The Originals Spoilers

Originals EP Teases Klaus and Hayley's Hopeful Future, Cami's Dark Path

Klaus and Hayley are getting in touch with nature — and their mixed feelings for one another — when The Originals returns Friday (The CW, 9/8c).

“What we had to do with those characters was put them in a place where they had mutual goals, mutual strategies,” executive producer Michael Narducci tells TVLine. “Their primary concern now is staying safe and staying one step ahead of the people who know they can kill Klaus without negative repercussions on themselves. And, of course, to keep their child safe.”

Narducci knows that Klaus and Hayley’s previous conflicts have been “tough to watch,” but that should only make their path to reconciliation all the more enjoyable.

“We’re putting these two characters in a place where they’re allowed to start to heal a little bit,” he explains. “We’re going to see them use humor and reasoned arguments, as opposed to screaming matches, to voice their opinions. In some ways, it’s like watching a married couple — or maybe a divorced couple — argue about how they want to deal with family issues like childcare and what’s best for their family.”

Of course, Hayley and Hope aren’t the only women in Klaus’ life. Fresh off her inauthentic split from Klaus, Cami will spend the next few episodes planning for what Narducci calls her “inevitable showdown” with Aurora.

“How will Cami possibly survive that?” he acknowledges. “She’s going to have to take it to the next level as a vampire, a potentially dangerous place, rather than just being someone who’s trying to survive. She has the legacy of the O’Connells, and she has all these dark objects that her ancestors have collected, and now she’s going to make use of them.”

As for Cami’s love life, Narducci says, “I don’t think there’s a world where Cami is ever going to let Klaus completely depart from her life. She’s got a lot of things to work through and struggle with and figure out, but she knows she has strong feelings for Klaus.”

What are your hopes for Klaus, Hayley, Cami and the rest of New Orleans’ finest? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    I need Klamille 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Jenna says:

      I NEED them too like literally.

    • CamiNeedstogo says:

      Cami needs to go before Leah gets mob seriously for her safety…. Or atleast link her with Elijah.. Happy fans happy ratings and we all know majority of them don’t like klaus with her..

    • TOlovin says:

      The picture! Love this two baddies together #Teamhybrids klaus and Hayley slays this show!! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

      • Valerie A. Mendez says:


      • Vie says:


      • BV says:

        I only watch the Originals if there is some good Klaus and Hayley to be honest ;) I’ve always wanted them to happen in a natural way and I think it’s starting to. Like Klaus said, “baby steps”. I love that the show is taking its time with them.

        Also I love the Klaus that Hayley and Hope bring out. Especially in the episode after Hayley gave him that speech about kindness not making him weak and how she will not stand aside Klaus letting Hope get the same world view as him. Their moments are special I have to say. Totally here for them getting together eventually.

        • Vie says:

          Finally the 2 alphas together… Julie plec , you took your time but at the end you gave us wat the audience wanted all along… silently. Love the way Klaus act around with hope, caring father and hayley… protective and understanding. Hope this continues in season 4. And all the enemies are defeated

  2. Angie says:


    • Sharon says:

      I’m with you Angie! I need Cami to go away.

      • hannah says:

        um cami isn’t going anywhere. and caroline isn’t even in the show. lol. time to move on.

        • MJo says:

          Serious question: if Cami does die (and there’s decent evidence that you have to at least consider the possibility) are you just going to move on? Plenty of people continue shipping things for plenty of reasons. See: The Walking Dead fandom.

          • Looking at the reaction of fans after she was killed (when she was a human), I think it is safe to say that many fans will quit the show – it’s really bad business if the writers are thinking of doing so.

          • MJo says:

            Except there was no reaction to her being killed because they spoiled that she was a vampire ages before. Most people thought Klaus sleeping through her murder was ridiculous. And then the vamp!Cami episodes brought them series lows after series lows.

          • Valerie A. Mendez says:


        • Klaroline says:

          Whether Caroline is on the show or not, at the end Klaroline will prevail!!!!! You need to move on from this “Klamille” because it obviously will never happen again.

