May Sweets Scorecard 2016

May Sweeps Scorecard 2016: Deaths, Breakups, Weddings, Firings, Sex, Resurrections, Time Jumps and More!

Some people wait until Christmas to run around singing, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year” — but not TV junkies like you and us. We start in spring, in particular on this day of spring — the one on which TVLine releases its annual May Sweeps Scorecard!

Same as ever, the teaserpalooza is jam-packed with intel about who’ll be getting whacked or saying “I do” or fleeing town during the finale-packed Sweeps period. Also as usual, we’ve slapped [SPOILER] tags on the surprises that we’re not allowed to disclose (but that you are more than welcome to guess).

Wait, wait. Not so fast. Before you dive in:
• Keep in mind that most of the entries pertain to series regulars or recurring characters on shows that air on a broadcast network (i.e. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, The CW). Also, limited series — like The CW’s Containment — are not eligible.
• Also keep in mind that, as the plots twist and information leaks, we’ll be updating the Scorecard (and re-updating it… and RE-re-updating it) with additional entries. And then once Sweeps commences, we’ll be revealing the identities of the individuals behind the [SPOILER] tags (but only after the twists play out on air). In other words, bookmark this page now.
• Lastly, keep in mind that, if it’s on the Scorecard, it occurs during May Sweeps, which this year begins Thursday, April 28 and ends Wednesday, May 25.

OK, now you can start reading. What? You already had? Is it any wonder why we love you people?

Number of characters giving birth: 6
1. AIRED April 28: Annie/Game of Silence
2. AIRED May 1: Jane/The Family
3. AIRED May 16: Mike and Molly’s adopted child is born/Mike & Molly
4. AIRED May 16: Rick and Kate have three kids post-time jump/Castle
5. AIRED May 17: Ziva gives birth off screen to Tali/NCIS
6. AIRED May 19: April/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 34
1. AIRED April 29: Klaus and Cami say “I love you”/The Originals 
2. AIRED April 29: Hank and Zuri have sex/Grimm
3. AIRED May 1: Zelena and Hades share first kiss/Once Upon a Time
4. AIRED May 2: Mary and Gideon have sex/Reign
5. AIRED May 2: Xo and Esteban have sex/Jane the Virgin
6. AIRED May 3: Severide and Stella/Chicago Fire
7. AIRED May 3: Jimmy and Sara kiss/Grandfathered
8. AIRED May 4: Roman and Burgess have sex/Chicago P.D.
9. AIRED May 4: Jamal and Derek (D-Major) have sex/Empire
10. AIRED May 4: Layla and Avery have sex/Nashville
11. AIRED May 5: Aubrey and Jessica kiss/Bones
12. AIRED May 5: Oscar and Charlotte have sex/The Odd Couple
13. AIRED May 5: Monty and Harper have sex/The 100
14. AIRED May 8: Mike and Erica/The Last Man on Earth
15. AIRED May 10: Winston and Aly exchange “I love yous”/New Girl
16. AIRED May 11: Juliette and Noah have sex/Nashville
17. AIRED May 11: Donna tells Lance she loves him/Arrow
18. AIRED May 11: Brick and Cindy exchange “I love yous”/The Middle
19. AIRED May 12: Sara and Snart kiss/Legends of Tomorrow
20. AIRED May 12: Meredith and Nathan have sex/Grey’s Anatomy 
21. AIRED May 12: Alfred and Mary have sex/The Big Bang Theory
22. AIRED May 15: Henry and Violet kiss/Once Upon a Time
23. AIRED May 16: Luisa and Susanna (aka Rose) exchange “I love yous”/Jane the Virgin
24. AIRED May 16: Rafael and “Petra” had sex/Jane the Virgin
25. AIRED May 17: Eileen and Vice Principal Murray kiss/The Real O’Neals
26. AIRED May 17: Lincoln said “I love…” to Daisy/Marvel’s Agents of Shield
27. AIRED May 17: Casey and Susan kiss/Chicago Fire
28. AIRED May 18: Gunnar and Autumn had sex/Nashville
29. AIRED May 18: Roman said “I love you” to Burgess/Chicago P.D.
30. AIRED May 19: Clarke tells Lexa she loves her/The 100
31. AIRED May 19: Danny and Sophie kiss/The Catch
AIRED May 24: Iris and Barry say “I love you”/The Flash
33. AIRED May 24: Jimmy and Lacey kiss/The Real O’Neals
34. AIRED May 24: Kenny and Sebastian kiss/The Real O’Neals

