Grimm Season 5 Spoilers Adalind Renard Diana

Grimm's Sasha Roiz, Claire Coffee Preview Renard's End Game, a 'Totally Creepy' New Take on Little Diana

Careful there, Renard. Fatherhood — even sham, for-the-cameras, get-me-elected fatherhood — may be more trouble than it’s worth.

In Friday’s Grimm, Sasha Roiz’s Capt. Renard met with his former hook-up Adalind to offer her some information about their missing daughter. While the meeting seemed like a friendly gesture at first, Adalind soon realized that there was more to Sean’s overture than fatherly concern for Diana.

What we know but Adalind doesn’t (yet): Campaign manager and Black Claw operative Rachel is pushing Sean to polish his family-man image, all the better to secure votes in the Portland mayoral race and win another position of power for the pro-Wesen/anti-everyone else organization.

Though the captain didn’t outright blackmail Adalind into filling the role of Mrs. Renard in this week’s episode, Claire Coffee tells TVLine exclusively, it’s coming.

“Adalind didn’t think she was just going to get Diana back for nothing, but what’s demanded of her [later this season] is incredibly challenging,” the actress previews. “What she has to do in order to get Diana back is the most difficult decision that she could possibly be forced to make.”

Anyone else very worried about little Kelly now?

Grimm Season 5 Spoilers Diana

Sasha Roiz says that his character views Diana as “so much more than their daughter. She is definitely a very strategic pawn in this whole mythology. She’s proven to be someone who’s gifted and has a significant amount of power.”

He adds: “There’s a lot of people vying for this girl.”

When she reappears on the show, the girl in question will look a lot different from the young blonde child last seen riding in a helicopter with Meisner: A pre-teen Oregonian actress named Hannah R. Loyd now will play Adalind and Renard’s child.

“The character of Diana now, she has this infant sensibility because she’s young, but looks older and is capable and magic and has incredible powers that everybody is just learning about,” Coffee says, adding that Loyd strikes the perfect balance of “charming and totally creepy.” She laughs. “She’s incredible looking, and a really great girl.”

So let’s just say Renard gets it all: the insta-family, the public support, the mayor’s office. Will that be enough for the zauberbiest to feel satisfied (and maybe to let Adalind head back to Nick, if he’ll have her)?

“Renard has always enjoyed having status and having a title,” Roiz says, pointing to his character’s affiliation with the royals a few years back as proof that the captain’s ambitions will likely never be satisfied. “He’s just very easily lured by position, power and leverage.”

Got thoughts on the episode/what lies ahead? Tell us about it in the comments.

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  1. Luis says:

    I’m interested to see where all this will stand Renard with Nick & Co. Does this put him and Renard on opposite sides?

  2. Jason says:

    Adalind really needs to have a conversation with Meisner. He seems like the best bet for getting Diana back without jumping through Renard’s hoops. That seems like Adalind’s lot in life though. Always driven by the whims of others. At some point it would be nice to see her get to set her own path.

  3. Ad says:

    I think, maybe, Adalind will leave Kelly with Nick e Juliette to get Diana back

  4. aboutnici says:

    I can’t wait to see Adalind reunited with her beloved daughter Diana, so she can raise both of her children together, so that she can protect them from harm’s way.

  5. Anonymous110 says:

    Adalind is gonna to leave Nick taking Kelly for sure for get Diana back.
    I think she will try marry with Renard, and Nick will become hysterical in some point.
    But Nick can not blame her, since he´s not her owner and he´s lieying to her. in this point i think that both men, Nick & Renard any of them deserves the Adalind´s love.
    She would deserve get away with her two children, now with the biest back she can protect them. I would not trust in Meisner if i´ve been her, Meisner is another liar, a mercenary without scruples for win the war. Diana is the only think that cares now.
    Nick had his chance of to be a happy life with Adalind but he not even said to her “i love you” back for what he does not deserve her.
    I´m shipper of Nadalind, but i think and trust in the woman´s independence as well.

