The Originals Spoilers

The Originals' Joseph Morgan Sorts Out Klaus' Complicated Feelings for Hayley, Caroline and (So Many) Others

For a guy who claims to be unlovable, The Originals‘ Klaus Mikaelson sure does have a lot of special ladies in his life.

Friday’s episode (The CW, 9/8c) marks star Joseph Morgan‘s first turn as director — he knows actors usually have to wait until at least Season 5 to direct an episode, but as he says, “This is my season five” as Klaus — and while we had him on the horn, we used the opportunity to sort out his character’s many complicated relationships, which only seem to get messier by the week.

“I suppose everybody has a slightly different take on it, from the fans to the writers to the actors,” Morgan tells TVLine. “But my take on it is this: There’s not one woman that Klaus is like, ‘That’s who I love! It’s definitely her above everyone else!'”

The Originals Spoilers

And that “her” could mean any number of people, from Hayley, the mother of his child, to Caroline, the one that got away, to Cami, the woman who sees the man inside the monster. So… why haven’t any of these relationships stuck?

“He’s a tortured soul, and that’s why he doesn’t have a relationship that works with any of them,” Morgan concedes. “If you really think about it, we haven’t seen him have a single relationship that lasts in the whole course of him being on both [The Originals and The Vampire Diaries]. I think that speaks volumes.”

Click into our gallery for Morgan’s thoughts on Klaus’ carousel of ladies, then drop a comment with your own thoughts: How do you hope these complicated relationships (eventually) sort themselves out?

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  1. Lucy says:

    Klamille is still the best 😍😍

    • Klaroline says:

      They are a worst pick, try again. I heard she was going to die so I’m glad. Don’t need to watch her as a emotional vampire. We have enough of that.

      • Klamille says:

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinions so don’t go saying which is the wrong pick or the right pick for someone.

      • Yasmeen Rashid says:

        Yes hello, I would just like to ask why is everyone so sure that Cami is going to die? This is TO and TVD we’re talking about where the dead always comes back to life. Why is everyone so sure she is going to die? In my opinion it seems highly unlikely the writers would just write off Camille just like that. Just leaving Leah Pipes out of the series just like that? I don’t think so. It seems to me that everyone is getting ahead of themselves and even if she does die. There is always a chance she will come back some way or another. I always see KCs saying they are so happy that she is going to die but I’m afraid that we all are just lead to believe that. I’m not hating on KCs because I am one. I ship Klaroline very badly but I’m just trying to be real here. If anyone could answer my question that would be great.

    • Kay says:

      Agreed! They’ve had the best build-up and I love their chemistry.

      • Elena says:

        They’ve had the longest build up but still zero chemistry. Klaroline rules in terms of chemistry, Hayley is better with Elijah

        • Jenna says:

          Chemistry is subjective everyone sees it differently. I’m sorry you don’t see it but then I don’t see any chemistry b/w Klaus and Caroline.

          • Sayre says:

            Well, I want to agree with your comment (i was like yaaah!) but to be honest I did see some chemistry with Klaus and Caroline. But I was never rooting for them.. And at the start, I wasn’t rooting for Cami either. It took me a while. but now I am all Klamille! I’m not really sure what Klaus saw in Caroline– he’s been around for 1000 years, is Caroline really that original? But I can get why Cami has become so important. I mean, he really trusts her and that’s pretty unique.

  2. Ana says:

    Klaroline all the way! Klaus and Caroline will forever be the best Klaus relationship ever. It was epic

    • Caroline says:

      Just no. Nothing about it was “epic”. What they had was mostly flirtation and manipulation, no depth. Wheter you like it or not he has had more meaningful moments with both Hayley and Cami and I don’t ship Klaus with anyone. Just calling it as I see it.

      • Elle says:

        Different strokes! I see far more manipulation in his relationships with both Cami and Hayley then I do in his relationship with Caroline. Klaroline is so popular because it brings out new facets of both Caroline and Klaus as individuals. I was open to Klaus having new relationships when the spinoff was announced but nothing they’ve given me thus far has been all that compelling.

      • Guest says:

        Because klaus doesn’t manipulate and hurt Cami or Hayley? Do you even watch the show. Michael Narducci is that you?

        • Elizabeth says:

          LOL good guess!

        • Caroline says:

          I didn’t say he didn’t. I don’t like Klaus so I don’t ship him with anyone. I just never saw any real friendship between Klaus and Caroline like I have seen between him and Cami and even Hayley.

          • Elle says:

            You don’t ship anything and yet your only refuting Klaroline comments? Hmm… But, in all seriousness Klaus was the villain on TVD. Caroline’s reactions to him made total sense. And once they moved past that he’s always been there for her. We haven’t seen much of him and Hayley this season but where’s this real friendship with Cami? Last time we saw them together he blew in, expected her to drop everything and listen to his problems, without even bothering to ask her about how she was coping. It’s always been all about Klaus’ needs/wants/problems, totally one-sided. And honestly JM’s answer reflects that.

