Sleepy Hollow Abbie Dead Season 4

Sleepy Hollow EP Talks a Witness' Death, [Spoiler]-Centric Season 4

Warning: This post contains major spoilers for Sleepy Hollow’s Season 3 finale.

For the second time in two weeks, Sleepy Hollow has killed off one of its central characters. And just like Joe Corbin’s tragic demise, showrunner Clifton Campbell tells TVLine in an exclusive post mortem, the death is going to stick.

If you didn’t see the episode, here’s a brief, devastating recap: Abbie stepped into Pandora’s box, ending her own life in order to save the world from The Hidden One’s tyranny. Jenny killed the weakened god, which angered Pandora, who then decided she wanted to rule the world herself. Ichabod stopped her by summoning The Headless Horseman, who dealt her a fatal blow. As she died, the goddess revealed to a horrified Ichabod that Abbie was truly gone forever.

When the box eventually blew up, it knocked Crane out; while he was unconscious, he and Abbie re-lived several scenes from their partnership, starting with the cell from the pilot and ending sitting side-by-side on the porch swing. She told him she was at peace and had taken him as far as she could. “Honor our bond and be brave, be strong. I know you will be. You’re my guy, always,” she said. He kissed her hand, then bowed… and when he straightened up, she was gone.

A scene at the end of the episode found Ichabod getting a graveside debrief from Ezra: Abbie’s death will activate another Witness, whom Ichabod has to find before a government organization — headed by the FBI’s Jack Walters — does. And just then, Walters and some official-looking black SUVs showed up and asked (read: demanded) that Ichabod come with them, which he did.

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes: Sleepy Hollow was the series referenced in TVLine’s most recent blind item. But we had as many questions as you do regarding Abbie, Crane and what the show might look like if it’s renewed for a fourth season. So we took all of our queries directly to Campbell — read on for his answers.

abbie-jenny-hugTVLINE | I’m going to jump in with the big question first: Is Abbie really dead? Is this the last we’ll see of her?
The character of Abbie Mills makes the supreme sacrifice to save the world, and her character dies in the season finale, yes. To answer the second part of that question, she will not return to the show as Abbie Mills. There’s certainly the possibility, given our really good relationship with Nicole and how much she’s help build us these past three seasons, that reflections of her will be around and that the idea of her will be around is certainly something we’ve all talked about, but not as the character of Abbie Mills.

TVLINE | So is Nicole Beharie no longer with the show?
Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills is no longer with the show. The character is dead. But we’ve had a terrific run with her. She’s been an absolute delight. She helped build out the mythology of the show, and we’ve had a tremendous run with her. The character is gone and, like I said, in Sleepy Hollow it’s always surprising to see how the reflections of one character or another can influence the show moving forward.

TVLINE | Ichabod’s grief over what happens is palpable, but I was struck by how Tom Mison played it contained. Did you think about Ichabod having a big emotional moment after he realizes she’s gone? Did you shoot any takes like that?
Listen, Tom has really created this character from the bottom up. His instincts are without parallel. His fearless creation of this character in all of these moments, particularly as they pertain to his relationship with Abbie Mills, is not something any of us would second guess. You picked up on that contained emotion — I think this is such a big moment, and a huge loss in his life and his world that he needs to process. At a point where we have that opportunity in the finale, he hasn’t quite reached that point yet.

TVLINE | I loved the callbacks to the earlier seasons: The Headless Horseman, August Corbin, “Sympathy for the Devil” and even some of that crazy camerawork. Why was it important for you to get those into the episode?
To show the audience how we respected her story. These were the people that brought her into the world of Sleepy Hollow, and it felt much more honest and organic if she went out the way she came in.

TVLINE | Similarly, the scenes that recreated the moments in Abbie and Ichabod’s friendship — were there any you or [episode writer] M. Raven Metzner wanted to squeeze in but didn’t have time for?
There was just no real time. It was, obviously, a very big episode, the conclusion of the season’s big bad, and setting the world right and pushing off the evil, that takes up a lot of real estate… Raven chose absolutely fantastic moments to get the audience a sense that her world had come full circle.

TVLINE | The love between Abbie and Ichabod is pointed out a few times during the finale. As I know you are well aware, that type of relationship between the Witnesses is something fans either really want to happen or really don’t want to happen. Did you have any concern about making it a focal point of the episode?
It’s impossible to not see the love between these two. It’s palpable. The chemistry is there. We always felt it was much more in the vein of a level of intimacy that even goes beyond the physical. And that’s how they pretty much played it from the beginning. Tom and Nicole have been very articulate and instrumental in crafting their partnership and their relationship. They felt much more comfortable loving each other deeply the way we portrayed them than taking it one step further.

