Sleepy Hollow Cancelled Renewed

Ratings: Sleepy Hollow Ticks Up With Finale, Hits 5-Week High in Audience

Fox bubble drama Sleepy Hollow said goodbye to… Season 3 last night with 3 million total viewers and a 0.7 rating (per finals), hitting a 5-week high in audience while ticking up a tenth in the demo.

Read our post mortems with the showrunner and the exiting cast member/Blind Item reveal, and rewatch the big goodbye scene.

Elsewhere in the ratings….

NBC | The recently renewed Grimm (4.3 mil/0.9) was steady.

ABC | Bubble sitcoms Last Man Standing (6.4 mil/1.0) and Dr. Ken (4.7 mil/0.9) slipped two tenths and one tenth, respectively, to hit and tie series lows. Shark Tank (5.4 mil/1.2) dipped a tenth.

CBS | Amazing Race (5.5 mil/1.1), an action-packed Hawaii Five-0 (8.6 mil/1.1) and Blue Bloods (10.4 mil/1.2) were all steady.

THE CW | Vampire Diaries (1.03 mil/0.3) and The Originals (890K/0.3) ticked down in the demo.

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  1. Alex Jones says:

    it won’t be enough to save the show, RIP sleepy hollow

  2. Maria says:

    Total boring episode of TVD old recycled stuff boring doppelgangers that have no distinction between them all the same,coming out of ears except Katherine,:-) body snatchers , being in different body’s and so on, The only bright thing all season have been damon and bonnie and there fantastic acting, maybe it will get better next week when bonnie is back again.

  3. Dan says:

    The first two seasons where fantastic the third one not so much, but I won’t give up on it that easy I hope it’s not cancelled there are not many shows like this out there.

  4. Alice says:

    I have never rooted more for a show to be cancelled in my life. Chow down Cancellation Bear.

    • Cheyenne says:

      I have to stop watching clip of them on the porch swing over and over. It’s such a simple yet devastating scene. “What is there for me in a world without you” — I was in tears. It was his way of telling Abbie how much he loves her. I think she got the message. It was what she needed to hear so that she could make a seamless transition to the world beyond. It’s so sad that she has accepted her death and is ready to move on to the next adventure, whatever that is, and he has to stay behind when he would rather die with her, but he still has work to do and she can’t wait for him; her time on earth is up.

      R.I.P. Abbie stay strong; you did what you were supposed to do. Crane has to take it alone from here and the show is going to suck like a Hoover vac. The almost magical chemistry between Crane and Abbie was the heart and soul of the show, and you can’t rip the heart out of a show and expect it to survive. The producers need to do the right thing and pull the plug now. There’s nothing left to watch.

  5. Rachel says:

    I find it hard to rate the sleepy hollow finale. It sucked they killed her off but if the actress wants off the show whatcha gonna do?!

  6. GEM says:

    Even though I certainly has in HECK NO! didn’t like that they killed off a witness, I feel that everything was rushed and disjointed. Taraji had a better send off than this crap the writers push forward. COME ON WRITERS NOT EVEN A KISS GOODBYE SHEESSSSH! AWWWW! I’M STILL MAD!

    • StaciB says:

      Agreed. I wish Abbie and Crane had a moment to bear their souls to one another. It still would have been sad, maybe even more so, but it would have been the better dramatic option or more satisfying on some level. The show just doesn’t interest me without Crane AND Abbie (Mison and Beharie). I will have to monitor Beharie’s imdb page to see what new projects she is invovled in. I wish her the very best because I think she’s a very good actress (Shame, 44). I think she probably wants to do more movies, but I loved to see her as lead on a big hit tv drama. Praying for you!

  7. Annie says:

    Who the hades are these people giving it an A? That was the worst hour of TV I’ve seen – well, since Scandal this week, and TWD finale before that.

    • DV says:

      I know this might be hard to fathom but your opinion is not a fact and others can have an opinion too. It can even be different than yours! Shocker, I know.

      • Annie says:

        Wow, back the condescending train up into the WTF station, there, friend. Comment was legitimate and based on 100s of comments on this and other sites, in which not one single positive POV was shared. Hence, the question which still stands: who’s rating this “excellent” and why?

        • Derek says:

          Exactly. My thoughts exactly. I have read hundreds of comments and I’d say I’d be generous to say 5% of them were positive. Who is rating it an A?!

        • liame says:

          It’s not that serious. Just because you don’t find it grade “A” material doesn’t mean it isn’t. Comments on other sites and this site has nothing to do with an entire fan base. Some people don’t waste their time posting comments because it’s not that important to them. They like what they like regardless of silly critics and even sillier comments.

