Vampire Diaries Spoilers

Vampire Diaries' Ian Somerhalder Previews Damon and Bonnie's Tense Future: 'She Is Not Happy With Him'

Whoever said time heals all wounds obviously doesn’t watch The Vampire Diaries.

When the CW drama returns on April 1 (8/7c), Damon discovers that a lot has changed during his three-year desiccation. Unfortunately, Bonnie’s fury remains unwavering.

“Coming back into the fray, she is not having it,” second-time director Ian Somerhalder tells TVLine. “She is not happy with him at all. And why should she be? He abandoned her. There’s no two ways about it. So he’s going to have to really build that back up as the season continues.”

Of course, Damon’s decision to go all Sleeping Beauty on his friends is merely the latest in a string of selfish decisions on his part.

“Bonnie gets consistently screwed over by this man,” Somerhalder admits. “Like Stefan, she goes to great lengths to help him, and she just gets shit on as a result of it. She really, really does. And she tries so hard to give him the benefit of the doubt because they’re bonded. There’s a bond there, and he does love her. She’s his best friend. She and Ric are really his best friends, other than his brother.”

Not that Somerhalder is particularly proud of Damon’s relationship with his brother, either…

“Damon is the biggest burden on the planet,” Somerhalder concedes. “He’s Stefan and Elena and Mystic Falls’ biggest liability — and I say that with love. Damon desiccating, while his intentions may have been pure, was a super cowardice act. He left everyone high and dry, but because he’s such a vulnerable character, the audience forgives him for so many things. At the end of the day, come on, this guy does terrible things to people and just gets away with it. Poor Stefan, you know?”

We’ll have more on Somerhalder’s episode for you in the coming days. For now, drop a comment with your thoughts below: What are your hopes for the rest of Season 7?

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  1. Bloody says:

    We want Bamon Happen. Not the ‘Ne Chemistry’ Benzo or Delecoffin. Its sucks. Change Bamon relationship. Not stuck em with no ends.

    • TJ says:

      I love Bamon but agree with Ian on his characterization of Damon. Bamon is only good for Damon. What does Damon give Bonnie in their relationship, what does he give anybody in his relationships? Damon needs to grow the heck up, he’s still a child in many aspects. The problem is the writers never allow Damon to grow and have consequences from his actions. I would love to see him earn Bonnie and Stefan’s loyalty and love, I just don’t have the faith in JP and crew. There’s been no development for his character. He’s still the same whiny piney man in pain obsessed with a Petrova since s1.

  2. Love them. And glad that Ian made the point that Damon’s intentions were pure, but still acknowledged that his actions hurt the people he loves, and that he needs to make amends, especially to Bonnie.

    I know you can only report what is said, so this isn’t a slight on this article at all, but… We’ve been waiting so long to see some more progression in this relationship. It’s almost at the point where I’m going to scream if I hear “She’s his best friend.” one more time. We’ve seen them progress from enemies to frenemies, to allies, to best friends… It shouldn’t stop there. I hope that we will start to see things kick into motion for them to have more overtly romantic interactions. Season 7 is almost over… it’s time. I get that there are narrative hurdles, but nothing worse than what’s been overcome in the past to further a romantic plotline (not that I WANT another sire bond, but you know what I mean, right?)

    Maybe this falling out will be the spark for that, where they realize what each means to the other and what they really feel for one another. (One of the writers tweeted that they wrote an intentional Freudian slip about Damon wanting to eat Bon Bons til the sun comes up earlier this season, which makes me think I’m not completely crazy for seeing the way that they look at each other and interact with each other, and reading it as something more than friendship, even if they can’t articulate that yet.)

    Anyway, this got crazy long, oops. Thank you for the scoop! I’m really excited for the rest of the season and so happy that they were renewed for s8!

    • MalikBefour says:

      I really need them to complete Damon’s character development even before Bamon comes into play because I love him but he has some ways about him that I strongly dislike. Last thing we need is for the writers to make Bamon Delena 2.0 all because they still have this hard understanding of Damon’s character and refuse to let him grow up.

