The Fosters Recap

The Fosters Finale: Is Exposing [Spoiler] for the Best?

During Monday’s season finale of The Fosters, a long hidden secret about two characters is revealed — but is it good or bad for the Freeform drama?

Callie discovers that Justina works for the company involved in placing Jack in the foster home where he was killed. At a party, Callie outs her mentor in front of the entire crowd and renounces the privatization reform bill. An angry Justina retaliates by making public the restraining order Lena and Stef took out to prevent Brandon from seeing Callie. That leads a TV reporter to confront Callie on school grounds and ask whether the allegations that she had sex with her foster brother are true. The moms, of course, vow to sue Justina, but a tearful Callie tells them they can’t “because it’s true.”

The Fosters RecapSince the show’s start, fan response to the Brandon/Callie romantic relationship has been divisive, especially in all the back-and-forth on the pair’s status. Both characters seemed to be moving on this season — him with his new single-mom love interest, her with AJ — so is this yet another setback? Or could the truth about Callie and Brandon’s night of passion, which has been hanging over the drama like a specter, be the thing that finally sets them and the storytelling free? Isn’t it better that it’s out in the open, at last?

Elsewhere in the finale:

* After witnessing Mariana and Mat kiss, Nick takes the most extreme reaction route: First, he burns down R&J‘s sets, and then he pulls a gun out of his car’s glove compartment. (They’re not back together, Nick!)

* Jack’s death causes Jude to question his sexuality. As far as he sees it, maybe God doesn’t want him to be gay since he took away the only two boys he’s ever kissed. Callie tells him that Jack wasn’t gay, so God isn’t trying to punish him. But Jude doesn’t believe his sister, because she lies about a lot of things.

* Gabe could be in big trouble with the law, since Jesus told his probation officer that his dad helped build sets for R&J. On a related note, while the school board sides with Monte against the lying student, they also discover Lena allowed a registered sex offender to work on a school play.

* Brandon hooks up his new girlfriend with a sweet pad by using his Juilliard money for the deposit. It doesn’t matter because he needs financial aid to attend the school, he argues, but it will make a difference to her and her son. Kind or stupid?

Fosters fans, what did you think of the season ender? Grade it via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your pick!


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  1. I hate that they went down the Braille road to begin with.

  2. Ariel says:

    This episode was definitely emotional. A lot of truths that’s for sure. I can’t wait for next season. I would like to see where Brandon an Calley’s secret take them. And I would also like to see what happens next too Nick. Hope it’s not suicide!!!

  3. Sam says:

    I’m so over the Brandon and Callie drama. Like aside from it being a secret the characters were so far past this! Like why did we have to bring it front and center again? I understand Justina would go for revenge against Callie but it should have been done some other way. This is just ridiculous. I’m so over that storyline/romance. Everything else was great this episode though! Of course Brandon continues to be an idiot, but I am mean thats been the same since Day 1. I am really disappointed in Jesus though. Also, we just wrapped that second half of the season with our new actor and I’d say he’s done a great job! Although, trying to search my memory I’m not sure exactly how well the character has progressed. I do kind of feel like if I was to binge watch the whole show it might feel very very weird because I’m not so sure things remained consistent. Overall though, I’m excited for next season and to see where the show goes.

    • Although the actor was switched I feel that the character has been the same with actually very little progress, he’s still impulsive and doesn’t think things though properly, and consistently jealous of his twin sister.

    • Mel says:

      I disagree, I don’t think the characters have moved past it at all! They are still uncomfortable around each other unless they are alone. Neither one of them are capable of maintaining a healthy relationship with someone else. I think it is a good thing it is out in the open. The whole “she needs a family more” thing is ridiculous. She has a father, and the whole premise of the show is that blood doesn’t make a family. Having her adoption reversed wouldn’t make her any less part of that family, maybe her place is as a daughter in law, not daughter.

    • Andrea says:

      Let me just say I did binge watch the entire show and when they brought back the new Jesus I was like “what?!?” Like steroids don’t be doing all that. And the initial Jesus was such a better actor.

