Outlander Season 2 Sam Heughan Caitriona Balfe

Outlander Season 2: Caitriona Balfe and Sam Heughan Dish About Claire's New Enemy, the Sex Scene They 'Fought For'

Sam Heughan missed his kilt.

The longing is understandable. After all, the Outlander star spent most of the Starz drama’s first season running around the Scottish highlands in Jamie Fraser’s airy ensemble, and those kind of threads can grow on a guy.

Season 2, which premieres April 9 (9/8c), plucks Jamie and his time-traveling wife Claire from Scotland’s rough countryside and sets them down in Paris, where they’ll work to thwart a royal-wannabe’s doomed play for the British throne.

“When we got to Paris, we realized it’s a completely different world. The costumes, the sets — it’s more voluptuous. It’s more luxurious, but more constricted,” Heughan tells TVLine.

One side effect of living in the cosmopolitan City of Lights? Au revoir, plaid; bonjour breeches. The actor adds that it wasn’t until the production returned to Clan Fraser’s stomping grounds later in the season that he felt at home.

“When we got back to Scotland, it was like just breathing a sigh of relief, really,” he adds. “It was nice to put the kilt back on. I remember the first day, I was like, ‘God, do you even remember how to do this?'”

Even if there is a pleat or two out of place in Heughan’s costume, it’s not likely viewers will mind; with nearly a year between seasons, fans are all but doing Murtagh’s sword dance with anticipation at what Book 2 of the adaptation will hold. Dinna fear — we’ve got scoop on all of the intrigue (who is Le Comte St. Germain?) and intimacy (pregnant sex!) ahead, straight from Heughan and his leading lady, Caitriona Balfe.

AFTERSHOCKS | Jamie’s rape and brutalization by Jonathan “Black Jack” Randall at the end of the first season is “not the primary focus of Season 2, but it’s there,” Heughan says. “Distance and time certainly is letting him heal, but he’s still plagued by it.” Jamie throws himself into befriending Prince Charlie, who is interested in forcefully establishing his family’s rule of Great Britain; the mission is good for Fraser’s psyche, but not so great for his marriage. “He’s not really come to terms with [the rape], and that comes to a head at some point,” Heughan adds. “He needs to find a way out, a way to deal with this, and the way he does will be revealed.”

Meanwhile, Claire is left hoping that her husband will eventually let her in on his anguish. “What people forget about sexual trauma is that it doesn’t just affect the person that it was done to,” Balfe says. “It affects their entire network.”

A WOMAN’S WORK | Speaking of the lovely Lady Broch Tuarach, Balfe says this season her 20th-century character chafes at 18th-century gender conventions even more than she did in Scotland. “As a woman being relegated to the drawing room to gossip with women when she knows that they’re trying to attempt this great political maneuver and intrigue — and she can’t be any part of that because of the way society is laid out — she feels quite impotent in a way.”

Outlander Season 2 Preview Sam HeughanHELLO MOTHER, HELLO FATHER | Viewers will recall that Claire announced her pregnancy as she and Jamie set sail for France in the Season 1 finale. As the trimesters tick by, the Frasers deal with impending parenthood in different ways. “In the books, [Jamie’s] very gung-ho about it,” Heughan says. “But I think there would be, certainly at the time of birth, I would think he would probably be absolutely freaking out about it… I think he probably won’t be quite as brave as he thinks he is.” Claire, too, isn’t so sure of herself in this arena. “There’s the excitement, but there’s also a lot of trepidation because she doesn’t have a strong mother figure in her own life,” Balfe says. “It’s an unnerving time for her.”

BUMP ‘N’ UGLIES | Despite their fears about first-time parenthood (or maybe because of them), the Frasers still spend a good amount of time in bed this season — which required the series’ prosthetics department to give Balfe a belly akin to the one Lotte Verbeek sported in the naked forest-dance scene last year. “It’s funny, I think sometimes in television, people can be scared of, ‘Oh, we can’t have pregnant people having sex,'” Balfe notes. “Sam and I really fought for this love scene that included the bump.” After all, “A lot of pregnant woman that I’ve spoken to are very sexy, very sexual and womanly when they’re pregnant, and men find them attractive,” she adds. “It should be a time to be celebrated. So we hope we did that justice, as well.”