      • Rachel says:

        TOTALLY agree! The reason I like(d) Bamon was because it wasn’t DE. I could see a real future with Bamon but then because Nina was leaving the writers felt the need for Damon to take a backseat in character development again just to prop up that toxic ship! The last part of s6 and this s7 I felt like they had to water Bonnie’s character down just so she could be friends with Damon which did remind me of DE because they took Elena’s agency away for her to be with Damon. I don’t want that for Bonnie and as you said we don’t need another dullena 2.0. There’s one too many as it is.

        • L says:

          How on earth did they take away Elena’s agency to be with Damon? The sirebond was an obstacle to Delena, it didn’t help them at all. Elena was already in love with Damon throughout season 3 (they hinted it or stated it several times in s3), so it was just a matter of time before she couldn’t deny it anymore. The sirebond was the show’s way of making the triangle “ambiguous” throughout the season, it was legit just a plot tool. The only times her agency was truly compromised was when Damon accidentally told her she had to drink from the vein.

          I’m honestly so tired of this lazy interpretation of canon in which Delena “only happened because of the sirebond”. Give yourself more credit as a watcher. (Then again you said “dullena” so… I’m not surprised).

          And it’s honestly BAFFLING that anyone considers Delena toxic but roots for Bamon. Bamon is THE most toxic relationship (platonic in this case) on the show. If you actually know what the term toxic means.

          • Mari says:

            Do YOU know what the term toxic and co-dependent and consuming are? Because Julie, Nina and Ian have all said this about DE!! This is Julie’s show so out of everyone she should know. LOL I’m not a Bamon fan but at least Bonnie tells Damon like it is. How can you even think that Elena didn’t loose herself by being with Damon? You can’t be serious, look at the girl she was before. She was kind, compassionate, caring about her friends and loved ones. When she was with Damon she lost that part of herself. If you look up the word consume you would know it’s not romantic and that’s what Julie called their relationship. It’s “BAFFLING” that anyone considers DE NOT toxic and yes DE is the most toxic of all relationships on the show. They had to change everyone’s character for that relationship. It’s pretty telling when both actors of the ship don’t want to play it anymore. In one of Nina’s interviews she was asked what her favorite character to play was and she said Katherine. Then she was asked which Elena she liked playing and she said Elena s1-s3.

          • NDFan says:

            How did it NOT happen because of the sire bond? Elena had some feelings for Damon prior to that for sure…but she still loved Stefan and chose him over Damon. Then the sire bond happened and that’s when she picked Damon (apparently forgetting she ever loved Stefan). Elena became a whiny girl who had no life or thought outside of Damon. That’s a toxic relationship. Bonnie and Damon have their issues for sure, but at least Bonnie has always called him out on his crap. Sonething Elena rarely did. People know what they watched even if you have a different interpretation of it.

    • L says:

      Why does progression have to be romantic? How about they fix their friendship? It’s not a healthy or beneficial friendship by any means, and after all the messes they’ve been through they need a long time to make it worthwhile. Damon uses Bonnie for various favours but inevitably treats her poorly at every turn, while she bends over backwards to try and help him out on revenge missions and such. I agree, I’m sick of hearing the “best friend’ thing over and over because I don’t buy it. What makes these two bffs? The fact that she got to babysit him and his other bff instead of enjoying Europe? Bonnie DOES get the short end of the stick here. Ian is right, Damon is terrible to her. And it’s not in the way the show is pretending, like he’s getting her into danger, it’s in the fact that he just doesn’t care for her wellbeing beyond her having a pulse. That’s not a good friendship for Bonnie.