Having said that, there’s every reason to hold in your heart that their love is enduring and that the intimacy part really wouldn’t have made that stronger. The looks they give each other, the thoughtfulness and respect they show each other is greater than any love we could ever have conceived. They gave that to us, and we wanted to respect that right to the bitter end.

TVLINE | Can you confirm that this is Zach Appelman’s last episode with the show?
Well again, this is Sleepy Hollow. Joe Corbin, as we know him, has died. Honestly, we don’t really know…

TVLINE | What can you tell me about the group that Ezra mentioned to Ichabod in the graveyard at the end of the episode? How might it manifest next season?
That’s our way in to a Season 4 that looks forward to the different understanding about what being a Witness is all about. We ran the clock out on both Abbie’s Witness relationship and how she was instrumental in bringing Ichabod into this world, and understanding and giving context and framing to what it meant to be a Witness. Then her job was done, and she did what all Witnesses apparently do, which is to pass the essence of their soul on through the bloodline. The organization… is something we’re exploring should we be fortunate enough to have a Season 4.

abbie-smilingTVLINE | Having Abbie sacrifice herself twice in the same season — fans might think, “Well, you brought her back last time…” What’s the fundamental difference between her going into the tree and her willingly entering Pandora’s box?
Well, she knew she wasn’t coming out of the box in the finale. She knew, because of what they learned in the catacombs, that the box was missing its hope, which is at the center of darkness and gave it context, gave it form. She knew she was giving herself to the box… that that meant she would not be coming back.

At the midseason break this year, it was more immediate. The Shard of Anubis was going to blow; her sister and Crane and everybody in close proximity could suffer catastrophic loss. Abbie knows she’s giving her life up at the end of Season 3 to save the world. The difference is, from the audience’s perspective, is [at the midseason break] she had fallen into a realm that we didn’t know about. She didn’t die.

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  1. xx says:

    No Abbie, no watching for me.

  2. APFW says:

    Unless Nicole Behaire wanted to leave the show, I am so pissed, I have no interest in another season.

    • mady says:

      “Sources tell THR that Beharie had been unhappy and was actively trying to exit the series for quite some time. The character, sources say, was originally supposed to be killed off during the midseason finale but insiders are said to have gotten cold feet.”

      • APFW says:

        Thanks Mady, why can’t Jenny become the new witness?

        • Angela says:

          That’s who I’m thinking would become the next witness, judging by the way they described how the transfer works. She’d definitely be the best choice to carry on Abbie’s legacy…but it wouldn’t be the same, obviously.

        • ohsnap says:

          I read an interview with one of the writers who said, definitely, that Abbie’s soul will NOT be present in any of the current characters. Which probably means Jenny is gone as well.

      • ohsnap says:

        And that was because of how she was treated during Season 2: being sidelined in back of Katrina/Crane family Drama; not being invited to comment on the Season 2 DVD (Katia Winters was). It is well known that she was not treated the way you normally treat a star of a TV show.

        • Rebecca Eldredge says:

          And that sucks even more. Missing that chemistry. And what about joe?
          Probably the sister will b the next witness. And since Joe is gone and she’s still in sorry line, makes since. But I’m no longer interested.

    • Dar says:

      I totally agree with you. Her character was the show with Crane’s. What an extreme let down. Great way to kill a show never mind a character!

  3. Michelle says:


    • Sothere says:

      It’s a great show! Here’s a crazy idea, if you don’t like it – don’t watch it.

    • Is someone FORCING you to watch?

    • Cheyenne says:

      They might as well. Without Abbie, there is no show.

      • Angela says:

        Bull…the show can continue perfectly well without Abbie. In fact, it could be better if they go back to the original premise of S1.

        • Drew says:

          Bull. The reason most fans were drawn to the show was because of the wonderful chemistry between Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison. It’s the very reason so many fans shipped their characters. Without Abbie, that dynamic could never have existed – and that’s precisely why the show is now effectively dead. Even if SH comes back for a fourth season, there’s no hope of reaching the heights of season 1 ever again without Abbie Mills. Mark my words.

        • Rae Cole says:

          AMEN! Tom Mison is the show! They could put his Ichabod with practically anyone and there would be amazing chemistry! Abbie’s death was just the shake up this show needs. People need to get over their ridiculous temper tantrums.

  4. Sam says:

    I thought Laurel’s death on Arrow was stupid, but this clearly wins all the awards for stupid. WTF.

    • Morgan says:

      You could have been reading my mind! The ridiculous explanations for the deaths are not helping either of their cases too!

      • Rebecca Eldredge says:

        Idk if anyone watches the 100, but same goes for Lincoln. His interview tells the whole story. Wth do the directed and producers think losing the ppl off the sore that the fans really love and connect with? ?!!

    • herman1959 says:

      Agreed; it’s been a rough week for me and broadcast TV. As of tonight, I’ve let go of 3 shows: Arrow, Scandal, and now Sleepy Hollow…maybe I’ll read.

