Game of Silence Premiere Review

Game of Silence: Will You Keep Playing?

NBC laid out the playing field for its Game of Silence on Tuesday night, with a special apres-Voice preview. Will you follow the show to its regular Thursdays-at-10 time slot, to find out the fate of the Quitman boys both in the past and present?

Adapted by exec producer David Hudgins from the Sleepers-inspired Turkish series Suskunlar, Game of Silence stars David Lyons (Revolution) as Jackson Brooks, a Houston attorney who, on the heels of adding a beautiful and successful fiancée to his life, is visited upon by two childhood friends, from their old, small hometown of Brennan.

Having not seen Jackson in 25 years, Gil Harris (Terriers‘ Michael Raymond-James) and Shawn Cook (Rescue Me‘s Larenz Tate) show up in his office after a fourth friend, Boots, is arrested for attacking one of their brutal fellow inmates from Quitman Youth Detention Facility, where they spent nine months up after injuring a woman during a joyride. At Quitman, the four friends were “like lambs to the slaughter,” Jackson tells us, subject to any number of forms of abuse at the hands of inmates and guards who did Warden Carroll’s bidding. (Gil, for one, was regularly a “special guest” at “parties” thrown by the warden, turn him into an adult with a hair-trigger propensity for violence.)

Also in the mix of friends is Jessie (Bre Blair), Jackson’s first love who now is with Gil — and the one they were protecting from a drunk mother at the time of the childhood joyride. Jessie is in the dark thus far about the guys’ Quitman abuse and present involvement in Boots’ situation. Yet she also has a secret, briefly glimpsed at in a rainy, burying-a-body (?) flashback to her and Jackson as younger adults — yet they both lie to the others they haven’t seen each other in decades.

Boots gets shivved to death at the county jail, after which Darryl, the guy he bludgeoned with a golf club, is snuffed in his hospital bed found shot dead, landing the remaining friends in the crosshairs of Detective Winters (Deidrie Henry). And the hole they’ve dug only gets deeper in the weeks to come, as Jackson, Gil and Shawn’s mission to exact justice on their Quitman abusers runs afoul of the local criminal organization now run by the warden-turned-lieutenant governor and Terry, another of the guys’ former tormentors.

What did you think of Game of Silence, which now airs Thursdays at 10?

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  1. Lyn says:

    Really don’t like Michael Raymond James, so no.

    • Lenny1 says:

      I dont either. But story wise i will check it out

    • JulesM says:

      IT’S GOS WEEK!!
      Make some noise!!

      Tune in THIS THURSDAY June 2nd (Ep. 8+9…2 hrs.) and SUNDAY June 5th for 1 hr. finale on NBC. Live tweet with cast & crew!!

      Join the conversation with ‘Silencers’ on Twitter & Facebook.
      #Game Of Silence

  2. Hellas13 says:

    Looks really promising and intriguing but it’s on NBC. People don’t trust the channel, it won’t get the viewers, it will get cancelled. Vicious cycle. Wish this was on AMC or something. Hope I’m wrong.

    • wrstlgirl says:

      But perhaps if the glass were half full instead of half empty that “vicious cycle” would change. Just a thought.

    • Gospino says:

      Anyone who doesn’t watch a show just because it airs on a particular channel hurts only themselves. And the channel that is airing the shoe is the one that gave it a chance in the first place, so thinking that way is just dumb.

    • happydog1960 says:

      So you’re not watching The Blacklist or Grimm? I mean, if only those weren’t on NBC, maybe they would do better, right?

  3. Lisa says:

    It looked decent, but I was a tad confused here & there with all the flashbacks and trying to figure out who was who. There’s decent groundwork for an interesting show, though.

  4. Michelle says:

    It was fantastic. Pulled you in instantly. You feel for the little kids. Acting was great. Cant wait for more.

