The 100 Lexa Death

The 100 Boss Pens Thoughtful Apology to Fans for Mishandling Lexa's Death

“Knowing everything I know now, Lexa’s death would have played out differently.”

Those seven words, part of a blog post written by The 100 showrunner Jason Rothenberg on Thursday, should provide some comfort to fans still grieving the March 3 death of Alycia Debnam Carey’s Lexa.

The blog post came after three weeks of fan outrage — not to mention countless think pieces — over the perpetuation of the “Bury Your Gays” trope, a common practice of LGBT characters being killed to further the storylines of the main (often straight) characters.

It’s worth reading Rothenberg’s entire post for contextual purposes, but here are a few notable passages:

* “The thinking behind having the ultimate tragedy follow the ultimate joy was to heighten the drama and underscore the universal fragility of life. But the end result became something else entirely — the perpetuation of the disturbing ‘Bury Your Gays’ trope.”

* “I promise you burying, baiting or hurting anyone was never our intention. It’s not who I am.”

* “Clarke is experiencing the profound loss of someone she loved, and she’ll carry that loss with her forever. My sincerest hope is that any of our fans who saw a part of themselves in the relationship between Clarke and Lexa can take some small comfort in knowing that their love was beautiful and real.”

The post also comes just days before Rothenberg is scheduled to appear on a panel for The 100 at WonderCon in Anaheim, Calif.

Your thoughts on Rothenberg’s comments? If you count yourself among the angry fans, was this enough to keep you watching? Whatever you’re feeling, let’s hear it in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. D says:

    people are dumb she was leaving because she had another job, it wasn’t kill a gay day or anything, i think they did an excellent job since she was leaving anyway

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      I know. He shouldn’t of had to apologize.

    • Joey says:

      Numerous people have pointed out that fans aren’t (that) upset that she died. It was the way in which she died that perpetuated the offensive trope in question. But since fans have been talking about that constantly, I’m sure you saw (and promptly ignored) that point entirely.

      • Carole Ellis says:

        He also teased them by asking fans to visit the location of the finale. He encoraged the shipping and then used foul language to tell everyone the shipping wars had to stop.Pure manipulation for ratings. No doubt the apology is for the same reason. I bet the network had some words.

      • tvjunkie says:

        Yes the point is the fans that complained were being blatant hypocrites. They were upset because they felt gay characters should never, ever die on any tv show ever. However, they were fine with one of the first to die on the show being one of the few black characters. Not that I have a problem with that, but it shows the hypocrisy.

      • MC_Blaze says:

        — Kill a Gay, save the day.

    • alistaircrane says:

      I love it when straight folks try to tell LGBT folks not to be upset over LGBT issues. *smdh*

      • Dude says:

        That’s not what happened at all. Also, us LGBT have much bigger issues than a stupid TV show. Perspective is your friend.

      • Denise says:

        I’m straight but i’m a POC and i just dont understand why fans get so infuriated when a LGBT or a minority character gets killed off in shows…so what you are saying is white straight characters only should be killed off …its ridiculous how everyone always wants to find something to get offended over. This apology is so unwarranted!

        • Meagan says:

          This so called apology was warranted and even deserved, It was not just that the character was killed off, its how and when. That combined with the fact that we were led to, even encouraged to, believe that our very dear Lexa would indeed survive to the end of the season, is it really a wonder how outraged we are? We were mislead, baited, and used. THIS is what has the LGBTQ community standing up and finally saying “No more!” I can’t speak for everyone, but Jason has lost my viewership.

          • Jane says:

            “our very dear Lexa” Come on have you seen the show. The character of Lexa was a cold blooded leader who’s actions led to the death of hundreds. I might could be somewhat sympathetic if was for the over top comments like this one.

          • goducks8 says:

            You’re ridiculous.

    • Hellas13 says:

      So he shouldn’t have killed a character ONLY BECAUSE she plays a gay character? That’s fair and part of “equality” how? Trying to have it both ways any?

    • Stranger says:

      That was only part of the reason. The truth is, Alycia could and wanted to come back. Even AMC was willing to make schedule work. They knew this but still did it anyway. Even Some of the writers don’t agree with Jason’s decision. Killing off the fans favourite with a stray bullet after the love scene was simply disrespectful. The death too was lazy and sloppy.

      • Sawyer says:

        when did Alycia say that. Why would she want to come back to The 100 when she is in a more popular show FTWD with better ratings. The character she plays on FTWD is really not liked, she play’s a whiny teen. ADC gave everything for her portrayal of Lexa. and Jason and the writers dedicated 6 episodes to Lexa. I am a Lexa fan and I am gay. Yeah her death hurt like hell, but I knew it was coming. This show is not about love it is about surviving. This I can tell you Eliza Taylor/Clarke and ADC/Lexa will probably be the most iconic love story in the history of television. I was watching the show before Clarke was revealed as a bi-sexual. The ratings on the show did not increase, viewers were upset and stopped watching. The ratings are the same as last year. The viewers were upset in S2 another fan favorite was killed. This is one of the best show on tv right now.

    • Thomas says:

      The dumb thing was to apologize. You never apologize to Twitter whiners, as they are only whining because playing the victim makes them feel good, and apologizing only gives them power, which makes them do it again.

      Every love interest Clarke gets has been killed off. The black guy, the pretty boy, the lesbian… this is what happens to the people Clarke is with. And if anything it is a great thing, as this has been a time honored thing for male characters, to have their love interests killed off over and over, and now a female character has that. She is now in the same league as Conan the Barbarian. That’s awesome.

