The Walking Dead Recap

The Walking Dead Recap: 'Everything Gets a Return'

That didn’t really just happen, did it? It couldn’t have, right?

In the penultimate episode of The Walking Dead’s sixth season, Carol found herself in the unfairest of fights; Rick and Morgan took off after her; Daryl took off after Denise’s killer; Michonne, Glenn and Rosita took off after Daryl; and it sure looked like at least one of them wasn’t gonna make it back to Alexandria with a pulse.

Who was the apparent goner-of-the-week? And what other tragedies befell our beleaguered survivors? Keep reading and find out!

‘I’M NOT PISSING OFF A PREGNANT LADY’ | Early on in “East,” a montage revealed the calm before the storm that is the looming Alexandria vs. the Saviors showdown: In the armory, Carl found a gun with a picture of a barbed wire-covered bat carved into the handle (foreshadowing Negan’s weapon of choice); Glenn and Maggie’s sexy shower time turned depressing when he noticed how many bruises she was sporting (in the wake of her abduction by Paula); Rosita set her glare on “stun” as she spotted Sasha giving Abraham a cigar (and to be clear, that’s not a coy euphemism — sometimes a cigar IS just a cigar); and Michonne declined to indulge in morning nookie with Rick, lest she be tardy and tick off taskmasker Maggie, who was as worried about the imminent battle as Rick was confident. “The world’s ours,” he told his lover, “and we know how to take it.” Which was, of course, the cue for complications to arise.

No sooner had Daryl ridden off to avenge Denise’s murder — with Glenn, Michonne and Rosita giving chase in hopes of bringing him back for the war with Negan — than Tobin delivered Carol’s goodbye letter to Rick, who wasn’t about to let volunteer Morgan follow her tracks by himself. On the road, Carol didn’t exactly need their help. But she wasn’t having an easy time of it, either. After her tire was shot out by a pick-up full of Saviors, mild-mannered “Nancy from Montclair” clutched her rosary and wept in an attempt to convince the thugs to leave her be. When instead they decided to use her to gain entry to Alexandria, she reluctantly released her inner Rambo and opened fire.

‘DARYL’S GONNA GET HIMSELF KILLED’ | Following Carol’s tire tracks east — the direction that led away from Negan and also gave the episode its title — Morgan admitted to Rick, “What I believe, I’m not right. There is no right. It’s just the wrong that doesn’t pull you down.” When Rick insisted that his way hadn’t pulled him down yet, Morgan predicted, “It will.” Upon finding Carol’s abandoned car and her bullet-riddled new acquaintances, Rick marveled that Alexandria’s badass baker is “a force of nature.” But, as they began following a trail of blood, hoping that it wasn’t Carol’s (and it wasn’t), he also acknowledged that the siege on the Saviors’ HQ hadn’t ended the conflict as he’d imagined it would. On the contrary, noted Morgan (trying the role of Spock on for size), “You started something.” And how. After they walked away, the one Savior to survive the encounter with Carol came out of hiding, picked up her rosary and followed them.

Meanwhile, Rosita led Glenn and Michonne to the railroad tracks where Denise was killed, and in no time, they’d located Daryl, who blamed himself to the nth degree for the doc’s demise. Go on a guilt trip later, Glenn suggested. Alexandria needed him right now — badly. But not even Michonne promising to make Dwight pay could convince Daryl to abort his mission and go back. In fact, Rosita decided that she wasn’t returning with Glenn and Michonne, either — she was sticking with Daryl. When Glenn and Michonne finally did head home, they were captured by — who else? — Dwight and his Savior sidekicks!

‘PEOPLE CAN COME BACK, RICK’ | After Rick and Morgan found a walker who bore a striking resemblance to (but wasn’t) Carol, Rick took aim at a guy who claimed he was only out and about looking for his horse. When Morgan made Rick miss his target, Mr. Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later said that whether the man had been telling the truth, “I don’t take chances anymore.” In turn, Morgan confessed that he’d spared a Wolf, who in turn had saved Denise, who in turn had saved Carl (after he’d been shot in the eye). So didn’t Rick see? “It’s all a circle,” Morgan suggested. “Everything gets a return.” Eventually, Morgan sent Rick home, promising to find Carol and come back himself. “But if I don’t,” he added, “don’t come looking.” And since this could’ve conceivably been the last time they’d see each other, Rick admitted that, yep, Michonne had stolen Morgan’s (now-legendary) peanut butter protein bar.

