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American Idol Top 3 Performance Recap: Baby, It Ain't Over 'Til It's Over

I shed a few tears during this week’s American Idol — for reasons both totally expected and somewhat surprising.

On the former front, let’s be like Randy Jackson and keep it really real, dawg (OMG, I already regret typing all of those words): The Hometown Visits episode is like the world’s most potent onion. Once you cut into it, everything’s over but the weeping, the snuffling and the slightly embarrassed dabbing of one’s eyes with half a box of tissues.

La’Porsha, Trent, Dalton and MacKenzie — and let’s not forget their sweet, barely-holding-it-together families — did their part to ensure the waterworks. But special credit goes out to La’Porsha, with her sobering and important visit to a local shelter for battered women. (Who says no good can come from reality television?!)

What I didn’t anticipate, though, was an encore performance from the water in my eyes as Ryan Seacrest closed the telecast. I kinda, sorta, definitely wished he’d gone with a nostalgic “Seacrest, Out!” — but he nevertheless got me with the way he looked a little choked up as he thanked the show’s dedicated cast and crew, then noted, “From Stage 36 for the last time: Goodnight, America.”

Yep, next week’s finale will be live from the Dolby Theater — which means we’ve just witnessed the final Idol broadcast from the show’s studio setting. (Well, of course, until Fox reboots the show for its 2018-2019 season… c’mon, Gordon Ramsay: Hell’s Fishmonger isn’t going to pull a 1.5 million demo rating!)

Anyhow, while I’ll be back overnight to update this recap with more detailed performance reviews — and an explanation of my feelings on La’PorshaGate*, let me offer my letter grades. (*I know, I know, it wasn’t that serious!)

MacKenzie Bourg – Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” — Grade: B | I’ve waxed poetic about MacKenzie’s magical, crumbly tone – full of more nooks and crannies than a Thomas’ English Muffin — for weeks now. But his choice of “Hallelujah” — a song that sounded so fresh and unexpected when Jason Castro tackled it in Season 7, but has become something of a singing competition cliché in subsequent years — lacked any of the troubadour’s flair for the original. Whether or not dude knew this was going to be his swan song, I wish he’d grabbed an utterly unexpected number, flipped it on its head, and forced the powers that be to retire his Idol jersey to the rafters. Instead, he gave us a solid performance that didn’t quite match up to prior efforts like “Say Something,” “Billie Jean,” “Titanium,” and especially his original track “Roses.”

Dalton Rapattoni – Blue October’s “Calling You” — Grade: C+ | Props to Dalton for having the guts to choose a left-of-center (aka completely unknown to me) ditty from a Texas rock band that’s been one of his greatest inspirations. Any student of Idol history knows that unfamiliar tunes frequently resonate with voters (i.e. “Falling Slowly” and “Mad World” back in Season 8). The problem for Dalton wasn’t in concept, though, but in execution. His voice repeatedly got swallowed by the band, and he threw away too many phrases like a grade-schooler with a ziploc bag of carrots in his lunchbox.

Trent Harmon – David Allan Coe/George Jones’ “Tennessee Whiskey” — Grade: A- | I would’ve liked to see Trent’s song choices veer more toward soul than country this week, but to his credit he brought an R&B fervor and some startling technical hoo-ha to his sole personal pick. The a cappella breakdown — complete with falsetto glory note — would’ve made me yell “Goosies!” if I didn’t hate that J.Lo catchphrase so much. And Ryan bringing out Trent’s family for a surprise on-stage reunion only added to the “I need to vote for this guy” vibe that permeated through the performance.

La’Porsha Renae – John Legend and Common’s “Glory” — Grade: A- | If this is the kind of tune La’Porsha envisions herself covering in a post-Idol career, then somebody get her into the studio and start recording by the weekend, OK? The way she used her growl and vibrato to infuse the song’s lyrics with depth and gravitas was as mesmerizing as the sparkle emanating off her seashell hair clips and her blinged-out microphone. As a result, Keith’s critique that he felt like he’d just had a baptism didn’t seem off the mark in the least.

Sent to Safety


Dalton Rapattoni – Bruce Springsteen’s “Dancing in the Dark” — Grade: B+ | You know when you go to a fancy cocktail reception and a waiter approaches you with some unrecognizable hors d’oeuvre and your first inclination is to pass? But then you think, “Hmmm… maybe this unfamiliar thing will be delicious!”, so you bite in and discover… it’s weirdly tasty? That kind of sums up my feelings about Dalton’s cover of “Dancing in the Dark” — a slice of ’80s pop perfection infused with longing and restlessness and the kind of hook that will never quite leave your brain. The way Dalton dressed it up in heavy synths on the verse — then a frenetic emo-rock bounciness on the chorus — may not have quite gelled with the lyrics, but at least it was interesting and in tune. Bearing that in mind, Harry’s backhanded compliment — that Dalton is smart enough to arrange songs around his vocal shortcomings — seemed unnecessarily cruel, no?

La’Porsha Renae – Lorraine Ellison/Bette Midler’s “Stay With Me” — Grade: B | I’ve been longing for someone to cover “Stay With Me” on Idol since at least as far back as Joshua Ledet’s Season 11 run (see evidence here) — so imagine my surprise when La’Porsha’s rendition turned out to be decent, but ultimately underwhelming. I mean, it’s not that La’Porsha wasn’t in tune, but her turgid phrasing left her consistently behind the beat, taking away the urgency and raw drama that makes “Stay With Me” one of the great heartbreak anthems of all-time ever. Plus, her melodic tweaks – usually so spot-on – didn’t quite land, either, leading to a conclusion that was sometimes more screamy than stirring.

Now, as for La’Porsha’s affably cheeky admission that she’d never sing a lyric begging a man to stay with her… I’m of two minds. In fairness, she got asked a direct question by Harry about why she’d hesitated to cover the tune when mentor Stevie Van Zandt suggested it last week, so you can’t really fault her for her honesty about the lyrics not appealing to where she’s at in her life. But… — and feel free to zing me down in the comments for my stance — even with La’Porsha’s history of fleeing an abusive relationship, I was taken aback by her oversimplification of the story she was telling, as well as her understanding of her job as both a reality competition contestant and an artist. “I would never tell a woman to beg, but I just had to get in character,” La’Porsha argued. To which I’d ask, at what point in the lyrics of “Stay With Me” is there a call for the listener to mimic the overwhelming desperation of the narrator? Does La’Porsha mean an artist can’t tell a story about the absolute depths of human emotion without endorsing said emotions? And are musical artists only supposed to delve into feelings and narratives that are purely autobiographical? (If that’s the case, then no more sad songs  for Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson or Fantasia Barrino now that they’re all happily married!)

I’m asking subjective questions, for sure, but La’Porsha is a week away from ending a Farewell Season that has no summer tour and no guarantees of a contract that will help her get her music to a larger audience. She signed up for a competition knowing that Top 3 week inevitably requires abandoning song choice to the judges and mentors. Once “Stay With Me” was set in stonem I wish she’d have put aside her reservations, put her heart and soul into it, and tried to find the value in making 10 million people understand the reality of loneliness, longing and losing the person you love — and realizing there’s strength in that storytelling, even if the narrative is about weakness. (I know, I know… my Reality Check co-host Melinda Doolittle is going to refute my overly long argument by re-wearing her “Nope” t-shirt on our next episode!)

Oh, and by the bye, if you don’t know “Stay With Me,” give a listen here to Bette Midler’s version from The Rose soundtrack, and imagine what might’ve been had La’Porsha fully invested herself in the music.

Trent Harmon – Justin Timberlake’s “Drink You Away” — Grade: B | Trent broke through with moments of brilliance on the first JT track cleared for Idol, but the performance was also punctuated by instances where the band’s aggressive guitars — and to my ears, a brutal sound mix — left  him struggling to stay above water. As a result, Trent seemed a little disconnected from the relationship drama at the heart of the ditty — at a moment where it was imperative for him to maintain focus… no matter what the obstacles.

Dalton Rapattoni – Tears for Fears’ “Everybody Wants to Rule the World” — Grade: C- | It took me a second to recover from Dalton’s super-choreographed head-tilt at the very top of the song, but unfortunately, the performance got less appealing as it went on. Arranged in a key too low for his register and at a tempo too mopey to engage, Dalton couldn’t seem to ever get a grasp on his pitch, resulting in a performance that flopped around like a salmon on the floor of a fishing boat… struggling mightily, but never escaping its most harrowing predicament.

La’Porsha Renae – Adele’s “Hello” — Grade: A- | On paper, the judges’ choice of Adele’s most ubiquitous anthem seemed like handing Supergirl a winning Powerball ticket made from pure Kryptonite.  She’s got the money, but how is she supposed to cash in? La’Porsha, however, stood grounded at the mic, roughed up the verse with her rumbling vibrato, then twisted the melody just enough to bring an extra twinge of sadness without stripping the tune of its soaring crescendo.

Trent Harmon — Parson James’ “Waiting Game” — Grade: A- | Like Keith, I’d never heard this song before, but who cares? It sounded like the best and least sunshine-y coronation single Idol‘s never commissioned (even if dude’s probably going to be runner-up). I loved the way the tune allowed Trent to demonstrate his crazy range — without sacrificing the intimate and enigmatic lyrics about a man grappling with questions of faith and purpose. Trent continues to surge at the exact right time — and if it adds suspense to the series finale, who can be mad at that?