Number of new pregnancies: 4
1. AIRED May 11: Bow/black-ish
2. AIRED  May 16: Molly/Mike & Molly
3. AIRED May 16: Xo/Jane the Virgin
4. AIRED May 20: Rosalee/Grimm

Number of weddings: 4
1. AIRED May 10: Schmidt and Cece/New Girl
2. AIRED May 16: Jane and Michael/Jane the Virgin
3. AIRED May 18: Anika and Lucious/Empire
4. AIRED May 19: Owen and Amelia/Grey’s Anatomy

Number of couples reuniting: 19
1. AIRED April 28: Owen and Amelia/Grey’s Anatomy
2. AIRED May 5: Carter and Kendra/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
3. AIRED May 5: Sara and Nyssa (as seen in flashback)/DC’s Legends of Tomorrow
4. AIRED May 8: Hook and Emma/Once Upon a Time
5. AIRED May 10: Daisy and Lincoln/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
6. AIRED May 10: Barry and Iris/The Flash
7. AIRED May 12 David and Elizabeth/Scandal
8. AIRED May 12 Cyrus and Michael/Scandal
9. AIRED May 13: Stefan and Caroline/The Vampire Diaries
10. AIRED May 13: Elijah and Hayley/The Originals
11. AIRED May 15: Alex and Ryan/Quantico
12. AIRED May 16: Greer and Lord Castleroy/Reign
13. AIRED May 16: Jane and Weller/Blindspot
14. AIRED May 16: Carl and Victoria/Mike & Molly
15. AIRED May 19: Liz and Tom/The Blacklist
16. AIRED May 19: Clarke and Lexa (albeit temporarily)/The 100
17. AIRED May 23: Oscar and Charlotte/The Odd Couple
18. AIRED May 25: Will and Kevin/Nashville
19. AIRED May 25: Scarlett and Gunnar/Nashville

Number of fatalities: 57
1. AIRED April 28: Felicity/The Catch
2. AIRED April 29: Rayna/The Vampire Diaries
3. AIRED April 29: Cami/The Originals
4. AIRED April 29: Davina/The Originals
5. AIRED May 2: Jeffrey/Reign
6. AIRED May 2: Alexandra/Blindspot
7.  AIRED May 3: Alisha/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
8. AIRED May 3: Elias/Person of Interest
8. AIRED May 4: Andy/Arrow
9. AIRED May 4: Milo/Arrow
10. AIRED May 4: Harper/Empire
11. AIRED May 6: Lucien/The Originals
12. AIRED May 8: King Arthur/Once Upon a Time
13. AIRED May 8: Robin Hood/Once Upon a Time
14. AIRED May 8: Hades/Once Upon a Time
15. AIRED May 9: Theo/Gotham
16. AIRED May 10: Andrew aka Lash/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
17. AIRED May 10: Danny Borrelli/Chicago Fire
18. AIRED May 11: Metatron/Supernatural
19. AIRED May 11: Alex/Arrow
20. AIRED May 12: Ontari/The 100
21. AIRED May 12: Druce/Legends of Tomorrow
22. AIRED May 12: Snart/Legends of Tomorrow
23. AIRED May 12: Kyle/Grey’s Anatomy
24. AIRED May 13: Gabriel/Hawaii Five-0
25. AIRED May 15: Simon/Quantico
26. AIRED May 15: Drew/Quantico
27. AIRED May 15: Liam/Quantico
28. AIRED May 15: Bridey/The Family
29. AIRED May 15: The Dragon/Once Upon a Time
30. AIRED May 16: Mayfair/Blindspot
31. AIRED May 16: Bill/Blindspot
32. AIRED May 17: Henry/The Flash
33. AIRED May 17: Lincoln/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
34. AIRED May 17: Hive/Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.
35. AIRED May 17: Downey/Chicago Med
36. AIRED May 17: Ziva/NCIS
37. AIRED May 17: Kort/NCIS
38. AIRED May 17: Russo/NCIS: New Orleans
39. AIRED May 18: Donatello/Supernatural
40. AIRED May 18: Ruve/Arrow
41. AIRED May 19: Pike/The 100
42. AIRED May 19: ALIE/The 100
43. AIRED May 19: Vandal Savage/Legends of Tomorrow
44. AIRED May 20: Rachel/Grimm
45. AIRED May 20: Bonaparte/Grimm
46. AIRED May 20: Meisner/Grimm
47. AIRED May 23: Oscar/Blindspot
48. AIRED May 23: Delphine/Reign
49. AIRED May 23: Christophe/Reign
50. AIRED May 25: Damien Darhk/Arrow
51. AIRED May 25: Cooper/Arrow
52. AIRED May 25: Taiana/Arrow
53. AIRED May 25: Reiter/Arrow
54. AIRED May 25: Sgt. Dodds/Law & Order: SVU
55. AIRED May 25: Justin/Chicago P.D.
56. AIRED May 25: Kate/Wayward Pines
57. AIRED May 25: Ruby/Wayward Pines