      A romance isn’t in the cards. They’ve all shut it down repeatedly over the last two years. You can say you’ve waited for X number of years, that won’t change canon. Damon is in love with Elena, and he knows that her coma is temporary, and at the end of it he’ll get to be with her like he truly wants. His love for her hasn’t waned at all this entire season that she’s been asleep, and it’s not going to. They essentially hit the pause button on Delena at the point of them getting practically married; they did that for a reason. They could have broken them up or left them in a grey area before Nina left, but they chose to hit pause at “I want to be your husband/the father of your kids, Elena”. Julie Plec even said that Damon and Elena both deserve better than for Damon to be with anyone else.

      • Crystal says:

        First thing’s first. Stop focusing on the characters. It all boils down to who’s running the show.

        When Kevin Williamson was writing for Damon character growth was never an issue. That’s why Damon was the character that held my attention in the beginning. Even after getting emotionally crushed several times during “Seasons 1 & 2” Damon was still very entertaining to watch because of Kevin’s writing. After the episode “Fool Me Once” (1×14) I thought Damon was going to be sitting around and drowning himself in his grief. Next thing Damon is back to delivering the adrenaline when he pulled out all stops to save Stefan from the tomb vampires and being the first person to figure out John Gilbert was Elena’s biological father.

        Bottom line is Caroline Dries & Julie Plec’s nonstop obsession with #Delena signed “The Vampire Diaries” death sentence.

      • bobbysgurl says:

        Bamon is going to happen, roadblocks and all. In the olden days, it was called logical progression. With fangurl “not while I’m still here” Dries gone, I would say its in the cards.

        In what universe does a show not want to move forward. If TVD had been wise, they would have written Elena out when Dobrev decided to leave. They didn’t necessarily have to kill her off, because she helped put TVD on the map. BUT, they should have let Elena go to be the human she always wanted to be.

        Now, the show stagnates unable to move forward. With Bamon, TVD could have potentially run as long as Supernatural. All they needed were new writers who were savvy about the drama. Fresh story lines could have propelled the show forward, but nah

  3. Amy says:

    I never felt particularly attached to Bonnie as a character but since becoming friends with Damon, it seems she serves no other purpose, which I don’t care for. And he has treated her like crap. Hope they do manage to cobble their friendship together because with Ric busy with the kids, he needs a bestie. Not a fan of romantic Bamon though. I think they had better chance of becoming a romantic pairing when Elena was still around. With her sleeping and Damon waiting for her, after what he said to her before she went into a coma, I really hope they don’t turn them into a couple. It just wouldn’t make sense. I prefer her with Enzo.

    • Baileys says:

      Enzo? Enzo the irrelevant? They haven’t given him a storyline since he first came on in season 5. He’s a Damon wanna be. Agree that they have written themselves in a corner with this coffin storyline but with creative writing it can and should be changed. Stelena was suppose to be “Always” and look how that turned out so I could care less ‘how’ they end DE they just need to do it and have Damon move on. The fans that have tuned into season 7 aren’t here for DElcoffin so they need to set Damon free. I’m glad Bonnie isn’t going to forgive him so easily and he will have to earn her forgiveness. Can’t wait for that!

      • L says:

        Stelena was never meant to be always. The entire show’s premise is a love triangle, Delena was always going to happen eventually. That’s love triangle 101. So comparing Delena’s current situation to Stelena doesn’t fly. Damon’s in love with Elena and he’s NOT trapped. “set Damon free”, that attitude makes it sound like you think his only worth lies in his romantic life. He doesn’t need another romance to have a story.

        • Mari says:

          DO you even watch the show or are your rose colored de glasses the only thing you look through. If you go back and look at Julie and Keven’s quotes you would see that Stelena was suppose to be always. I don’t know anyone that has every said DE wasn’t going to happen but that along with all your other DElusions doesn’t surprise me. Yes there was a triangle and Julie has pointed out on many occasions that Damon was the third point to the triangle. DE was suppose to interrupt SE not end it, it was suppose to come back around to SE. In fact Julie said it was because of the timing that Nina left that they had Elena end off with Damon last season. I’m not expecting Elena to end up with either brother, I think they added the Sleeping Beauty story line so there wouldn’t be as much back lash as there was. My theory is she’ll end up with Matt which will make me laugh at all shippers.