OK, your turn. Vote for your fave performances in our poll below, then hit the comments and share your reasoning — and your thoughts about this week’s elimination!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Zach says:

    Trent won the night for me. So confident in his vocals, and the last one was perfect and restrained, not pushing to hard, but crystal clear vocals. Go boy go!

    • Lisa G says:

      Me too. I don’t understand the B on the second song. Although I did enjoy Dalton’s Dancing in the Dark, it wasn’t better than the others. I think the judges had no business giving anyone Adele. It wasn’t one of her best performances (I’d stick with the B) but she should never have been in that position. Trent had three strong songs without the baggage. Loved MacKenzie saying he’d do Ryan’s job to announce LaPorsha. Good kid. He’s no dummy. Wondered why only LaPorsha was shown actually singing in the hometown visit. Knowing there will be a deserving final two I’m not worried right now, but Trent is still my favorite. He’s grown a lot, I almost never see a “face” anymore, and his range is tremendous.

      • BeBe says:

        Yup, agree with you about La’Porsha and the “baggage” songs. Really not fair. I think Borchetta did it on purpose. D*ck move. Of all the songs in the world he’s gotta pick THAT??

        • SB is a total dick and trying to show her who’s boss. And I don’t think he wants her to win. I don’t think I want 19 to have anything to do with her afterwards, I think they would try to bury her. I do hope that someone who knows what to do with her talent signs her.

          • Smokey says:

            Borchetta caught the the rising tide of success by making a deal with a 14 year-old Taylor Swift, starting a Record Label, as she wrote mostly her own songs and did what she wanted to — with Borchetta riding the wave, getting her songs out, arranging performance tours, etc………………. From there, he was able to sign several other, mostly Country artists or Country Bands— and now has a number of successful ventures for Big Machine Records. ………. last I heard, he had also signed Danielle Bradbery and Cassadee Pope, winners from “The Voice”, or at least at one time they were on the Big Machine Label, as far as I know.

          • Larry Davis says:

            He may appear to be dick-ish at times, but totally disagree. Similar things have happened with Clark Beckham from last season…he’s not signed to BMLG. Currently, BMLG has expanded their roster past country, with winner Nick from last season, and they just released their first album by legendary powerpop band (and Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame inductees) Cheap Trick, called “Bang Zoom Crazy Hello”, and it’s one of their best albums yet, with a real garage punk feel to it. Meanwhile, they are also signing longtime country artists as well, and even started an imprint called Nash Icon…with people like Reba, Hank Jr, Tim McGraw…yes BMLG has Cassadee & Danielle, winners from the Voice, and people like The Band Perry. As for LaPorsha, it might be a possibility that Scott & BMLG do not want LaPorsha because they wouldn’t know what to do with her…they have no R&B/soul artists…SB is rooted in punkrock actually, not country as people think…and Scotty wouldn’t want her career ruined or buried. It may appear that he and the show are trying to ruin her with baggage songs, but there may be an ulterior motive at work here. It will be a LaPorsha/Trent finale, which I called 2-3 weeks ago, and both deserve the title of “Last Idol/Final Idol”…

          • Lee says:

            Well, since La Porsha was in the Bottom 2 tonight, don’t be surprised that she doesn’t make the finals. I think it’ll be Trent and Dalton with Trent winning. If SB wants an Idol from this season, he’ll be smart to have Trent record a country album with a soulful twist to it–as he did with Tennessee Whiskey. There’s really nothing like that in country music right now. That’s why I think Adam Wakefield in this season of the Voice will go far. He’s unique like Trent.

        • Well, Borchetta didn’t pick the Adele song that Lisa mentioned. The judge’s did. I thought the song Borchetta picked, STAY WITH ME, was her best song of the night. JMO. I don’t know if he wants her to win or not, but I thought she had an excellent night- well, much better than last week. But Trent has been knocking it out of the park for several weeks now. I know why Borchetta picked the Timberlake song for Trent. A few months ago Justin Timberlake & Chris Stapleton did 2 songs together on CMA’s & brought the house down. It blasted Stapleton’s career into orbit. Those songs were Tennessee Whiskey, an old country classic that Stapleton redid & it flew straight to #1. Trent sang that 1st tonight. The other song Stapleton/Timberlake did together on CMA’s was JT’s song DRINK YOU AWAY & that is what Borchetta picked for him tonight. Trent does a lot of Stapleton covers on youtube, who is a very soulful singer, & slays them. I know that if Scott did an album w/Trent he would go in that direction. He may think he can do more with Trent, because Trent does country in addition to other genres, which La’Porsha or Dalton doesn’t, but who know?

          In the end folks are gonna vote for who they want & Borchetta can’t stop them.

          • Collin says:

            You are 100% spot on. I’m glad u pointed that out. Chris Stapleton is a beast. I’m not sure Trent can have that kind of success but it’s the right direction for Scott to push him in. I’m not so sure Scott deserves all the heat for trying to push certain contestants on us. It’s his label they’re getting signed to. Shouldn’t he want the person he thinks will best fit his label. To me it’s just as much idols problem. They should’ve never made the label so involved with the show. To me they should catch the majority of the heat. This show went into a serious downward spiral when they started this crap!

          • The Beach says:

            Oh yeah, I sure do remember the CMA duet that Timberlake and Stapleton did on Drink You Away….KILLER !!!

          • sarah t says:

            After Trent performed “Tennessee Whiskey” last night, I was thinking, “It would be awesome if he could do “Drink You Away” for his next song since that was the duet/mash-up that JT and Chris did several months ago and crushed it.” I thought Trent had the most consistent night. Originally, I loved Mackenzie but I don’t think he’s been quite as strong the last couple of weeks (though he still would have been my pick for number 3 over Dalton though). I feel like LaPortia gets forced on us a bit and though she’s a strong singer, I don’t know that she would really sell that well. I can see Trent doing more. His facial expressions used to really bother me but I don’t even notice those as much anymore.

          • Larry Davis says:

            Trent is like a hybrid of Chris Stapleton AND Justin Timberlake…he has the soulfulness, range, progressive/classic/eclectic taste and songwriting smarts of a Chris Stapleton and the cleancut good looks & talent plus the surprise factor of a Justin Timberlake, so in reality, Trent is the perfect package for a label like Scott’s Big Machine Label Group. If it were up to Scott, he would want Trent on Big Machine, if it were his choice only. LaPorsha is a force and will be a success whether she wins or not. But Trent has been soaring, killing and connecting at just the right time, and he could win on momentum alone. As for the Idol, 19 Mgmt, and label involvement (first with RCA/Sony, then Interscope, then Big Machine), that arrangement was what made it work in the beginning, but could also be its unraveling, as what if a person wins that the label does not like?? Then they are forced to commit to an artist and release a record they don’t want to promote?? The only way it works on all fronts is if one of the judges owns the label involved, and they were in charge of picking the winner?? If Scott was a judge, it would work. On the X-Factor, Simon Cowell owns the show, and he runs the winner’s label, Syco, who has distribution with Sony. Syco was never involved with Idol because at the time when Simon was on the show, Syco was not a label yet, and 19 & then-BMG was the winner’s (and other Idols’) home, in the US and worldwide…then BMG & Sony merged.

          • Binhan Xu says:

            Gosh, suddenly feels like don’t want Trent to win any more. He could have done more diversity with that incredible cover of Chandelier, not restrained to that old-school country style!

        • JVee says:

          Well, I understand your point – why make her sing it if she really doesn’t like it? And i really don’t understand what the big deal is about her response to the question. She was completely charming and funny while she was explaining why she didn’t like the song. Loved her reaction to the question.

      • joeymeana says:

        Does anyone know what Mackenzie’s other two songs were? I could hear him do dancer in the dark a la tegan and Sara.

    • Collin says:

      Totally agree about Trent. They should just hand him the trophy right away next week and let the idol alum do there thing to close the show forever. He’s the best right now hands down.

      They threw Laporsha under the bus tonight! Both Scotty and the judges. No I don’t think Scott wants her to win. What would he do with her anyways?!!! For me the biggest shocker was the Adele song choice from the judges. Very stupid! Why would u want her to sing a song that’s played every 10 seconds on the radio by a mega star? Laporsha is a good singer and all but she’s not even close to Adeles caliber. Dumb move and they knew it.

      Dalton was Dalton. Plain and simple just not good enough compared to Trent and Laporsha. No reason to go any further.

      This season has been brutal for me! Is this seriously the best they could do for a final top 3? Very sad! They let so much talent go between Hollywood weeks to the top 10. This top 10 could’ve been so much better. I know it comes down to Americas votes. Which the majority of them are teenagers and we might’ve ended up with Dalton and Mackenzie anyways. But still. Put through some better talent and maybe we could’ve got a top 4 we deserved!

      I still believe Tristan is the only one from this year who has the potential to be a star. It’s just to bad she wasn’t more mature this year. Otherwise I feel we would’ve had a fantastic finale!

      • Moby Dick says:

        Your comment was totally spot on and sounding and convincing until you mentioned Tristan being the only person who have what it takes to be a star LOL! Every possible credibility you’ve had just tarnished in 1 second.
        Joke’s on you.

