know that a few loud voices don’t represent me or the majority of LGBT people any more than Trump supporters represent the majority of white Americans.

            I am honestly amused that everyone seems so incredibly shocked that her opinions are not the most liberal or progressive in the world. Did it not occur to anyone given her background, religion, etc? Talk about naive. She’s still ahead of a great many Americans, and has room to grow if we give it to her.

          • B>Bell says:

            Yes indeed Janice well said

        • MMW says:

          I love everything that you say, Janice! I’m a liberal conservative Christian. Hell, my opinions/views/beliefs have changed over the years….my own parents, sisters, and church I grew up in don’t agree w all my views, and neither does the “other side”. I say the same thing about Christianity as you say about the LGBT community…how are you going to get anyone to listen to you if you’re just going to spew hate? It’s totally illogical! If someone said I was wrong, stupid, etc I would STOP listening. What does make me sad about some “Christians” is that they are a wolf in sheep’s clothing – totally twisting the true meaning of God’s word. Sinful man’s interpretation of the Word… Anyway, off that soapbox. Both sides are oh so guilty of being intolerant. I’m so sick of the hate! My best friend that I went to (private Christian) school with is gay, could not love her more! She is still a Christian, she just says “this is how God made me”. Amen! And you’re beautiful inside and out. Anyway Janice I really appreciate your views and how you speak. Much love!

  7. Et al. says:

    On the bright side, America will have forgotten about her in 3 months and the only time her opinion on this will matter is when she’s deciding if she’ll refuse to sell a Big Mac to a gay person.

  8. Sleaze says:

    People are way too damn picky these days.

    • Temperance says:

      No, they really aren’t. They’re just really sick of straight, white, conservative, anti-American morons making a mess out of the world with their sickeningly self-involved nonsense.

  9. So she’s apologizing for using the word “lifestyle,” not for saying she “doesn’t agree” with being gay … then says she has gay friends who being being gay is a “choice”? Come on.

    • Emily says:

      Lol, I agree – the ‘lifestyle’ bit doesn’t bother me nearly as much as the ‘don’t agree with’ bit. Saying she has gay friends doesn’t mean much tbh… that’s every racist’s first defense as well – ‘I have a Black friend!!11!!’

  10. Kay says:

    I’m a lesbian and I don’t find her comment all that offensive. Tactless, yes. She clearly didn’t intend to be unkind, and she wasn’t advocating discrimination. We as an lgbt community really need to stop jumping all over people for their word choice, or for daring to disagree with us. Trying to pass laws that make us into lower-class citizens, yes, fight away. Simply stating an opinion- let it go.

    • JJ says:

      I’m actually gay and as such know better than to speak for or attempt to police a diverse community. My opinion and clearly quite a few others: her comments shouldn’t go unaddressed. Guess who votes for or remains silent about discriminatory laws? Ignorant people who ‘disagree’ with a fundamental element of who we are. I will oppose such ignorant, hurtful opinions as long as I like with my own opinions. Feel free to let it go and not lecture others about how they should feel.

    • Olivia says:

      I’m a lesbian as well and I find it despicable. Not the “lifestyle” part, I just find it ignorant and utterly stupid. But the “not agreeing with”. Also your logic sounds like “disregard the twig catching fire and keep your forces to fight the big wildfire coming”. I mean…

      • That analogy doesn’t even make sense. La’Porsha didn’t “start” anything; she’s a victim of a culture that teaches backwards ideas just as the rest of us are. The “fire” has been “raging” for centuries. Address the ideas, sure, but attacking the person only makes us look like mean-spirited bullies. I mean, I think the girl has gotten the message – she hurt peoples’ feelings. Meanwhile the people who are making oppressive laws and the organizations that fund oppressive lawmakers go quietly unnoticed while we waste our time and energy here.

        We need to do a better job of picking our battles, and we can’t demand tolerance from others if we won’t give it ourselves. And anyone who is acting shocked about her opinion is frankly more than a little naive.