Upon returning to Alexandria and learning that Michonne was still out, Rick admitted to Abraham that he was scared to get close to someone again. “Me, too,” replied the ginger Hulk. “But now I think I’m that much more ready to tear the world a brand-new a–hole.” At Glenn and Maggie’s place, Enid — who actually cracked a smile in this episode! — gave the mom-to-be a cute pixie cut. But why had Maggie wanted it? Because she had to keep moving, she explained. And “I don’t want anything to get in my way.” Then, out of nowhere, she doubled over in pain so acute that it suddenly seemed unlikely that Judith was gonna get a playmate after all. Finally, Daryl and Rosita discovered Glenn and Michonne tied up in the woods. The Saviors’ prisoners tried as best they could while gagged to warn their friends that they were walking into a trap. But before they caught on, they were surrounded. “Hi, Daryl,” said Dwight, managing to sound friendly and creepy-as-s— at the same time. As Daryl turned to face Denise’s killer, Dwight shot him — at point blank range, in the back, far as I could tell — and blood splattered across the screen before we cut to blackness. “You’ll be all right,” we heard Dwight say. But would Daryl really be okay? Would he?!?

What do you think — did The Walking Dead just kill off Daryl? If so, do you think this means that Glenn will survive his first encounter with Negan? Hit the comments!

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  1. Sam says:

    It too much for me to handle especially when Negan hasn’t come yet. But there could be a chance that Dwight switch sides and shoot one of his saviors instead of Daryl. The proof is that burn of his face from Negan

    • Mark Dwyer says:

      IT’S OKAY!! I freeze framed it scene by scene and the moment Dwight shoots Daryl, the bullet hits him in the shoulder. THERE’S HOPE

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Please! Which shoulder? Hopefully the right one, further away from the heart. Daryl must live..

      • lololee24 says:

        And if you recall he also said “You’ll be alright”. Plus the gun wasn’t in line with his head when Daryl turned around, Dwight wasn’t aiming at his head. I do think that everyone in Ricks crew who are out in the woods will die that is if you follow the comics. The writers are cherry picking different stories from the comics and rearranging them, and switching characters and their stories around. But the cast members have alluded that half if not all of the original crew are going down. Now The Comics are based on Rick and Carl (and Andrea whose Carl’s mother and Ricks wife in the comics) So they’re not going anywhere. That means everyone else is at risk of dying like Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Sasha, Maggie (Maggie is still alive in the comics so far and even gave birth to Glenn’s daughter) in the show it looks like she’s miscarrying. In the comics Ricks daughter dies. In the Comics Carl’s like 16/17 years old yet on the front of the comics he still looks 12. This show and the comic book seems to have some continuity issues which is annoying. In the show Carl really should be like 15/16 years old at this point right? She shows been on air for like 6 years it’s time for a time jump, let’s move the story forward a bit.

      • Charile from Revolution STINKS says:

        “Freeze framed it scene by scene …” creepy.

  2. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    This was a good /INTENSE ep. But as for next wk. Oh hell that SOB Negan finally shows up……can’t wait to how all of this is going to play out and what’s coming after!!!!!

    • Jack says:

      Cant wait? I sure can. He makes Rick look like a choir boy. Negan is Alexandrias worst nightmare. Lucille is making her presence this week and she ain’t pretty.

      • Jac says:

        I agree with you that Negan is going to be Alexandria’s worst nightmare, well second after being invaded by that herd in episodes 8 and 9. But as for him making Rick look like a choir boy, mm not sure I agree with you on that one. Negan might have a lot more people than RIck, but he’s sending in them out in groups, and RIck’s group are annihilating them one after the other. I’ve a feeling that Rick and his group have killed off all Negan’s best soldiers and Dwight and his group are merely the reserves.

        There are two sides to Rick, the sheriff/father/leader side and the manic beast side. I think the first side will be in control during the season 6 finale and he will try to negotiate with Negan and he will obviously fail. Because let’s face it, when it comes to negottiation – RIck is rubbish. He needs a skilled negotiator in future and I would suggest Jesus. Negan will kill someone and Rick will capitulate to his demands to prevent further death, but he will be biding his time until he can get revenge, and that is when the manic/beast side of him will make an appearance.

  3. AngelWasHere says:

    I need Carol to come back to her senses. Love the gun in the sleeve tho. I hope Morgan bites the dust next week, but I doubt it. He might disappear another season and come back. As for Negan, Glenn may get a bat to the head like in the comics. Maggie also may have a miscarriage. :/

    • Liz says:

      if the baby die would it become a zombie and try to bite her?

      • AngelWasHere says:

        LOL Eww. I had that same thought when Lori was pregnant with Judith, but I hated her. No zombie babies for Maggie plz. She’s too likable for that to happen. :P

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        I had that same thought, if she miscarried, would the baby turn into a walker inside her?…

        • Catherine Calhoun says:

          Brain development means a fetus doesn’t start getting sucking or swallowing impluses until 16 weeks. I don’t think she is that far along yet so most likely the baby wouldn’t turn into a zombie.

