The Walking Dead Season 7 Spoilers

The Walking Dead EP Defends Cliffhanger Ending, Teases Season 7's 'Boundary-Pushing' Death Scene

You thought the final moments of Sunday’s Walking Dead were tough to watch? Wait until you get a load of the first scene of Season 7.

In a conference call with reporters on Monday, showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed that the opening sequence (which will pick up right where the finale left off) will “be pushing some boundaries” in terms of blood and gore. “Things are going to start of very, very, very dark,” he said, before adding, “But that won’t be the whole season. It’s not going to be darkness upon darkness upon darkness.”

Gimple went on to tease that in the first eight episodes of Season 7 “the world is going to open up even more. We’re going to have a wide variety of locales and a wide variety of tone. I’m very excited for all the different stories that are going to be told, and there are going to be a lot of different stories told… There’s probably going to be the biggest variety of stories we’ve had yet.”

Other hot topics Gimple tackled during the press conference:

On viewer backlash to that ambiguous closing scene | “If you approach it from a place of skepticism or with the idea that there’s some kind of negative or cynical motivation behind it… it’s difficult to convince you otherwise. I do think we’ve done enough on the show and we’ve delivered a story that people have enjoyed [to warrant fans giving] us the benefit of the doubt. I truly hope that people will see [the Season 7 premiere] and feel it justifies the way we’ve decided to tell the story.”

On residual fan anger over “Dumpstergate,” including the decision to temporarily remove Steven Yeun’s name from the opening credits | “I know that in my heart it was about protecting the audience’s experience. There’s a great deal of meta that goes on around the show. If I left [Steven’s] name in I think there might’ve been criticism in another direction, [i.e. people complaining we’re] being sloppy or not protecting the audience’s experience. I can see that for people that choose to look at it cynically, it [would appear we took his name out because] we were trying to trick in some way. But really I wanted the audience to go through an emotional experience, and I didn’t want something like the credits to get in the way of that. It’s an incredibly smart audience, it’s an incredibly plugged-in audience. Every cue is looked at. I thought it would be safer for their experience to take [Steven’s] name out then to leave it in and shrug my shoulders. It really is all about the story and the audience’s experience of the story. We do care about our audience a great deal. We don’t enjoy the pain that they go through.”

On precautions being taken to preserve the identity of the victim between now and next fall | “It is very, very difficult nowadays. We are working hard to protect [the reveal]… I sure hope it doesn’t leak in any way, but the world is what the world is.”

On whether fans can find legit clues as to who Negan whacked by studying the final sequence | “I believe there’s no way. There are a couple of things in there that might help people possibly limit the amount of people who are vulnerable, [but] I truly don’t think there’s a way to puzzle it out definitively.”

On the theme of Season 7 | “A big part of it is, “How do you begin again?” The world is not what they thought it was. How do you basically start over in this new world? All of these characters – even the [ones] that weren’t in that lineup – are in a position where they will learn the world isn’t what they thought it was and it will challenge them as far as how they choose to move forward and who they want to be.”

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  1. Wordsmith says:

    I support the decision. We know SOMEONE died, we just don’t know who. That’s a satisfying note to end the season, as much as we may be dying to know who it is. The real cop out would be not revealing whether or not someone died at all, and they didn’t do that.

    • Guest says:

      To be fair, everyone knew someone would die going into the episode. I would say that when you have exactly the same information after the show as you did before it, yeah, that would be a cheap shot.

      Especially considering how hyped this finale was.

      • Wordsmith says:

        A big death was highly likely and artistically made sense, but it wasn’t a CERTAINTY. That was just people drawing their own (accurate) conclusions.
        The episode was more about breaking down the group’s confidence and showing the scale of the Saviors’ operation than answering the one question that everyone was asking. It’s about the journey, not the destination.

        • Walkie says:

          Of course it was a certainty.

        • Gina says:

          It was Deff a certainty. He said a very beloved character is going to die. That pretty much narrows it down to Daryl, Glenn, michonne, or Maggie. Since you pretty much know Carl and Rick is out. Abraham is a somewhat beloved character but it wouldn’t make much of an impact if he died.

          • Wordsmith says:

            The announcement that a beloved character would die came after the show aired. I’m saying that, going into the show, everybody was confident someone would kick the bucket, but it wasn’t technically a guarantee.

          • Jen says:

            I’m guessing it was Glenn. This is how he died in the comics.

          • Turin Turambar says:

            glenn died. period..

          • Maybe someone didn’t die they could just be wounded. If someone died or wounded, I think it’s Aaron he is a beloved character to everyone even Alexandria Community. He was definitely beloved to Maggie. He was the first one she told she was pregnant when they were in the tunnel and he was the first person to make contact with Rick’s group. I made my guess of Aaron by the video scene when Negan hit someone, the location of the trees in the background and he was to the left of Rick by the shadow on Ricks face.

        • Ccmlc37 says:

          Did anyone stop to think that it could be Rick that dies because the writers said after everyone finds out who it is it starts a whole new chapter. I love Rick and don’t want him to die but I really think it’s him and that’s why they didn’t show it. Also negan said if Carl moved take his other eye out….Rick dies!

          • LaDonna says:

            No, he said if the boy moves, take out his other eye and feed it to his dad. To me, that eliminates Carl and Rick. Besides, even though they aren’t following the comics exactly, Rick is still too central to the story and some of the upcoming story lines to kill him yet. Kirkman has said he won’t rule out killing Rick in the future, but there’s still too much that revolves around him.

          • Jack says:

            I don’t believe it to be Rick or Carl. Remember Negan says if anyone moves to take the “boy’s” other eye out and feed it to his father. With that said, he was standing in front of someone else.

          • vincesanity says:

            I’m thinking michonne.. The said if the boy moves feed his eye to his pops rite. So wat character other than michonne has he connected with lately? He likes her for his dad cause she makes rick whole.. But who knows at the end of the day

          • Ccmlc37 says:

            I did go back and watch it again and he did say that about feeding it to Rick. That is something I missed so yea that kinda does change my mind. I think on talking dead the 3 names that came up that might die was based on what the viewers thought. Really I’m not sure now. If I had to pick I would say Abraham cause he been thinking about wanting to settle down and have a baby. Can’t wait to find out!!!!

          • Marge says:

            No, he said to feed it to his dad, and then ‘they’d start.’ That would indicate it could be Rick.

          • Yep, I said this to my daughter lol, Let’s see if we are right. I will meet you back here when the first episode starts on the next season.

          • Guesswho says:

            Megan said if anybody moves take out the kids other eye and feed it to his father. Rick is still alive

          • Derek Rillus says:

            He actually said if “anyone moves” i’d say that removces Carl & Rick.

          • Freddyb says:

            They said take his eye out and feed it to his father, so how can they feed it to Rick if he’s dead ?

          • Jenn says:

            Negan actually said if anyone moves take the boys other eye out and feed it to his father. No way it was Rick just by that statement alone

          • Will Crosby says:

            @Marge why would he pick Rick and feed Carl’s eye to him because someone moved if he was just going to kill Rick anyways that doesn’t make any sense. Negan is trying to teach them a lesson why would he send Rick that message only to kill him anyway minutes later.

          • dylan says:

            No he said if anybody moves or tries anything cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father which.means its not Rick or carl

          • anne spires says:

            I agree with you. I said as much on the walking dead website and was shortly after blocked from site. so yes I believe it is rick. if so, I quit.

        • A fan of TV says:

          It was a certainty. Everyone involved with the show, every promo, preview, interview etc said someone would die. We don’t have to excuse every terrible creative decision shows make out of some sense of loyalty, for the record :) The show ruined Negan’s big reveal with cheap tricks that trolled their fans. Ugly.

          • tvjunkie says:

            Let me guess you’re fairly young, no more than early 20s and grew up in the era of expecting instant gratification? This was an old fashioned “who shot JR” sort of cliffhanger. If your ADD kicked in well, they make medication for that.

          • Zayne says:

            Wow tvjunkie, be more condescending, please. I love this instant gratification defense of crappy content. They have teased Negan ALL SEASON, knowing full well what his appearance meant to anyone with knowledge of the comics. Waiting patiently for 16 episodes for a death is in no way wanting instant gratification.

