Post Mortems
The Walking Dead Who Did Negan Kill

Walking Dead Creator Confirms Negan's Victim is 'Very Beloved to Everyone'

It’s going to be a loooong six months for fans of The Walking Dead.

Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s Negan and his barb-wired sidekick Lucille made their debut in the closing minutes of Sunday’s Season 6 finale and promptly took out a major character — but which one?!

Series creator Robert Kirkman, appearing on after show The Talking Dead, confirmed outright that the dearly departed character is a fan favorite (which should narrow things down a bit). “As upset as people probably are at Negan’s introduction and how he’s coming in and killing somebody who is very beloved to everyone,” he said, “from his perspective, he’s the hero of his story, like most villains. And if we’d been following him this whole time, we’d be 100 percent on board with that.”

Showrunner Scott M. Gimple, meanwhile, had this to say about the cliffhanger: “When we reveal who’s on the receiving end, that’s going to be the start of another story. The kickback effects from that, what it makes everyone into, how they react, how the world changes for everyone — that’s the next part of the story.”

Regarding criticism that the ambiguous ending was just another in a long line of Walking Dead stunts, Gimple responded, “We have to do an episode that justifies [the cliffhanger] to you. We have to do something so great and so intense that you’re like, ‘OK, all right, fair play.’ That’s the challenge that we have, and we’re going to do it. We’re going to deliver you something fantastic.

“We want you to be one of those people in that lineup,” he added. “We want you to feel that suspense and that terror and that pain. We’re going to deliver you a story next season that justifies it.”

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  1. Shaw says:


    • Hellas13 says:

      Worse than the finale was the mutual admiration society on Talking Dead.

      • Simon says:

        Right?! It so much better when people post negativestuff on comment sections about how crappy the show was, and how the writing sucks. Gimme a break.

        • Hellas13 says:

          So we’re not allowed to say that the show we like had a horrible finale? Give me a break.

          • Simon says:

            I’m not saying that. You had the producer/creator of the show on Talking Dead trying to justify why they did what they did. What were they suppose to say, that they made a mistake or that the writing is terrible. I’m totally fine with people not liking the finale if they really didn’t. But like they said there’s a reason why they did it, it’s their show and it’s their way in which they wanna tell the story.

      • The Truth says:

        Amen, when Hardwick came on after the episode and I was completely sure I wasn’t getting an answer I about cut it off. And then when Gimple started talking I did turn it off. And deleted that and the finale off my DVR. Then I thought about how this is literally the same ending as when they found terminus, and I wondered why I still watch this dumb show. And I deleted my season pass.

  2. “Also: we’re going to milk this for as long as humanly possible. Thanks for watching suckers!”

  3. Nick RNZ says:

    I hope they realised it’s not even a tragic death at this point. So its actually a big fuzz ball of NOTHING at all. A huge build up to a massive let down. They got it wrong with this cliffhanger.

    • ? says:

      What a dumb decision. If you’re going to spend 15–yes, 15!–minutes in a scene with the characters on their knees waiting for one to die, slowly building up the tension until it’s ready to explode, you don’t cut to black right before the payoff. That isn’t how you do a cliffhanger. Wow, just, bad.

    • luvprue1 says:

      It’s a tragic death. It supposed to be
      a beloved character. One of the core characters .

      • Scott says:

        They were all core characters apart from Sachs and the gay guy.. Nothing against gays but if it’s a norm of society to be gay well it’s normal to say it.. Just before I get abuse

  4. It’s not like he’s going to say, “we killed someone really unimportant and it’s not going to mean anything.” What do you expect?

    • dan says:

      Exactly that. And “our next season is gonna be the best ever”. And someone else comes up with “we’re all really excited about the new scripts”.

  5. AngelWasHere says:

    Utter BS!!!!! I want to take a bat to the TWD writers. I want 90 mins of my life back.

    • B says:

      Yeah, here’s your 90 minutes back so you can waste it watching TV again!

      • Opinions are ok says:

        You’re a wizard? And here I thought you were just an a$$hole trolling everyone who has the audacity to voice their displeasure about a fake TV show.

    • Jennifer says:

      Yeah but I bet in 6 months you’ll be right at your t.v. watching the season 7 premiere

  6. Renton says:

    Yawn. I don’t care now, let alone in six months. They way, way, way overhyped the finale.