        • Chey says:

          It seems like she’s not that far along to from as a baby, if she miscarriage it will just be blood.

      • Peyton says:

        I season 2 at the CDC after it blew up Rick told the group that the guy at the CDC said that the viruses was in all of them. When Lori found out that the baby could EAT HER ALIVE it was all hope. From the looks of it that’s what’s happening to Maggie

      • PinkyInToronto says:

        I agree with what’s been said about Morgan’s argument not holding water, as he endangered Denise in the first place by keeping that Wolfe alive. I might add that when Denise was killed by Dwight, Daryl plainly says he wished he had killed him when he had the chance! Who knows how many people Dwight whacked before Denise, and how many he may yet kill, possibly including Daryl himself. Also, if Andrea had offed the Governor in his sleep, as Carol suggested, Hershel might still be alive along with dozens of others (including the somewhat-redeemed Merle Dixon!)

        • Kateeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

          Hershel got decapitaded in the prison then the renaming head transformed into a zombie. But murl on the other hand was shot in the heart by the go comer and then stabbed 7 times in the head by daryl so they won’t be coming back. I hope daryl doesn’t die. But there is lots of little things showing that he might of like on the talking dead he said that he played the part of daryl Dixon and in the comics Abraham was supposed to take Dennis place in death so by all means daryl could swapped with glen who gets his head beat in by luccile

          • PinkyInToronto says:

            I think you misunderstand my comment, Kate. The Governor beheaded Hershel and he fatally shot Merle through the chest. If Andrea hadn’t punked out of killing the Governor while he was sleeping several weeks before the raid on the prison, these deaths would have been avoided. All I’m saying is that Rick’s preemptive ‘kill-first’ strategy could well save lives. Whereas Morgan’s ‘can’t-we-all-just-get-along’ strategy, cost lives.

          • Nikki says:

            And andrea would still be alive as well

    • ry says:

      Maggie has the baby in the comics

  4. Ian says:

    I’m listening to The Talking Dead right now, and they keep going on about choices now that the group has a secure home base and can catch their breath. But Rick caught his breath…. and chose Jessie. And Abraham was sleeping with Rosita for the longest before “proposing” to Sasha. GMAFB. Ugh.
    Love Carol. Hate Morgan more than I have ever hated any character ever.

    • Jack says:

      Carol isn’t herself right now but rest assured, she’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive. Gotta admit, she kicked some butt lastnight. Morgan, he makes sense for what he thinks or believes. Me personally, I don’t want him to disappear for a season or die either. He’s part of a team.

      • Walkie says:

        It’s clear Carol is on her way out. She probably won’t live through the end of the finale.

        • Jack says:

          Don’t think I agree. Carol getting written out of the show, not a chance or at least not this season. I sense a lot of ppl not liking her here and I don’t understand why. She just took out a butt load of saviors and might I add terminus? What a wolloping she gave them as well. The group needs her and I think she’ll be there for quite some time. ( I hope ).

          • Jaquie says:

            I love Carol and think she has a huge following which may be a bad thing since the writer’s need to make a huge bang and give us a WTF moment in the finale, so no one is safe. I really think Darryl is a goner, but NOT in this episode or in that way … they have to make it epic. I was also thinking before this episode aired that they wouldn’t bring on another baby to deal with, so that Maggie might die, but if she miscarried, then Maggie should be safe. I really, really, really dislike Morgan so I hope he goes, but I hope they make him come to his senses and kill a lot of Saviors first.

  5. David says:

    I’m more worried about Maggie. At what point do fetuses grow nails?

  6. Liz says:

    so what if meg’s baby is dead.
    will it become a zombie and eat her from inside out?

  7. Sheri, Richard, Chris and Nicolas Beach, Hibbs, Scripoch says:

    All I know is if Daryl dies I’m done with “The Walking Dead”, period!!!!

  8. Squirrelly says:

    So, I was at the Toronto Comicon last week and saw some shirts being sold that say “If Daryl dies, we riot”.

    …I almost want him to die, just out of morbid curiosity. I’m a terrible, terrible person.

  9. I'm Not Buying It says:

    Geez yet another unrealistic Carol heroics episodes. Sigh. When will this end.

    I think Daryl got shot on the shoulder. He should be ok.

    • I’m so glad that I’m not the only one who is so over her character!

    • Jack says:

      I pose the question, did you feel this way when Rick was going thru this in the prison? I still love Carol. She is tough and will probably save their button again.