      I loved that they went there, it keeps with a recurring pattern of the show, and yet I was totally surprised. They got me, and they got me by doing the same thing they had already done, and once a season too.

      Now she will likely get together with the only longstanding single character, Belamy, and then he will get killed off in season 4, and maybe they can even blindside me with that too. Or maybe she will get with good old Captain Vane, and then he will die by the end of the season. Who knows, either way, the show has been keeping things interesting.

  2. xomar says:

    still waiting for him to apologise for killing wells and anya, as well as only introducing gina so he can fridge her for bellamy’s man-pain. but no, they apparently don’t matter.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      Nope only Lexa matters (for the record he shouldn’t apologize for killing off any of them)

      • xomar says:

        agreed, but he shouldn’t give special treatment to one group when they’ve done numerous hurtful things in the past. at least be consistent.

  3. Steve says:

    He’s doing this to save his own back. He doesn’t mean it. He’s retweeted tweets calling us bullies and done nothing but defend himself or ignore us for weeks. This worthless apology is nothing genuine, just a result of pressure. If he was truly sorry he would have recognised his issues weeks ago, not just after being called out on it by multiple publications and organisations.

    • Jordan Strummer says:

      Well, he has nothing to apologize for so…

      • Steve says:

        For using a well known offensive storytelling trope to kill off a minority character? Straight guy misses the point again.

        • D says:

          She was leaving the show ffs so they had to kill her off to have a the biggest affect but you are so blinded by your self righteousness that you missed the point entirely you rather cry and moan instead of grounding your opinion in reality

        • Jerome Maida says:

          All whining like yours does is limit what can be done with gay characters and make producers less likely to introduce them in the first place. Congratulations!

        • e. says:

          The offense was killing the character in a show where everyone dies. That’s not really offensive.

        • Bryan says:

          in that case Agents of SHIELD should apologize for killing those black characters

        • stm11185 says:

          “Straight guy misses the point again” Bigot misses the point entirely. Its a tv show, they had an actress leaving, they killed off said actress’s character, which also happens to have happened to every other character that was in her position, and furthered the story.

        • Fredward says:

          I’m sorry explain how this is offensive, you people realize this is a post apocalyptic show set in the middle of several warring factions right? People die.

    • Gina says:

      Because it’s stupid and he shouldn’t have to apologize. It’s a tv show. Lol. People die in tv shows. Not sure if you realize that. Especially on the 100. Why don’t you want an apology for how he killed wells, or Anya, shoot even Finn? How is that okay but lexa is the only one not allowed to die. Which is just stupid. She’s the main star in a huge show. I knew she was getting killed off the second it got renewed for a second season. We are lucky lexa was even on the show for as long as she was.

      • Another ignorant that completely MISSES the point. The problem wasn’t her dying. The problem was HOW she died, WHEN she died. I don’t need to demand an apology for Wells, Anya, or Finn. Because their deaths don’t affect me. But I can guarantee you that if someone felt the need to complaint, I WOULD RESPECT their feelings, and maybe even SUPPORT them if their claim is righteous. You would never see me trying to “shut them up”.
        Also, the problem wasn’t the DEATH. Again and for the tenth time.
        It was the relentless QUEER-BATING for months. The calculated promotion to get the “gays” to watch the show and push it to be “known” as it is. Before that no one was talking about this small CW show. After CLEXA, the media started to pick up on it and write articles and promote it as a “progressive” show, unlike others. The “progressiveness” is about their treatment of sexuality, in case you didn’t pick up on that.
        The ridiculousness of INVITING fans to watch the season finale being filmed, so it would be “clear” that Lexa was on the finale, so people wouldn’t drop the show after 3×07…
        Tell me, “intelligent” human being… When was the last time you saw a show INVITING people to see the filming of the finale? Eh? Shows DON’T DO THAT. They “protect” the filming at all costs to avoid spoilers, and you are telling me that was normal for the showrunner to invite people to see none other but the fuc**** finale?
        THAT is what people is ANGRY about. THAT is about what he needs to apologies.
        The perpetuation of the trope is also an issue, but not AS BAD as the queerbating.

        Just… Watch it, enjoy it, now that Clarke is “free” to be with Bellamy in S4 and leave the rest alone with their fight. We are fighting for more and better representation and if that doesn’t include you, just ignore it and continue with your life.

        • stm11185 says:

          Anabella here so hateful that Clarke, who has always been bisexual, might actually have a male love interest again. Clarke is bisexual, deal with it bigot.

        • Fredward says:

          Queer bating? give me a break…if you only watch a show because it has characters of a certain sexual preference than good riddance to you, that shouldn’t even matter. Keeping her alive just for that reason is absurd, her death furthers the plot and the story is more important than whichever gender a character chooses to love, Clarke found love and lost it, that’s all that matters. Many people die on this show, get used to it.

    • Bartimeus says:

      I’m gay but I have to say you do sound like you were involved in the bullying towards him. You want equal rights?! Equal rights to die is what matters in this show, he has NOTHING to apologize for.

    • A fan of TV says:

      You ARE bullies but that doesn’t mean his apology is hollow. He is hoping that apologizing makes the bullies take stock of their campaign which has become more about destroying his career than it has become about campaigning for LGBT rights in media representation. This has, 100 per cent, become a Hate campaign targeting Gothenburg, fed by generally well-meaning individuals turned into a salivating, angry mob by virtue of the collective energies that are fed into social media campaigns. The reasonable voices go unheard, drowned out by a mob that has lost sight of its point. He is telling the mob he understands exactly what people are saying about Lexa’s death, and though he can’t turn back the clock, is vowing to be better, and all the mob can say is that he’s lying or it isn’t good enough and he’s just trying to save his job. FFS he’s being a grown-up making an overture of peace, be grown-ups and accept that your campaign opened the appropriate dialogue that is encouraging a writer to change his thinking, but don’t ruin a man’s career over an overused trope that gets used on far too many shows (including The Walking Dead, even more recently than Lexa).