            I’m 32 years old, love a good cliffhanger, when it’s warranted, and hate the era of instant gratification. Perhaps if you come down off the pedestal, you could engage in a meaningful conversation. See my above response to another condescending jerk if you’d like to talk intelligently about it. Your post leads me to believe you don’t though.

        • Jason Fraser says:

          Hey, does anybody think Enid used to be with the saviors? She has hinted that no place can be safe, and she said something like, “That’s what we did” in reference to how a safehold might be attacked. Just thinking outloud.

        • In all actuality, and with all due respect to your opinion, we don’t know if that was “accurate” or not yet..Where there is NO corpse, there is NO death and, i don’t know about anyone else, but I didn’t see an actual corpse as of yet.

        • Grimes0630 says:

          I could not agree with you more that this is about breaking down how confident Rick Grimes is and how he conveys to his group, the power they hold. This story is a journey and for it to be believable, there must be loss. That does not mean I am happy about it, but that is the story. I am excited, scared and anxious for the premier.

      • ActionJunkie says:

        Yes, everyone knew and that’s what we got. Expecting more is on us… they did the cliffhanger as well as could possibly be done – if anything, we should have “expected” it.

        With that said, there definitely was too many roadblock time burners. Nevertheless, the finale was solid, imo, and most definitely doesn’t deserve the amount of hate it’s receiving.

        • Ccmlc37 says:

          I totally agree!! I think ALOT of people are acting silly over the finale. I thought it was a great episode. If your a true fan then you already knew that it was gonna go off before we found out. Fans stop acting like brats by saying I’m not gonna watch it nomore if I don’t get my way! Come on really!

    • George Boosh says:

      What part of the finally made Andrew Lincoln “sick to his stomache” or was that just more bad acting?

      • Wordsmith says:

        They talked about it on Talking Dead, basically the whole cast did 15 hours of night shoots kneeling in the dirt, angry and crying as they shot Negan’s speech. Jeffrey Dean Morgan said it was a spectacular feat of emotionally grueling performance on their part.

      • aktivistsite says:

        If you’re gonna complain about someone’s acting, ya might want to check your linguistics there first, Genius!

    • Mario Reyes-Zavala says:

      In not showing who the victim was they actually answered the question,, the character that got killed was not main “core” character, and that’s all we need to know,,, because their death wouldn’t have been enough to create the hunger to see the next season for revenge. This character’s death would have been a relief and people would have moved on and not talked about the show until NOV.

    • Everyone’s going to know by S7 b/c the victim won’t be onset during filming this summer.

      • Yara says:

        And that’s why they should have revealed who died the end.
        This is the Jon Snow debacle all over again.

      • Phil Mangini says:

        How do you determine who’s ‘not’ on set? Which scene, which day, which location. I know onset pics get out but I don’t think there will be enough information for the general public to piece it together. Probably just as much info as we have with the death itself.

      • And who’s to say that the victim won’t be onset for “flashback” purposes or some other shots involving expanded storyline before the reveal. Those expecting the leak to come in this manner are going to be disappointed. Gimple said that he was certain that we as fans would not be able to deduce from the episode with any certainty. They said that there were some hints to rule a few out, but there will not be any concrete evidence on who it is. I went into the episode expecting to not know who dies. There was too much hype and certainty of the eminent beating. Their only option to keep the “all-knowing” fans on their toes was to leave it with the almighty cliffhanger.

    • ihatefanboys says:

      Pretty sure the last sound we heard was a skull being crushed.

    • kate says:

      Satisfying note? I don’t think so I have watched this from day one so sick of killing. The close bond seemed missing and Rick seemed to get kind of mean. Very disturbed when Jessie’s son killed…

    • De says:

      I agree. I actually don’t mind waiting until the new season to find out who died. I’m glad of the way they filmed it, because I really didn’t relish seeing someone beaten to death, particularly someone I liked. They have earned the benefit of the doubt. I’ll keep watching.

    • Jami says:

      If you look in the backdrop as Began is pointing his beloved bat and talking you see shadow of a person to your right in the semi circle that they are kneeling in. This tells me it is someone on the side near Carl. There was Eugene, Carl , and Sasha. I think it was either of those three. From the angle I think it was Eugene or Carl. What Began days about Carls other eye doesn’t rule him out as the suspect being beayen. You can cut an eye out of him, dead or alive. If I guessed I would say Eugene.

      • pamala gray says:

        It was Aaron and then it was Carl and then Eugene and then if you go onto the The Walking Dead the last episode when he was doing Iny Meany my Nemoif you go real slow you can see the image of Carl’s hat on his jacket so it Aaron or Eugene that got Lucille for sure

    • The only one that would take it like a man is’s Rick

      • Ccmlc37 says:

        I still feel it in my heart that it’s Rick too. The whole episode if you listen to things he says and how confident he was being about the group could do anything together. Also the first time they were stopped in road the guy told Rick that it might be his last day. I’m sticking to my first choice… Rick. Also they couldn’t show Rick being killed at the end and just go off and makes us wait til fall to find out what’s next. On talking dead it was asked why didn’t they show who it was and they said because after the reveal it starts a whole new chapter. Also for Negan it would make the most sense to kill there leader so they wouldn’t try to go against negan. Just saying…

      • MsDixon says:

        Daryl would take it like a man….Abraham would take it like a man….

      • Shawnee says:

        No! Abraham is the one who would take it like a champ, Debbie B.

    • tonykeywest says:

      Im guessing, hoping that the same guys who came to the rescue for Carol are gonna show up and rescue Rick and the rest.

    • Yes, they did do that..How do we know that who,ever was beaten is DEAD?..Did we see a corpse of any type in the final scene?..Nope..This begs the question could the person just have been beaten very badly and not died?..We don’t actually KNOW for sure that anyone is actually DEAD…They should have figured out a way to show the battered person as a zombie without giving away who it is such as shown a zombie badly mutilated (we all love blood and gore, hence why we watch it0 but with hints to tell that it was at the hand of Negan with Lucille such as puncture marks in the wounds because of the barbed wire…they could have bloodied the clothing so badly from the shoulders up that we couldn’t tell who it was by that and done the same with the hair…I think the ending was a low blow, really, to the fans who love the show..The anticipation and build up to Negan’s appearance overshadowed this episode in such a way that the ending, the final scenes, were a letdown, in my opinion…Don’t get me wrong, come October, I’ll be right there, watching up until such time as it is revealed that Darryl is the one who met the business end of Lucille…THEN, and only THEN, I’ll be done watching the show!

    • I believe Rick and his son Carl made it cause negan said if anyone moves or talk to cut the kid other eye out and feed it to his dad …so who ever he hit it wasn’t Rick and hopefully it wasn’t Carl ..much I hope it wasn’t none of them …it was somebody

    • Sonja says:

      Its simple look at photo on web there is a i image of them all nearly and a nother image with 4 diffrent photos all from season 6 all but one photo has been showen in episode. This is the one where Carl hold the hand of another caricter its Carl top in one image he holds the hand of a mail and the only mail next to him in the line up with the bat is Eaugen. Eaugen recieved cuddles good bye so they no he is loved as they saw this watching froa distance. Allso he said his good bye. But i believe somthing is also going to happen to another caricter as well to dubble up on the suspense. This other caricter will not dye but be injured we will be thinking he is a goner as it unfolds but the other caricter will be injured.

  2. Bob says:

    Bunch of BS

    • Spoiler what says:

      Just what I was going to say

    • Nancy Miller says:

      I wholeheartedly agree. Gimple is just trying to stay afloat in a sea of audience disgust. He shouldn’t of treated his then loyal fan base as he did. And all for money and ego. He is an ass.

      • Travis says:

        Are you joking!?!?!
        The whole point of a big Season Finale is to make the audience want to watch the next episode.
        Every single person who has watched this episode will want to know who was killed thus making them watch the next episode.

        Gimple is creating quality entertainment at heart.

        • this season, and the finale, has left me not wanting to watch the next episode. Season 6 is over after what, 16 empty rice krispy air puff episodes and gobs of advertising. I will use the 6 month break to realize I’m bored with the show and don’t really miss it.

          • VC says:

            Exactly how I felt after watching the last episode. Being a fan since day one, we were always left with some hope…but this was an extreme downer. I thought it was stupid to have all of their top fighters together in the “rust bucket” leaving behind the rest of the people at their camp. I mean, what could a dr do anyway to help Maggie?

