The Magicains Recap

The Magicians Recap: Fillory of Fear

Raise your hand if you’re going to have nightmares after Monday’s The Magicians.

The Season 1 finale featured so many disturbing images and twists — not to mention, some purely weird ones — that I need a hedge witch memory patch of my own so I’m not haunted tonight. (I haven’t read the books, so I don’t know how much of the installment came from the producers’ imaginations and how much was pulled from the source material, but either way, you can’t deny that the Syfy series is ballsy.)

Before things get very dark, the episode begins with Quentin and Julia delighting in the wonders of being in Fillory. Imagine if you were transported into your favorite TV show and became part of the storyline. It’s like that, with the added bonus of .02 percent opium air, Quentin discovers. Along their quest, the pals encounter several familiar Fillory characters, including a grownup Jane Chatwin, who is the feared Watcherwoman. She tells Quentin that Julia has a patch in her memory that is “covering something tragic, replacing it with something beautiful but false,” and that he needs to protect his friend. Then she transports them to Fillory 2016, a desolate place destroyed by The Beast, so they can meet up with Quentin’s classmates.

Putting aside the awkwardness that results when you’ve all slept with each other, the group heads to the knife maker to get the blade needed to kill The Beast. In exchange for it, one of them has to marry the knife maker’s daughter, and that person is destined to be High King of Fillory, as chosen by a magical knife. Quentin is sure it’s going to be him, but lo and behold, it draws blood from Eliot. Although it means he can never leave the magical land or be with anyone else, Eliot goes through with the marriage because it might give his life a bigger purpose.

The Magicians RecapNow in possession of the blade, the group discovers it can only be handled by a master magician, and so far, none of them meet its qualification. Quentin and Julia visit Ember the ram god, who gives them a jar of his semen so they can possess his strength. (Yes, for real.) Then he takes away the patch in Julia’s memory, leading to an emotional breakdown. More bad news: The Beast isn’t Plover, as they suspected, but Martin Chatwin!

Quentin wants to be the chosen one to take down Martin, but in his heart, he knows it should be Alice. “You’re a better magician, and you’re a better person,” he confesses to her. “The adult part of me keeps screaming that it’s you… What if I change something? What if I give the blade to you?” So Alice “bogarts” the semen — “Pretend it’s prom night and you just want to shut him up,” Margo advises her — and off they go to fight The Beast. However, when they encounter him, Alice’s blade goes missing. Martin causes her to bleed out and cuts off Penny’s hands with a flick of his wrist. It’s all looking very grim for the gang when Julia puts the blade to Martin’s throat.

In Quentin fashion, let’s rewind: that memory patch (via Marina) was covering up something tragic, indeed. While summoning a god, Julia and her friends were fooled by a trickster. He raped Julia and killed the others, while Kady got away. So Julia, too, has the semen of a god, which allows her to wield the blade — and she wants to make a deal to exact revenge on the god who ruined her life. With that, Julia and The Beast disappear as Quentin looks on, the others lying on the floor in various states of agony. Sweet dreams, kids!

Magicians fans, what did you think of the Season 1 ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!

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  1. dan says:

    Great. THAT seems like a real downer.

  2. kate says:

    Holy crap. I know certain events (Julia’s story) happened in the books or were heavily implied but that whole end. And why do cable series hiatuses seem so much longer than broadcast.

    • Dysturbed says:

      They seem longer because they are. Cable series have shorter seasons so most of the time there is a 9 month wait in between unless seasons are split in two, whereas any network show that airs new episodes (spread out) between September and May only has a few month break.

  3. Sheila says:

    This show has been dumb fun for me, but I think they lost me with the rape. Served no purpose plot-wise. Utterly unnecessary.

    • rowan77 says:

      Really? Did you get how having the semen of a God made her powerful enough to wield the knife and challenge The Beast – or in this case, use him to satisfy her need for revenge? Without the rape, we would not have had that twist and everyone would be dead.

      • Asmodeus says:

        While I disagree with the comment you’re responding to, your last comment is utterly false. Julia STOLE the knife out of Alice’s sheathe, which is why Alice fumbled and cursed. Without the rape, Alice would’ve killed the beast, the hedge group would still be alive, and no one would be missing limbs.

        • brookm2647 says:

          I’m sorry I missed that Julia style the knife part and they would’ve won. Your totally right. Thank you very much. I’m happy you told me that I researched it and I had totally missed that part. I do think that poor Julia is dealing with the best cause she thinks that’s the only way to get back at the trickster for killing the ppl and raping her. OMG,! What if in next season she is with a baby?! We have allot to think of. So what if the rape hasn’t happened? Would they’ve even lived at all? Maybe Quentin will be the magician to be able to save them, to make a difference like he wants with his father and others, cause if the deal of killing cancer puppy which is sort of like the same of why was that in there too? Thank you again allot to think of again and going to watch them all again plus watch the end again so maybe can see what may come on Season 2 that they approved in Feb of this year. Let’s hope so anyway. Thank you again and this is Brook Mason I made an account so I could get more on the comments. Just an FYI. Take care, TY.