      • Sam says:

        Reading is always a good fail safe, but my God I have never lost two shows in a week or a season, not even with cancellations. WTF.

    • Sharon says:

      My thought as it happened, but I think Arrow writers struggle with writing more than one strong female character at a time.

      • Skittles&Bits says:

        Arrow writers struggle with writing ANY strong female characters.

        • Patrick says:

          The guys aren’t very strong. Diggle is the most consistently “strong” wrt opinions and beliefs, and he is almost always wrong. Ollie has become a shell of who he was when he got off the island.

    • Regina Griffin says:

      OMG Laurel? How could you ruin that for me? Ugh binge watching arrow now.

    • twilla says:

      Laurel died? I might start watching the show again.

    • wylma says:

      You wanker… thanks for ruining it for me. Idiot.

  5. Josh says:

    I’m sorry but this is complete garbage these new writers didn’t fix a damn thing they killed off one of the main characters that was a intricate part of the show. Now her spirit lives on in another person.. Sounds like they found a way to get rid of Nicole to get a new leading lady, but keep Abbie’s presence I don’t like this . I love sleepy hollow but I can’t watch after this. This is bull. RIP Sleepy Hollow

    • MamaB says:

      What was so horrible that she would want to leave. Love the show but this sucks!

      • ohsnap says:

        It has been circulated that since Season 2, Ms Beharie wanted to leave. Her role was seriously diminished and they tried to make Katia Winter (Katrina) the lead through the Crane Family Drama. When the were making the DVD of Season 2, she, as one of the two stars of the show was NOT invited to do commentary (Ms. Winters was). That was made public btw by Ms. Behaire in a tweet (since deleted). If you read some articles dealing with this you can see screenshots of replies by fans and even some actresses encouraging her to not let producers “take her joy”. It’s really awful.

  6. Tina says:

    That was horrible. But I think fans knew Nicole was not happy with the show. Fans haven’t been happy with this show for the past 2 seasons so I don’t understand why FOX keeps up this disrespect. It’s awful. Too sad for words now.

  7. Angela says:

    I was SO hoping the blind item wouldn’t refer to her. Damn. Truly sucks to see her go.
    I’d been rooting for a renewal, but after this, I think it’s best the show just ends things here.

  8. LT says:

    This makes absolutely no sense to me unless Nicole wanted out. The show is built around Icabod’s and Abbie’s relationship. It is show suicide to remove one of the characters from the duo. Either Nicole wanted out or they don’t they are getting renewed for another season.

    • ABG says:

      She wanted out and was to be written as soon as the midseason finale but they got scared it could kill the show.

  9. Mindy Redington says:

    Sounds like maybe they’ll bring Nicole back but she’ll be a new character and the next witness.

  10. very disappointed says:

    Why does the incredibly talented black actress always have to get booted off a show that I only watched because of her central role to it, to save the world. A black woman down sacrificed for the lead white male again. Thanks but no thanks. That was my last show.

    • Sothere says:

      Unless you missed it there are two other very talented black actresses on the show.

      • Mikki says:

        And somehow they managed to kill the one with the darkest skin and the lead!

        • Mark says:

          She wanted off the show. So much for your race card

          • Mikki says:

            Research the History of Fox! It is not a card , it’s the truth! It doesn’t matter because I won’t be watching anymore. I even unfollowed the show.

        • JenJ says:

          You’re way off base here, Mikki. I see nothing racial about this, and you’re the one who seems to have that problem. For a show where just about ever major character is black, I see nothing that means the “darkest” person must go. If that’s what you’re looking at, you obviously haven’t been watching the show very much.

          • Ramon says:

            It’s painfully obvious you don’t know the VERY PUBLIC gripes with this show and how they’ve continuously mistreated Beharie.

          • Mikki says:

            I watched the show since that beginning.
            I know what I know. Did u notice that Nicole had to ask the show to follow her on Twitter? Did u miss that she was not allowed on the Dvd commentary? The additional black women on this show became light with each season.

          • Rebecca Eldredge says:

            Yea, and ppl r 4 getting about Joe! He was as white as white could be and he’s gone for good as well. I liked him too. Sooooo, I think ppl that yell race r the ppl who have racial issues.

        • NotHardly says:

          LOL You “unfollowed” the show!!! OMG!!! could anything be more devastating!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Ramon says:

        Jessica Camacho isn’t black. She’s Latina. Lyndie Greenwood isn’t black. She’s “mixed.” And neither of them is of the caliber that Nicole Beharie is.

        • Thank you. I have no idea which other black actresses this person is talking about.