  6. Avinash says:

    How awesome would it be if Wu turned Wesen?

  7. Ad says:

    I don’t think Diana will be good, she will be the next generation of royalty and will be bad. Nick probably will have to kill her in the future.

    • Jorgon says:

      Agree, many Nadalind shippers think this show is a soap opera, happy family Nick, Adalind, Diana and Kelly, Really Guys?! Nah, Everything is gonna change in the last three episodes, trust me…

  8. mooshki says:

    Adalind slowly turning back into a Hexenbiest has got to play into this in a big way as well.

  9. So essentially Nick is going to lose again. I can’t see this ending up good for anyone

  10. Soooo I guess Grimm Is coming to an end? Grimm was about the key and treasure. Got key’s and treasure…..The feud over Royals and Verrat and over Diana is over….The Royals…..Killed Eric…Killed Kenneth ….Killed the King….and never heard about Victor and the Verrat again….Killed Nick’s mother…no need for her anymore…..Diana disappeared with Meisner…..soon she will make her come back. (wonder….will she be evil and make a fight with Eve? she knows her mother is looking for her) And I also wonder ,,,what will the magic want of Nick will do……what’s the real power of it to get it hidden for centuries………

    • John NYC says:

      I still get “religious artifact” vibes about the wood fragment so I’m unclear that it would “want” anything from Nick.

    • Not necessarily. While the show runners are making sure they can wrap up some storylines. The studio execs don’t care and could just as easily order a few more seasons.

      • Anonymous110 says:

        NBC wants move on Grimm from Fridays.
        And TNT does not want buy epidodes right now every Grimm episode does not have a network and the ratings are a shame.

    • Anonymous110 says:

      exactly, Grimm is coming to the end.
      All the writers who says that they have a lot of ideas is a lie. They not even had the enough brains for write an story without Juliette as character. And every episode has repeated elements, is a mix of old cases. The writing is being old, as the show. very old. they have their ideas wasted. but by vanity they say that they could make a season 6 with news ideas, but they think with the money not with their cold mind, the thing is that the season 5 is being a dissapointment. i don´t see why the called “reboot” to this season,is so obvious that is a finale one.

      • Ben says:

        +1. I’m still puking with that rape baby / happy family plot… :’P

        Love the cast.. but the show have to end for good.

  11. Nicaela says:

    They need to amp up the chemistry between Nick and Adalind for me to be convinced they make a good couple. He didn’t really seem interested in that hug after he came back and he doesn’t trust her. I know it will take time but neither of them really seem “into” each other and or that they are really interested in a future together. This happens to be one of the most boring “new” potential romances I have ever watched.

    • Ad says:

      I agree, before Nick seemed interested in Adalind and now it seems far away. Although David has said that they will have sex again, I think Nick will leave Adalind alone as he did when she lost Diana.

      • Anonymous110 says:

        No, will be Adalind who will leave Nick and for that he´s fighthing with Renard in that image of Sasha in his instagram.

  12. Marie says:

    While Adalind is pretty intelligent at some things (she is an attorney after all and supposed to be a very good one), she can be taken in quite easily and can be very naive about some things. In other ways, she is sly as a fox but others she is really vulnerable. Hopefully, Eve by going through the house and finding Renard’s political poster, will let Adalind know in some way what is happening. Supposedly Eve doesn’t have any past feelings so it should not affect how Juliette and Adalind felt about each other in the past.

  13. Lisa says:

    I hate how everyone jumped on the nick and adalind thing. It never felt real. I didn’t like Juliette as human, but now she’s kinda kickass I don’t think they needed to break her. I hate how he rejected her but accepted adalind, who hasn’t thought about her other child this entire season it was like she was trying too hard to be someone else. She also hurt him for the entire series where as Juliette reacted to new powers and a pregnant adalind.

    • Jorgon says:

      Totally Agree, this is the worst season, I really hate this “Nadalind” thing…

      • yoyo says:

        Everybody else liked it though.

        • Not necessarily. Don’t really care for the storyline. but definitely see how it could end really badly. Not really a big fan of this season, but would love to see what they will do next season.