          • e. says:

            While the rape occurs in the books, its a better setup and focuses more on the ramifications and recovery. The books are odd because I got 100 pages into it loathing the characters but forced through it to discover these were the most impressive character growth studies I can remember reading. Quentin, Julia, and Elliot being pretty central to that.

        • Jackyrin says:

          Actually.. *book spoiler* in the books Alice does kill the beast but dies/becomes a niffin in the process.. and penny still loses his hands. Also (its been awhile since i read the books) when they summon reynard, all of the hedges with julia dies, minus one that escapes while julia’s being raped. Julia isn’t even present when the group confronts the beast.

        • rowan77 says:

          And then the story would be over. The show is picked up for another season. You do know what Julia would not have been able to hold the knife without the God semen, right?

    • alexi says:

      what do you mean it serves no purpose plot-wise lol. I mean I would have preferred they not showed that and gone a different route with Julia’s story, but the rape is the whole reason for the season-ending switcheroo, and it looks like it was the catalyst for where the series is going to go next. They could have had her get raped and then dropped it, had Alice kill the beast and then spun her off onto her own quest to get revenge on the rapist demon next season, but instead they are literally tying it into the main storyline of the show– so how does it not serve any purpose plot-wise?

      Again, I think they could have made better storytelling choices than a trip to the rape-well that’s all too common in TV nowadays, and I’m not defending their choice at all. But there is no way you can say it serves not purpose.

      • Deejay Ak-Ryte says:

        The rape of julia is actually in the books and serve much as purpose as far as i remember.. something happens after the rape that they didnt put in the finale. Also through out the book series ppl are gettinf raped and killed off like that at a drop of a dime. Kind of like game of thrones but with magicians

        • e. says:

          There reallly weren’t other rapes in the book series. Plenty of murder and death but no rape other than Julia that I remember.

    • Brook Mason says:

      I think it was the way to finally beat the best they had tried and failed 39 times and this was the last time since there wouldn’t be anymore time rewinds. So that way in a sort of sick easy the books and series is a little twisted. I feel that they cut to much out between each site and had to watch ask of what had happened in order to try to catch up on what was happening each show. There are too many shows that cut important things out do the cable network can do the comericials for the funds. It’s sad I think. If the season ends here it was a sad ending but if there is another season then it’s just an OK ending. Thank you for your input cause it really confirms things in my comments as well.

  4. When is this coming back because now I just have to know what happens!

  5. wow, what an episode, im really confused by viewers who cant understand why scenes are put into shows.

    the rape scene whilst being disturbing (as it was meant to be, RAPE is fracking awful guys, but it happens in real life, shows that dont shy away from it, show us the immorality of it) i think it elevated the show from a fun show about magic to a truly immersive show with characters who are multi faceted, and have varying motivations, im only half way through the second book, but this episode shocked and awed me at the same time.

    think it will take me some time to digest this season but i cant wait for season 2.

    • Deejay Ak-Ryte says:

      In the books ppl are getting raped and kill throughout the series. There was purpose to julias rape as bad as that sounds. But something happens after the rape they didnt show

      • e. says:

        Okay, again. I’ve read the books. I don’t recall any other rapes occurring. I think you may have read a fourth novel that none of us have access to.

  6. Mariah says:


    I see comments about how the “rape” plot is so derivative, and can attest that that’s done way too much in cable (Game of Thrones, plus just guessing why they would rather a woman guzzle semen over a guy?). But the rape was taken from the original book series. Please, everyone, read the books–they are way more worth your while, and you’ll find the moments where they inject/riff in the books more enjoyable. Especially this scene–the books depicted it in a more traumatic setting, and am glad they went a different route.

    • Deejay Ak-Ryte says:

      Thank you Mariah i was commenting on a few ppls comments. Letting them know rape happens in the books. The magicians is just like game of thrones. Ppl get raped and killed throughout that show just like ppl in the magicians books. But im glad you post something about it being in the books

      • Your mom says:

        Your dumb you keep getting told there was only one rape but keep going on like your right shut up d bag

        • mo' dollaz says:

          could be reading too much into this but wasnt plover raping/molesting martin, which turn him into the beast??? i kno they dont show it “on-screen”, but it is heavily implied.

          also people are complaing about the rape and its inclusion in tv shows, like game of thrones and magicians. what people need to remeber is first,such shows are based on their perspective book(s), said books are written to take on the darker side of humanity, THIS IS NOT A FAIRY TALE!!! yes rape and murder is a horrible and gruesome act but just because something is distasteful doesnt mean itdoesnt exist

  7. Callie BLACKWELL says:

    Even though i’m rea ding what happen,it was great,can’t wait for season 2

  8. ? says:

    It may just be me, but when you set the whole focus of a television season around a quest to kill a monster, at the end of the season, the characters should get to kill the monster.

