Game of Thrones Twist Dead Character

Game of Thrones: 'Jon Snow Is Dead,' HBO Finally, Officially Confirms

For those of you still in the denial stage of grief following Jon Snow’s Game of Thrones fate, a new, official pronouncement from HBO should help move you along to the anger stage — and quickly.

“Jon Snow is dead,” the premium cabler states in its synopsis of the Season 6 premiere, putting an official seal on the most hotly contested TV death of 2015.

The episode’s description, distributed in a press release Thursday, also notes that “Daenerys meets a strong man” and “Cersei sees her daughter again.” But we’re mostly concerned with the part about the deceased Lord Commander, which seems to back up portrayer Kit Harington’s recent assertion that he only appears in the upcoming season in “scenes of me being dead.”

The state of Harington’s alter ego has been in dispute ever since Jon Snow was stabbed repeatedly by members of the Night’s Watch in the Season 5 finale. Though the episode’s final shot of Harington showed Jon bleeding copiously, several theories about the character’s survival — including some of our own — quickly sprang up, seemingly buttressed by the actor’s appearance in paparazzi photos from the set and his choice not to cut off Jon’s signature locks.

Perhaps we’ll know more when the premiere — titled “The Red Woman” — airs on Sunday, April 24 (9/8c). Until then, the night is dark and full of time for you to speculate about what’s ahead. So hit the comments and tell us what you’re thinking!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Guy says:

    Nah, he alive.

  2. Lisa says:

    If its just a fake out, than this is an unnecessary cruel joke of an episode title. I would hope D&D and HBO wouldnt do that to their fans so fingers crossed…

    • Dick Whitman says:

      It’s not the title, it’s the description. And technically, it’s accurate since Jon really IS dead. But he will be resurrected at some point.

      • Joe says:

        I agree. I fully expect that we will only see Jon snow dead in the first show and he will be resurected in the final minutes of episode 10

    • Ginny says:

      I don’t even watch the show (but for some reason read articles about it…), and based on what little I know would read that as [Everybody assumes] Jon is dead, rather than as a definitive statement of his death.

      • MichelleR says:

        Nah, Ginny, it’s like this: He is literally and genuinely dead and so the show runners and actors can declare it so. However, there is a religion on the show with priests and priestesses that can resurrect people. Present at the place where he is dead is a priestess of this religion named Melisandre. Coincidence? No. :)

        Book readers, while the series and the books are at the same place, also know he is not permanently dead because of various prophesies that point at him, as well as clear hints that Jon Snow’s parentage is not what it appears to be, making him incredibly relevant to the, er, Game of Thrones.

        Which is probably more than you wanted to know, but the “Jon is dead” thing is not a fake out based on assumptions of other characters, but a fake out based on a overly literal answer to the cliffhanger.

        • Bill says:

          I agree with you and DO hope you are right. I truly hope that David and DB are not cutting off their nose to spite their face, just to be able to say “Ha! We told you so. NO ONE tells US how to write our show.”
          The character of Jon Snow is SO important to so many plot lines that would be left hanging, if he were truly dead, that you would have to be pretty spiteful…or pretty dumb to actually make it permanent.
          I don’t think either of those things are true, so, there is still hope.

        • Educated Guess says:

          Maybe he’s a targarian, (neds sis and the targarian Prince) it’s a common theory. If so targarians can be resurrected by fire (danerys) and guess what the nights watch does to dead bodies? Yep, they burn them

        • Thank you MichelleR. You put that so eloquently.

        • Stuart tyl l says:

          I am green John’s father was actually Robert Baratheon that’s where I come from anyway something not quite right Dodge start coming home with an illegitimate son more likely he took home the illegitimate son of his best friend and that is why the red lady and so interested and Jon Snow You Know Nothing Jon Snow not even who your father is.

    • matty says:

      just take a minute to think about what was said. “John Snow is dead”, but that doesn’t mean he is off the show. It means he is returning as something else. This is why we can’t have smart creative series and movies because so many people lack any type of common sense to understand. It all has to be laid out for the dumb people so they don’t break the internet complaining. What should happen is before a series is released they should release the entire bible and scripts for the public so that they will know where everything happens in the story. Who needs creativity when you have to appease the less intelligent?

    • Dave says:

      The character of Jon Snow is indeed dead, he comes back as someone / something else….so HBO “technically” hasn’t lied….very Clinton-esqe

  3. Walkie says:

    It’s insane how many people can’t just accept that he’s dead and not coming back. The show has killed major characters since the beginning. This isn’t a surprise.