Outlander Season 2 PreviewA NEW ENEMY | Early in the season, the Frasers run afoul of Le Comte St. Germain (played by French actor Stanley Weber), who quickly develops a strong hatred of Claire. “She’s made a pretty ferocious enemy,” Balfe concedes, teasing that the villain is “possibly a lot darker than we first thought.” Heughan calls St. Germain “a dangerous adversary — a very charming one, as well” whose political savvy makes him an even more lethal opponent. Look for that thread to play out “throughout most of the season,” he adds. — With reporting by Vlada Gelman

Are you excited to see what Claire and Jamie are up to in Season 2? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Char says:

    “Prince Charlie, who is interested in forcefully establishing himself as sovereign of Great Britain”

    No, he’s attempting to establish his father (King James) as sovereign.

  2. Anne says:

    I’m so excited!!!!! And I’m glad they fought for a pregnancy sex scene to be included. So often women’s pregnant bodies are depicted as gross and unappealing, which is really offensive.
    And I’m glad they don’t spend the entire season in France. I’m going to miss the look and feel of Scotland. I’ve not read the books so I had no idea how long they would be in France

    • Tisa says:

      OMG Read the books.. ALL of THEM!

      • Anne says:

        I tried, several times, I just couldn’t get past the first 80 or so pages of Claire and Frank in the present. I’ve had people tell me that you just have to get past that…but I just can’t seem to haha.
        But I’ve really been enjoying the show so I’ve thought about giving them another go. But then I’m really enjoying the show so maybe it’s best to just keep watching it that way

        • sdc says:

          The books are sooo much better! Get reading!!

          • Diane Berg says:

            The books are gorgeous and so filled with details, crossing my fingers that all the books find their way to the series! Just as last season’s rape scenes with sadistic Black Jack are essential to Jamie’s personality, Claire with Frank and other ‘modern’ aspects to the storyline provide depth to Claire’s personality. The books are definitely worth reading, and the series so well done it is a pleasure to watch. Love that I can do both! Kudos on the casting thus far, looking forward to meeting Brianna and Roger Mac too!

        • I think this is a book series where once you are engaged, it’s terrific. She uses a really interesting style of writing where the narrative is advanced by telling almost little short stories. If you really don’t like the beginning of book 1, I know it sounds like heresy, but skip it. Just poke through and move to where you want to read. Then, if you want to make sure you didn’t miss anything important (and there are reasons to know the 1940s folks) you can always go back and it might be more interesting. I was shocked at where book 2 began, but i trusted Diana Gabaldon, and i wasn’t disappointed.

          I didn’t find anything in the book that made me unhappy with the show or vice versa, really.

        • whitewolfvt says:

          My neighbor took awhile to finally start reading, and when she did, I got a phone call saying she wasn’t sure if she could go on…..too much was wrong. See, she is British and said some things were incorrect. I told her the story that Diana had never set foot in Scotland before writing the novel and wasn’t even planning on it being published at first and that in the UK version of Outlander (aka Cross Stitch) things were fixed. I told her to just keep reading and when 1743 comes around it will be awesome. Know what happened? In a couple of days she asked me to rush over book 2 and before I knew it, she had read book 8 before I did!! We book fans aren’t exaggerating when we say these books are awesome. Also, the TV show is only the tip of a giant iceberg and the books is everything below because all cannot be conveyed on screen.

          • LisaM says:

            Completely agree with kiddle and whitewolftv! Try again.. Skim through the early stuff if need be. I finished the series about 2 months. Am currently rereading it!

  3. Yes I am definitely excited to hear anything about Claire & Jamie. I handled droutlander pretty well but now that it is a week away my excitement is uncontainable. I was lucky in that the first season was my introduction to OutLander. At the end of the season I was reading book 2. I still haven’t finished all the books but I love most all the characters in them but none as much as Jamie, Claire, Bree and Roger.

  4. Nympha Cole says:

    I read all 8 books and love the historical “fiction” as well as the exciting portrayal of the characters. The authenticity is great. I look forward to April 9th. They should think about filming on the Mendocino, Ca coast (Albion) as it looks like Scotland!