        • Olivia says:

          Yeah sure, because people can’t fight several things at the same time. Ok so now I guess I have to choose between fighting racism, protecting animals and the environment etc… it’s your take on it that doesn’t make sense. So what, Women should not waste their time on trivial things like equal pay because there’s rape? Or POC should just not waste any time fighting prejudice and idiots like Trump because there are very real riots and police abuse? I don’t pick my battles, if they are my battles in the first place it just adds up and I won’t ignore one for the other. Although I am white, I won’t stop fighting hate and prejudice just because I AM gay and therefore I have to prioritize where my energy goes to.
          People can do whatever they want and not give too much importance to some issues, that doesn’t mean others should shut up. It’s my energy and I put it wherever I want to, why do you care? Does anyone care if the morons prioritize fighting abortion over “building a wall” at the border? Or if they pick their battles between harassing women and a militia taking over a federal building?
          Funny how some stuff should only apply to some. Don’t defend your values and fight prejudice at the roots if it’s not conservative-led, amarite?
          If people defending the weakest voices and the more attacked groups are mean-spirited bullies, then I personally am glad to be one standing against the hordes of hateful and hypocrite bigots doing very real life altering things IRL that start with the very mentality and ignorance we can witness in this article.

    • MamaLis says:

      Well said Kaye!

      Geez people, STOP it! You are literally parsing her words like she’s the POTUS! She’s young; just learning. CLEARLY, clearly, she did not mean harm or hate. Clearly she does not advocate discrimination. Wish her well! You guys are like ants on a kernel of fallen sugar!

      Good luck LaPorsha! You had an amazing season! All the best to you and your beautiful baby.

  11. It’s a shame that a community and its allies that fight so strongly for equality and tolerance are responding to her in the way that they are. It’s hypocritical and counterproductive. Just maybe she isn’t aware of every micro aggression in existence and wasn’t being malicious. It’s sad that this would be so hard to believe. After all, I live a laid back lifestyle. I happened to be born as a laid back person. I suppose, too, that I love a straight lifestyle, and I happened to be born a straight person. There’s such little grace among us, and we wonder why there’s so much hate.

    • candice3150 says:

      Yes, exactly. It’s always funny to me that equality and tolerance only seems to apply when someone agrees with “your” view on whatever the issue of the day is. In this case it’s the LGBT issue but these days it’s rampant across the board whenever anyone disagrees with whatever any one viewpoint is on just about any one topic.

      • You’re right, and it’s heartbreaking. People feel judged and get offended over something, and in response, judge and offend. Grace is the only thing that will fix it. It’s turning the other cheek, really. All of us could do a lot better at it.

        • Anna Mar says:

          Yes – Hey I know I’m grateful not to be judged on my opinions. I mean I definitely do not not support certain communities naming their kids after cars, lying to the military to protect their baby daddy, and ending up single mothers instead of going to school or getting a job. But I do NOT believe they should be discrimated against. I tolerate their differences even if I don’t agree with shiftless lifestyles because that’s what my church says too. Hate the sin, love the sinner. You go, La’P!

        • mrmcgee says:

          Thank you, exactly and well said.

    • Let love Reign says:

      Beautifully said!

    • Janice says:

      // It’s a shame that a community and its allies that fight so strongly for equality and tolerance are responding to her in the way that they are. It’s hypocritical and counterproductive. Just maybe she isn’t aware of every micro aggression in existence and wasn’t being malicious. It’s sad that this would be so hard to believe. //

      THIS, so much so.

  12. Goldenvibefan says:

    She should be allowed to say whatever she wants. Freedom of speech people.

    • flutiefan says:

      please learn before you speak. try reading the Constitution.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      The freedom of speech doesn’t protect one from the free market consequences of that speech. She’s trying to be a public figure to sell her services to the public; saying she holds prejudice towards an entire group of people is — yes — protected speech, but it’s fairly idiotic given her chosen career.