  3. Karen says:

    Bring back Jackson

    • Valerie A. Mendez says:


  4. citizenlen9 says:

    I hope Klaus and Hayley patch things up for the sake of their daughter. It’s getting exhausting with the child custody battle. I want to see this Aurora/Cami showdown and it better be a lot of clawing, punching and hair pulling. Cami never got the justice she seeked with Sean and Kieran’s death. She can now have her justice with Aurora. Then can we please have more of the two main ships of this show. Klaus and Cami. Elijah and Hayley. They have really done a horrible number with Haylijah and they lost a good chunk of fans. It’s time those two start amending their relationship. For Klaus and Cami, I’d like to see them actually go on a date. Just to have a glimpse of how Klaus will handle modern day relationship with an independent woman. It’s time Klamille heal their wounds and be together already.

    • gemma lucas says:

      I never really liked Camille, I think the character is forced into every plot line and she is not interesting enough to provoke Klaus’s fascination. However the one thing that she could have brought to the show was exactly what you mentioned- a chance to see if Klaus was capable of a real relationship. The thing is that is completely impossible now. Camille betrayed every Mikaelson, she endangered Klaus’s entire family and abused all of his trust (she did exactly what Aurora did to him but without the excuse of compulsion) Klaus could never see her the same way and so the ‘going on a date’ dream would just make Klaus look even further removed from the character audiences loved.
      One of the main reasons the show has lost fans has been the inconsistencies both in characters actions and in power levels. Keeping Cami around is the biggest cause of both. Think about it- Hayley is supposed to be in love with Elijah but she isn’t even a bit angry that he is nearly killed because Cami was two faced thief who stole from Hayley’s home when she was trying to help her, stole from her child in fact and knowingly put everyone in danger, In order to give Cami some relevance we have the absurd idea that Klaus would banter with his delusional ‘girlfriend’ rather than secure the weapon that could Kill his entire family. This is the same Klaus Mikaelson who daggered his siblings to keep them safe, burnt his brothers lover to make a point and just pulled himself back from killing Caroline (who he was in love with ) because he so wanted revenge. Freya would have broken the barrier and Klaus would have taken what was his.
      The reason for such absurd writing was to give Camille a role to play in a show she has no place in.
      You talk about her confronting Aurora but if the show sticks with its own lore all the dark objects in the world won’t help her against Aurora and so we will have more inconsistency, villains pathetically weakened etc… all to promote a character that served her purpose a long time ago, The last 3 episodes were really good and one of the reasons was the side lining of Cami,( although we still had to listen to her whining in ep 15) we got Original spats, epic spells, vampire hunters, battles, Kol’s struggle and real progress for Klaus. (he made much more progress with his issues with Hayley in a couple of conversations than in his sessions with Camille, he apologised, said thank you and realised he had to be ;partners- he relinquished control ) Camille betrayed him in every way she could and yes she’s in transition but so- Did Josh turn on his friends, Did Hayley?
      Camille is a baby vamp who would struggle in TVD but is nothing but fodder in TO, She slows down the action and makes everything we know about Klaus (and Elijah, Hayley, etc) seem false. Obviously she is not the only problem in the show but she is a big part of it. sorry for the rant.

      • Klaroline says:

        It would have make sense if Camille had took over the church ( become a priest) and had been the human representative for New Oreleans. She will be more useful than just being a unlicensed therapist/ love interest to Klaus. I still think Caroline would be the perfect match for Klaus, she and him just have this connection. Camille, in a way, excuses Klaus’ actions because of his damage soul, Caroline uses Klaus’ damage soul as an example to try to make him a better person. Klaus is good for Caroline because he wants her to take risks and not be afraid to conquer the world.

    • Jess says:

      Except of course that Cami isn’t an independent woman, she is a walking plot device that orbits Klaus.

  5. Rachael says:

    Klamille is everything 😍

  6. Tori says:

    Love Klaus and Hayley! Don’t really like Cami, so I wouldn’t care whether she dies or not.

    • hannah says:

      don’t worry. cami won’t die :)

      • Shatoria Allen says:

        I actually really want her to. So hopefully that happens :)

        • katelyn says:

          Wow..that’s sick

          • Shatoria Allen says:

            no it’s not. she does nothing for the show as a whole. she literally only exists for klaus’ benefit. not only that but she’s a dull character. maybe if they had followed through with her family legacy and had her be a part of the human faction, i would like her a little bit more, but they haven’t and it’s too late to pick it back up. there is nothing interesting about her, especially now that she’s a vampire. so yeah, i want her dead. at least then, we won’t have to suffer through her scenes anymore and she’ll be gone for good, since there’s no other side.