        • Collin says:

          U obviously don’t know country music very well! Less than a week from leaving the show she was singing with Darius Rucker at the grand ol opry. That doesn’t happen to anyone that age. This week she was writing songs with notable song writers. That’s how crazy Nashville and country music is about her. There’s also a avenue for her in the genre. Country radio needs a young female star and if she keeps improving, they’ve got one. She’s also got a very strong social media following. Do I think she’s a star now? Absolutely not. But she’s 15. Has plenty of time to grow. If she has any talent writing songs she’s going to be huge. Remember a girl named Taylor Swift? We might be witnessing her predecessor. Who else from the show is going to be any better? I’m sorry. But I think the jokes on you!!

          • S. says:

            I think you mean her successor. Predecessor means she came before. I agree though, she’s absolutely a potential star. People let their anti-‘contestant pimping’ mechanism kick in and were irrationally cranky about her. The evaluations of her voice weren’t usually that fair coming from those people. Tristan’s got immaturity when it comes to her singing style but in terms of vocal talent and looks, she’s got the whole package. The most naturally photogenic of the Idols this year. I hope she tries on more musically because she’s not got a natural country flair as much as she’s got an emotional connection to country material. Either she’s gotta bridge the gap or figure out something else. At best she’s country/pop. There’s no twang so I’m not sure what that fanbase would even do with it when they hear original songs from her. Maybe she could go the Michelle Branch route with it and pull it off after all. Michelle could do pop AND country.

          • Collin says:

            Thanks for clearing that up! It’s been a long day! I agree with u about her not having the traditional country voice. Pop/country is the direction country music is going. I think she fits that mold perfectly. It’s hard to say what kind of songs she’s going to write. But if she sticks to telling stories that portray her musical style, she could be huge. Taylor kind of broke ground for her. A lot of her songs had nothing to do with the traditional country message. If she can take it deeper lyrically, she will connect with many people old and young. She’s just got to grow and have some life experiences worth writing about. She’s extremely talented for how young she is!

          • joy says:

            Tristan will never make it in country. I don’t care how many people throw bones her way. She is too fake and yes she does ballads well but who wants to listen to that song after song. Tristan is not good enough to make it.

          • Collin says:

            Tristan is fake? What? So many people wanted her to sing other genres but she stayed true to herself and sang country. Fake? Yeah not do much.

            Who wants to hear ballads a lot? Um the same people who like to listen to Martina Mcbride, Faith Hill, Trisha Yearwood… They’ve all seemed to do well!

            She won’t make it in country? She’s not good enough? Are u serious. She’s 15 and she’s already good. Give her a couple years to grow and mature. Do u think many great artists were great when they were 15? Not many. Tristan is a fantastic artist. Not only does she sing well, she also plays instruments well.

            But you’re right. She’ll never make it. You obviously don’t know much about country music.

          • HTGR says:

            @Collin – Do you know that she herself was the one truly pushing country, country, country or was it Idol suggesting that? I gather her grandfather did have some country music connection so there is surely something real there. But the way she said that she had learned from Idol that country is her thing, makes me wonder if she truly decided that herself or whether she wasn’t a touch coaxed into it? I mean not entirely but maybe a little? It seems like she started the show doing no country at all until lives and I was kind of stunned at first and that was the first time the producers were really involved. Maybe seeing some new Swift or something and a way to get votes? Then again she seemed upset when they didn’t like her first live performance country song. Then again she also picked Clarity and seemed very upset when they didn’t want her to do that sort of music (awesome song BTW, although since she did such a great job with Borschetta’s choice that week the swap might have been a good idea, especially since Clarity is such a dangerous song to sing live, especially if you are young and still prone to some nerves, almost all reality contestants who have tried that deceptively tricky song, appeared to have gotten nervous a few bars in and struggled with it at times).
            @S. – yeah to me her voice would seem an off fit and or just wasted on some country songs (I wasn’t sure she really meshed with Kellie Pickler on that song ideally, it seemed like each of their vocal strengths went in different directions. It even seemed like that week was the week that upset her straight to the top three rails) and there is no reason she can’t mix in some of those country ballads in her half-pop/regular style if she is a regular, not country solely devoted artist. To me I’d think she’d have more freedom to not get pigeonholed there. I can think of great non-country stuff that it would be a shame for her to miss out on. And since a concert or album has to be a bit mixed up, when she goes away from pure country ballads it seems like outside of country would give her more and better places to go.
            Of course starting country can sometimes give one a helpful boost to get going. Taylor did it. Taylor started out country, and even stayed there a long time, although even at her countriest she always seemed sort of pop to me, and now has gone totally pop (to insane success, so much for the talk that she’d toss her fanbase and flop; also some say she betrayed her country Southern roots, but…. I mean she actually did grow up in a Northeastern suburb, a somewhat fancy town in PA and literally got a pony for Christmas, a real one, and spent summers in a somewhat rich, very Northeastern, very not country, not at all Southern, NJ shore town. I’m not even entirely sure if there was any country station on FM that even played in those towns. I’ve been to one of them and near another and I’d bet most kids there wouldn’t even recognize the names of most of the top country stars. Not that Taylor didn’t listen to some country when she was little, but that wasn’t really, at all, the in thing in the areas she grew up in. Her 1989 album is actually exactly what the roots of where she grew up would be and not her earlier stuff.) Not that Taylor stuff seems like the best vocal match for Tristan. I guess just for my own tastes, I’d hope she wouldn’t go totally country. And even disregarding that, I still feel she could be most spectacular doing something else. Maybe it’s own thing.
            But maybe she could be her own very regular/pop-leaned type of unique “Tristan” country to start and then once a bit established shift over a bit more into her own most natural zone making free use of lots of non-country stuff in addition.

        • Not sure if you mean Tristan is not the ONLY 1 w/star potential this season or you mean Tristan has NO star potential. I think several have star potential & it depends on choices they make after the show no matter what # they finish. And Tristan is not only a future star, she lives in Nashville, plays, writes, beautiful voice though a bit pitchy at times-prob her youth…Beautiful tone & looks like a star. I know exactly how Nashville works-lived here almost 20 yrs in music business & she fills a void: a black female, country, successful singer. There’s 1 great black female country singer out right now named Mickey Guyton, but she’s not as huge as she should be. I’m not saying she should be huge because she is black, but because she is terrific! BTW-Tristan sang her song at her Idol audition.

          If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it 50 times to my husband that Tristan will be successful, I think Borchetta will sign her anyway-if not now, in a few yrs when she has matured a bit. If not him, someone else will sign her. I bet she will have a writing deal within weeks if she doesn’t already. That Is exactly how this town works. I have no doubt, unless she walks away, we will be seeing a lot more from Tristan. I’d bet the farm on it.

          • I think you’re right about Tristan – if she’s willing to put in the work (and I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary) she will be just fine. I’ll bet that she’ll have enough offers that Scott Borchetta will have to come begging for her.

          • Collin says:

            I couldn’t agree more. I didn’t want to bring up the black part but it certainly is a huge factor. Country music needs to diversify and Tristan will help. I totally agree about Mickey Guyton. She’s amazing! Did u see when Tristan and her performed together? It was very good. I think she just needs to grow up and have more life experiences to write about that will fit her vocal style. She’s not the traditional sounding country singer. But that’s fine. If she matches her song writing to her style, the skies the limit! Very well written comment by u. It’s always good to see someone back there opinions up with knowledge instead of just hating on or loving a singer with no reasons!

          • Shazza says:

            Agree with you ’bout Tristan. She wasn’t my cup of tea but even I can see her star potential – good voice, beautiful girl & if she can write halfway decent songs she should be ok, especially if she has the right contacts in the business.

          • HTGR says:

            “There’s 1 great black female country singer out right now named Mickey Guyton, but she’s not as huge as she should be. I’m not saying she should be huge because she is black, but because she is terrific! BTW-Tristan sang her song at her Idol audition.”
            Wow, hmm so Tristan did start out singing a country song even in her audition? Hah, I thought she was totally pop from the start so I was surprised that first week when the show went live! I actually don’t even normally like country all that much, so I think this means she could have crazy cross-over. The pop people won’t even know she is country and the country people will and love her too hah.

        • HTGR says:

          Nah, Collin is the one who knows what he is talking about. And you’ve just tarnished all your credibility. Of them all I give her the best odds for Billboard 100 type success. Sure she was a little raw and nervous at times. But come on she has all the star ingredients. She has a really liquidy voice, star looks in spades, yeah a little shy but a naturally charismatic shy that already projects charisma, has a brain. With a little luck (all in this business need some of that) in 1-2 quite possibly or at least in 3-4 years it’s easy to imagine her there.
          I’m not 100% convinced pure 100.0% country is the way to go though. It seems like her natural style and voice could have a lot more freedom if she went pop but then did a few country things mixed in. In country and only country she’d be restricted from lots of material that could be awesome for her. For some country she could be great (as shown, but note how it was already styled in a bit more pop and regular singer way) but for a full album and concert you need a lot of material and my sense was that some of country wouldn’t the ideal fit and other country would just waste her voice totally.
          I’d give second best odds to Olivia.
          Sonika has that nice liquid voice but the thing is she could end up in med school, on the track she is charging down, before she has polishes a couple projection things and hits luck so I’d put her chances a little lower.
          Trent could maybe make it on some sort of PP/country route?