          • Caroline says:

            Because I don’t think those comments make any sense. They just didn’t show them to have some “epic love story”. I don’t like Stelena or Delena but I can still see how they can be seen to have had an “epic love story”. The writers made a real effort to paint them that way.

          • Elle says:

            Why does every relationship have to be an ‘epic love story?’ That’s so boring after awhile. TBH, I think that’s a big part of the reason why Klamille failed to gain much traction. They practically had a neon sign pointing at her head saying, “THIS IS KLAUS’ NEW EPIC LOVE! ISN’T SHE AWESOME?!’ from the very beginning with nothing to back it up. And it’s part of the reason why SC gets such mixed reviews because we’ve already seen Stefan in an ‘epic love’ ship and it was done better.

          • Caroline says:

            ….I didn’t say that every relationship had to be an “epic love story”. I said the comments that claim that Klaroline were one doesn’t make sense.

          • Elle says:

            But the OP in this thread really didn’t? ‘They were epic’ could very well just mean ‘they were great.’

      • Klaroline says:

        Well you are blind. Caroline was the only girl besides Hope that Klaus wanted to make happy. He even basically told her he wants to be her last love. Camille had no good moments with Klaus. All she did was excused his behaviour and went with Marcel. I agree with Hayley but only as friends. Don’t need to call it what it’s not.

    • Klaroline says:

      WOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!! TEAM KLAROLINE!!!!!!!!!!!! FOREVER!!!!!!!!

      • Jane says:

        If writers don’t ruin it, we will get Klaroline as the end game, there is still no equal couple on both shows anyway

    • Klaroline says:

      It still is too! #TEAM KLAROLINE FOREVER

    • Klamille says:

      It was everything but ‘epic’. I would rather chose Klamille or Klayley over Klaroline. They had a toxic relationship.

      • Elena says:

        Maybe in a way Klaroline is toxic just like Delena, but both couples have crazy chemistry. Plus Klaus put his whole family at risk to keep Stefan safe for Care.
        Klamille/Klayley would never survive Klaroline if these ships were on the same show. Just like “good” Stelena didn’t survive toxic Delena

        • Drae says:

          Please don’t bring toxic Delena into any of this. That ship is trash.

          • Elena says:

            Ahaha, sorry I already brought them up so too little to late. Delena&Klaroline among my fav ships. Chemistry is everything for on-screen couples (in real life things are different)

      • Elle says:

        All of Klaus’ relationships are toxic. He’s a toxic person, since he’s a 1000 year old paranoid serial killer. Locking Cami in a room and taking away her choices was toxic. Trapping Hayley as a wolf for half a year was toxic. He manages a modicum of selflessness with Caroline which makes it unique because he’s at least trying *not* to be toxic.

  3. Val M says:

    A like that Cami is in the group of “so many others” lol yep that says a lot.

  4. @Klarohearts says:


  5. Gul says:

    He’s a better person & father to Hope because of Cami. Yes, yes and YES. Klamille.

    • Jenna says:

      I know right! The fact that he credits Cami for klaus’s character development says a lot.Klamille forever

    • Klaroline says:

      Camille? Really, you can’t be serious? She’s a useless character. I mean what did she really do besides complained and reject Klaus. Klaus is a better person because of Hope and definitely not Camille. We just seen her true colours when she became a vampire which is a narcissistic, blinded, stupid fool. I’m so glad Klaus is not really involve with her anymore…… Hopefully.

      • Klamille says:

        Useless? She helped Klaus at his best and at his worst, most of his character development has been because of her. Caroline was the one who rejected and complained to him, so you come and tell me who the useless character to Klaus is.

    • Klamille says:

      YES! KLAMILLE ALL THE WAY! They actually are giving her credit now, for a change.

  6. Julie says:


    PS. Cami is going to be killed 3×19 by Lucien and his killer bite.

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Klaus and Caroline is love. I don’t think he would hesitate at all if he had to choose between Caroline and Aurora. He intends to be her last love, however long it takes. I think he is pretty aware of who he loves above all.

    • Klamille says:

      It was infatuation, not love. He still cares deeply for her, but he would also not hestitate to chose anyone above aurora. He said that quote long before other things happened. And I don’t really think above all since we know he cares more for some other persons than Caroline.

  8. Stacey says:

    Klaroline all the way, last loves!

  9. LL says:

    This is pretty fair from Joseph…although I’m always rooting for Klaus and Caroline.

  10. AnimesForever says:

    Klaus and Hayley have finally a deep understand. They’re partners right now, because they forgive each other. I can´t imagine Aurora, Kami or Caroline make that unbelievable force to stay Klaus’s side. But she did, because Hayley is very similar of Klaus and she wants a family, your own family. Just like Klaus.

    Aurora, Kami or Caroline are just illusions. They imagine who Niklaus is in reality someone bad or good. They’re equals, the same thing for centuries. These are not a truly love.

    Klayley is about deep feelings, about real moments and vibrant souls. They’re in another level.


    • mel says:

      LOL i will always be a klaroline fan ,but klayey is a better end game klamile just makes me wanna baff

      • Loreta says:

        And if Klayley was the Canon love story you would be saying the same about klamille.