        • Charina McCullem says:

          I beg to differ about Lyndie Greenwood. If your mixed your black. Most mixed people refer to themselves as black & so do the rascist people of the world. I have several friends that are white & have mixed children & when we do paperwork the employees mark their children as black. One of my friends had a problem w/this & said her daughter is just as much white as black. I agree but now if you look on info sheets they have a box where you can mark other but you have to also mark Latina or African descent. When thens papers reach lenses bureau’s guess what? They mark them as African American. People just started claiming these people as mixed w/in the last 20 yrs & I think it’s only because they usually come out beautiful having the best of both races. Sad but true. But most consider themselves black because there are some people who consider them abominations because of the race mix & black people were more accepting of them.

          • Rebecca Eldredge says:

            All my baby is mixed. And on the birth certificate I had the choice to pick Milano. Which is black/white. AND on other papers I fill out, they have blk/whit and latino/ white and also says 2 or more races. I have 2 Milano children and q latino / white child,also a Milano sister. And she’s 46. Sooo, take that racial crap somewhere else. Yea, it’s around, but boohoo, but if ur takented, ur talented, and the loss of her to this should is another’s gain

        • T says:

          Latina is a culture not a race and nor is mixed.

    • Jason says:

      There is behind the scenes stuff that I’m pretty sure was more of a driving factor here. I get the impression that she was looking to leave.

    • Roger says:

      Why is it somebody always has to bring in race if it was a woman that sacrificed for a black guy nobody would say anything or if it was a white guy sacrificing himself for a black lady nobody would say anything and that is my opinion

      • Tracee says:

        Ahhhh, whitesplaining.

      • RayeRaye says:

        Black actresses, hell, black actors in general , who are leads of their own shows is rare, especially on the top 4 broadcast networks. If you can give me the names of black leads of shows who aren’t Kerry Washington (scandal) viola Davis (HTHAWM) and Taranji p Henton (sorry for butchering her name), don’t complain about some people getting upset that they killed off one of the few black actresses who are leads and not just the friend, the cheerleader for the white lead. It’s so easy for people like you to complain when you are represented 24/7.

        • NICOLE WANTED TO LEAVE THE SHOW! Jeez. What part of that do you not understand. Its her business and its a free country. If she fulfilled her contract and wanted to move on that’s it. And yeah, pee and moan about race as if that plays into it. SH has always be very, very generous with actors of color.

          • Charina McCullem says:

            I agree w/you about sleepy hollow being one of the few shows w/a diverse caste. I also understand that SHE WANTED TO LEAVE. Lmao. I guess they will eventually get it. I’m black & I agree w/your statements 100%😂😂😂😂. But I really am black (75% Latina gets the other 25😝😝😝😝)

          • RayeRaye says:

            Yes, she wanted to leave but that doesn’t mean we can’t be sad and angry about it. Black women have so few good role models on tv and movies and Abby was one of the few black characters who wasn’t your usual stereotypical black woman. But you probably won’t understand that.

          • Julie Hayes says:

            I think people are missing the point in why her leaving is bad, whether it was her choice or not. Abbie Mills’ character was part of the glue which held it all together. Without her, the increasingly erratic and uninspired plots will continue to unravel, the weaknesses exposed. With Abbie, there was a chance to save the show. Without her, I fear it is doomed, especially as her leaving is splintering the few fans who are left. The show’s ratings were low to begin with, I don’t see how they can improve when so many have determined not to watch a new season. Assuming a new season is even on the table.

          • LexiconSpinner says:

            It’s funny how so many people and yes I’m going to say it WHITE people seem to instinctively “Toe the line” and shout “She/they wanted to leave the show”.
            From show to show, no matter how glaringly repetitive the pattern of Black actors/ actresses dropping dead, being marginalized as the best-friend, the bad guy, the prostitute and the sacrifice (TVD=Bonnie & SH= Abbie Mills ) or some other Trope; 90% of the White viewers of said shows will say “SHE WANTED TO LEAVE THE SHOW”
            NOTICE none of these people ask “Why didn’t Crane offer himself up as the sacrifice?” or “How many times are the Sleepy Hollow writers going to make Abbie Mills the sacrifice as Crane stands by and scream Abbie nooooooo? Abbie has sacrificed herself 4 or 5 times in this show. This is not some new phenomenon in writing and any viewer who is honest knows that unless they lack the ability to observe and detect patterns (if so that’s an illness for an M.D. to diagnose).
            If they can’t refute the Patternistic proof that years of TV and moves expose of mostly WHITE screen writer rehashed Tropes for BLACK actors/actresses those same viewer move to “Toe the line” statement #2 “Why does it have to be about race? STOP PLAYING THE RACE CARD”
            Don’t believe me? Look no further than recent TV History you don’t even have to go far back

            Person Of Interest ——Joss Carter (Taraji P. Henson) ) Not invited to do Magazine shoot

            The Vampire Diaries——- Bonnie Bennett (Kat Graham) still alive on her show

            Sleepy Hollow—–Abbie Mills (Nicole Beharie) Not invited to do DVD commentary

            The Flash—– Iris West (Candice Patton) still alive on her show

            I used two dead characters and two still living characters just for “equality” sake; but all of these Black actresses were publicly and racially attacked by White viewers of their respective shows you can still find those tweets and post today. Yet not one White writer of EP of these show came to their defense or said to their WHITE viewers that what your doing and saying is DISGUSTING. Instead the writers of those shows respond by pushing that black actress to the back, limiting their screen time or just plain killing them ( saying Sacrifice is much more sanitary) maybe they come back, maybe they don’t……. But yet these commenters scream “Stop MAKING IT ABOUT RACE.”