          • Collin says:

            Tristan has been on my radar for awhile now. Through work I have the chance to visit Nashville atleast a couple times a year. I’ve met some people in the music industry over the years and have become very good friends with a couple of them. A few months ago I was in Nashville having dinner with one of them. I was telling him I was kinda disappointed in the direction country music seemed to be going in. Meaning towards the pop mix direction. To me it seemed there were very few pure country artists out there anymore. He said he understood why I felt that way but there were a few unknown artists making waves that had a great chance of filling that void I felt. Mickey Guytons name came up. Lucky enough I was able to see Mickey in action and boy was she impressive! Her tone is absolutely gorgeous and I got a strong Martina/Trisha vibe from her. A couple weeks before the AI auditions aired the same guy called me and told me about this young fairly unknown country artist who auditioned for AI. He told me to keep an eye out for her cause he thought I’d be impressed. I was more than impressed! First off she sang the Mickey song. But what really impressed me is how much she committed to the lyrics and how emotionally charged the performance was. Very rarely do u see that out of a young artist.
            She was a emotional train wreck and she held her composure through out the entire performance. It was very impressive! It didn’t hurt that here tone was gorgeous either! I knew right there that a star was born. You just don’t see that much control out of someone so young. I felt all of this before her mother came out and surprised her. After that I knew we were witnessing something special. In a couple weeks the YouTube video of that audition hit 3 million views. Incredible! That’s why I’ve backed her so much in the last few weeks. I dont think she really shined as much as I thought she was going to during Hollywood week, but under the circumstances I wasn’t totally surprised either. She stayed true to herself, with some criticism, and continued down the country road. That’s another thing that really impressed me. It would’ve been very easy for her to start leaning towards pop/r&b but she didn’t. In the showcase rounds she got stuck doing fast paced pop/country songs and it was obvious that was not in her wheelhouse. It will come with more stage time. It really confused me when she chose that Dan and shay song for the top 10 performance. I’m sure she was trying to do something different but it was obvious those type of songs weren’t going to work for her. Plus I’m not so sure that it was totally her choice. She hit her stride with go rest high on that mountain. Easily a top 2 performance in the top ten by someone not named Trent or Laporsha. Then was the broken wing performance which she slayed also. Because of the teen vote she found herself in the bottom 2. This is when I got extremely confused. She completely strips down Independence Day and crushes it. Possibly her best performance to date because she showed a lot more of her vocal range. She spent a lot of time in her lower register which was much improved from earlier. Then JLo tells her she should’ve done something different when just the week before they told her she found her grove and to stay there. What?!! Keith tells her she should have stripped it way down or kept it the same. She couldn’t have stripped it down anymore then she did! What she did with the song was make it her own and fresh. Again What?!!! By this time Harry was so in love with the 2 soul singers that it didn’t matter what she did. Which is fine. They were great. I did have an issue with him cracking jokes about her grandfather. She was emotional enough already. I thought it was a low blow! Sonika comes out and does nothing different from what she had done. Don’t get me wrong I love Sonikas voice. She just doesn’t have that wow factor. After being in the bottom 2 the previous week they put her through. Even though It was quite obvious she had no shot of making it any further. I’m pretty certain that they did it to protect the 2 they really wanted in the finale. Tristan was gaining traction and I think it kinda scared them. At least JLo and Harry. I’m not so sure that she would’ve made it any further anyways. With the 2 heart throbs still there. The major problem with it I had was the rumor was only the top 5 were going on the idol tour. But in the end it got cancelled so not much harm done.

            Sorry to relive all that with you but it helps me with my next point. I really hope she stays in that Martina, Trisha, Faith lane. There’s a definite void in that style of country music. Being a young black female, she could have great success with it. I do agree with you that she’ll have to mix a little pop in there to sell out stadiums. And that’s fine. I just don’t want her to do what 90% of the female country singers are doing. That’s just my thoughts anyways. IMO she could do very well on the charts and award shows singing mostly “pure” country. I’m sure there will be many opportunities to do duets with pop singers if she had to also. That has seemed to get huge results in the past. I.E. Jason Alden and Kelly Clarkson. I truely believe the skies the limit for this young lady. Which is great for her and country music. I’m more of a country fan but I enjoy all types of music. That’s why I feel so strongly about this!

            I also totally agree with you about Olivia. She was great! Great personality. Great singer/performer. I’m not sure why America didn’t connect with her. I did hear some were “put off” by her having a stage name. Her parents last name is Hill. Her dad Warren is actually a fantastic jazz artist. Ive seen him perform before. Sounds like she has a lot of stuff going right now so don’t be surprised to see her in the near future. She goes on tour with her dad a lot. Future looks bright for that young lady too! It’s amazing to me how young and talented those two are. Very impressed!

            Unfortunately it sounds like you are right about Trent. Scott has already said he wants him to go in the pop/country direction. I would much rather him stay in that southern rock meets country meets r&b lane. Kinda like a Chris Stapleton. Although pop/country might suit his high register better. I don’t mean to hate on pop/country music so much. It just seems to be done to frequently for my taste. I actually listen to a lot of it. But it seems that’s what is on country radio 90% of the time now. It certainly is popular now days. No pun intended!!! LOL! Well I hope my rambling help you understand were I was coming from in all those posts. Thanks for backing me up! I enjoy talking to people who share the love of music I have. Sometimes people just like to hate on others. It’s nice to have people on here who don’t. Doesn’t mean everyone has to agree with me. They have there own opinions and that’s great. I just expect them to back them up with some sort of intelligence. Have a great day!

      • The Beach says:

        Anyone else think the sound was off tonight? It seemed to me the band was way too loud and drowned out a lot of the vocals. The only ones that weren’t were MacKenzie’s song and Trent’s last song which was mostly piano accompaniment. Or maybe my hearing is just going,

        • Smokey says:

          True, the band was sometimes out of control, especially on Trent’s 2nd song. They over-ran his vocals completely.

        • Shazza says:

          Agree! I thought there was something wrong with the sound on my TV, but I’d just watched The Voice & no sound issues with that program. It annoys me sometimes that when the contestants are practising with their mentors they actually sound really, really good & then they come out on stage & get drowned out.

        • Mary says:

          The sound is off every week. I know they have a cheap budget but come on. I will say in a couple of songs, I was glad the band was overpowering the singer.

        • i thought that too!

      • Smokey says:

        Neither the Judges nor Borchetta have good Judgement in “forcing” songs on the contestants. —————————-

        The singers are better-off simply getting opinions and guidance from others,, only in helping them choose between songs that already resonate with them.——————————————-

        But I have often heard that there is a “use this song ” agreement factor, behind the scenes, between the copyright owners of the song and the Idol powers that be……………..

        . Sometimes the songs they “cover”, suddenly get new life in the Billboard top 200,, by the original artists,,, even though the song has not shown big popularity for years………………………………………. Anybody else notice that Sia songs, by Sia, were doing well on Billboard last week???…………………….. And this has happened many times, even for original artists that haven’t been on Billboard top 200 for years and years, then suddenly that song pops-up, by the original artist, at #137 on Billboard after getting new exposure from being done on Idol

    • The Beach says:

      When Keith said the judges had picked a song for Trent that even he had never heard before (and Keith seems to know every song in every genre) I was concerned that he wasn’t singing a well-known song. Well, I needn’t have worried. That song was beautiful and perfect for Trent.

    • Mary says:

      I loved his last song, but I hated the JT song. He did not IMO pulled that off. His first song was okay. I think, or it should be neck in neck between Trent and Laporsha. Dalton should have went out at least in 5th.

    • Barb says:

      Yes, yes, and yes!

    • James says:

      I honestly thought that his second performance was the best of the night, but the moment I listened to his third, I honestly couldn’t decide which of those two was among his best during that telecast.

      Trent is just that good.

    • Smokey says:

      UPDATE: remember that Idol is on Tuesday night April 5, a 90 minute retro special, Wed. night 4/6, the TOP 3 perform, Thursday April 6th, the winner of season 15 is announced – this per what I seen on a recent updated schedule, so hope it’s all correct.,

  2. Logan says:

    I am praying for that LaPorsha Trent finale. For me, Porsha won the night

    • MartinaCK says:

      From your lips to God’s ears!!

    • Smokey says:

      I think a LaPorsha – Trent finale is already assured. Dalton was placed at an intentional disadvantage in the singing order/rotations, so he wouldn’t somehow have a rousing final performance that would draw more voters.——————– However, I doubt that he could have edged-out either Trent or LaPorsha anyway. ………………………There won’t be any big surprises……………………….. But wait!! OMG — what if all of Mac’s voters now switch to Dalton ???

      • Well on this poll voters voted MacKenzie’s Hallelujah higher than all 3 of Dalton’s songs, Yikes. Doesn’t bode well for Dalton. But I just think La’Porsha & Trent can’t be stopped. I don’t listen to much of Dalton’s genre but he does connect really well w/audience & pours his entire being into it. You don’t have to sing perfectly to effect an audience & think there is a market for Dalton.

        • JoMarch says:

          Dalton pours TOO much of himself into the songs. He is acting all the way and maybe will do good on Broadway. He over-emotes his songs, I guess to hide the fact he can only hit half the notes and has no breath to complete the last word in each line.

      • Mary says:

        It should be a Trent and LaPorsha finale, but this is AMERICAN IDOL. Those young nice looking boys seem to creep in. Hate to say it but part of me doesn’t want LaPorsha, especially after last night, because I don’t see Scott helping her advance the career. Second would be okay and hopefully a label who understands her music will pick her up.

        • Binhan Xu says:

          Feels the same. Last night was kind of mess. I could feel her talent, just not connecting to any of her 3 songs. Somebody has to help her find a hit that could sell like hell. I do not think Scott knows that very well.