        • Amy says:

          And this game ends in Ep19, but we will always remember Camille. As a softer silly version of Caroline

          • Jenna says:

            I agree with softer but Cami is actually smarter than Caroline but of course you’d know if you were watching the show.

          • Elle says:

            I do watch the show. And while they *tell* us Cami’s smart all the damn time they don’t usually show us. Come on, she tried to heal a snap neck with vampire blood like three episodes ago despite the fact that, having shoved herself into Supernatural nonsense for years, she should know better.

          • Amy says:

            I do watch both shows and I’m sorry but Cami is smarter than Caroline? Come on. Why did Cami even stay in NO after finding out about all the deadly supernaturals? She lost her last relative in S01. Her heritage (toys) is a joke and she barely used them anyway. She isn’t forcefully involved in all the action (like human Elena) and she doesn’t have any childhood friends/ties involved in it (like human Matt). Just leave the town woman!
            If she stayed for Klaus then she should have known she most likely would be murdered or at best made a vamp in a close future. So after she stayed and was made a vamp why the hell she is playing a victim seeking to revenge her death? She begged for it all these years! She is either silly or a hypocrite who wanted to become vamp all this time just doesn’t want to admit it.

  11. Elle says:

    LOL. It kind of says a lot that the ship the show’s been pushing all season doesn’t even make the headline, doesn’t it? And the ‘dead’ one gets more coverage then all the others. But for the most part I agree with all that he said. I do wish Aurora would have been fleshed out more. They kind of made her a one note foil to Cami when it really could have been an interesting thing to explore. And I thought he had good chemistry with the actress! Easily the best since Klaus’ TVD days. JM hass always seemed to understand Klaus better then anyone. I look forward to watching his episode tonight!

  12. Erin says:

    Klayley is endgame.

  13. Shyla says:

    Klaus and Caroline are met to be

  14. Dani says:

    Whether you like klaroline or not his best chemistry has always been with Candice which is why KC remains his biggest ship. Jomo has chemistry with Claire too but they’re siblings so nothing to see there lol

    • Caroline says:

      That’s why I find it to be the most shallow ship as well. It’s mostly about chemistry and fans made it in to something more than it was. It’s just nothing to get invested in.

      • Dani says:

        Judging by your other comments you don’t even know what your talking about

        • Klamille says:

          I think she does know what she’s talking about, since she got pretty much everything right. What Klaroline had was only chemistry but there was no love and only infatuation.

      • Jen says:

        I completely agree.It was all about Caroline.Klaus was incredibly pathetic aroud her.One moment he was trying to kill her and then the next he was head over heels in love with her so much so that it can rightly only be called an obsession.

  15. Laura says:

    Klayley is endgame. Hayley is his family and family always comes first for Klaus. Plus finally their relationship is developing. Like Davina said Hayley is the one Klaus fears most because she’s the one he’s scared of falling in love with. Everyone else is just temporary for Klaus. The fact that Klaus can’t even decide who he’d pick between Aurora and Cami if they were in a room together show you he’s not in love with either. Sure he loves both women, buts its clear if his heart isn’t with one person he’s not in love with them. Klaus is just like Hayley indecisive about their romantic interest, ala Elijah and Jackson, but at the end of the day they’re not in love with any of them. Probably because they have found the one. I’m pretty that Klaus and Hayley belong together and their true love and the person they fall in love with will be each other once they finally let the other in. Klayley s4

    • Jovana says:

      OMG the delusion here.

    • Klaroline says:

      No offense, but you’re completely wrong. Klaus doesn’t fear Hayley because he’s scared of falling in love with her, what kind of mess is that? Klaus was afraid of Hayley back in season 2, because she was the only one that could actually take Hope away from him successfully and she known how much damaged he is and wouldn’t seen him pass that. Klaus may not be in love with Aurora or Camille, but he still cares about them deeply, despite what they’ve done. Of course Klaus hasn’t really been in a successful relationship, he’s a tortured soul, selfish at times, that can’t even trust his own siblings completely, and he lived for 1,000 years. He’s not indecisive on who he loves, he’s hesitant because he seen what could happen being in love with and he’s paranoid that anyone that can hurt him, since his own parents hurt him before. In a way, Hayley is kind of indecisive about her romantic interests, but then again, she only married Jackson because she HAD too and she thought she loved just because he was “sweet and understanding” (sorry I didn’t like Jackson). However, I’m pretty sure if she didn’t have to marry Jackson, she would’ve got together with Elijah. Hayley does love Elijah, but it’s never at the right time. Klaus and Hayley did find their true loves, but it’s not each other, it’s Caroline and Elijah. Caroline knows who Klaus is but she doesn’t excuse his maniac behaviour (like Camille), or they didn’t got together because they had to (Hayley). She makes him a better person, like Hope does. I think Hayley is more good for Elijah, because she makes him get out of his comfort zone and take what he wants instead being so noble all the time. Klaus and Hayley are really good friends and they should be friends, because even though Klaus got with Hayley first, Elijah actually loved and let her in first, so it would be really messed up if Klayley becomes romantic, even if they share a child together. Do you even know how they got together? It wasn’t out of love or actual feelings for each other it was because she needed a place to stay.