        • Phil Mangini says:

          Because he, and everyone else on the planet with an ounce of sense had every reason to believe that no one would want to watch another season of WD. The writing was on the wall, the show was dead, no one watched it, or talked about it. There was every indication zero people would tune in to watch a show they’ve already spent 6 years watching. Right.

      • All this loyal fan base stuff has me screaming… a fan base watches the show (or decide not to watch), the writers write… if you want to see ONLY what you want and expect, write your own fan fic.

      • Zardbeth says:

        Agree with Nancy Miller completely. Gimp-Kirk is a low-life skunk who has run out of ideas and simply took the cheap way out. That last episode was a travesty of lazy writing, bad decisions and characters suddenly acting way too out-of-character to endure. This Negan character with the baggy pants is uninteresting – just a sadist with a too-long soliloquy which bored me to tears…….Kirk-Gimp has failed and ‘sea of audience disgust’ is the best analogy I’ve heard. Now we’re supposed to deal with some weird Knights of the Round table bullshart?

    • tvjunkie says:

      I agree. All this complaining is a bunch of BS

  3. Jake says:

    Fool me twice, shame on me. Next season I’ll have an extra hour every week for reading, tidying up, sleeping, whatever.

    • N says:

      Nice to know…

    • Zayne says:

      Agreed, this stunt, and there’s no other way to describe it, proves definitively that Gimple has no interest in making quality television for the fans and just wants to be as sensational as possible to keep people watching. Seeing Glenn die and having to wonder in between seasons how the group will move on from this would have been satisfying for the viewers who love the characters. Instead, they treat us like idiots that need a manufactured cliffhanger to keep us on board.

      I went online this afternoon and read everything coming up in the comics and while there’s potential for things to be amazing, I no longer have faith that this showrunner would do it justice without screwing with the audience along the way.

      • french5851 says:

        ^^^^ THIS I was really looking forward to an amazing scene/finale/season, not any more.

      • Boaty mc boat face says:


      • Gern Blanston says:

        When I read a comments like this I always wonder the age of the person writing it. I am old enough to remember when cliffhanger endings like this were pretty standard fair. Viewing habits have changed drastically in the last few years where people want instant gratification, hence binge watching and the popularity of Netflix, and are less and less willing to wait for the long payoff and I believe that screen writers are having a tougher time delivering what people want as it flies in the face of what they were taught when it came to writing scripts and storylines. The viewer wants the instant payoff while the writer is thinking how to keep a story going long term. You view this as a stunt where I saw it as a pretty standard ending to a season finale. The season ends on a question so, that the viewer wonders what the answer is during the hiatus. Viewers no longer seem to be willing to ponder the question and immediately want the answer and if they don’t get what they want then the show is immediately the worst thing ever. The people that I know that are my age and older enjoyed the finale and are busy pondering who is going to be the one that gets the axe. The people that I know that are younger than me are complaining about how the show duped them and that they are never going to watch the show again. I’m curious what the ratings will be next season.

        • Aliasdavida says:

          I’m not that old but it won’t be anymore suspense and much desire to see the next screens of the show if we the answer is given at this moment. I believe we were all patient to see if Darrel got killed or just wounded and if he was dead and chained as we saw. The good thing is we were all waiting to see.
          As for those who pretend they wouldn’t watch it anymore because they can’t wait… I very much doubt. Even better we’ll probably be watching the upcoming episode at the same time! Like it or not :)

        • Jack says:

          I couldn’t have said it better! I am quite pleased with the outcome. I don’t think the ending of the finale is even written yet. If chandler tweeted that he has had the script for 6 months and he doesn’t know who died then maybe they are waiting to see who the public will accept or maybe willing to let go. At this point what does it matter, someone got there brains bashed out and we have to wait to find out. This is a cliffhanger of which I accept.

        • Zayne says:

          I’m going to blow past the wild condescension in your post and say I’m in my 30s and have no problems with a cliffhanger ending, when it is earned. The Walking Dead is in a unique position of having a portion of the audience with knowledge of the general structure of things to come. Obviously they are changing things, and whoever dies to Lucille may be different. However, they build this character up all. season. long. with reference after reference to him to tease viewers. I feel like after that, saying I want instant gratification is a bit of a stretch.

          Negan was incredible and JDM was terrifying and engaging and I was ready for someone to die despite dreading it all season long since it was announced he was coming. It would be one thing had Negan’s arrival been a surprise but they advertised the crap out of him knowing full well what his name meant to, I’m assuming, a decent chunk of their audience. Negan’s arrival is synonymous with a major character death and to play with viewers with a manufactured cliffhanger instead of leaving us with a sense of shock and loss to process over the break, we got a ratings grab and I, for one, will not give it to them. It felt cheap and dishonest, even more so when you think about all of the actors saying how they couldn’t sleep and felt nauseous when reading the script. Why? You don’t know who dies either supposedly.

          So while you can say it’s an age thing all you want, I love cliffhangers in finales but this was not the place for one, not given the audience of this show. The cliffhanger should have been the question of “Holy crap, where does the show go from here? This is a massive shift in the series” Given the quality this show has the ability to attain, that should have been their choice, treating their viewers with some respect.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            If you read condescension in my post I apologize as it was not written with that attitude in mind and there was none meant. I didn’t feel that the writers built up Negan that much inside of the show. There was only about 5 episodes that dealt with the Saviors and only 3 of those I believe mentioned Negan. That’s 5 out of 16 and 3 out of 16. That hardly is a season long buildup. Everything else happened outside of the show in interviews and such where the actors and writers have shown a propensity to over exaggerate throughout the years. If you still believe them and buy what they are selling then that’s on you. As for Lincoln saying that he felt sick after reading the script he never said in reference to what. After seeing the finished product it seems to me that he was referring to how his character’s overconfidence resulted in the team being led into a trap where one will not get out alive. In interviews that I’ve read he comes across as a borderline method actor that internalizes what his character is supposed to be feeling which would result in him reacting exactly how he described reacting to the script. You and many others seem to have read what you wanted from statements like those, i.e. that he had to watch someone die, and are upset that the actors and writers meant something else entirely. As for your statement that the question should be “Holy crap, where does the show go from here? This is a massive shift in the series”, that literally still applies as you have no idea where the series is going and the arrival of Negan is a massive shift in the series. If you felt that the ending was cheap and dishonest that is just going to have to be an agree to disagree type of situation as I didn’t feel that it was either. It was just a standard season finale to me.

          • Zayne says:

            Agree to disagree is fine. I will clarify that Dwight was introduced in episode 6 basically telling viewers that the Saviors are on the way and with the Saviors, comes Negan. My perspective is that of someone with comic knowledge and that does make TWD walk a fine line. However, I feel like while people with comic knowledge had an expectation with Negan, the show leaned into and that’s why I feel it was dishonest to not show the identity of who he killed. There were comments like “we like to explain “right off the bat” wink wink nudge nudge viewers” in one episode early on in this half. Do I have fair expectations? Maybe not, but I feel like the show played into them enough that they knew exactly what they were doing and given the mixed response to the finale, I don’t think I’m the only one that feels this way.

            If you’re happy with the finale, great. That is your prerogative. Please don’t discount those of us that I feel have valid complaints about the way Gimple is running this show right now.

          • Gern Blanston says:

            If it came across that I was discounting people’s complaints then again, I apologize. My initial comment really was just me asking if a lot of the outrage had to do with how people consume television, the ages of the people consuming said television shows, and how a lot of nuance is lost in the internet rage machine. I am in my mid 30’s, but I am around college age kids quite a bit and everything is always the greatest thing ever or the worst thing ever, there is no in between. So, when reading comments that express a lot of frustration and anger I always wonder the age of the people making the comments as to try and gauge if the frustration is thought out or a knee jerk reaction to the most recent thing that they didn’t like. I’ve seen how much the show has veered from the comic so, I don’t really look to the comics as much of a guide to the show anymore and don’t pay attention to the interviews as the cast and crew do a great job of selling the show, but not a great job of being completely honest with the reader. And while I do feel that a lot of the letdown falls with the consumer if they were reading all of interviews, got hyped up, and then letdown that the finale didn’t live up to the hype as it happens that way almost every single time, examining it again I can see where you are saying that the writers and actors were playing with the viewer’s emotions. I don’t see it as egregious a transgression as you do, but I can see your point.