  3. La’Porsha dominated tonight imo. She was the most consistent with the three songs she was given.

  4. Guy says:

    Ugh. I knew Dalton wouldn’t be eliminated even though he’s been butchering songs for weeks now. He was better tonight, but still, not one of his 3 performances was anything special or memorable. They were just adequate performances. I really really hope he doesn’t make it into the top 2. Trent and LaPorsha are overwhelmingly more talented than him.
    Also, Trent’s “Drink You Away” was definitely better than a B, Slezak!

    • MaryCW says:

      Totally agree with your comment…exactly what I would have posted! I can’t understand why Dalton has made it this far.

      • MamaLis says:

        One reason is the young people like Dalton – and NOT just the girls. My 12 year old son and a couple of his buddies LOVE Dalton. They think he’s “cool” and like his music. That’s where people get it wrong cuz it’s really not just the girls.

  5. James says:

    La’Porsha won the night. Michael, you better change that second performance grade!

    • Logan says:

      Melinda will so be after him for that one, you’re right haha

      • Rodrigo Santos(Goghiro) says:

        And the fight already began on Twitter after he mentioned La’Porsha’s disgust with the lyrics hahahah!

        • Logan says:

          I really should’ve made a twitter account just to watch them fight over Porsha and Trent

        • Shazza says:

          I love me some Slezak but think he was waaaay to hard on La’Porsha’s opinion of that “Stay with Me” song. It is after all HER interpretation of the lyrics. Everyone has different life experiences which form our opinions, negatively or positively.
          I enjoyed that performance the most out of her three songs. I wish the freakin band wasn”t so loud (though they are awesome)

          • Mary says:

            I think Michael might be a little bias because he has wanted this song sung and when it was done the singer couldn’t get 100% behind it and pull it off like he wanted. I remember how upset he was when the producers gave Shesha (not sure of spelling) the happy feet song. It is kinda of the same scenario but because he loves the song I don’t think he can be objective.

    • Peggy Micsky says:

      She ought to win, she’s been pushed enough. She can sing but where is she going to go? She’s not that young so why has’t she gone anywhere before now? I don’t like watching her.

      • Nickii says:

        @Peggy — your comment is so interesting to me because I feel the exact opposite about watching her. I think that she is SO beautiful. Her eyes-yikes! Perfect skin. And then way she can move so elegantly around the stage. Regal and yet able to also convey humor. I’m astounded every time I see her perform. (And this is not even talking about her amazing voice/vocal interpretation of lyrics.)

  6. Joel Maurice says:

    Trent has been a baby since he skipped out of group week with “mono”. His face is a trainwreck when he sings and his voice is whiny. He would be the worst bookmark ending to the house that Kelly Clarkson built.

    • TK says:

      Well let’s just sing and spit my saliva at everyone in the group and get a mono epidemic going! That will be great TV! (Actually kinda wish that happened lol)

    • Tabby says:

      You are out of your damn mind!

    • BeBe says:

      Yes, he’s so immature for not wanting to sing in close proximity to others while being sick with mono. Damn baby!
      Say what you want about his face, but there’s something about it that I love. I’m drawn to it.

      • S. says:

        Mono’s spread by direct contact with saliva. What was he going to be doing to the other singers? Licking them? Probably overly cautious Idol producers OR they wanted to give him a spotlight and this was sneaky way of doing it.

        • Anna says:

          Droplets of saliva on the microphone, dear. Do you know how often people’s mouths actually touch the microphone? Quite often.

        • JoMarch says:

          Singing cause spray of saliva. You need to educate yourself or be doomed to making silly comments your whole life. I’m sorry if you’re only 10 and couldn’t be expected to know how mono could be spread besides licking someone.

      • Shazza says:

        Yes BeBe! I too am drawn to his face! Plus lately I’ve been thinking he’s a ‘lil bit sexy!!!

        • kierankramer says:

          Trent’s got great stage presence! The way he spun around at the end of his last song with that guitar was so real and cool, unlike Dalton’s practiced moves! Also I like his clean farmer boy looks!!! Go, Trent! He’s definitely my fav now although I do think La Porsha is so talented.

    • Peggy Micsky says:

      Trent has a beautiful voice and can see anything. His facial expressions are his personal way of expressing his emotions and I think they’re great! He’s a clean-cut, handsome young man who has the talent to go somewhere given the opportunity. While LaPorsha can sing, she is no American Idol icon and will go no where. Dalton is cute as he can be, looks like a rock star but is a mediocre singer. I still like him very much but Trent is the whole package.

  7. Roddie Santos says:

    After tonight’s show, Trent is undoubtedly the to-be-crowned winner next week! La’Porsha really killed it with her performances, even though she didn’t like some of her songs and even threw these shades at Borchetta who was surely needing some, I don’t even know why they even let this guy come back this season, he’s a terrible mentor, not to mention he’s disgusting as a person too! I really hope that because of him, La’Porsha doesn’t end like Haley Reinhart in Season 10 and at least gets to the finale next week, because now we know that she won’t win anymore, unfortunately!

    • Lily says:

      La’Porsha should genuinely win. Her overall work is much better than Trent. Unfortunately, she probably won’t — more than partially because she was speaking her mind.

      • Peggy Micsky says:

        Speaking her mind should have nothing to do with a singing competition. Neither should being a single mother or the victim of abuse. Garnering sympathy is not going to make her career take off or get people to come watch her sing. She missed the boat.

        • Woodmeister says:

          She answered a direct question as to why she didn’t want to sing the song. I think it’s a lot worse for Scott Borschetta to force a song on a competitor to sing a song that he knows the singer has serious reservations with. He knew she had issues with the song and he knew of her background, so why push that particular song on her. Why not give the song to Trent or Dalton if he wanted the song sung so badly. This was just another incident of throwing a contestant under a bus. Fortunately, La’Porsha sang it well enough that the bus may have missed her.

          Also, it was Scott who initially brought up the fact that La’Porsha didn’t want to sing the song not her. And it was Harry who kept the spotlight on the issue. The least he could have done is acknowledge that she knew what the lyrics were about.

    • Brenda says:

      Agree totally! These last few weeks, Trent has soared ahead.

    • Logan says:

      I love La’Porsha, but I think that you are right. Something felt set about tonight, and I would almost bet that she won’t win now. And if she doesn’t win, I’d rather her become a 3rd place finisher like Haley Reinhart. Haley is making a revival with a new album in April, if its good, then she may make more. And besides, La’Porsha would just join the ranks of the 3rd place finishers I love: Melinda, Haley, Angie, Jax, And so on. The third place person is generally the true winner (unless you are Jena Irene).

    • Beth says:

      Borchetta needed the shade thrown at him, making a woman who left an abusive relationship sing a song begging someone to stay. BTW, I can’t believe that Borchetta had never heard the song until Steve Van Zandt told him about it. Clearly, he never saw Bette Midler slay it in “The Rose”

      • Mary says:

        That is where I have heard it, gosh haven’t watch The Rose in forever, love that movie.
        I know how many strong emotional songs out there and he picked that one. Not to sound like a feminist but typical male.

  8. Esther says:

    Once again, Trent won the night for me. He may not perfect everything he does but he really sings from his soul. Then of course his gorgeous voice.

    • Brenda says:

      Exactly! That last song was a real wow! And “Chandelier”? That was exquisite. Trent, in my opinion, deserves a come-from-behind win. And P.S., I do think La’Porsha is very, very talented.

  9. Davey says:

    Trent bores me to tears. I guess I have outgrown this show.

    • renoblondee says:

      La’Porsha bores me to tears at times. I zoned out during her performances tonight.

      • joy says:

        I agree totally! Yes she can sing but is not unique. I hated Hello, and I thought the last song was just boring! I think she will come in second and maybe make an album but I don’t see a career here. I do think Trent has a long career ahead of him.

        • MamaLis says:

          I kind of agree. Didn’t the judges set-up Hello by saying something like, “It’s been done a thousand times so we want to challenge you and see what you can do with it.” And then she did it EXACTLY like the cover.

      • Peggy Micsky says:

        LaPorsha sounds like a million other singers and her songs all sound the same and for me, she’s painful to watch. Can’t stand of those flashy, over the top clothes and awful hairdos. Just not attrictive.

    • NJIdoloonie says:

      I’m with ya Davey. This season has been pretty lackluster – there really were no special or memorable moments.

      • Julie says:

        No More Drama, Chandelier, Diamonds, Summertime duet, Bring Me To Life, Simple Man, just to name a few. You are just deaf.

        • Timmah says:

          Those might have been the best moments of this season, but relative to other seasons they were lackluster.

  10. frankofile says:

    Uneven night. La’Porsha aced GLORY, stayed away from STAY WITH ME, and didn’t bring much new to HELLO. Trent got loaded with three country-ish songs, and why?, but he did well with WHISKEY and WAITING. (A lousy mix on the JT song.) As for Dalton, he’s very pretty and has a presence, I guess.

    • Lisa G says:

      I think because Scott works in Nashville and wants a country person. Trent is more R&B but they want him to be country. One of the things I reflected on this week is the fact the most successful Idols came before they had the record label mentor. In the early years the winner(s) got record contracts, but RCA wasn’t involved in song selection or mentoring during the show. This kind of manipulation didn’t exist.