  16. claire says:

    listen,if we’re seeing things how they are,the people who brought more change and raw feeling in klaus,were caroline and hope. he’s utterly selfless with them both,whilst with the others he takes what he needs,does for them what benefits him and has their places in his life revolving around what he wants. with caroline we’ve seen this countless of times lbr,he puts her happiness and needs above his own whilst with cami/hayley/aurora when he does something like this for them is not really for them,he’s hungry and he craves attention and love,he’s possessive and wants to satisfy his cravings using other people to indirectly do it because he doesn’t know how to do it for himself,he just isn’t there yet. he uses people,he manipulates,that much is clear. but with these two people,caroline and hope,we’ve seen something so fresh and beautiful bloom,it’s so out of character for the klaus,the original big bad hybrid,and yet it isn’t,because with them he isn’t this persona,he is himself,and he is frightful,insecure,hurt,impulsive,passion pulses in his mangled,rotted heart,and it breathes,deeply so. rebekah,caroline and hope,in my opinion,are the most important relationship in his life,in a way. of course there’s elijah,his brother,his blood and their connection is thick,there’s also mikael,and esther,and aurora,but the way i see it,those true were the only ones who brought him out,elijah is always supporting him in anything he does,in his most selfish vices,let’s not even talk about mikael and esther; but these three,they have to power to break them,and maybe they will,but the sheer fact that he is capable of being broken more than he already is,damaged and cursed and damned,for his blackened soul to be shattered and spit upon and ripped apart,it’s something he never thought himself ever capable of,he got used to the numbness,he hated himself and he didn’t want to f e e l,but in the end it was all he ever wanted,wasn’t it? to feel,and to hurt,and love and have someone that you’ll make the world bleed for. all he wanted was,for once,to love and to be loved back,and not be casted aside like some abomination,mikael voice whispers to him in his sleep and every waking hour. and he’s sadistic and self- destructive,and he’s bound to crush all those around them to ash,don’t get too close,he says,it’s dark inside,but his eyes plead and ‘give me a chance to prove you who i really am,who i will be,you inspire me’; the whole klaus and caroline relationship is so deep and layered and intricately carved,he’s irrevocably hers and he just wants a chance for her to be his. but he doesn’t take what he wants,what he desperately craves because he respects her,their entire relationship she was the one to set the pace,he wants her,but oh he loves her so much more. her happiness is what he craves,and it’s such a selfishly selfless waltz,but in the end it doesn’t matter,because he needs her more than he needs himself,so he’ll wait,and even when inevitably she lets him love her,their dance will never know an end,he’ll push and embrace,and she’ll shove and pull,but they will be in the same rythm.
    so yes,he has many important people on his life,the ones who will try to make him who he wants to be,the ones who will push him to be what they want,but those rare few,the ones that really will inspire him to,not mold,but build himself on not who he wants,but who he ultimately needs himself to be,not for them but b e c a u s e of them,are the ones that will last. they won’t change him,no,their mere act of existing will cause such a clamorous something inside of him,that he will learn to do this himself.

    • Caroline says:

      Klaus risked his life to save Cami while he actually tried to kill Caroline. Your post is invalid.

      • Elle says:

        Klaus risked every single vampire in NOLA – including Cami, to help Caroline. Your post is invalid.

      • Guest says:

        He’s also risked his life saving Caroline. Compelled Cami to do whatever he pleased, pimped her off onto Marcel, tried to force her to become a vampire and basically just uses her for his own selfish needs and does the bare minimum for her. He treats he like a toy he doesn’t want to share. How romantic

        • Caroline says:

          Because Klaroline is so romantic. Barf.

          • Anonymous says:

            Uhhhh, yes. For the first time, we saw Klaus being romantic with Caroline, which I never thought was possible. He was romantic with Caroline at the ball & the whole “I intend to be your last” speech was even more romantic. He’s flirtatious with her. Their sexual energy is powerful. He’s vulnerable around her. Their chemistry is undeniable. They fight. They forgive each other. He ALWAYS puts her happiness first. Caroline doesn’t even have to beg Klaus to be a decent person, she doesn’t try and he instantly is civil around her. They have nice laughs together. I mean, the laughs were great. On their date, Klaus seemed so happy for once, and when I watch TO, Klaus looks constantly depressed. I haven’t seen him smile the way Caroline made him smile in a long while. And the first woman to start this “I saw the good in Klaus” trend was Caroline. All of Klaus’ other love interest drew inspiration from Klaroline. Aurora might have fictionally been before, but in reality it came after. And they had to rip off the line “There is light in you so bright” from somewhere right? From Klaroline, “You’re beautiful, you’re strong, you’re full of light.” Klaroline might not have happened in ages, but it still has more chemistry and power than any other ship. The recent phone call proved that. klaroline have the whole package.

          • Caroline says:

            Klaus tried to kill Caroline for no other reason than to punish her boyfriend and he did this while he was in love with her. I don’t find that romantic. The commenter above pointed out all the reasons why Klamille is not be romantic, Klaroline has quite a few reasons as well.

