The Flash Katie Cassidy

The Flash Enlists Arrow's Katie Cassidy to Appear as Earth-Two's [Spoiler]

The Flash‘s doppelgängers keep on coming.

Arrow star Katie Cassidy will guest-star on the spinoff as the Earth-Two version of Laurel Lance, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim confirmed at a Monday press screening.

In the parallel universe, Laurel takes on the moniker of Black Siren, who was a member of the Justice Society and the mother of Dinah Laurel Lance in the DC Comics canon.

Cassidy appears in The Flash‘s penultimate Season 2 installment, airing May 17.

Arrow/Flash fans, do you think Laurel will be on the dark side over there, just like Caitlin and Cisco?


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  1. Lena says:

    i wish this was confirmation it wasn’t laurel dying on wednesday, as well as the news about the flash. i can’t be excited about anything new in the universe until i know it’s not her.

    • ? says:

      If she dies on Arrow and this Earth-2 version of the character migrates over, it may be for the best. The writers get a sorely needed do-over. Laurel is one of the worst characters on television and she drags the show down, but Katie has never been the problem.

      • Shawb says:

        U just described Felicity who eats up screentime

        • Josh says:

          Felicity is awesome. She is the love of the Heros life of course she’s gonna have much screen time. The show needs her 410 proved that

          • Ugonna Wosu says:

            Olicity has ruined Arrow. The show is so not fun to watch anymore, and it’s more soap than superhero show.

          • Michelle says:

            You must be joking.

          • Dj says:

            Felicity use to be so much more than that. Season 1 and 2 Felicity was a great character, but now it’s like you can’t define her character without saying she is Oliver’s girlfriend. She isn’t Felicity anymore she is just the lesser half of Olicity.

        • tvjunkie says:

          The problem isn’t Felicity, it’s all the teenage angst like Olicity drama. This season has played like a bad Olicity soap opera with the Damian Darrk and Hive as the B storyline

          • mb says:

            Agree. But lets also mention that the fact that in real life a women is not going to leave a great man for the most part because he didnt tell her he had a son that the mother made him promise to keep a secret. Seriously you going to go find prince charm that does no wrong in this world. Good Luck. Sure she could be mad give him the silent treatment for a while and stuff but to play this Cinderella soap opera drama just irritated me. Felicity character is responding as if he cheated on her. Dont know if I will continue watching getting bored and annoyed with the writing.

      • emily says:

        “one of the worst characters on television” um speak for yourself. i hate it when people act like their opinions are facts.

        • Cris says:

          I agree, it’s just so stupid to read. Laurel is awesome.

          • Tessa says:

            what is the difference between you saying she is awesome and someone other saying she is one of worsts? everyone is free to say their own 2 cents here. and yeah I too, think the show will be better without Laurel.

        • Ella says:

          LOL, thank you! Sums up Olicity fans for me. I love Laurel, and if she dies this week, I’m gone. The show hasn’t been enjoyable for me since mid-season 2, I’ve basically stuck on for her and in the hope it would get better.

        • Dude says:

          I dont think Laurel is one of the worst characters by a long shot but she is a character the writers don’t seem to know what to do with. They’ve never seemed to have a real grasp of who she is and how she fits into this world and it’s been very frustrating to watch them waste a character who has the potential to be great because of their own inability. Laurel is problematic but it’s definitely not Katie’s fault, it’s the writers.

          • I think that the problem with her character started ironically when the show killed off Tommy. With the popularity of Felicity/Oliver becoming a thing, it left Laurel in a vacuum relationship-wise. Also, I must admit that I initially disliked both Laurel and Thea in the first couple of seasons, but have grown to appreciate both. Especially Thea, who combines bad-ass Speedy characteristics with a very big hearted and compassionate sister/team member. And Steven Amell continues to impress me with his growth as an actor.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Well at least the word “we” wasn’t used to suggest everyone has the same opinion

        • Angela says:

          Why? It’s a FACT Laurel sucks. The majority of fans feel the same way. I didn’t watch Arow from Day 1 but what I’ve read on FB/Twitter and elsewhere Laurel is not well liked at all

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Speak for yourself. No one has had the journey of growth she’s had. She’s the best, not the worst character(Laurel).

  2. Joey Padron says:

    Great news she’ll be back on the show as her earth 2 doppelgänger! Can’t wait to see her in that episode!

  3. JP says:

    I guess this is the consolation price for Katie after killing her on Arrow…

    • steven says:

      How do you know she’s going to die?