          • Zayne says:

            In most ways, I’d say we’re far enough off now that I give them a lot of leeway regarding comics vs show and I think they’ve made changes that I think worked better. However, this is one of those seminal moments that has a very low likelihood of changing. It was Issue #100 and I think remains the best selling issue of the comic yet.

            On hype, if the references to Saviors, and Negan, and bats and what the show was going to do was only in third party interviews and the like, I’d agree with you but I feel like enough buildup was put in the show itself and advertising right after episodes that any hype we felt was provided directly by the show. I’ve been burned by the hype game in video games. I’m very cautious about managing expectations. The show all but said, someone’s meeting Lucille and it’s going to suck for you.

            This one moment wasn’t egregious enough for me to quit the show but was just another in what I consider a pattern of manipulation that I’m not comfortable supporting. Glenn’s “death” in the first half frustrated me. Denise’s death was senseless in the worst way. The Daryl gunshot with the blood splatter was just silly and then finally keeping the identity of Lucille’s victim from us while also adding in the cheesy looking 007 blood down the lens effect was it for me. It may be what some people want in their television but not me. I think the first several episodes of this back half showed that they’re able to make strong and effective drama without resorting to cheap tricks but they continue to fall back on it and I’m just tired.

            At this point, I’d rather just hear from people next season if it’s worth picking back up or if we get more of the same. To your point, while my initial comment sounded more petulant than I intended with my reaction, the sentiment remains the same that I don’t have the same faith in Gimple that I do in other creators that have left massive cliffhangers before, Whedon for instance.

            Lastly, I wasn’t saying your comment directly discounted anyone’s opinion, I was just saying that make sure you listen to both sides. I feel like we’ve had a decent discussion here and I’ve enjoyed hearing a different perspective.

          • Yvie says:

            Just wanted to say that I enjoyed reading the debate between you and Gern. It was intelligent and well thought out on both ends and did not degenerate into the nastiness and name calling so often seen in comments like these.

            From my own experience, I don’t think age is the determining factor. I am middle aged but am a super fan who reads the comics and follows many of the TWD discussion sites. I was very letdown by the finale. My 21 year old daughter who just watches the show and nothing else was quite happy with it.

        • I have to agree with the use of the cliffhanger and the proper placement of it. There are so many twists that can come about because of this and we have all summer to contemplate what they might be. Do they leave Glenn alive and tell the story of he and Maggie dealing with the loss of the baby? Do they kill off Sasha and then explore the vengeance of Abraham? Do they kill off Glenn just to surprise all of the people who have already ruled him out? Do they kill off Daryl and develop Jesus into Rick’s #1? So many options and I’m not convinced that they’ve even made up their mind yet. Leaving it the way they did has left them with the ability to change their mind. I doubt this however because Gimple has already stated that 701 will pick up right where 616 left off. It may not be the need for instant gratification that is upsetting some of the fans, but they went into the episode expecting information that was never promised. We knew someone was going to die. They only promised it would be a beloved character death. They gave us that. If we are upset because we were expecting more, then it is on us.

        • Mary John says:

          I’m old enough to be in your category and I thought the cliffhanger was stupid because it had been an uninteresting finale. Nothing else was interesting except who was to be killed. When that wasn’t revealed, it made the entire episode uninteresting.

        • Danny Hawkuns jr says:

          its not only that people dont look at the time spent for the actors to do all the scenes and the time spent away form there lives and family. dont people think that they need a break as well? going from place to place 15 to 20 hours a day 7 days a week acting is not as it is made out to be any more then trying to make your fan base happy and at the same time its the fans who change there view not the actors. they are doing there best to make every one happy but how can you do that in this main stream media today! Just saying!

    • The Truth says:

      Same here.

      • alicia says:

        i heard that the person that neagon killed could’ve been daryl,abraham,or glen……i would have rather chozen ugeine because he slows the group down……not to be mean.

        • right ugeine should’ve died.

          • Christopher says:

            I like ugeine cause his is stupid and his going to die in a bad way I can tell or his going to take a bullet or save someone then die

          • Bob says:

            Speaking of Eugene do you think that he ratted them all out when they captured and beat him ?
            How did Negan know Ricks name All the saviors that heard Ricks name were dead

        • Mixel says:

          He doesn’t slow them down. From here on out its about rebuilding as much as fighting and he’s indespensible for that. They owe a lot to him in the show and even more so in the comics.

        • ISA says:

          Negan said, his mother chosen the best, so i think, maybe he hit daryl, because daryl is the best of best among their team.

        • Kalani faith says:

          Honestly I think it was aberham because he was the only one who wasn’t crying and when negan walked up to him he kinda Leaned up and when he said and you are it the first time he hit him ur taking this like a champ huh but on the other hand idk but 6 months I’m mad😡

          • Melissa says:

            In reference to the comment negan made “Taking it like a champ “could technically be a few of them. Daryl, glenn, rick and abraham if it has to be a guy. Although im hinting towards it not being abraham since he basically tried sacrificing himself for the group when Negan 1st initiated the question & looked him in the eyes, that would’ve been too Easy!!
            However it very well could’ve been a female such as Michone, Sasha, id even suggest Maggie (being pregnant never under estimate the strength of a soon to be mother, regardless of the possible current physical condition ). . Actually could be any one of them out of the group. Obviously the older favorite characters seem the strongest but now in all reality with all that entire groups been through and how each have transformed, they’re all stronger as well as valuable in their own ways.
            I personally don’t want to see any of the longest survived characters such as Daryl, glenn, maggie, michone etc to die. Because they have come so far & have learned traits/skills different strengths in making this far.
            But on a lighter note, there’s been some speculation that Negan probably didn’t kill anyone. Just nearly beaten half to death one of them. In the line up during his speech he mentions both phrases. Leaving us to speculate, especially since the writers don’t always follow the comics.
            I actually don’t even think the writers have completely decided what outcome they want. Especially since they stress that the actors don’t know the outcome of whom the beloved victim is. These writers always full of surprises.
            YES YES we heard cracked SKULL & bones at the swings of the bat. However that doesn’t mean anyone is dead. Lets ask ourselves How many individuals are victims to bear attacks each year. with cracked skulls or other parts of the body due to the strength of a bear & survive. Or how many individuals try to commit suicide jumping off of leagues & survive. Both id say have just as bad a impact if not more that a bat with barb wire. Don’t get me wrong, that bat would hurt as all hell.
            So many individuals that keep suggesting its Daryl because of Normans new series, i just don’t believe it. Actors are known to have more than one project. Next 6 mos they’ll be filming & finishing up filming for season 7 of the TWD. But then on that series off season while its airing Norman Reedus could very well be filming & Continuing his work on his new series. There both 2 completely different series. Ones a sitcom and more of a reality series. Heck Lauren Cohen who plays Maggie did just have a cameo long side Jeffery whose Negan in the JUSTICE LEAGUE. I know it is not as big a project but a non the less.
            We should all know by now that everyone of the writers enjoy messing with our feelings/emotions and love to leave us contemplating on the series. Whose to say that the actors don’t want to get in on the action either. Especially with how big a prankster Norman is. His announcement of his series before the end of season 6, could’ve been a brain teaser for us as fans. Although if he has decided to move on more power to him because he’s done a fantastic job thus far with TWD. Definitely has secured a forever fan base.
            Definitely one of the greatest series on television and the whole cast, has yet to disappoint. I am looking forward to season 7 & won’t revolve my entire Next 6 mos debating about who it is because it could be any of them. I love the cliffhanger, its smart to getting everyone viewing next season. Also appreciate the talent more.

        • Carrie says:

          He doesn’t slow the group down. His intelligence/knowledge is an asset. He comes up with things that has helped or will help them to survive. You need more than just the ability to physically defend yourself in a world like that.

        • Jack says:

          Eugene is too important to the script to take a dirt nap. They have bigger plans for him.

    • Vivian says:

      I agree…

    • ihatefanboys says:

      Have fun !!

    • SayinIt says:

      Thanks for sharing, I know we were all worried about how you would fill your time!! Whew…..

  4. MrMank says:

    Honestly, at the end of the day, I would not have ended the finale that way. I think that, given what some of us know from the comics, we were bracing ourselves for something far more brutal. I appreciate that Gimple & Co. are still promising a “boundary pushing” premiere, but I think having 6 month hiatus to prepare takes a lot of the oomph out of it. Besides, now there’s that much more time for the identity to be spoiled, and that would suck.