  7. Joe says:

    Bullsh@t I won’t care in 6 months

  8. veronica says:

    i dvr’d i in case they pulled this ciffhanger shenanigans—i’ll watch it in 6 months.

  9. billy smitty says:

    now we know why the stars felt sick after the episode, because of the BS the pulled again

  10. Danny says:

    If only they had the balls to show who was on the end of Lucille. Despite the Jon Snow cliffhanger, at least Game of Thrones are upfront with who is dead or might be dying. This whole season has been a build up of cliffhangers and fake outs.

  11. Really?! says:

    What in the hay was that. Such anti-climatic ending to the arrival of the long awaited villain. And oh how convenient that Carol wasn’t in the line-up with the other members of Team Family (Rick’s group). Since S4, she always seems to be off somewhere else when the others in the group are facing danger other than that one of the Gov. attacks in the prison, during the flu outbreak and before anyone says it, I know she was sent away that’s why she was not there for the fall of the prison.

    TPTB really ruined 6B with that finale and more so the ending of the finale. The epi was just blah!!!

  12. The gay boii died that’s what I think but Negan ur a bumn for doing that u had more people then Ricks group but if u would of killed anybody kill the gay boii he didn’t even do anything to help the group. #thegayboii #neganisabumn

  13. Kristine says:

    Sadly disappointed. I was ready for the terrible feelings of losing someone and instead I felt nothing. I think they lost the impact by making it a cliffhanger. It was so emotional until the last minute. Bummer.

    • Chuck says:

      Right! My heart was pounding out of my chest during the entire final scene and then after that first hit with Lucille, I was on the verge of hyperventilating … and then it went to black and I was like WTF?! So angry about the hype and being a fool for falling for it. Definitely not watching FTWD now and may not even care enough in October to see who the writers finally decided over the break who was at the end of the bat.

      • The Truth says:

        Same here. I’ll read the funny recaps from now on, but the show was sooo boring this year, along with making Rick and them basically become serial killers that I don’t really care who died.

        • B says:

          God, I know right? We actually have to wait for people to create things instead of getting our way all the time!! I’m not watching it unless they do what I want them to!!

          • IDK says:

            I think it is a person’s prerogative to stop watching a show when it no longer entertains them. Yes, people can create whatever they like, but that does not obligate others to enjoy it.

  14. ANGELA M GROOMES says:

    Tanks everyone who played the walking dead and the person who made the Walking dead up .The 6 episode is the worst who died with the bat

  15. gina says:

    I’m upset about the cliffhanger, but I feel like WE, the fans, have built up Negans arrival and his big kill.
    Is this the first show to ever have a cliffhanger? Heck no.
    People are saying they aren’t going to watch come October? Sure.
    And for the record, I think it was Abraham.

    • Bobby says:

      A good cliffhanger would’ve been him pointing at the one to die, pulling back to strike, and then the screen goes black and you spend months wondering “will they die or will someone stop it?” Or “surely they won’t kill that person! Someone will say something so Negan will feed Carl’s other eye to Rick instead of killing them!” And then you have the anticipation building because you want to know if they will or won’t die. Now we know someone died and we have to wait months to find out who. I don’t care who right now. I cared who while I was watching the episode. Which they extended, and managed to still have nothing important happen except to get all of them in front of Negan, who gave a nod to the audience by saying “are you pissing your pants yet?” Because the creators of this show know that the audience’s anticipation was already built up to this moment.

      • tvjunkie says:

        This was basically a “”who shot JR” type cliffhanger and theat became on of the best all time. But I forget we live in a different time where so many people are impatient and really should be taking medication for ADD.

        • SerByron says:

          Nailed it. Who shot JR was exactly what I thought (or who shot Mr Burns for you young’uns). But duplicating that in this day and age with social media and the internet period… I don’t really know that they shoulda went this way with TWD.