      • Ben says:

        Freedom of speech is no sacrosanct. Freedom of religion is not sacrosanct. Freedom of non-discrimination based on sexual orientation is absolutely sacrosanct. Have I got that right?

        I think the moment you start picking and choosing which freedoms get to be absolute and which get to fettered based on ones own personal preference, you are walking in to guaranteed conflict.

        • Angie_Overrated says:

          False equivalency, Benny boy. I never said freedom of speech is not sacrosanct. I can’t be held accountable for arguments I never made.
          And you can stop right there. You’re not going to beat me in a battle of wits. You will lose.

  13. Tre Songss says:

    LaPorsha I am gay and my friends and I ALWAYS use the word “lifestyle”… What is the big deal. It bothers me that today Everyone wants to play on words. Baby girl no explanation is needed. I myself personally take offense that gay men act as if they have to dress like ladies. That isn’t the case. I just wish that EVERYONE can be them and RESPECT how others feel. LaPorsha I have loved you from day one and still do. My GAY FRIENDS THAT ARE IN THE LIFESTYLE myself included will be at your concerts and buying ANYTHING that you put out. Enjoy your journey LaPorsha Renae..

    • Janice says:

      And this 40-something white lesbian will be right there with you, The Songss. People need to just chill; there are real enemies to fight out there.

    • I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for understanding exactly what I’m saying. I and my friends respect and love each other despite our views. I wish everyone was loving enough to do that… I’ll have music out as soon as I can and I pray I don’t let you and my other loving fans down. Love you ❤️🙏🏾
      ~LaPorsha Renae~

      • B>Bell says:


      • I can’t imagine having to deal with the pressure you have faced, La’Porsha; I would have crumpled long ago. If every mistake I ever made when I was in my 20’s was broadcast to the world, oh dear. I suspect most of us would.(It’s easy to attack others from behind a computer screen.) Please know that the meanness being sent your way does not represent me or all LGBT people; it’s just the voices of people who think they are in the majority because they are loud, and take pleasure in tearing other people apart because they can.

        I think you have carried yourself with an incredible amount of grace and strength. I look forward to watching you continue to grow and evolve, and I can’t wait for your new music! (You looked and sounded great on Kelly and Michael – your personality is infectious!)

      • Becky says:

        I wish you well! You did a great job! Congrats on your new friendships and endeavors! This is a stepping stone into a wonderful life! You know I can name nearly all the contestants that made it into the live shows over the last 14 years. I can hardly remember who competed last season on the Voice!
        I look forward to hearing more from you, Trent, and the rest of season 15 fellow contestants.
        Best wishes!

  14. Jake says:

    Who cares what she has to say. Not like she’ll be remembered a year from now. Let’s be real, outside of Kelly, Carrie, JHudson and maybe Adam Lambert no one remembers anyone – winner or runner-up. Yeah, she made a stupid comment, but as an LGBT member it’s not worth all this drama. Save it for someone that actually matters and is educated on social issues.

  15. Ambitious says:

    Look I don’t support what she said , but that is how she feels about it. U don’t have to support her on it at all.

  16. Megan says:

    People are just being a little too sensitive about what she said. La’Porsha is my girl and I support her through whatever.

  17. LPFanbe says:

    Her laugh is so funny (yet annoying)

    What kind of gay people does she hang out with that tell her that being gay is a choice. Gurl, I want to her from your alleged gay friends cuz something sounds fishy. I know Slezak wouldn’t ask this type of question but wonder if she thinks it’s wrong that he & his husband are raising twins

    At least a bunch of shirtless guys might be a good way to start apologizing to the gays. But LP stop with the choice BS.. You almost dug yourself out of a hole and then you started again.