    That being said, the rest of the episode was amazing. Tension in every scene. I won’t let a – for lack of a better word – poorly chosen ending ruin that, or the show for me. People really do get bent about their TV, and I think that takes the enjoyment out. Chill out.

    • Wordsmith says:

      Think of it this way, though – if they had shown who died, we’d have six months to adjust to the idea of that person being gone. This way, we’re forced to consider the potential implications of losing so many different characters.

      • MrMank says:

        I totally get what you’re saying, and it’s completely valid. It’s not lost on me that there may be a different expectation from those of us who have read the comics. But just the way people were building up to the finale, too. Andrew Lincoln and Norman Reedus talking about how gut-wrenching it would be. I don’t know. And I’m not saying it was the “wrong” decision. I just think I would have favored the drama of a brutal death (and having six months to process it) than the mystery of a cliffhanger. It just seems…out of place here.

        • Pepper says:

          It was gut-wrenching. My heart was pounding so much those last ten minutes, I was worried about my health.

          • A.Rae says:

            Until the cop-out ending! I now literally do not care who it is… it just felt like a big middle finger to the fans…

      • wrstlgirl says:

        Exactly. The loss of momentum between the death and the immediate impact after. Best to have them happen at the same time. I’m happy with how they did it.

      • Walkie says:

        I don’t buy that logic. We, as viewers, are forced to consider implications every single episode. This was NO different. That’s the issue that many of us have with how the ending was handled. It was an opportunity to really do something IMPACTFUL. Instead they did something you might see on Dallas.

        • Wordsmith says:

          They didn’t eliminate the impact, though, they just shifted it back to the next season. The real question is whether or not the reveal will hit us just as hard in six months as it would have now. I feel that it will.

    • Simon says:

      Gotta give you credit for that comment. I’ve been saying that all day to friends who were complaining on how they are done with show. You can dislike the finale all you want but what are you really mad about? Like the previous comment about fool me once, how did they fool us, someone ended up dead, it’s a fact. They just didn’t show us. You can hate it as a cliffhanger, you can hate the way they are telling the story but quit calling BS or that they are disrespecting us viewers, and giving up your season passes.
      I would have ended it with fading to black like they did, but then after a sec or two show us a closeup of the victims bloodied face. The cut. But to each is own

      • christopher bee says:

        That´s what i´ve thought, show us a glimpse of the victim to mourning for 6 Month and then catch the struggles of our loved Characters.

      • AnnieM says:

        Well…in the comic, there was nothing left of their whole HEAD, let alone their face. :/

    • George Boosh says:

      Gimple mistakenly thinks we are the zombies.

      • Zardbeth says:

        Gimple would have better served the show by NOT commenting at all. His piteous excuses for ‘preserving the viewer experience’ is beyond all hubris. Please. In future, (if Gimp-Kirk has a future), keep this creature off all media venues. NO talking dead or other interviews. He comes across as a ratings prostitute, nothing more. No concern for the viewer who has put him where he is – merely a sad, misplaced paternalism accusing viewers of ‘tantrums’. Let the bat of Negan have at the disingenuous Gimple’s job. As in FIRED.

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    I’ve invested too much time into this show to give up on it now, but i f’ing hate them for that cliffhanger and I don’t see how the Season 7 premiere can change my mind about it.

  6. Lisa says:

    This shows just wayy too inconsistent to keep me interested. One stellar episode followed by an absolute bomb is just not worth the few hours I have to devote to television shows anymore. Theres just too much thats BETTER

    • abz says:

      Yeah, honestly I was so ambivalent towards the cliffhanger. Sure I want to know, but at the same time part of me didn’t really care. This finale was terrible for me not because of the cliffhanger, but because for most of it, NOTHING HAPPENED. And I’m not saying I need fights and explosions. I just want an interesting and engaging storyline. Jeffrey Dean Morgan was the only interesting thing about it.
      This season has been so subpar. I find myself watching one episode and thinking “okay, that was entertaining” but the overwhelming majority has been a complete bore. Most of it is just endless walking and boring talks and sometimes it’s taken me like three days to finish an episode because of how boring the show has become. And the amount of characters that I am ambivalent towards just keep piling up. I COULDN’T CARE LESS ABOUT MORGAN. I still can’t get over how much screen time they’ve given him not to mention that hour long episode ugh. Does anyone give a crap about Abraham’s issues? Denise was a fool. The Glenn fakeout was lame. Daryl has barely been given a meaningful storyline. Carl surviving that gun shot and only losing his eye was ridiculous. Rick and Michonne romantically I just don’t get. I think they have chemistry but not romantically. I seriously don’t care about half these characters at this point and I find myself sticking around only because I’ve invested so much time.
      Oh and can someone please tell Andrew Lincoln to consider getting a haircut?

      • Gracie Noble says:

        What I truly love about comments like yours is that you complain about every aspect of the show but continue to watch because of all the time you’ve invested. If it is really that horrible then walk away now. Why continue to be miserable for years to come? I doubt anyone at TWD will miss you.

        • apreature says:

          Exactly. Well said. She doesn’t care and she is ambivalent? She sure wrote a lot to be ambivalent.

        • abz says:

          Well for one reason, its because it was revealed early on in the season that Jeffrey Dean Morgan is coming on the show in a larger capacity next season and I really enjoy him as an actor so I am hoping that he breathes some new life into the show. And like I mentioned in my comment and Lisa in hers, the show is very inconsistent. There can be one or two episodes that are quite entertaining which are followed by several episodes that absolutely bore me so much. I did enjoy the first 3-5 seasons, but its been this past season that has caused me to slowly lose interest. There are still some characters that I like (e.g., Daryl, Carol, Michonne). I’m hoping now that Negan/JDM will be on the show that things might be exciting once again.
          And I don’t think the show will continue for “years to come”. It’s already about to start its seventh season and most shows start winding down at this point. That’s why I don’t mind sticking it out and seeing how it ends and maybe it could be good again. We’ll see.
          And by the way, its he.

        • Zombiefan says:

          I will forever love this show and it’s characters and it was gut wrenching to me how they got surrounded by the saviors and Maggie had fever it had me on the edge. I just hated that one of those characters had to die because I love them all!

        • kate says:

          As a fan since day one (loved the first couple years!) I could not agree more that there was alot to complain about this year. The beautiful connection this group had just wasn’t there. Darryl did seem absent and who would have guessed Carol would leave not thinking many would go looking for her endangering their lives.

          Do not judge who is a true fan when they say what many are thinking. Also the comic does deviate from what is written and what ends up on the show. The killing is getting so annoying and yes I know many who have exited watching. I am sure there are many new viewers however I also know even though good; the ratings have suffered.

          • Mary John says:

            I’m old enough to be in your category and I thought the cliffhanger was stupid because it had been an uninteresting finale. Nothing else was interesting except who was to be killed. When that wasn’t revealed, it made the entire episode uninteresting.

          • Mary John says:

            Sorry…the reply was supposed to be to a different post, not yours.

      • kate says:

        I also agree with you on Rick and Michonne ….felt something could throw this relationship off, could one of them be killed? I guess we have to wait. I am wondering if Morgan, Carol and their new friends will save the day?

      • MICHAEL CHONG says:

        What made the series so good is the character interaction and format – If they alter it too much then people will have to relate to a whole new scene and I dont think that people can be bothered if there is no success or feel good victories involving the main characters – It would be too tiresome to get used to a completely different format of main characters – The plot seems like its painted into a futile corner – DEXTER was so successful due to Dexter’s character – well – same with Rick and co – they’ll kill the show if they are not careful – just like VIKINGS is dying due to its main man being an addict and weak…..just sayin’……..

        • MICHAEL CHONG says:

          The makers need to be careful or they’ll kill interest – Remember when we were young and we used to ask who’s the hero? well we dont change we’re still kids at heart… Ratings are so important – Kill the ‘goodie’ kill the show! – A new ‘goodie’ or hero is basically a new show about zombies! People will turn away from it, I fear! It’s the same when the goodie can’t win or get even – people root for the goodie or hero – too much failure….. will kill the show! The success format has to have victory at some point so the fan will go….YEAH!!!!!

      • D. says:

        Sad, but what you’ve said is true.