    • ? says:

      Or die horribly. But it shouldn’t remain unfinished.

    • sunshine says:

      I waited for the final scene where they kill the monster and was left scratching my head. Not only did the monster just disappear with a main character but a new baddy was introduced as the rapist. Extremely unsatisfying for a finale, I was totally confused by all our heroes ending up defeated and out of time in the cellar. A finale is supposed to tie up the loose ends, this did the opposite.

      • ;) says:

        Exactly all that did was make you hate Julia they screwed it up

        • magician says:

          How can you like somone who leaves everyone she was with dying and right after Q promises her he will help her stop trickster instead she goes I don’t care what you promised or that you all will die its all about me I have to kill this other guy sorry but that is just dumb logic

  9. Alan B says:

    Well, as someone who HAS read the book series, they got most of thestuff from the books, but they truly surprised me with how the Julia storyline unveiled itself. Yes, she was raped by Reynard the Fox, but she was not in Fillory when the group was battling The Beast….I kind of am actually curious as to where they’re going with this. Looking forward to season 2. The only thing that kind of disappointed me is that we just got Josh introduced, and as my favorite book character, he vanished too quickly, lol.

  10. Melodi Heuer says:

    I’ve been addicted to this show all season. But after that finale I don’t know that I’ll be tuning in for season 2. The show has always been darker, which I didn’t mind, but I think they crossed a line. I don’t feel curious about what’s going ot happen next anymore. Just sick to my stomach and really depressed.

  11. Brook Mason says:

    I figured out it was Martin a few shows ago. It was confirmed when he followed Quentin & Julia back in 1942. He had been bard of going back buy that was his way in so there ya go. What I didn’t like was the way they didn’t show more of the aftermath of the status of the others during in the room and if they would’ve just had Quentin to start to do something to lead into Season 2 that was passed to come back this past Feb 2016 would’ve been a better cliff hanger. Or anything to say that there was something to look forward to for the show 201. Also to even announce the 2nd season would be trunking in like ever so many months would’ve been a great idea as well. To show things that are in the season preview like Quentin snapping his fingers and the building changes and it not happen in this season send to be a misrepresentation of the show. Please update and get things like this on SyFy ASAP so we know there is more and that wasn’t the total end. If that was the end of the series then it was not worth trying to do to begging with. I really want more. It’s a slight complicated show to watch let alone to try to keep up and have like missing parts between episodes to catch up every week. I want more of this really good series! Please don’t end it like this. Update us all please? Good ending if it goes into another season of not out was a let down. So very tricky question at the end now. Anyone else get what I’m saying and wanting to understand? Thank you very much. I do want more of The Magician’s!

  12. Kim says:

    Wasn’t crazy about the ending not big on such huge cliff hangers

  13. bubbaa says:

    (mild spoilers) Loved, loved, loved the Magicians trilogy. It is a wonderful read, full of allusions to other beloved literary fantasy series like Narnia, Harry Potter and the Hobbit. The TV series has definitely “messed with” the plotting and characterizations of the books but in an interesting and entertaining way. Some of the shows were a little spotty, but the season finale led right back to the source material in the first book. I’m hoping to read the whole trilogy aloud to my husband before season two begins.

  14. They should call this the wtf episode. So many “wrong” things going on. I pretty much hate all the characters because they’re all horrible people with the exception of Alice. Her and the story line is the only thing keeping me going. I definitely have a love/hate relationship with the show, but I can’t wait to see what happens next season.

  15. Ash says:

    So the gay character is the one that enters into a heterosexual marriage with a stranger and can never be with anyone else again. Hmm.

    • Lisa B says:

      Yeah, that didn’t happen in the books… not sure why they thought it was a good idea on the show. Worst change they’ve made by far.

  16. KayGee says:

    Can someone explain to me why they kept mentioning that Quentin usually kills Julia already when they were in fillory. It seems as though she was suppose to die by Q’s hands and my still die by his hands. Also I kinda figured out it was Martin. I understand that the rape changed her but to betray your best friend like that is just cold. I really liked Julia most of the season besides the spell that she did on Q that almost killed him.

    • Cameron Ducker says:

      Same! I empathize the most with Julia and she’s had it the roughest. Sure Quentin isn’t the best magician but at least he found a girlfriend and had steady quasi friends. Julia was cast out and just made mistake after mistake that (imo) no one could foresee coming. I hope next season they strengthened the BFF bond between Julia and Quentin because how he treats her is legitimately the only thing that makes me despise him.

