Arrow Recap Felicity Rejects Oliver

Arrow Recap: 'Already Gone' Girl

If you were among those hoping against all hope that Arrow‘s Oliver and Felicity would be heading for a wedding after holding a faux wedding, this week’s episode put an arrow through your heart with Cupid-like accuracy and brutality.

Yes, the aforementioned amorous archer has escaped ARGUS custody with an intent to shoot down any high-profile couples pimping the fallacy that is true love. Upon discovering Cupid’s shrine, Oliver realizes that his and Felicity’s wedding is next on the “hit list” — alas, that ceremony of course has been called off. Oliver, however, has yet to actually cancel the venue since, he explains, to pick up the phone for that call would mean “it’s over.” But, Felicity states, “It is over.” Ouch.

In the name of crimefighting, Felicity agrees to fake-marry Oliver at a “secret” (but leaked-to-the-tabs) wedding, to bait Cupid. There, Felicity tries to have it both ways with her vows — “I can’t wait to move onto the next chapter,” ahem — while Oliver speaks from his heart.

“I was in darkness but your kindness… your wit and your trust brought me into the light. You were that light,” he avows. “I don’t know if I still deserve your trust, if I deserve you… but the way you make me feel is best part of my life. You are my always, and I just want a chance to be yours.”

Cupid interrupts the proceedings right then and there, only to get an earful from the “bride-to-be,” who argues that “love is real” and claims she “became very best version of myself” with Oliver. (The moment somewhat mirrored Cupid’s very first appearance on the series, when Oliver opened up about his feelings for Felicity via a speech to Carrie.)

Cupid is of course eventually captured, but a load of hurt still awaits Oliver when Felicity makes clear that she believed what she said to Cupid — though it “doesn’t apply to us.” “I can’t be with you, I can’t marry you,” she makes clear. When Oliver super-double pinky swears that there will be no more lies, Felicity counters that there will always be an instance where he who used to be that “man on an island, alone” will keep something from her. “That’s this life. I’m sorry I convinced you that we could have it all. I was wrong.”

Felicity hands back the engagement ring from the wedding, and urges him to hold onto it this time. “I don’t want to let you go,” Oliver offers. “I don’t want to let you go,” Felicity answers. “But I’m already gone.”

Elsewhere in the episode: Laurel got her lawyer on and good, rebounding from Diggle’s compromised testimony against Damien Darhk (er, “Kenneth” from “Markovia”) by agreeing to let her father take the stand. Copping to his many misdeeds done on Darhk’s behalf (and out of fear for his daughter’s life), Quentin offers an account so self-damning and compelling that the judge cannot help but be moved by it,  ruling to let “Kenneth” stand trial. But once locked up behind bars, without bail, Darhk produces a ring from his gullet, slips it on and wickedly smiles….

In flashbacks, Reiter found some mystical doohickey, but Oliver and the girl took it.

What did you think of the episode “Broken Hearts”?

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  1. Ian says:

    An open letter to the Arrow writers:

    Dear writers,
    I realize I am not speaking for everyone. This is just this humble fan’s opinion. I used to love Arrow. I still do, in some ways. I keep watching, week after week, because I respect the cast and crew. I appreciate the hard work put into the show. Everyone brings their A-game to the table… Everyone, except you. This isn’t some type of attack or anything, it’s just a call to arms of sorts. It’s not all bad, I realize you do work hard to try and make the show work. But the truth is it just doesn’t. Arrow used to be the most talked about, well-regarded comic show out there. And now, I hate to see it relegated to something subpar.
    To avoid further scrutiny, I will say this has nothing to do with Olicity. It’s not about that. It’s about story, and characters. Don’t be afraid to separate your characters. I know a lot of work goes into stunt coordinating, but the reason most of this season’s fights have mostly all looked the same is because you always send all four members of team Arrow into action. Is there no other crime in Star City? It’s a big town, I’m sure someone getting mugged could use a hand. Also, it might be worth nothing that mixing up the members more in a fight could be beneficial. Why not have Laurel and Oliver have a rift and send Laurel on her own vigilante storyline, where she would only sometimes run into Green Arrow?
    This is only an example,
    but first and foremost, I want characters that I can root for, which I don’t have anymore, since nothing feels organic. It all feels forced. And please, take risks again and stop being afraid of backlash.
    In your interviews you always say you start by saying “wouldn’t it be cool if–?”. Well, maybe for next season, you could just start by saying “wouldn’t it be cool if we told a good story?”