    • MJo says:

      Honestly I am way more interested in what’s going to happen with Kol (so excited he’s finally a significant presence!). Could use some scoop on Freya too because she’s really grown on me. Klaus’ love life has been uber dull on TO (and WAY too much of a focus this season) so not really a draw, imo.

      • This whole domestic Klaus thing is just not for me. I am skipping this weeks episode and watching next week when Joseph Morgan will be directing.

        • MJo says:

          Yeah, the poor guy has gotten saddled with all the dullest plots this season. First he was stuck to Cami and now he’s off with Hayley arguing about the baby. I’m interested in the Finn/Kol confrontation and to see what’s happening in NOLA so I’m going to watch.

  7. Erin says:

    I want and love klayley

  8. Daniela says:

    Cami and Klaus are so boring together and have zero chemistry. Klaus doesn’t need a love interest ….Just kill her she’s a terrible vampire and her little closet of magic tricks are so stupid and never actually help her. It’s lame for a VAMPIRE to rely so much on her toys

    • emily says:

      i think you mean klaus and cami are amazing together and have incredible chemistry <33

      • Daniela says:

        No I meant what I said. I actually have ears, eyes and good taste. They’re amazing at putting me to sleep though.

        • Sharon says:

          Go Daniela! I agree with you. I want bad ass Klaus and not weepy Klaus.

        • Tori says:

          I feel exactly the same. She’s used those dark objects twice and they still didn’t stop her from getting hurt. I just can’t bring myself to care at all.

      • katelyn says:

        Yes Emily they do have amazing chemistry. I mean the way he looks at her, never seen him look at anyone else like that

    • MJo says:

      Gotta agree. I really can’t bring myself to care about her ‘family legacy’ when it’s so rarely important or mentioned. They dropped the human faction thing after season one (probably a good thing since she would have been a terrible leader – it’s been made pretty clear that her feelings for Klaus trump all other interests) and her ‘Dark Objects’ mostly seem like lazy plat devices.

      • Jenna says:

        It’s ok. Not everyone likes everything.There are things and characters that I don’t care about at all and generally ff through all the stuff I don’t like.I advise you do the same because there are people who care about Cami and her storyline.

        • MJo says:

          Of course there are. And they’re free to express their opinions. Just as I’m free to express that I think that she’s a badly written character and that the show would be better off without her.

    • Jenna says:

      It’ actually necessary for a BABY VAMP to rely on these objects for their survival in a town full of very old vampires.cami is smart she’ll put them to use effectively

      • Candice says:

        I agree! Although the character of ‘Cami’ has lost it’s zest a little over the last few episodes, I think there is a lot that can still be done with her. I would like to see her grow into a formidable force, kind of like the heretics from TVD. Witchy type powers (with the help of her trinkets) within a vicious, uncontrollable, baby vamp. All-the-while, standing by Klauses’ side. Together they could be unstoppable! At the same time, I would like to see Hayley and Elijah, FINALLY, hit it off and come together. The chemistry between them is killing me! How they keep their hands off of each other is mind blowing! I would also like to see exactly what powers baby Hope holds. That one scene where she stopped Cami from getting to the house before it blew up, got my taste-buds watering! Plus her dad is a vamp and her mom is a hybrid!! CAN YOU IMAGINE THE STORY LINE THERE??? It’s just too much. :)

    • Laura says:

      Good thing Cami is dying. Watch the ratings grow when that happens. She is a very unpopular and useless character

      • Katelyn says:

        You do know she’s not dying right..she’s not useless and she’s just as important to the show as everyone else and if the ratings r low it’s not her bevause news flash the show had big ratings on Mondays and she was still in it..not liking her won’t change what I Just said

      • Jenya says:

        It’s so annoying how one person speaks for the whole fandom.And for your information Davina,Hayley and now even Freya get hate.That means every female character gets hate except Rebekah.most of the hate Cami gets is ship based while Davina and Hayley get hated on their own.
        I’m sorry but klaroline is not happening since both are on different shows.Accept things and stop hating on characters because of a ship.
        And I think you mean ratings will fall even further if and when Cami dies because klamille fandom will stop watching the show that kills a character because of mindless shipper hate.