      • Amy says:

        I agree that Enzo has been irrelevant to this point, but Bonnie hasn’t been much of a main character either. They could make Enzo and her more relevant by pairing them together and focusing on them as a new couple. They both have that spurned by love and taken for granted thing going on, so they could bond over that. As for Damon moving on from Elena, I don’t see it as being as easy as what happened with her and Stefan. The triangle was in place from the beginning so it was being set up for her to be with Damon at some point. They only started building Bamon as friends in season 6, never mind anything romantic. But more importantly, Stefan, Damon and Elena were all there to sort through their mess. We saw Stefan fight for Elena, grow apart from Elena, mourn for his relationship with Elena, accept that she wasn’t meant to be his and slowly move on. Both characters needed to be there and interact for their relationship to dissolve. And we saw Elena fall out of love with Stefan before she could truly love Damon. This can’t happen with Damon and Elena because with her asleep, their relationship and his feelings for her are suspended in that moment before she was cursed, which was them as in love and as committed to each other as they’ve ever been. If the writers wanted to do Bamon, they should have built it in from the beginning or even just used the events of season 6 to pull DE apart and set the stage for Bonnie and Daon. They didn’t, instead they wrote themselves into a corner. The sire bond line was bad enough, it would have to be something much worse for Bonnie and Damon to have anything, and even then I don’t necessarily see them as “endgame” as much as a brief something that ruins their friendship. Also in her role as Damon’s new bestie, Bonnie has become nothing more than his sidekick after starting out the show as the person with the greatest moral compass. Personally, I’m not a fan. But honestly, I’m pretty done with the show so my level of caring is at an all time low.

        • bobbysgurl says:

          Stefan never chose to believe Elena was never meant to be with him. He chose the love for his brother over the love of a woman. He wanted Damon to have his love for Elena reciprocated. So, no matter how bad Stefan felt about the betrayal, and it was a betrayal, he let it go for Damon’s sake.

  4. Jeana says:

    I don’t want Bonnie with Damon!!! I want Bonnie with someone new. Someone that makes her happy. Damon has to much bagage. They can still be friends , I wish Elena would come back on, and finish the story.

    • Katherine says:

      Well I don’t want Elena back unless they give her back her agency and she chooses herself and moves away from the Salvatores. So glad to be rid of her and her codependent and toxic relationship with Damon. Now if Nina comes back to play Katherine that would be great!

  5. Marty Kate says:

    They really need to cancel this series. When they first started it was fresh and new, now it’s old and tired and they’re running out of good story lines. Put it to rest before it dies of old age and no one watches anymore

  6. Don’t get it twisted… As painful and misguided as it is, and as much as I never want to see Bonnie hurt like that, in terms of intentions alone this was one of the most selfless things Damon’s done.

    Everything that’s happened this season has reinforced his preexisting notions that he ruins every good thing he touches, that he doesn’t deserve good things, that when good people love him they will get hurt.

    That speech at Bonnie’s bedside was the only time in all this that he was 100% honest about his motivations for desiccating. Because that was the only time that there was no one around to hear him, so he didn’t have to lie.

    And yes, he absolutely was lying in both (all?) of his letters. Because in Damon’s opinion, he’s no hero. If presented with a situation where he could protect his loved ones but be hated by them, vs. be admired by them while leaving them vulnerable, he will choose the former every single time. And that’s exactly what he’s done.

    With Stefan, he said that he’s a bad brother and a danger to society without Elena, knowing that Stefan will feel betrayed. With Ric, he directly refuted all that, admitting he was lying to his brother… and instead spins an even more selfish yarn about having been too miserable without Elena to stand living another moment without her.