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  1. Jennifer says:

    I’m not liking the 14 Fatalities. This is going to be a bad finale period …

  2. Oh thank God! I was wondering where this was because I look forward to it every year. Maybe Arizona Robbins will be one of the pregnancies? I’m probably wrong but can’t shake the feeling they’re writing in JCap’s pregnancy this time.

    • Rob says:

      I think the ship’s sailed on that one just because Arizona as a character isn’t in the best place to be having a baby and since she’s gay, it couldn’t be a whoopsies so she’d have to actively be seeking that. I just don’t see that being a thing for her character right now.

    • Also, I’m not getting my hopes up because I know better at this point but please let one of the resurrections be Ward.

    • anon says:

      JCap is due to give birth during hiatus, there won’t be a pregnancy to hide next season (for her at least).

    • Falcon says:

      I don’t think AZ is pregnant, but I similarly can’t shake the feeling that they are setting up something big for the character. Looking at the listed options, I’m going with either Arizona’s moving away or (in the complete opposite direction) a Calzona reunion! I would be more excited for the latter

      • kn1231 says:

        JCap just signed on for more seasons, so I don’t think the character will be going anywhere unless Arizonna leave close to or on the final and returns at the beginning of season 13

      • mo1128 says:

        I agree…I think the actress might be, but I don’t think AZ is…I hope she doesn’t move away, I really like her & she’s kindof one of the originals….& YES, w/ those looks & that hug it certainly seemed like a Calzona “reunion”, & I personally would love that!!!

  3. martina says:

    I guess Lexa from The 100 goes into the “resurrection/big return” category.

  4. Mo says:

    Seriously hoping Barry and Iris are one of the four couples getting together lol… Does it count if they’ve already kissed before but it’s technically AU now?

  5. Looks to be a fun May as usual. Will be interesting to see which of the shows I watch end up with at least 1 listing on these 2 pages.

  6. Mark says:

    Tony and Ziva reuniting. Saw that coming a mile away with last nights episode. Another Greys character dead. Empire having a baby? Maybe a death there? Definite death on The Flash.

    • Jennifer says:

      I am SO SICK of the TIVA people. It’s over. She’s not coming back. THEY’VE SAID SO.

      She’s gone. GET OVER IT.

      • Don’t believe everything you read or hear….it’s not over til the season finale has aired. I’d suggest waiting til after that airs to voice your complaints. :)

      • Jurassic M says:

        De al with it and please stop bullying people, geez!

      • Briana says:

        THIS ^

      • Night Owl says:

        As much as I agree with you, we also were led to believe that Neal wouldn’t be back for the 100th episode. Lo and behold he was. I still think Tony will end up with Jean, but I also think Tony might be the one that goes into witness protection. I also believe that Hetty will be one of the firings or resignations. She usually is.