        • Jess says:

          Cami has gotten plenty of negative media attention, making lists of ‘useless characters’ characters who need to GTFO’ etc, Klamille also has made lists in a negative sense, about their lack of chemistry. So its not just shippers. Your bias is saying that Hayley and Davina are hated for themselves, then dismissing any negativity Cami receives as just ‘shipping hate’ is ridiculous. Its just a fact that after three years Cami is not very popular, that’s why they vamped her, its what they did to Hayley, change her in an effort to make her work as a character, but if didn’t work. So that’s why she is dying.

    • Maryam says:

      Klaus and Camille are Love, Life, Hope, every thing, they are every thing…

    • Jonah says:

      I like your view cami is boring the show and i hope something happens between klaus and hayley

  9. Vlatka says:

    Love Klaus and Cami!! Don’t really care about Hayley…

  10. Claudia says:

    I hope for more moments with Hope, and also Haley and Elijah. I don’t care about Cami. I want Klaroline finally together.

  11. watchqueen86 says:

    i adore klaus and cami interactions…can’t wait for more…

  12. Cam says:

    This sounds so boring, I hope we’ll get some Klaroline interactions soon, at least, their scenes are interesting.

  13. 1) Cami and Aurora are having a showdown–HELL YES

    and 2) There’s not a world where Cami will ever fully let Klaus go. Klamille is so endgame.

    • Nessa says:

      Unless she dies ;)

    • CamiNeedstogo says:

      Lmao cami is dying! She needs to die and Aurora will be taking that trash out

      • Katelyn says:

        You do know she’s not dying right..she’s not useless and she’s just as important to the show as everyone else and if the ratings r low it’s not her bevause news flash the show had big ratings on Mondays and she was still in it..not liking her won’t change what I Just said

        • Nessa says:

          lol the show hasn’t had ‘big ratings’ since season 1 if we’re being honest. and in season 2, Cami wasn’t as present in the story as she is now. they gave her way more attention this season, which nobody but klami shippers enjoyed. pretty much everyone else hated it because pretty much everyone hates cami and klami. i mean, they end up on ‘no chemistry/bad ship’ lists every year. and even a lot of people who did like cami, stopped liking her completely when she turned. they want to make her dark, but it just doesn’t work for her.

  14. Tasi says:

    My only hope for Klaus and Cami is SEX as of the moment. Just make it happen. We’ve been waiting for so long. They belong together…On the same bed…cuddling!

  15. Emflem says:

    I love Narducci’s comments on Cami’s s/l I’m excited to see her find her inner darkness and prepare for the showdown with Aurora. I’m glad that he touched on the fact that Klaus isn’t completely gone from Cami’s life because she wouldn’t let that happen. The truth about her feelings will come out soon and I think an emotional Klamille reunion is inevitable.

  16. one and only says:

    How hard is it for Cami, new vampire, to kill Aurora, a desicated vampire? She should be dried out by now.

  17. Because of Cami, we have seen sides of Klaus that we have never seen before – which is wonderful when a character begins to develop more facets and depths. The chemistry and play of emotions between Cami & Klaus is wonderful to watch on screen. This relationship might have started off on a wrong footing (Klaus compelling her…) but they rose above that and formed a bond of understanding, acceptance, respect, trust and love over 3 seasons! Writers, please don’t destroy what you have intricately built so beautifully over 3 seasons and break the hearts of all your Klamille shippers.

  18. AppleEye says:

    If Narducci says “I don’t think there’s a world where Cami is ever going to let Klaus depart from her life”… I hope she doesn’t become trapped in another world. Nuff said.

  19. alex says:

    Why?!!!! why are they doing this to me? I though that this stupid klamille ship was over!! I though that cami would finally die in upcoming episodes but according to this interview it seems cami will stay a very long time on this show!! If it goes this way with klamille nonsense i will end stop watching this show! I am so sick of this stupid relationship that brings nothing to klaus but troubles and tears(almost at every scenes), he doesn’t even need a love interest, he just needs his daughter!!!