            Nicole left because of the way things were going and the way she was being treated! (What show Lead has to beg their show/network to Follow them on social media? None!)

            She was being polite when she said that it was due to “creative tensions” …… (it was reported recently that that was her reply at an appearance at a college event)
            Kind of like when Sleepy Hollow let Orlando Jones go and then acted like he wanted to leave however Orlando Jones is brutally honest and simply told fans the TRUTH they basically hired him for SH then changed to premiss of the show and when he spoke up they FIRED him. (Then they acted like they didn’t know why and would welcome him back)
            Tom Mison literally requested a lighter work load on the show (But he’s Still ALIVE). I wonder why?
            I wonder what the crowd would be saying if Tom Mison wanted to Leave the show and the writers KILLED him off ? No I don’t have to wonder you can find that answer reading comments on many different sites. “He’s the lead of the show” they say “without him it wouldn’t make sense” they say. (Try to appease them by saying)
            But they could do to Crane what their suggesting be done with Abbie “Put his soul in the body of another British White guy with a wig and blue eyes”. Don’t say that you won’t like the replies you get…..LOL

            Bottom Line
            Stop pretending you don’t see what’s happening, what’s been happening for years……It make you look dishonest. Oh and learn your own patterns; the she doesn’t need a love interest-she’s to strong for that, or they’re better off as friends, or the ” they don’t match”, and the “I just never liked her (I don’t know why)” has been said and done ( by the “well I can’t say I’m racist crowd”) for years….. literally the exact words in articles, on buses & trains, on websites far and wide from predominately white/ white leaning viewers for years.

            Tip: If someone is running and they get hit by a car only a fool says “the reason they got hit is because they were running.” A wise person would ask “Why were they running or What were they running from?”
            If you forget to ask those questions when the runner (exiting Actor) is Black or other
            but remember to ask them when the runner (exiting Actor) is White or “LGBTQ” well I’ll let you conclude why that is.

    • twilla says:

      She wanted off the show. Try again.

    • Mike Worthy says:

      I’m not going to be able to watch anymore without Abbie. The chemistry between her and Crane made the show. You’ll never find that again. Good luck with your new audience, if any. I agree with “very disappointed ” at least more black actors and actresses are getting work now

  11. Roger says:

    I like deaths in genre shows, shows that need that essence of death can and will happen and no cop outs. A fine episode.

    I call dibs on the organization being called The Initiative.

  12. Jamie says:

    I love Nicole and Abbie but if this change can get the show out of its bad writing/plot lines rut, I can live with it. I note he kept saying Abbie the character has moved on. Will Nicole play the new Witness, another character? He keeps saying the ‘reflections of her (Abbie)’ will be around. Kind of cheap if that’s what they’re doing. That said it did work with Amy Acker as Fred and Ilyria – such radically dif characters though. Still, he f the last couple of seasons proved anything it was that Campbell is no Whedon

    • Sharon says:

      Campbell couldn’t spit shine Whedon’s shoes

    • mobdeadmeat says:

      The tragedy here is that the great Joss Whedon was only given a single season to develop the magnificent Firefly before Fox cut the cord, but the inept Clifton Campbell has been given three full seasons to mess up a great concept in Sleepy Hollow and consistently alienate the show’s fan base.

  13. Xxwlf says:

    I cannot believe they ended the show this way. I’ll never watch it again without Nicole b. I’m out.

  14. MIF says:

    YOu need to bring her back as Abbie because that is what fans want. This isn’t a show called Ichabod Crane and his misfortunes with bad writers for a season three season wrap….
    Get your pens and pads out and put your brains to good use again and write a script that returns one of the best actresses (bring back the same character!) for season four. I bet your writing staff employs the same clowns who applauded when a comic book writer killed Superman.

  15. Cheyenne says:

    NOOOOOOOOOO here is no Sleepy Hollow without Abbie! 😢😢😢

  16. Roy says:

    I’m struggling to remember the last time a show had such an enjoyable first season, grew a loyal (if not big) fanbase and then just completely and totally fell off a cliff like nobody’s business. Twin Peaks post killer reveal? Even that managed to rebound when David Lynch returned (despite the cancellation/cliffhanger). My Name Is Earl? (I liked the first season) I don’t know. I think this one might take the cake. Such a huge, huge shame.

