The Blacklist Spinoff

The Blacklist Spinoff: Edi Gathegi's Big Bad Mr. Solomon Set for Major Role

The Blacklist is poised to lose one of its biggest villains to… The Blacklist.

Edi Gathegi, who has recurred on the NBC drama this season as big bad Mr. Solomon, has closed a deal to co-star in the network’s in-the-works spinoff, TVLine has learned.

The potential offshoot will star How to Get Away With Murder‘s Famke Janssen, whose character, Susan “Scottie” Halsted, will be introduced in series’ May 5 episode. The May 12 episode, meanwhile, will serve as the official backdoor pilot for the spinoff.

Rumor has it that Blacklist regular Ryan Eggold will also have a major role in the project, with Tom and Scottie’s relationship mirroring the mothership’s Liz (Megan Boone)/Red (James Spader) dynamic.

A source, meanwhile, stresses that there is currently no series commitment for the spinoff. A decision will likely be made in May.

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  1. PatriciaLee says:

    Well, Ryan Eggold is my favorite actor on The Blacklist, and it’s been hard with his character being a jerk, sometimes. Hopefully, he will morph into something more fun.

    • Mer says:

      Being a jerk is part of his character. I hope they won’t screw it up by trying to make him into good guy.

  2. ndixit says:

    Ugh… I really wanted Dembe to kill this guy.

    • sas510 says:

      If anyone deserves to be killed, it’s this character, and if anyone deserves to kill him, it’s Dembe. I felt for sure Dembe would get his moment to rid himself (and us viewers) of this guy.

      • Ella Jasper says:

        Agreed! Why would they let someone like this live another day? Can’t they find a new bad guy?

        • Mer says:

          This is exactly why he makes an awesome antagonist. Though I’m a tad disappointed Solomon leaves The Blacklist for a spinoff. He was the only somewhat formidable enemy to Red since Berlin was killed.

    • Murica! says:

      Agreed. I really hated him. I wanted him to die a horrible death.

    • Whatevah says:

      Ndixit – me too!

  3. ElDena Ferrell says:

    Where is the originality in Hollywood? Must every show give birth to a spinoff or ten?

  4. Lisa says:

    I love the Blacklist but I really don’t think I’ll watch this. I disliked that character so much! There are other spin off ideas that would have been better. Meh…

  5. Lynn says:

    Ok, shouldn’t these announcements have come out after the Blacklist season finale? Thanks to these spoilers we now know that Neither Tom nor Solomon die. Thanks guys. I for one was hoping for painful deaths for both. I’m sorry but there’s no way in hell Reddington wouldn’t have killed Tom long ago. Especially after Liz knew what he was and wanted nothing to do with him. There was that one scene where Red meets with Tom and says you will never see her again and Tom agrees. Yeah, ok like he wouldn’t just shoot him. He shot some one who just punched her in a parking lot for goodness sake. Tom has beaten her worse then that and lied to her the entire time she knew him.

    • Mer says:

      Reddington probably knew they might need him in case Liz will be accused of murder or kidnapping.

      “He shot some one who just punched her in a parking lot for goodness sake. Tom has beaten her worse”
      Except it Tom’s case it was defensive fight. Liz was going to torture him. What should he do, relax and enjoy it?
      And Red admitted his people were surveilling the house and that he let Tom escape intentionally.

  6. derek117 says:

    Seriously? They’re doing a spin-off of The Blacklist–a show that has become the poster child for Good-Series-Gone-Bad?

    The best news in this announcement is that Ryan Eggold may be leaving The Blacklist–which hopefully means he is out of Liz’ life. There’s practically entire threads on websites devoted to how Tom’s presence on The Blacklist make Liz’ character a weak female. So, maybe he’ll be out of her life once & for all.

    Or, maybe The Blacklist creators’ have simply decided to write BOTH Tom & Liz out of the original show–and focus on Red helping the FBI. Which was the original concept. Plus, given Megan Boone’s real life pregnancy, maybe she’s decided to leave the series. (Given the poor writing for her character, I wouldn’t blame her.)