    • Lizzie says:

      I agree with you about splitting up members of the team. The stunts have been boring this season because it’s always the four of them going out together. They need to shake things up. I also want to see Oliver fighting more.

      • Blah says:

        The stunts got boring, because Sarah, Shadow and Slade aren’t there, let’s be real arrow has been mediocre since the halfway point of season 2.

        All the best writers are focusing on the flash and supergirl at this point. Arrow has the C team and it shows

        • Lex says:

          Watching Sara and Oliver fight in tandem was one of the best things about season 2. Because Diggle serves as backup with his gun and Magneto helmet we don’t get any fighting choreography between him and Oliver, and Laurel and Thea… aren’t Sara.

    • Julian says:


    • jj says:

      Your “letter” would carry more weight if they didn’t just air tonight an episode in which Laurel wasn’t part of the fighting. There was a fight scene that was just Thea and Dig against Cupid, etc. You’re asking for things they are already giving you.

    • liame says:

      Yeah! Real life is depressing enough, give us some good material that we can all enjoy and escape from week to week.

    • goddessisa says:

      THANK YOU!!!!!!!! I am currently following the show via these recaps until they fix it (HA!) and I am so happy to see someone else have some reality. Even though Olicity sucks, there’s so much wrong with this show that has nothing to do with them. Such as the flashbacks. They need to STOP. They had promised they were done after last season and then boom, here they are again. Enough is enough.

      • Actually the flashbacks are here for 5 seasons as always stated and Olicity definitely doesnt suck, they are the light of the show. Yes I would like more action scenes definitely and more of what we saw tonight with the different dynamics in the team but they need to have a life outside of their work. The fact that Oliver and Felicity work together means you see more of them as a couple than say Digg and Lyla and Alex and Thea.

        • MZ says:

          The light of the show? That’s one dim light that needs to be changed

        • Dj says:

          The flashbacks are good when they relate to whatever the plot is in the episode. The problem with these flashbacks are they relate to the overall season long plot which means they add nothing to the episodes they are in.

      • MoshiMoshi says:

        AMEN!!!!!!! Totally agree.

    • Lex says:

      I am so incredibly impressed by this letter. It would be so easy to whine about Olicity and romance and shippers as if they’re the fourth horseman of the apocalypse, but you’re pointing out the big technical flaws in how the show is written, not complaining about storylines you don’t care for.

      I think The Flash will always be regarded as the better show because it learned from Arrow’s mistakes: there’s no time wasted on flashbacks, and we didn’t have to wait two seasons for Iris to learn Barry’s secret, allowing the show to establish her as a valuable character in her own right instead just the “love interest.”

      Your idea to give Laurel her own crimes to solve as a vigilante is a really good suggestion, but I’ve given up on seeing her rehabilitated as a character.

      I don’t care about her. Any opportunity to build her into someone I want to watch was wasted, and I’d rather her screentime be spent rebuilding Diggle and Felicity’s relationship or cementing Thea’s relationship. It was proven earlier this season that a focus on Oliver’s relationship with Lance could be fascinating, and I desperately want more Lyla and Diggle–or Lyla and anybody, really; what did she do before meeting Diggle in Afghanistan? How did she meet Amanda Waller? These are questions I’d love to see answered, but unless something drastic is done with her character, Laurel doesn’t interest me.

      Before the torches and pitchforks come out as the Laurel fans clamor for my head, I’m just going to say that this is my opinion. It has nothing to do with shipping; it has nothing to do with “internal misogyny,” but it has everything to do with what I consider good storytelling. She has never been written consistently enough to make me care about her, and I don’t see how she adds anything to Oliver’s journey towards becoming a hero. I guess that makes me a bad person or something.

      But back to the post I was commenting on: I second “don’t be afraid of backlash,” but I don’t think we’re worrying about the same group of fans instigating the backlash. The characters I want to root for are there. I want to root for Original Team Arrow to remain just as cohesive a unit as Harry, Hermione and Ron or Buffy, Xander and Willow. I want to see Oliver and Thea become closer, because family is such a big theme on the show. I want to see Lyla as head of ARGUS; how this affects Team Arrow and how this affects her home life and relationship with Diggle. I want more Donna Smoak confusing her daughter and livening things up with her skin-tight dresses and five-inch heels; I want to see Oliver and Quentin continue to build their mutual respect outside of their relationships with Laurel and Sara. And yes, I want to see Olicity as a stable relationship in the same vein as Coach and Mrs. Coach from Friday Night Lights.