    • Elizabeth says:

      Maybe because all sign point to HE’S NOT DEAD!! When they are done they usually land some other role after. He on the other hand worked only until they started shooting again. Has been spotted multiple times on set and yes the biggest one. We are a year or more from his “death” and he still has the hair. So yeah he’s not dead. The character is dead.

    • Mollymoo says:

      Sure, they have. But the other characters didn’t have so much foreshadowing about death and return in both book and show as Snow has. “Kill the boy And let the man be born…” Jon Snow may be dead. That doesn’t mean Melisandre (with or without the help of another red priest) won’t bring him back and he lives as Jon Stark. He’s also foreshadowed with overlays to Azor Ahai – who was brought back from the dead.

    • Allison says:

      Yes, but GRRM has said the show would go where the books are planned to go… And I don’t see him truly killing Jon Snow.

      • Joey says:

        I believe there was a set of notes released where GRRM mentioned that for sure Jon Snow, Sansa, Arya, Daenerys, (and I think Tyrion) are all alive at the end of the series. Whether or not he sticks to that…

      • ldmnj says:

        True, Allison, he has said that. Both he and the show runners, however, have also said that ultimately they will end up in the same spot at the end. D & B have been given GRRM’s rough outline of where things are going to ultimately come to when all is said and done and they’re going to meander their way to that point. Having read what’s released thus far, I find it hard to believe Jon isn’t part of that final mix. He was left dead as a door nail at the end of Book 5 too. That doesn’t mean he stays dead. The foreshadowing in that book alone is enough to make you think he’ll be back.

    • MissMel says:

      I’m not one of those people that likes to say “Well in the books” because I think it’s fine that people enjoy the show on its own without reading the books. In this case, however, it’s having read the books that leads me to believe he might not be dead. There were multiple characters brought back from the dead by the red priests. It hasn’t really been used as much in the series (and one major resurrection was left out) but I find it interesting that of ALL the places she might have gone when she left Stannis, Melisandre returned to Castle Black.

    • MichelleR says:

      Yes, the show has killed major characters, as have the books, but this particular character has a ridiculous amount of foreshadowing in the books indicating he is in the top 3 most important characters.

      George RR Martin messed with people’s perceptions to surprised them with Ned’s death and Robb’s death, but Jon is different because of his likely parentage, because of prophesies that could refer to only him, because Martin has showed at least two different ways dead doesn’t have to be permanent.

      It’s not naivete or stupidity; it is understanding subtext and foreshadowing.

      And of course time will tell. :)

  4. Kaalyn says:

    Yeah…. starting a synopsis with “Jon Snow is dead” is not “finally, officially” anything. He is dead, doesn’t mean he’ll stay dead or not be reanimated in some way.

    Set photos busted up this mystery months ago.

  5. Mark says:

    Of course he’s dead. He’s just not going to stay that way.

    • TRB says:

      Agreed. Ian McShane has stated that his character, only on one episode, is there primarily to resurrect one character. Don’t much see the sense in bringing back Myrcella or Stannis, so I think it’s Jon

      • Dick Whitman says:

        Nah, he’s not in The Wall’s storyline. Ian’s character is supposed to “bring back” The Hound (which wouldn’t even count as resurrect since we never saw him die).

      • Dillon says:

        Very good chance we could be looking at a resurrection for lady stoneheart maybe?

    • chpa says:

      but what if it’s like Gage in Pet Cemetery and Jon Snow was just better off dead?

  6. rawley says:

    Are you f*#king serious with emailing this to people? Unsubscribed from both your emails and the entire site.

    • Kay says:

      This is some intense anger, and perhaps a bit of an overreaction? This simply re-states an official announcement from HBO (stated clearly in an announcement) and is not a spoiler from TVLine. But by all means, feel free to stay angry.

      • Timmah says:

        If you watch the show a season behind, as many people do, it’s a huge spoiler.

        • Mary says:

          Well then that’s a side-effect of not keeping up with the show. Why should every website be required to cater to people that watch a year late? A week or two after it airs is courteous, but still not required. If it’s aired in all time zones, it’s no longer a spoiler.

        • Dick Whitman says:

          Come on, it’s been 10 months.

        • Lida says:

          Ok and?? There are many, many shows I’m behind in. But I don’t expect every website, magazine and news outlet to shut up until I’ve seen it. Why? Because I’m 31 years old and way way way way way way way way way way way way way way way too old be be angry about spiolers.

  7. Just because someone says it doesn’t make it so. This person is a nobody just wanting his name on the internet.

  8. HouseOfSNow says:

    He is dead. The JON SNOW who died is not the same JON SNOW Melisandre will resurrect.

