Arrow Death Season 4 Darhk Kills

Arrow EP Teases Mystery Grave Reveal, 'Seismic Change' Ahead for [Spoiler]

The promos for this Wednesday’s Arrow (The CW, 8/7c) portend “the end of an era.” But those who have had their eyes peeled since the close of the Season 4 premiere know very well what that means — the long-anticipated/dreaded reveal of who is in the flash-forward Mystery Grave, which was first spied at the close of the Season 4 premiere.

Just in case there is any doubt, “I think promos have made it clear this is the episode you find out who’s in the grave,” says executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who co-wrote the pivotal installment, “Eleven Fifty-Nine,” with Keto Shimizu.

At the time the original flash forward was filmed, the Arrow bosses by some accounts weren’t 100-percent sure who would eventually be killed off. But over time, the path to take made itself clear. “We started off this year with the promise of a death,” says Guggenheim, “and when we worked our way through our various creative choices, we realized that the thing that will give us the most pop going into the end of the season, into next season, unfortunately would be”… the character they wound up choosing, to be revealed in Wednesday’s episode.

Though that difficult decision is sure to sock with sorrow as many fans as it shocks, Arrow is not a show to take death lightly, nor has it ever.

Arrow, much more so than Flash or Legends [of Tomorrow], traffics in death,” Guggenheim notes. “We started off the series with the apparent death of Sara Lance and the actual death of Robert Queen, and a hero who murdered people. For better or for worse, death is part of the show. And what we’re now finding is that the concept of death — as it should, by the way, when you are pushing into Season 5 – has to evolve, it has to change.”

And though some viewers have spoiled themselves by seeking out long-lens paparazzi photos of the fateful funeral scene, Guggenheim assures that there still are surprises to be had. “There are a couple [other] revelations in this episode,” he says, as well as “a pretty seismic change for the Diggle/Andy relationship.” (With reporting by Vlada Gelman)

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  1. Lena says:

    this sucks. i’m literally devastated. i won’t be watching again. i can’t believe they consider tihs choice “creative.” arrow will be so much worse off for this decision.

    • justtobesane says:

      Agreed. I do not think they made a good decision.

    • modwildtv says:

      Creatively, any other character would have been better, because they had actual story that would have impacted the narrative. All of these stories just prove it’s not a creative decision, but fan driven. And drive it will.

      • Meakes says:

        Agreed. Of all the characters, this is the one with less narrative focus and narrative investment this season; the cheapest of the cheap routes.

      • Lena says:

        agreed. i can’t believe how much sway the fans have truly had on this show. and i feel so bad for kc, she’s really embraced the role, tried so hard to be enthusiastic, never really even shown sour grapes over losing the lead role title and half her screentime to another character. she’s done everything she can and even then it wasn’t enough. i really do blame certain parts of fandom for this one.

      • kellyzollo says:

        Agreed there was nothing creative about this it was a simple fan decision simply because another woman on the show with no family ties to Oliver was sharing the screen with their precious Felicty and was a potential love interest threat. Never mind who that person is to canon or comics in general. This decision was dictated by those that want this to be a soap opera period.

        • jj says:

          Soap operas embrace love triangles. Killing her off isn’t a soap opera like decision.

          • kellyzollo says:

            I beg to differ Arrow has turned into a soap opera and has been since Felicity was in a love triangle in season 3. This is simply a way for them to do a disservice to a long term comic character that is a part of Green Arrow and his history to pimp Felicity even further.

          • Julieann says:

            Kellyzollo, Arrow has had a love triangle since season 1. There was Laurel, Tommy and Oliver. Helena and Oliver, Laurel and Tommy.. Season 2 Nyssa, Sara and Sara and Oliver. It has always had some kind of Love triangle. Did not start until season 3.

          • Ugonna Wosu says:

            Soaps are also known to toss a character aside, no matter how popular, in order to continue propping the one the writers favor more. Clearly the case here.