          • Klaroline says:

            Do you even remember those TVD season three episodes? Obviously you don’t, no offense. If you actually do remember, you’ll know Klaus tried to kill Caroline before they actually known each other. He tried to kill her. to hurt her then boyfriend: Tyler Lockwood, that what villains do! You may not be a Klaus fan, but that doesn’t mean you have to try to ruin Klaroline shippers’ dreams.

          • Caroline says:

            Yeah, I’m talking about what happened in season 4. When he impaled her and then bit her just because Tyler pissed him off. He did know her then and Caroline even said that she knew that he was in love with her. So because I speak the truth I’m trying to ruin something? You should be aware of what you’re shipping instead of trying romanticize and excuse everything Klaus does.

        • Klamille says:

          He actually loves her and your reasons are invalid basically because all of this happened after one important event: Hope. It made Klaus realize he had more to lose, so compelling Cami was all because he needed her in order to protect Hope. If Klaus would have met Caroline after the news about Hope, I’d say the same thing would happen to her. He pimped her off to Marcel because Marcel had an interest in her first. Besides he was just too worried about other things to try and pursue her. After he kept her around and saw her with Marcel, he saw the mistake he’d made and actually ripped her off his arms. There has been times when he put her happiness above his, like when she had been attacked by her uncle and wanted to see Marcel, so Klaus called him even if it hurted like hell. He tried to make her transition but only because he loved her and wasn’t seeing clearly. After Elijah told him to let her make her own choice, he listened. He treats her like a toy? If I remember quite well, it was Klaus who bit Caroline and saved her until she basically gave her last dying breath.

      • LL says:

        Klaus risked Cami’s life too, including when he bit her at the end of the last season. She easily could have died if Elijah didn’t happen to be around. He did awful things to Caroline and Caroline stood up to him more than Cami could ever dream of doing.

        • Klamille says:

          That was nothing like what Klaus did to Caroline. He knows how to control himself, he only sucked enough of her blood to make her unconsious. His intention was never to kill her. In fact, he needed her alive and well to warn Elijah of what was coming next.

    • Klaroline says:

      I applaud your speech once I read that first sentence! I completely agree with you!!!! You make all of Team Klaroline proud!!!! I wish Klamille and Klayley shippers would give up their ships.

      • Klamille says:

        I wish Klaroline would give up their ship, but, oh! Not everyone gets what they want, right?

      • Jenna says:

        Everyone (except klaroline shippers) has been wishing that you guys give up on your ship for three years now but we don’t always get what we wish.Do we?

  17. Roses says:

    Gosh…this is sounding more and more like Camille is dying…

  18. FATIMA says:


  19. Bwhit says:

    My favorite relationship in the slideshow is the one he has with his daughter. I think when he finally embraced being a father at the end of season one, that’s what changed him a bit. Great interview with Joseph! I am really looking forward to seeing what he did with this episode.

  20. Jane says:

    I “ship” Klaus with no one. He just isn’t the type of person to have long term relationships with anyone except his siblings.

  21. Cam says:

    Joseph is always so nice about Klaroline, it’s so obvious he still ships them, bless him ! I hope his episode will work well btw

  22. MonaGinger86 says:

    Klaroline is eternal. Before any little barshipper was showing up, their was ONE WOMEN… WHO SEE THE GOOD IN KLAUS! This women come from Mystic Falls. Klaus was happy even Ansel told ihm that. (yeah thank you for cutting it out..) If the writers have Caroline Forbes getting the chance, they would be treated Klaus to be a better father. Camille thinking only on herself, she put themself in danger. So sorry for not sorry I believe until my last breath that Klaroline is endgame. No Hayley, No Cami, No Aurora, No person X … only Caroline.

    • Klamille says:

      Caroline… saw the good in Klaus? I beg to differ. The only thing she ever did around him was remind him on the monster he was. When Ansel told him that he had already met: Hope, Cami and Hayley. He was happy because things were starting to turn out in their favor. Not because of Caroline.

  23. Carolyn says:

    Klaus & Caroline, always. I can’t stop having hope for them in the future. I really believe that Klaus will change in a good way because of his daughter and some day, he’ll be reunited with Caroline. I don’t see any other end for him.

  24. C says:

    Klaroline for the win!!!!

  25. Guest says:

    Why do they keep bringing up Caroline and then complain about Klaroline fans? Just say it’s dead and that’s it. The showrunners and writers for TVD don’t even bring it up or rarely do, while TO people won’t STFU about it. I don’t even care about Klaroline but the people behind TO are so annoying. Hayley is in Klaus’ life because neither one of them has any choice. They aren’t soulmates and don’t belong together romantically. Klayley Never! Lol. All these Klayley people need to go see a therapist because they must have real abuse issues. She had him daggered in box and ran with another man with their child almost getting herself killed in one her most bone-headed moves. No one should trust her – that’s why Hayley is going to stay right where he can see her, lol. He listened to her and now he’s going to get kidnapped for listening to her stupid ideas. Cami is annoying now and her whole life and existence will now revolve around Klaus. They might as we kill her or let her leave town than to become Hayley 2.0. Thanks to all this shipping, the show could never be what it could be. It’s “Cami and Hayley in Charge”. Please just kill both Cami and Hayley and STFU about Klaroline.