          But who knows, GoT will prolly Piss people off the way it ends and we’ll all be like. “Oh ya we got to find who Neegan killed in a couple months”

        • The Truth says:

          Oh shut up with that BS. If we didn’t like that crappy ending we have ADD now? GTFO here with that crap. Sorry we don’t like the show like you do fanboy (I can do it too) but that was bad. Really this whole season was slow and boring but that’s beside the point. It was a cop out on over a year of hype that they have been building themselves. I mean this season was like a class in cliched endings. “Did Darryl Dixon Die, tune in next week to find out!” Then the next week, they end with another BS fake-out.

        • Alvaro says:

          You’re wrong, and Scott Gimple too when he compared this cliffhanger with the hatch of Lost. The difference is that we have known for months that Negan was going to kill someone important in this episode, so people are mad because nothing new happened, there was no surprise at all. I love a good cliffhanger, but when it’s something that I already knew and expected to happen at half the episode, well I don’t love it so much.

    • Avery Davis says:

      You may be right. Whomever got the beating was still upright after the first blow. That narrows it a bit.

    • David Beckman says:

      I believe it is Glenn cause Maggie’s role in the comics

  16. Wesley thompson says:

    GD this show drags on like a mf are you kidding me 16 episodes plus a 2 month break for that 7 months later on the season finale ends like that (cliff hanger). Robert Kirkman and the writers of this show have more balls.

  17. Shana says:

    Scott Gimple’s treating the fans like we’re dumb. You dont need a cliffhanger to get uš to watch.

    • The Truth says:

      Well I guess we are dumb if we are still watching. This season was overall pretty boring. This Negan stuff will be nothing but the Governor plot a second time, so if we keep watching we probably are lol.

      • B says:

        If you thought this season was boring you really do need to be on ADD medication…

        • Opinions are ok says:

          Now we can add Psychiatrist to your list of skills. This kids something else! Asshole, wizard, psychiatrist. What can’t you do?

  18. irishrose4583 says:

    kinda feel you are really pushing the fans!! We made it through the glenn thing and then you pull this?? its jsut not cool! I’, not even thinking about who actually died b/c i’m so annoyed! you’re better than this! It was such a stressful episode and although Negan was fantastic I feel you owe us some resolution after all that.

  19. If they killed Rick, I’m out! Waiting 6 months for ths s! Why not show now??

  20. Moisme says:

    The end of the finale was BS. But I think it pretty clearly framed the person on the receiving end.

  21. Mike says:

    This was just annoying. They didn’t need a cliffhanger at the end of the episode like that. Not showing who died, I think the show lost its impact. They built this episode up like all the fans were going to feel sick and it was going to be crazy, but by not knowing who it actually was, I lose all of that feeling. It’s just like okay, whatever I’ll find out in 6 months, which actually makes the next premier the more intriguing episode. TWD fans are loyal, and Rick’s group is in a crazy enough scenario that showing who died wouldn’t cause anyone to not see how the Negan craziness plays out. Seriously, not exposing the death in that episode completely shut down the impact and now make us wait 6 months. Okay thanks Gimple.

  22. BarryFlash says:

    I think it was Rick who was killed. (maybe Carl) That would be a huge reset for the series if they killed the star of the show.

    • Gina says:

      It doesn’t seem plausible it’s one of them cuz of how he said “cut the boys other eye out and feed it to his father if anyone screams” it’s gotta be Glenn. No way they have the balls to kill Daryl. They are gonna play it safe.

      • nyx says:

        I think they did kill Daryl. He’s the only character whose first-person point-of-view we took on, both during this episode (from inside the truck where he was being held with Michonne, Glenn, and Rosita) and at the end of the previous episode (when he got shot). When we go to the first-person POV again at the Negan kill-moment, it makes sense that it would be the character whose POV we’ve been taking on intermittently throughout the episode.

        Also, Norman Reedus was on the Talking Dead. Why have him on when Daryl’s role in the finale was almost nonexistent, other than those POV shots and a couple glimpses of him during the Negan lineup? I think we say goodbye to Daryl when TWD comes back in October. Norman Reedus has his new motorcycle show on AMC, so maybe that’s something they gave him to do now that he’ll no longer be on TWD.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Norman was on the after show to promote his motorcycle show that will be on AMC in June.

        • Jon says:

          It wasn’t Daryl’s POV, it was Glenn’s. It was Glenn that was seeing the back doors from further inside the van. It was Daryl’s head that Glenn’s POV could see when the doors opened. You were close, but watch it again.