  4. TheBeast says:

    I felt that the other season finales were better. Even some of the mid-season finales were much better than this one. I knew Justina was bad blood to begin with and was disappointed that it took Callie this long to just figure that out. Also, the ending of Nick’s storyline was completely ridiculous and out of character, he’s never acted remotely violent or burned things down before so this stunt with the gun/fire was just bad writing and/or directing. I love Brallie but I think that they need to quicken up the pace with it and decide if they’re together or moving on because loyal fans have been wanting to know for 3 seasons… Lol all in all I just felt that this episode was a drag out of everything we already knew that was coming, minus the Nick story (because he’s never acted insane before) and the Jude storyline. I was much more hooked onto the previous episode and would’ve been happier if they ended off with that.

    • Your right. Though I do feel Nick had this in him. He always seemed to be around Mariana, always. Like he was trying to hard. Its a sad story line and I’m interested in seeing what they do. I would have thought though if he did anything extreme it would be with his, especially after his dads comment about it. But they can’t have him crash it that’s Eli’s thing.

    • Nikki Mac says:

      I disagree about him not acting insane (insane is the not the word) but he has definitely shown that there is more to him and that he has a dark side. Him getting jealous, him driving the car all recklessly with the girls and when he first met Jesus, egging Jesus on to drive crazy. I do think there is more to him and why he ended up at their school. He is a stalker and it could only get worse.

      I am over the Braille thing. I will admit that I undestood it in the beginning and if they were going to be together, then it should have happened but because she needed flash family more than she needed a boyfriend they agreed to not be together, then they had sex! I’m sorry, I don’t care that they are not blood related, they are still siblings and the whole notion of them doing it and still pining for each other is overrated. It’s been done, done again, let it stay done. The young love excuse is overused, first season ok, maybe part of 2 but this so far into it, it needs to be done, just let em be family already.

      I am not sure about Jesus/Mariana/Dad saga is going to play out but I feel bad for dad.

      • leosapiens says:

        They are not _actually_ siblings. They are not blood related, they didn’t grow up together. Just because you suddenly tell them “well now you are brother and sister” doesn’t actually make them so.

  5. Roxi says:

    Tbh the thing I am so interested in in this season is Mariana and Nick . Nick is such a hottie . She should leave Matt and go with Nick . I hope Nick doesn’t kill himself and they get back together or he gets with someone else . And Brandon is such an idiot , they’re gonna end up breaking up anyways . But overall I liked the season finale

    • No way. No matter how hot he is or isn’t, she doesn’t need someone that psycho.

    • Andrea says:

      I really need Brandon to get over this old girl! It’s not like he tryna be the baby’s daddy like this is obviously doomed. I’m mad like at least Callie is his age and DOESN’T HAVE A KID. (Lol sry just had to let that out)

  6. Rj says:

    I really want Brandon and Callie to get back together!! I just think they belong together!!!!!

  7. Arlene Côte says:

    Looking forward to seeing next season to see what happens

  8. lisajane2867 says:

    I realize this is tv….. I’m so tired of Brandon and his stupid choices. Really??? You’re just turned 18 years old and using your money to pay for your girlfriend of a month and her kid for an apartment?? You plan on marrying her? Highly doubtful…. And how stupid to have sex at her house, that she shares with her still husband??? I’m kind of tired of his story and all his mistakes.

  9. amandaranae says:

    I love callie and brandons relationship, wish they could just be together.. im sad that we have to wait to see what happens next i will say that this last episode should of ended in a better way so it didnt leave me like what the heck??? i mean brandon and callie.. Nick and mariana.. The whole ending has me wondering whats going to happen with everyone thats to much to have to wait for.

  10. Hannah says:

    I feel as though Brandon is being stupid. I didn’t see the whole episode but from what I can tell…. he’s a dummie! Yes, it was nice of him to get her a new place, but it’s JULIARD! He needed the money!

    I didn’t see the part about Nick, so I can’t say much there. However, I saw the promo where the sets were burned down and I had a good feeling it was Nick. Yes, he does have a bad side, but I didn’t think he’d go that far. He better not look like killing himself or Matt!

    And Gabe, he seems to care about his kids otherwise he wouldn’t have helped them with the set. Is Lena in big trouble? I’ve so many questions about that! I hope both of them turn out to be fine!