    • Katelyn says:

      Your really going to stop watching a show just because of Klamille.. Your obviously not a fan of this show if that’s the case.. This show isn’t about them and all u seem to care about is ur obviously don’t deserve to b a fan of this show if that’s ur attitude

      • cenda says:

        oh be quiet. you can be a fan of a show but decide to stop watching. and it doesn’t matter for what reason. me, i like klamille. love them actually. but if someone else doesn’t like them and finds that a reason to quit, that’s their prerogative. it’s not like cami and klamille didn’t get a ton of focus this season, which can be frustrating for people who don’t enjoy that aspect of the show. if there was a part of the show that you didn’t like and they gave it a ton of focus, i’m sure you wouldn’t want to keep watching either.

  20. M says:

    I hate Kkaus he need to die
    cami hayley and caroline
    They should deserve better

  21. Ms.D says:

    Klaus And Hayley have so much potential! it’s taken 3 seasons now we get to see how these complicated hybrids fare when it’s just them and their daughter. I love the fact that neither are fake around each other nor do they change their core aspects of who they are just too please the other. Klayley Wether fighting or living flow, their banter is hilarious and are bound by more then just their child. When these two are on screen together it’s memorising and always entertaining! they have made me feel all the emotions you could want in a fictional relationship : happy, sad, angry, frustration, sorrow, joy and hope.

  22. Irene says:

    Keep following wrong paths and ruin the show for good, mr. Narducci!
    Klayley never worked as a couple, due to your miserable mystic child plot and bidding on the wrong horse (PT, nothing personal…), and no one wants Camille alive (do you even watch GA’s and medias oppinions?). She’s useless and a cheap copy of you know whom…
    Please stop insisting on degrading Klaus’s character and getting him more love interests!
    His heart was taken long ago, in a time there was no TO, and TVD was a huge success with more of 2 million viewers!
    You have the easiest solution (recently approved again on the crossover): KLAROLINE!

    • alex says:

      Irene!!! it’s like you’re in my mind, thank you for posting it, it’s exactly what i think

    • Stacey says:

      Agree with you 100%. The good news is the crossover gave a major ratings boost to both shows. So they and the network know they have to keep both shows connected somehow and that Klaroline=ratings.

      • Nessa says:

        the ratings for both TO and TVD stayed relatively the same during the crossover. And they’ve already said that next season the timelines will deviate from each other to separate the shows again. I honestly don’t know what they have to do to convince you guys that klaroline won’t happen. Not only that, but stop thinking that your ship alone, can raise the ratings. There may be a lot of people who like klaroline ( I like them as friends, since they actually don’t work as a couple), but there are also a lot of people who don’t.

        • MJo says:

          Um, what? Link me to where they’re saying the timelines will still be different because I haven’t seen it. JP said that TVD contained a TO easter egg which suggests that TO will also jump.

          Klaroline alone absolutely can’t help the ratings but connecting the shows can. The most recent episode proved that. TO was getting solid 0.3’s and sinking GA numbers on Fridays. TVD ending with Caroline saying she’s going to visit a friend in NOLA led to a bump to a 0.4 for the episode of TO that followed. The actual crossover got them their first 0.5 on Friday and more then 1M viewers (and I think only the 3rd or 4th time of the season). Viewership jumped 20%. Rumor has it that The CW pushed for the crossover and since it worked I can’t see them not wanting more.

          And frankly, I think Klaroline has a better shot then ever. There was literally no reason to address them again if they weren’t planning something. But time will tell! As long as they stop shoving Cami down our throats (which seems to be the case) and have Klaus be reasonably Klaus-like I’m good.

          • Nessa says:

            i wish i still had the link cause i believe narducci said it. but, and this is my opinion, i don’t see the point in having the show connected, when they are two totally different stories. i don’t hate klaroline at all, but i don’t think the ship should be on TO. i think the writers only mention them to please the fans who still want to see them, so they do things to bring in some viewers here and there. but narducci has been pretty adamant about it not happening on TO, hence the phone call happening on the tvd part of the crossover. besides, i think they work out great as friends, so I don’t mind some scenes here and there.