  17. Ashley says:

    This show died with Abbie. It’s almost hilarious how they don’t realize how badly they just screwed this show up. Put it out of its misery, there’s no hope for it now

  18. RowdyBug says:

    Anyone else notice the emphasis he used on Nicole as Abbie is no longer on the show? To me that means she could be someone else?!

    • suzi says:

      I did. Abby may be gone, but I’m not so sure Nicole is.

      • Gloria says:

        Perfectly stated, Suzi. That’s what I also read between the lines.
        Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie made the show what it was. Their chemistry was incredible. While I could take things very visually and let the death upset my entire weekend (and beyond), I just want to give some hope to the writers and creators in not destroying who or what gave this show its loyal followers. Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie are irreplaceable.
        I was really upset when August Corbin/Clancy Brown was eliminated so early in Season 1 but he has reappeared many times. In that respect, his presence has still been felt. However,I wish that Joe Corbin/Zach Appelman had not been killed off and I sense that his death was/is very final. Jenny Mills’ character was so much fuller with her better half.
        If there is indeed a Season Four, I shall return as a fan and viewer. I want to see how Nicole might be woven into the storyline and I still want to support Tom Mison in his role and the other characters who have so much more to show including Jenny and her father.

    • Lacee says:

      Killing off Abbie then keeping Nicole on the show as a different character would be just plain stupid. If Abbie is truly dead then Nicole should just go find another tv show to star in.

  19. Leslee says:

    However, it was never stated that Nicole Behaire was gone from the show; it said that Nicole as ABBIE MILLS was gone. There was never a direct answer given to the question. I could see Nichole back as another character (the new Witness from the bloodline) who Ichabod finds and teaches… The showrunner said the CHARACTER was dead and that Nicole would not return as Abbie. He never said that Nicole was gone from the show…

  20. Stacy says:

    It’s a total tease to say that NB is done as Abbie Mills. They are not saying definitively that NB is done with the show but the character is. Don’t know how to feel about this exactly. Feel like it has so much potential but it’s being wasted. Maybe I’m a sucker for the usual ship trope but definitely not satisfied with this news.

  21. DG says:

    No Nicole, No Me. I respect the ending for what it was, but this is another disappointing series finale like Angel, Lois and Clark, and so many others. I know the EP alluded to the witness not being Abbie, but could be another character who is played by her, but if it has to be in the bloodline, what don’t we know? Oh well. . . .

  22. Mikki says:

    Let me guess. Abbie’s soul is going to end up in a tall blonde woman with blonde hair! That’s the Fox we know and love! I no longer support this show!

    • Jarmon says:

      If they do that I am out. I loved Nicole. I am shocked as it is with her “passing.” I loved them together.

    • Apt says:

      Girl you already know she will! I’m not watching, but I would be shocked if the new “Abbie” didn’t look like that. The fact Jenny won’t even be passed the honor of witness is telling me that even Lyndie won’t be back next season either. Done with this mess. 2 years of nonsense after a fantastic first season.

    • Marybeth says:

      Yeah, I bet that is why they are going to do if it gets renewed; how sad and disgusting. Not watching if it gets renewed, Fox ruined a very good show and burned it to the ground without a possibility of redemption. I hope that Tom Mison and Nicole Beharie will collaborate again as main characters in a different show in the near future; hopeful;y not with Fox.

    • AnnieM says:

      After reading the article, it sounds to me more like only *Abby* left the show; Nicole Beharie could very well be returning to play the new Witness. Remember, Papa Mills said ‘a relative from the same bloodline’, and the producers seem to be going to great lengths in both TV Line articles to emphasize the fact that *Abby* is gone, without ever saying Nicole left. In fact, in the other article they are *already* talking about Nicole ‘returning in Season 4 in some form’.

  23. Theresa says:

    Unbelievable. This whole show was BUILT on the dynamic of Abbie and Crane as a TEAM. Team Witness. Sleepy Hollow without Abbie is not Sleepy Hollow. I was rooting for a renewal at first but not anymore. I’m done.

  24. Luz says:

    It sucks?….?

  25. Jamie says:

    Like w Arrow and various other shows, I think the shippers howl the loudest about the one thing they care about and it affects the writing of shows. shippers in general don’t really care about quality writing or great storytelling – no male/female duo is allowed to be (omg) friends and focus on anything (like say the apocalypse) when they could be staring into each other’s eyes and/or sharing bodily fluids. These ‘fans’ have so very much time to spend on the internet demanding their otp & berating alt love interests, networks flinch and cater to the lowest common denominator. Lowest. Saddest part? If Nicole is really gone and the next witness is a reasonably attractive woman under 40, it’ll be Groundhog Day all over again

    • FashionMaven says:

      And yet we NEVER got Ichabbie. So if the writing suffered, it had NOTHING to do with us at all. It was just poor writing. They could have done so much better. The writing hasn’t been amazing since S1 to be honest.