      This turned out longer than I expected. Mea culpa, I guess.

      • I agree with everything here. I dont think they have ever really used Laurel to her potential and after they worked out she wouldnt work as the love interest she was supposed to be they got lost with her. It is a character to me that wouldnt be missed if she was gone. I feel sorry for KC for that reason. OTA to me need to be back in the forefront working and fighting together. Yes I am a major fan of Olicity but I would like to see them together but in the background and them being kickass with Digg once again in action scenes. I would also love for Lance, Thea and Donna to have a bit more to do with other characters too. eg Thea and Felicity, Donna and Oliver, Lance and Felicity, Digg and Lance etc

      • Dee says:

        Great comment! I agree wholeheartedly. Please more action and stunts, more OTA, more Olicity as stable, more of Lyla, too. Sometimes I think that they don;t have the imagination to think of great story lines each week for Arrow. Yes, what fun and easy to make up the unreal and fantastical stories of Flash or LOT ( not really sure that is working but) you know what I mean. Please, this show is good and I love to watch it. It started all the spin-offs. Don’t treat it now like a redheaded stepchild. (NO offense to anyone–it is just a saying)

        • leolady21 says:

          I agree they need to fix this show and FAST they are killing it get Oliver and Felicity back together loved their little spats and loving each other. Need to let donna and lance have a relationship, Let speedy and Laura get really at fighting. This show needs a lot of fixing and Fast Please before the writers kill this show Which would really make a lots of us unhappy. only show I watch on Cw others show are just dumb

      • bei says:

        same here,I love this show, but I don’t know why I don’t like laurel…felicity all d way,

    • nomidicus says:

      Ian… Yes bro. So much yes. Your comment is absolutely perfect. I would add that I really like the Olicity dynamic. The disintegration of that relationship is like a knife in the chest for me right now, especially considering that I don’t even see why it’s necessary. But like Ian said, that’s not even what it’s about. The whole star crossed lovers can’t be together because brooding superheroes are forever doomed to be alone, blah, blah, cliche is tired and stupid, but that’s a choice, and not even one that I’m really all that angry about. But what breaks my heart WAY more than Olicity’s failed romance is the fact that this used to be my favorite show on television and now it just makes me sad most of the time?

      You know what the problem is, right? Where’s the salmon ladder? Where’s the grit? Where’s the darkness? I was afraid this was going to happen the very moment in the last season when Ras offered Oliver the league, I thought to myself, where do we go from here? Oliver is going to have to step down from being Ras Al Ghul to go back to being Green Arrow. And then what do you do? You give the league to Malcolm??? Really? It’s been downhill ever since. Shiny new outfits and a new lair and some motorcycles, but guys. …you left the salmon ladder behind. You aren’t making good choices now. It’s hard for me to even say it because I love this show so much, but you left the salmon ladder behind. :(

    • The fact that this happened tonight sort of proves they do do things differently, Yes I would like to see more action but they are a team so most of the time they will work together.

  2. dragon2heart says:

    Dear Writers-
    Great episode! I love everything you are doing. Keep on doing it!

  3. Marc says:

    Why am I getting the impression that the writers are deliberately making the Felicity/ Oliver relationship unnecessarily difficult? This needless rigmarole that they have them going through is sucking the life out if an already tiresome season.

    • ? says:

      Welcome to the CW. Seriously though, it’s worse on this show than any other. They aren’t even trying to have Felicity think rationally or act consistently, and with all the gymnastics Emily has to go through to sell the terrible dialogue and plot developments she’s being given without making us hate her character, it’s just getting ridiculous. It’s such a shame. Can’t the writers take a step back and get a long view of what it is they’re doing? I know it’s hard as a writer because you’re so close to it . . . but that’s what’s supposed to make you a professional!

    • Tanya says:

      Imo, Felicity is being illogical since it was NOT Oliver’s “secret” to tell. He gave his word to the mother – period. It looked like Felicity was leaving the team because she can’t work alongside Oliver due to the feelings they have. It would be a shame to see her off the show.

      I too am SICK of the flashbacks. I don’t have any kind of consistent idea of what happened with all that, none of it is presented in a good consecutive manner.