    I’m the interview, she didn’t talk about auditioning for Idol as a teen or living in LA. I think there’s more to her story than she’s made public

    • Michelle says:

      Man I hope none of your friends and family members ever make a mistake. You’d never let them live it down

  18. Hey look, this time she apologized without calling it a lifestyle choice. She’s still an awful, vile bigot, but at least she’s learning

  19. Angel says:

    Michael first and foremost thank you for your interview. Thanks for asking the questions about music and idol first and then thank you for giving her a platform to clear up a serious misstep she made.

    The fact that the focus of these comments are about something she deeply apologized for and explained she was ignorant to is ashame. No one is talking about what a great musical interview this was they are just bashing the hell out of the girl when she is just learning how to navigate the media and her beliefs and opinions. One thing that is overlooked the most is regardless of her very poor word choices she believes regardless of what she thinks or has been taught is right or wrong that discriminations in anyway is a no no and she’s not for it. She won’t support it so all these negative names she’s being called makes me wonder about the people saying them. You are no better than the person you’re claiming she is as a matter of fact you are worse. Internet gangsta’s with no faces to back up all the brave hate you’re spewing in the name of what you think she did wrong and how awful she is.

    La’Porsha as an artist is on the verge of good things and I loved that the message I got from this interview is she knows who she is, she knows what her voice can do and she wants to give back all she can to those who will benefit from music. That is the message I support.

    I wish her the best and again thank you Michael for being one of the best Idol interviewers and bloggers around I still pull old footage of my faves to see their interviews with you!

  20. Joel says:

    I was somewhat on board until, “I have gay friends” – that was my first ‘oh no’ moment. Then as she finished the sentence, “I have gay friends who feel like it’s a choice…”


    La’Porsha. No.

  21. daniella says:

    Why do people care what others think about what the do, about they sexuality.. People just have to understand everyone has their own point of view. We can’t change that. People have to stop being so sensitive towards comments others may make… Just be happy.. They are things more important in live than trying to prove people they are wrong… I live in Venezuela I have a lot of gay friends, I may not understand it but I do respect them..

  22. Puchinsmom says:

    Bottom line here, she SHOULD NOT have been asked the question last week in the first place. She isn’t running for an elected office, she’s an entertainer. And a very young woman from a narrow background. She isn’t in public relations, and she bears little ill will to the world. (Except possibly her ex!).
    I was even a bit taken aback by Michael asking Trent about the issue. Not dure it’s appropriate.

    • Wolfe says:

      This is what I am sick of!
      When people say being gay is not a choice, you are born that way.
      What does being born “gay” look like?
      I know what a female (vagina) newborn looks like.
      I know what a male (penis) newborn looks like.
      So please explain what a “gay” newborn looks like.
      You Can’t! It doesn’t exist! The End!

      • Lois ZB says:

        please show me what stupid looks like. You can’t! It doesn’t exist!

      • abz says:

        When people say being gay is not a choice and you are born that way, it about sexual attraction. Sexual attraction is innate. It’s a feeling. You don’t decide who you find attractive. Otherwise, a straight person can choose to feel sexually and physically attracted to a member of the same sex if they wanted to.
        Think about this way a heterosexual person is born. They grow up and go through the natural phases of development. They go through puberty and adolescence and girls and boys start feeling attracted to one another and start dating. There is an attraction there to the opposite sex as they are growing and hormones kick in. It’s the same way with a gay person. They grow up and realize that they are attracted to the same gender. A bisexual person realize he/she feels attraction to both genders. It’s not something you have control over.
        And also it’s just basic common sense. Look at all the negativity that many LGBT people have endured both past and person. Think about it logically, who would actually CHOOSE to go through all that pain and psychological and emotional torture.

  23. Lois ZB says:

    La’Porsha is a phenomenon. She’s an incredible, natural, joy-filled talent, like a pro right form the beginning and never failed to stun and delight. It’s amazing she has no performing experience. I love her–she’s in the Top 5 of all Idols, ever, probably tied with Kelly Clarkson, actually, for first place. Can’t wait to watch her career develop.

