NCIS Weatherly Leaving DiNozzo

Michael Weatherly Leaving NCIS: Did We Just Find Out How Tony Will Exit?

This week on NCIS, the case of a couple of Phony Tonys quite possibly planted a seed for how the very real, Very Special Agent DiNozzo will leave in the Season 13 finale aka Michael Weatherly‘s final episode.

On the trail of a some identity thieves, DiNozzo eventually confronts the Phony Tonys, who had been hired, as actors, by none other than the woman that Tony bungled a hot date with a few episodes back.

The imposter dubbed “Short Tony” says he was enticed by the idea of posing as a Jason Bourne-type government agent, but instead got “Jason Boring.” Tall Tony chimes in that “learning his lines” as DiNozzo was easy since, as they tell the real deal, “You have no life. No wife, no kids, no hobbies, same job, same apartment… Nothing changes with you.”

Later, DiNozzo is led to ruminate about his love life, when Abby discovers the lengths to which he goes to woo women such as “Leah.” “You’re a catch,” Abby declares, to which Tony shrugs, “Maybe I just haven’t met the right one yet?”

The introspection didn’t end there, not by a long shot. After being pulled over and hauled in by a cop for speeding/posing as a federal agent, DiNozzo tells McGee that he did “a lot of thinking in the big house.”

“I feel like my life is a charade,” Tony laments. Recounting how he got easily swindled by “Leah,” he asks Tim, “You’d tell me, right, if I was losing my edge, the DiNozzo edge? Because I feel like it.” Worse, he feels like a “buffoon,” he adds.

“Sometimes feel like I don’t know who I am… like I’ve already lost my identity,” he continues. “Is [the identity theft] some weird metaphor for my psychological state?”

All of which would seem to suggest a restless DiNozzo, someone poised to transform his “Jason Boring” “charade” of a life into something meaningful. Possibly by way of a new job, or… something more? After all, he did note that (his goldfish) Ziva “gained a little weight” — which surely at least a few out there will read as a planted seed of a whole other kind.

What’s your current thinking on Tony’s exit plan?

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  1. auntiemm says:

    I think this started last week when Tony was watching his father from the doorway at the end of the episode. Tony has finally grown up and what he does with the info and with whom remains to be seen.

  2. Emily Morgan says:

    Ducky also made a sly comment about Tony’s replacement, perhaps referring to McGee stepping up into the role that Tony now plays on the team.

  3. darkangel200 says:

    Definitely seems like some foreshadowing going on. But sometimes a fat fish is just a fat fish ;)

  4. Gina says:

    As I watched, the same things were going through my mind. Suddenly Tony is feeling his life is a “charade” and he will soon be looking for something new, hence leaving NCIS. I don’t like that as a plot line at all….but then again, I don’t want him to leave so having him killed off would really devastate me too. I love the character and it will never be the same with him gone. I still miss Ziva.

    • SIMON says:

      Me to bro…(NCIS Fan from India)

    • Kat says:

      I miss Zive too!!!

    • Gloria says:

      I ‘m with you, Gina. Ziva will always be my choice for Tony. !!

      • karenann bechtold says:

        oh my gosh I miss ziva too… she needs to come back to the show and tony needs to stay (I know this is a selfish comment but I love these characters)

        • Kathy says:

          Since ziva and tony are the backbone of the show a long with all the other main characters I believe they both made a big mistake. This is all we know them as. I really wish it would have been different . this is the beginning of the end of the show.

    • Dianna says:

      I agree Gina, still missing Ziva and will forever miss Tony. Think it will change the story line..

    • I miss Ziva, but I also miss Director Jenny Shepard, Special Agent Caitlin Todd, Retired Special Agent Mike Franks (though he’s back now and then as Gibbs’ “Muse” (pun intended)), Special Agent Michelle Lee (I liked her, but I didn’t in some ways like her), Special Agent Paula Cassidy, Special Agent Christopher Pacci, Special Agent Brent Langer (really liked him), and one or two I might have missed.

      Point being, they have the option of killing him off in a poignant way. They have never hesitated to do that to a character. Not that that’s what I want, quite the contrary, I’d rather enjoy him joining Ziva in Israel and walking into an Israeli sunset, fade to black.