          • Anonymous110 says:

            i´d bet my money that this season will be the last one.
            I don´t care who is the Nick´s love interest. Juliette was in every level a dissapoint for me with Nick, zero chemistry. And i don´t care a damn by Nick & Adalind, she´s better with Renard. . the series are being pure trash this year, i laugh with the great treasure after 5 years? a piece from Jesus cross? Hello GrimmWriters? pathetic. so predictable.

          • remnant0888 says:

            Yeah they dropped Jesus cross that heals pretty fast. If I had it I’d go to a hospital a d carry it in a purse and heal the sick with it. He hides it in that horrible warehouse place. Ugh.

    • Kim says:

      I agree. I feel they took it in a direction that would never work. Sweet Juliette as a villain? Hexenbeast that’s good? That’s cool but why not make Juliette good adalind seen bad her whole life. Nick goes straight to adalind when he hears Juliette is broken? That makes me question his loyalty which is what nicks been all about and his friends weren’t much better

  14. Fab says:

    Maybe Adalind’ll kill Nick…

  15. Brian says:

    It has been clear from the beginning that Adalind is dumb as a box of rocks. I can only hope she gets with Renard and leaves Nick alone…

    • Anonymous110 says:

      Nick never will come back with Juliette. you realize that aren´t you?
      Though Adalind and Kelly would be not exist. the old ship of Nickette is gone.

  16. Lou says:

    Going through the first season, Renard’s ambitions made him use Adalind’s powers to get to Nick. Adalind’s was heavily into Renard’s and was willing to do anything for him. When she lost her powers, she tried to regain it by mixing up with Royalty. And this was after she had sex with Renard. Renard rejected her when she lost her powers and told her that without them “she was just another pretty face.”
    Adalind’s found herself pregnant, she knew it would be a royal, either Eric’s or Renard’s. She hoped to use her pregnancy to gain status, and leverage. Hence she used the old hex enlist and the gypsy queen to regain her powers. This she was able to do at the cost of the life of the old witch whose heart she ate.
    In the conversation between Renard and Adalind, they both referred to Juliette’s fate, as if they both had nothing to do with it. Conveniently brushing aside Adalind’s major role in Juliette’s tragic loss of her humanity.
    In the end, both will let their ambitions rule. I am not too sure of Adalind’s motherly role, but a royal Diana with powers will mean more than a Kelly the grimmlet. All will bode ill for Nick, not that I sympathize with him after he conveniently junked Juliette when she turned into a super Hexenbiest. Remember, she wanted to have a normal life with Nick when he lost his powers, and even asked Rosalee to defer looking for a potion to get it back. And she did remind Nick that he was a great detective even before he was a Grimm. What Juliette did for love, spelled her doom.
    I am looking with interest at how the story will unfold. I do like Eve/Juliette as she is now. But she is blunting her emotions to cope with her tragedy. Someway, somehow, it will surface. But I do believe that innate nature of Juliette as a kind and compassionate vet will shine through.

    • Jorgon says:

      Well said bro :)

    • Fab says:

      Juliete was kind but always been jealous of Nick’s powers as a human it is why she was so evil as hexenbiest. And she just turned into hexenbiest because of Renard’s mother that changed portion,as Rosalee discovered after and no because Adalind.

    • John says:

      Nice analysis and I agree with what you have said except that it wouldn’t be a show if Nick didn’t get his powers back. Plus fhays who he is, his ancestors, his purpose in life. She has to accept that or not be with him.

  17. Heather says:

    HW now knows of blackclaws plan to put Renard as Mayor so now Renard is suspect. Diana has been in Portland with HW but we don’t know how much they let her in on and what sort of if any training she has been given. Either way can’t see it ending well for Blackclaw or the captain if he chooses to side with them.

  18. Tricia Dykes says:

    Excited about any upcoming episode. I watch Grimm 6 days a week. Yes, the Friday NBC current show and 5 days a week reruns on TNT.