    • Mer says:

      What makes her weak is that she’s written as such so that Red can play overprotective father figure. Maybe the spinoff will give her character better treatment.

  7. Mark says:

    Thanks but doesnt this just spoil the whole wedding storyline etc.

  8. Helvetica says:

    Eh, the only way I would watch a spin-off of the Blacklist would be if it featured Mr. Kaplan because she’s the one supporting character I would love to get to know more.

    • ragnar51 says:

      I’m thinking that the “Mr. Kaplan” character is a shout out to the Alfred Hitchcock film from 1959 North by Northwest. Cary Grant’s character was mistaken for a “Mr. Kaplan” at a hotel bar and that began the whole adventure.

  9. Justbecause says:

    The only reason I’ve stuck with The Blacklist is for James Spader’s acting and have enjoyed his quirky band of odd cohorts. Mr. Solomon has been a great villian thanks to Edi, but I’ve longed to see him die at the hands of Dembe or Red. Tom is a character that I want to see as little of as possible. (That being said, I do like Ryan Eggold as a character, but hate how his character has screwed up the show. He should have died at the end of season one. The stupid holding captive arc and this baby/getting married arc have screwed up two seasons of the show! Pull those two arcs out and the show was really good. Common denominator…Tom and Liz togetherness!!!

    Now on top of having us in the middle of a terrible arc TPTB have the stupidity to announce a possible spin-off with the characters I really was hoping would finally rest six feet under by the end of this season. Thanks for letting us know that won’t be happening. The show runners should be replaced.

  10. Simone says:

    I guess that means Mr. Solomon won’t be going the way of The Director, in his self titled upcoming episodes. Wasn’t expecting a spin off. Very intriguing :)

  11. Hodan says:

    Solomon who I am hoping Dembe kills and Tom who should have died a long time ago are going to a spin-off show. It’s like this show is actively trying to drain away all the good will I have left for it.

    Red is the only reason people watch The Blacklist.

  12. Kansas Blutbad says:

    Mr. Solomon vs. Mike Milligan of Fargo 2 in an extemporaneous soliloquy contest. That would be good TV.!

  13. CharlesM says:

    Scottie Halsted? Is she related to Jay on Chicago PD? I think NBC uust wants every one of it’s shows to exist in the same universe for the ultimate crossover.

  14. HAP says:

    Someone ‘splain to me how a Dutch actress playing a character named Susan Halsted get the nickname Scottie.

  15. Mandy L. says:

    I don’t really want the worthless piece of excrement to live another day, so I have no desire to see him in any sort of spinoff!

    • Jean Alica says:

      Is Liz going to die and the child live . Which is total crap or vice versa. There was just something about a comment Megan Boone made on her twitter page. I guess in the end we all end up like our parent.What kind of career is she going to have now. She seems independent but the hundred and fifty pounds comment made me laugh. I would have thought that a few surprise episodes at the end of series 4 could have been managed. At home we will continue to watch the Blacklist which we love.

      • Mer says:

        >There was just something about a comment Megan Boone made on her twitter page. I guess in the end we all end up like our parent.What kind of career is she going to have now.
        Not sure if you mean Megan or Liz, but in the first case I’m guessing she’s going to take a leave for some months and return for S4.

  16. Nora says:

    Very disappointed to lose Lizzie Keen. I kept waiting for the shocks to work, or her to.take a breath before the body bag was closed. Come on, now are we going to loose the major talent & different character, Spader/ Remington, also?

    • Diane Perkins says:

      Have to agree with you about Lizzie Keen. The series was built on the relationship about she and Reddington. They can’t seriously think they can bring her back in some episode down the line. I am beginning to think the writers of scripts in today’s age have never written anything above a senior high school level, let alone writing something at a university graduate level.

  17. Nox26 says:

    Wasn’t Solomon supposed to be “concluded”

  18. Did Megan boone’s character really get killed off? There was no indication that this would be coming. As it appears Tom will appear in a new series and will resume the same role without Liz. A bit confusing.