    • Anne says:

      I googled Albion as I’m not familiar with it – and wow, that’s a stunning piece of America right there. Wow. And you’re right, it does have a similar look to Scotland. Though I can’t imagine them shifting their filming locations. I don’t think the government of Scotland would let them hahah

  5. ChicagoShari44 says:

    Love the books which I was introduced to by the series and have now read each of the 8 at least twice. I have no recommendations for actors to play new characters but have a great deal of confidence in Ronald D. Moore and his staff to get it right. I am beyond excited about Season 2 and am really hoping for this series to continue for many years with Sam and Caitriona in the lead roles. They are doing a phenomenal job of bringing these beloved characters to life. Good for them to fight for the pregnancy love scene. it is beautifully written in the book and I have no doubt wiill be beautifully acted in Season 2.

  6. D says:

    Most of the choices for Lord John seem too young. How about Alan Cumming?

  7. Trudy Boyle says:

    OMG…I am so excited for season 2 to start..this is one of the best series I have seen..It is so brutal yet Jamie and Claire’s love scenes are extraordinary…It is so beautifully written, the scenery is glorious I am literally obsessed.

  8. Mary Cormack says:

    Would mind seeing Tom Felton as Lord John!

  9. Deb Jensen says:

    Liked article Interesting S2 info Thanks #Outlander S2!!!

  10. Lee McKenzie says:

    As a real mckenzie I will be glued to the tv. What a wonderful set of novels and the TV series has done a great job of portraying them!
    Love the history! Jamie and Claire do a great job!
    The Mckenzie clan is working now to restore castle Leoch!

  11. Jordy Carr says:

    Read the series, reread before series came out, great job keeping it to the original story line, first time ever for me to believe that with book gone movie. Lord John choices 1-Charlie Hunnam 2-Tom Felton 3-Dan Stevens, my 2 cents. Thanks for a great series.

  12. Jordy says:

    Great series, I have read the series a couple of times, wonderful job staying so close to the original story line, first time I’ve seen a movie/series so true to the book. My 2 cents for the Lord John choices 1-Charlie Hunnam 2-Tom Felton 3-Dan Stevens

  13. Linda Crawford says:

    I am so excited about the new season. Can’t wait to see how Jamie deals with being a new father. I want so bad that the two stay together until the end. I don’t want to see her go back in time or should I say go forward in time back to hubby #1. She belongs with Jamie.

  14. cpthegreat1 says:

    Lord John is 16 when we first meet him. And hadn’t the actor been introduced even before actor for Roger? Anyway, I don’t know the actors mentioned but I am pretty sure that all of them are too old.

    • Diane Berg says:

      I agree, Lord John is very young when he first appears. Since he figures through the storyline many times, the actor has to age too. I trust Ron Moore and his production team to find just the right actor to fit. Counting down the hours till tomorrow night!

  15. Kean Roger says:

    We bought the DVD of the First Season, before the disgusting, violent, and totally uncessary abuse of Jamie, and could not believe that taking that to the extreme was at all necessary. The fact that the comments we read tonight on this site make NO mention of how extreme and unnecessary and graphic the rape of Jamie scenes were is beyond comprehension, unless the producers are filtering any negative comments to protect investments, and if that is the case they should know that the show, scripting, and flavor of the original episodes prior to the later, were just as riveting to fans, like us, and why push the envelope for the sake of sensational disgust. Nailing a hand for the Christ like imagery, spittle on a hand, and direct visualizations of a rape, regardless of gender, was ridiculous and we are sure many fans could care less about continued viewing. Hope we are not alone in this summation, and no, we are not prudes or religious fanatics!

    • Moonlight says:

      I disagree. That scene was violent, vicious, and disturbing, and i was haunted by it for days. But it absolutely belonged there. Rape is violent,,vicious and disturbing, and that act will affect Jamie and Claire for the rest of their lives. It is an integral part of the story. Watching it was so difficult but the sheer horror of it gave you a window into what Jamie was experiencing. Whitewashing it for political correctness would be wrong. Those actors did an incredible job with extremely difficult material. I imagine there are no comments here on “how extreme and unnecessary and graphic” that scene was is because most here do not agree with you.