          • Well kellyzollo I beg to differ with your ridiculous comment on there was nothing creative about what the writers are most likely going to do to KC’s character, LA/BC! KC has done this to herself! Why am I saying this? It’s because she sucks at being an actress, & that’s all it is plain & simple! You know it’s really sad knowing that all of you Lauriver fans are always wanting to blame the Arrow writers, Olicity fans, Emily Bett Rickards / the character, Felicity Smoak for the failures of Katie Cassidy portraying as her character, Laurel Lance / the Black Canary! Don’t Hate That’s All On Her! I get so sick & tired of all the bull crap about how much the show is nothing now, but only a soap opera! Really? You’re all such BIG hypocrites! OMG! All Laurel Lance has ever done since season 1 is whine & cry & whine & cry over & over again on up until now! Seriously they should’ve named her character, Woe is me! Getting back to ya’ll calling Arrow a soap opera because of all the so called drama ya’ll call it that’s in Olicity’s relationship? Well what about all the drama that LL has done since S1 E1? I mean, actually they should’ve let her die instead of Tommy on S1’s finale! Another thing, ya’ll keep mentioning about the comics?! Well HELLOOOOOO? Duh! This is not the comics, it’s a tv show! Besides in the comics the relationship between Oliver & Laurel? Is nothing but drama too! Because in the comics they’re married & then get a divorce! So no matter which way, the comics or the show, there’s drama! Besides reality speaking, who doesn’t have any drama in their life?

        • Lizzie says:

          Arrow has always been a soap opera. Since day one. Love triangles, coming back from the dead. Evil dad’s. Being attracted to the man who is actually your half brother. Revenge. Murder! Come on! It’s a soap!

          • Julieann says:

            Exactly… I think he’s just mad cause Felicity isn’t being killed off.

          • JC1 says:

            ….and sleeping with your father’s mistress.

          • Julieann says:

            I did love the look Oliver gave his mom when she told him who Isbeal was to his father. I was like surves you right for sleeping with the enemy..

          • JC1 says:

            Yes, that was classic. Although if Moira hadn’t been so insistent on her secrets, she’d have told Oliver up front why he shouldn’t trust Isabel.

          • Julieann says:

            Agree wholeheartedly. I miss Moira. I loved how she was somewhat evil, but in a good way.. I wish that they kept her on alittle while longer. I understand why they didn’t, but she was awesome. I loved the fact she gave Felicity a hard time. Don’t get me wrong I absolutely adore Felicity and adore Oliver and her relationship, but Moira made it so much better with her and Felicity’s dislike of each other..

          • JC1 says:

            I agree. Susanna Thompson was a major loss. Moira added so much to the show.

          • kellyzollo says:

            Arrow has always focused on Green Arrow or at least it did till the end of S2. It fought bad guys and his it’s soap moments but never was it the soap it is now. Other users have said it more eloquently as I have above. Soaps are known to toss a character aside to prop their favorites to pan handle and that is all S3-4 has been period. Let’s face it a certain character has eaten screen time and story for over two years and said character is not what the show is or has ever been about.

            I prefer my comic/superhero shows more along the lines of Flash, Legends, Daredevil or Jessica Jones and maybe when Arrow can get back to that instead of made up/forced fan service I’ll consider watching again, but seeing how they’re going to be offing a hugely important character to the actual Green Arrow, his origins and backstory let alone the DC comic universe over this soap opera teenage crap, I doubt it.

      • Lizzie says:

        You basically just implied that this character had no narrative place. So surely it’s better if they remove someone who doesn’t fit on the show anymore? They tried and failed. It’s time to let go. Blaming fans makes no sense.

      • apnkn says:

        Your actual argument is to keep the one person they’re not doing anything with in the story? LOL

    • Christina says:

      If I may ask… who is in the grave? I want to know!

      • N says:

        They think it’s laurel. But earth 2 laurel is coming to the flash so maybe she’ll switch characters

        • Mike says:

          There’d be no real gut punch if the death is really Earth 2 Laurel. It’s bait and switch and that’s even worse. This is supposed to be a big deal. That being said does Barry really show up for Laurel’s funeral? Wouldn’t Cisco be the more likely candidate(you know with his crush on her and all)?

          • kellyzollo says:

            I can see Barry going to Laurel’s funeral she did cross over to Flash already when they were covering the Harrison Wells storyline last season and helped Barry with that. From what we know of everyone that is in this episode all signs point to it being Laurel in the grave.

          • Craig Riley says:

            I think they mean that Earth-1 Laurel is dead, but that Cassidy might be moved to Flash playing a different character (Earth-2 Laurel).

          • Gail says:

            Or Earth 2 Laurel some how comes to Earth 1 and Arrow as Black Siren.