        • somebody says:

          You may be on to something about the first-person POV. Curiously, however, if you re-watch the scene where Dwight ‘chop-chops’ and starts unloading everyone from the back of the van, the first-person POV can only be Michonne. You can just see the top of Daryl’s head beneath the camera’s perspective before everyone inside the van is pulled out, suggesting the character (we, the audience, are seeing through) is sitting higher than Daryl and directly behind him. The order in which they (Daryl, Michonne, Rosita, Glenn) are unloaded also suggests that it could have only been Michonne. To add, (this is just speculation, but) if it is Michonne who receives the short end of the bat, this would strongly prompt Carl to (yet again) follow his role in the comics. I won’t say much more about Carl’s role, for those who are not caught-up to the Negan arc in the comics. But it is a possible thought about the direction of season 7. I could be wrong.

          • Eli says:

            I think u r right. And it hurts my heart. I haven’t read the comic yet so I don’t know about Carl’s future but I know this whole back half of S6 has been about hubris & Carl’s was pointed out at least twice n this finale with the “I won’t let them do this” remark 2Enid & n conversation 2 Rick right B4 the whistles at the end. Sadly, he just learned how much power he has 2stop the saviors. I know Michonnes tv story is very different than her comic story so they might take her here. Negan couldn’t possibly know but remember Rick grew the garden when his last wife died! Ohhhhh.

          • bridgett says:

            look up kid on a mission on u tube this kid is awesome best theory ever

  23. Walking Dead is on it’s way out. This is going to bite them. A year or two from now we’ll be hearing about AMC announcing an ending date.

  24. Lilly says:

    I guess I’m not that disappointed with the ending because I’d heard it was going to be a cliffhanger (not like anyone really knew, but we all thought it would be). Sadly, I think it will be Glenn who is killed. If Gimple’s comment was a true slip, Glenn would – without a doubt – have the most impact. (But I’m banking on Negan killed a man rather than a woman.)

    • Gina says:

      Well Daryl would have the most impact. But they don’t have the guts to kill him off so there’s no way that’s happening haha. So yeah I think you’re right that it’s Glenn. And if you listen to the audio clip that was leaked you hear someone after being hit the first time “mag-Maggie” very faintly. Just like in the comics. And you also hear someone saying Glen at the end of the clip as well.

      • nell says:

        If it was Glenn, it would be such a let down because the whole world already knows his fate from the comics. The fact that they used a cliffhanger makes me think it will not be Glenn. I have a feeling it’ll be Abraham.

    • Eli says:

      What did Gimple say 2 hint Glenn? I didn’t catch it. It’s probably him & if so, I’m more prepared 4it than if it’s Michonne or Daryl. I don’t WANT it 2b Glenn either but I’ve been hearing it 4ever & seen the pages of the comic online of Glenn getting it. I read that Steven Yuen has a movie in production also. I hate 2say it but I hope it’s Rosita but I think she’s too much like a “red shirt” on Star Trek TOS that really showed up just 2 get killed. Don’t think it’s her. Somebody from Phillipines posted a graphic of Glenn’s beat up face w/AMC all over it. It’s prob fake but it’s pretty good if it’s fake.

  25. Morgan says:


  26. Phoenix5634 says:

    I’m so pissed they didn’t even reveal who dies. They left the whole thing on a cliffhanger, everything. Carol, Morgan, Alexandria, everything with Negan besides his introduction. The episode done really well, but I’m livid that they left EVERYTHING on a cliffhanger.

    • Jon says:

      They did reveal, you just have to think about it. Who’s POV is being shown throughout the episode while inside the van with the bullet holes in the door? I believe that’s the same POV of the person that get’s the bat to the head.

  27. Jeremy says:

    Horrible ending. I had been debating moving on from Walking Dead and this season sucked me back in until tonight. Ending a season with this kind of cliffhanger is poorly thought out. I will not be waiting for the next season to find out who “Got It.” Time to move on. Good thing Better Call Saul is on Tomorrow.

