Rizzoli Isles Final Season Date

TNT Sets Dates for Rizzoli & Isles' Final Season, Major Crimes' Return, Others

Rizzoli & Isles will begin cracking their final cases on Monday, June 6 at 9/8c, TNT has announced.

As previously reported, the cop drama’s 13-episode Season 7 will mark its farewell run.

Leading out of Rizzoli starting June 13 at 10 pm will be Season 5 of Major Crimes, in which Sharon pushes Rusty through college while figuring out where she wants from her romance with Andy; Sanchez decides to try to adopt a child; Provenza develops sensitivities related to his new marriage; Buzz picks up where the LAPD left off on their decades-old investigation of his father and uncle’s murder; Tao wins an award for his work as a Hollywood consultant; and Sykes confronts whether she wants to have children or stay focused on her career.

Lastly, Season 3 of Murder in the First will premiere Sunday, June 19 at 10 pm, where it will lead out of The Last Ship (which as revealed over the weekend returns June 12). When MITF returns, homicide inspectors Terry English and Hildy Mulligan are thrust into the tangled world of sports and celebrity when a pro-football player is murdered.

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  1. Whatevah says:

    I’m still confused as to why Rizzoli and Isles was cancelled. I’m glad that Major Crimes is continuing and I like Murder in the First.

    • lechatnoir says:

      um.. this show is stale at this point , its okay if the put it to bed. I watched every other season, its oke doke . Have Isles and Rizolli hooked up yet. Because that’s all I had been waiting . Ever since i found out that Angie Harmon has been a Sarah Palin supporter. I find it difficult to take her seriously.

    • KeithH says:

      TNT wats to be edgier…

    • Maddie says:

      I don’t believe that it was cancelled in the sense that a network cancels a show. I think the women were ready to close out the series themselves and move on to other projects.

    • goldenoldie says:

      I love the Rizzoli and Isles show and don’t want it to end. There are too many dumb shows (all the reality shows). I watch for entertainment and they seem to cancel so many of the really good shows and put on stupid ones.

  2. LADY_in_MD says:

    Yay love R&I sad to see it end

    Murder in the First has become a summer favorite Kathleen is so great on that show as is Taye
    Major Crimes has always been a favorite love the 5 episode arc that just finished
    Thank you for the info :-)

  3. Luis says:

    When’s Billy Burke coming back as Phillip Stroh?

  4. drhenning says:

    Interesting that they put Major Crimes at 10 and R&I at 9.. Monday at 10 has been a dead zone for TNT for the longest time.. Nothing has truly worked in that spot even though many of the shows I personally liked… I think with those 2 shows on Mondays which both draw big numbers will give the network a big leg up on other offerings.. Wrestling on USA will probably still beat it..

  5. GeoDiva says:

    The storyline for Murder in the First sounds good.

  6. Gary says:

    Bring back leverage and king and bcc Maxwell

  7. ds says:

    I will miss R&I, one of my favorite shows on television.

  8. HAP says:

    Does the fact that the renewal order for Major Crimes is only 13 episodes make you worry?

  9. Frank says:

    Put Dallas back on your schedule!

    • BJ says:

      I wish that they would revive Dallas too. Regardless of how many thousands signed petitions they refused. reused to watch ever since. If they don’t care about what we want to see I will not be watching their station.

  10. I think since the young black guy killed himself, the show hasn’t been the same. I like this show a lot.

  11. Boiler says:

    Really stupid cancelling R&I unless Angie and Sasha were through, but of course the network ruiner, Kevin Reilly is in charge. He has cancelled 3 shows now that performed significantly better than the new ones brought on. Their viewership is dropping rapidly. Not sure why he still has a job. Well once R&I done I am done with TNT since, as a viewer, can’t trust them. If, in fact, the ladies are through it would be nice for the fans of the show to know it.

    • Annie says:

      Kevin Reilly worries me. TNT was performing fine without him. I want TNT to be about strong characters and well written shows not gotcha violence because we can shows. I really wish TNT would reconsider the SOB spinoff from Major Crimes.

    • ravenhawk says:

      I agree it makes absolutely no sense to cancel R&I unless Angie and Sasha wanted out. And if that was the case why not just say it. But then alot of shows with good story lines strong characters and shows that have morals are being removed. To be replaced by shows that are nothing but crude unrealistic facsimiles of lives.

      • Laura C says:

        Yes, for crappier, edgier shows they suppose viewers want more. I for one will not be watching them. Once Rizzoli & Isles is over there is nothing left but Major Crimes to watch on TNT. I hope the new shows tank, since the majority of comments are FOR R&I and against the cancellation.. I’ve heard nothing about the leads wanting out.

  12. skew2bid says:

    whomever made the brilliant decision to cancel R and I is a total donkeychapeau. But then again tis a bad year to be a woman/women carrying a show. Now “that makes me worry.