          • Gail says:

            And of course there will not be a new episode of Arrow for several weeks after tonight.

    • Laura says:

      It’s not Laurel, mark my words. There are other photos showing a different partial name. I’m willing to bet they changed it up several times, sort of like Lost filming different endings to confuse spoiler-trolls. Plus, it was released on April Fool’s day, so I don’t trust it at all. My money is on Donna. I can’t see Barry coming back for anything short of supporting Felicity or Ollie’s direct loss (i.e. Thea or Felicity) and Felicity’s rage is too severe to be anyone but her mom. MAYBE Diggle, but I highly doubt that. My two cents!

      • nashieb says:

        I’ve been saying this all week. I ain’t buying it but the alternative is Diggle and I just can’t. . .

      • Elizabeth says:

        yes has to be Donna because while everyone is saying it’s Laurel. Felicity’s reaction would not be that if it was Laurel. It would be more along the lines of when Sara died. However, I do also think it’s diggle which scares the bajesus out of me because I love him so much. Also I know Arrow gets a lot of hate for whatever reasons but I still like the shows and if it is Laurel or Diggle.

        Kudos to writers for actually killing off major characters. Everyone always says to kill off major characters when there is ever who done it story line but no one else has the guts to do so. If it is Laurel or Diggle that would be number 3 major character.

        But I am going with it being Donna.

      • Jolene says:

        How would killing Donna be the “end of an era?” Sorry to tell you but it’s Laurel. You’ll see tonight

        • Craig Riley says:

          Laurel or Quentin are literally the only options right about now. Both would trigger Felicity’s reaction, but Barry’s presence makes me thing it’s more likely to be Laurel.

          And killing off the last remaining non-mask in the show would be a huge mistake.

        • Laura says:

          Because it will probably be the tipping point for Felicity’s character. She’s always been optimistic and cheery…. her mother’s death would send her over the edge and it would most likely become a whole new Felicity. Not to mention it might change Quentin significantly since he also might lose his badge. ‘End of an era’ is such a vague term, it really could mean anything.

    • pem says:

      I stopped watching several shows because of the creative choices they made. Every single one stayed on the air for many more years. I will not be quitting Arrow.

    • mugz says:

      I am truly happy with this decision, her acting sucked, too much whining, and I was actually happy when she was going to give up her night job to be a full time dea or what ever it is that she was going to do. This works for me either way.

  2. Fingers Crossed says:

    Please let it be Felicity … please, please, please. With a cherry on top!

    • Wee says:

      I guess you must not have seen the episode where they showed it wasn’t her. I won’t spoil who the death is here but Felicity isn’t going anywhere. She’s part of the core of Arrow. Don’t like it change the channel.

    • Dysturbed says:

      Felicity was seen in a limo heading to the funeral a few months ago, so it isn’t her. The scene I speak of was the first time that some viewers noticed that she had no ring on.

    • verogeller says:

      I wish it was her, but sadly is not.

  3. Shawn Carter says:

    I’m so glad this character is officially gone. I’ve waited 4 years to see them gone. Thank you Arrow writers for this early birthday gift. Arrow will be certainly better going forward.

  4. ABG says:







    Why go to all that trouble to make her the new Black Canary, killing Sara before having to get her back, if they were just going to kill her.

  5. AJJJ says:

    *Spoiler for Wednesday’s episode*








    Ugh. Laurel is way better for Oliver than Felicity. The majority of her motions have been complaining. Should have just stuck to the comics. Gets hard to watch the show now that Felicity seems to be the main star now rather than Oliver. Laurel has had really no character development this season due to Felicity taking up all the time.

    I loved the show and even met Stephen Amell, but please don’t kill off Laurel. It’s flipping off the Green Arrow comicbook readers. It’ll be hard for me to watch season 5.

    • Dysturbed says:

      Maybe the Earth 2 version of Laurel that will appear on The Flash will end up on Arrow.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Probably something of the sorts… Legends, the time masters seems to tie somehow to Barry Allen, and Star City as well. Remember everything Rip has said. And Sara will likely eventually meet her now too.

    • nashieb says:

      Eh remember when Felicity’s character was beyond sacrifised for Laurel? And if they followed the comics to the later how boring would it be. Season 2 was all Laurel so it’s ok that season 4 is all Felicity. Suck it up. We did in S2

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Hah, Laurel has always been shoved aside for Felicity! Which parallel universe did the opposite happen in? Genuine question, because I’d love to live in it!