      • MerCarr says:

        Come on now Jack. We all know the *real* problem with Carol is that she’s a middle aged woman who doesn’t dye her hair. Sure she’s the only remaining female survivor from Atlanta, but Rick, Carl, Daryl and Glenn don’t have double X chromosomes, so they’re allowed to have emotional crises and still be bad@sses. Get with the program. /sarc

        Seriously though, it’s impossible to make people who hate Carol happy. First they hated her because she was weak. Then they hated her because she was strong. Now they hate her because she’s still strong while going through a period of weakness. There’s no pleasing them.

        • Jack says:

          Wow, when I was first reading your post I just about threw my phone. Lol. I agree with the latter part of your post 100%.

      • I'm Not Buying It says: says:

        Not sure I understand your question. My issue here is that Carol is being shown time and time again taking people out all by herself. In this season alone we’ve seen it with the wolves, Saviors (6.13) and Saviors (6.15). C’mon the story-line is repetitive and getting really old. Funny too how the writers have her away from the strong members of the group (Rick, Daryl, Michonne, Glenn, Sasha and Abe) every single time when she goes off on a killing spree.

        As for your comment [and will probably save their button again.] – I don’t know about this. She already said in her letter from 6.14 that’s the exact reason why she left. “….I love all of you here, I do. And I’d have to kill for you, and I can’t, I won’t……..I can’t love anyone because I can’t kill for anyone so I’m going……….”. Her words not mine.

        • Jack says:

          Wow. Guess what, lastnight she killed again. How many? She has what it takes to live and they will have to snipe her to kill her. This story is “getting old” but the show is about death and zombies and survival and survival is what Carol does best. Let’s see what happens…

          • I'm Not Buying It: says:

            I already included the her last night kills (saviors 6.15 – season 6 episode 15). So yes she did kill again last night. That brings us to another issue – plot holes. Why did she kill those Saviors if per her own words (from the letter) she couldn’t/wouldn’t kill anymore?

            You said it [the show is about death and zombies and survival] and Carol has shown she can survive but her leaving ASZ and the letter she wrote would make one question if she indeed wants to survive and what impact will killing those Saviors from last night episode have on her. Like you said we’ll see what happens. Hoping whatever they have Carol do next will be realistic and not same old killing machine/spree storyline.

      • flower1petals says:

        What I don’t get is in the letter she says ” I can’t love anyone, because I can’t kill for anyone.- or something along those lines. So she doesn’t want to kill anyone to protect her family, but she will kill 4 more people to protect herself? That makes no sense to me. I like Carol but they have repeated this over and over again in 6B. It’s getting really old.

        • I'm Not Buying It says:

          Me neither. As I mentioned in my reply above to @Jack, the only rational thing I can think of is it’s a plot hole. Knowing the show they may gross over that fact and we may never know why Carol’s killed them or the effects it will have on her given her new stance on killing. The thing that’s even confusing is that letter [I can’t kill for anyone and I won’t] it made it sound like she didn’t want to kill for herself either so I was astonished when she killed the Saviors

          • Jac says:

            I think when the Saviours mentioned about Alexandria, is when their fates were sealed. I do think that scene was a little far-fetched, though, even with the possibility that she might have planned for every possible contingency.

      • Ann Wilbanks says:

        I agree with Carol will save theit buttstock again.

        • Jack says:

          I would not be surprised. The idea of plot holes, not sure about that. If anything, they have made most everything connect in some sort of fashion and this will come back around with Carol.

          • I'm Not Buying It: says:

            The how do you explain Carol killing the Saviors in episode 15 given what she said in her note?

    • Wayne says:

      Wait, wait. You think there is something on this show that borders on realism? LOL.

  10. Phoenix5634 says:

    I swear, if Daryl isn’t alright… I’m honestly very upset with the show, you CANT kill Daryl. Last time I felt this way with the TWD I stopped watching for a full season an a half. DARYL MUST LIVE. Period.

  11. Bwhit says:

    I’m thinking it will be Glenn and Daryl will live with the guilt of leading them all out there for revenge. Carol will save the day again, after Glenn gets it but will also have guilt for leading them out as well. I really think Daryl got shot in the shoulder but will somehow make it aided by Carol. I just hope if it Glenn (please no!), Maggie doesn’t lose the baby.

    In the end, if I had it my way, Morgan would meet Lucille because it would be terrible since he saved Rick in the beginning, but selfishly it would not tear away someone that I can’t fathom to lose. This show wrote the book on suspense!

    • wrstlgirl says:

      I will be sorely disappointed if they do another Carol swoops in to save the day. Especially since, as someone mentioned earlier in this thread, that the reason why she left is because she can’t or won’t kill for them so it would be totally lame for her so come in and save them again.