    Anyone paying attention to anything happening in the past dozen episodes knows that this isn’t true. He’s telling them what he thinks they will believe/accept.
    He knows that being honest about his selfless intentions would a. be uncomfortable, and b. open the door for them to try to stop him (as they very obviously would.) But this way, he’s the same old Damon, making selfish choices for Elena and they’re free to resent him for the way those choices affect them while (supposedly) being safe and sound.
    I’m not saying it’s sound logic, or that he’s right to invoke a lifetime of abandonment issues in some misguided attempt to protect Bonnie from himself. But I am saying that for once, Damon’s choice is made for the sake of the people he loves, not for himself, and not for Elena… no matter what he writes to them.

    Bamon are made for each other and I totally support this couple.

    • Olga says:

      I totally agree. I see it this way. Maybe he is not the best brother or best friend in the world, but he is definitely not selfish. And he never judges others

  7. Marie says:

    I don’t understand

    … how so much of the fandom and so MANY OF THE REVIEWERS seem to have completely forgotten what we watched play out in 7×14. “It all ends tomorrow. You’ll never have to worry about me again.”

    HOW do they go from that to just taking him at his word that he’s removing himself from the game because he’s selfish, he misses Elena, etc?

    THIS ENTIRE SEASON has been hammering into Damon’s head this notion that he’s not just a fuck up, but a fuck up that is constantly putting his loved ones in danger, just by his mere presence.

    Lily convincing him to send Elena’s coffin away, because as long as he selfishly keeps her physically close, she’s in danger.
    The Phoenix Stone, convincing him that he ruins every good thing because he’s a monster at heart.
    Stefan, blaming him for Rayna getting the sword that got him stabbed/marked and telling him to just stop helping because he’s only going to make things worse.
    Valerie, saying essentially the same thing, that he needs to stop trying to save Stefan because he’s only going to ruin things more.
    Caroline, making Bonnie promise not to let Damon “screw things up” when they go to the Armory.
    Tyler, reinforcing that as long as Damon is in the picture, these good selfless people he loves will sacrifice themselves over and over again until they’re all dead.
    And then when he sees what happened to Bonnie in 7×14, he finally takes it all to heart to the point of formulating this plan where he a. handles the Rayna business as best he can (which originally meant killing her, then corralling her when it became clear killing her wasn’t an option), and b. convinces the others that he’s desiccating for selfish Elena-centric reasons since they won’t question that and try to stop him.

    And now that we see that play out, everybody and their mother’s brother’s cousin’s dog suddenly crawls out of the woodwork to moan “DAMON IS SO SELFISHHHH HE RUINS EVERYTHING HE JUST WANTS TO BE WITH ELENA HE DOESNT LOVE STEFAN AND BONNIEEEE”

    likeeeeeeee were you paying attention??? to any????thing???

    This point in the narrative is so huge for both Damon’s individual development and for Bamon’s, and it’s blowing my mind that it’s getting glossed over by so many people, even very Bamon/Bonnie/Damon-friendly people.

    Not to mention the irony of his fledgling attempts at selflessness causing the audience at large to label him MOST SELFISH MONSTROUS CREATURE EVER is killing me.

    • Sheena says:

      You are spot on.

    • L says:

      Honestly YOU haven’t paid attention to anything. He literally told Stefan that he was doing it for other people and then told Alaric that this wasn’t the truth. It’s not that complex.

      You’re looking for what you want to see.

  8. I wish jp give bamon chance on romance see what I did there lol. Bonnie and Damon are so good together I hope they make up and finally realized that their more than best friends. Bonnie and Enzo have zero chemistry . Bonnie and Damon have chemistry in spades that why I want bamon and not benzo.Kat and ian want bamon to be a couple and so many us bamon fans do to.

