Shadowhunters Recap

Shadowhunters Recap: Altar Boys

Freeform cordially invited Shadowhunters fans to the wedding of Alec Lightwood and Lydia Branwell on Tuesday — but no one said anything about it going off without a hitch.

To the delight of “Malec” fans from all ends of the twitterverse, Magnus successfully crashed the unholy union, scoring an epic kiss so good it lasted the entire commercial break. And in typical Magnus fashion, not only did he “forget” to R.S.V.P., but he also waited until Lydia’s hand was centimeters from tracing a wedding rune onto Alec’s hand before busting through the chapel doors. (Like you’d expect the High Warlock of Brooklyn to make any less of an entrance?)

Save for grumpy ol’ Mrs. Lightwood, most of the guests were stoked about the turn of events; even Lydia handled her jilting like a classy Idris queen. But the gang’s celebration will likely be cut short when they realize that Hogdge (boo!) attacked the bride and stole the Mortal Cup.

Of course, Magnus and Alec weren’t the only ones wading through relationship drama this week. Here’s a rundown of what the show’s other couples were up to:

* Clary and Jace continued to wrap their heads around last week’s paternal bombshell. As always, Jace spent most of the hour giving his new-ish sister the cold shoulder, but he eventually came around. “I can’t shut you out,” he told her. “I just don’t know what to do with all of this.” Clary isn’t sure how to proceed either — it’s not like they hand out pamphlets for this type of situation — but giving Jace their mother’s box of his belongings seemed like a good place to start.

* Jace and Alec rekindled their bromance — excuse me, their parabatai bond — during Alec’s bachelor party, of which they were literally the only two attendees. (Thanks, Izzy.) Jace told Alec that his life’s been “a lot harder” without having him to talk to, while Alec assured Jace that he’s “not sick” for wanting to life’s been a lot harder not having you to talk to.” He even assured Jace that he’s “not sick” for wanting Clary. “The situation’s just confusing,” he said.  (And wouldn’t he know.)

* Simon and Clary attended Alec’s wedding together. There’s not much to report on that end, but Simon sure seemed pleased when Clary called him with the invite.

* Magnus and Camille‘s backstory was also fleshed out this week; as the ghost of Ragnor Fell stated so eloquently, Magnus may be immortal, but she totally killed him. So of course she’s the only thing standing in between the Shadowhunters gang and the Book of the White, which Clary needs to free Jocelyn from her magicoma. Next week’s season finale ought to be very interesting.

Was Alec’s wedding everything you hoped it would be? Drop a comment with your review of “Malec” below.

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  1. piebokou says:

    Lol if they wake Jocelynn she going to debunk the whole siblings nonsense fast so I guess that the only thing that we are now looking forward to, Now that the Malec Crisis is over. Not that I’m sure the newly couple won’t have any other thing to worry about.

  2. Tai says:

    Finally! This episode was everything that I wanted. Alec and Jace even fixed their bond. It was perfect. And though I feel bad that she got left at the altar, I’m glad that Lydia pushed him toward Magnus. That she wasn’t the big evil people were trying to make her out to be. I am both anticipating and dreading next week. I want to know what happens next but I don’t want this ride to be over. This show dramatically improved over the latter part of the season. Actually around episode four. I’m so happy it’s been renewed and I have more to look forward to.

    • Hoshi says:

      The Magnus & Ragnor scenes really warmed my heart!! I agree with how much better the show has gotten now that they’ve just decided to do their thing.

      I kinda liked Lydia a lot and am sad to see her go!

      • Tai says:

        Omg the Magnus and Ragnor scenes were so good. It’s a testament to the writing and acting in this episode that I was genuinely upset to see Ragnor go when we just met him five minutes before he died. But all of their scenes were just so good.

        I’m so glad the show just decided to do their own thing because they’re doing it well. Alec, Magnus and Izzy especially really feel like fleshed out characters with their own plots independent of Jace and Clary. I’ve read one and a half books of the series so far and I’m not getting that vibe. It could change but I feel like the show is doing more justice to them than the books did.

  3. N says:

    Has this show gotten any better? The acting at least. Haven’t watched since the third episode

    • Tai says:

      It definitely got better. The plot starts really picking up around episode four or five. Soon it gets to the point where you just gloss over some of the weaker performances. There are still a few areas of the show they could iron out but this show definitely became my not so guilty pleasure around episode four. It’s worth a watch at least.