  17. Jennifer Bond says:

    WAY too much of a cliffhanger…. There needs to be some type of closure in a finale..

    • Trickster says:

      Agreed. The whole thing with all just being left to die doesn’t shove you into another season what is Quinn doing besides looking dumb at end

  18. Jake says:


    I haven’t watched it yet and after innocently googling “the magicians episode 13” to stream it there is no point in doing so. Worst.

  19. Darren says:

    I have read the books and Reynard the Fox really is where Julia gets her powers from. That whole story is shockingly true to the books but very well written. Although. Alice does not die like that, Margo isn’t her, she’s Janet and Julia doesn’t come to Fillory until after the beast is dead. She flies to Quentin with Elliot and Janet and they all go together at the end of book two.

    The time loop is a good get out clause, though. I do like that Julia is trying to avenge her friends. It’s a nice touch. Although (Spoiler alert) she does meet the real goddess and ascend, in the end.

    • Magician says:

      Julia is garbage she leaves everyone half dead or dead to reach her selfish goal of you like someone for that your just not a good person :)

  20. D3adLove says:

    The episode WAS pretty Grimm, but the only question I’m really searching for, as most others are as well, is-
    1) What happened to Eliot and his friend (I forgot her name 😅)
    2) Is Alice Dead(hopefully not 😢)?
    And 3) Where did The Beast take Julia?

  21. Tori says:

    The show is amazing, the finale however did not leaving me wanting, it left me disappointed. I needed some kind of half ending with room to be so curious about the next season. What if there is no next season, it needed a resolve

  22. Trickster says:

    Fun twist to the end. Definitely don’t understand why the trickster didn’t kill Julia though.

  23. Jane caffey says:

    I was amazed about it until the ending, need to change it as a dream of one of them like quentin, or alice

  24. Bill says:

    Can someone clarify for me how Julia got the statuette of the Lady crying tears of milk as proof of her miraculous encounter, if that was just a false memory? Doesn’t seem like Fox would have left it, or that Marina could fake a miracle, if she did such a shoddy patch job on Julia’s mind.

    • Jay says:

      To be honest, I was wondering the same thing. I really don’t think it was milk that the statue was crying, but semen as a sick joke left by the trickster to remind her of him.

  25. Bonnie S says:

    TV plot more true than not to the novels on which it is based. Had the end of season 1 been sweetened, it wold have become a story too different from the original. Having read all of the books in the series (hurrah for reading!) I’m anxious to see the teeaks (not major digressions) upcoming in season 2.

  26. kim says:

    f’n awesome, twists and turns(bold and the beautiful lol!) can’t wait for season 2!

  27. Danny says:

    the finale was really good, but guy’s Julia gets what she wants, Julia and her other friends wanted the power of a god, for the others well simply it was a bloody for them apart from…., Julia got the power but she had to be r…. first……. i dont like the scene but i have to give it to them they brought it out so realisticly, my heart bled out for her(julia i mean). really good season 2 hopefully will be just as awesome.

  28. Nigel says:

    Season 1 ending was poor. Didn’t read the books, don’t care. The finale dithered around like many of the other episodes – too much time spent on minor plot points, not enough moving the main story forward. I really have a problem with how Ep 13 ended, seemed lazy, a cheap trick. The whole season builds to a conflict that…. Doesn’t happen. I won’t be back for season 2.

  29. Jane caffey says:

    It was a very good show but the ending could be different hopefully you all will change it for January 2017.

  30. Jane caffey says:

    I hope it all a dream at the ending and revise it to another ending

  31. Phattypatty says:

    It was wonderful but, being someone who doesn’t watch new shows on television but via Google play, I was not made aware that this was the season Finally. That being said, my whole foundation is lain. It ended so ubruptly that I didn’t even know it was the end. It does feel like the end of a chapter waiting for the next, it feeling like someone tore out the last ten pages and then says you have to wait a year to see what should have rounded out the end.

  32. anon says:

    Enjoyed the season up until now. God semen makes you powerful- seriously?! They couldn’t come up with something better than that? And Julia’s rape as the plot twist. Again, overused and I’m sure they could have come up with something different. (There’s magic for goodness sake- use it!) Leaving it on a cliffhanger is also the worst kind of crap for a show. Nothing’s resolved. It’s done purely for ratings. As if we wouldn’t tune in if we liked the show next season. The whole things left me with a bad taste (no pun intended) for this series which is a real shame.

  33. Tada says:

    Wtf. How can it continue at this point. The real magic will be seeing how the writers write they’re way out of this ending.

  34. Li nda Naquin says:

    I was recording it and it cut off before the ending. I was very dissappointed.

  35. ian pehau says:

    Please !!! who know title of music last scene final episode season 1 … Shazam don’t find it … thanks