    • caitysmom says:

      I was actually thinking the exact same thing, Gina! I’m really, really hoping that Tony isn’t just killed off! If Tony were to exit NCIS alive, there is always the possibility of him returning to be on a future episode, here & there. Fingers crossed…


    The show will not be the same!

  6. rad mama says:

    I’m still holding out for Tony and Ziva! What if Ziva got pregnant the last time Tony was in Israel? (fat goldfish “Ziva”). That would be the best Tony exit ever!!! Glasberg, make it so, please???!!!

    • ndixit says:

      How about you look at the ausiello spoiler post?

      • Annie says:

        Do you really think they would spoil something like that ahead of time? I think there’s plenty of reason to hope.

        • ndixit says:

          I don’t think there is any reason to keep it a surprise. Why would they not bring it up when it would only bring more attention to the finale from the audience. I just think it’s a case of wishful thinking from Tiva fans.

          • KeithH says:

            Wishful thinking? No…insanity.

          • Drama. That’s why, IMHO. They kept Special Agent Caitlin Todd’s demise pretty darned quiet….

            They set us up to expect one thing, then the direct opposite happens. They put Gibbs into Ari’s sights moments before he took aim on Caitlyn Todd.

      • Steve Ungrey says:

        I don’t have any skin in the Tiva game, but I remember on ER everyone wanted George Clooney back when Julianna Margulies left, and the response was “forget it, ain’t gonna happen.”

        Who showed up on her last episode?

        Never say never.

        • Melody says:

          Never gonna happen. She left when episodes were written. They had to rewrite episodes because of it

          • Sandi says:

            She was out of contract, and they had not agreed on ine. THEIR bad planning is not her fault. Same situation back in S6 Haiatus, and the PRIOR SR DID have alterantive stories planned if not re-signed. It’s just poor planning, and SR tried to throw her under the bus for their own negligence.

        • Not to nitpick, but it’s Ziva. or זיוה in Hebrew. It means bright star or the sparkle in Daddy’s eye, in a less literal translation.

          Tiva means something altogether different in simply means “Good”.

          • Steve Ungrey says:

            “Tiva” is the name worshippers have given to Tony and Ziva. Just FYI.

          • I don’t go with the “Brangelina” style name combos. I didn’t pick up on “TIVA” as a combo of the names since I don’t go that way. I’m kind of old school. I most identify with Mike Franks, since I’m about his age and kind of resist change. But thanks for the tip, Steve Ungrey! (I’m a fan, but not to that degree…)

            I’m a retired LEO with a Federal LEOSA permit and even carry the same type of weapon (legally permitted) as Franks did in the series. Old and still very reliable.

            I’m so old school, it’s sometimes a hindrance, but I resist change.

            I hate Mr. Weatherly is leaving, and I hope it doesn’t relate to his unfortunate incident with local LEOs in greater LA. CBS has a no-tolerance policy on things like that, as do some of the other studios. “LOST” (ABC) lost several cast members due to a different kind of incident.

          • Denise says:

            Michael Weatherly, will still be on CBS, just his own show..i wish luck in his endeavors!!

          • In NCIS speak, Tiva is a Tony+Ziva combination, that’s all.

          • flootzavut says:

            Good in Hebrew is tov (I don’t have a Hebrew keyboard on this device) as in boker tov, erev tov laylah tov.

    • Melody says:

      So cliche

    • justafan says:

      The last time he was in Israel would have been two and half years ago.
      That’s an awfully long time to be pregnant. Even a woman as super awesome as ziva is would be losing it.

      • Rad Mama says:

        Have you ever thought Ziva got pregnant and had the baby and been raising that baby??? If they don’t want Cote in the episode at all (which would be stupid really!), they could just have Tony go to Israel to seek Ziva and his baby. They don’t have to show them! Things can be done off camera, you know! This is tv we’re talking about!

        • Paige says:

          Huh?? You are saying a happy ending for Tony is the woman that rejected him has his baby (a virgin birth if you follow actual cannon) and keeps it from him? No thanks. Tv or not – that’s just arrrgghhh

          • They never implied that Ziva was a virgin, (she was with at least one guy other than Tony). Nor that Tony and she did not have relations. Quite the opposite, I inferred that they (Ziva and Tony) did, at least once, and that’s all it takes.