        • Nic says:

          I wondered when I saw the witsec one as well, it could be an interesting arc, but I feel like he’s more likely to be in the fatality, leave town, fired/resignation/change jobs categories.
          Should he die, I can see a potential time jump for NCIS to show them moving on,msimilar to greys and Dempseys exit. For that, Tony would have to die in the penultimate episode, or the time jump would be in the final scene, showing life going on as usual in NCIS, maybe with a bit of a poignant moment as someone reflects and says a final bye to Tony. A major cliffhangers not always required right? Right?
          I also feel their could be a few characters from NCIS in the big returns category – could be anyone from Tom Morrow (okay, maybe that would just be big for some of us, I loved him), to Trent Kort (as Jeannes already been back this season, I don’t think she’d count as big). Possibly Ziva, I’m not ruling anything out at this point, as they said they didn’t rule anything out when they wrote it. Plus, GG said they’d address her in some shape or form.
          The sheer number of fatalities and potential fatalities makes me feel sick though…
          Overall, I’m inclined to believe the WITSEC plot will belong to a show where the main characters aren’t primarily law enforcement, I don’t think an officer would go for it – it’s part of what they sign up for. Although I suppose L&O:SVU did it with one of their lawyers didn’t they? Would be a shock that’s for sure.
          Or maybe the cliffhanger is Tony goes to work for WITSEC as a Marshall, the NCIS team finds out he’s been murdered thanks to a case and Gibbs and co go all Captain Abhab (?) again to catch those responsible.
          Maybe Deeks will finally officially transfer to NCIS (if he hasn’t already, I’m a little behind). And could 2 of the major job changes involve the two new NCIS characters or would they not count, as they’re not regulars yet?
          I’d speculate further on which shows could be what… But I don’t know what else is in that window beyond the 4 tags…

    • sue says:

      @mark go and look on this week AA scoop. A top NCIS official said Ziva is not coming back

    • Jerri says:

      You’ll see a Tony and Ziva reunion coming if all Tony did was sneeze.

    • Carm says:

      Where did you see that in the last show?

    • Why would NCIS do a Tiva hookup (reunited would mean they were a couple before and they never were) when all the Tiva fans have said they quit watching as of July 10, 2013?

      • Well, remember, not all the TIVA-fen have quit watching… We often see them commenting each other that they are taking one for the team and still watching. I’m more curious about the emaculate conception that Ziva has “apparently had” that has led to the longest pregnancy in history…

        • Agreed, Jeanette. I’m also curious as to why some people see Ziva keeping a child from Tony during its formative years, denying him a chance to bond with that child, see its first steps, hear its first words, and generally be a part of its life, as wildly romantic or even acceptable.

      • Pete says:

        Additionally, those who watched primarily for Tiva – even if they kept watching because they felt there was the tiniest possibility of Ziva making a return appearance to fulfil their fantasies – will have nothing to keep them interested in the show after the end of this season.
        It makes no sense whatsoever for the show to give a “leaving present” in the storyline to viewers who will not be watching next season – what they need is something to retain the viewers who are going to miss Weatherly but for whom he (and a potential relationship) are not the main reasons for watching. Focusing on something from the show’s past and that will have nothing to do with the future of the show, is not a very effective way of doing that.

  7. Goldenvibefan says:

    I was wondering when this was coming. Look forward to this every year. Holy moly, lots of stuff happens this year. 14 fatalities, 10 possible fatalities, 17 firings, 10 big returns. This may be the biggest may sweeps year of tv yet.

  8. Bill says:

    Your attempt at humor is seriously lacking wit.

  9. LaLa says:

    Wow, 14 fatalities and 11 possible fatalities (meaning we’ll think they’re dead, but they may not be). That’s a lot.

  10. Kay says:

    Could Jo on Greys be one of the pregnancies? And holy cow that’s a lot of death this Sweeps!! That’s terrifying. One of the births has to be Belle on OUAT right?