        • Lizzie says:

          They had Felicity throw Sara under the bus in season 3 by saying that maybe Sara didn’t have the light inside her that Laurel had, all because they were trying to prop her journey to BC.

      • Dude says:

        Season 2 was all Laurel when? Did you watch a different season 2?

        • Julieann says:

          Are you thinking of Sara; because Laurel was treated like crap in season 2.. Felicity has never once been in Laurels shadows. Season 1 she was still considered a fill-in until toward the end of the season 1. Then Season 2 she was basically the main female roll.

    • Sweetpea says:

      Felicity is my girl her and Oliver has a beautiful relationship

  6. A. says:

    I’ve never been so excited for a death before. It’s been a long time coming and there was no one else that fit the bill. I don’t agree with the idea it’ll be devastating but I’m ready to be freed from the dead weight.

    • Mike says:

      The only dead weight is Felicity, and the only way to make the show watchable again would be to kill HER off.

      But they won’t, so the dumb tumblerites can have their Mary Sue soap opera garbage. Because this show stopped being about the Green Arrow a long time ago. Have fun with the FELICITY AND A FEW PEOPLE SHE ALLOWS TO DO HER BIDDING show going forward.

      • Lena says:

        i don’t think they could ever kill felicity off at this point, but i wish they’d make her more like say… the chloe sullivan version of watch tower/over watch, and have her do her own thing, have her own agenda, instead of, like you say, it having become the felicity show. it really has been too much this year. people won’t even notice the missing character in a few weeks.

        • A. says:

          They won’t notice because her character has no impact on the plot.. she lifts right out. But sure, blame it on Felicity.

          • Lena says:

            i’m not putting it on felicity the character, i’m still a fan, and i would still defend her, especially as recently she’s been taking a lot of ridiculous flack for breaking up with oliver. but the writers have very much lifted focus from laurel to felicity, and you cannot deny that. they made the decision to turn felicity into the love interest and therefore the character with more obviously needed screen time (in order to interact with oliver) but then, they gave her a host of other storylines (including running a company, a returning mother, planning a wedding, losing the ability to walk) and chose to keep laurel in the background with no storyline at all. it is absolutely because of the writers/certain fans that we will lose laurel, and it is absolutely because of the decision to make felicity into the lead, instead of laurel, you can literally pinpoint the transition in the season 2 finale.

        • A. says:

          Sorry about answering out of order but TVLine won’t let me reply to your last comment.. I think they have a maximum number allowance or something!

          The writers have said in numerous interviews that yes, they decided to change Oliver’s romantic storyline and basically the whole show when they realized Stephen and Emily had an insane amount of chemistry and that the general audience responded to while they were apathic to Stephen/Katie as a romantic pairing. I said general, meaning, of course, there are people that disagree, which is fine. Besides that, it’s been stated KC was cast before Stephen himself and they never had a chemistry test done. The network told her to pick a show and she chose Arrow. I do believe that also had an impact on the romantic front. Sometimes people don’t click, it’s life. Also, it’s been circulating around for ages that KC was fired because she didn’t get along with the cast and crew and was unprofessional – same happened on Supernatural. The reason they didn’t let her go sooner was because she threatened to sue them because of contractual reason. My point is, they changed the storylines because of evolution and, in my opinion, because the actress wasn’t delievering what was expected of her. Of course, you’re free to disagree, but she never fit the role of LL or BC. Her character is unpopular and not a lot of people like or connect to her. I do believe writing plays a part but so does acting… and she didn’t bring any soul into Laurel.

          Despite claims, TV is a business. Network and production companies aim to make money, they don’t follow the whim of internet fans, which are the minority. They have access to data and research we don’t. If they decide to kill a charcater off, it’s because they know it won’t impact the show negatively… the fact people are celebrating/happy about it is just a coincidence. No everyone likes every charcater, and she was disliked plenty, along with her actress.

          • Ugonna Wosu says:

            Emily and Stephen gave zero romantic chemistry to many of us, they work best as partners in crime.

      • A. says:

        I think you need some fresh air… all this anger can’t be good for your health. Take a walk, it may do you some good. Also, don’t worry about me. I’ll finally be alble to enjoy all aspects of the show without an one dimensional charcater taking up screenspace.. I’d say time but she’s so irrelevant her 2 minutes an episode is laughable. Have a nice day, you appear to be needing it.