          • Rachelle says:

            I agree with this and even follow the ratings on the show because I like watching both and didn’t want them to get cancelled and whe. They had the crossover viewership doubled for both shows. A lot people love klaroline and I heard rumors that an important character on the originals and vampire diapers is going bite the dust but I really just hope it’s an April fools joke. I like cami with Vincent they have great chemistry
            If anyone follows Twitter Leah pipes is one of the only ones who didn’t post about the season 4 renewal. I’m curious what is going happen to Caroline 3 years from now because she is in New Orleans and not mystic falls and she won’t be in the next 4 episodes at least

          • MJo says:

            Narducci’s been super neutral about Klaroline lately, actually. Has had some nice interactions with shippers. It might not be genuine but he’s got people above him he has to answer to just like everyone else. TVD and TO being two totally different stories is kind of the problem. There’s no reason the characters and the stories need to be disconnected. They could share an audience instead of splitting one which would help them both. The number one question people ask is always about crossovers. Both shows have suffered in the ratings. Putting them on the same night was clearly a sign from the network that they wanted connections to happen. And there’s already been one crossover, and there’s another next week so it looks like they’re listening.

          • Nessa says:

            i believe they wanted them on the same night because they hoped that whoever watched tvd, would stay on the channel and watch the originals. sort of a trickle down strategy. and again, in my opinion, if they wanted to keep the stories and characters connected, then what was the point in having two shows? They could have just kept them all together. i know people always ask about the crossovers, but it mostly just has to do with their ship preferences rather than the actual show. narducci said that there would be crossovers, but only if it was organic and made sense. like stefan needing to go to NOLA made sense. caroline going to NOLA to get protection with Klaus makes sense. and the crossover that’s coming up makes sense because Elijah and Finn are only going because of Freya being lured there.

          • MJo says:

            Well, two shows equals more money which is probably reason enough for the network to want more. Look at Arrow/The Flash/LoT. If you look at the early press for TO crossovers were promised. But never delivered on. So they kind of baited and switched the audience which clearly came back to bite them because huge chunks of the audience left. And I don’t think crossovers need to have anything to do with ships. Some of my fave TVD scenes were Damon and Klaus. I feel like some of those conversations were more revealing about who Klaus was as a character then anything we’ve ever seen on TO. There’s plenty of instances where crossing over could have been ‘organic’ but they chose not to utilize them.

  23. Jenna says:

    Really looking forward to Cami and Aurora showdown.I hope Cami finds balance between her old self and her new self after this final showdown.Klaus and cami romance can be put on hold until she figures out herself.
    Also looking forward to see Klaus and Hayley working out their differences and become friends for the sake of co-parenting hope.

  24. Hayley says:

    I see nothing but a Klamille lovestory being built up from Season 1. Now you want us to believe the hype? Besides Elijah and Hayley are in love with each other. Feelings like that aren’t simply tossed away because two adults (who never loved each other) share a child. They have been writing a beautiful story for Haylijah since S1 E1. Come on now. Rooting for Klamille and Haylijah 2 endgame couple of The Originals.

  25. Fallon says:

    I only want Klayley. All the other couples on the show are boring. Also Cami is a waste of space. Please kill her

  26. Jess says:

    I really enjoy Klaus and Hayley’s interactions. I think it’s a fresh, interesting relationship that doesn’t rely on romance to be intriguing. I don’t like Cami, so I honestly don’t care what happens to her, but I can’t imagine that her misguided revenge plot is going to lead her anywhere good.

    • Laura says:

      Cami is going to die soon, so relax. She is not going to make it to season 4. Leah’s last day of filming was ep 20. And good riddance

      • alex says:

        Really?!! you’re absolutely sure? If so it’s a very good new to me because i am so sick of cami and klamille!!

        • Laura says:

          I can’t say that I am 100% sure but all the evidence is leading to Cami dying. The funeral, Leah stopped filming and stopped posting stuff TO related like the rest of the cast, she was absent at the reading of script for 3×21 etc. Most likely 3×20 is the last we will see of Cami

          Trust me, this would make a lot of people happy and will heal the ratings. Cami is dead weight.

          • Katelyn Meredith says:

            You do know this Cami rumor is in 3×18 and the person dies in the finale so if Leah stopped filming in 3×20 that means she wouldn’t b in the finale and she won’t die. U really think the writers r going to kill Cami twice in one season after Leah got so excited about turning. She’s been absent from table readings before and not everyone who is in 3×21 was at that table reading so yeah it not 100% sure..but ur going to feel really stupid when she does make it to the 4th season and even if she does die she will b back Leah loves this show, the cast and crew love her and she’s s main gloat now while u can until u see she isn’t leaving the show

          • MJo says:

            Wrong. The rumor is that she’s bitten in 3×18 and dies in 3×19. She was spotted filming in 3×20 but in humanCami’s clothes and without a daylight ring so it very well could be a flashback or dream sequence. And LP’s been in LA and not in Georgia where they film for the last 3 weeks while they’ve filmed the rest of 3×20 and 3×21.