    • NCIS FAN!!! says:

      I am with you I would love that to happen

    • Two great minds (yours and mine) imagining the same thing!

    • Louise says:

      I agree 100%. But it looks like Glasberg is not listening to any of the fans. I for one
      am not going to miss Tony. I Probably will get a lot of comments about that, but I did not
      like him always knocking people down and acting like a fool. I know that was his
      persona, but I am glad its going to be over and I would like to see McGee be permoted
      and get married to Delilah. I love all the rest of the people in NCIS, especially
      Gibbs, Abby, McGee, Ducky and Jimmy. I know NCIS will go on for a long time and I
      disagree with the person who said, once Tony is gone, NCIS is over. Whoever said it,
      I saying, “Don’t be like DiNozzo, Get a Grip”

  7. tyranthraxus says:

    Actually, in a way Tony is just verbalising what we have felt about the character over the years.

    Early on the show was all about the cases. We rarely if ever got any light on the characters personal lives… it just wasnt what the show was about.

    Then the Benoit storyline hit and the show in a way esp for Dinozzo was changed forever. For better or worse Tony from here on, did get at least a little focus on his private life. While we didnt see his apartment until much later, we got to know about his actual troubles with women. While the show portrayed him as a ladies man, in a way it also suppressed that part and we never really saw it on screen.

    Then Ziva left and Tony again seemed to change. He started living more healthy and wanting to change himself. Then that storyline faltered. I equate it a bit to when he stopped getting head slaps, quoting movies and so on. Parts of his personality seemed kinda in flux.

    However even if the show wanted to show characters personal lives, its never really been very good at doing so. In the case of Tony, its almost like his Dad needs to turn up for this to happen. And we get 4 steps forward and then 8 steps back as we get episodes that want to use a very pre season 4 Tony as the Comedy angle. (mainly because Palmer dosnt get much screen time and his byplay with the characters always seems a little off)

    Personally Ive felt that the agents lives are too stagnant for a long time. Gibbs age hasnt been listed for a long time but he must be well past REtirement age by now. But then you also look at him from an angle outside of Work. What does he have? He lost those who meant the most to him then tried to get it back several times.

    Tony has been senior special agent for 14+? years. In the exactly same role for that long is normally a sign that you have been passed over for future advancement. My hope is that he decides to advance his career, find someone to love, perhaps have some kids and move on. Hes far too ‘safe’ where he is and while the world moves around him, he never moves with it.

    • youneedtherapy says:

      It’s a tv show …

    • Paige says:

      I don’t think the current Benoit story is concluded.

      • Well, they’ll probably carry out the Benoit story next year, without Tony.

        • Paige says:

          I can’t see the point in bringing the Jeanne character back if it’s not related to Tony’s departure. There was the mention of Kort in a previous episode (which can’t be random) and Fornell is also back in upcoming episodes. Whether Jeanne serves simply as a catalyst to Tony’s departure or is something more remains to be seen. Scottie and Michael have great chemistry and their season 4 arc featured a strong, competent, well-written Tony.

    • I agree with you. Most if not all the women Very Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo has seemed to lure TO him. (With the exception of Jenne Benoit, who was at first an assignment to get to her father “The Frog” – “La Grenouille”, but that turned into something else. She could come back, except she’s supposedly married. Her husband could die in some Doctor’s Without Borders incident (offscreen)…

      The only woman he has ever gone after was Ziva. Not in the aggressive Tony style, but in a more of the subdued “I can’t live without you but I’m not going to say it outright” way.

  8. Leo says:

    It does sound like the template for his exit. The truly intriguing reference was to Ziva his fish. Now that raised curiosity!

  9. debbie roepke says:

    i love Tonys role in the show. He is one of the original NCIS characters but he needs a female agent with a strong, independent personality to banter with. The new female agent is sweet but too polly anna, not enough edge. Tony has always been confident and funny with a hint of sarcasm. He also cares,about his,second family at work as much as Gibbs. But the real Tony fell in love with Ziva and kind of lost his stride. He lost part of himself. This last episode he plays off center from his normal role.Im not buying it. Tony is not careless or akward as the writers portray him to be.. The writers need to improve his script. If he is going to leave the show, then he better leave with a cliff hanger, giving him the option to return.