      • Lizzie says:

        Says you. I happen to love Felicity and enjoy her on the show. If you hate the show so much, no one is forcing you to watch.

    • Polar says:

      Laurel is horrible on the show can’t fight in my opinion as BC is not good, has no chemistry with Oliver but then she and Tommy had no chemistry either smh as long as Oliver and Diggle are on the show I’m good since I really don’t like how Felicity’s character behaves now either.

  7. Meakes says:

    Killing off a character for no narrative impetus but a shocking death is cheap on itself, but a character that has had no narrative focus for 10+ episodes (to the point they don’t even have a life outside “the job”) is the zenith of bad writing.

    • Lizzie says:

      This would totally have a narrative impact. You’re basically saying that none of the characters would care if Laurel died. Huh? That makes no sense. Everyone has a link to Laurel and her death would move their stories and motivations forward.

      • Craig Riley says:

        The point was that they’ve done almost nothing with Laurel this season. They’ve jettisoned almost everything about her ‘professional life’ (but let’s face it, this show was never gonna get that angle up to the standard of Foggy and Karen), they completely fumbled any stories about her personal life (the less said about AA-Laurel, the better) and she and Amell had the opposite of chemistry, thus precluding any path forward for that romance.

        But they could have given her something to do as a last-ditch storyline.

  8. Phoenix5634 says:

    Let’s smash that paparazzi’s long lens camera …

  9. LOL says:

    What an awful showrunner. Julie Plec meet your match

  10. Kelly says:

    What a slap in the face to comic fans, I will be happy to delete this garbage off my DVR after this week. It’s cheap, insulting and gross not that this season has been anything to write home about now that is is really the Felicity show. Creative decision my ass.

  11. dragon2heart says:

    It’s past time for that particular character to go. Glad it’s almost over.

  12. LOL says:

    Arrow has gotten so bad,it’s laughable. This show is focused on Felicity (since season 3)

    >Gets an episode all about her
    >Introduces her mother
    >Takes over Ray’s company
    >Get’s a gay best friend (who will be around next season)

    What am i missing here,people?

    This is fan pandering at its finest. God,Marc is truly pathetic and so are the Olicity fanbase.

    • kellyzollo says:

      Yes finally. I do wonder how long it will take her to get another backstory and put on a mask now. Then again I won’t be watching after tonight to see the assassination further.

    • Ray says:

      Totally agree. Its been 2 full seasons of Felicity chewing up the scenery. Crying and complaining all the time, not to mention Felicity and Oliver have no chemistry. Felicity was only good as a sidekick who tripped over her words because of her crush on Oliver. This whole Earth 2 storyline on Flash better be a bad decision bailout. That way Katie can be the Black Canary and start over with a completely different backstory.

    • Jeremy says:

      Sounds like you’d rather he pander to Laurel fans instead. At this point he’ll be accused of pandering no matter what.
      Here’s why I think this decision was a long time coming, Laurel was the love interest in the first season and she has little to no chemistry with Oliver. Like none. I just watched the first couple of seasons on Netflix. The moment Felicity comes on screen, she has immediate chemistry with Oliver. You can’t write that.
      In the following seasons, they tried giving Laurel compelling storylines, but they felt flat compared to everything else that was going on.

      • Joe says:

        Yep…the only character she had chemistry with was tommy…season two she was. Either very unlikable or very robotic with everyone, same with season 3…not sure if acting or writing, but no chemistry with amell…I did like katie cassidy in supernatural…

      • LOL says:

        Sounds like you’d rather he pander to Laurel fans instead

        No,not at all. I want to be equal and not focus so much on Felicity.

        No,I’m not a laurelever or whatever.
        No,I’m not a shipper in general

      • ktc1986 says:

        Or they could just pander to Green Arrow fans and not bother with this romantic, soap opera nonsense in the first place

  13. ndixit says:

    Guggenheim is a hack of the highest degree. He might as well just say what he means instead of dancing around the fact that he’s killing off the one character he does not give a damn about and has given no narrative importance in the season at all. The only purpose this serves is for a shock death for the others to angst over. I hope this guy stays as far away from the Flash as possible.

  14. Ray says:

    It’s way past time they got rid of the dead weight. I will be delighted to see the weakest link gone.