  9. Andrew Hass says:

    I think Jon Snow will be shown to be alive later but maybe in the premiere we are led to believe he’s dead.Then Jon Snow has to recover from his injuries and plan his next move offscreen for a few episodes.

    • LaLa says:

      I was thinking this as well. I can envision all of us (viewers) vainly trying to accept his death in Ep. 1. Then in a later episode, the entire viewing universe shouting, “I knew he wasn’t dead!”
      They only stabbed him. He wasn’t beheaded, burned alive or poisoned, and his head wasn’t crushed like a grape. Which leaves the possibility of resurrection entirely probable.

  10. Melissa says:

    Of course he’s dead, until the “Red Woman” brings him back…

  11. Michelle says:

    Yeah, he’s dead. But he’s not staying dead. Mel’s going to resurrect him by the end of the premiere. Nothing to see here, move along.

  12. Chris says:

    He IS dead, deceased, no longer alive. But, we see that death, while usually permenant, is not neccesarily so. I suspect that Mellisandre does a Beric Dondarrion and brings him back to life.

  13. Elaine says:

    Well that just sucks!

  14. cr says:

    Jon Snow is dead. Jon Stark lives.

  15. AddiM says:

    I’ve seen the dead rising on this show…so he may be dead but he’s not staying dead! I don’t care if they have to bring in the Lazarus Pit to bring him back, Jon Snow is not going to stay dead!!

  16. Alvaro says:

    That means nothing, Jon Snow.

  17. Dennis says:

    I call bull—-

  18. Mollymoo says:

    Nope, still not buying it. Jon is dead. And all statements to that end aren’t a surprise. But none of the “Jon is dead” rhetoric says “and he’s not going to be resurrected.” (As was Beric Dondarrion, Lady Stoneheart (book only) )

  19. Amy says:

    You know nothing TV Line!!!

  20. Brian says:

    “Turns out he’s only mostly dead”. Actually, much as Thoros of Myr repeatedly returned life to Beric Dondarrion and later Lady Stoneheart through the power of Rh’llor, so can Melisandre do the same with said “deceased” lord commander. It’s not misdirection per se, it’s just only mostly true.

  21. SW says:

    Yes, he IS dead. Most of us haven’t been denying that. The part HBO left off is, “but he’ll be resurrected.” **Don’t keep reading if you don’t want spoilers** Kit Harrington was spotted filming a battle scene in Stark armor in the North/Winterfel, there are pictures. He couldn’t do that if Jon was dead the entire season. He’ll be resurrected by Melisandre within the first three episodes. I’d put money on it.

  22. Jon says:

    This is so stupid lol everyone knows that he is dead and that melissandre brings him back

  23. Mazi Enoch says:

    If “Jon Snow” as much as I wish something could be done ain’t really coming back, I sincerely wonder why I shouldn’t get tired already. Too many good characters killed already,& snow? *smh*

    • Jax&Juice's Girl says:

      I don’t believe this for a second Jon Snow will be resurrected by Melisandre who is known as “The Red Woman” so if he’s not alive yet in Ep. 1 then probably the 2nd or 3rd. Besides the actor or actress have to show up on set as the dead body most of the time anyways.

      • skyebright8 says:

        Agree Tywin was a dead body for one scene, Kit would’ve filmed death scenes already and been able to cut his hair. Melisandre being at Castle black and in the room with his body and Davos does point to them temporarily teaming up to get Jon resurrected.

  24. Christine says:

    I’m not sure why this is news. Hasn’t HBO and everyone affiliated with the show been saying he’s dead since the episode aired?

    Jon Snow headlines must drive a ton of traffic, because anytime Kit Harington sneezes it’s reported on a hundred websites.

  25. Me says:

    Jon Snow is dead, and MUST die to be reborn as the true Azor Azai, King of the North, and the third head of the dragon. Yes, the character is dead. But Harrington will play him in another incarnation.

  26. Jennifer says:


  27. Jenacc says:

    Isn’t Cersei’s daughter dead?

  28. Todd Colbert says:

    I am so glad that in just a few weeks one internet loop that seems to be on an infinite loop will finally come to an end…then we only have five months of insipid discussion about which WD character Negan killed…thank you for that Scott Gimple.

  29. Todd Colbert says:

    I am so glad that in just a few weeks one internet discussion that seems to be on an infinite loop will finally come to an end…then we only have five months of insipid discussion about which WD character Negan killed…thank you for that Scott Gimple.

  30. Ben says:

    Yes Jon Snow is dead…Jon Stark on the other hand…

  31. daniel gibbs says:

    The red witch hinted that John Snow was soecial and her cult has ressurected people before..the duel with hound and his captors ring any bells?