      • Bwhit says:

        I agree, but it seems like she is always there just in time, but it would be repetitive without question so maybe they won’t, plus I’m horrible at predicting lol. Maybe Morgan will be the one to swoop in and rescue the group after one of our favorites gets it. On another note, I just watched an interview with Jeffery Dean Morgan and he seems like the nicest guy, I mean in his time off he’s a farmer! It’s going to be weird at first to see him be Negan, given how ruthless he is.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          IKR, pretty sure I’m gonna hate to love Negan :-) I don’t know what to think about this Carol thing. I do have one theory that I’m keeping to myself as it is somewhat comic book related. But I’m also wondering if Morgan is going to end up having to kill Carol given his all life is precious outlook, what a turn of events that would be. I loved his talk with Rick about keeping the wolf alive who ended up saving Denise who ended up saving Carl. I also think somebody is going to end up in his jail that he built and that could also be Carol, to keep her from harming herself. So many theories and eight days to drive ourselves crazy with them, LOL!!!

          • Bwhit says:

            So true… My husband never gets THIS invested in a show and after Daryl got shot he was like…. I need a minute, what is going on?!? LOL. Next week should be interesting for sure to see if any of our theories happen!

          • zzz says:

            Morgan’s logic is flawed though. Keeping the wolf alive is what put Denise in danger in the first place. By association, it was Morgan’s fault. Risking innocents’ lives so he can take a gamble on whether people can change or not. So much for claiming that all life is precious. What an unrealistic character, especially given the circumstances.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            ZZZ – yeah I totally get that. But given how the situation played out the wolf dude did save Denise’s life, one can’t deny that, which shows that he wasn’t all bad. Not saying he was a good person, he wasn’t, but he did do the right thing at that moment. Same can be said about Daryl. Glenn, Michonne and Rosita left the safety of the walls because of Daryl so if something happens to either of them it’s on him. I do think it’s funny how everybody used to love Morgan and hate Gabriel but now that Morgan has decided that killing isn’t always necessary and Gabriel is packing heat now everybody hates Morgan and loves Gabriel. Guess you gotta blow people’s faces off to be cool, LOL!!!

          • PinkyInToronto says:

            Did the Wolfe defend Denise from the walkers because he had a sudden change of heart and had come to believe that all life is precious, or did he do it because he was injured and in need of a doctor? My money is on the latter…

  12. Phoenix5634 says:

    It was asked last episode, how upset were you, out of 1-10, over Denise’s death, well I was like a 3 or 4 then, if Daryl just died then I’m like a 20 right now. I’m outraged and upset, he Has to survive

      • Jack says:

        I think Darryl is the stone cold Steve Austin of TWD. His character is what makes him popular. He’s not gonna die this way. But wait, the season finale is next week and someone is gonna die. I like reading other forums and the one name which was repeated in 2 different forums was ……….. Let’s wait and see.

    • Nick in Baltimore says:

      My bet: An injured Daryl dies at the hand…BAT, of Negan. It will be slow and heart breaking. Lucille will make its premiere.

    • Ann Wilbanks says:

      I agree I bawled like a baby after I went to bed when Denise got killed it should not happen. And as for Darrel he has to live if he doesn’t so much for school on Wednesday I’m will be in moreing.

      • Linger Long says:

        I really think you should go to school on Wednesday, no matter what – if only to learn some grammar and spelling…

  13. MrG says:

    That whole convo between Rick and Morgan had one glaring hole that went over Ricks head and over the head of that producer lady on Talking Dead (but she was probably just playing dumb because calling it out would not fit the script).

    If Morgan had originally killed the wolf, Denise never would have been a hostage and never would have been in jeopardy that night and still been around to save Carl.

  14. Stacey says:

    Daryl must live! I couldn’t stand the show if he dies!

  15. Phoenix5634 says:

    People who have read the comics, the carving of Lucille on Karl’s gun handle should tell you exactly which cliffhanger we’ll be ending with…which unfortunately isn’t really a cliffhanger for us …

  16. Phoenix5634 says:

    ^ breakdown video ^

  17. De says:

    Hehehe, your review was great… from the “she reluctantly released her inner Rambo and opened fire,” comment to your name for Rick, “Mr. Shoot-First-Ask-Questions-Later.” First off, they had better not kill Daryl. No! Second, Morgan was right. Rick did start something. Is the finale going to be a bloodbath? Who will we lose, I wonder? I am good with anyone but Daryl.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Think about it like this tho… If Rick hadn’t decided to kill all those Saviors, then Negans group would have drastically outnumbered them whenever they eventually found Alexandria, then how group would end up the same as Hilltop. Although Rick started a conflict, he also evened the odds, so they have a chance to fight back.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        *our group*

        • De says:

          Oh I agree, it was inevitable that those two groups would meet. After all, Daryl, Sasha and Abraham had already had a run-in with them weeks ago.. so it was only a matter of time. Still, I’m afraid Rick’s group is going to lose some of their humanity with their recent actions.