      • Neville Ross says:

        What people seem to be demanding is the return of the personal shield to TV action-adventure dramas, in which certain characters don’t get killed ever but others that are less important do, IMHO. But this show isn’t like that.

    • Stranger says:


  4. wrstlgirl says:

    People will find fault with the apology also. You just can’t make some people happy.

  5. N says:

    I would’ve have apologized. People are idiots it’s a tv show where people die, gay or straight get over it

  6. B says:

    Dear lord why does he have to apologize? The ONLY reason she died was because the actress is on another show. I guarantee that if this was the only show she was working on then the character would not have been written off. And i fail to see how he owes an apology to the LGBT community for the manner in which the character was killed. No one could honestly tell me that the writers thought process was “it’s a gay character so let’s kill her in a meaningless way” This situation is what’s wrong with this country

    • Eva says:

      He shouldn’t be apologizing for her death, then. And he’s not. What about how it was handled? The fact that it was right after the first time they had sex? What about the way she was killed? A random stray bullet? That’s all incredibly bad, lazy storytelling, something a writer should definitely feel bad about.
      Finally, what about the queer-baiting? The fact that all the marketing of the show rode on the Clexa ship for weeks and weeks, promising good representation? Had he not made so many promises, not invited the fans to the table, people would’n have had expectations. As someone has noticed, 4 lesbian characters were killed in the last two weeks (which, seeing how few of them there are on TV, should maybe give people some idea about the trope being an actual problem, btw). The other 3 deaths were met with disappointment, but not a scandal. Rothenberg is facing a sh*tstorm, because he’s been making people think they had a right to expect certain things and then didn’t deliver. It’s a two edged sword, if you want to use your fans as promotional tools, be ready to answer to them when you screw up.

  7. Luli says:

    While I believe this is just damage control, and trying to make things easier at Wondercon (I hope that the panel isn’t awkward or uncomfortable.) I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes right now.
    I’m still mad about her death, not because of how she died or because she was a lesbian. I don’t care about those things. She was my favorite character and she is gone. (And I know ADC has another show, but still…)

    I have never seen this kind of reaction over a death. The response has been overwhelming, remarkable and kind of disturbing..?

    I’m pissed she is dead, but people need to stop attacking the people bts of the show.

  8. johnhelvete says:

    At a certain point people have to be willing to give the guy the benefit of the doubt, accept the apology and move on. There are other real world issues like the recent law passed in North Carolina, the potential new law in Georgia, that seem much more pressing than what happened on a TV show. Hopefully the point has been made, and because of all of the attention this has gotten in the past three weeks, showrunners in the future will be more sensitive to this issue.

  9. Et al. says:

    Where was the outrage over Finn’s death? #straightlivesmatter

    (This is my ridiculous response to a ridiculous controversy).

  10. m2b says:

    There’s nothing he can do now that changes the fate of the character but I give him props for trying to explain even though not everyone will accept or understand his apology. I think he did the right thing trying. He didn’t have to say anything but he seems to feel bad that ppl were offended. Show still has tons of fans though and Bottom line is, it was one character of many who have died on this show. Great character but some would say Finn was also a great character and he was killed off. The actress had other commitments so she was leaving. They told the story the way they thought it would have the most impact and boy did it. It’s time to move on. Attention has been made and the actual episode although heartbreaking was superbly acted by Eliza Taylor and Alycia Debam-Carey and it’s shame that hasn’t gotten more attention.

  11. Gina says:

    He shouldn’t have to apologize or explain at all. It’s dumb to get mad that she was killed off. Its like shows can’t kill off gay characters anymore. I guess they should just not put any lgbt in shows then if this is gonna be people’s reaction. It’s stupid. It’s obvious lots of people are going to die in this show. And I honestly don’t know how people didn’t see that coming since she’s a regula on FTWD. Jeeze Louise. People wouldn’t make this big of a deal if it was a straight character who died. Always gotta play the race card huh? Which is stupid lol.

    • Catherine says:

      Says the straight girl with 98% of heterosexual representation on TV.
      Yeah, no surprise there.
      (Btw: ADC said, she would have come back for the show, so that point is also invalid.)
      Go vote for Trump, seems right up your alley.

    • Eva says:

      Fun fact, in the last 30 days FOUR lesbian characters have been killed. Let’s assume there are 50 lesbians characters on TV right now (even though I’m pretty sure this number is lower). That’s 8%. Can you imagine the sh*tstorm that would happen if 8% of all straight characters were killed in one month? 8% of POCs? The problem seems small, because the number of lesbians of TV is small to start with, but when you look at the statistics, you can’t deny something is definitely wrong there.

  12. Patrick says:

    This is absolutely ridiculous. The writers of the Walking Dead don’t apologize everyone they kill off a fan favorite. I live the 100 and Lexa was a great character but it is just a tv show. Stop being so sensitive people.

  13. Shawny says:

    Lexa was a thinly written character at best, and her relationship with Clarke was even thinner. The sudden sex scene followed by an implausible death is all part of this lurching season that doesn’t feel like it has much new to say. If she is meant to be a profound loss for Clarke, the writers have some serious ret-conning to do.