    Omg, Jacks death killed me inside! As far as Jude goes, he’s like only 14 (?) and at that age he’s still trying to figure out who he is. Give it time, Jude. Give it time.

    Now, I need to rewatch the episode. Have a good week all! :)

  11. Brallie (Brandon & Callie) ruins everything. I hope the moms make their kids clear that they never ever have sex with each other again. But I don’t believe all this will go easy. It will be a big drama and I’m tired of that. The show could tell a lot of interesting stories when they end up Brallie and let the family be a family.

    • The majority of the people that watch this show, watch it FOR braillie. I know I did initially, & i am just tired of them going around & around. we all know in the end the two dingbats will end up together so they need to stop dragging it out & just let the morons be together already. its so old that they keep running back & forth & dating other nimrods when they seriously just belong with each other >.> They aren’t even blood relatives, i don’t see the big deal with them hooking up in the first place >.> this is so overrated. They have known each other for like a year. They aren’t actual siblings the most taboo thing about it is they live together lmfao. Thats pretty much it.

  12. Bill Lancaster says:

    First, I fully realize that The Fosters is just a TV show. So with that out of the way, I have never been a fan of the Mariana/Nick relationship. From his incredibly crude comment to her not long after they had met about letting her borrow his knee pads for their first dates (seriously?) to racing his car and putting Mariana and others in danger, to stealing the note Mat left Mariana, this guy has been bad news. Yes, he provided them a place for the R&J play (mainly to impress Mariana), but that doesn’t make up for everything else he did that was wrong. Now with these latest stunts – and his misunderstanding about Mat and Mariana is obviously no excuse – he is a perfect example of the fact that dating the bad boy type can have its drawbacks.

  13. Bwhit says:

    I understand it’s tv, but how do they move on from what occurred with Brandon and Callie as a family? They are supposed to act like brother and sister while their moms know at one point they had sex? I wish they would have kept Kerr Smith as a regular and had Callie move in with him. It’s not even so she could be with Brandon (don’t really care), but he does love his daughter and she could have formed a new parental relationship that wasn’t negative or marred with secrets surrounding her relationship with a foster brother. I just feel that when they went there with Brandon and Callie last year, they really painted those characters into a corner.

  14. Regina says:

    This season was being dragged out to long especially wit Brandon & Callie ta season finale left us wit nothing to look forward to , this season was OK , ta next season needs to give us something to I will watch ta next season still but hopefully its better than tis season, tis season wasnt ta best one

  15. wrstlgirl says:

    Three things that jumped out at me during this finale’. First when Brandon hears from Mat that he and Mariana are getting back together his comment to her about sabotaging Romeo & Juliet, really Brandon, selfish much. Second the scene with Nick and his father was heartbreaking, that was difficult to watch. I hope Nick doesn’t commit suicide because I’d like more of him on the show. And third Gabe. Last week they said nothing about him being caught with Mariana, although it was completely innocent. I’m glad we got to see something from that story arc because I find it to me one of the most interesting stories on the show. I hope they don’t do the Gabe went to prison next season. I’d really like to see them explore his relationship with the twins a lot more and get him out from under the sex abuse charges which he doesn’t deserve.

  16. Emma says:

    Stef Lena aos poucos fazem parte do enredo da série , que é um desperdicio

  17. Andrew Hass says:

    The secret that Brandon and Callie had sex was going to come out eventually or otherwise the show wouldn’t have done it.So now the characters will have to deal with it and it doesn’t mean Brandon and Callie will be together,Now it’s about how what they did affects the characters going forward.