  15. JP says:

    I REALLY hate when they say sh*t like “the path to take made itself clear”. Come on the path to take would have been giving Laurel an important storyline. The whole canary/black canary story on this show has been ridiculous. The killed Sara to motivate Laurel to be BC just to let her be the focus for an episode and a half and then make her a background character basically.

  16. Phoenix5634 says:

    I know a way Sara could save her…think last episode of legends..

  17. Calli says:

    Count me in as pleased with this development. I’ve been waiting years for her to either become a character I can root for and enjoy or for them to kill her off. It looks like they went with option B. The only thing wrong with this is they waited so long to finally just do it. But I think this is the dawn of new and better things for this show and, god willing, we’ll be rid of the more toxic faction of fans who do nothing but complain and hurl slurs at anyone who isn’t Laurel.

    • Joe says:

      Completely agree…I wanted to like the character but she had no chemistry with amell in season 1 and was compmetely unlikable in season 2…in fact the only characyer she seemed not to be wooden was tommy…mr. Terrific will take her place in field…

    • Sue says:

      I agree so so so much. I actually would have been thrilled if they had her develop more as a character, but if they aren’t going to do that, yes, go ahead and use her death to propel the show’s story and the other characters forward.

    • Lizzie says:

      Me too. Honestly, Laurel should have died in season 3 instead of Sara. I’m still so bitter they did that.

  18. Murica! says:

    In the first season I preferred Felicity over Laurel, but Felicity has been unbearable for at least two seasons and Laurel was getting better and better as a character. I was really hoping Felicity would die.

  19. Julieann says:

    I personally love Laurel. I’m a big Olicity supporter and love Felicitys character but I have loved Laurel since season 2 when she had all that trouble. They gave the character depth and made her real after a tragedy.. I thought i heard that Katie doesn’t want to be on the show anymore, because of all the hate she got by certain fans.. I’m not sure if that is true or not, but people need to get a grip. Stop hating on actresses\actors characters.. To the people that hated on Katie and want her dead; it’s stupid to kill off a very important person in the comic book world. They could do so much more with her character. To me they should show more of her in the courtroom or personal life. If she is hated by all the actors and staff of the show than why is she and Emily always going on vacation together. If she is leaving it’s not because of the producers wanting to do what fans want; it’s because she wants to leave because she is hated by no act or reason by some fans. I read some fan post that are so hateful to Katie and Emily. It’s sad so many “Adults” are cruel about a character on a show.. I love Arrow. You can have your favorite characters, actors\actresses. You can disagree or agree with how the show is coming along, but why a the hate for the actresses\actors of a show.. I think it’s sad people are so hateful

  20. sladewilson says:

    I’m hoping I’m wrong but I think the whole Laurel is Dead is a bait and switch and it’s Digg’s wife, Lyla. That would bring Barry and cause that seismic shift between the brothers

    • Julieann says:

      Wow. I never thought of Lyla. I’ve thought of all the characters other than her. If she dies it would affect the team like nothing else. Especially since Diggle is Oliver’s continence. This is actually a really good guess and that would be a big game changer specially with Dig being a single father if it happens.

  21. I hope this Means Sarah will take her mantle back in season 5.

    • Julieann says:

      I absolutely love Sara and would love to have her back, but I can’t see it happening. Her character is more in need on Legends. The only way I see her coming back at any point is a crossover or if Legends gets cancelled for some reason or another. As of right now anyway

      • JC1 says:

        Sara doesn’t need to come back to Arrow to take the Black Canary name. She can be Black Canary just fine on Legends. Not saying they will do that, but I hear Caity Lotz did drop a hint recently about Sara getting a new costume next season.

  22. Shannon hamby says:

    O think that it’s that’s grace

  23. Goldenvibefan says:

    I’m out. I’ll just rewatch season 1 and 2 and pretend season 3/4 don’t exist.

  24. Dominique says:

    i’m gonna say something i never thought i would say. but if the death really is laurel, i’m gonna be disappointed. i’m not exactly her biggest fan, but ever since they toned her hypocrism down a notch or two (i.e. always blaming everyone else for her problems even though she clearly created them herself), i’ve begun to see her in a new light, and now that she seems balanced in the role of black canary vs laurel lance the attorney, i think she’s found her place.
    now would be the time to give her some storylines of her own that could drive her as the character she is has become. it’d be a shame to kill her off now.
    i love felicity, but there has been to much focus on her. the fun, witty, adorable side of her has been exaggerate to the point where i sigh whenever she comes on screen.