    • Chris says:

      If you’re not used to it (or have experienced it), you may have missed the development of their relationship. It was not thin to me. The build-up to intimacy was subtle and well-done. Speaking as a lesbian, I have never seen this type of relationship portrayed so well that the “lesbian” aspect did not stand out like a sore thumb. No disrespect to your viewpoint. Perhaps you are lesbian and we just see things differently.

  14. Mark says:

    I really, really hate this society of babies. Instead of watching The 100, go sit in your safe spaces 100% of the time. He killed a character off…waaaahhhhhhhh. Remember when they killed off Taraji on POI, cause she wanted to leave and they still called Nolan racist…how’d that turn out for Mrs. Henson?? Did those fools apolgoize??? Nope..Hypocrites

  15. Et al. says:

    Reading the comments on that blog make me ashamed to be a fan of this show. What a bunch of idiots. It’s incredible to see this kind of outrage over a tv show when it just became legal to discriminate against gay people in North Carolina. Where are people’s priorities?

  16. ClarkeRules says:

    As Indra once said> ”Those who are about to die will say anything.” He’s scared senseless because people have told him they’re protesting at Wonder Con in 2 days, so this ”apology” is only that, fear.
    I don’t see anything sincere in it. Those 7 words only underscore he STILL WOULD’VE KILLED HER, invalidating everything else he said in that short, unimpressive regurgitation of badly paraphrased quotes from his critics.
    There isn’t one single shred of evidence she HAD to leave. If anything, the FTWD Paley Fest served to prove the point further, with Alycia’s co-stars gushing about the flexibility AMC had given Ruben Blade and Kim to do two things at once (Kim appears in House of Cards and Ruben with his constant concerts), making Jason’s flimsy excuses even more transparent and glaring.
    Jason should quit to allow the show to ‘maybe’ save itself, although given the level of demonstrable manipulation, lies and even worse one of the writers passing themselves as an anonymous ‘insider’ in lesbian forums to deny Lexa’s death (all in saved screenshots), the show will represent a permanent stain in the tv landscape. The fact he won’t even acknowledge that they did it (it wasn’t just ”heavy promotion”, it was outright lies) just show he’s an immature and amateur show runner who shouldn’t be in this business.

    • Nick says:

      So why exactly is the creator not allowed to decide the creative direction of his own show?

    • A fan of TV says:

      Dude, how she died is the only real issue. The character was a dead woman walking from the moment she betrayed Clarke at Mount Weather, and confirmed when she was committed to another show. As the leader of her people, only death would have removed her from that post, and this has been said over and over again in the show itself. If the Grounders remained in the series without their leader, who was conveniently in hiding or something (note: the leader of the Grounders, a warrior tribe, would not go into hiding when death/martyrdom is not a shame in their community, but rather an honour), it would have negated all the character building done by the writers to date in regards to the people in the tribe, for the sake of fan service.

    • Dmac says:

      That is complete and utter bullsh**t. Alycia
      recently did an interview that backed up everything that Jason said, she even went one step further and stated she was surprised by the back lash against the writers. She also indicated she wanted to leave to further her career and AMC while generous to let her film seven episodes would not be able to accomidate any more then that.

      Put away your pitchforks and stop trying to ruin someone career and grow up.

  17. Tom says:

    Is this trope offensive? Absolutely. Listen, I’m all for equality and representation when it comes to television and film. I think it’s very important. But with the good, you need to take the bad and the ugly. Sometimes characters die. Gay, straight, bi, trans, white, latino, black, asian, Jewish, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist, Hindu, Atheist, etc etc etc. Everyone is susceptible to being killed off in film and Television. That IS equality.

  18. Kate says:

    In the past 30 days, four lesbian or bisexual female characters have been killed off on their respective TV shows. It began Feb. 22 on The CW’s Jane the Virgin with the murder of Rose (Bridget Regan). Then it continued with the high-profile killing of Lexa (Alycia Debnam-Carey) on The CW’s The 100. Next came Kira on Syfy’s The Magicians, and Sunday night witnessed the pointed demise of Denise (Merritt Wever) on AMC’s The Walking Dead.

    The history of the Bury Your Gays issue, more specifically Dead Lesbian Syndrome, is a long one. To date, we have seen some 146 lesbian or bisexual characters perish on TV shows. Yet, in the history of television, we have seen only around 18 couples (on some 16 TV shows) who have been granted happy endings. It doesn’t take an advanced calculus degree to see that the math is clearly off here. It is particularly galling when LGBT visibility continues to lag behind that of our straight counterparts on television – out of over 400 TV shows on US channels today, there are only 34 lesbian or bisexual characters, and 8 of these have already been killed off this year. So when you couple our low rate of representation with our high rate of death, you see why folks could get, well, mad as hell.

    Under-represented groups — from people of color to people with disabilities to LGBT people — who are denied that kind of positive representation in our shared culture naturally have a harder time imagining it for their own lives. Media matters (#white oscars anyone?) and TV in particular has the ability to enter our homes and shape our perceptions.

    While fans don’t have a right to dictate what a storyteller writes, they can demand that what they write is done in good faith and an understanding of harmful representation in the past. They can demand that our representation be fair. They can demand that our onscreen lives, and happiness, matters as much as any other characters’. They can demand when being wooed by showrunners to watch that they keep their promises which Mr Rothenburg totally failed to do.