    • Sharon says:

      Not a shipper, but the central premise and most interesting part of Sleepy Hollow has always been TEAM witness.

    • Nora says:

      Agree, but they’re never going away so good show runners just have to stand their ground. The way they handled the Katrina story line – from powerful, loyal love of Crane’s life to evil, cray villain in a few eps – showed the writers were chasing their new internet fans. And since S1 they just kept going down paths and then dumping characters, veering story arcs. The Bones crossover? Typically tacky. Great, great actors like Mison and Beharie can’t make up for bad writing. All we can do is follow the good writers & not try to twist every good pairing into Harlequin roms. all the lonely people… should spend more time taking selfies w their cats lol.

  26. Cynthia Williams says:

    I am so done. there is no Sleepy Hollow from me after this. killing off Abby tells me that all of the characters are replaceable it won’t be long before it’s Icobob himself is killed off and another Witness reborn in his place. good luck to the rest of the season this is where I check out. Bye Abby.

  27. Tess715 says:

    Season 4 can happen or not; I will NOT be watching. All the hash tags in the world can’t fix stupidity and the loss of fans who’ve stuck with this show in spite of itself. Whatever. Tonight was definitely the last straw for me.

  28. Sade Ford says:

    Unbelievable. It’s not even about the shipping. Abbie Mills is an integral part of sleepy hollow. Ichabod and Abbie are sleepy hollow. I would be just as angry and upset had Ichabod been killed off twenty minutes into the finale.

    Would you kill Scully on the X-files or Bones on Bones and expect the show to just go on? No you wouldn’t.

    • Mikki says:

      Preach!! But they did try to give Gillian less than have of what they offered David for the X-Files. There is something wrong with TPTB at Fox!

  29. I haven’t been more excited after watching a season finale in awhile, I’m excited to explore this new organization and I’m sad to see Nicole/Abbie go!

  30. keenen says:

    ok, no big goodbye with her FAMILY? Even if she and Crane had a connection my SISTER who I just bonded with after years would be who I would want to see

  31. Knowing that it was Beharie’s decision to leave the series makes killing off a main character less of a “gotcha” plot device. But the show just won’t be the same without Abbie. I’m interested in seeing what the producers and writers could do next but I don’t know if I’ll be as invested in the series without the Crane-Mills team that centered and grounded the show which could wander off into some strange, surreal places.

    • twilla says:

      I think Ms Beharie has looked bored with the show since at least the middle of season 2. That whole Katrina-centric season was really bad (except for the headless horseman, I love that guy) and didn’t utilize Abbey very well. Their great chemistry really suffered in season 3 when Abbey just looked annoyed with everything and you could tell the actress wanted out. Her leaving the show isn’t really much of a surprise and I agree with you that a big change like this could really invigorate a rather stagnant story.

      • Jena Myers says:

        I think rather than bored, she was probably not happy with the direction the show had taken. There seems to have been a lot of ill will with the way she was treated in Season 2; she is a highly respected actress and deserved better.

  32. Brian Mitchell says:

    I agree no abbie,not interested in watching anymore. There are few good strong roles for black women. But most importantly she is such a beloved character that im scratching my head as to what on earth were they thinking.

  33. Stacey says:

    I’m out, Abbie and Crane, were the reason I watched. No Abbie, no show,this breaks my heart!

  34. No Abbie = I’m done with Sleepy Hollow

  35. David Sullivan says:

    Season 4, keep it going!

  36. Brian Mitchell says:

    I agree no abbie im not interested in watching anymore. Why on earth would they kill off her character. These people are so dumb!!

  37. kmw says:

    Wow, so not just once this season but TWICE you kill your lead off. I would love to see how Sleepy Hollow goes forward after this. So what if they bring her back as someone else it wouldn’t be the same. I guess this plot is the only way Sleepy can come back next season, just ridiculous. And now I will never again discount the idea that one show can have multiple Blind Items. Sleepy, not once( crossover with Bones) not twice( possible lead death) but three times( lead really biting the bullet this time). I really have to wonder how many really will be watching if Sleepy gets another season

  38. zackkattackk843 says:

    This show is dead. I’m so glad I stopped watching last month.