  25. Ugonna Wosu says:

    Barry can go back in time to save her. They make it sound like the only way we can see her again is in some other form. B. S.

  26. Dj says:

    I’m ok with the death. I’ve disliked that character from the first season. My only wish is it was a double funeral and Felicity was also being killed off. They are easily the two characters I would not miss if they left the show.

    • Emmy says:

      Yup! then bring in Vixen for some female badassery! so tired of the drama

      • Dj says:

        I would love to have Vixen back. She kicked ass and was a lot of fun. She would be an upgrade over Laurel and Felicity. I hope they at least add her to the cast of the second season of LoT.

        • Michelle says:

          The actress is a series regular on Damien

          • Dj says:

            There have been others actors who pulled double duty and worked on two shows at the same time as a series regular. Plus the shows both film in Canada so it wouldn’t be that hard if she wanted to do both.

  27. Josh says:

    Ladies getting fridges? Yup, that’s Arrow! At least Felicity can walk again.

  28. Mike Ruiz says:

    gente revisen la historia del canario negro, es genial lo que se viene, usaran a la sirena negra para viaje de mundos en mundos y se termine quedando en tierra 1 como es en la historia original.

  29. JC1 says:

    Well, count me as one that’s thrilled with this development. As far as I’m concerned, Laurel’s been the weak link since literally the first episode, and I’m completely baffled as to why she’s been kept on the show as long as she has, or for that matter, why she wasn’t recast or written out after the pilot. Cassidy has always been completely and epically miscast in this role, and the bizarre writing for her character and the complete lack of chemistry with Amell only made things worse. (And yes, obviously this is all just my opinion of course.) If they’d have killed off a better character, such as Diggle (which was my fear for a while), just to keep the dead weight around, I think that would have been my final straw with this show. Now can we kill off Malcolm? Please?

  30. Lizzie says:

    If the spoilers are correct, and I think they are, I think this is the right decision. For the longest time the character has felt like a spare part on the show. Now we can move on.

  31. If it’s Laurel who dies, there’s no way Sara isn’t going to try and travel in time to stop it from happening

  32. cody says:

    I find it interesting that the best two seasons of Arrow(1/2) were when Laurel was the main love interest, but then the Olicity bull happened and season 3/4 were arrow’s worst and least entertaining seasons. I feel like part of the problem is that the writers & producers brought everyone in to the fold on team arrow and it didn’t work for the show like they thought it would but mostly it is because of the mishandling of Laurel’s character. KC is a great actress that has worked well with the story lines she has been given, and for those that say KC and SA have no chemistry then go back and watch S1 especially the finale because they had a lot of chemistry in those scenes.
    This article proves to me that Laurel is the one that is going to be in the grave considering what Marc said mixed with the leaked set photos that came out the other day. Laurel should have always been the love interest that was also an amazing lawyer because that was when the character worked. However, the BC story line was a great story but it should of been saved for a later season instead of season 3.
    Olicty and oliciters have single handedly ruined this show NOT felicity but that ship, the show was at it’s best when it was more action then romance even the Flash has more action then arrow has. P.S. i was an olicity shipper before season 3 when it started to ruin the show and felicity becuase they turned her into a whiny love sick woman instead of the bad-ass with a computer quirky i.t. girl.
    If Laurel is the one in the grave and they handle it very poorly and KC is done with arrow then this most likely will be my last season of arrow that I watch actively and this is my most favorite show but the writer will have taken it to far if Laurel dies most especially after how entertaining she has been to watch these last few episodes since it seems the writers have finally figured out to write for the character.

    • Julieann says:

      Laurel has not ever really been his love interest. Season 1 they got together once. Season 2 it was Sara and Felicity in a small way; not Laurel that was Oliver’s love interest.. Season 1 there was the love triangle only because of Laurel not making up her mind between Oliver and Tommy. Could not stand what they made her do to Tommy at the end..