    • Hoshi says:

      Took me to episode four to feel like the show was catching its stride. I love Isabelle, she’s been my stand out so far. And Magnus.

  4. Hoshi says:

    Can I just say my roommate and I are huge fans of the books and show. She’s way more into the shipping then I am and I have been more about individual characters.

    ….. So when the malec kiss happened, the shrieking that came from me was foreign and surprising to us both. I cried a little too…..

    I am a 30 year old adult….

    • Tai says:

      Don’t feel bad. I’m thirty two, almost thirty three and I was definitely cheering and flailing along with my roommate. We then rewound and watched it a few times before finishing the episode. So definitely don’t feel bad at all.

    • Beth says:

      I was screaming and crying and I am older than both of you! My son just left the room shaking his head.. Lol. I lost count how many times I rewound it! Just loved it that much!!

  5. ninergrl6 says:

    The Malec kiss was SO HOT and totally worth the wait. I literally screamed & rewatched it about a dozen times. Remember when two guys kissing on Dawson’s Creek was scandalous and controversial? Now it seems the whole internet (and least what I’m looking at) is buzzing with JOY over this pairing. I know the Valentine/Jocelyn/Clary/Jace plot needs to advance, but I hope Malec’s budding relationship isn’t swept under the rug. I want to see that date!

  6. Beth says:

    This was the best episode yet! They just keep getting better and better! And can I just say MALEC KISSED!!! Yes my life has meaning again!! #Malec #Shadowhunters

  7. Cookie24 says:

    I soooo love MALEC than Jace and Clary in this show! I love their chemistry more than Jace and Clary ahahah… Even when I was still reading the books, my heart would really flutter in every MALEC scenes hahaha… I dunno, I love em soooo much and I know I’m so not alone!^^ #MALEC

  8. Ninamags says:

    Those kisses were really, really hot.

    Mercy! I loved the episode and I’m glad that Jace and Alec patched things up.

    I did feel a little bit bad for Lydia during the ceremony and even worse when she was attacked.

    Not gonna lie, I kinda wish Jace and Alec could have had something.

  9. THE MALEC KISS says:

    I was crying at the Ragnor/Malec scenes, they warmed my heart, but my favorite part was the kiss…and Simon’s awkward rambling…and pretty much all of it.
    So without further a due, I shall go rewind that kiss now! 😇

  10. I’m officially dead. I have no words yet for that episode. I’ll have to come back when my brain starts working again but just .. . Malec.
    That’s about all I can process right now.

  11. shunda1177 says:

    Just one question. I’ve never read the books but I pretty much know what happens. And I realize that they not following the books. But, SERIOUSLY?! You are going to just take Valentine’s’ word for it that Jace is his son?!?!?! Even in the shadow world, there is a such thing as DNA tests, yes?

    • In the Shadow World (in the books that is) they shun mundane technology so nope, they’d never go for a DNA or lab test.
      Obviously the show’s make their Institute uber high tech with its own Path Lab so lets hope Izzy remembers that!

    • Ade says:

      The thing is, and I don’t want to spoil shizz, but Valentine wasn’t lying when he said that he was the only father Jace ever knew. Valentine did raise him. Michael wayland and his kid never lived past the uprising.

      • Also true and I like that they’re going down that road on the show. We as book readers know Valentine isn’t Jace’s biological father but he is “his” father – he brought him up in disguise as Michael Wayland.
        He’s the one with the falcon, the one who made Jace think feelings and emotions were bad etc.
        It has potential to run even if they quickly sort out the irritating as hell faux cest storyline.

  12. Vanessa says:

    This show has been continually getting better and this one was the best yet! The entire Malec storyline has been wonderful so far — at times painful and heartbreaking to watch, but beautifully developed and culminating in this truly epic moment. I’m glad to see the writers treat this pairing – and also Alec’s entire storyline about struggling with his sexuality and his conflict between following his heart and fulfilling his duty – with so much care and respect. Makes me look forward to season 2!

  13. Rikan says:

    This episode sucked, wanted Alec to marry Lydia. Just killed it. Siblings in love too? Can get any more immoral I guess!

  14. gift says:

    Alec and Magnus Bane are just the best couple. They give me so much joy. Just like Lois nd Clark in smallville. they re just meant to be. This show is fun, hope to see more malec. really impressed.

  15. muna says:

    O M G d part I liked d most WaS d part alec grabbed bane and kissd him in front of of d congregation that episode really blew me away ,,so was next