  9. Ian really never gives Damon the credit he deserves. Damon is an incredibly contradictory character–both selfish and selfless, dangerous but friendly, full of hate yet oozing with love. But he’s never very creative with these interviews, I assume in some episode verbatim a character will call Damon a burden to everyone so we’re all just supposed to run with that. Okay, whatever. As for Damon and Bonnie’s relationship: yikes. It hurts to have your friend be willing to sleep through your entire life because he desperately misses the love of his life. It’s odd I see people wanting them to move on to something romantic when they can barely function as friends. Damon takes Bonnie for granted, Bonnie doesn’t give Damon the benefit of the doubt, at minimum they don’t want each other dead. Clearly this arc is meant to smooth this out, but it just continues to make a bigger mess. These two are either a sitcom or a soap opera and it’s just…not fulfilling to the narrative? I’m not sure why the vampire diaries insists on throwing seasons and seasons of in depth development for both Damon and Stefan in the toilet just to repeat the bad brother/good brother schtick but it’s annoying. This show needs to wrap it up before it delves even worse into irredeemable terrible. Let’s put these characters to rest, including Elena who still has some unfinished business in Mystic Falls.

  10. Ujjyani Banerjee says:

    Damon’s vulnerability & his actions towards his loved ones is the very reason we love him so damn much!!! I cannot help but agree with Ian here, this guy selfishly desiccated although he wanted to lay his friends off the burden called “Damon Salvatore”. He’s been blaming everything and all of his actions coz’ he missed Elena. BUT he is literally going all out to save his brother, so much so that he’s ready to die for him now. He didn’t wanna let Bonnie enter the glass room when Tyler was turning just coz’ he wanted to save her from all the misery. He is a good man with weird ways of going about it… i love Damon for this & Ian has been phenomenally portraying him for the past 7 years, I simply cannot wait for season 8:)
    Bamon is treading rough waters but I am positive that they’ll emerge stronger at the end of all this. Bamon is pure friend-‘ship’ and i wanna see it sail successfully. Kudos to Ivana Chubbuck, Kat & Ian for being the pillars behind the super-fun and sometimes tear-jerky BAMON scenes.

    P.S. This cast needs a standing ovation guys, they could’ve easily let down the show to pursue big screen dreams but they stuck together through pregnancy (Candice), divorce (Paul), extreme sleep deprivation (Ian guys, 10 companies, ISF, a prod company of their own)… to make TVD a success, even when a huge chunk of their fans abandoned them due to shipwars, character deaths/magical coma etc. But now I’m glad to observe that good storytelling eventually gets its fruits. People have started coming back to the show and watching it and loving it like before,. The cast’s trying it but let us as viewers also strive to bring this show back its lost glory of S1, S2, S3… cheers!!!

  11. Laine says:

    I want to see more scenes Bamon for me is the only thing that has worked on the show. Its dynamic is strong, natural and exciting to watch. I hope Damon repents for having abandoned Stefan and especially for leaving Bonnie, I see him struggling to gain her trust, after all BonBon deserves all the love and affection. Enough of our little witch suffer.

  12. angelac says:

    meh this show is nothing but recycled storylines and recycled scenes and recycled dialogue. there’s nothing new or fresh about Damon and Bonnie or Damon and Stefan. We’ve seen this Defan “good brother/bad brother: (false) dichotomy play out a million times. The result is always the same and, honestly, they have to keep flushing both brother’s character develpment down the drain every time they redo it. As for Bamon? It’s nothing but a poorly written rehash of every friendship Damon’s ever had. Forcing that dynamic to the forefront in an attempt to try and elevate Bonnie from a side-character to a main has actually added nothing to the story (unless you’re a bamon shipper) and it’s done absolutely nothing for her character.

    Why do they keep renewing this show when they haven’t had a new story to tell since S4?

    • BT says:

      I agree with you about them overplaying the good/bad brother sl all the time. That has played itself out because every season they play the same themes without any development. That’s the real problem so until the development comes Defan is a joke. As far as Bonnie’s character is concerned she is far from being a side character. If it wasn’t for her everyone’s favs would’ve died and stayed dead. So it’s pretty funny how DEr’s try and use that line because it just doesn’t add up. The only reason someone would use it is because they are scared that Bamon will happen and disrupt De’s disturbing relationship. De has done nothing for Elena’s character and was all about Damon which JP has pointed out herself.