  7. Kelly says:

    Gone are the days of, “Who shot JR?”
    Today’s audience lives in an on-demand world. By the time the next season airs, we will undoubtedly be spoiled somehow.

    • TRB says:

      Which now leaves them the opportunity to change it. I am probably being ‘cynical’ but it really feels like they ended it that way so they could see what the audience is expecting for next season. Then they can film a ‘surprise’, but one the audience will accept.

      • Debbie W says:

        I assume that the direct aftermath in that scene has already been filmed. If not they have to dress that whole set, gather all those same extras, etc.

        • Laura says:

          Nope, Lauren Cohan said in her Talking Dead interview last night that none of the actors know who it is… she was part of that scene, so they didn’t shoot past what we saw

          • Rocky says:

            She (and other cast members) could’ve said that because they already filmed it a few or even many different ways, leaving the cast genuinely not knowing who really gets it in the end. Right?

        • Bwhit says:

          Chandler Riggs also said he has no idea who it is, and hasn’t for six months!

          • Walkie says:

            That just gives the showrunners time to flip flop and change their mind on who it will be. They needed to commit to it and go on from there.

    • Andrew Hass says:

      The show might have taped different characters getting killed and that way it can’t be leaked who dies because alternate deaths were taped.The show right now knows who dies but between now and when filming starts again they could change their minds as they start planning for next season.

  8. Georgie says:

    I enjoyed the whole episode and thought the season finale was a perfect cliffhanger. At this point I have no idea who Negan killed. I am looking forward to next season.

  9. Oscar says:


  10. Ron says:

    Unfortunately, the creator, executive producer, and AMC have grown to be arrogant and commercial. When you have to talk-down to viewers to explain your purpose, you have already lost the fans. TWD could’ve been one of the greats to be around for a long time but it is dying each season with hurried writing, fillers, more commercials, and doing what they want the fans to have. I do not even care who dies on this show anymore. A whole season of garbage. It was boring and now I am free to do other things.

  11. Jason Murphy says:

    Its a stupid ending and Kirkman and Gimple know it. Its a smack in the face. They said they it did because it was the end of a story. Then the death is the beginning of another. THats HS… They either way the death is going to be the end of a story and the rock bottom for Rick. They built this up for 8 episodes, Negan, his killing a mjor character to give us 15 minutes and no answer. I would KILL for Durabont back. Ignorant writing.

  12. Debbie W says:

    I call BS on them thinking anyone would complain about Steven’s name being in the credits the week after he almost died. That was a misstep and I wish they would just admit it.

    I also think this cliffhanger was a misstep. If there was a new episode next week or even 2 months time, it would be different. It’s taking all the impact of the death away to have to wait that long, not to mention it’s bound to get out who is missing from filming anyway.

    Fans can be pretty forgiving, especially this fanbase, but this is two things pretty close together and I think it will cost them some viewers.

  13. Mat Cannon says:

    The first 3-4 seasons of this show were terrific. Since, there are many wasted episodes and they have lost what attracted me to it – no one was safe. Now they create new characters to kill off but the original cast feels untouchable. The show has also employed the usual tricks of normal TV with dumpstergate and this BS (6 month) cliffhanger. I am finished – at least in real time. Maybe I will watch on Netflix were I can watch at my leisure and without commercials but they have lost me as a regular viewer.

    • Debbie W says:

      I’m positive it won’t be one of the originals. It’s Eugene, Abraham or Aaron. The original cast is bulletproof. And with dumpstergate, they made sure that any time one of them are in peril, it’s lost it’s emotion because we know that nothing will happen and they will be fine.

      • Gina says:

        No one is bulletproof or safe on this show. The producer said the only one he probably would never kill off is carol. And Abraham, Eugene or Aaron isn’t a “very beloved character” so it’s not one of them. It has to be one of the main ones. Daryl or michonne would hands down be the most surprising. But I highly doubt it’s Daryl since he’s pretty much the face of the show and has the highest fan base next to Rick. Michonne on the other hand would be extremely surprising and shocking. Because no one suspects it’s her. But I still it’s gonna be a major cop out like Glenn.

        • Debbie W says:

          Rick and Carl are absolutely bulletproof. They are the main characters on the show, it’s their story, as much as people like to think it’s Daryl’s show, it’s not. They also said that they had a lot of story to tell with Michonne and Rick so I doubt she’ll be the one. They think everyone in the group who have been there for more than a season are beloved so I wouldn’t write anyone off based on that.

        • All Time Fan of TWD! says:

          I think our beloved character, who gets the “Bat to the head” will be young Carl:( They seem to favor killing young people (wasnt there a sixteen year-old killed and shown as an example) All the characters on the show would be very distrought, over Carl’s death.

  14. kitsunesaru says:

    I don’t actually watch the show but I have a question for those who do: If dumpstergate hadn’t happened, or any other cliffhanger this season (I though I heard there was another but again I don’t watch), would you have been more receptive to this cliffhanger? I know some people naturaly don’t like cliffhangers, but they’ve always brought people back since we’re just to curious. So yeah, if this had been the only cliffhanger, would you have been more receptive?

    • Debbie W says:

      I think I would have. I adore this show, but that dumpster fake out really left a bad taste in my mouth. Cliffhangers are good if you use them sparingly, not every other week.

      • kitsunesaru says:

        That’s where I would probably stand too. Cliffhangers are really tricky and should be used sparingly. Even ending every season of a show with a cliffhanger could be a bad idea. Especially a season long build up that isn’t delivered until the next season. So irritating!

    • Jane says:

      I actually had no problem with what they did with Glen. I liked the suspense but I knew within a few weeks I would know one way or the other. I despise what they did last night because all season long they had been saying someone would die. The built it up into a huge event. All of the actors brought their A games and they were wonderful. The introduction of Negan was handled perfectly. Then they took what could have been one of the best episodes, for me, of the season and ruined it all so they can get really high ratings for the first episode of next season. It was nothing but a cheap ratings ploy. Even Gimple pretty much admits in the article that he knows he won’t be able to keep it a secret and that it will be leaked before next season. There were all kinds of ways they could have shown who died and still kept the tension there. Now we will all know who dies and it will just be a let down.

      • Andrew Hass says:

        Or last night they could have some of the other characters reactions to the death and that could have given us some clues because we could have eliminated some of the potential victims.

      • kitsunesaru says:

        Very good point. I hate when shows or other media use cliffhangers that are really just for ratings or money or whatever. If they just deliver solid stories, people will come back. They don’t need to be forced back.

  15. Cas says:

    I personally thought this was one of the best seasons. And I fully expected them to cliffhanger it. Even if a few people decided to not watch the show has great ratings so it won’t even hurt it.

    • Carrie says:

      I agree. Thought this was a great season and saw the cliffhanger coming. I feel like they almost couldn’t have done it any other way because there was so much speculation as to who would die in the finale. So, guess what? No one died in the finale. We’ll have to wait until next season because they never intended to have the person die this season. I’m just not looking forward to that first Season 7 scene because I like everyone in that lineup. I don’t want to see anyone die that way.

  16. Brandon says:

    Gotta disagree with Gimple on a few bits. He said (on Talking Dead) that the swing of the bat is the end of one story, and where we pick up is the beginning of the next. This, after Kirkman praised him for crafting a script that piece-by-piece breaks Rick’s resolve and his confidence about the core group and the Alexandrians’ ability to survive ‘because they have each other.’ The TRUE end of that story is Rick, having just witnessed the horrifying, brutal death of one of his friends at the hands of Negan, actually RELENTING to the Saviors, backing down, giving in. THAT is the end of one story, and the beginning of the next. Also, they spent a good portion of time this season (and last) foreshadowing and leading viewer’s expectations about Glenn’s fate. His close call at Terminus, his discovery of a bat in Richmond, his Dumpster diving, his look upon finding the Polaroids (Side note: Polaroid makes a post-apocalyptic comeback. Good for them), etc. So the choice to further delay the pay-off regarding all those easter eggs, and whether they were, in fact, foreshadowing, or a complete misdirect, takes the sting out of those moments, as well.

    Papa Winches–I mean, Jeffery Dean Morgan, crushed it. He’s the perfect casting choice. I’d watch him read a phonebook and be entertained. But whether the cliffhanger ending was Kirkman and Gimple’s design, or whether it was a decision made by AMC, it still took the impact off the end of a tension-filled RV escapade. Showing the victim of Lucille’s Louisville luck, and then having six months to stew on that imagery, would have propelled Negan’s already infamous status into the stratosphere, would have appeased the fans (despite their heartbreak and pain), and would have drawn in more viewers, instead of alienating a large chunk of their fanbase.