  28. Liz says:

    doesnt the main cast usually have a 7 year contract? its gonna be a fun negotiation

  29. Carter says:

    I enjoyed it. I also wasn’t a fan of it being a cliffhanger but I WILL NOT choose to vote “fail” because my emotions got the better of me and I have to wait six months. It wasn’t their smartest decision and it did take you out of the moment a little but looking at the whole episode I’ve decided to vote “Awesome”. It did what it was supposed to do emotion-wise and I have plenty of stuff to watch to help me wait out the time till season 7. If you voted “fail” then it’s your business but I’ll guarantee your decision was due to overreacting to something most of you knew was going to happen already.

    • Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

      What an arrogant post, how can you guarantee to know what another person is thinking or how they came to that conclusion? The episode was a massive failure even without the cliffhanger ending. The numerous Savior roadblocks, the whole Carol/Morgan storyline, all to bloat the episode to 90 minutes in order to score as much advertising revenue as possible. I voted fail because that’s what this episode did, on numerous levels. You voted awesome because you have plenty of other shows to watch.

      • trainerbt says:

        How can you call any of what happened “bloat?” The whole point of the numerous roadblocks was to slowly increase the unsettled feeling that they messed with something bigger than they can imagine, and now they had no way out. The increasing level of stress up to the very end was very artfully crafted, and left you without any kind of release. That’s purposeful storytelling.

        • Carter says:

          I agree with trainerbt 100%.

        • Christopher says:

          This episode was total bloat. The episode could have easily been an hour long like normal, and it would have been the better for it. The whole thing felt like they were stretching scenes and pauses out especially long on purpose to meet the final minute count. The scenes with Rick talking to Maggie in the RV were especially trying. This was one of the slowest episodes since the agonizingly long search for Sophia in season 2. The arc Carol arc over the past few episodes has been excruciatingly dull and simultaneously infuriating – to have the (end?) arc take up gobs of critical screen time in the finale did a huge disservice to the tension the director was attempting to build in the corralling of Rick’s group to the kill zone. I wish Morgan was with Rick group so he could get sent off the show in a body bag. I can only hope that Carol’s awesome badass character isn’t completely ruined by the boring guilt roller coaster of introspection that has played out over the past few episodes. I wonder what fraction of the fanbase was hoping to see the wussification of the most interesting and perhaps deadliest female character on the show? What a garbage fire that subplot is. I would much rather see Carol get killed in a blaze of glory or yet another senseless tragedy then see her entire personality retconned and watch her crumble back into a pushover. B for this season overall, dragged down by a C level finale and a huge F for everything going on with Carol over the past several eps. Oh and an F for Morgan to. Trying to rehabilitate a Wolf? Just unbelievably naive and stupid, he should have died for his moral stance when Denise was captured. Really, I would rather the Wolf had managed to kill Carol and Morgan together then what has come since then. That would have been much more shocking and would have prevented the only bad plotting this season.

          • Carter says:

            I feel like you take tv way too seriously. I love the comics, I love the show. Yes, they’ve written and filmed things I didn’t love but I never let it bug me as much as some of you all do. Christopher, I love you buddy. I hope your day gets better. Hopefully next season will be more to your liking.

      • Carter says:

        And watch and enjoy them I will. I grew up in a world where getting what I want, when I want it, wasn’t a thing. Yes, I do think you were too overly emotional. You just proved it. The slow burn showed Rick realizing he wasn’t in control anymore with each roadblock. It showed how the saviors think when they are not being ambushed. It all had a reason. Sorry you were looking too far ahead to the end to enjoy the rest of the episode.

        • AnnieM says:

          Agreed. And Andrew Lincoln did an AMAZING job, I thought, conveying Rick’s fear during that final lineup. And really, what was this ending but a ‘reverse’ cliffhanger? Traditionally, someone dies/is near death/etc, and we don’t know who did it to them until next season. This time, we know who DID it, just not who they did it TO – clever, really. :)

    • It has nothing to do with not seeing who gets the bat. It has everything to do with the way they distanced the main characters from the audience over the season. They slowly but surely were turned into strangers before our eyes. What is going on in the mind of Carol? Why didn’t we see Glenn confiding in Maggie about the horror of having someone torn open and eaten on top of him? What is going on in the minds of Darrell, Rick, Michonne? Gimple has already killed of the entire cast by making them strangers to us. There’s no need to literally kill anyone, they are all dead now. Fail.