  26. Jenna says:

    Klamille is the best Klaus ship.I understand that Joseph doesn’t want to give too much away on Klamille because obviously he wants us to see how that plays out.

  27. Chris says:

    Klaus and Hayley
    Their development is amazing and it’s the best relationship for many reasons(not just because they have Hope!).Even though Klaus never treated Hayley in the beginning like Caroline or Cami..he did’t draw her paintings or did other romantic stuff(come on it’s Klaus one or two sweets words and evey woman falls for him) she was THE ONE to treat him the best(example when she defended him on 1×21 “nothing true”)Some will say yeah but she tried to take Hope away from him.I don’t take her side or agree with what she did,but they both made bad decisions and if they had just TALKED everything would have been avoided.But now they trust each other and have deep respect which I think is more important than infatuations.She is the only woman capable of standing next to Klaus and even though they are the same they bring out the best in each other.She wants to make him better without changing him.Klaus always gives advice to Hayley or comforts her,so does she.Cami “sees” the light in Klaus like Caroline yet the first has called him a monster or a disappointment,betrayed his family and the second tried to kill him a million times with her friends…but i mean it’s ok Klaus has feelings for’s the bad boy that only treats well to the good girl that tries to change him…If you like these relationships you don’t really care for Klaus because he’ll never be trully happy.

    • Klaroline says:

      It’s ridiculous that you are trying ship Klayey just because they had a baby together. They make good friends but other than that, no. Clearly they both are not interested in each other and it will be mess up because Elijah is head over heels in love with her. Plus Klaus loves Caroline and he does things to make her happy and will wait for her (last love promise). If they pair them together, it will be a big mistake. You criticize Caroline and Camille but Hayley is not a saint. There was a reason in season 2 Klaus worked with Dahilia because she tried to take Hope, was involved to try and dagger him and the most important thing is she insulted his family when she knows she shouldn’t be talking. Hayley used Klaus in the first place to hide from Katherine(wimp). You likely never seen TVD because Caroline is the main one that called out Klaus when he did something selfish. Klaus even tried to correct or show that he can show humility. It’s not like Hayley is the only one he has deep respect for. He has it with Elijah despite his anger fits. Hayley and Elijah are great together because they balance one another out. For instance Hayley brought out Elijah’ s feeling to be in love with someone because she felt the same to when they first met(you could see in the first episode she was taken back). Now with the Camille issue, I agree. It’s tiring to see her give Klaus a green pass. To be honest I don’t know why she is still on the show.

  28. Guest says:

    The only woman that matters to him and has brought about any real change in him – is Hope. Hayley is a total moron that should never be trusted and he’s going to get kidnapped for listening to her dumb advice and “doing things her way”. Hayley and Klaus have no choice but to be in each others lives – they have a child together. Hayley tried to erase Klaus and the Mikaelsons from Hope’s and her life FOREVER when Jackson gave her an ultimatum. She wasn’t giving a rats ass about any of them when she had an alternative but Haylijah or Klayley is true love – yeah right, lol. If Klaus really trusted her, he would let her leave town with Hope. Guess what – not gonna happen! He ain’t stupid. He knows she is incompetent. I wish they would shut the hell up about Klaroline if they are going to resent Klaroline fans 15 minutes later. Say it’s done and that’s it. End of story. Klamille is such a detriment to Cami’s character. She has no purpose without Klaus because of this shipping junk. Cami has no story of her own except to revolve around him and it’s sad to see that her own fans don’t even care and just want to see her jammed with Klaus. Same with Hayley. Hayley has nothing else to do except to sleep around and Klayley and Haylijah fans don’t give a damn. All this shipping crap needs to end, for real. Most people came to see the Originals not Klaus and Elijah being whiny crybabies whose only development is yearning for women (in Hayley case, she ain’t even worth a damn and will sleep with anyone) and going with their stupid plans.

  29. Emacsweeny says:

    Love all the Klaroline moments lately, looking forward to much much more. Klaus and Caroline have great chemistry and don’t even have to be in the same show or room to show it, this was proved with the Klaroline phone call in the TVD crossover 7-14

  30. Lou says:

    Of course, Klaroline is the better ship, I also love the elephat reference from Joseph, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a secret KC account, he knows this fandom so well

  31. AppleEye says:

    Let’s say I found the slowly developing romance between Klaus and Camille the best of the series. Since the spoiler is widely spread Cami is going to die, I must look at other possibilities. Joseph says, or has to say, Klaus is too damaged to have a long lasting relationship with anybody, but I don’t agree. I believe every Jack has his Jill. Klaus should find his match in a pretty screwed up character like himself, being Aurora or Hayley. Since the last one is the mother of Hope, and this is The CW, I put my bet on Klayley as endgame.