      • NJIdoloonie says:

        The manipulation has been the downfall of this show.

        • Collin says:

          I agree 100%. Between that and the judges, idol has been doomed for awhile now. It’s really to bad. This show used to be great.

          • Smokey says:

            They should never have put Nikki and Mariah together on the control/Judges panel, losing over 30% of viewers that year alone, and following-up with what they have today,…………………………………………I do like Keith, but they should have had an all new panel 2 years ago, with a much lower contact salary and spent that extra money Idol paid-out— on a much wider, easier talent search for contestants in many more locations than they used.

            a panel that left many great singers at the train station, while they “cast” their top 24 and then mostly controlled who went home, all the way to the top 5.

          • Julie says:

            Idol found, game over. You are an idiot.

        • The Beach says:

          I was hoping when Nigel finally got the boot this would change, but alas, no.

        • Julie says:

          You are an idiot, there has always been manipulation.

        • John May says:

          I love this show because sometimes you get a Summertime or a Man’s World or a Mad World. Sometimes, though, you get a Sanjaya or a Paige Miles or a Lazaro Arbos. So, yeah, the manipulation caused the show to be lesser than what it could have been.

      • Julie says:

        There was Clive’s choice.

        • Lisa G says:

          One song a season is different from being on every show directing every choice. Since I don’t know you I won’t presume you to be an idiot. You might want to give others the same consideration.

          • Collin says:

            Julie always has very insightful things to say! She’s so smart. We stand no chance on matching her intelligence! Might as well not even get up in the morning! Gosh she’s so special! Should I go on with the sarcasm? See Julie I even know what sarcasm means. Please give some recognition! It would totally make my day!

    • Beth says:

      I thought the band and the backup singers drowned Trent out on the JT song.

  11. Alexandra says:

    I rarely comment. But placing Dalton above LaPorsha in the second round is fully laughable.

    • Shazza says:

      You should comment more often

    • Jonny Z says:

      Dalton is out at 3rd when results are announced.

      LaPorsha will likely place 2nd, as she has lost her front-runner status now and has no other gears to kick-in, in order to out-shine how Trent is gaining – she will always sing well, Perhaps she will find a label or Big Machine will gamble on putting some investment into her career,

      plus Trent and his now expanded, juiced-up and improved his stage performance styles and will gain more from Dalton’s exit than LaPorsha will.

      plus Borchetta likely prefers Trent to get the guaranteed contract, as others have said on this thread and explained the reasons why they assume that. Not sayin’ there will be subtle manipulations, just agreeing with those who stated their opinion on that.

      The show is basically over, except for the formalities of confetti and having some older Idols come-in for a cameo.

  12. Holly says:

    Tonight’s show was a wonderful showcase of Trent and LaPorsha. Those two are in a completely separate league from Dalton, and hopefully they will both be in the finale. It should be exciting!

  13. BeBe says:

    I’d be happy with Trent or La’Porsha, but I’m really in love with Trent’s voice. I feel like I’d actually follow his post-Idol career.
    Never cared for Dalton’s voice, but his hometown stuff was sweet. Seems like a nice guy. Don’t quite get how he’s a vocal coach, though…
    And let’s all give two thumbs up for the sound crew tonight…not. Way to drown out the vocals pretty much the entire show, folks!

    • Tim says:

      I noticed the same thing about the sound tonight. Was sometimes very hard to hear the vocal over the band.

      • Smokey says:

        Yes, the band played so loud and hard over Trent’s vocals in his second song, that one could barely hear the lyrics. I think it was a bad song-choice as well. Anyway, it should be clear to most, that Dalton is the next out, and it’s headed for the Trent – LaPorsha finale, just as predicted weeks ago.

    • Binhan Xu says:

      I feel sorry to say that La’ Porsha singing hello is really not okay. Just not herself. What are the judges thinking?

  14. Tim says:

    As disappointed with this season as I have occasionally been (mostly at the producers), I really enjoyed tonight’s show. The week before the finale is almost always my favorite because of the hometown visits. I will miss that. Hoping for a Trent/La’Porsha showdown next week.

  15. 2Blessed says:

    La’Porsha edged out Trent tonight, she was a little more consistent. Trent had less energy with each song, and besides his first song, Dalton was overall underwhelming because of song choice. We’re looking at a Trent/La’Porsha finale.

  16. Puchinsmom says:

    I LOVE listening to La’Porsha speak out! She’s hysterical. She really would be a great speaker. And Harry was right about something……that is the cutest baby!
    I will be devastated if Trent and La’Porsha aren’t the final two next week. Dalton just isn’t as good. No way, no how. But I worry that he’ll make it anyways.

    • JM says:

      I completely understand La’Porsha’s feelings about ‘Stay with me’. It does sound hypocritical when she’s trying to empower women, so I’m glad that she got to clarify her reservations. Love her for returning to the shelter to talk to the women still there.
      On another note, she and Trent sang very well, and I hope to see both of them in the final.

      • NJIdoloonie says:

        Why didn’t she speak up about it during rehearsals then? (and if she did, good for her so why didn’t “they” listen to her concerns?)

      • JM, I was really creeped out earlier today when I found out that SB had given that song to LaPorsha – seriously? Give a woman who is rising from her situation, leaving an abusive message and hoping to share a message of empowerment an fusty old song about a woman begging her no-good man to stay? There’s more than an element of “let’s show the b***h who’s boss.” And the judges are always talking to contestants about being “Current” and to avoid “obscure” songs, why saddle her with that? (What next, Porgy and Bess?)

      • Peggy Micsky says:

        Her speaking out, her sob story about abuse, her baby should not be part of the show. This is a singing contest, to be judged by talent, not sympathy. An unwed mother is not an American idol in my book. And because everything she sings sounds alike and she unattractive as an entertainer, I wouldn’t ever go to a concert to see her. Run of the mill.

        • Zac says:

          Oh please, give it a rest. Like she’s the first person on Idol with a sob story. That’s where she’s at in her life right now, that’s what we are getting. You are really making yourself sound like a bitter old nag with your multiple comments saying the same thing in very-slightly different ways.

          Also, she is not an unwed mother. She has said NUMEROUS TIMES she was married at 18. She left because she was abused, and I’m pretty sure that makes you terrible.

  17. Matt says:

    I thought Trent had 3 gr res at performances tonight and so did La’Porsha! The problem for me is that Trent and La’Porsha don’t move me. They both have GREAT voices but for some reason I can never connect to them when they are performing. Dalton other the other hand is the exact opposite for me. I connect with Dalton almost every time he performs, even though voice wise he can’t hold a candle to either Trent or La’Porsha. All in all I think that, out of the top 3, Dalton is probably going to have the best shot at a career after the show bc he is extremely marketable and I can hear his type of music being played on the radio whereas I don’t really hear La’porsha’s or Trent’s style of music being heard nearly as much.

    • BeBe says:

      If you told me I’d have to buy one of their albums (kids: Wikipedia “album” if all you know is iTunes singles) or concert tickets, I’m buying Trent’s. If you asked me to find a host for the next Kids Choice Awards, it’s Dalton.

    • Jan says:

      I think that Harry would completely agree with you.

    • Tamar says:

      Take several seats hunty. You have some serious issue with your musical taste.

    • ninergrl6 says:

      I agree with you 100%. I think LaPorsha *should* win because she’s a phenomenal vocalist, but Dalton’s the one whose music I’m most likely to buy/listen to in the future.

    • Mary says:

      I understand what you are saying. LaPorsha music is not the type I gravitate to, but I do listen sometimes. Trent I might buy his record if the song is good and he doesn’t use his vibrato so much. Dalton might be okay as a recording artist, thanks to AUTO TUNE.
      I think Trent and LaPorsha are marketable, but I don’t think Scott is the person for the job.

  18. paige says:

    It’s been clear since the auditions that Trent and La’Porsha would be the finalists. They are more talented than anyone else this season. I knew Mackenzie was going home because he is NOT a singer. He has less than an octave range, sings everything with the same dynamics, and you can’t even understand the lyrics. I knew Dalton would survive a week because of his guy-liner and spiky hair and bipolar story, which would get him the teen votes.

    But bottom line, the BEST are Trent and La’Porsha. I’m predicting Trent will win, not because he’s better than La’Porsha… in fact, they’re evenly matched and it would be awesome if Idol went out with TWO winners, one male and one female… one black and one white.

  19. kevstar says:

    Mackenzie is eliminated over Dalton? Well, I’ll keep myself from being banned by saying “That’s messed up”. So, what people have been saying about tween girls is true.
    Hoping that at least we’ll get the La’Porsha/ Trent finale the rest of us deserve.

  20. JenniferK says:

    I do not get what people see in Trent. His voice is good. But his mannerisms make me crazy. I cannot stand watching him. I do like La’ Porsha and she has done well in the past. But her version of “Hello” by Adele should have been outstanding and yet it was just okay and made me feel very little. I really like Dalton, but the judges could not have chosen a worse song for him (very unfair). Plus I feel like Harry really screwed him over by saying how his voice is just okay. Saying you loved a performance but that the contestant has an average voice is basically kicking them off the show.

    • Guy says:

      Well it’s true. His voice is entirely mediocre. Why is it wrong to point that out? This is a singing competition after all.

    • // Saying you loved a performance but that the contestant has an average voice is basically kicking them off the show. //

      This is why they should have been giving out honest, fair critiques from the very beginning, so he could have had a chance to act on it and improve. (Although his comments a few weeks ago about being “hurt” by their comments make me wonder if he would have listened anyway.)