    So if people want to stop watching that’s there right and others should respect their right to choose. I for one will not continue watching, I don’t want to reward a show for continuing to perpetrate this abhorrent trope. I don’t care if Mr Rothenburg says that was not his intention – as the stray bullet in episode 7 all too clearly illustrated, you don’t have to intend harm for harm to occur.

  19. Douglas from Brazil says:

    LOL. Kill gay characters is offensive now? America is becoming a boring place.

  20. E says:

    Didn’t really care that she died. What I did care about was hearing that one of the writers of the show went on a Lesbian fourm before season 3 started to earn their trust by saying she wouldn’t die. Went on Tumblr and did a similar thing and said that fans had ‘trust issues’ for worrying about her dying. Just to get them to watch her die. The writer’s name is Shawna Benson by the way and she has so far not apologized.

  21. Amy says:

    I don’t watch the show but I’ve heard bits and pieces about this death. Props to Rothenberg for taking the time to listen and consider if he could have done more to avoid reinforcing the Bury Your Gays trope. I understand the LGBT fans being angry, and that millenials voice their feelings very strongly and in absolute terms, so facing that critcism can be tough.

  22. Bartimeus says:

    I’m gay myself and proud of it, but I find it ludicrous that he feels he has to apologize for this. Lexa’s death didn’t remotely feel like a “trope” to me and reading through why people disagree, I still think they are being ridiculous. Equality means equal chances at death as much as anything else, and it ENRAGES me that the upset fans can’t see that Lexa’s heartbreaking death is NO DIFFERENT than any other heartbreaking death in this show. The show clearly has no problem with the LGBT crowd and I would be more upset if a character was safe because they were gay.

    I was far more upset by Finn massacring a bunch of innocents than this, as much as I loved Lexa. But seriously, I wish this disgusting and gross overreaction from the fans will die away soon.

    • Lucifer says:

      Basically, it’s fans using the fact that she was part of a minority group to rage over her death. That’s why when popular characters that are not white, straight men get killed, there’s always claims of racism, sexism, or homophobia. It happened with Agents of Shield and Hannibal, most recently. It got so bad with the latter that the actress who was killed off actually had to write an essay to explain to the cry-bullies that there was no need to be upset.

  23. Ben says:

    All I will say as this…

    If I were these show-writers, my automatic reaction would be to shy away from ever writing LBGT characters again, lest I feel their outrage. I wouldn’t need that kind of drama in my life.

    I know people keep wanting to say ‘you don’t get it’. It’s true, I don’t get it. I don’t get why people feel the need to go on some kind of boycott rage because a showrunner made a story decision, even when the decision was really misjudged. I don’t understand why people can’t understand how they do more damage to their cause than good when they take that approach to life. Like, would they have preferred the characters just weren’t gay at all? Would that have been better? Because that’s all I could possibly take away from it, if I were the showrunner – that if I just hadn’t made them gay, I wouldn’t be getting the complaints.

    I just wish people would think about the impact of the approach they took sometimes. Scorched earth is not uplifting, and it isn’t in the interests of ANY minority to do it. It just gets people against you.

    • Neville Ross says:

      Like, would they have preferred the characters just weren’t gay at all? Would that have been better? Because that’s all I could possibly take away from it, if I were the showrunner – that if I just hadn’t made them gay, I wouldn’t be getting the complaints.

      Even if the showrunner(s) of a TV show did that, they’d still be criticized by said people on and offline for not having GLBT characters on it (the same way the new upcoming Star Trek Discovery‘s expected to have GLBT characters on it; I don’t envy the producers of that show their job.)

      What people seem to want is something like Dykes To Watch Out For or The L Word or even Carmilla in which nobody dies (well, in the case of Carmilla, none of the queer characters die.) A lot of the people complaining should be getting into the industry and making the shows that they want to see.

  24. E says:
    A link to the Shawna Benson controversy.
    I’d also like to point out that this isn’t an overreaction. To put it simply- if a certain episode had been hyped up, and promises had been made that they weren’t going to kill a certain character. And then they did- it doesn’t matter that they were a minority. It matters because a certain group of people were encouraged to watch someone die after trusting and believing that they weren’t. That is going to hurt. They are going to feel used and sad because they were given hope and it was violently taken away. The people who made this choice on The 100 are now playing victim. After telling people to trust them for months they act surprised when they destroyed that trust and say they’re the ones that are hurting? It’s not like someone led them on and used them for publicity is it?

  25. E says:

    I’d also like to point out that this isn’t an overreaction. To put it simply- if a certain episode had been hyped up, and promises had been made that they weren’t going to kill a certain character. And then they did- it doesn’t matter that they were a minority. It matters because a certain group of people were encouraged to watch someone die after trusting and believing that they weren’t. That is going to hurt. They are going to feel used and sad because they were given hope and it was violently taken away. The people who made this choice on The 100 are now playing victim. After telling people to trust them for months they act surprised when they destroyed that trust and say they’re the ones that are hurting? It’s not like someone led them on and used them for publicity is it?

    • Dmac says:

      This isn’t an over reaction? People are trying to get him fired. They are stalking and threatening he and his writers. They received an apology and it seems that is not enough, now they want him to quit the show he created?? That is the very definition of over reacting. You want it all and on your terms. Please explain to me why any writer on any show will write another lesbian character? God forbid they write a storyline that isn’t approved and the pitch forks come out again. Why would any show runner take that on.