    • bridgett says:

      I agree luv the show for those who say they won’t watch its ok call me crazy but I luv the show

  30. Phoenix5634 says:

    Now if it’s a major character who dies by Lucille you will lose fans, you’re going to start the season off by killing a beloved major character, ha, watch your rating take a hit after that. It would have been better to end with showing the death, then people would tune in next season to see what happens to our group, how they react, will they get their revenge/vengeance. All I’m saying is the season premiere is going to have to be written extremely well if you want to hold all your fans past that episode. Now we’re going to be tuning in, to watch a major character die, which we’ll probably hear about when people notice a missing major character on set before it’s released.

    • KLS says:

      And if that actor gets another job come the summer/fall

      • Eli says:

        Steven Yeun is making a movie. BUT Danai Giarra (don’t kno how to spell her name, sorry-love her tho) has a play on Broadway or n NYC anyway. Reedus has a summer show too but it’s already made. SY’s movie is the only thing I’ve heard that may conflict w/ summer shooting of TWD. Another hint for Glenn being IT.

    • ihatefanboys says:

      Fans aren’t going anywhere.

    • luvprue1 says:

      LOL! I don’t think it really matter. They already stated that one of the core character was going to die,and people who read the comic got a idea of who it might be. However I think next season will be TWD last season , so we are going to see a lot of characters die.

    • IDK says:

      It better be a major character. That is when they will lose fans, when they make major characters safe.

  31. Alicia Gray says:

    At least for now … no one is dead and I can take comfort in that for a few more months. lol

  32. Kermit says:

    Although I’ve usually watched in its entirety, this is is the first time I’ve wondered if Talking Dead is actually detrimental to the show.

    #WhoIsIt? Really?

  33. Phoenix5634 says:

    Also Negan was good, but being a reader of the comics, he needs to be more of a passionate narcissist.

  34. KLS says:

    I didn’t mind the ending. Am I desensitized? I thought they did a great job building tension at the various roadblocks, each of increasing strength and dwindling Rick’s and the group’s power/confidence. Also, who were the guys in tactical gear on the horses!

  35. Bwhit says:

    I didn’t like that it was a cliffhanger but I’m not going to pretend that I won’t be here in October. I think Glenn may have saved himself by pleading for Maggie, but also signed her death warrant. I say this because killing the person you know someone was willing to die for in front of them, would be the worst kind of torture . I know it’s been said in the comics that Negan doesn’t like violence towards women, but it didn’t seem to me he cared or they would not have all been fair game. That’s just my guess. I will say that I feel bad for the actors when SD comic con rolls around, that is going to be a walking the tight rope situation.

    • Squirrelly says:

      Forget just the actors walking a tightrope situation – how about the people making the promotional posters for the next season? Without showing the actors, all I can think of is a bloody Lucille, some Walkers, or a fresh grave…Nothing interesting.

  36. Toni says:

    Sorry…Not Sorry! I wish they would have killed everyone in the lineup. TWD is just a plain miserable, dreary show to watch now-no fun at all! No one at the water cooler talks about it anymore. : – ( Next season, I’ll just DVR all of them and then binge watch them all at once…more to look forward to.

  37. Brian says:

    Because I had already predicted they wouldn’t show who got hit by Lucille, i’m okay with the finale.

  38. Phoenix5634 says:

    Ok so besides being pretty pissed that they left the whole thing on a cliffhanger, it was a very good episode. And knowing what’s coming, I likely will continue to watch come season 7. But writers you better do damn good next season, cuz I have a feeling a lot of fans are on shaky ground, so to speak, and will probably judge you entirely off the premiere next season.

  39. The Grinch says:

    Lol. Lots of whine babies on the web tonight. Shut up. It’s a friggin tv show. Nobody ran over your dog. Besides, all you poor delicate flowers will be there with bells on come October.

  40. simplediscourse says:

    AMC/The Walking Dead could have done some Red Wedding and/or Mountain vs. Viper level intensity and instead resorted to cheap soap opera tactics to appeal to the lowest common denominator. Disgusting.

  41. Lisa Stockstill says:

    I think its either Eugene or Michone. But I hope its not Abraham.