      • Leo says:

        1) The previous episode is called “Beacon Of Hope” – what Laurel called Ollie and they shared two tender moments which seem like a “closure” for their relationship. Also closure with her father, and her lawyer career.
        2) The guide for this week’s episode mentions a new opportunity for Laurel. I think she will be offered a new job which will make her decide to quit the team but of course before she can enjoy the ‘new’ opportunity, something bad happened to her
        3) The next week episode is called “Canary Cry”, at first glance we’d think it meant Quentin died, but surely it sounded more like a tribute episode to Black Canary, right?’
        OMG, I can already imagine the mess I’ll be if it’s really her. #NoLaurelNoArrow

        • tvjunkie says:

          I think it’s Papa Lance. I don’t think Felicity would have had the same reaction in the limo (flash forward) if it was Laurel. I think she was upset because her mother was hurting, but not so hurt that it was mama smoke in the grave. Also Papa Lance painted a massive bulls-eye on himself as the only evidence against DD.

        • John036 says:

          I think it’s Mr. Lance as well. Like the “Canary Cry” could be because it’s a Laurel central episode dealing with the death of her father

  4. JJ says:

    I can’t wait! Katie is amazing as black canary but i’m super excited to see her as black siren! I love The Flash mythology and writing.

  5. Phoenix5634 says:


  6. Mary says:

    If this means Laurel will died in Arrow, shame on Arrow writers! But anyway, in the BTS photos of The Flash she looks so good in the suit. I want see this episode ASAP.

  7. Mary says:

    I thought her name on Arrow was Dinah Laurel Lance and that she just goes by Laurel.

  8. AB says:

    Katie Cassidy is my favorite actress of CW! Come to us Black Siren <3

  9. Joe says:

    Makes sense since she is no longer on arrow after canary cry episode…probably evil on earth 2 like the others…

  10. Ms Thang says:

    The producers are sugarcoating the upcoming death of Katie Cassidy’s character, Laurel, on Arrow. Will this paltry consolation be enough to counter the potential backlash from their decision to kill The Black Canary? The plot thickens.

    • Robert77 says:

      If iconic characters are going to be killed off the show don’t they have to get DCs approval? Maybe BC is going to be part of the Justice League movie and they insisted that she was killed off like Amanda Waller and Deadshot.

      • Dude says:

        She won’t be. Zack Snyder has always said that he has no interest in incorporating DC’s television side in the movies. It’s the same reason they cast Ezra Miller as Barry Allen instead of Grant Gustin.

  11. bbussey says:

    Most likely, comics canon is being followed and Dinah will migrate from Earth-2 to Earth-1 as Black Canary.

  12. C. says:

    Can’t wait to see her die again.

  13. kitsunesaru says:

    We needed a spoiler to say she’s playing the Earth-2 version of the character she already plays?

  14. Nicole says:

    I’m in if we get a Tommy ‘Dark Archer’ Merlyn cameo as well. All the better if he’s Black Siren’s nemesis/quasi love interest.

  15. Summer says:

    Actually, no. Black Siren was Donna Nance, and she existed on a parallel universe in the DC Animated Universe, created because the showrunners for Justice League/Justice League Unlimited couldn’t, at the time, get the rights to the proper old-school Justice Society characters. Dinah Drake Lance was the first Black Canary, Dinah Laurel Lance was the second. The Black Siren is connected to neither.

  16. Mo says:

    Her E2 supersuit is waaay badder @ss than on Arrow & since this’ll be on Flash maybe they’ll give her a proper meta cry. Considering the sloppy mess that passes for the Olicity Show these days and the sidelining of the Laurel from the start KC is better off going out with a bang on the hotter & better show.

  17. WerOTA/OG3 says:

    this is soo embarassing for her fans OMG they even not try to show them LaurelLance version in EARTH2, why some Siren???

    • Lilah says:

      Read a bit about the comics and you will know…

      • Lizzie says:

        Uh. Black Siren is from the animated universe only. She’s not in the comics. Maybe you need to read about them too. LOL.

        • Lilah says:

          I know she is, but like in the comics not everyone in E2 has the same name as in E1.

          I think that even Flash already established that..

    • Rwaki says:

      Embarrassing? You should take a look at your username

    • Lilah says:

      E1: Vibe
      E2: Reverb

      E1: GA is Oliver Queen, Robert Queen is dead, Barry is the Flash, …
      E2: GA is Robert Queen, Oliver Queen is dead, Barry is not the Flash, …

      Is not new that there are some differences between the Earths… So why would it be embarrassing?

  18. Lizzie says:

    LOL. Speculation of her death on Arrow and then this news drops. She’s clearly dead. Sounds like they’ll kill her off on The Flash too. She doesn’t even fit on Arrow, she’ll never fit on Flash.

    • Glenda says:

      No”.KC crossing to E2..and felicity2 or ” oracle/Barbara Gordon “come to E1 . Grave holds someone close to Em…That is either, mom,dad, digg,Oliver or echo wife. Or Ray P. maybe more than one time jump and one time over. (Deadasadoornail)Then again, Malcolm & Darkk “Genesis” project has to do with “rebirth” it’s going to be convoluted for sure with everyone in danger..good and bad! Maybe Guggenheim is really a storyteller, finally! Long live laurel, felicity, Thea, Quentin, digg,Oliver,Curtis, Clayton’s ! Destroy the creeps !