      • I'm Not Buying It: says:

        True. There seem to be an endless number of Saviors. Every time Rick’s group encounters them, there like 7 or more people. I lost count of how many Saviors have been killed so far.

  18. Phoenix5634 says:

    Talking Dead; Is it possible for Dwight to redeem himself at this point?… No, I hope Negan rams Lucille up his _ _ _ ….

  19. Ben Richardson says:

    That wasn’t real blood

  20. Cassie says:

    I think Michonne is going to be killed. As soon as she & Rick hooked up I could see it coming. The comment Abraham made about being scared about getting close to someone, to Rick, would support this theory.
    I don’t think Daryl will die, they show would lose too many people. He’s either injured, or it’s someone else’s blood. Carol could have turned up. Somehow.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Omg that’d be perfect! Carol shows up to save Daryl! Yes! Daryl must live

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Not the Michonne part, I have one word for that, Kingdom.

    • Melody says:

      No. Shes not going to die. Shes a core character

    • I'm Not Buying It: says:

      Nope Michonne ain’t going anywhere. Hooking up with Rick doesn’t equal death.

      I don’t see how the comment that Abe made to Rick on being scared about getting close to someone as a death sentence. I took it as Abe just talking to a friend who has gone through what he has gone/going through in the relationship department. Remember a few episode ago I think it was epi 6.11, Abe asked Daryl the same thing. Daryl gave a vague answer. So this time around Abe decided to seek advice from someone who is going through the same thing he is (namely Rick).

  21. Jack says:

    Am I the only one here who thinks Daryl and Carol would make an awesome couple? They should kill Morgan……that point when they were attacked by walkers by the barn and a walker was all over Morgan’s shoulder, i thought that was it……Morgan dead!!! The priest character has turned around…….they can keep him for the tone being.

  22. MrG says:

    Did they say how the saviors found out where Alexandria is? I figured that would be a key thing.
    Carol running away knowing all her friends are about to be attacked with an arsenal and by people who have no morals whatsoever is the height of selfishness. I can understand her regretting killing people who weren’t bad but just caught up in this new world but killing cannibals, rapists, murderers and those who have no hesitation of harming you is no reason to hyperventilate and freak out. Especially when you prepare for it by sewing a gd machine gun into your coat.

    • I thought Carol just wrote that letter to try to keep everyone safe in Alexandria while she wandered around Outside looking for baddies to eliminate. Maybe Carol is Psychic??

    • Okay, this is the way it is with Carol, that the rest of you don’t seem to be understanding, Caro;l has broken down over all the people she has had to kill; it is weighing on her conscience big time.

      The break started when her smoking friend was killed by the Wolves and then she had to kill the other woman to keep her quiet. At the end of that episode was when she started smoking her friend’s cigarettes. Then, Sam’s death was largely brought about by the horror story she told him to keep him quiet. All this is building up in her. In ‘The Same Boat’, the comparison with Paula sends her over the edge. She doesn’t want to kill anymore, as she writes in her note, but she does want to die herself. But being who she is she wants a last attempt to help the people of Alexandria (perhaps to attone for her ‘sins’ ) she sews guns into the sleeves of her over-sized coat and GOES LOOKING FOR SAVIORS to kill and be killed– suicide by Savior. She;s going off to commit suicide and to kill one last time. She is punishing herseff for all her kills.

  23. Walkie says:

    Do people really think that Daryl is dead? Have you ever watched the show before? There is ZERO chance he’s dead.

  24. Susie says:

    IF Daryl is dead then the show is NO LONGER WORTH WATCHING. Just Saying.

    • dmretrogames says:

      Why? What has Daryl added the past two seasons besides constantly mumbling and brooding? Most overrated character in TV.

      • Jack says:

        I think he’s a rock star on the show and maybe I’m nobody. Darryl brings the bad axx attitude that the show has always portrayed him as and that’s why ppl like him.

    • Tony Caputo says:

      If Daryl is dead, they may as well just end the whole show for sure with season 7 being the Final Season, Daryl is that important to the show and why I have watched it since season 1, I have always said, when Rick or Daryl get killed off I am done with the show

  25. Joey Padron says:

    Hope Carol is okay & hope Mogan can find her. Not good idea that Daryl went looking for Dwight and put others in danger”p. Hope he’ll be ok. Glad Mogan told Rick the truth. Season finale is gonna be intense and crazy ride.

  26. wrstlgirl says:

    I loved Morgans talk with Rick. I know Morgan has been nothing but annoying since he returned but he’s not wrong. Rick and Carol both have blatantly killed people who IMHO they should have taken hostage and pumped them for information. Just my two cents.