  10. Paco says:

    NCIS has had a great run. Time to move on.

    • Karen Padecky says:

      You don’t move..there are me.who love it..I don’t understand people like you who if it’s not good for them the hell with everyone else.

    • Daniel Graff says:

      NCIS is the #1 show in the world. It’s not time to move on. It may be Tony’s… But definitely not NcIS’. You’re free to go tho.. But I’m sure you’re a walking Dead fan ;)

      • Karen Padecky says:

        Daniel Graff 👏👏👏👏👏 I agree.. people upset me when they say things bad about NCIS..It’s the best show ever..they don’t like move on..Do they realize there are people behind the scenes depending on NCIS for their paychecks. ..

    • drhenning says:

      obviously CBS doesn’t think so since it is signed for 2 more seasons… I am always amazed that people who don’t like something want it gone when there are, esp in this case, millions and millions who enjoy it around the world.. There’s a reason why USA keeps showing old episodes every day all day sometimes… There is no much to watch why should some shows go or not…

    • flootzavut says:

      If you no longer enjoy it, there are buttons on your TV remote for a reason.

  11. Mike Sullivan says:

    I am thinking that his father has to be involved and maybe he dies and Ziva comes back for the funeral and they leave together. Lots of theories, but hope they leave it open for his return someday. Then again, maybe he gets his own gig as head agent like Gibbs. He turned it down before.

    • Jerri says:

      DePablo is not coming back. Read Ausiello’s last spoiler post.

      • Page Leigh says:

        They can’t seem to comprehend that Jerri. Seriously who would bring back an employee that completely screwed over the company? I really think there is a lot of seething anger towards her from the cast and crew of NCIS and none of them would be happy to see her or hear from her. Of course they have to put on a happy face in public when asked, but I’d bet they don’t want anything to do with her any more.

        • Daniel Graff says:

          She didn’t screw over the company. She didn’t have a contract for the next season & for WHATEVER reason… She chose not to continue on. 8 years is a long time to be a series regular. She gave them 2 episodes… They rarely used her in episode 1 & finished her story in episode 2. They shouldn’t have assumed (but they couldn’t know) that negotiations werent going to go anywhere. It’s SHOW BUSINESS… Stop making it personal guys. The actors don’t. ;)

          • Pete says:

            She may not have screwed them over, technically, but the end result was the same as if she did so deliberately. Whether it was all on her or not depends on info I don’t have so I’m not apportioning blame.
            However we do know that it was not a case of them “rarely using her” in either of her two final episodes – it was that she was not available to film, something that several people said publicly.
            However, neither circumstance would have left the show desperate to have her return if she can fit them into her busy schedule, and despite her coy public comments about the ball being in the show’s court, there isn’t much to make anyone think she would want to return.

        • angelafll says:

          Get a life, Dude.

      • She’s not???? Gosh darn it, that article was in Jan. So much could have changed since then. I’d suggest waiting til the season finale then you can tell us folks that Cote never came back. :)

    • AHD says:

      Like, but don’t want anyone to die

  12. Ron says:

    Didn’t anyone pick up the movie reference when Tony said“I feel like my life is a charade.”?

  13. Mary Johnson says:

    I hate to see Tony leave NCIS as sad as I was to see Ziva leave. Those two help make the show as well as Gibbs and the rest of the cast

  14. Kathi Derrow says:

    I’m saddened to hear that Michael is leaving the show. That also means that Robert Wagner has no reason to come back. The girl that took Ziva’s place is a terrible actress also. NCIS I believe, will be cancelled after the 14th season. Michael, you made the show along with Gibbs. You will be dearly missed. I don’t watch Dr. Phil now, I really don’t care about him when he was young. Thought I would let you know that.

    • Jerri says:

      Let me burst that belief of yours right now, Kathi. As TV|Line and other sources have reported, NCIS was renewed for season 14 & 15. So NCIS won’t be cancelled after 14th season.