    • Klaroline says:

      First of all I’m so glad that you are not the writer because I would stop watching it. Just because they have a baby, they don’t need to be romantically involved. That’s the opposite of what Klaus needs like really a person messed up like himself? That will be a very toxic relationship. There’s a reason why he’s not with any of them. Caroline is perfect for him because she shows him that that he doesn’t always have to be selfish, mean, violent, etc. but he can be kind, patient, merciful, etc. The endgame is when Klaus is with Caroline. “He was your first love, I intend to be your last.” Team Klaroline will win because we are a force to be reckon with. TEAM KLAROLINE!

  32. Angie says:

    Loved Joseph’s words about Klaroline and our fandom!We love him so much!Here For Klaroline Always And Forever ❤

  33. Mahan says:

    Klaus and Caroline understood each other’s even they were enemies. Hate or love, they are the same. That’s what I love about them most.
    He also has great chemistry with Aroura
    And he has a child with Hayley. That’s make Klayley very important too

    • Klaroline says:

      Just because they have a baby, it doesn’t have to be romance. When can we have different gender friendships

  34. Angela Reed says:

    I’m all about Klamille. They are great together.

  35. Kristen says:

    Wow Andy! Hats off to you for asking JM such a tough question considering how sensitive “shipper” issues can be. To his credit, I thought JM gave solid and accurate answers with regards to all the women and managed to recognize the positives of each “ship” without necessarily picking one. For sheer chemistry and entertainment value, I still prefer klaroline. That’s what I enjoy the most but he made valid points about all the “ships.”

  36. Angela Reed says:

    I’m all about Klamille. They are great together. Cami isn’t going to die!

  37. Anonymous says:

    Caroline saw the good in Klaus before Cami ever did. Caroline: “I saw the good in Klaus.” She also found his humanity when no one else did. “Because you’re hurt which means there is a part of you that is human…because I’ve seen it.” When everyone wants to get rid of Klaus, Caroline constantly has to remind herself of all the horrible things he’d done so that she can remember to hate him, she forgets to hate him and finds herself caring about him too much. Klaus protects Caroline on instinct, “Stefan will be fine…I will ensure it” when 30 secs earlier he was yelling at Stefan to get out & threatened to kill him. But for Caroline, he saved Stefan. She constantly got his forgiveness without even trying to seek forgiveness. He might not be her love right now, but we can count on him being her last love. Because he literally intends to be.

    • Kristine says:

      It does never cease to amaze me how much klaus grew because of his love for Caroline. I actually thought he was completely unredeemable initially, especially after he killed Tyler’s mom. But somehow in that last third of TVD season 4, the gradual evolution of Klaus is what hooked me onto “klaroline”. He went from wanting to kill Tyler, to giving him a “head start,” to letting him come back to Mystic Falls because of Caroline. We saw it again when he gave up seeking vengeance on Katherine for Caroline in the 100th episode – and of course now again 2 years later- he goes from wanting to kill Stefan to saving his life at the drop of a hat- all for Caroline. If the writers want to end “klaroline”, they have to stop having Klaus do all these grand gestures that clearly show he’s still in love with her😄 He never has to tell Caroline she’s the most important. It’s so obvious just based on his actions. She is always the priority.

  38. Amber says:

    Well, this isn’t a very surprising comment coming from Joseph Morgan! He’s never really been overly supportive of Klaus and romance. He even points out that everyone has a different point of view – including the writers! That says and means a lot. You have the writers’ intent vs the actor’s intent vs reader’s response. All of these are valid ways of looking at the meaning which is why we all interpret in different ways. Though to be fair there must actually be textual evidence to support your theory, otherwise, it’s just fan fic. That said, based on the textual evidence of the show (yes, as I interpret it), the strongest evidence of who Klaus loves “the most” is Cami on “The Originals.” Comments like “I would have found you.” And the fact that Cami died when she was compelled to kill herself when she realized Klaus “loved” her. There has been a lot of soulmate type writing on the series about Klaus and Cami. This comment from Joseph Morgan I think comes down to not trying to anger any of the different “ships.” Personally, I’m not a shipper as I root for story above all else. However, I am enjoying the Klaus and Cami romance just like I previously enjoyed the Klaus/Caroline romance. But at the end of the day, I kind of agree with him. Klaus is a tortured soul. Unless like Rochester he finds complete redemption, none of these love stories are going to end up happily. Cami will probably eventually die. Caroline will continue to be in healthier relationships and Hayley will always see Elijah as the love of her life. I think in the end Klaus will likely end up alone after the rest of his siblings die. It’s hard to imagine a happy ending. But you never know. In the end, it will be the writers who have final say. It is their story. And all the silly bickering amongst the fans over “ships” has become kind of absurd!

  39. Choups says:

    Klaroline is still so popular, I’m all for it <3

  40. Sharon says:

    Klaroline forever! There is just something about their scenes together where they just shine. If given the chance they would be just so amazing together.

  41. Jan says:

    Can’t we leave the shipping for The Vampire Diaries ? I’d prefer Klaus remain single. The last thing we need is another ship that sucks the oxygen out of every other storyline (cough*Delena*cough).