    • Lois I was really amazed at what a natural performer and stage presence she is when she has had probably the least performing experience of anyone in the top 10. Several folks who have been performing publicly for a while didn’t do nearly as well. Olivia Rox, for instance, has actually performed beside her dad, Saxophonist Warren Hill, in front of large audiences around the world. And she has a wonderful voice. Maybe some people just don’t do as well in competitive situations?

      La’Porsha is to me the true bookend to Kelly Clarkson.

  24. Sean says:

    ………..And the apology tour begins. What a load of crap. La’Porsha please, for chrissake OWN- your- damn -truth. Don’t let the gay community dictate your beliefs. If you don’t like us, you don’t like us. Don’t apologize. We just won’t buy your albums.

  25. Ronnie says:

    Great interview Slezak. Glad you covered a lot of the behind the scenes stuff the performers deal with. As a gay man, I wasn’t offended by her earlier comments and the haters need to move on and spend more time fighting against the lawmakers in NC, Mississippi, Tennessee, and other states trying to legislate discrimination rather than get upset over one comment from a reality star, who admits her own naïveté and has apologized for it. Go out and help fight the real enemy…Republican legislators!!!

  26. Tevin says:

    It’s amazing how people can take things so negatively. That’s just like me saying, I don’t agree with the life style of those who smoke marijuana, because of my upbringing and religious background, but I have close friends that smokes marijuana. You don’t have to agree with a person life style in order to like someone.. I disagree with the life style of females having abortion due to my upbringing and religious aspects, but that doesn’t mean that I dislike her as a person. I truly believe she respects the LGBT COMMUNITY, she dont agree with the life style based on how she was raised. I can like you as a person, but I don’t have to agree with your decision and choices and lifestyle you choose to live in life.. It’s not that deep people. Stop crying over something so small..

    • Angela says:

      Yeah, that comparison doesn’t work. Marijuana, or drug use in general, isn’t comparable to sexual orientation. You can choose whether or not to do drugs, and if you abuse drugs, those are harmful to your health. Being gay is not something you choose, and it’s not harmful, so the comparison doesn’t fit. There’s no “gay lifestyle”.
      There’s also no “lifestyle” of women having abortions, it kind of doesn’t work that way. In short, you might want to refresh yourself on the meaning of the word “lifestyle”.

  27. dakillajoe says:

    The Homosexual Mafia Bullying n Intimidating at it’s Finest

  28. LA says:

    Wow just because of her religious views she’s a bad person…lol sad really sad.

  29. tigerone12 says:

    Another example of a black music artist that will end up broke, in jail or dead, tha’ts part of the hood lifestyle?

  30. dontcha love it when (without thinking of consequence) they have to “back peddle” to fix what they said if they had only rethought the words,..first!!!?

  31. George G says:

    La’Porsha Renae’s comments on LGBT “Lifestyle” were irresponsible and ignorant. Her half-ass apology shows that she is clueless!

    • B>Bell says:

      You are the ignorant one, thinking every one knows what the LBGT community considers correct language, LP apologized and you are name calling, she didn’t know and she shouldn’t have been approached with that question, she is still very young, still learning, I’m sure there are grown ups that don’t know anymore about the LBGT community than LP, We all have Battles and we all have scars. We all as human beings at one time or another have truly offended someone, we loved or we didn’t really know and people feelings was hurt, so let’s not throw stones, when we are not perfect, that is irresponsible and ignorant George G

  32. Smiles says:

    Nothing wrong with her comment. I agree I do not agree with LGBT lifestyle which means its my “free will” to decide what I like and dislike. Not once are we stating that we “hate LGBT” we’re not in agreement with their lifestyles. We were given body parts for a reason. Not all persons will agree and no “LGBT” can take that way from our own choices. If I do not like the Lakers, Dodgers, Brussels sprouts, cigar smell, Dallas Cowboys, Kobe Bryant or President Obama it doesn’t make me a racist, hater, homophobic or a bad person it make me human. We live on this earth and we all turn into dust and it will never matter if you were a “LGBT” or Lakers fan we all go to the same place when life ends. Enjoy what you like and dislike and no “LGBT” can take that away from you.