      • MABS says:

        I suppose it’s too much to hope the writers are reading this comments. I just want them to get Olicity back together and get back to some fun SuperHero stuff. She was dying to be with him and this is just ridiculous. Yes the flashbacks, are soooo annoying.

      • Mar says:

        Oliver had to lie to someone. He could either tell Felicity, the woman he wanted to marry and lie to Samantha and say he didn’t tell anyone. Or he could lie to Felicity because of what a woman he had a ONS with ten years before, lied to him all that time and threatened him that he couldn’t see his son, which a judge would have allowed him to.
        It makes zero sense that he chose to lie to Felicity and not to Samantha. It’s idiotic that he kept the information from Felicity after Barry, Thea and Evil Malcolm all knew.

        • Tanya says:

          Agree, with your logic – but it was NOT his secret to tell. I think Arrow does a lot of stupid stuff and his taking the world on his shoulders is tiresome. I like it better when they permanently finish the bad guys. Look now how Damien Dhark is up to something – again. What, they couldn’t kill him? I know – it’s the way the show goes – but for me I like it when the evil guys are eradicated.

          I notice a lot that these superheros sabotage their own stuff.

          • Mar says:

            I disagree that it’s not Oliver’s secret to tell. Samantha doesn’t own William. Oliver donated just as much DNA to create William as Samantha did and the only reason that he wasn’t a part of William’s life up to now is that he didn”t know of William’s existence

          • Tanya says:

            Well, the writers wrote it so that he’d lie to Felicity. BOO on them. Did Ollie get a DNA test to make sure that’s his son? Of course not.

            Ollie played it as if it’s not his secret to tell since he promised Samantha. I don’t even remember anything in the past about his having this son. I must have forgotten it, if they ever showed it.

            I agree, he should be 100% honest with her – but of course, he’s an idiot that loves to play emotional martyr that always sabotages himself. I’m kinda sick of characters like that.

            I don’t even have a clear idea of the sequence of events shown in those flashbacks – every time they flash back I groan “oh, not again.” Someone needs to write up a page explaining the entire sequence of events. Let me see – lost on the island when boat sinks – then somehow he ends up on that ship and runs into Sarah who is in the League. How did she not drown? I forgot. THEN what? That spy stuff he had to do? Is that how he ended up on this island – same island or another one? I don’t even remember. All of it is shown in broken up sequence.

  4. GirlvsTV says:

    Good for Felicity, Oliver’s words were beautiful but he’s shown the opposite through his actions too many times before. Words are not enough, he needs to show that he’s actually changed this time. Weirdly, I didn’t want Felicity to leave the team at the start of this ep, but by the middle I was ready for her to flip them all the bird and peace out. She really had no one in her corner. I hated how they all pushed her into the fake wedding and really disliked Digg’s, “she’ll come around” talk. Felicity isn’t the one who needs to do anything here. It’s all on Oliver.

    • Umm… No. It’s completely Felicity who’s acting like a brat here. The others are right to be angry at her. She got angry because he didn’t tell her something that wasn’t actually any of her business. Don’t give me the “she made a mature decision crap”, no, she didn’t. She got angry and lashed out. Which, it should be noted, is completely consistent with her character.
      Felicity is a lot like Chloe was on Smallville, in that she’s incapable of understanding that there are somethings that she doesn’t need to know, and when confronted with that fact she lashes out. The difference is, Chloe eventually matured past it. Felicity shows no signs of doing so.
      (And before you go yelling about last year, let me say that ALL of the others were in the wrong about that one. Ollie is supposedly their leader. Sometimes the leader needs to keep secrets from other in order to protect them and allow the mission to succeed. The fact that Arrow fans seem incapable of understanding that is beyond me.)

      • Lex says:

        I’m pretty sure your definition of “mature decision” and mine are very different. Felicity is not a “brat” for walking away from a man who has yet to totally commit to her. There’s a part of Oliver that’s still on the island and was too afraid to tell Felicity about William. He was completely aware that keeping this from her could cost him his relationship with her. He knew this would happen if he didn’t man up and tell her himself. He even after experienced the fallout in the timeline Barry reversed. But he still couldn’t trust that he wasn’t alone.

        As for it being “none of her business,” you might want to go ask any step parent whose spouse is actively involved in the kid’s life if the existence of that kid is “none of their business.” William’s existence would have affected Felicity’s life whether or not Oliver lied because kids affect everyone relationship, no matter who is the biological parent. So yeah, it was her business.