            Not saying it’s totally going to happen but I think it’s looking pretty likely. And hey, if she’s still around there’s always that trusty fast forward button, or not watching for those of us who are tired of her. And Leah may love the show but the audience doesn’t love her character. They’re probably looking at budget cuts next season and it makes sense to lose a regular. And why not lose the least popular one who’s also least important to the story?

  27. Ayana says:

    This makes me excited for Cami and Klamille! I can’t wait.

  28. Any news for Haylijah? It would be much appreciated!

  29. LL says:

    I hope Cami’s life stops revolving around a man, because it still clearly does. It’s sad that they can’t make her independent even when they make a half-hearted effort. RIP Cami!
    I hope the EP realizes watching childcare drama isn’t riveting television so I hope Klaus and Hayley can figure it out and since Hope isn’t ever on, it remains a non-issue.

  30. Guest says:

    Haylijah, Klayley, and Klamille will ruin this show. All the people who wanted good stories and character development have left. That’s why rating go down every season. They need to just stop with these lame ships. All of Hayley’s ships are awful. Klaus and Hayley are not entertaining and have no chemistry. Silly arguing is not chemistry and Hayley’s fake strength and sassy one liners are SOOOO tired. Klamille is total snoozefest and Cami needs a story of her own badly. Haylijah is just so awful and Elijah is reduced to being Hayley’s labradoodle and man-slave. Stop the madness! Stop catering to shippers please. Hayley needs to go away forever – she sucked from the start. Cami needs a non-Klaus related story or just die already. Klaus and Elijah needs some personal growth badly. These two just drool over over Hayley and Cami and it’s pathetic – especially Elijah. Hayley is the ultimate basic b*tch. Nothing to pining over.

    • claire says:

      THIS,THIS,THIS! Honestly, you just spoke my mind. It’s not even only about ships,if the mythology plot holes would give us a break,the mikaelsons OOCness would just STOP because they’re completely ruining these once amazing characters. They keep bringing characters that have no appeal whatsoever for the audience to the forefront and killing off the interesting ones. It’s ridiculous and they put the blame on the ones for not wanting to watch. I mean,are you for real? Don’t write your show based on fanservice but don’t disregard your audience input either. Since the beginning the writers felt very threatened by klaroline fans,they even said it was the biggest worry for them,since the ship is so popular. But when the spin-off turned to series,they disrespected the stans only for feeling intrigued by a fictional couple that they wanted to see more of,calling them basement dwellers, murderers and so forth. That arrogance and mistreatment is a vicious cycle,and how they expect any fandom to treat them kindly when they don’t do the same? Since the show got moved to Fridays the writers begun to be much more civilized,and I really wish them respecting their audience didn’t have to come only in peril situations for them.
      Anyways,this show had so much potential, but it’s way too far gone to be salvageable.

      • Jenna says:

        Is that why season 3 is generally believed to be the best season of the series?

        • LL says:

          Who says that? The quarter of people still watching? The ratings dropped significantly for all of the Cami-heavy episodes this season alone. There are parts of the show that are good and focusing on the family, including Kol and Finn, is what they should have done from the start. There are good moments in the midst of the whining that if they could hone in on would make this show even better.

    • HayleyWins says:

      You’re seriously not in the right show.. Go watch supernatural if you want brothers fighting together itself.. And how bout acting yourself.. Phoebe is talented af

  31. Camila says:

    I lovee Klamille

  32. claire says:

    klaroline is endgame and i’ve never seen something more beautiful. still here for klaroline always and forever ❤ CRAVING A FOLLOW-THROUGH ON THAT CAROLINE GOING TO NOLA STORYLINE ❤❤❤

  33. Tam says:

    I want Klaus and Cami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Stacey says:

    I like LP, but I can’t stand Cami or Klamille. Please get rid of the character or give her a storyline that is separate from Klaus.
    I’m glad Hayley and Klaus are going to be civil to each other. Hope needs both her parents.
    And I still want a Klaroline endgame, however long it takes.