  42. Becca says:

    At this point, I don’t ship Klaus with anyone. He’s grown a lot since his introduction on The Vampire Diaries but I still don’t think he’s at a place where he can have a stable, long-term relationship with anyone. He’s getting there, slowly, but he’s not there yet. I like the different dynamics he’s had with Caroline, Hayley, and Cami, but I don’t think he’s ready to be in a healthy relationship with any of them. Right now, I’d rather see the show focus on Klaus being a good father to Hope and really solidifying his relationships with his siblings.

    I do wish the show would give the Marcel/Rebekah relationship more focus. I know Claire only guest stars now, but I loved their relationship and we’ve seen nothing with them this season despite Rebekah being in multiple episodes. If the show is finished with that romance, it’d be nice to see that acknowledged and let Marcel move on with someone new instead of waiting for Rebekah to come back into his life.

  43. Nanci says:

    For all the bad, horrid things he’s done, there’s something about Klause that you cannot resist liking. So I would hope he would eventually settle with one of his ladies and somehow, I’d like to see him with Cami. I would think, that once she’s can control herself and live the Vampire life, she would be perfect for Klause as she is the only one who really understands him in all ways.

    • Helen says:

      Well she does understand him because he told her everything in plain English during their sessions. Hayley and Caroline had to actually make an effort to see good in him and forgive him murder attempts, curse etc. Cami had “writers’ blessing” from the start and still this ship never got nowhere nearly as big as Klaroline.

  44. escarlata says:

    I prefer klayley, little wolf, nothing true, i trusk you, hope, queen, wolfs,híbrids, parents, parnets, family, real vibrants moments

  45. Helen says:

    Cami is too much of a rip off of Caroline’s character. It’s not actress’ fault, just writers’ mistake.
    Cami is better off being killed off/otherwise removed from the show, simply because writers don’t give her a proper storyline. Screen time is limited and now there’re even more originals – it’s their show so Cami will have even less/no screen time in the future.
    Hayley as Hope’s mother is valid on the show. Although she is that girl who slept with one man, while pregnant from him she messed around with his brother, slept with that brother, got married to a random dude, kept throwing dirty looks at that brother, got her husband killed and would love to jump back in Elijah’s bed right away, but excuse me, she has moral standards, you know. So instead, Hayley is taking a “I really-really did love my husband”-break, but I’m sure she will be in Elijah’s arms sooner rather than later. I don’t mind her with Elijah though, nice chemistry although their lovestory could’ve been better.
    Aurora and Klaus have quite nice chemistry, plus they go way back so there was a chance to make it that “epic” thing, but it seems her character just wasn’t created for this purpose. She is one of season’s main villains, that’s all.
    Caroline… The writers are really weird about this couple. They must have confused all of us by giving all these closures (4×23, 5×11, 7×14) to this couple. If they don’t see these characters together, why not drop it at the end of tvd season 4 when Klaus went on his own show. Even if Stefan came to NO for a crossover so what? Did Caroline had to call a minute before Klaus left that bar? They managed not to mention Caroline on TO for like 3 years so why introduce her now just to give another closure to two characters who are on different shows and both in different relationships. It’s like “you remember Klaus and Caroline haven’t been together since TVD season 5? Well, guess what? They are still not together”. Just an update, never mind. Weird. And now this article must have Caroline name in it, doesn’t it?
    So it seems a character who is not even on the same show with Klaus has at least equal stand in his life as mother of his child and Cami who was created just to be Klaus’ significant other on TO. Hard to predict which one will get him if any. So yeah, this is pretty much what Joseph said.

  46. Jan says:

    Just because Klaus banged Caroline against a tree once, doesn’t mean he loves her. Those were the days he was a charming psychopath. He’s started to change, which means he knows he would not be good for her anyway. He was basically saying goodbye in that phone call. Sorry, but Klaroline isn’t happening.

    • Mary says:

      Do you have to poke Klaroline fans by adding this “Sorry, but Klaroline isn’t happening”, miss “I can see into the future”? So many annoying provocateurs here (from all ships).

  47. briella says:

    klaley is amazing, their relationship is so adorable ,they have the perfect chemistry
    #klaley is endgame#

  48. KlausMikealsonLover says:

    I think I rather Klaus remain single. All this ship fight is nonsense. I think a good redemption for Klaus is to focus on his daughter at all times and have the love of his siblings. Klaroline is just a ship that will never comeback due to already established reasons and one that was probably too dramatic and toxic for both Klaus and Caroline. Klayley is simply not going to happen because Haylijah and I doubt the writers want to create another love triangle since we know how well that went in tvd *sarcasm*. Klamille could have been nice to see but Cami is probably dying soon which just adds up to the tragedies in Klaus life. I just hope that in the end Klaus sacrifices himself for his family and Hope, no ships involved.

  49. Klamille says:

    KLAMILLE ALL THE WAY!! Honestly Klamille is the best and less toxic relationship for Klaus and his family.

  50. Lea says:

    I have the same taste that Joseph on ships so Klaroline for me ;)