        Lying “for the greater good” or “to protect someone” brings me back to the season 3 scene where Merlyn is asking why Diggle isn’t using his help to save the city.

        DIGGLE: You really thought we’d throw in with you? After what you did to Thea, to Sara, to Oliver?

        MERLYN: To save your precious city, yes.

        DIGGLE: Well, that’s the thing. Once we let the ends justify the means [[like lying “for the mission”]], that’s just the first step.

        MERLYN: Towards What?

        DIGGLE: Becoming you.

        • Totally agree here. This is so totally Felicity’s right to know he has a kid. She would have been a stepmother to his child therefore a major participant in this relationship. As a step parent I am included in all decision in our household and I wouldnt have it any other way as my step children are a part of my family. Oliver has to confide in her and not keep secrets otherwise what the point of being with her. Felicity is not being a brat at all she is being a mature adult and Oliver needs to take a leaf out of her book. For any relationship to have this sort of secret (or any life changing secret) cant be healthy and in the end would break you.

          • Michelle says:

            Wow, so you’re one of those overbearing step parents….

            Anyway, Samatha wasn’t being unreasonable. She didn’t know Oliver and frankly, it took him forever to even find his son for the first time. Samantha asking Oliver to keep it to himself was pretty reasonable and frankly,it sounded like she was just seeing how it goes and I’m sure, if Darhk didn’t kidnap William, Samantha would have eventually been okay with Oliver telli Felicity after feeling Oliver out and seeing he truly changed.

          • Mari says:

            The problem with the whole Samantha/William storyline is that it makes zero sense. She helped Oliver cheat on his girlfriend by sleeping with him so that makes her his equal in the deed but nine years later when he’s been CEO of Queen Consolidated and has a steady line-in girlfriend who is the CEO of Palmer Tech, he’s not good enough to tell his SO about the existence of William. She doesn’t trust him not to be a bad influence on William but she’s okay with William being alone with Oliver in his bedroom without her having to introduce this “friend of Mommy’s” (classic set-up for a child abuse storyline).

            The minute Oliver found out that Malcolm knew about William, Evil Malcolm who killed his own son and brainwashed his daughter to kill a friend, Oliver should have told everyone on Team Arrow and Team Flash about William to protect him. Because as Oliver finds out every season, Malcolm is dangerous and completely selfish.

            Oliver was written stupid for plot purposes to propel this break-up.

          • Armando says:

            Yes I agree with you about her having the right to know, but Williams mom wanted it that way. If he would of told her Oliver would of not been able to be part of his life. So I think felicity rushed to make that decision.

      • Polar says:

        Writing my own way totally agree Felicity nerds to grow up!!! In life there is always something that someone keeps from you who in this world tells someone every thing about themselves he has a kid he just found out himself it was a shock to him too!! I can understand she’s upset but this upset is overkill really maybe it’s good she left the team because she’s immature.

        • Patrick says:

          The think about Felicity that bugs me is that she wants everything on her terms. Regarding her anger at Ollie regarding his secret son, I understand her anger. I don’t agree, per se, but I understand. But that is just symptomatic of a broader behavior by her. She wants her way, and she goes to pieces when things don’t go the way she wants them to go. I think, in her mind, this whole Team Arrow adventure was just that. A storybook adventure. And not a GOT type adventure. She wants the kind where none of the heroes ever really get hurt, or have to make tough decisions, and one where the bad guys give up almost immediately. In other words, this whole thing was supposed to be a game of dress up with no real stakes. She’s never understood that some bad guys are so bad, and so tough, that they have to be put down permanently. Further, these villains aren’t going to bounce off to prison as soon as the hero says “gotcha.” In this iteration, Ollie is like Batman. The Green Arrow isn’t the “fake identity.” Ollie is the mask. The Green Arrow is his true self. Everything goes into that, and trying to save people. Felicity wants a scenario where people can quit as soon as it gets tough, with no consequences for failure, or even for success. Basically, she wants Green Arrow to be just a game, one where the good guys go home to a normal family life afterwards. And that is not reasonable. I love her bouncy, quirky, funny personality. She’s great. But she is the most inflexible, unbending character on the show. Its all black and white with her, and she makes not effort to understand the motivations of other people, or to meet them half way. She’s very immature, and seems to view relationships the way a highly romantic middle schooler might. All sunshine and butterflys and puppy dog kisses. When something happens that she doesn’t plan for, nor desire, she absolutely goes to pieces.