  35. Laura says:

    Lol come onNarducci, just admit that Cami Is going to die soon. The evidence is just constantly piling up. There is no point in keeping a pathetic excuse for a female character. She rally should just take a hike. There are better characters who deserve a lead role unlike her.

    • Katelyn Meredith says:

      He’s not going to admit that because it’s not know how many times u have repeated yourself over and over again complaining about sound like a child that needs to grow up right’s a damn TV show..whether Cami lives or not deal with it and get over it because your pathetic whining isn’t getting you anywhere

      • Jess says:

        Your hating on a real person, telling them they sound like a child, telling them to grow up, deal with it, to get over it saying that they are a pathetic whiner- for what? Expressing a distaste for a fictional character? You are the worst kind of shipper, someone who attacks actual people all because you cant handle a negative opinion about a character that you like. But thank you for proving that there is a toxic part to all fandoms- and that Klamille is no exception.

  36. AP says:

    Bring back Klamille pleeeeeease!!!! Love them…and the show!!!

  37. Pat Douglas says:

    I love Klaus and Cami’s relationship. So beautiful – they are soulmates. I really want to see Cami end Aurora although I’m a bit worried about how a baby vamp can kill a 1000yo one. Multiple dark objects needed! The rumours about Cami dying again were started by haters who think their ship is better than Klamille. I don’t think haters should ever win.

    • Stacy says:

      It wasn’t started by haters. It was posted by multiple anons and bts pics. Regardless there is definitely a funeral in the future. Take a look at PT twitter page to see her in black with JoMo and DG. Also, there are plently of mean spirited Klamille fans. Not that you’re one but on some message boards they want Caroline and Hayley to suffer and die. I am a Klaroline fan but I don’t need to badmouth other fandoms to support my ship. You can’t paint every fan in the same way, there are haters in every fandom, including Klamille.

  38. Val says:

    I swear the only thing Elijah and Hayley do is stare at each other and when they would talk, they would talk about Jackson. I used to ship them but now I realize that Elijah is like a little puppy chasing a girl who won’t give him a chance. Their scenes now are boring, and Elijah is getting his feelings hurt. No hate just my opinion.

    • Val says:

      I know I’m off topic but I really like klaus and Hayley, i think they have amazing chemistry, and no, I don’t think Clamille or haylijah have chemistry.

  39. Saskia says:

    I am just waiting to find out what happens in the Caroline in NOLA subplot. However long it takes. It would also be nice if this show about badass vampires focused a lot less on storylines with babies.

  40. Bwhit says:

    If the scene they released yesterday is any indication of the tone the Hayley/Klaus trip will have, I cannot wait to see it unfold.

  41. finally developing klaus and hayley

    season 4 klayley and endgame

  42. Mel says:


  43. I know these promos are supposed to make you want to watch an episode but I just can’t find anything in this article that intrigues me. I’ll skip this one and wait for 3×17 when Joseph M makes his directorial debut. Not even the tease of a Kol/Finn fight can make me watch (Sorry Nate/Casper).

    • MJo says:

      Yeah, I’m pretty sure Cami is (thankfully!) not even in this episode. Why talk about her when she’s so not a draw? I’m choosing to belive it’s because Narducci’s the #1 Cami stan and is just milking the opportunity to talk about her while he still can.

  44. Mary says:

    Klamille. Always and forever! <3<3

  45. Lynn says:

    Not sure if I’ll watch this one. I will watch 3×17 due to the crossover and since JoMo directed it. Just going to flashforward the Cami scenes in 3×17. I have nothing against LP, but I really don’t like her character.

  46. Larkin says:

    I want #Klamille Always and Forever!!!

  47. katelyn says:

    I just want Klamille to get what they both been wanting and Klayley to stop fighting and yelling and just talk to each other and Klaus to apologize for cursing her..he needs to settle things with both these women but Klayley more since she’s the mother of his child

  48. jen says:

    I actually want to see klaus and hayley give it a go. Camille is annoying.

  49. Wendy says:

    It’s good to see Klaus and Hayley mending their relationship and talking about Hope. I also want to see the show follow through with the love stories they’ve been building since the beginning, Haylijah and Klamille. If they kill Cami off just to pander to the fans who badmouthed the show and the actors since before it started and haven’t stopped for 3 seasons, I won’t stick around to see who Klaus ends up with. There have been too many examples of good characters getting axed because of hateful fans for me to stomach another one.

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