      • E says:

        I’m sorry but I think you missed my point. It’s fine to kill a gay character. To some extent it’s fine even to kill them as badly as they did. The storyline to me is not important. What I am saying focuses more on what they were doing outside of the story on social media. It was queer baiting. Only they were clever with it. An argument to this might be it can’t be queer baiting because they still have LGBT characters on the show, but they were fixating on Lexa’s character so much to promote the show, encouraging fans to vote for Lexa and Clarke. Basically building a fanbase purely on this. Jason was telling fans to trust him. A fan said that they were worried Lexa died in 307 before the season premiered and Jason said ‘you guys read too much into things’. He has lied to get a certain demographic to watch. I’ll also repeat myself from an earlier comment: a writer from the show went on to a lesbian forum room and to address concerns over Lexa’s death (because even before Season 3 aired people were worrying about a lesbian character’s death, I wonder why) and basically said they shouldn’t be worried. The same writer went on to tumblr and claimed that people thinking Lexa would die had ‘trust issues’ and they should have faith in the show. So you can see that they have been targeting a certain group before season 3 even aired, earning their trust to get them to watch. Telling them that things will be different from other shows. I’m pretty sure if they hadn’t hyped this one aspect of the show up as much as they did. If they hadn’t gone on social media to encourage this group of people to watch on the basis of seeing just this one character. If they hadn’t queerbaited, and lied e.c.t No one would care that this gay character had died.

  26. Amanda says:

    The only reason why his said anything is because wondercon is coming up and he doesn’t want to answer to a hall full of angry fans

  27. Nicole says:

    He did The same with Gina and there was no outrage. People are too sensitive about LGBT stuff and this was just over the top stupid. STOP OVERREACTING.

    • ? says:

      There was outrage over Gina, people just like Lexa more.

      • Nicole says:

        I’m just saying that the outrage is stupid and it should’ve been a female outrage more than a LGBT community one. It’s still pathetic. I am a woman and it was kind of offensive but not enough to be “outraged”. It’s a tv show, there’s no need to overreact. If you don’t enjoy the show why watch and complain about it? I for one will still watch. It bothered me but not enough to stop watching or be mad.

        • Luli says:

          I’m still really mad that they killed her, but not because she was a lesbian, but because she was my favorite character.
          While I get that they feel betrayed, the show has never been about the characters’ sexuality. Her sexuality had no place in her death.Yes, she died, but not because she was a lesbian. So it shouldn’t matter.

  28. Tom says:

    feels too little too late

  29. BM says:

    You kind of have to wonder why everyone feels entitled nowadays and takes everything personal and thinks it’s a personal attack against them or their lifestyle/skin color/sexual orientation etc.

  30. WO says:

    I find it comical that LGBT gets outraged when a “fake gay” char gets killed on a show but they aren’t outraged when a straight person is paid money to play a gay character. That is the definition of hypocrisy. Which is the folly of their whole movement. If you are so proud of ur lifestyle (and I have no problem if you are) then be outraged when a gay actor plays a straight character. Be outraged when they sell out your “proud” lifestyle for money. Don’t be outraged because a writer kills off a gay char. Face it… If there weren’t gay characters on the show you would be writing in about that because you are only proud if you force everyone to acknowledge your lifestyle in one breath while you sell it out for money in another.

    Hypocrisy… Hypocrisy… Hypocrisy

  31. Hannah says:

    If I ever wanna find some straight people without a clue or care about lgbt issues quickly, I now know I can come to the comments section of any tvline article.

    Yeah there are bigger things going on against our community, but why should we only focus on the big stuff when we can tackle smaller issues like these when they arise too? The cops aren’t going to stop arresting thieves because there are murderers out there doing worse things. We need to deal with all the issues that hit us, big or smaller, while we work towards equality and equal representation for ourselves.

    • Olivia says:

      I don’t watch this show but I want to support this comment. I barely open some articles links from Michael’s twitter lately, I don’t even bother to browse the site anymore. I just focus on a couple shows and the occasional intriguing headline (like this one) and I feel like avoiding the comments more and more because the bigotry and entitlement is getting out of hand. Having (sometimes strongly opposing) opinions is one thing but comments repeatedly belittling people are the norm now. It’s like a Trump rally sometimes. TVLine is becoming toxic.

  32. Spence says:

    On a previous post I defended Jason as I hadn’t seen the episode in question yet and agreed that people were getting heated for nothing. However, after watching it today, I agree with protesters that the issue wasn’t killing a gay character, but how random and sloppy the death was. I appreciate his apology, but I don’t really see it’s necessary. I’ve already moved on and I just watched the episode!

  33. Stranger says:

    No offense but those who are saying that he didn’t have to apologize and that he did nothing wrong should do a research first before commenting. I highly recommend Twitter.
    1. He killed the fans favourite off in an offensive way. A lazy, sloppy death caused by a stray bullet that wasn’t meant for her.
    2. Jasper survived from a spear through his chest, Jaha survived from a bullet in the stomach, Raven survived from a bullet that would have got her killed but didn’t, Finn survived from a knife coated with poison and Lexa died from a stray bullet.
    3. At least let her die a hero or in a more acceptable way.
    4. Killing her off within seconds after the love scene was just cruel. You were literally letting the fans to be happy and emotional and seconds later dragging them down to hell.
    5. “HURTING ANYONE WAS NEVER OUR INTENTION” I don’t think you are that dumb to not know that Lexa was a fans favourite, especially for the lgbt fans. You do realise she meant a lot to lgbt fans before killing her off right?
    6. “QUEERBAITING WAS NEVER OUR INTENTION” and yet you encouraged the fans to visit the place where Lexa and Clarke were at to film the finale. Probably to imply that she’s still alive until the finale just so you won’t lose your ratings.
    7. Alycia could and wanted to come back. Even AMC was willing to make the schedule work. But still, you made that decision knowing that she could.
    8. Later, you blamed it on AMC saying that Alycia had to leave for another show before the truth was exposed.
    9. I still remember someone asked you if Lexa will be killed off and you said no.
    10. You were the one who encouraged the fans to keep shipping and letting their hopes up.
    11. After the death, people wanted an explaination or at least confrontation but you just ignored them for weeks.