    • Q2 says:

      Morgan is completely wrong. As others have said, if he had killed that wolf, Denise isn’t taken hostage and never leaves her dojo and is still there when Rick brings Carl in for the eye treatment. Him not killing the wolf risked Denise’s life for no reason.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        To each his own.

        • Q2 says:

          Not really, What I said is actually factual. It is exactly what happened as a direct result of Morgan not killing the wolf. How can you deny this unless you blatantly choose to ignore it and if you choose to ignore the facts, then that’s on you. Once Rick realizes (if the writers let him) that Morgan actually almost had Denise killed because of not killing that same wolf not once, but twice, Carl would be dead.
          Its actually a humongously wrong assessment.

          • wrstlgirl says:

            LOL, I see I’m your punching bag today. I’m not ignoring anything, I see your side but you clearly refuse to see mine. I don’t have the time or energy for this type of conversation so moving on. Have a great day!!!

          • Q2 says:

            Your side is a blatant lie/untruth. Why would I want to see a blatant lie? And not a punching bag but if you want to play the victim, to each their own.

            Answer this simple thing. If Morgan had killed the wolf out in the wild or inside Alexandria, would Denise have been taken hostage by him and her life put into peril? If she would have died from this wolf, would she have been the one to save Carl?

            If you don’t see that, you are ignoring that entire situation so yes, you are ignoring it. If I’m still not seeing your side, what exactly is that side if not something imaginary?
            I am having a great day, thanks. Not sure what that has to do with anything other than you knowing you are making things up and instead of recognizing that, you are casually wanting to dismiss me.

    • Q2 says:

      And another thing, there has been no hostage who hasn’t broken free in the history of the show except Herschel. The wolf broke free. Denise, of all people, broke free. Jesus, Carol and Maggie are the 3 latest examples of at least somewhat competently written characters breaking free. The Hilltopper being held at Casa Negan broke free with a little help with our friends.
      All a hostage means is they will very very shortly get free to steal or kill from you or take one of you as a hostage only to get freed later. Rick would know this and thus not take any hostages. Carol is alone most of the time when she kills, no way she successfully brings a hostage back to base because they will get freed long before that.

      • wrstlgirl says:

        You don’t agree that’s your prerogative. Everyone gets to have an opinion. There’s really no reason to be so argumentative.

        • Q2 says:

          What argument? You said Carol and Rick should take hostages. I said name me one besides Herschel who hasn’t broken free. From the beginning when Merle ripped his arm off to Carol and Maggie last week. They all break free so why take a hostage?
          Its a healthy debate but if you want to see it as an argument because you can’t back anything up with facts, then what I can do is continue to prove you wrong with facts. You can’t just say anything you want to and pretend its true when the show has shown us differently.

  27. Brigid says:

    I definitely feel that no matter what, one of ours will be done in by Negan’s bat. I think that has to happen as payback and because it’s such an integral part of the comic. I think Daryl will survive. Amazing episode as always!!!

  28. Deano says:

    Morgan’s logic was so flawed in his explanation… If he killed the Wolf in the first place, Denise wouldn’t have even been in danger to begin with!! I really hope he’s the one that meets Lucille next week!! lol

    • Bey'lenna says:

      The whole morale of the story of what Morgan was telling Rick was that people can change. And the result was that the wolf did change in the end. I didn’t see any flaw in what he was saying. Even though Morgan was the cause of Denise being held hostage. After all of that, the wolf did a good deed and helped save her life.

  29. lololee24 says:

    In the first season of the show Dale (the old 65 year old man) was the Moral conscious of the group. He tried to help remind everyone that they were human beings not animals and that in order to survive you have to learn how to trust each other, and to stick together because that was the only way they could stay accountable for their actions while keeping their conscious in check. Now it seems Morgan has taken up that role (and he’s annoying me) Morgans character annoys me because he’s too self-righteous about killing. He seems to be OK with someone killing in order to save his old behind but stops at getting his own hands dirty. Now I do agree that you can’t go around just shooting people because (it’s easier then asking questions) but a little common sense goes a long way especially if you hope to survive out in the wild. 😎

  30. wrstlgirl says:

    Everyone on here is being so nice and politely listening to all of our opinions. Who let the school yard bully in, LOL

  31. anne says:

    Please don’t kill daryl off he would be missed too much an spoil the show

  32. Briam says:

    If Daryl died I don’t know I I could ever watch this show again!!!

  33. Peyton says:

    Me and my friends have bought shirts made posters and are ready to RIOT if Daryl dies. I don’t want Daryl to die but I know I he will Negon is going to hit him with Lucille and torcher him.