      Dalton has a very devoted fan base, and it’s possible the judges’ comments might motivate them to vote that much harder for him? It sounds like a joke but I can actually imagine an all-male finale yet again. *le sigh*

      • Puchinsmom says:

        Agree, Janice. So much for this being “a girl’s year”. So many talented girls including La’Porsha, Avalon, Olivia, and that amazing Jessica. And the top 4 had 3 guys…. But that said, I do love Trent too. Wonderful voice, cute looks, and a really down to earth personality. Trent and La’Porsha finale =perfect ending. Even though this was a mostly frustrating and disappointing season.

    • CharlieI says:

      I agree that the judges pick for Dalton was unfair. All season they compared him to a Billy Joe Armstrong from Greenday. Why not give him one of there songs. He would of nailed any of them. Don’t understand.

  21. John says:

    I actually totally agree with Dalton winning round two, but not by much. The difference was Dalton connected to his song while LaPorsha and Trent didn’t do as well with theirs. Everyone’s mentioning LaPorsha’s issues with “Stay With Me,” but did anyone also have an issue with Scott assigning “Drink You Away” to a guy who has admitted having an issue with alcohol in the past (or did I just imagine that)?

  22. IG says:

    The Final 2 should be deservingly La’Porsha and Trent.

    • Brenda says:

      Yes, no other outcome makes sense, if going by singing talent.

      • F says:

        (But this isn’t the voice.) For American Idol, you have to have the whole package. Looks, personality, stage presence, quality song choices, the ability to connect with the lyrics, the ability to make others feel the emotions, tone, vocal ability, etc.

  23. Jennier Adams says:

    Although I was sad to see Mackezie go, he was one of my favorites, I knew he shouldn,t win. I am leaning toward Trent. I voted for both Laporsha and Trent. Should be a great finale.

    • SHERYL says:

      I felt MacKenzie is far better than the other 3, very very bad decision. People need to be up on their music and he is by far the most mature and has the intellect to be the American Idol.?.

      • joy says:

        I don’t think MacKenzie is better than Trent but I do agree I would buy his music before I would by Dalon’s or LaPorsha’s. I really like MacKenzie and think he will get something from this. Remember Daughtry was only number 4 and so far in total record sales he is number 3 in all contestants ever on idol

      • I think MacKenzie might be the most marketable of the top 4, he definitely could be an Ed Sheeran replacement. Put him on a tour with one of those Disney kids (Selena Gomez)he’d build a following. But his voice does not hold a candle to LaPorscha and Trent.

  24. Trevor says:

    La’Porsha is so good. I really hope she takes the title next week. She would be the perfect bookend to Kelly Clarkson.

  25. Bellaluna says:

    Kudos to JLo for finally pointing out La’Porsha’s rather limited range. I began noticing that several weeks ago. She does terrific stuff within her range but couldn’t hit several of the higher notes in “Hello”. Trent’s range, on the other hand is ridiculous….too bad I couldn’t hear most of it tonight because of the sound mix. I actually think it may have cost him the title. He was incredible last week & I thought he might overtake La’Porsha, but not after tonight’s practically unintelligible Timberlake song & a rather obscure final song compared to the other two contestant’s. Oh, well…

    • Mary says:

      I loved his final song and I didn’t know it at all. I think that might have helped him because he did do a great job on it. Trent other two song were bad if you asked me.

  26. DarkDefender says:

    This is Adam & Kris & Goke repeating itself. If they had a top 2, it would be Trent and LaPorsha. But since it is a final 3.. (Hopefully) the boys will split votes and SuperHeffa will win this thing.

    • DarkDefender says:

      Trent would win like Kris did… Is what I meant to add… If there was a top 2. The top 3 is to LaPorsha’s advantage.

  27. Ronnie says:

    Talk about trying to fix a finale! Those song choices for Trent and LaPorsha from Scott and the judges were just wrong. And here’s what will be really awful next week. The fact that LaPorsha was in the bottom 2 and all those tweens who love McKenzie will send their vote to Dalton and he and Trent will be final two, making it one of the worst finales ever for a reality competition show. I hope I’m wrong, but history has proven otherwise.

  28. darcy's evil twin says:

    I am out of town and was unable to watch Idol but wanted to check in here to see what happened. Wow, MacKenzie was eliminated? I can’t wait to watch the recording Sunday night!

  29. ann says:

    Haven’t watched yet. Sure hoping it didn’t run long as I didn’t think to overtape by more than a couple minutes, and am already verklempt at the Ryan sign-off.
    Also hoping these less than ‘moving’ performance comments are maybe due to the contestants being exhausted? I always recall the show after hometown visits resulting in VERY tired Idols.
    Then again, this season isn’t nearly as long as all previous; those earlier years were punishing, with the extra shows, the group sings, the Ford commercials. Still, this is an emotional and physical grind / roller coaster for these singers.
    And SB, picking lousy songs for La Porsha? Yes, I can see it, totally. He’s so creepy / odd. And useless.
    Anyway, even without seeing yet, if there is an “AI” God … it must be a La Porsha / Trent finale. Anything other would be … I can’t even fathom.

  30. Bob says:

    Any site that posts results before west coast airing is automatically blocked. Goodbye tvline. Idiots.

    • Sarapo629 says:

      This is literally a RECAP. Why would you click on the article and read it if you haven’t watched the episode yet? What exactly did you think the article (with the word RECAP) would be about? Tvline, idiots? Hmmm.

    • Anna says:

      Is someone forcing you to go online and read recaps? C’mon, dude.

    • Lois says:

      Oh my god, when will people stop whining? I live in the UK, am I complaining about results before it’s aired here? NO. Nobody is forcing you to read this. The world does not revolve around you because you happen to live in a different timezone. Where it airs first is when the recap happens. Don’t like it, don’t read it. Stop blaming everyone else for something that isn’t their fault.

  31. TK says:

    I haven’t seen such a night where there’s not a clear favorite performance before.

  32. Sal says:

    And, now the sabotaging of La Porsche Renae begins. I knew it was going to happen but I just did not know what point in the season. I think Borschetta is very insensitive, giving La Porsche a song that she did not like the message to and did not want to sing. Last week, between the two, Trent received the best Rock song and the best Sia song while La Porsche is given a country song and Sia song that was not very familiar to me and others watching (even though she did quite well with both songs). Then, tonight, he tried to make her look like a hypocrite in front of America by having her sing a song about a man cheating on his woman and she is begging him to stay. Now, this song for a woman who just came out of an abusive relationship. How sad and insensitive. However, kudos to La Porsche for setting him straight. Moreover, I don’t think by her being honest about her feelings of his song selection should keep her from being one of the top 2, if America says otherwise. If this kind of manipulation is going on then I for one am glad this show is ending. If he wants a country singer that badly, who right now looks like that is what he wants Trent to become, then I say crown the man already. And, on another note the top three were suppose to be Dalton, Mac and Trent. They never really wanted La Porsche in the top 3. It’s the reason the judges never offer any constructive criticism to her because TPTB and Scott Borschetta knew that America would get tired of all of the praise that the judges were pouring on her. Not that she did not deserve the praise because the woman is freaking good. But I observe that American Idol voters are funny and don’t like when a lot of praise is given to one singer and not to their favorite. After tonight I will just record the last three episodes next week and watch them later on. Aw, I thought this was going to be a season that would be free of drama and full of hope. Should have known better when Jessica Cabral did not make the Top 24. That’s still a thorn in my flesh.

    • joy says:

      As usual it’s rigged if it goes in somebody else’s direction, The Justin Timberlake song was a terrible choice for Trent but you don’t hear anyone yelling it was rigged, It was terrible for showcasing his voice.

      • MamaLis says:

        Hey, Bruce Springsteen for Dalton was no ace-in-hole either! He likely dreaded doing that one when he first received it! So please! Let not cry La P tears.

    • Peggy Micsky says:

      This show has been rigged for LaPorsha from the beginning. The sob story about the abused single mother and the shelter are to garner sympathy votes. She has a great voice and can sing but I think she’s limited in what she can sing and where she can go. She is too old, too unattractive and limited to be successful. Not the whole package.

  33. Lking says:

    I’m still having a problem watching Trent perform regardless that his voice is superior to Dalton. I’m really struggling to find the right person to end the Idol run.

  34. Trent’s rendition of Parson James’ “Waiting Game” was perfection. Keith gets points for bringing something fresh to the table. Unlike the stale piece of cheese (I’m sure JLo picked it) they gave Dalton with Tears For Fears! At this crucial time, they give him that? UGH! He did make ‘Dancing in the Dark’ his own so, at least, he faired better than La’Porsha. Sorry, Scott picked a terrible song; don’t show us a home package featuring a women’s shelter and talk about her impact and then have her sing a song begging a guy to come back. I also think “Hello” was a lazy and uninspired song choice. She needed to get her momentum back and the show didn’t give her the material to do that. It seems clear they want Trent in the top two and I’m pretty sure he’ll be there. My gut feeling is that Dalton and Trent will be the top two.

    • I hope you’re wrong about that, but it’s entirely possible between impassioned voters (Dalton fans are very passionate) and producer shenanigans. (I read yet another Borchetta interview in Taste of Country where he crows about Trent and throws LaPorsha under the bus, as he did with his song selections.) Kudos to her for being honest in her comments after the songs but still personable and humorous. We got to see more of her personality and I hope Scott’s stupidity backfires.