    • A says:

      How did you conclude to Jo out of all characters? Because I would love that so much but I doubt it. Their storyline is about getting married. However I’ve read speculations that Amelia could turn out pregnant which I’m not a fan of since I don’t like her and Owen together and they only became a couple last season. A pregnancy would be
      way too soon. I think Jo and Alex have been dating for long enough, plus it’s Alex’s 12th season so he sure deserves to become a dad already.

  11. Number of engagements/question poppings: 2
    -McGee/Delilah NCIS?

    • MMD says:

      Yep! I had totally forgotten about his ring shopping.

    • I know it’s likely, but I hope to God it’s not these two. I want them broken up as soon as possible. They’re not compatible, and Tim isn’t himself since she showed up. She’s controlling just when he’s gained the confidence to stand up for himself. Sean and TPTB love the relationship, but this is one fan who does not.

  12. jj says:

    Here is me hoping that Felicity is one of the fatalities.

  13. crazytelevision says:

    Michael Weatherly aka DiNozzo either death or job change

    • Michael G says:

      I was wondering if Michael Weatherly could be the 1 person going into WitSec… Would be a way to write his exit and also allow for a return as a guest star in future episodes…

      • MMD says:

        I can’t see him going into WitSec because then he couldn’t return. The only people he would have contact with would be his local US Marshalls that have his case.

        I’m really hoping that he either leaves for his own team (which he has been offered before) or decides to leave NCIS altogether and find out what he wants to do for the rest of his life (without any mention of Ziva whatsoever) now that he has decided his life is boring.

      • KCC says:

        Witness protection is for civilians. Tony is in law enforcement. Everyone in law enforcement testifies against bad guys all the time. It’s part of their jobs.

  14. bob says:

    beckett from castle is gonna be one of thoes deaths

  15. cc says:

    Is it possible that Andy and Haley are one of the couples saying “I love you” for the first time?

  16. Kay says:

    Maybe Shonda is planning a mass-murder and all 14 deaths will be on one show….

  17. Daisy says:

    Always love this item, good to see its back.

    Engagements/question poppings have to be NCIS (Tim and Delilah) and Scorpion (Toby/Happy). And I except 1 or more (possible) fatalities on Quantico.

  18. Gabby says:

    All my fingers and toes crossed that one of the couples saying I love you getting together or sharing a first kiss (or fourth on Barry’s part) is Westallen. It’s 2016 I deserve this!

  19. Lola says:

    Agents of SHIELD:

    Fatalities: expect the deaths of almost all if not all the villains, almost all if not all the supporting characters and it seems like we might get a main character death this year as well, so keep your eye on all the non comic book characters (May, Fitz, Simmons, Mack, Lincoln.) Im 50/50 on whether Ward/Hive will die or carry over to s4. They’ve never carried a villain over before but they’ve also never gotten an early renewal before so who knows?

    I Expect a FitzSimmons ‘I love you’, (and another kiss, but it wouldnt be on the scorecard) in the finale. Maybe they’ll do the do but if so it’ll be in 19 or 20. Mack and Elena could do it too but not as likely.

    I’m not sure Maria Hill will return as customary, but a Nick Fury return is overdue.

    One or two of the possible fatalities will be SHIELD characters, but none will be actual fatalities.

    The Flash:

    Fatalities: Zoom and one or two select supporting cast members who probably won’t be missed

    Henry Allen will return, Barry and Iris will say ‘I Love you’ and kiss. Earth 1 Kara Danvers may cameo but that would be a stretch


    Fatalities: Damien Darhk. They’re pulling a major death next week so I think the finale will be death-lite.

    Either Olicity will get back together or Felicty will leave town without Oliver. Captain Lance might retire.

    Supergirl finishes before May Sweeps begins but expect the deaths of Max Lord, Non, Eliza Danvers, possibly Indigo, whoever the ‘surprise villain’ is in episode 20 and if Berlanti’s feeling ballsy, Winn.

  20. I still say you should include arrests/incarcerations.

  21. Lorena says:

    Why the writers love fatalities? I watch TV to be happy, not to suffer. Come on guys!