    • Guest says:

      Sound like prude and religious fanatic to me. Oh course no one is going to comment about that scene since it happened during season 1 and oh idk months ago. Yes it was brutal, just like it was in the books. If anything they actually made it less brutal in the show.

      • AP says:

        I don’t think one must to be “prude” and “religious fanatic” to recoil from scenes of sadistic violence. And no, they didn’t make it less brutal in the show. Most of the ridiculous scenes between Randall and Jamie from episode 15 were show invention and actual rape scenes from episode 16 amounted to four pages in the book. I also don’t think the audience is full of morons, who need to be subjected to details like Jamie’s bloodied thighs as if they would not figure out what happened to him after witnessing him screaming his lungs out on the table.
        All in all, the episode felt like an endless stream of violence with little to no story IMO
        Still, I enjoy the series aside of the last episodes and yes, season 1 is in the past and I believe they will handle other “sensitive subjects” in season 2 better.

        • vpolitiken says:

          If you’re looking for the show to lighten up, you’ll be disappointed. Sorry. Rape is a prominent theme in the story and the visualisation of Jamie’s rape absolutely had to be that graphic. The important points needed to be a) that we witnessed Black Jack being sadistic and this causing pain through the rape, and b) that he also had the more insidious motive of infiltrating Jamie’s passion for Claire, which required the more ‘tender’ rape. Both indispensable for the character development of Black Jack, Jamie AND Claire. If you were counting on Outlander being a fluffy escapism show purely because it has a large female fan base, perhaps your own preconceptions have betrayed you. Furthermore the performances of both Tobias Menzies and Sam Heughan in that scene were sensational.

    • Margaret says:

      I agree! One of the directors must be a gay sadist to allow that horrible, long rape scene. Found it totally unnecessary and disturbing. Then his hand, the torture, its the only part I didnt like about Outlander, I couldnt even watch the scene. Also when Claire was searching for Jamie and dressed as a man and sang that silly bugle boy song…too long and not necessary, Jamies sister was also way too nasty and annoying. Other than that I love the series..should cut out 90% of rape scene. Too sick and twisted.

      • vpolitiken says:

        The fact that you found the scene unnecessary says a fair bit about your intellectual ability to understand the story. The aspects shown were 100% necessary to the development of Jamie, Claire and Black Jack’s characters. I imagine you haven’t read the books if you are unaware of what happens in relation this rape in the future. In fact, the book contains even further gruesome details of the rape and the directors made the decision to exclude those, as they wanted to choose only those aspects which were essential. I’ll warn you that in upcoming seasons, there will be a good deal more gruesome content. You seem to have made the mistake of assuming Outlander would be a fluff series. “Gay sadist”? How ignorant.

  16. Oh! I’m so super excited for season 2! Outlander is the best show ever! I love it and I hope it goes on for many seasons and covers the whole series of books! It’s an amazing story and the acting is superb on the show!

  17. Pamela Lang says:

    I am watching the first season marathon, as if I hadn’t bought the DVDS but loving every moment. Outlander has the best story and history all rolled up with some of the best actors and actresses ever!!! I am counting down till April 9th @ 9pm I can’t wait 💞

  18. A Volkes says:

    I think Alex Pettyfer would be excellent as our dear Lord John.

  19. Elizabeth Quiles says:

    Me myself being pregnant having sex scenes being pregnant is a beautiful thing I like to say Ronmore and his wife are doing such a beautiful job it’s hard work getting it right

  20. Pat Chiesa says:

    Outlander is the best series on TV. I had to read all 8 books before the new season.I’ve been watching the marathon this weekend,its been a perfect birthday weekend.I’m planning a trip to Scotland to visit a small plot of land I recently purchased there making me a Lady and a Laird. How excited am I?

  21. Diane Berg says:

    So glad Season 2 is finally starting tomorrow! Looking forward to seeing those fab costumes, and Jamie of course!

  22. tphstables says:

    Neil Jackson would make a formidable Lord John and ‘addition’ to the Outlander Cast, I suppose. :)