  18. Me says:

    Thank goodness the secret finally came out and the characters can now process it and move on with their life together or separately. Since the beginning I’ve been feeling sorry for these young people who seem to be deeply and genuinely in love. I don’t understand the position many viewers who are saying that Brandon and Callie should just turn the page and pretend nothing has ever happened. They so clearly are in love with each other! They had sex only once, but their emotional bond is so evident. I think that Steph and Lena’s attitude towards these kids’ burgeoning love was really cruel. they never took the kid’s feeling seriously, they basically told them to switch off their feelings and when the kids didn’t comply they issued a restraining order on Brandon. Very poor parenting decisions in my opinion, especially coming from super mums Steph and Lena. The result was that the kids made first huge efforts to repress their feelings and ended up acting on their feelings in secret, with a terrible sense of guilt. The truth is that until the moment Callie was adopted they weren’t siblings at all and they weren’t related in any way. So no taboo was broken and there was nothing wrong with their feelings. I would like the series to question Steph and Lena’s parenting decisions and to reflect on what would have happened if they had acknowledged the seriousness of the kids’ feelings in the first place.

  19. Nicole White says:

    Why didn’t Mat and Mariana get back together in the season 3 finale why did they not find out that Nick took the letter in the first place. Why did Nick have to witness them kissing and then destroy the set. Not fair at all for Nick and Mariana who clearly still love each other but are sacrificing there love!!! 😡😡😭

  20. Mary says:

    First and foremost I think this has to be the best show I’ve ever seen! Please bring back “brallie” please. Great job everyone!!

  21. Tom says:

    I think nick is going to try to kill mariana

  22. Claudia says:

    This show needs new writers , Brandon & Callie are siblings ! It’s incest NO other way of looking at it . Please stop sending this plot down the rabbit hole . Let it GO ! Everyone who’s reading this and has a sibling just think about ! Disgusting isn’t it !

  23. merina says:

    Callie and brandon back together!!

  24. Mariam says:

    mariana’s awful. been disliking her more and more

  25. Anon says:

    I don’t know why other people watch this she but I do know that I watch it mainly because of brallie situation. I love how they’re directing this season, it’s plain to see that Callie and Brandon are still very much in love and I’m excited to see where their relationship is going to next. Nick is melodramatic, I do understand completely why he feels the way he does. But I don’t believe for a moment he actually knows how to be in a relationship and that he isn’t thinking rational at all. I believe he will be another Wyatt tbh there one min gone the next. I love seeing the bonds between the characters that are obviously pining for each other. The finale, I felt, could have gone better and longer. It ended on a cliffhanger so obviously I’m trapped for another season lol..

  26. Audrey parker says:

    How could it end with a cliff hagnger

  27. madz says:

    Why cant i stop wayching this crap
    ? Probably ’cause it’s awesome and i can relate to this and now i want to be ….

  28. Naleesia says:

    The tv show is sosososososososo good for kid to

  29. Duha M says:

    I just really wish Brandon and Callie got together. Like, I love AJ and all, he’s cute and really nice, same with Courtney, but there’s something special about Brandon and Callie.

  30. Andrea says:

    I just want Crandon back!!!!!

  31. Elizabeth says:

    This season of the fosters was really interesting for me. I love watching this show, it’s catchy, and very good in my opinion. I hope I can watch more & more. &I I hope Matt & Mariana do end up together.

  32. lilly says:

    So what’s really wrong with Nick??

  33. Mathew says:

    [SPOILERS] Honestly, I have watched a lot of shows even at my young age and I have yet to find one as amazing as the fosters. I have watched relationships develope and dissolve. I have seen the characters evolve. Tbh I was waiting for the finale, anticipating it, I guess… It was a major numb out for me. Not because of plot problems or bad acting/scripting, but because it was just sad and depressing in every way. I understand this is a serious show meant for a mature audience, but I still can’t get over the break up of jonnor, or Callie and Brandon’s “coming out” or the possible death of a beloved character in season four… I’m just hoping to see a few more happy moments for me to cry, smile, laugh to as well as the serious moments in the next season.

    #Jonnor4ever #ThefostersRlife

  34. Bella says:

    It was amazing!! I want to know what happens next !! I really hope season 4 goes on netflix super fast because im dying to know whats next !! I really wish brandon and callie were still in love i know its not right but they definitely love each other and should sneak around because they arent blood related. BRAILLE!!!

  35. Alexandra says:

    Ok so I think that all of u people are crazy you guys are stupid and retarded why are you so exited about a stupid tv show does it matter it’s not real. If it was real yeah I would be going crazy like u guys are but it’s not so that all I have to say.

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