    • Chance says:

      Death, Pregnancies, and Weddings help ratings. All of them. That’s why shows always do things like that during sweeps.

      • anon says:

        This. Plus it makes people want to come back and see what happens in September. No matter how many cry that they’re never watching again ;)

        • Pete says:

          If I like a show I’ll come back in September pretty much whatever they do – and I’ve usually forgotten the cliffhanger by the following week. I tend to feel that they insult my intelligence and show a lack of faith in the product (the show) if tptb assume that is what is needed to retain my interest.

  22. oh no – don’t say that… I like the Robin/Regina romance.

  23. Ines says:

    For sure at least one of the deaths is on Supernatural.

  24. Alyson says:

    I’m assuming Jane and Michael will be one of the couples to have sex for the first time, but I’m also starting to buy into the theories that Michael is going to die, too.

    • CaptainOats says:

      Wha?! Nooooo

    • Mya says:

      I don’t think it’s Michael dying. The narrator has said he has a long detective career. Can’t do that if he’s dead.

      • WingsStef says:

        The show said something last year like “Michael will love Jane until the day his dies” which set the soap/telenovela logic sensors off. Still that might be a call back for a later season like “Wrong choice.” Still it might just mean something else or nothing at all. Either way I am Team Michael.

        • CaptainOats says:

          I was totally sure Michael was going into witness protection, but now that category’s been removed… so I’m worried! (Obvs, I am v team J+M)

  25. kmw says:

    I love these scorecards. The last one is really interesting, who would be going into Witness Protection? And of course lots of fatalities. From Bones the only thing I can think of is possibly Angela and Jack splitting but I really don’t know

  26. kitsunesaru says:

    Love the witness protection catagory ahaaha

  27. TvLover says:

    Thanks TvLine! I was just wondering the other day when this would be posted.

  28. AddiM says:

    Giving Birth – Liz The Blacklist
    Couples Kissing for the first time:
    Mellie & Marcus (Scandal)
    Lucifer & ‘Detective’ (Lucifer)
    New Pregnancies – Scandal: Susan Ross
    The Originals: Davina/ Freya/ Josh/ Finn/ Cole/ Lucien
    Scandal: Jake/ Rowan/ Susan Ross
    Lucifer: Dan
    Arrow: Felicity
    The Blacklist: Liz
    Couples Reuniting:
    Olivia & Fitz (Scandal – I hope I’m wrong)
    Cami & Klaus (The Originals)
    Break Ups:
    Brooklyn 99 – Amy & Jake / Captn Holt & Kevin
    Leaving Town:
    Brooklyn99 – Pimento
    Arrow – Felicity
    Resignations –
    Scandal : Susan Ross
    Supergirl: James
    Possible fatalities-
    Supergirl: James/ Winn/ Cat
    The Flash – Patty Spivot

  29. Shira says:

    So basically TV is mostly dying this May :)

  30. Falcon says:

    I feel like a few of these belong to Once Upon a Time (Death- Robin, Birth- Belle, Character Moving Away- I kinda have a feeling about Rumple/Belle, but it’s pure speculation and gut at this point). Another show that’s probably going to knock a few off? Greys (Birth- April? They’ve never carried a pregnancy over between seasons, Pregnant- Jo, moving away- Stephanie? The actress just landed a new pilot or Arizona? Just a feeling a have, Couple Reuniting – Calzona, if Arizona doesn’t move away) I think at least one- if not more- of those deaths belong to Empire as well. And a Cookie/Lucious couple’s reunion as well.