      • angelac says:

        Bonnie has always been a side-character. Just because she was used as a magical plot device to save other characters doesn’t make her a main. Until she was paired up with Damon and basically rewritten to bait shippers, her character had absolutely zero development and virtually no storyline of her own. She spent 5+ seasons mostly in servitude, offscreen or “dead”. Constant plot device =/= important. Why is this so confusing to people? Additionally, Bonnie would also have been dead/stayed dead several times over if it weren’t for other characters so that argument is completely irrelevant, anyway. She’d be dead right now if not for Damon (whom she has tried to kill on more than one occasion), Jeremy, Elena, Kai, Caroline, etc.

        None of my comments are related in any way to shipping nor was any comment made about Elena nor Delena. Neither Stelena nor Delena did much of anything for Elena’s character, just as Steroline, Klaroline and Bamon do nothing for Caroline and Bonnie’s characters. Clearly you are a shipper yourself or you wouldn’t be making such problematic assumptions. Personally, I stopped watching regularly when the writers made it clear that they had absolutely NO intention of treating their female characters with any sort of respect nor as valuable entities autonomous of their relationships with the male characters. I just commented on this article because I find it both hilarious and troubling that absolutely nothing has changed on this show, the way the “media” covers it, or the way the rampant fangirls glorify the stale, vapid, misogynistic writing.

  13. Mina says:

    Julie Plec and Caroline Dries completely lost their spark soon as they started pandering to DULLENA shippers! The whole DULLENA thing is a snooze-fest, Elena left the show and the show must go on. The inexplicable need to remain stuck in this boring DULLENA ship pandering will be the death of this show! Frankly I’m sick of it, everytime Damon moans or whines about Elena, I’m bored and sickened! Move on and stop making Damon into a whiny love-sick nuisance! Rubbish writing!

    • Crystal says:

      Can’t argue that. Granted S3 was the best season without Kevin Williamson. We got more info on “The Originals” and I really enjoyed the storyline involving Caroline’s Father and how he wanted to make amends after torturing her. When he made the choice to not become a vampire after Alaric killed him I was heartbroken. Speaking of Alaric I never would have thought the resurrection ring could turn him into a psychotic. That was an awesome twist. “Before Sunset” (3×21) is the best episode from S3 in my opinion. The scenes when Alaric was terrorizing Elena & Caroline and when he exposed Liz Forbes & Carol Lockwood to the council was hardcore. Once again Caroline & Julie’s obsession with #Delena led to them killing off one of the show’s best villains. S4 would’ve been bad-ass if Julie & Caroline kept Elena human and made Alaric the primary villain. That sure as hell would’ve been better than that retarded cure storyline they threw in our faces.

  14. Pauline says:

    I hope damon and bonnie get together and live their life out until she dies and then damon and elena can get back together knowing that bonnie was happy doing her life time too

  15. chantall says:

    Really now bonnie is just too much woman for any man, she deserves someone as strong As her and not elenas sloppy seconds or is it carolines seconds?

  16. chantall says:

    Ok so here’s the thing about bonnie and I’m going to be honest everytime bonnie has been kidnapped or held captive she waits for a guy to save her, I mean cutting off enzo hand brilliant bon bon even when her magic is supressed she can still fight. Unlike elena always crying help damon! Argh! What a bore she was. Bonnie is just too much woman for any man on this show, like fa real- I was a bamon shipper alwAys, but I realised that bonnie desereves more than elena`s seconds. Sorry still love ian #teamkat

  17. ika says:

    Sucks.. TVD is trying to force bamon really happens in romantic relationship… Crazy! Everyone are dating each other.. No true friendship, no true love. The moments between delena for many years meant nothing .. It’s useless.. Their oath, promises, love means nothing. They’re trying to kill Elena off.. If Nina can’t come back, why don’t Julie replace her with someone new to play Elena character? At least, Elena can come back , remember guys, Elena is the love of Damon’s life..