    I’m straight but in this case, I’m with the fans. I’m sorry if you find this offensive or hurting, if you are willing to speak more I’m willing to give a chance. I’ll try to understand if you are ever gonna give us a further explaination. Thank you.

    • Thedos says:

      “Alycia could and wanted to come back. Even AMC was willing to make the schedule work.”


      Seriously, point me to an article, interview, video of ADC (or her agent) saying so

  34. Nicaela says:

    What bothers me is that the gay community only supported and liked Clarke because she was in a relationship with Lexa. They don’t care at all that they still have a bisexual and a gay couple on the show to support.

    They discriminate within their own community because Clarke is bisexual and not fully a lesbian. The actress herself explained what happened but they choose to ignore it and call it being “coached” so at this point not even believing and supporting an actress they claim to love leads me to believe they are just complaining to complain.

    No show runner/writer ect will ever want to put another gay couple “with power” into that role again. No show runner/writer ect would want this type of backlash.

    • m2b says:

      Agreed. The show since it started has had more strong female characters than any other show on TV. Clarke, Raven, Octavia, Abby, Anya, Indra, Lexa and even Mya. Females have been featured in this show and given strong roles to play. One character was killed off but that does no negate the message of strong females that this show has represented since it started. There is more than 1 actress on the show. The others deserve to be recognized and supported for their work. The death was felt so strongly because of the amazing acting of Alycia Debnam-Carey and Eliza Taylor. They made the couple believable and deserve the praise for that. No one should believe everything they see on the internet but watching the show and the performances and the stories you can believe the show does support and empower females even if your favorite has been killed off. Lexa was my favorite character but I recognize the show did NOT kill her off because she was a lesbian and the show-runner and writers were trying to promote their show and satisfy the never ending barrage of questions from the fans. That was their mistake. They should learn the lesson NOT to interact w/ the fans from this. I’m sure all the other show-runners and writers are taking stock of that too.

    • Neville Ross says:

      No show runner/writer ect will ever want to put another gay couple “with power” into that role again. No show runner/writer ect would want this type of backlash.

      The thing is, if the writers didn’t want this backlash, they should have killed off the character more heroically. Or realize that GLBT youth don’t like this happening to GLBT characters in fiction anymore.

  35. shiel009 says:

    He has also killed off Clarke’s other love interest, Finn. I mean I feel like all Clarke’s love interest have a bull’s eye on his or her back.

  36. sunsting says:

    To those that think this reaction to Lexa’s death is ridiculous, let me explain. This is not about fandom, not about Lexa or The 100. This is about queer representation. It’s about looking out at the world and seeing yourself in the media- being able to feel like you aren’t alone. Seeing even the sparse few characters such as Willow from Buffy, or Xena, as a young adolescent, I remembered relating to and feeling like I could have heroes too. They were just like me, feeling the same feelings as I did, and they made it seem okay!

    What does it say to my younger self when in the ENTIRE history of television, only 29 lesbians have survived while 147 were killed off before they could be happy? What does it say to my mind when I see the character that I identify to be myself die over and over again, never deserving to be happy? What’s it say to my 12 year old self when I saw Willow hold Tara as she bled out from being killed by a stray bullet, losing the ONLY visualization of what it could look like to be gay and happy in the media in that time?

    This is NOT about Lexa, NOT about wanting “gay characters to be invulnerable to death”. On the show, they made a creative decision and it happened, whatever- we are not crazy enough to be in this enormous frenzy over a tv character- This is about the fact that IT HURTS to have the world tell you over and over that you, your heroes, everyone like you, you’re all expendable and the only people that matter enough to have a happy ending in life are the straight, white boy and the straight white girl.

    Thank you to everyone that takes the time to try and understand this issue. It’s so important to so many.

    • Frank says:

      You want a happy ending for all gay characters? Are you serious? If you want happy endings go watch a comedy, not an apocalyptic action drama. Happy ending are luxury for both straight and lesbians in such series where people fight for their lifes. So get over it. I hope they make it more realistic and everyone dies in the end.

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  38. Allison says:

    I just think it was an important piece of the story to reveal the AI in Lexa’s neck. I think it’s ridiculous to avoid a character death that feels organic to the story just because of sexuality (or skin color or gender or any other reason). It was part of the story, it felt like a terrible loss to Clarke regardless of whether it was a gat or straight relationship, and it led the way to the AI storyline.

    I guess you can’t please everyone, but it didn’t seem any different from Finn’s death to me.

    • Chris says:

      Your comment makes the most sense of any so far. I agree, it was part of the AI storyline. Speaking as a lesbian, I think it’s awesome that it seemed just like the relationship with Finn.

      The hard part for me was that it’s the only time I’ve felt that way. The portrayal was so well done. I don’t know how to explain it, but most lesbian relationships in television or movies do not “blend in.”

      Yes, it’s good to see gay characters included all over the place. But this relationship was exhilarating for me because it was not just a “lesbian thing.” There was depth and development to the characters, even more than than the one with Finn that jumped to being sexual so fast.