    • Pete says:

      If you enjoy Weatherly’s work, then the chances are that you will miss out by dismissing his new show as being about a young Dr Phil. Nothing has indicated that it will be autobiographical, just that it is based on a job that Dr Phil did when he was younger – like NCIS is based on the real criminal agency rather than being about specific real NCIS agents
      It has also been reported that DiNozzo’s departure will not necessarily be the end of Wagner’s guest spots. It seems that as long as he is heathy enough to guest, there is a will to include him in the show. They may need to work a little harder to come up with reasons to include him in the script, but it’s possible.

  15. Nic says:

    Well… The “life’s a charade” and “losing my DiNozzo edge” comments worry me.
    Sounds like their having Tony head towards a complete career change. I was hoping the Gibbs frostiness was an attempt to get Tony uncomfortable enough to advance his career further (I think it was Glassberg that said either last year or the year before, that when a cop or agent feels comfortable on a team, they often don’t want to move on).
    I’d much rather see Tony finally get the promotion he’s king deserved than just up and quit after nearly 25 years as a LEO.

    Anyone know what Weatherly’s involvement in the next couple episodes is? I saw somewhere he’s been in New York for a bit filming his new pilot Bull – Does that mean his presence is reduced again prior to his finale?

    • Jerri says:

      Scheduling may be adapted to let him get to NY to film there for a few days, then get back to film NCIS.

    • BuckeyeBethany says:

      I’m with you on this.
      I think a career change (promotion either within NCIS or a step up the ladder elsewhere) is what will happen. I also like to think Gibbs frostiness is Gibbs way of encouraging Tony to bigger and better things. The “why are you still here” talk they had when Tony stopped by Gibbs house to drop off the suit bag before Gibbs went to L.A. for that funeral didn’t seem as frosty the second time around I saw it as the first time seemed.
      Also, everyone is excited about Tony’s comment about gold fish Ziva getting fat, but I think the fact that Tony was practicing speaking Chinese on his computer at his apartment just before senior shows up in the episode previous is waaaay more telling…. Am I the only one that caught that?
      Sorry I’m late to this party/discussion, I just found this link.

  16. Jerri says:

    OMG, did Tony get his fish pregnant?! Is that why he decides to leave NCIS?

  17. Seb says:

    Tony needs to be killed. It would be really interesting to Gibbs’ guilt complex. It would also rejuvenate the show and hopefully take it back to the days when Kate died.

  18. Carl says:

    If ending for Tony does not include Ziva we will not be watching NCIS ever again.

    • Page Leigh says:

      Prepare to change the channel then!! Hopefully she got her last reference in last night’s episode when Tony said his fish got fat, slamming depablo for her post show weight gain LOL.

      • I sincerely doubt NCIS and CBS would ever stoop that low. I’m not here to defend Ziva but implying Cote was/is fat, is uncalled for and incorrect.

        She also DID gain some weight during her prep for The 33. Hate the character(s) all you want but no need to be nasty to a real person.


        Getting to play wife to Mario Casas (Alex Vega) — “Spain’s next Antonio Banderas, a big sex symbol” — wasn’t bad, either. Even more enchanting? De Pablo had an excuse to put on weight, which she did by just “enjoying life!”

        “You’ll see that I’m 15 to 20 pounds heavier for the part,” she said. “I’m pregnant and playing a woman from the north of Chile. These women are not glamorous Hollywood women — not that I am! But certainly, it was a shift in my physical body. I had to respect what these women were all about. I loved it!”

      • Oh, have you seen recent pictures of the lovely Cote de Pablo… slim and gorgeous!!!

      • You are a disgrace says:

        Been that vitriolic makes you feel good? Why are you so mean?

  19. Page Leigh says:

    The Fat Fish comment was a slam at CdP because she has also gained a “little” weight since leaving the show. And don’t worry, Fat Fish will NOT be in the final episode in person. Maybe a flashback but I hope not. After the way she left and how she’s behaved since then she doesn’t even deserve a mention!

  20. Harry says:

    Been watching it for years I hate to see him go, I do hope to see him in the movies and or another TV show I have thoroughly enjoyed watching him and Gibbs.

  21. Jane says:

    Honestly if they let it turn out that Ziva had a kid and he finds out about it and flies off to be with her I will be so disgusted.