    • abz says:

      But the issue is what gives you the right to disagree with a person being gay? What gives some people the right to actively fight to make the lives of LGBT people that more difficult? And even if it was a choice to be gay (which it isn’t), how does that affect your life personally? Someone being gay isn’t something for a stranger to have an opinion on. It’s one of the many aspects of who that person is.
      “We were given body parts for a reason” –> I swear sometimes I think some straight people think about gay sex more than actual gay people.

      • No, the issue is or has been that LaPorsha made some poor word choices based on her understanding and the entire world feels entitled to throw a hissy fit, She has NOT “actively fought” to make the lives of others more difficult, she has apologized and said she is against any law that discriminates. I don’t need any more from her than that, and ganging up and bashing her makes us look like bullies. I’m sorry if you’re scarred and hurt, but we need to be fighting the real enemies, the lawmakers and organizations who create those attitudes and oppressive laws to begin with. Then we need to check oursleves because we can’t ask for tolerance and understanding and respect if we’re not willing to also give it.

        • Olivia says:

          Wow, the fangirl syndrome is strong.

        • abz says:

          If you reread my comment, I was speaking in a general sense in response to other generalized comments made by others in this thread. I don’t think LP meant anything hateful or malicious in her comment. I think it was a little uneducated and ignorant, but I’m not going around bashing her.
          I think it’s more than just fighting the “real enemies” as you put it. It should also be about helping people understand more, in a civilized manner of course, and working towards changing attitudes for the betterment of society. I don’t think the lawmakers and organizations create these attitudes on their own. These politicians, lawmakers and organizations also have masses of supporters who share similar attitudes as them and contribute to them succeeding in creating these unfair laws.

  33. big cheddar says:

    Just curious… Trent’s also from Mississippi – was he also asked what his thoughts were about this bill? I keep seeing headlines about La’Porsha’s comments, but nothing about Trent.

  34. Bart says:

    THE GAY MAFIA on attack mode again!
    It IS a lifestyle! She was very balanced and yet YOU INTOLERANT HYPOCRITES attack here anyway.
    Two men having sex together is SICK and DISGUSTING….and anybody who thinks otherwise is twisted!

    • Angela says:

      Then I guess I’m “twisted”, ’cause I don’t find that sick or disgusting at all.
      Besides that, you DO realize there’s more to same-sex couples than the sexual aspect of their relationship, right? Going out on dates, raising families, going shopping for various necessities and wants, taking walks, etc. Is a gay couple doing all of that typical relationship stuff “sick” and “disgusting” to you, too?
      Also, “gay mafia”? Really? You need to get out more.

    • joeymeana says:

      Whenever you masturbate, you have a penis in your hand. If you watch straight porn, you are looking at a penis. Just saying.

  35. Alot of maggot sympathizers on this forum but she is entitled to her opinion just like you are!

  36. Danielle Marie Kubik says:

    I saw an interesting post the other day… If being gay is an orientation one is born with, why are there bisexual orientations? Suddenly it’s a choice? Just curious what others think.

  37. Danielle Marie Kubik says:

    I do not believe LaPorsha is homophobic. I believe she has lived in a bubble for the last 4 months. When do they have time to watch the news? I think she didn’t have a clue what the bill was about and simply got blind-sided. Anyone who’s watched her knows she is not judgmental.

  38. B>Bell says:

    LaPorsha apologized for her comments like some of you wanted and now some of you are still being nasty, the girl is young, give her a chance to grow up and become familiar with certain issues, she did not intend to offend anyone, she wasn’t ready for that question, and being young she did not realize she had a right to refuse to answer or nor should she have answered, but we all learn through life, we learn by walking thru fire and if we care about what we did we will not make that mistake again, people give her a chance, there is no need for name calling, but then some people just live they life to JUDGE others as you are about this young lady. GOD BLESS LAPOSHA FOR HER COURAGE TO APOLOGIZE, in my eyes she didn’t have to, and I am saying if you are in a certain lifestyle be happy and don’t care what others say or think, because it’s every human being right to be different, love yourself, we all have said something at some time or other and was wrong,the public never knew because we are not in the limelight GOD BLESS US ALL.