  32. JLH says:

    The reason that this is still a shock is because he does NOT die in the BOOKS. Why is HBO taking creative license and changing the entire story line! Crazy!

    • Tahonia says:

      At the end of the book he’s fighting for his life and we don’t know if he’s dead. Don’t pull the book card on me! We know nothing from the Book!

  33. Al says:

    Jon Snow is dead. Long live Jon Targaryen.

  34. Cal says:

    What the hell is your problem?!?! Let us as the viewers figure it out for ourselves. This is not the first time Yahoo has ruined the plot to a show or series for me. I think I need to start using my gmail account as my primary email, so I don’t have to see this garbage.

  35. Jason says:

    This isn’t really a shock. Clearly he really does die. I just don’t think he stays that way. But it could be well into the season or maybe even next year before such a resurrection takes place.

  36. Ray says:

    Enough of this. Yes, Jon Snow is currently dead but everybody and their mother knows he is coming back. This is getting silly.

  37. Loren says:

    I think the Red Woman will restore Jon somehow. He may not be Jon as we know him though. The fact that HBO states that Cersei sees her daughter again reinforces my belief. Of course she does and her daughter is DEAD. We’ll just have to wait until the 24th or the weeks thereafter.
    Harington has said in the past that he cannot wait to shed his unruly long hair so why keep it if he can’t stand it. There are these things called wigs you know. Hmmm.

  38. Autumn Sky says:

    Sure, Jon IS dead, but that doesn’t mean he will STAY dead. And Cercei WILL see her daughter again … she will see her dead body.

  39. John Gostol says:

    Think about it… Jon Snow is dead. When he comes back to life… he will become Jon Stark.

  40. MJ says:

    What is dead can never truly die. You think the lord of light sent that strumpet back to castle black to give us another gratuitous tit scene…. Well maybe he did but not before she breaths life back into Jon Snow. THE LORD COMMANDER LIVES!

  41. DURANGED PITT says:


    • lololee24 says:


  42. lololee24 says:

    I hope for the producers sake that they do bring Jon Snow back because, some of the fans have convinced themselves that his demise is temporary and I don’t think that it is. Unless the producers raise him from the dead toward the end of the series at the hands of the “New Red Lady” (whose already been hired and confirmed on the show) then I think the show is going to face some major back lash, back lash worse then that of the season 5 finale of The Walking Dead. Jon Snow’s character seems to be pretty pivotal to the the story for many fans but those same fans have forgotten that the origin lure of the Game of Thrones states that everyone dies in the end and no one ends up on the throne. And If I can recall even the Dragons die along with their Daynaries (the mother of dragons). Everyone dies so it won’t surprise me if Jon is “really” dead. I don’t know what the producers plans for the show are, what I do know is they won’t be following the books because Martin seems incapable of finishing the book.

    • ldmnj says:

      I’m not sure where you get the “everyone dies” part – the books aren’t finished and GRRM has said interviews that there are some characters who make it to those final pages.

  43. Got to die before your can be resurrected.

  44. jon snow dead, jon STARK lives!

  45. ami says:

    That synopsis definitely reads a little like it’s just describing the current situation that people are aware of. Other characters in the books WERE dead, just as dead as Jon Snow, and then they weren’t. So… Just because he’s dead, does not necessarily mean he will stay dead. (Also doesn’t mean that he won’t, in fairness the show seems to be taking the whole resurrection thing a notch down from the books, so maybe they won’t go there with Jon either. But…yeah. It seems HIGHLY LIKELY that they might.)

  46. melissa says:

    no one denied he was dead. We just think he will come back.

  47. Beastie says:

    They are being deceptive. John Snow IS dead…because he died. But my theory is that he will be brought back to life by the Red Woman. They aren’t lying but they are being sneaky. :)

  48. Darrell Eastburn says:

    Jon Snow may be dead… but I find it interesting that people aren’t thinking outside of the box on this deal. We all know that Jon Snow isn’t his real name. If he is resurrected it could be that he is resurrected under his true name or something of the sort… .ie… Jon Snow is dead but now that he has been resurrected he will be called by his “true” name or true “lineage”… and no longer be called Jon Snow… under this scenario you can say “Jon Snow” is dead with a straight face….

    • Good point! I too have always believed that his real identity would be revealed that he is the true heir to the iron throne and that he is a Targaryen and Daenarys’s half brother. He may be resurrected by the Red Woman to become the true King of the Iron Throne. Wonder if the books say as much?

  49. Mickiez says:

    Everyone, or most people, know hes dead. But anybody thats been paying attention knows he’ll be back.