  31. Falcon says:

    Same suggestions I made above, but rewritten in a clearer format (Sorry for the repost!):
    Once Upon A Time
    Death- Robin
    Birth- Belle
    Character Moving Away- I kinda have a feeling about Rumple/Belle, but it’s pure speculation and gut at this point
    Greys Anatomy
    Birth- April? They’ve never carried a pregnancy over between seasons before
    Pregnant and/or Engagement- Jo
    Moving Away- Stephanie? The actress just landed a new pilot or Arizona? Just a feeling a have
    Couple Reuniting – Calzona, if Arizona doesn’t move away
    I think at least one- if not more- of those deaths belong to Empire. And a Cookie/Lucious couple’s reunion as well.
    Agents of SHIELD
    Death- Ward/ Or whatever that mutant that is currently inhabiting his body. Don’t see them stretching that plot into a new season
    New Girl
    If they count one episode comeback’s as a return, we have been promised a Damon Wayans Jr return as Coach for Schmidt and Cece’s wedding. I also have a feeling that Megan Fox might come back as well.
    Resurrection/ Return- MAMA POPE!

  32. i’m going to guess most of the fatalities & possibles are from Quantico

  33. Hey don’t believe the number of deaths – LOL – last year initially it was 13 and by the time sweeps were over it was almost 30

  34. Linda says:

    I assume the ones you tagged (Empire, The Flash, Grey’s Anatamy and NCIS) are listed in here somewhere?

  35. Bwhit says:

    This is usually nerve racking and fun at the same time.
    First kiss/love you for couples:
    Jimmy/Sylvie Chicago Fire
    Fitz/Simmons AOS
    Hayley/Elijah (that’s just pure hope on my part, I really don’t think they will)
    Break up:
    I’m guessing either Dawson/Casey (if they don’t, I think they may end up eloping for some reason) or Halstead/Lindsay, because it’s the Chicago franchise.
    Casey from his Alderman job on Fire
    At least two of those spots have to be from the Originals.

  36. Amy says:

    Couples (first time):
    Lucifer: Lucifer & Chloe
    Blindspot: Kurt & Jane
    Scandal: Jake
    Lucifer: Dan
    OUAT: Hood

    Leaving Town:
    OUAT – Rumple

    OUAT: Rumple & Belle
    Resignations –
    Scandal : Susan

    Ouat- Emma & Hook

    Time Warps
    Legends of Tomorrow (hahah)

    • Lysh says:

      LOL @ Legends of Tomorrow

    • Nicky Aiuto says:

      1. Once Upon a Time

      None for OUAT. I don’t see engagements between the savior and the pirate, because I looked at the photos and there was no engagement ring. Engagements involve rings, this does not look like an engagement. Those photos do not necessarily mean an engagement.

      Obiviously for OUAT. Sure there might be evidence that Robin is one, but it can also be for more then one main character. It could be for both Robin and Hook.

      Leaving Town:
      Probably for Rumple and Belle so they can have their baby. But they will obviously return next season just as Emile (Belle) has hinted.

      2. Agents of SHIELD

      Leaving Town:
      We already had Bobbi and Hunter leave the team.

      Unknown. Probably for Malick and Ward/Hive

      Unknown. Probably never.

      • Annie says:

        OUAT – Hook is already dead. He could be a resurrection but not another fatality.

        • Nicky Aiuto says:

          Accept that he could die again and move on into the better place. Remember this, we were already hinted that Emma will look look inward on her personal motives.

        • Nicky Aiuto says:

          And we were hinted from the EW Hotseat interview that he may die harder. Meaning it will take him a long time to die until the the end.

  37. PoeticNobleLandMermaid says:

    Do these apply only to main cast members, or does the list encompass recurring characters too?

  38. Fofo says:

    Fingers crossed Barry and Iris are under the ‘first kiss and I love you’s’ for the first time! Well, I should say first, first official kiss that both Barry and Iris know about, lol!!

  39. Linda says:

    Shows NOT included will be Sleepy Hollow, Scorpion, iZombie, Supergirl, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Lucifer and Limitless. These finales are all before April 28 and that’s when the sweeps start.

  40. Lena says:

    i bet Felicity is one of the pregnancies.

  41. teri says:

    I hope one of the firings is Beckett from being a Captain. She has to go back to just being a Detective so she can work EVERY case with Castle and the boys.

  42. Lysh says:

    I am so tired of deaths. It’s starting to seem lazy.
    Anyway, I’m gonna need a Captain Swan engagement.