  22. AHD says:

    bring Ziva back to take him away with her on world travels

  23. Jean says:

    I’m very sorry to see Tony (Michael) go; as s very staunch fan, it would have been my pleasure t have had Ziva returned. Saying that, couldn’t they have found a better spin-off for Tony? Dr. Phil – give me a break, that’s insulting to say the least!!

  24. That he leaves and they show him being happy with ZIVA

  25. Rodney Lambert says:

    I have been watching NCIS from the beginning and have gone from not caring for him to really liking him. What is the chances his new show will be as good? I hate to see him go. Devia’s leaving was a big negative and took a long time to recover. I don’t want this to destroy the best show on TV. It makes my Tuesday night. I hope you have a fix.

  26. Michael says:

    Tony must die and Ziva needs to be the one to do it then, gibbs kills ziva, adding to his misery. yes i have bought in to the fact that ziva won’t be back but wouldn’t that be cool? NCIS is better when someone dies. i have watched them all and the show is better when they lose someone. Kate, Shepard, franks,ex wife #1 and so on.

  27. Georgie gaines says:

    ERM his goldfish is called Kate!

  28. Kim says:

    for him to end up with Diva would be awesome, just don’t kill him off. that way he can still do guest spots now and then.

  29. Jake says:

    I started watching again just to see how they write out Tony (I stopped after the writers screwed up the Jeanne storyline – not allowing Tony any character growth, the main problem with this show). Hated the scene with the cop hassling then arresting him – that would never happen to Gibbs. The writers never allowed Tony to grow and stop being the butt of the jokes.

  30. Kim R says:

    I’m sure Tony’s exit will be written well & will make sense for his character. And if that includes a reunion with Ziva, Cote doesn’t have to be on the show for that to happen. I’m looking forward to what they have planned though I will miss Tony. I’m a fan of the show, not just of one or two characters.

  31. Andrew Hass says:

    It makes sense that Tony might be questioning his life and where he wants to go next.He has a great career but Tony might start wondering if that’s all he has in his life.I kept thinking Tony might be leaving to get his own team but maybe he quits NCIS altogether and he focuses on his personal life going forward.For example maybe he goes traveling and see what else is out there in the world for him.

    • Darlene says:

      He’s been wondering if that’s all there is in his life for a very long time. In Season 9, both a Man Walks Into A Bar and Newborn King, had Tony wondering about having a career and a life to share with someone.
      Way back in Season 5, we saw Tony thinking about family and children after wanting to, impossibly, create such a life with Jeanne.
      Tony must be a very slow thinker.
      Personally, I’d like to see Tony go out as the hero he is…and get an advancement at NCIS or another agency that validates his abilities in a big way.

  32. denise says:

    Long as his exit is good, because it is going to be so sad to see him leave!! I wish Michael weatherly the best, in his endeavors, but of course when you have a show with great characters, and with good chemistry, you hate to see leave!! I will be crying a bucket of tears as I was with Ziva (Cote)!

  33. He is a terrific actor and hate to see him go. He should have his own ncis show. He plays many characters as Dinozzo and gives a slight comedy to show. There is always some type of character like Dinozzo. I wish he would reconsider and stay to end. Ziba should be brought back to have their secret love to the end and Dinozzo and her get married.

  34. Nick b says:

    The best bet would be for tony
    Denosso to disappear screen
    By not showing up for work..
    Apartment empty
    Cell phone left in his desk…
    This way there’s an opening for him
    To return for the 15th season.
    Especially if his planned series fails

  35. Peggy says:

    the show has been such a hit, with the gang all there. Ziva was missed for sure, Tony will be missed. No more rhetoric between Tim and sauve Tony. McGee has his life together, Tony needs something more substantial too. Can’t see him leaving the show and finding it elsewhere. Oh well, hope the replacement will make a cohesive show.

  36. Drieser says:

    NCiS Rhoda Spain where is is reunited with his one true love. Ziva.

  37. SHONDA LAUREL says:

    If so that is such a sucky way to write him out. Glad I stopped watching this show.