  33. Robert77 says:

    Have to be honest didn’t love season 2 Laurel just as I was getting used to her in season 1 but that was down to the writing not Katie’s acting. In my opinion they did a pretty poor job of grooming her to become BC and had they taken the time to write her storyline better I think they could have done her character justice. Not really bothered about the soap opera. Whatever spark I thought existed organically between Oliver and Felicity at the end of season 2 was rammed down our throats in season 3 and what was working as a mature relationship at the start of this season has dissolved into another soap opera that has become the A story when the Green Arrow storyline should be. And I get it this is part of his story but him against the bad guys should be A with everything else as the B. Anyway it’s sad to see BC meet her demise just as she was getting started. Maybe it’s possible that DC are responsible for killing her off so that she will join the Justice League and hopefully they can do a better job with her using another actress.

  34. Fox says:

    This show had a great opportunity to fix Arrow by killing off Felicity and ending the mess the writers created when they started pandering to the tumblr shippers. RIP Laurel. Here’s to another horrible season full of Olicity drama. :/

  35. Leo says:

    Omg guys….I hate those people saying they will quit a show if a character died but I’ve become that kind of person too.
    Reading this article, gives me so much emotion and rage…they treated KC like trash and I hate it. If…when she died..I’ll finish this season but won’t be tuning back.
    Felicity, shut up.

  36. Ella says:

    As a fan of the comic books, if it is Laurel, I can honestly say I am disgusted. The writers have let Olicity fans run the show and in doing so, they have run the show into the ground. It hasn’t been strong since season 2 and the blame for that lies entirely with piss poor writing as a result of pandering to Olicity fans. They even turned Felicity, a great, funny, strong character, into an unlikable, whiny Mary Sue. I continued to watch in the hopes that the writing and storylines would improve, supporting characters would get meatier screentime, and that Oliver and Laurel would find their way back to each other. What a huge disservice to the comic book and the characters of Green Arrow and Black Canary this one promising show has been.

  37. K Land says:

    I have to say I am more of a Felicity fan than Laurel fan, but most of all, I’m an Oliver fan. I personally will not miss Laurel, but I wish Felicity would get off her high horse and get back to the team. No mater who dies, I will continue to watch Arrow.

  38. Jean says:

    I think Laurel goes because of DC demanding it because black canary is going to be in the DC movies. It makes sense. Because Laurels death was no way planned. They didnt give her a closure arc. One episode isnt gonna do it.

  39. David Cruz. says:

    Folks… Laurel death is probably coming from DC/WB. Have you notice that all the characters that are going to be in Suicide Swuad were killed off? The rumor is Black Canary is going to be in the Justice League movie, that starts filming on Monday, and this is the reason she is gone

    • Joe says:

      So is the flash being killed next episode…was katana killed…or deathstroke…not the reason…kc and bc did not fit at all on arrow

      • Dj says:

        They did kill off Deadshot and Waller. Both Deathstroke and Katana are written off in a way where there is a great chance that neither could be seen again. So it does make it feel like some characters are being killed off/written of because of their movie presence.

  40. Peter says:

    I think this has been a long time coming. The character failed to do what they were initially conceived to do, and has been flailing ever since. They gave a terrible back story in season 1, not helped by a hostile and one-note performance, an isolated arc in season 2 that was widely disliked and a rushed arc in season three that wasn’t earned or effective. The actor is not suited to an action role, they aren’t believable in that space or sequences and it’s distracting. Season 4, they have added very little. It’s time – for the show and the actor, to be allowed to move to a space that works better for them both. Good for the show for having the balls to do it.

    • suzyque says:

      Yes to all of this! I wanted to like the character but the writers had no idea what to do with her after Tommy died. If this person’s death can give the show the shot in the arm that it needs, I’m all for it.

  41. John says:

    Am I the only one who think that the writers keep giving Quentin Lance the same story over and over again, killing his daughters and him grieving. That’s what disappoints me the most about the one in the grave being Laurel. Their relationship is one of the best things about the show.

  42. MattySi says:

    I saw a headstone shot floating around and it said Dinah Laurel Lance. Isn’t Laurels mother named Dinah?

    Isn’t possible that she is the one that does?

  43. kath says:

    With the “pretty seismic change for the Diggle/Andy relationship”, I wonder if Andy will be alive by the end of the season, or if they’re going to redeem him for next season as they did with Malcolm Merlyn at the end of season one.
    Or maybe Andy will be the new Big Bad season 5.

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  45. Shannon Speer says:

    I watched the episode in flash enter zoom, where does it show Oliver’s father on earth 2?