      There will be many fantastic hetero relationships in the show. I wonder if there will be many female relationships in the series, if any, as well done as the one between Lexa and Clarke, that could play out in a multitude of complexities that we take for granted in the hetero ones.

      To me, it makes me wonder if my feelings were at all like what black people may have felt when black actors finally started portraying realistic roles. It’s real, and it’s validating, and it’s fun, and I want more.

  39. Holly says:

    Definately should have kept lexa even if they had to pay her a million per episode!
    They could have done amazing things with her and now the potential is gone…
    Hopefully this dosent end like so many other favorite character deaths in other series where the show dies with them!

  40. Frank says:

    So lesbian characters should always die in a heroic way or what? If this would happen in all shows, they would become too predictable and therefore not interesting at all. This is (post)apocalyptic action series (similar to TWD) and I am surprised that there are people who actually watch it not for the action and interesting plot, but for the few sex scenes (regardless if straight or lesbian)

    • Chris says:

      That’s something that was different about this relationship in a drama. The depth and beauty of their relationship was so much more than “lesbian sex scenes.” Their relationship was as well-rounded as the one between Octavia and Lincoln.

      No disrespect intended toward your perceptions. I’ve seen and appreciated thousands of hetero relationships. This was the first of this type I’ve seen done this well, where the focus was NOT on BEING lesbian. I can imagine my feelings may be similar to the validation black people felt when they first started seeing actors play realistic complex characters, rather than always being subservient.

      Again, no disrespect intended. I hope you’re okay learning how the relationship impacted someone different in a different way.

      • Frank says:

        The relationship was beautiful, I agree, but exactly deaths like this (Finn’s too, Lincoln’s too) are moving the plot forward in a drama like this. Everyone can die, noone is safe, even the fan-favourites or minority groups. Imagine all long-haired men complaining about the main character of 1st season Game of Thrones being beheaded. This could happen to everyone in such action series. Btw more straight charactes died than gay characters, so straight people should complain too according to your logic. This is just series and the authors should decide who is killed and who not. It should not be a politics decision, but you people are trying to create politics from a tv drama. You want more gay people in tv shows? Then become a producer and make such series, noone stops you. But please don’t tell the makers how they should do their work and which characters need to live forever. This whinning is trying to restrict their creativity and freedom of choice.

  41. Chris says:

    If you are not a lesbian, you can’t understand. Surprisingly, this was the only time in my life to see this kind of three-dimensional relationship between two women. It was as real as the one between Lincoln and Octavia, not a “put the gay people on display” or “made for gay tv.” It may be similar to the first time black people saw a black actor play a non-subservient role. Seeing these two female characters develop in the midst of all the others was validating. I love the deep male/female relationships, but the balance is way off. If it had to come to and end, okay; but I wish they would have had as long a run as Lincoln and Octavia, at least.

  42. christina says:

    I think Jason would save a lot of grace and fans if he turned this around in season 4 bringing lexa back…. it happens all the time in daytime drama… with the ai storyline it could be written in… I’m close to calling it quits with the show… not just because of lexa but it went from such an amazing concept to something I’m yawning at

  43. Maria_mmm says:

    she must come back guys :@@@@

  44. Kanel says:

    For Pete’s Sake! The prima-donna, PC handwringing from the writer dude is over the top. I think he’s lying on a chaise, fanning himself and breathless weazing “I’ve got the vapors…where’s Rhet Butler?”

    Lexa dies. Big whoop. The gratuitous lesbian thing was ridiculous and cheap anyway.

    If writer dude is trying to make sure every sub-social group is included, well then I’m furious they dont have a character who’s a 1/2 Muslim-1/2 Jew, midget, tranny. Sheeesh!

  45. Kanel says:

    For Pete’s Sake! The prima-donna, PC handwringing from the writer dude is over the top. I think he’s lying on a chaise, fanning himself and breathless weazing “I’ve got the vapors…where’s Rhet Butler?”

    Lexa dies. Big whoop. The gratuitous lesbian thing was ridiculous and cheap anyway.

    If writer dude is trying to make sure every sub-social group is included, well then I’m furious they dont have a character who’s a 1/2 Muslim-1/2 Jew, midget, tranny. Sheeesh!!!

  46. Eric Harris says:

    Even if Lexa did not die she would most likely not even come back. Either way the Story is still interesting and suspenseful. But hey, she portrayed it well.

  47. Nyd says:

    Listen up, fans of The 100, I’m also a great fan. I was so devastated when Lexa was killed off. She was such a important character to this show. Alycia Debnam-Carey, portraying the character of a fearless warrior, was just awesome. I’m sure that she is a good actress that can play different roles, but the one that she made a big impression, and will be remember for is Lexa, because that’s who the fans fell in love with. Then there is Lincoln, ( Ricky Whittle ) another awesome character that was also killed off. I can’tell understand how a writer can built up a character, and then just crush them, which also crushes the fans. I think, that since this is sy-ft show, an thing is possible. Let’s see if for season 4, fans are not crushed again!!

  48. Nyd says:

    Listen up fans of The 100, I’m also a great fan. I was so devastated when Lexa was killed off this show. She was such an important character to this show. Alycia Debnam-Carey, the character of a fearless warrior , was just awesome. I’m sure that she is a good actress that can play different roles. But the one that she made a big impression was as Lexa, and that’s who the fans fell in love with. There is Lincoln ( Ricky Whittle ) another awesome character that was also killed off. I can’t understand how a writer can built up a character , and then just crush them, which also crushes the fans. I think, that since, this is a SY-FY show show, anything is possible. Lets see if for season 4, fans are not crushed again !!!