          • Max says:

            ++++++++++10. Couldn’t agree more. I rarely give my opinion anymore, because God forbid you don’t agree with rabid mob mentality of the bombastic loudmouths. SMFH

    • Brenda Di says:

      I gave it that and I like the show and all it’s episodes and Abbe is actually not dead but waiting to be reincarnated or did you all freaking fail to hear that? Maybe try PAYING ATTENTION OR BETTER YET-MOVE ON! Move on to another show and take your NEGATIVE RANTS eslewhere. Like your opinion should be above everyone else”s – really?

      • Annie says:

        I’ll put my rants anywhere I please, thanks. (Seriously though – that hardly qualified . ) You might wanna reread the many articles about Beharie leaving though. She’s gone. And there are multiple reasons why this show utterly lost its way and failed. If you like it great, good for you. But you’re in a microscopic minority.

        • Brenda Di says:

          Maybe I see it for what it is and remember there are always 2 sides to every story and when you only get one ASSuming makes you look… well… like this. And all those negative ones on here only count for a few…. I don’t listen to others I choose for myself, critics well they are worth nothing, so when you demean others opinions you do DEMEAN yourself.

        • Max says:

          Actually, I’d check your own microscopic minority. Just because you scream the loudest–doesn’t make you right.

  8. GEM says:

    Oh I get it now, Abbie in the minds of these writers has always been the sidekick and not on Ichabod’s level. Thanks twitter for pointing out this fact to me because I had never phantom this in all my time of watching this show through the fantastic Season 1 down the slimiest levels of Season 2 and 3. TUNE OUT AND NEVER LOOKING BACK!

  9. Rosemarie says:

    I been watching sleepy hollow since day one. I have been a big fan, after last night show. I was very disappointed one of my favorite character Abby Mills died. It was not what I have expected. Ichabod and Abby where great partners.

  10. scyren says:

    Done with the show. Wasted so much time for nothing. They bait and tease their fan and then smack them in the face. Abbie is not replaceable and I’ll never watch again. You can’t mistreat and lie to a huge portion of your fan base and expect them to just take in stride. I already hated them, but then Abbie had to say that stupid line like she was nothing and everything was about Crane and I wanted to throw my tv out the window. What a waste. It was so good season 1. I must be a sucker for punishment to hang in there and fall for the lies. Won’t be fooled again.

  11. BL17 says:

    I will at least take a peek at season four to see what it looks like.
    I’d like to see the first episode. I’m curious about who’s returning.
    I want to know who the next witness is. But seriously, I think my sadness will return and I will most likely not watch. I definitely wont be a crazed fan like I was before.

  12. GEM says:

    This is a message to black actresses who happen to get a lead in a show – make sure that the creator and executive producer is a minority as well or else you are DOOMED! the same way Taraji Henson and now Nicole Beharie have become!

  13. PatriciaLee says:

    The husband just found out the bad news, “Abby!!?? That’s the main character! How’s the show going to come back from that??!!!” We haven’t seen the episode, yet. I’ve been dragging my feet on us watching the recording, so he wanted to know what was going on. The actress is such a doll, so enjoyable to watch on the show as Abby and Ichabod. I’ll post more after the viewing. bummed here in Portland, Oregon…

  14. Cyn says:

    Sleepy Hollow had its season finale. Did they announce whether Fox is renewing the show or not?

  15. Llee says:

    Okay…Great shock value. If the writers are clever this could be the start of a whole new phase for the Crane/Abby characters. Remember. Crane has to search for a distant blood relative of Abby’ s….that really opens up a lot if possibilities…same actress…different version of Abby…New actress if it was Nicole’ s choice to leave….Just remember…no one is really dead on TV…especially in a supernatural show. Maybe she will step out of a shower or regenerate or something totally NEW. Again…smart writing could make this really interesting. Bring it back and give it a chance.

  16. ninergrl6 says:

    Ironic that Grimm’s ratings rose when it was preempted in the Bay Area, one of the largest markets in the country, for Giants baseball. This happens a lot, the local NBC affiliate preemting Friday programming for baseball, and it’s INFURIATING because they don’t even broadcast the show at a later time. We’re just out of luck. Thank God for the Internet or I’d probably miss the remainder of the Grimm episodes this season.

  17. k d says:

    I was EXTREMELY disappointed in the way that FOX chose to get rid of Nicole. She was the main element-the Glue that kept the show together. Quick: Its not too late…you can say that it was all a terrible dream that Crane had and that he can wake up in Nicole’s arms and they can carry on as before with no references to absurd ‘other witnesses,’ or anything of that nature. There should only be two witnesses and that should be Crane and Abby. Why cut Abby’s life off in the prime of her life? She never got to live or love or…anything for that matter. I for one will not be watching. The chemistry between the two was undeniable. Just let them get married and be a extra terrestrial, crime-fighting duo; FIRE the writer you hired for the third season,,,bring the writer from the first season back….voila! Problem solved.