  13. Laura C says:

    I love Rizzoli & Isles, the stars and whole cast have great chemistry together, I will miss them all. I’ve also been watching Major Crimes since beginning (and Closer before that). I can only hope that Sharon sends Rusty to a college FAR FAR AWAY and he’s rarely seen if at all. My luck he’ll still be “solving crime” in his spare time between classes and still in the picture.

  14. grass says:

    So TNT is putting Animal Kingdom, a brand new show, on its own on Tuesdays? How is that a smart programming decision?

  15. Ed Ward says:

    I sorry to see Jane and Maura go. I have enjoyed this show so very much and look forward to it every season. I know Maura can not return to NCIS but I wold like to see Jane return a Lt. Boxer for Women’s Murder Club if Possible. Maura and Jane made a great team.

  16. remizak says:

    I’ve watched all of R&I and really enjoy the cast, but the scripts have gotten worse and worse. I’m ready for it to be over and hope they all move on to great new projects.

  17. NB says:

    Even though it has gotten a bit repetitive, I will miss Rizzoli and Isles. It is going to be hard to beat S2 of Murder in the First, which was fantastic! but I’m looking forward to more and more from that show. And I can’t wait for The Last Ship to be back. I love my TNT summer shows.

  18. JEAN says:

    Very sad when such good shows go off the air….especially now then there is sooooooo much CRAP on…

  19. Julia says:

    Rizzoli and Isles will really be missed. Great Cast.
    Major crime would be much better without Mary McDonnell (Good actress, just not for this part) as she is too blah. They need more life with the rest of the fabulous cast.

  20. Brandie says:

    I don’t believe this, more totally awesome TV shows being cancelled. ARE YOU FREAKIN KIDDING ME
    what the hell is the point of even watching Television if you people keep canceling all of the good ones, Rizzoli and Isles, and Major Crimes are the two best shows on TV, If you cancel them I am done!

  21. Joann ferraro says:

    Why is fusilli and isles cancelled and all the other shows are still on

  22. Lee Wise says:

    Rizzoli and Isles is one of two shows on television that doesn’t have an obnoxious character that has driven me away. I’m Not at all impressed with TNT’s other shows. Guess I’ll find another station to watch. Sure hate to see this one go.

  23. M says:

    TOTALLY sucks that Rizzoli & Isles was canceled!! Of course a show with kick ass women characters gets the ax……soooo disappointed!!!!

  24. Tricia Hunyady says:

    I will miss Rizzoli & Isles. I loved the humor and the cast were good together. Unfortunately, I started watching just a couple seasons ago. Might just rent the earlier seasons.

  25. do not they are the t_v show on comcast united states they are the best show ever for a comedy and everything else for drama and everything it needs please do not stop the show people love the movie and it brings a people together on shows so nicely

  26. Robin Martin says:

    Why why. I can’t beleven this is happinging. I love this show Are you crazy!!!!!

  27. Trish says:

    Well it’s almost time to cut off that channel only thing else to watch is Major Crimes so sad to see R an I go always looked forward to this time of year

  28. Diane says:

    How can anyone think that Rizzoli and Isles has run its course? This is the dumbest decision anyone could make. This is the best show around.

  29. Lynn Allman says:

    I think it truly sucks that my FAVORITE show is being cancelled. I only have less than a handful that I really like. Thank goodness Major Crimes will still be on. WAIT…if people say they like certain shows, the network cancels them…WHY US THAT? Angie Harmon & Sasha Alexander are wonderful as well as the other cast members. I guess the only time I watch TNT until they decide to take it off air too. Why can’t y’all leave things alone?

  30. JoLene Nosbisch says:

    I think you network is crazy for not having Rizzoli &Isles back on!! It is one of the BEST SHOW. :(

  31. Ann Merritt says:

    Why did they cancel the show? It is one of my favorites on TV. Is there any chance another network will pick it up?

  32. anthony natriano says:

    TNT has changed they get rid of good shows and put on violent and sex crap .Rizzoli and isles was a good show now major crimes is next.Screw tnt

  33. I’m still confused why Rizzoli and Isle’s was cancelled. TNT in a different direction? What does that mean? Thanks for keeping Major Crimes and Murder in the First

  34. sharon sinner says:

    I hate you cancelled Rizzoli & Isles my favorite program

  35. Well, I love Rizzoli & Isles. I am still waiting for a clear and precise reason why you’re cancelling the show. Thank you for keeping Major Crimes and Murder in the First at least.

  36. joyce says:

    why is this last season for rizzoli &isles

  37. chris says:

    I can’t believe TNT is canceling Rizzoli & Isles it is one of the few shows left that are interesting and fun at the same time. Bring It Back