  19. Liz Zirlott says:

    I don’t want to see Renard turn bad. I like his character like it is and I hope he has a plan to defeat Claw. Love this show.

  20. Lynn Flint says:

    Why do the writers think it’s necessary to make one of the good guys bad ? Can’t come up with better story lines ? Frustrating as most people liked the emerging relationship between Nick and Adelaid and the better person Adeaide had become now they are going to hurt that relationship. Well as long as they keep the lovely relationship between Monroe and Rosalie I’ll hang with the show

  21. JOYCE says:


    • Jorgon says:

      They already screw with the show putting Nick and Adalind together, just look at the ratings, this show will never be the same, I hope the writers screw up with Adalind character, I hope she marry with Renard!

      • Fran says:

        If the ratings are bad, it’s because they insisted on keeping Juliette around for 4 seasons when they should have developed the Nick and Adalind relationship eons ago because those two always had a spark whenever they were in the same room together. Then this season we finally get more Nick and Adalind screentime, and for a while, it’sthe best development ever and suddenly the writers start backpeddling on this relationship in the last two episodes and both characters are acting like strangers with no romantic interest in each other. That level of backpeddling only happens when writers let themselves get influenced by the internet comments which can frequently be skewed. When will they realize that a handful of butt hurt Juliette fans spamming every single site with their Adalind hate doesn’t come close in number to the casual viewers who are enjoying this development. If they ditch Nick and Adalind you will really see what its like for show to lose ratings. They need to decide on their story and stick with it.

    • Hiyakori says:

      Thank U for say that!! Holly Crap does everything have to b doom and gloom for Nadalind, if u all say no chemistry Um Helloo writers let them have snuggle time, if he’s not a great dad, Helloo Writers let him hang w his child!! I get how Nadalind can b a bit awkward adalind told Nick she luved him plane simple, Nick is into her but not rushing, Hellooo writers have a sit down and get this all worked out before u get cancelled and we all miss out o another great show!

  22. Kara Williams says:

    Really would like to see Nick and adalind work out and work together. I hope the show doesn’t get cancelled, I love it

  23. StormyWeather says:

    I’d like Adalind a lot more if she stopped acting like a frightened mouse all the time. When she was a hexenbiest, she had a lot more backbone and was generally more interesting. As far as Juliette goes, I think the writers should have done more with her, instead of making her the pitiful one all the time.

  24. Tiff Christi says:

    I don’t care what anyone else thinks .. I loved the Adalind and Nick chemistry .. Seriously, sorry Juliette fans but seeing him interact with juliette/eve always looks iike he’s talking to a wooden mannequin.. You’d be lying to yourself if you don’t think that actress has like one expression on her face constantly..Besides, i believe in redemption stories, they’re so much more realistic than the fairy tale perfect couple scenario … When adalind was telling Nick about her father leaving her , being raised by a single mom who wasn’t there, being a nerd in school, and seeing her being manipulated by the men she was previously involved, i can understand alot more about where she came from .. I still have absolutely no idea what Juliette’s life was like prior to meeting Nick… So what shaped her, what made her into the person she was, and other than kicking ass why should i care about Eve, because of her prior “sweet” nature when she was with NIck???

  25. Having Diana aged so much on GRIMM is wrong. She was born in 2014 & brother Kelly in 2016. I know TV ages kids fast but this is too fast. Plus is she really Diana?

  26. Wendy says:

    Maby renard is playing for the bad guys to get her doughter backits a remote possibility but…

  27. Jeannette says:

    There’s no way in hell, that Nick would or should let Adalind, take baby Kelly. Adalind needs to tell Renard to go to hell & try to find another way to get her daughter. The one thing she should never do is marry Renard.

  28. V.gonzales says:

    He needs to let Adeline go back to Nick with the kids so she can be happy and he can just restore order within the vessen community. Shut down black claw completely and restore the vessen counsel with people he truly trust with a couple of Grimm’s on it this time. Or Adeline will turn on him worse and have their daughter hate home I think and she will lovebnick more.