  34. Peyton says:

    It’s all a circle the Govenor tries to kill Ricks group, Rick leaves takes news sanctuary, then he finds tuminuse, then Turmonuse try’s to kill Ricks group, then take harbor to a new home now it’s the Saviors. You know what I’m sick of it!!! SOMDAY THOSE WALLS WILL GO DOWN AND THERE GOING TO MOVE ON!!!! IT THE CICLE OF THE NEW LIFE. They have to much hope, they need to get over there selves I mean seriously. You want to kill then kill but your just killing yourself. Live that life but don’t put the people you love in danger stay and don’t kill, it’s not nesusary. Think “You kill for the people you love hell you DIE for the people you love. What doe the people you love do for you?” There all idiots if Carol wants to put her life in danger let her I mean really. Denise is DEAD Daryl it’s over YOUR GOING TO GET YOURSELF KILLED👿👿👿👿From the looks of it he is going to die next episode.

    You should have just stayed behind the walls Daryl

    • Aaron says:

      Your spelling and grammar is appalling and you shouldn’t be allowed to comment on grown up things if you can’t do these two things correctly. Moron.

  35. Maggie's Walker Baby says:

    I’m wondering if Maggie’s baby died and has turned inside her womb. Then I thought how freaky that would be.

  36. Kathleen says:

    Daryl doesn’t die, but Dwight’s death is coming…count on it.

  37. Ann Wilbanks says:

    They better not have cause if they killed Darrel and the crew there will be alot of people quit watching my family really loves Darrel not only Carol plea see bring her back too. We class the walking dead family is are family,please don’t kill them off we will be so hurt.

  38. Michele says:

    I’m annoyed by Morgan’s argument that he let the Wolf live and then the wolf saved Denise. Denise wouldn’t have been in the swarm of walkers if the wolf hadn’t been alive to take her hostage. And if he’d killed the guy in the first place there would have been less wolves to attack Alexandria that day. I guess Morgan is just proud of himself and smug that he thinks his version of saving people and giving them 2nd, 3rd, 4th chances to change somehow works in his mind.

  39. Aliah Mick says:

    Killing Daryle would really piss a lot of people off!! Leave the orginal people alone towards some end after all these years..

  40. Dylan Mills Deakin says:

    Daryl was shot in the shoulder.

  41. Johanna Avery says:

    I’d like to think that somehow that Denise’s killer got hit by someone else and that’s his blood splattered all over the TV but what I think actually happened was that he shot Darryl I the arm (his shooting Arm) just enough to maim him and take the lot of they back to Negan? DARRYL’S NOT DEAD or he’s become one of the walking dead.

  42. Ann May says:

    Maybe Rosita did something like hit Dwight or something that made him miss the shot or be shot somewhere else that’s why he said “You’ll be alright” or that Dwight might have remembered good deed Daryl did to them and purposely miss the shot just make them think he’s teaching him a lesson rather than than show them he had a change of heart and get them all in trouble

  43. Lilly says:

    If they kill Daryl off I’m going to stop watching it he is the only character I really care about he is my life#norman reedus better survive.😭😭😭😭😭

  44. R.O.B. says:

    If Darly dies and the viewers riot, it will be Trump’s fault

  45. Dominique says:

    Daryl is not dead, I’m certain.. 1 If Dwight really hated him that much he wouldn’t just gift him a painless death and 2. If you pause it at the right timing Daryl was shot in the shoulder. No worries my fellow viewers!

  46. Lilly says:

    I fell you if they kill off Daryl or Glenn or even Maggie they will lose another watcher Maggie better have the baby and survive and Daryl I loved him since the beginning of the walking dead

    • Jack says:

      I have accepted that ppl are gonna die on the show. Darryl probably isn’t the one but (sadly) Glenn may be. I don’t expect Maggie to take a dirt nap too soon either. But if any of them die, I will still watch it till the last one is dead.

  47. Tnikell says:

    I think Negan killing Daryl,Glenn,or Carol would be too obvious. I honestly think Carl is going to die :( His character haven’t been shown much lately and when he does pop back up he comes across a gun with a bat wrapped in bobwire carved in the handle(how ironic),Carl and Eugen obviously leaves Alexandria for whatever reason and are side by side with Rick(season finale preview),and let’s not forget the obvious TWD sibling curse…one or both siblings always die! also makes me wonder about Judith safety since most of the key players are away from Alexandria

  48. BB says:

    Do not kill darly, that will do it for me. Let Carol and Morgan come together and let them save them. Was really tired of the governor time on the show and really tired of hearing negan. This show center around these peopleand it will fail if they are killed off. My friends and I will stop watching it (like games of the throne).

  49. Mark says:

    It’s a low shoulder shot if you freeze frame

  50. Faank sadmad says:

    I think daryl who’s gon to die next its just because he’s even not exsist in the comic,and he’s the one who make all of this happen,and i get disappoint really…