  42. KLS says:

    I was more afraid for Morgan’s horse (I hated how the last one died) then I was of Lucille.

  43. Lisa Stockstill says:

    I think the guys with the tactical gear will come to save all the survivors that were caught

  44. Alba says:

    I feel cheated. I live on the west coast and stopped using social networks three hours before it aired here because I didn’t want who died spoiled. I had been preparing myself to lose Daryl (which would be the worst for me), Glenn or Abraham. I spent the world episode really tense. It was a great build up to see how Rick realized he had understimated the saviors, and he was being pushed into a tramp, and there was not much he could do.
    Since Negan showed up I was on the edge of my couch, wanting but at the same time not wanting for it to end because there was too much tension, only to realize that they didn’t show who died.
    As a true fan of the TV show I would accept and continue to watch even if Daryl had been on the receiving end of Lucille, but this just feels like a cheap ratings trick to play with out minds again like when they extended the whole Glenn thing.
    It was a great episode but the ending is such a let down that prevented it to being the best one, at least in my opinion.

    • Jon n says:

      I hate to agree. I’ve watched 7 seasons, every episode. It’s simply not right for them to build this up, all of them, and hit us with this. Look at the big picture: EVERYONE was hyping this up, of course the fans were too. But the directors, actors, promotional posters, the media. To do this to the most loyal fans ever is not right. They know we’ll all keep watching no matter what, why do this to us? I feel betrayed. I can obviously see what they are doing and it’s not right.

  45. Gina says:

    It’s got to be Glenn from the audio! You hear someone faintly say mag-Maggie and then it sounds like Maggie and maybe even Rick yell Glenn! I love Daryl but I kinda thought it would more appealing if it was Daryl who got killed off. I mean it would be incredibly shocking cuz it would prove the had the balls to do it haha. But I just don’t see them being brave enough to take the risk even though daryls death would have affected like literally everyone. Lol. And Glenn’s death isn’t gonna be surprising at all at this point.

    I think if somehow Glenn did manage to survive that he will probably still be killed off very surprisingly next season.

  46. SReid says:

    Talking Dead absolutely sucked. Great job kissing ass, Hardwick. Sure, live Skype was having “technical issues,” or maybe you just couldn’t find anyone who wasn’t screaming “THIS FINALE SUCKED DONKEY BALLS!” And funny how the tweets you read didn’t match at all the tweets I saw on AMC’s feed.

  47. N says:

    What makes me so angry about this is that the death of the character, whoever it is, is now diluted. The shock and emotion that would have come if we had scene it right then and there, in all of that tension. If season 7 starts days later and were simply told who died all impact of it will be lost and this death is suppose to have, and should have a huge impact, and its gone now because instead of shock, we have 6 months for us to gradually stop caring about who we think died. Also, sooner or later it will leak who died and then what? Whichever actor got killed off will most likely find work in the next 6 months, spoiling the death. What a wasted opportunity..

  48. peymickob says:

    Come on Talking Dead, can you admit that majority of the fans hated this episode? Most will now TURN AWAY FROM Fear the Walking Dead. I really can’t believe they’d have a cliffhanger like that when u won’t see it til October. If next week, this would be OK, but 7months, come on give up who got it. The cliffhanger would be that Rick n his group are in big trouble and how will they get out if they can! LOL Terrible job by the writers n producer. Wonder how many join me n never watch it again? Hope they choke on that ending. STUPID, just as they were getting a legion of followers! And they just screwed Fear the Walking Dead. Maybe that was their intention? SMDH

    • The Truth says:

      Well they kind of took the sails out of the “how will they get out of it” thing too, with him going on about them working for them and only killing the one.

  49. Jeff says:

    *YAWN *
    Thanks for giving us some programming with those commercials.

  50. sleeplessghost says:

    Woah, did they really say that “they want [us] to be part of that line-up”? Well, thank you, but as someone who does neither want to have his skull smashed in by a barbed-wired baseball bat nor feel the “suspense” of anticipating a friend’s violent murder, I pass. This is just another cheap stunt (which they really wouldn’t have needed). They should have just shown it rather than dragging things out. It would have been a cliffhanger even with the reveal.I think I am done with the show. I don’t like to be emotionally manipulated with cheap tricks.