  43. Jason says:

    James and Kara from Supergirl will probably go on the “first time saying I love you”

  44. Linda says:

    One of the ‘giving births’ will probably be Bernedette on The Big Bang Theory.

  45. Angie says:

    I kinda wish they put the network beside these, so I can theorize better.

  46. Rob Horine says:

    Two of the deaths, Tony from NCIS and Beckett from Castle.

  47. Berenice says:

    Right, I’m gonna go with

    Number of characters giving birth: 3
    1. April on Grey’s
    2. Liz on The Blacklist

    Number of couples having sex, kissing or saying “I Love You” for the first time: 4
    1. Jane and Kurt on Blindspot? Though tecnically they’ve already kissed but maybe sex?
    2. Have Daisy and Lincoln said I love you yet?

    Number of new pregnancies: 3
    1. I’m gonna throw a Kensi Blye in here mostly out of hope cause I’m pretty sure they stablished that not happening yet

    Number of weddings: 3
    1. Deeks and Kensi

    Number of couples reuniting: 5
    1. Alex & Ryan on Quantico?

    Number of fatalities: 14
    1. Someone from Arrow
    2. & 3. At least two from Grey’s
    4. & 5. Another two from OUAT
    5. I’m even gonna throw Owen Granger in here just in case
    6. Beckett?
    7. Ward’s parasite
    8. & 9. Another two from TVD
    10.& 11. An at least another two from Quantico

    • YuRi says:

      I was about to say Kensi Blye as well. I can see Kensi and Deeks under pregnancy and engaged!!! (well, fingers crossed.)

  48. Berenice says:


    Now it makes more sense.
    So, a few more:

    Number of breakups/divorces: 7

    Number of possible fatalities*: 11
    1. 2. & 3. At LEAST three from Quantico
    4. One from AoS?
    * Applies to characters’ whose fate is left up in the air at the end of the season finale

    Number of characters leaving town: 6
    1. I’ll put one on Grey’s
    2. Tony on NCIS, clearly.

    Number of resurrections and/or big returns: 10
    1. [Also someone from Arrow]

    Number of onscreen firings/resignations/major job changes: 17
    1. Beckett?
    2. Tony on NCIS

    Number of engagements/question poppings: 2
    1. Scratch the wedding and put my Deeks and Kensi money here.
    2. [SPOILER]
    Number of time warps/jump: 1
    1. Flash or Arrow of LoT I guess
    Number of cliffhangers involving witness protection: 1
    1. Quantico

  49. TvLover says:

    I really hope that at least one of the deaths is Vikrum from Castle.
    Sorry not sorry, actor Sunkrish Bala.

  50. Flashrow says:

    Dead Laurel from Arrow, Resurrection Laurel from The Flash’s earth 2, Stefan from The Vampire Diaries. Belle’s pregnancy from Once Upon A Time. More death probably in the 100. Leaving town, Bash from Reign. Resurrection Carter from Legends of Tomorrow. Time jump, Once Upon a Time (maybe memories are gone, again lol). Can Matt’s awful girlfriend count as a death from TVD? And of course has to have some of them, but I don’t think is any original, because it would be such a mess if they resurrect again Kol and Finn for killing them

    • cc says:

      Since Laurel already died, she doesn’t count in May sweeps scorecard because it out of the time period.

    • Mike says:

      Laurel will not be resurrected (THANK GOD!) on The Flash, she plays another character on Earth 2,

    • gaby says:

      The time jump will obviously be the originals. They have to time jump 3 years to keep up with the vampire diaries timeline.
      In case you haven’t noticed in season 1 of TVD Elena and friends were starting Junior year in high-school and by the end of season 6 they were only in the end of the freshman year of college.
      So while 6 seasons (and years) gone by to us, to the characters it was only 3 years (4 by the end of season 7) so they were actually living in 2013 on the show, hence the 3 year time jump they did there.
      And since the originals was keeping up with the original TVD timeline, hayley got pregnant in an TVD episode and all, they are still in 2013 and have to time jump to 2016.

      Now what i’m really dying to know is who is going get shot in the penis and in what show ^-^