    Oh, and FWIW, I don’t think I’ve read anyone mention the look passed between Abraham and Negan when Negan first approaches him in the lineup. Abraham rises up, puffs out his chest like he’s unafraid of his fate, and Negan gives a soft chuckle. It’s that moment – and the threat Negan possibly sees in Abraham – that could doom the redheaded, trash-stached teddy bear. Well, that and the scene with Sasha where he’s driving the RV, the setting sun glowing in the window behind him, smiling and hopeful about his future.

    And to that, I say…b****nuts.

  17. Marjorie says:

    I feel the episode was very anticlimactic. I know I am supposed to be very emotional over the loss of a beloved character, but since I don’t know who it was, I can’t get emotional. I’ll have to wait 6 months and see if I feel emotional then.

  18. KLS says:

    I am not sure how it was boundary-pushing, and it wasn’t even stomach turning. Seems like the PR and cast interviews saying as much were for the completed scene, not the partial one we saw in the finale. So, yes, over-hyped, but not unexpected.

  19. william says:

    I am guessing they either killed off Daryl or the red headed guy and they are saving the china man for another day.

  20. Brigid says:

    They shouldn’t have to explain themselves to any one. If you can write a better story, go do it. Otherwise stop your crying and let Kirkman and the writers write THEIR story. You know darn well that half of you would be complaining about who they killed if they showed you. You are fans who are never happy unless you see a massacre every episode. Some of us fans enjoy the suspense and the character pieces that make this show great. Your whining mars everyone’ s experience because they can’t go to a place and talk about the great things this season has brought out in these characters, how there experiences have changed them and continues to change them every season. In a world like this, how can you not question your actions and your sanity. I just don’t get the complaints, Maybe you should stop reading spoilers and that way you don’t build up these false hopes and you can enjoy the writers story. Yes, I’m sure they are sitting here laughing at all the cry babies hurt feelings in order to tick them off and lose them, yea that’s sound business advice. It takes a big ego to think that the writers are trying to mess with fans heads, instead of having their plan in effect. Get over yourselves!

    • Rocky says:

      I don’t get all the whining either. Yea, we all want to know RIGHT NOW who met Lucille up-close & personal, but GEEZ people – we (at least I) love this show because it’s about so much MORE than just zombie killin’ and who done what to who. This show has interesting characters who go through incredible things that most of us could never imagine experiencing. It’s intriguing to watch these characters develop & change in reaction to this world that Mr. Kirkman & the showrunners have created. I do want to know who bit it, but I’m excited/nervous/scared/anxious to see their story unfold. At first, I was really disappointed this season ended with the cliffhanger, but I understand this story is not mine and I can’t wait to see what happens.
      I can only guess that the feeling of impatience is maddening to some who never learned to WAIT for an an answer, which may lead to a big payoff. Take the time to imagine the different outcomes, discuss possibilites.
      Why waste energy being pissed? That’s dumb. People who want to abandon the show because they can’t wait or feel duped – good riddance. Don’t think you really get the show anyway.
      TL:DR – Whiners need to grow up & be patient. Learn that many times the wait is worth it.

  21. Chuck says:

    They spent months hyping this horrific, tragic, gut-wrenching finale with “quotes” from the cast saying how upset reading the script made them, or they were sick to their stomachs, or they couldn’t sleep after reading it. If what we saw was what they read, then it was all hype BS because, according to Chandler Riggs, he read the script six months ago and still doesn’t know who died. I don’t believe the writers or producers do either. Perhaps it depends on how contract negotiations go for the next season before they truly decide who Negan kills. Don’t try to spin it now as “this is about Rick losing power, not who dies.” That’s not the bill of goods the fans were sold. All they needed to pre-hype was that Negan was coming, and the episode should have ended with Jeffrey Dean Morgan entering the scene with his “Hi. I’m Negan” line and then cut to black. I don’t care that it was a cliffhanger because that is expected. They just handled the hype for the season finale all wrong.

  22. The Real Jake says:

    Ba-bye to all the sensitive viewers who think they know how to create a show better than the geniuses on TWD!

  23. Couch Mom says:

    If you think about it, Rick was pretty arrogant in his reaction to The Saviors thinking that he could just move on one of their sites, kill Negan’s people, and steal Negan’s guns. He should have done recon fiirst before taking that group on. Now, he has no choice but to accept the consequences of his actions and leadership and what it means for the group. By not revealing who died, we as viewers will have to adjust like the Grimes Gang as they try and figure out what to do next and adjust to the new dynamic. Should make for an interesting S7.

    • Sonny says:

      Rick WAS 2 arrogant and egotistical…U don’t attack without knowing what u r going up against. Morgan and Rick have both been slipping up this season but with that being said…they r both awesome actors. I was very pleased with last nites episode and thought that it was awesome (cliffhanger or not).

  24. Walkie says:

    It’s such a load of nonsense.
    It is poor storytelling. Give the audience that emotional punch to the gut. Let us spend the next few months wondering how the group will cope with the loss.
    Instead we have to sit here and play a parlor game.
    It was a lame cop out.

  25. Charissa29 says:

    The faux death of Glenn was probably both a foreshadowing of his death at Nagen’s hands and a way to both bleed off the emotional consequences of his eventual death by Nagen and to make us think someone else is dying.

  26. Disappointed fan. says:

    Sorry. I find it a total commerical (literally) cop out ending for the season.Gimple says it’s all about the “viewers experience”. Tough to believe. More like a set up for another 90 minute show with 45 minutes of ads. Very disappointing.

  27. french5851 says:

    ” I do think we’ve done enough on the show and we’ve delivered a story that people have enjoyed [to warrant fans giving] us the benefit of the doubt.” <– this is the problem. He is not listening, time for a change.

  28. Kevin says:

    Want to know how to keep idiots in suspense? This show just did that from all the whining going on.. 6 months and you will know .. lol

  29. Chris says:

    His description of “The theme of season 7” could apply to almost every goddamn season of this show.

  30. krazyKanuck says:

    I’m done with the Walking Dead,I got into the zombie attacks, and the messed up attitudes of the survivors, but now it is just brutal violence for the sake of violence and I guess good makeup. Sorry, the world is already too violent, and do not find violence at all entertaining. It’s a Canadian Thing.

  31. Cristi says:

    Its not the ‘lack of reveal’ of who died that has made me lose interest. Its the hour and a half show, with 60+ minutes of commercial, and 5 minutes of action. The character development overload has surpassed what was initially attractive… ACTION! Driving around in a mobile home for an hour is not entertaining.

    • abz says:

      Yes, I am so tired of the endless walking and/or driving back and forth for entire episodes at a time. Character development is great, but on this show and particularly this season I’ve lost so much interest. Every time they have these long boring talks I just nod off. I fell asleep half-way through last night’s episode and if it weren’t for the fact that I knew Jeffrey Dean Morgan was coming on, I’d have probably not have watched it for another week or longer.

  32. Don’t know about you guys, but I was definitely visiting Pee Pee Pants City when Negan entered the scene. Kudos to the entire cast….they all look terrified. Never seen Rick trembling like that. I thought there was no way out of that train car in Terminus, but that’s a walk in the park next to the Saviors. it looks like everyone’s goose is cooked. The Kingdom folks need to come to the rescue with Shiva, Carol and Morgan….and where the heck is the other half of that herd from the quarry when you need them?

  33. Philip Stephens says:

    I think I could have accepted not knowing who died if the only characters kneeing in front of Negan were the core cast: Rick, Carl, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne and Carol. If we knew that one of those characters had died, then the wait to find out which one it was would have been effective. But because they lined up almost the entire cast of regular and semi-regular characters, including Abraham, Eugene, Rosita, Sasha and Aaron…it just takes the sting out of it, because as sad as it would be for any of those characters to have been killed, it won’t have nearly the same impact.

  34. Anon says:

    He must not know about the audio thay was leaked that sure makes it sound a lot like Glenn but the dust lol. Since you hear him saying mag Maggie and then near other people yelling Glenn!!