  5. HeatherC says:

    It sucked me in right away so I will definitely be watching again on Thursdays. I thought it was very well acted & written and I totally believe that these friends have known each other for a long time. It was heavy material but also completely engrossing. I haven’t enjoyed a pilot this much in a long time. Really great show! =)

    • Pauline Johnson says:

      I agree with you, I think this show is fantastic! Looking forward to Thursdsy👍

    • Laura says:

      I completely agree. The premiere was really well done. I found myself caring about what was happening to the friends. I thought the flashbacks were done so well! The kids did a wonderful job. I hope we get to see more of them. We know that the friends have always considered Jackson to be the “leader” of their group. Unfortunately for him, the guards noticed that right away also. From the start Jackson was very protective of his friends. Sadly, all the boys were targeted by the guards and older inmates. I think this show is gripping and I will be watching tonight. I hope it continues to bring in audiences!!

  6. Nancy says:

    Will absolutely keep playing. The premiere was intense. Excellent writing, top notch acting, it pulled me in from moment one, and didn’t let go. Can’t wait for Thursday.

    • Laura says:

      I will keep playing also! The premiere was really well done. I have found myself watching and rewatching the premiere on my DVR! I think it is great!! Can’t wait for tonight’s show.

  7. tccoats says:

    Daryl, the guy Boots hit with the golf club was shot to death at his house, no in the hospital.

  8. riredpanda says:

    Sooo similar to sleepers … We knew right away

  9. I really really enjoyed Michael Raymond-James as Gil such a dynamic complex fiery character! However, the entire cast did a fantastic job, including the teens they used. This show is so addictive and it was intense, compelling, and thrilling. I’m invested, addicted, and hooked! Can’t wait for this Thurs to see episode 2! Game of Silence is my new favorite show in 2016!

  10. Ricky23 says:

    Thought it was really good. Stuck very closely to the storyline for Sleepers so it will be interesting to see if the writing holds up now that they are on their own but I will definitely tune in. Great cast especially the kids and the hell they went through.

  11. Tom says:

    Hollywood is so creatively bankrupt that it’s borrowing ideas from Turkey?!
    I’m guessing the Turkish audience may be easier to please than their U.S. counterparts.
    First episode typical one-hour drama. I made it half-way through before deciding I didn’t care about the characters or what happened to them.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Thanks for giving it the old college try, “Tom”!

    • MMD says:

      I watch a variety of British, Aussie, Canadian, as well as American, etc. shows which I enjoy tremendously. A lot of tv shows originate from other countries and are ‘adapted’. There are only so many original ideas and some adaptations are excellent, others absolutely horrific. It is not fair to paint all shows from ANY country with such broad comments because all have their share of successes and their bombs. Gems like Breaking Bad are not the norm from ANY country.

      It’s all about an individual’s personal preference and I am glad that we are lucky enough to have the choice to watch and enjoy what we want. It sure as hell beats living in North Korea or some other country where choice is not an option. I think I’ll stick with Canada where I have a choice, something so many take for granted. You couldn’t pay me to watch reality tv from any country, but once again, that’s the choice we all have.

      just sayin’………………………..

    • HAP says:

      I turned it off at the half way mark, too. Not planning to be back.

  12. Kevin K says:

    I give Game of Silence an A. This show is like Mystic River meets Sleepers with a bit of Fight Club in-between. Have a feeling it won’t last that long but we’ll see how the rest plays out this season.

  13. Roger says:

    Not bad but too late, I don’t want a series like that so late in the season.

    The pilot reminds me of The Black Donnellys.

    • Sam says:

      Ha! So i’m not the only. The bar scene reminded me very much of The Black Donnellys too.

    • Laura says:

      But The Black Donnelly’s was so good!! It is very much like Sleepers and Mystic River both movies I enjoyed very much. I think it looks really good. I am intrigued!!

  14. Ann says:

    Wasn’t the guy Boots attacked with the golf club a former guard ( not an inmate)? And yes, the detective said he was shot at home, not at the hospital.