    • Ugonna Wosu says:

      I think she’ll fit better on The a Flash, and fits fine on Arrow.

  19. Lola says:

    kill felicity from arrow

    • Josh says:

      How about kill no one but piece of crap Malcolm Merlyn. Felicity along with Diggle and Oliver are the reasons I watch

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Why do you hate Malcolm? Only reason he’s actually bad now is becuz no one trusted him. Of course he’s not going to be a nice guy upfront, when he was the leader of the League, he had to be the way he was then. But he was helping team arrow, but everyone always sided against him, so now he’s being what everyone painted out to be from the start. It’s their own fault that Malcolm’s working against them now.

        • Brigid says:

          I think it might be that Malcolm tried to blow up the poor people who lived in the Glades in season 1 and had Thea murder Sara. The man is evil and that is ONLY his fault. He isn’t even enjoyable any more and has worn out his annoying welcome in my opinion.

        • Brigid says:

          Awesome! I love Laurel and she had great chemistry with the crew from The Flash last time she was there. Maybe she can move permanently over to the superior show where her character can flourish.

      • Ugonna Wosu says:

        Malcolm is a much needed regular baddie. Arrow has too many regular goodies. Get rid of Felicity instead of Laurel . They already have her male friend as a potential replacement , and he don’t get with Oliver and over dramatize the show!

  20. james says:

    She’s by far the only good thing about Arrow these days, sad how Felicity was so fun and now she just drag the show down, Oliver is not even Oliver anymore. Anyway, LOL, so they are killing black canary afterall, lame. Just kill Arrow, GA is coming to the movie universe in 2019 anyway.

  21. Glenn Simpson says:

    Just to make sure it’s clear – this story is incorrect in saying that “Black Siren” was Black Canary’s mother. In the comics, there was an original Black Canary, and her daughter also became Black Canary later. “Black Siren” never appeared in the comics.

  22. Matt says:

    In DC Comics Black Canary’s mom was…. Black canary. Not the Black Siren….

  23. RichieS says:

    What would be cool is if Siren and Canary faced off and somehow shot their arrows at the same moment and killed each other.

  24. stephon js says:

    This explains the grave scene the was posted last week

  25. Russ Cross says:

    If I’m not mistaken, Black Siren was a member of the Justice Guild of America, a superhero team featured in the Justice League animated series two-part episode “Legends.” She was based on the original Black Canary.

  26. rahajicho says:

    I hope Katie Cassidy kills this guest appearance and prove once and for all that she’s a fine actress; it’s the writers on Arrow who have been screwing over her character.

  27. rahajicho says:

    I hope Katie Cassidy kills this guest appearance and proves once and for all that she’s a fine actress; it’s the writers on Arrow who are destroying the character.

  28. Karen says:

    Ugh keep her sucky acting off Flash

    • Mo says:

      No that would be Felicity. She ruined the ep the last time she was on Flash, good thing LoT got stuck with her this year. Poor LoT.

  29. Phoc says:

    that’s no canary, that more like Bat Woman

  30. Scott says:

    With a name like Black Siren, not sure how CW will apply this character in the Flash, but it would be cool if she stays on the Flash’s team for a while, thus creating a suspense for the DC fans on when Team Arrow will meet her, if at all. Team Flash may think it would be cruel to expose Laurel Lance/Black Siren to Team Arrow especially when Team Arrow would know it is not really her, and she may leave their earth someday which may reopen old wounds, and Team Arrow, let alone Quentin Lance, would grieve over the loss of their own Laurel Lance all over again. Still, Black Siren/Laurel Lance would be tempted to see her home city, her grave, her mother & family from afar, thus creating a stir if she got spotted. Personally, I hope they make her a metahuman this time with ghostly powers and not just a sonic scream since “Black Siren” kind of makes me think of her in that way so that she would visit Dhark in prison and make him crap his pants, thinking her a spirit haunting him from her grave. That would be entertainment and a fun payback for all the fans, and not just for me, providing that Dhark is still alive at that time, but I would think Team Flash would love her as their own Laurel Lance, maybe too much, because they’d want her to stay with them like forever as their Team mate since after all, the former Laurel Lance was their friend too as Cisco & Caitlin should miss her.

  31. Christopher says:

    Season 1 of the Arrow was great, then the writers introduced Laurel, Speedy, too much screen time to Felicity, too many conversations about feelings and “its my fault” talk. Of course any great show always spirals down the tubes when the main characters starts dating another character. This show is no longer a superhero show geared towards fans of superheroes, its geared towards people who like gossip, drama and who like the Kardashians.

  32. kat says:

    but black siren wasn’t black canary’s mom…black siren is based off of the black canary.