The Family Spoilers

The Family EP Teases 'Definitive' Resolution of Adam's DNA Mystery

Ever since The Family viewers spied Adam Warren watching old home movies on a loop, attempting to perfect the way his young self said, “I want a big piece! I want the frosting!” there has clearly been something a little off about the Warrens’ long-lost son.

Fortunately for the home audience, series creator Jenna Bans is hyper-aware of how many mysteries the ABC drama has introduced in just four installments — and she promises that Sunday’s episode (9/8c) will answer the major, lingering question of Adam’s identity.

“We’ll know definitively — which is what I’m most excited about — the answer to the DNA question, which is whether this is really Adam Warren or not,” Bans tells TVLine. “It’s a big episode for us.”

The Family SpoilersAnd even though she can’t say if Adam really is who he claims to be, Bans says the forthcoming paternity test results will kick off a string of big reveals about the entire Warren family.

“Over the next three episodes, you find out so much,” she teases. “The mystery takes on a different story drive, and it gets really interesting.”

Sunday’s installment will also resolve a second, more recent cliffhanger: Who’s responsible for beating Hank Asher with Adam’s baseball bat and leaving him for dead? Given that John Warren was the last person to see Hank before he was assaulted, Bans confirms that all eyes will be on the family patriarch as an investigation unfolds.

“It creates a lot of interesting questions for [John’s] family — not only because Claire is running for governor and they have this huge spotlight on them right now, but it brings up a lot of relationship issues between him and Claire, and him and his daughter, Willa.”

Continues Bans: “It really raises the question of who’s going to believe [John]. Who’s going to have his back? What will this do in terms of the election, and did John really do it? That plot point is definitely tied up in a way that is very character-revealing of [Hank’s] attacker.”

If you’re tuning in for Sunday’s Family, who do you think attacked Hank — and do you believe that Adam is really Adam? Drop all of your theories in a comment below.

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  1. wrstlgirl says:

    So the kid will turn out to be Adam but his blood test will reveal that he’s not John’s son. I watch to many soap operas, LOL!!!!

  2. jr. says:

    I believe Adam was not alone in that bunker all those years. He bonded with another victim kept in the bunker. And the key Adam lifted and hid, will help him eventually rescue and free this person. I believe the slightly off sister of Adam, hit the guy with the baseball bat, and is the person who was behind Adam’s captivity.

    • jr. says:

      I also wonder about in the first episode,, when we saw in the past, Hank had an over protective mother (?) living with him. What happened to her? I think Hank was devoted to her, and she was the one who had did bad things, and he accepted the blame for her evil deeds. Remember when the father asked Hank why he confessed, and Hank said they had things on him. I think to further protect his mom ( ? ), he felt he had to confess to the charges to protect her. And when we saw Hank in the past, mopping and cleaning up the floor in his house, I think he had done in his mother ( i.e.. and now she is the secret attic space ( i.e. like Psycho ).

  3. lololee24 says:

    I don’t believe the kid is Adam and his “Sister” mother, father and brother knows to. A mother knows her child no matter how long they are separated. The brother is a callous jerk, a drug addicted, and a loser but he knows his brother and has had to deal with the guilt of feeling responsible for his abduction. The mother is a disgusting piece of work and she’s using this boy for her own selfish gain and that part of the story is what’s turning me off from the show. This “Adam” does not belong to this family and that boy knows it and so does the family.
    The Family feels like a blend of Revenge and Rectified (Sundance Channel) toss in some “How To Get Away With Murder” and out comes “THE FAMILY” lets hope the show survives the first two seasons before the writers run out of plot twist that make sense.

  4. ladyoflzur says:

    I’m torn between Hank self inflicting his injuries or the guy that Hank met with at the deli.

  5. ladyoflzur says:

    I’m torn between Hank self inflicting his injuries or the guy that he met with at the diner beating him.

  6. Tameika says:

    I think since everything is so twisted it seems like in the pat when they were at the festival and the mom was basically being ignored I think the daughter had something to do with it to boost her moms votes ,also believe that since the dna that confirmed that Adam is not the dads maybe the mom had an affair and Adam was never his???? And then why would the cop let the daughter ride her bike alone home in the dark after finding the dad drunk at the ballpark ….can’t wait til the next episode😳😳😳

  7. Bandslee Lee says:

    In reading some of the recent press releases, Hank is probably not completely innocent where the real Adam’s kidnapping is concerned. I think he may not be aware that he played a role in the kidnapping, but ultimately I think he will have been an unwitting accomplice. I am saddened that Adam is not the real Adam. Likable characters are hard to find in this show.

    P.S. Claire drinks – more than we know.

  8. I just started watching. I think Hank or his mom, killed Adam (maybe Hank got too ” close” to Adam like the puppies and mom covered it up) I think that that crazy Truck guy is the kidnapper of fake Adam and held him in the bunker. and Adam and this kid were kidnapped around the same time.. I think the kid got free and having no where to go chose Adam’s family some how having found out about him….I may be off but I do think Adam is dead and that saddens me!!