  38. ? says:

    I don’t think the fish thing meant much. I mean that’s not really hinting much. I mean he talked to his other goldfish Kate in the season 11 premiere and you didn’t see Kate coming back(I wish though)

    • denise says:

      Kate can’t come back…she died

      • ? says:

        Yeah, I know. I just wish tho. But I was trying to say the probability of Ziva coming back has basically the same chance as Kate coming back. There are so many possibilities of what could happen in Tony’s last episode which includes Tony gets his own team, Ziva returning, Jeanne returning, Kate returning, or Tony dying. At least those are the outcomes I heard anyways.

  39. Archietbunker says:

    When an actor on great series decides to leave. They should just kill them off. You have bailed on your other cast members. The grass is not always greener on the other side.

  40. Tonyfan says:

    Dang the show is not as good as it used to be. Like the beginning…. Gibbs wasn’t focused on 24/7, Tony wasn’t just pushed aside for the Gibbs plot, we didn’t have Bishop(not a fan of her at all), and Ducky and Palmer are barely focused on at all. I hate to say it but Tony dying might be the only option(like Kate😢). If they were to do that, help the viewers cope Tony’s death and show the ghosts of Kate or Jenny. Just a thought though. I really think that would be better than Ziva returning or Tony ending up with Jeanne though. That way at least he dies a hero for his team/family. Just my opinion though. No big deal here.

  41. Melissa King says:

    Tony is going to get together with pregnant Ziva. Best ending ever.

  42. Dorothy says:

    I don’t like it, but everyone has to find their own path. Break a leg Michael

  43. Sheila I. Burris says:

    Really Michael, you’re leaving NCIS to play “Phil McGraw”?? Not even Michael Weatherly could make me tune to watch Dr.Phil’s early start of his career,there just isn’t enough brain cells left in my head to think this is going to be a hit show, the only thing I can figure is maybe Dr.Phil owns some stock@CBS…I look@Dinozzo and I don’t see Dr.Phil..Good luck with that part of your career, Michael,think you’re going to need it..

    • Darlene says:

      You don’t see Michael as Dr. Phil because he will be playing a character named Jason Bull. If you’ve seen pictures from the set of ‘Bull’ you’d know that the character Michael plays does not have a mustache and is sporting a full head of hair. I don’t think you’ve clearly read what Bull is about.
      I’m not a fan of Dr. Phil, either, though his talk show was much better when it first started than it is now. But I clearly know that Michael’s show is not going to be an autobiography of Dr. Phil’s rise from his beginnings to his current status as a top talk show host. In fact, it’s not about Dr. Phil at all, but about the type of trial cases he handled for the defense.
      Court room dramas may not be your cup of tea but that’s exactly what Michael’s new show, if it goes to series, will be.

  44. mike doyle says:

    Sadly, I think Tony will die is a plane crash en route to reunite with Ziva. Recall MASH ending for Lt. Col. Henry Blake.

    • Andrea says:

      I really don’t think Tony’s going to die, if for no other reason than I think CBS will want to give Michael options. There have been instances of people leaving series and the project they go to either doesn’t get picked up or doesn’t do well. Then the person has gone back to the series, either in the short or long term. Now, if that happens, Michael might not want to come back full-time, but it seems like a sign of respect to at least have the option. Michael’s been very loyal to NCIS, and I’d think CBS (and Mark Harmon) would want to offer him every option available in case Michael needs it. That includes keeping Tony alive.

  45. Victor Gomez says:

    Terrible. Ziva leaving was bad enough. This show may not survive Tony leaving. He is the heart of the show.

  46. Kathie Dowdy says:

    The show just won’t be the same..without Very Special Actor Michael Weatherly…. it’s the end of something very wonderful.

  47. Chris from Raleigh says:

    My theory is that I don’t believe DiNozzo dies, I believe McGee is proposing to Delilah sometime between now and the season finale (maybe on the ship Bishop named in last night’s episode) Tony leaves but lets McGee know that when the wedding happens, he will be there.

  48. Kevin Holbrook says:

    The writing in this series is very good! Hate to see Tony’s character leave. He has helped shaped the show into the hit that it is today. Just hope he’ll make a cameo in the future. NCIS is definitely a must see TV show!

  49. arthursmith says:

    He will be missed as he was there from the start when he started on Jag