  39. Sally McLinn says:

    I resent Slezak even going to that question. The woman has her own feelings about gay people — she respects them but doesn’t believe in their lifestyle — as most Americans think the same thing. I had neighbors who were gay, nicest people in the world, but I didn’t believe in their having men as lovers. But I would jump in front of a bus to save their lives. I wish the PC police would take a vacation.

  40. Dog says:

    DON’T apologize to this freak group. Stand your ground.

  41. Yeahman says:

    It is a lifestyle cause they chose to live that way. Some may have those kind of thoughts and feelings, but it’s a choice to either go one way or the other. We may not agree on certain things but we should respect each others choices.

  42. Sol says:

    What is there to apologize about? That is how she feels and so be it. I hate all of this political correctness these days. If you feel a certain way about something then hold to your beliefs. You can say you are for the LGBT community and be praised but if you say you aren’t for them then you get chastised. Makes no sense.

  43. I Love You La’Porsha
    No Need For A Apology
    They Don’t Apologize When They Talk About Us
    F… Them
    They Didn’t Want You To Win Anyway
    They Racists Ass
    It Is American White Idol
    That’s Why Its Went Off The Air
    Black’s Don’t Watch The Show
    Because of it being RACISTS

  44. vicky says:

    Oh boy, not a good start. I am the buying public and I don’t buy the “she’s just clueless” excuse. Also despicable is the…I have gay friends too and I respect them, I just don’t agree with their lifestyle! Actually, you don’t respect LGBT community ! If I were her “gay friend” I wouldn’t be for long.

  45. invisible says:

    Don’t compromise who you are for riches and fame, for these things shall surely pass away but God’s word shall never pass away.

  46. Stager says:

    If I recall, Jennifer Hudson made similar comments. This won’t affect La’Porsha if she backs away from it slowly.

  47. Emma says:

    I’m really glad now that she didn’t win!

    • B>Bell says:


  48. rod says:

    La’Porcha is f rom McComb, Mississippi which is a long way from North Carolina…geographically.
    Politically they in the same swamp.

  49. Shaun says:

    Good luck on selling albums. The reason R&B females still exist is because of the gay communities support. Since you were the runner up on idol and not the winner,. we will see how many albums you sell. People need to realize when you make comments you hurt your brand and for you La’Porsha you are just starting out and complete ruined your career.,.

    • B>Bell says:


  50. daynamonet says:

    Since everyone on this board only wants to talk about La’Porsha’s comments regarding the LGBT community, I will just take the liberty of commenting on the remaining 95%of the interview. I absolutely love La’Porsha and even more after this interview. She’s such a personable, funny, artistic, talented, empowered, strong and beautiful woman. Good luck to you and everything you do. And Michael, your interviews with both Trent and La’Porsha have been my favorite post Idol interviews you’ve given hands down.

    • THANK YOU, DAYNAMONET I am having trouble watching all of the vids (they keep freezing up and I have an updated browser and high speed internet), but I really wished from what I saw that this had been a five part interview. Given the fact that La’Porsha and the other contestants have been doing Periscope videos throughout the process I didn’t think there would be much to say here but instead I found myself wishing Michael had gone deeper and asked more questions. Her attention to her music, the lyrics, the performances, belies all the claims made by Scott Brochette that she was “slacking”, or comments on the internet implying that she isn’t every bit as much an artist as, say, a David Cook or Philip Phillips.

      I also wish that it wasn’t Lo-fi, lo-budget. (Plus, no flowers from Michael? Maybe TV line doesn’t have the budget but come on, NYC has flower stands all over the city.)