  35. Charlie says:

    People are always complaining nowadays. No one is ever happy with anything. No matter how they would have ended this, someone would have found a way to say the ending was BS. I too hate cliff hangers when they are predictable and unnecessary, but this cliffhanger the was totally the opposite, We have no idea who negan killed. They done it well and I hope it doesn’t get leaked. If you are here complaining about how you’re not going to watch next season, don’t watch it. Simple.

  36. Gina says:

    I wonder if the fact that Steven yeun has 4 new unpcoming projects coming up on IMDb say something about him possibly biting the dust…. Although j will be very disappointed if they did indeed kill Glenn like I thought they did. Cuz this show isn’t supposed to be predictable but yet it’s starting to turn out that way. Deff makes it a lot less interesting once it becomes predicable. Just saying

  37. Watch the trees in the background of negan when he is walking. There can only be four people he killed. The top of the tree, next to michonne, is seen when Negan is batting someone.

    So, that leaves, Daryl, Michonne, Abraham and Maggie.

    My theory is, Michonne and Abraham are safe. Why? Them dying would be sad, however, they want to aim for something dark, shocking, and crazy.

    Maggie is pregnant, and the wife of glenn. Glenn dies this way in the comics, from Negan. It would make sense if it was maggie, because it would be flipped. Alot of comic events happen in the TV series, but loosely. (Like how deanna was mayor of Alexandria rather than her husband in the comics)

    As for Daryl, that would be extremely shocking due to all the praise of this character and the fangirls. lol

  38. Ludwig says:

    I saw the episode where they carry Maggie through the forest in the dark. I was in military and I’m very sure you can’t see nothing in the forest when it is dark. Even when the moon is shining it is a very very poor sight. It is also very poor storytelling when Rick and his group killed a lot of Saviors and they on the other hand are playing with Rick and his group. View the season 1,2 … and so on and the theme is always that the living people as group are killing each other when they had the chance. So killing one of the main characters is in no way shocking, amazing or whatever it may be the solution. Try with another writers, fresh blood, new ideas. The old couple becomes dull in the long run.

  39. The walking dead will become reality upon this earth once Christ remove His church from this earth, In the sight of Christ, all the people on earth who do not have the Holy Spirit in them are spiritually dead to God. All the saved are alive in Christ. When the rapture happened, Christ will remove those that are spiritually alive in Christ and take them to heaven. While those that are spiritually dead to Christ, but walking around in alive physical bodies, will be left behind and the vast majority of them will be the walking dead upon this earth. In the movies you see many deaths and killings with no emotion. This is the way it shall be during the 7 years tribulation period, which will take place right after the rapture of the church.

  40. Dell Smith says:

    I loved the cliffhanger ending of the season! I love the fun of having to wait to find out who was chosen and how that will affect the group. I Thought season 6 was really strong, with the exception of the placement of the episode about Morgan. That episode really dragged. Negan is definitely a force to be dealt with. I completely questioned Rick’s lack of recon before acting when it came to attempting to kill of Negan’s group and now it looks like there is a huge price to pay for it. can’t wait to see what they come up with for season 7. At least I will have ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ to keep me occupied.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      I loved the cliffhanger, it absolutely ruined one of the stand out moments from the source material. I cannot wait for the inevitable disappointment when we find out it’s a Z-list cast member like Aaron or Eugene who was on the receiving end. I also love Fear the Walking Dead, it’s just like original except this time none of the cast are vaguely likeable or interesting. Still, looks like they’re getting on a boat, so looking forward to seeing zombie Jaws in a few weeks…

  41. billybadass says:

    i loved it!!!, sure the ending wasn’t the instant gratification everyone was looking for, but name a tv drama that gives you exactly what you want, everytime you want it ,the way you want it,you can’t they don’t exsist, this is a solid mystery to end on, WHO DID NEGAN KILL?, kirkman said the clues were there as to who was killed, and after watching the last 15 min about 10 times, IT’S THERE, in the final words spoken, by negan, “damn,taking it like a champ” the only member able to take that shot and not go down immediately was ABRAHAM!!!!!!!,everyone else was in fragile states, and abraham was the only one that showed negan defience and strength, jmo!!!

  42. Mario Reyes-Zavala says:

    Look, at the end of the day the creators can say what they want, the finale failed. They can say that the main purpose of the episode was about deconstructing Rick, introducing a new world,,, bla bla bla. One does not simply refuse to give answers. This was an idea that turned into a mistake and then evolved into a stunt. If TWD creators wanted to be original then why did they use a Dukes of Hazard ending? In not showing who the victim was they actually answered the question,, the character that got killed was not main “core” character, and that’s all we need to know,,, because their death wouldn’t have been enough to create the hunger to see the next season for revenge. This character’s death would have been a relief and people would have moved on and not talked about the show until NOV. So now before the majority of the people realize this, they say they are going to push the line and make it gory…. Go ahead Bo jump that barn again… disappointing…

  43. John Mosby says:

    The real problem was that AMC marketed the hell out of someone important being killed and while *technically* someone died, it’s very ‘Shroedinger’s Victim’ if you don’t say who. The marketing didn’t technically lie but it did dramatically infer to the point of making it seem we’d get more than a cop-out black-out.

    I don’t mind cliffhangers and this one was a well-executed (sic) doozy, but it’s essentially unfair to promise someone the equivalent of a Christmas present, deliver it on the day, but then say ‘But, hey, you can’t open it to see what’s inside until easter’. That’s NOT a Christmas present… so you can’t really claim it delivered a death in the finale… you aren’t really getting it until the NEW season begins. Until then… everyone’s alive.

    Legitimately,revealing who the death was in last night’s ep wouldn’t have hurt the show at all. It would still have been watercooler tv… regardless. The mystery-aspect is just bait-and-switch marketing and it’s annoyed almost everyone I know.

  44. Troy says:

    I’m willing to bet the writers and producers don’t even know who was killed. They’re going to decide when they go to film Season 7 this summer. They’re totally going to look at social media and just randomly pick a character to die. They’re going to pick a character who they think is going to have the most impact. People are going to be able to guess who it is once they start filming this summer and the actor isn’t in any of the scenes. This cliffhanger ending was a cheap ratings ploy and an insult to the viewers.

    • SayinIt says:

      But that’s the same result no matter what episode is being filmed. The people who are super-invested and actively seek out spoilers always know who showed up where to film what. That’s been happening since day one; they know if an actor is missing or not seen on set. (And The rest who don’t care about knowing spoilers, don’t care)

      I’m actually betting they have already filmed the reveal at the same time they filmed the end sequence. That actually would have been easier on everybody, cast and crew.

  45. Of course, by the time S7 premieres, everyone will know who died b/c that person won’t be seen on the set while they’re filming this summer so what was the point of not showing it?

  46. lepermessiah says:

    The problem is that all of the emotional punch of whoever’s death it was. We all know that it will leak in the next few months and by October no one will really care.
    I think the powers that be were too busy trying to troll the comic book community and in turn they outsmarted themselves.
    They sadly alienated a whole lot of people by trying to prove they are smarter than everyone else.

  47. Phoenix5634 says:

    Everyone needs to just calm down, and maybe watch the episode again, now that you know you won’t see your favourite whacked to death. We were all like primed to go off the rails this episode, based on who died, those fans would be pissed, the rest would be relieved. But becuz they left it on cliffhangers, and we still don’t know who got it, no ones relieved, and everyone flew off the rails. Except the people who expected to have to wait for next season before this happened.

    Watch the episode again. It’s better the second time through, you notice more. When your not as tense, and not waiting 93 mins to possibly see your favourite character get whacked.

  48. Martha says:

    Im a hardcore walking dead fan just because they didnt show who dies doesn’t make me not wanna watch anymore was I upset yeah but this episode kept me clinging to the edge of my seat and the moment they pull up in the last scene made my heart fall I love this show an would never give up on it twd fan for life

  49. Robert Stone says:

    In a conference call with reporters on Monday, showrunner Scott M. Gimple revealed that the opening sequence (which will pick up right where the finale left off) will “be pushing some boundaries” in terms of blood and gore

    Where have I heard this before? Oh yeah, All season long about the finale. Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.

  50. PT says:

    I am steadily loosing interest in this show and I was a big fan. I think the writers don’t know how to write anything other than teasers and cliffhangers, just like the dumpster scene with Glen. I’m over it. I won’t have any problem waiting six months to find out who was killed in the finale.