  39. clintbrew says:

    first walking dead then arrow now sleepy hollow was sleepy who next iris in the flash was sleepy hollow the blind item killing of a main character

  40. Roger says:

    Well it’s simple then you guys are not bringing Abby back I’m not watching it no more you lost the fan hope you guys are happy and I don’t see me being alone on this and I think season 4 will be crap they will put the show in the toilet and someone’s going to flush it thank you and have a good day

  41. Bethany Thomas says:

    I’ve loved every minute of the show, even season 2 because I knew they would turn it around. I hate to see one of the few dramas on TV with a strong, funny, and beautiful African American woman in the lead go down the tubes. I say give this incredible actress a big raise to come back and renew for another season. I love Tom Mison, but Nicole Beharie is the heart and soul of the show. Bring her back to Crane and let them keep fighting whatever devil may come next!

  42. TvLover says:

    That sucked. Now it’s just one witness?
    Okay, IMHO, this is why it’s difficult for shows that are based on two character leads to work. Unless you’re Bones.
    If one actor wants off the show, not saying that Ms. Beharie did or not, I don’t know.
    But then you’re left with the other actor and then the show will probably get a new person to fill the void. And it won’t be the same chemistry. It might be good, but then there’s probably going to be the comparison with the original.
    I liked the show in season 1. Season two was . . . Interresting. But I thought this season was kinda all over the place with the leads broken up during mid season and the whole, in my opinion not that threatening Dark One and Pandora storyline.
    It’s sad to see Nichole go, and I hope that she has success after Sleepy Hollow.
    I might be one of very few to watch the show if it gets renewed for a new season.

  43. Katie says:

    I’ll be honest and say I haven’t been really watching this season except for the last 30 minutes of tonight’s finale (forgot it was on-oops!) and the two or three before it. When I did finally tune into the second half of the finale, I figured Abbie was dead she just had some unfinished business to attend to. I thought they way they ended it was fantastic. Those last scenes were simply beautiful and might I say: Nicole and Tom played it well. No over the top dramatics. It wouldn’t have fit their characters. What Ezra told Crane at the cemetery and the piece of paper he gave to him that Washington wrote in 1789 (Hello!) was the first time in a long time the show really pulled me in and the way they left it open-Damn it, now I want see what happens next but with my luck they won’t renew for next year. And just when it was getting its mojo back, too! Maybe they’ll do an epic mini-series to finish it up.

  44. Cynt says:

    He should have at least kissed her lips instead of her hands 😕 Would have made for an more touching moment. Love the show; hope it returns with the flavor (if you know what I mean) 😊

  45. grys03 says:

    If there’s a season 4 I’ll be there. Am I happy that Abbie is gone, no; but it appears she wanted out. I hope good things for her but there’s a history of fan favourites moving who don’t really find another home.
    If the fate of all shows were a character was killed off was dictated by fans who ‘never watch again’, ‘no more for me’ etc then I guess there wouldn’t be many shows left on TV.
    Sleepy Hollow is on the cusp of maybe being cancelled – maybe this might be the start of a direction the studio might get behind.
    Certainly has been a bit messy since S1 with the headless horseman. Though to be honest if Ichabod’s version of the hidden history of the US was true it sure would be ‘funner’ :)

    • Tracee says:

      ‘Fan favorite?’ How often do you watch this show? She was far more than that, she was the LEAD ACTRESS. Fans and critics raved about the Beharie/Mison chemistry. There is no future for this show. It’s hard to find that kind of lightning in a bottle.

      • twilla says:

        “Lead actress” and “fan favorite” aren’t mutually exclusive and I completely agree about viewers having online temper tantrums about changes they don’t like in some kind of attempt to blackmail the showrunners. I’m assuming NB wanted off the show; should hundreds of people be unemployed due to her decision? There might actually be an interesting new dynamic with a new witness.

  46. dancmh says:

    Season One was epic. Season Two was epic fail. Season Three was…repetitive and heavy handed. I know they made a point of mentioning the Phoenix during the Corbin scene but….I think it’s ok to call time of death on this one. I’ll miss the show but there I can live with this ending.

  47. dr says:

    Abbie we love you, why did you have to die. But on further thought, both witnesses are to die in the end. Before the show is cancelled interested in knowing the reason why these two lines where picked by the Gods or GW1. May be worthwhile watching if the FBI are the new evil Gods trying to end the world and the new witness is as personable as Abbie, creative writting may interest the base but tolerance will be short, for a stupid storyline. When are the other horsemen coming..

  48. Josh says:

    I don’t know….I wish they could have figured a way to keep her at least for the first episode of season 4, if there was one. Otherwise, I wish they could have just closed out the story Season 4 is so unlikely, especially with Abbie gone….so why not give as much closure as possible?

  49. Roger says:

    It doesn’t matter if Nicole comes back or not as a different character the character Abby fitted her perfectly now you guys are going to either make her as a ghost that helps Ichabod Crane or make it like flashback when a Ichabod Crane is in a tough situation either way it’s retarded thanks a lot buttholes

  50. Roger says:

    One more thing killing off Abby you should have killed off the Chabad Crane 2 that way they will be together and not leaving Ichabod Crane by himself