    • Lisa says:

      I was confused about that, but I think the guy he attacked (Daryl) was one of the older teens (from jail) all grown up. In the flashbacks with Jackson & the girl, I think we see one of the prison guards dead. I’m still trying to keep it all straight, so you’re not alone and sorry if what I’m saying isn’t 100% right.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        You are correct, Daryl was the older teen who was always harassing them. I’m not sure who the guy was that Jackson and Jesse “killed”. Was he dead? I’m guessing yes but I didn’t see them bury him just saw them beat him badly. I’m sure we’ll learn more about that mystery.

        • mary says:

          That guy was one of the guards. That’s why he basically looks the same as when Jackson was a kid, because he was an adult already. Whereas Daryl was a kid when Jackson was a kid. So they used a different actor for the hotel scene with Boots.

  15. MELISSA HALL says:

    Hmmmmm, a show that supposedly takes place in Texas with no Texas accents except for maybe one of the Quitman guards—not very original.

  16. wrstlgirl says:

    Great cast and I’m definitely intrigued. Will continue watching, I love these kinds of shows.

  17. KA says:

    Didn’t we already see this movie with Brad Pitt and Kevin Bacon?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      3rd sentence: “Adapted by exec producer David Hudgins from the Sleepers-inspired Turkish series Suskunlar…”

    • Csb says:

      The Turkish show it is based off of was based off of the same “nonfiction” book as Sleepers.

      Fantastic book.

  18. fullcircle9679 says:

    So far enjoying the show. I think Michael Raymond James will shine in this role. He’s a heavy actor with the emotional range to really shine. Lorenz Tate refuses to age, I suppose. I agree with other comments, the tone of the show is very Sleepers with a hint of Mystic River

  19. sara says:

    I really enjoyed the first episode :) finger crossed it doesn’t get cancelled after i’m hooked!

  20. mary says:

    The Turkish series is based off of real life boys who were sent to prison for stealing food. It’s nothing like Sleepers except for that particular part. And it’s unfortunately very real to life today because of here in Wisconsin & in PA.

  21. I was hooked by the end of the episode so will definitely keep watching. Tried it because I will watch anything with David Lyons (including 2 seasons of Revolution) but by the end I was wrapped up in the story and want to see where it goes. Very heavy and emotional, especially for NBC, but overall well done.

  22. Teresa Short says:

    Uh yeah, two words………David Lyons……….enough said. Still miss Revolution.

  23. Ziv says:

    the writing was SO by-the-numbers I felt bad for the actors. The film “Sleepers” (Brad Pitt, Kevin Bacon, Robert Deniro, Dustin Hoffman) serves the story much better. The film made me cry, the TV show made me yawn

  24. Susan Schwerin says:

    Loved the first episode, so I am definitely tuning in for Thursdays show!! Absolutely LOVE Michael Raymond James…after getting hooked on Terriers!! He’s a fabulous character actor and worthy of watching on anything he does. Hearing him sing and play guitar on an ER storyline awhile back won my heart!! Other characters on this Game of Silence were also good, so bring the next episode on!!

  25. The story line sucked me in within minutes! I can only imagine all the story lines that will spawn off in this series! Will definitely watch on Thursday. Want to know the secrets each of the characters are hiding!

  26. helen ronzo says:

    looks like its going to be a great show. Loved it!

  27. Lauren Hulsebos says:

    I love Game of Silence. My husband and I are truly disappointed that it is being cancelled. My parents are in their 70’s and they love the show also. Several of my husbands co-workers watch Game of Silence and literally talk about the latest episode together at lunch. My husband and I have a hard time finding shows we share mutual interest in. GOS, was one we shared mutual interest in. It made for a great date night. Once again, we are very disappointed in it’s cancellation.

  28. Joshua Highley says:

    Game of silence was awesome I loved the action and suspense every episode brought to my tv I definitely think the show should’ve gone on they should not have canceled.