      • Shazza says:

        Yes, I laughed along with La’Porsha when she stated her reason for not liking the song choice – I think she showed a great sense of humour & she comes across as a really nice person. That Scott guy just creeps me out.

  35. ninergrl6 says:

    Ryan’s goodbye at the end totally got to me too. I’m going to be an absolute mess next week. I think it’s just starting to hit me that it’s REALLY ending. Oh God, I’m tearing up again.

  36. Jeanette says:

    I agree. I love MacKenzie…I hope he goes on to do more!

  37. Ryan says:

    My Personal Rankings of Season 15
    1. La’Porsha
    2. Trent
    3. MacKenzie
    4. Sonika
    5. Tristan
    6. Avalon
    7. Olivia
    8. Dalton
    9. Lee
    10. Gianna

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      Tristan sang an occasional note in tune. I guess that is 5th best. Good grief.

      • Collin says:

        Coming from a Dalton fan your comment is hilarious! Tristan’s vocal ability far exceeds Daltons. Must be mad she’s ranked over him huh? Olivia belongs right up there with Trent and Laporsha.

  38. Luke hoobs says:

    Whaaat? Mackenzie has been eliminated? What’s the matter u people ? He’s got charisma and the voice too , in my opinion mackenzie has to go through not dalton. the fact that he’s been in the bottom twice now doesn’t sound very good for him, with him probably going home next week …. i can’t accpt this!!!

    • Jennier Adams says:

      I agree. I really liked Mackenzie.

      • Amy says:

        I agree. I was afraid that’d happen…(and I’m one who’s rooted in the past for many of the guys slammed for being the “cute boy” because I loved their musicality)…that said…was afraid Dalton’s appeal to the girls would override Mackenzie. But he had it all to me…the vocal ability, adorable quirky & unique “cute boy” appeal (I mean, I did hear squeels for him a lot too) and I loved his original song! He was also upbeat, positive, seemed smart. Guess the girls love the brooding boy more ..
        Oh well…Daughtry finished 4th. You might say, Mac’s no Daughtry, but hopefully he can still make something for himself from this platform. I really loved listening to him and wish he’d been 3rd.

    • MamaLis says:

      charisma? really?

  39. Tahoe Mike says:

    It’s the Trent and La` Porsha show next week , as far as I can tell.
    I realized tonight that the word “Tour” has never been mentioned this season.
    I am kind of glad they rushed this season so much, I have had all I can stand of J-Lo, and the stooges. Patience is like virginity, and mine is gone forever.

  40. JB says:

    My rankings…
    1. Trent “Waiting Game”
    2. LaPorsha “Glory”
    3. LaPorsha “Hello”
    4. Trent “Tennessee Whiskey”
    5. LaPorsha “Stay With Me”
    6. Trent “Drink You Away”
    7. Mackenzie “Hallelujah”
    8. Dalton “Dancing in the Dark”
    9. Dalton “Calling You”
    10. Dalton “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

    Final 2: Trent & LaPorsha (yay!)
    Going Home: Dalton

  41. Julie says:

    Sounds like a bunch of sour pus bitter voice stans tonight. Still angry The Voice hasn’t created a star? I thought tonight was great! Get over yourselves and just enjoy the final week of the show. You will miss it next year.

    • Anna says:

      Ewww, sour pus. Gross, dude. You mean “puss.” Oy with these people who don’t know how to spell and/or correct their typos.

      • Scamp says:

        Oy with spelling errors, typos, AND pitchy word tense. Did you notice Michael Slezak’s inharmonious grammar? “I would’ve liked to have seen Trent’s song choices…” would’ve been in the pocket. ;)

  42. I am just not a Trent fan. LaPorsha is falling flat for me and they keep giving Dalton crap songs/crappy mentoring. I’m sad to see my fave show go bye-bye but I won’t miss the “falling short” part of the production. Dalton is my fave but he won’t win. I don’t think any of them will particularly sell much.

  43. faye norris says:

    feel the judges choices were biased toward Trent — Dalton and La’tonya both got songs that were not as good — then got major criticism for how they performed. Is this the way they help to “choose” the next winner?

  44. Dalton needs to go home, he should of went home a long time ago. He has no real vocal talent but plenty of sex appeal for the little girls.

  45. Eurydice says:

    NOPE. Harry was not harsh about Daltion’s singing abilities. You just said the same thing – “at least it was interesting and in tune.” The problem for me with Dalton is that he seemed to be running out of gas in all of his performances – like he didn’t have enough oxygen left to finish his phrases.

    And NOPE, you’re wrong about La’Porsha and “Stay With Me.” Where does it say that an artist has a responsibility to fake her way through a song she doesn’t like? On Idol, sure, but she did a fine job with the song, not up to her usual standards, but you wouldn’t have given it another thought if Scott hadn’t made a big deal about how she didn’t like the song, and you still would have given her a B. In fact, you’ve given her a B on other performances, so I don’t know what your beef is, except that you don’t think she should have answered the question truthfully.

  46. Michael, I can’t wait to see you and Melinda throw down *lol*

    I personally felt a little sick to the stomach when I learned Scott’s song choice for LaPorsha. Especially this soon – the timing just felt off, or at least showed insensitivity.

    And I thought she handled herself just fine – she answered Harry’s questions, she managed to be humorous and mature and explained herself simply and eloquently without coming off “angry” (god forbid), and she said she would never tell someone to go back to an abusive partner. Period. She still sang the hell out of the song – sometimes being a professional means performing well even if you can’t connect to the song (which she did). She was a professional but also retained her dignity when Scott tried to take it away. Again, given the timing, that song was a gross choice when there are SO many other songs Scott could have chosen.

    And as an artist, why shouldn’t LaPorsha have a say in the material she sings? She wasn’t hired for a Broadway show. Would you ask a Christian singer (Melinda, Colton dixon, etc) to sing about satanism and then scold them if they refused?

    If anything she made herself more endearing to me – it felt like Scott was trying to take back control from La Porsha and show her who’s the boss, and she maintained her dignity. (And damn her baby is adorable. To me she really is a worthy successor to Kelly Clarkson because she has the total package, voice AND personality. AI has never been just about the voice.)

  47. The Professor says:

    I got a little teary and nostalgic at near the end, too, Michael. No, no, not at the part where Harry tried to claim the last critique in the history of AI. I mean Ryan’s farewell to the home studio and its crew. I’ve been a faithful fan of American Idol ever since my student George Huff made the finals in season 3. And I’ve been a faithful fan of yours, Michael, ever since I found your column about a year after that. I’ve loved Idol mostly in spite of its many problems, but I still have some crazy hopes for the three broadcasts we have left. First, I hope that Thursday night’s last moments reveal a person who will actually become a recording star, even though there won’t be a TV show next year that can capitalize on that stardom. Second, I hope that someone at some point will recognize Alison Iraheta and thank her for contributing to the show for so many years. And third, I hope we actually get to see Kieran’s face before he or she dims the lights one last time. Now while I prepare for inevitable disappointment, may I make a request of you, Michael? String us along for a couple more weeks, please, and make your last AI video report something special. Thanks for the ride!

    • marie says:

      I doubt there’s any chance Alison Iraheta will be acknowledged as a past contestant; she is now a background singer on the show and as such is going to be KEPT in the background, although her talent warrants a spotlight. I think it’s sad, but I think she’s probably now regarded by the producers as “the hired help” and won’t be brought to the forefront at the finale, where presumably other former contestants will perform solo. I do hope I’m wrong about this, though.

  48. Marsha says:

    I cannot get past the mop on La’Porsha Renae’s head!

  49. Mary says:

    Wasn’t surprise to see Mac eliminated but still think it should of been Dalton. Has this guy ever sing in tune, and it irritates me just because he moves, the same moves and stare into the camera every week he ended up third. I think this is the first 3rd place singer who really can’t sing – oh well I guess that is what auto tune is for. Now for LaPorsha – Mr. Slezak I see your point to a degree however; I thought it was really crass of Scott to give her a song like that. She is newly out of a abusive relationship and her hometown package was center on the shelter. Then to turn around and have her sing that song was all together wrong. I thought she handle the question with grace personally. Most artist sing songs that they can relate too to really pull it off. I am sure many of the artist you spoke about have turn down songs because they can’t get behind them. That song was like giving a recovering Alcoholic the red solo song. The truth is Scott does not want her to win, so he gave her a song she couldn’t get 100% invested in. It was a cruel move. I haven’t voted since my favorite was eliminated, but I did last night for her, just for her honestly alone.

  50. BTW – I can’t believe I’m saying this but I’d give Dalton’s Calling You a higher grade.

    I haven’t been Dalton’s biggest fan AT ALL (I’m still groaning over the high school theatrics of sound of silence) but I really liked his performance of Calling You; I think it’s the first performance of his that I have actually liked. His hand gestures were there but toned down this time, he seemed more confident, animated and I actually felt he connected with the material in a way that seemed enjoyable to him and to me as a viewer. There was a boy band element to his style, which is not my cup of tea, but it felt like a concert performance rather than a competition performance.

    I noticed on AI’s YouTube page that LaPorsha’s song clips have the most views followed by Dalton; I think just based on voting and devoted fan bases and not “who’s the best singer”, this really is anyone’s contest at this point.