      • kath says:

        Felicity told Oliver a number of times that she wants to be a true partner to him and that means being honest with and helping each other. That is what she thought was going to happen when she agreed to marry him.

        The dividing line here is whether you think that Felicity had a right to know that the man she was about to marry and spend the rest of her life with had a son, something Barry, Thea and Malcolm knew about but she didn’t, or that it was none of her business..

        I think this one of those arguments where never the twain shall meet and all the arguments get circular in the end. Like should Tony be with Ziva or not on NCIS.

        • Armando says:

          I think part of the problem is the way she found out about it, at the time she was in shock and William was in danger. If Oliver would of set her to the side and tell her that secret it would of been a different story. I have a feeling she is coming back next season or she will be in some sort of danger and he’ll save her and will change her mind about her decision

          • kath says:

            Season 3 Diggle quit and was back in the very next episode when Sara died and they needed him.
            Since we already know someone is dying soon, I expect the same will happen with Felicity.

      • leolady21 says:

        I completely agree with you at last I am not the only that feels the same way.

  5. Lizzie says:

    I really enjoyed that episode! Everyone had something to do, everyone played a part. I’m a big Olicity fan and their scenes were heartbreaking but I think I like where it’s going. Oliver needs to prove he can change and Felicity needs to believe him again. They’re both in the wrong and they both love each other so much. Getting back together will be a journey but I’m looking forward to it. SA and EBR were perfect.

    The Laurel scenes in court started off a bit shaky, but it worked in the end. I feel like one of the failings of the show and Laurel’s character has been removing her from being a lawyer. She’s better when she’s a lawyer. Much more natural than Black Canary.

    Cupid was OTT but she’s pretty fun to watch.

    • GirlvsTV says:

      Just curious, but how are they both in the wrong?

      • Lizzie says:

        I just see it as they’re both breaking each other’s hearts with their actions. Oliver did it by lying about his son (and this is not the first time he’s lied, he did it last year too) and Felicity needs to probably accept that Oliver doesn’t know another way yet. He will. Don’t misunderstand me, I’m totally ok with Felicity breaking up with Oliver because he needs to learn that he can’t lie so easily but I think sometimes she needs to give a little too. He’s messed up. That’s not easy to change.

        • GirlvsTV says:

          But she has accepted that he doesn’t know another way and that isn’t something she can live with in a marriage – or a relationship. That was the whole point of her last speech to him. I’m just not down with any of this being on Felicity. He broke her trust, he’s the only one who has something to prove. She shouldn’t have to ‘bend’ to accept the fact that sometimes her life partner will lie and keep major life-changing facts from her.

          • Lizzie says:

            I’m not blaming Felicity at all. I said she was right to break things off? I know Oliver has to prove himself and I think he will. But there has to be a bit of give and take in relationships. I guess that’s what I meant.

          • Blah says:

            Let’s think about this logically. When felicity met Oliver she knew he was a ladies man who had a history of lying to women. Cheating on laurel with Sarah, lying to the world about being the arrow and lying to her when he initially needed tech help.

            Oliver professed to have changed. Then first there were lies of omission, secondly there was season 3 and his lies about infultrating the LoA. Felicity forgives all of that. Then they start dating, they have a loving and trusting relationship. Then Oliver gets some news he should trust his fiancé with and he doesn’t. Which unfortunately proves to felicity that Oliver is still the same terrible guy he was before the island. It’s just now he knows Kung fu

          • Totally agree he needs to learn that the person you are committed too that you have to trust that person otherwise their is no relationship. She is just trying to get him to see that. I am hoping that once things settle he does learn to trust and confide in her (maybe about the island or Bratva etc) and therefore she can forgive him and move on together

          • Patrick says:

            So, she’s showing him that he needs to trust his partner. And she’s showing him this by not trusting him. Ok, got it.

          • Mari says:

            She trusted him after the Ra’s al Ghul fiasco of the previous season when he joined the League of Assassins and made all his friends thinks he was going to kill them with the O/A virus.
            She trusted him when he proposed to her AFTER she told him that her definition of a relationship meant that they are true partners and share problems and secrets with each other. (Incidentally, the reason she gave Oliver last season for why she was with Ray was because he was a true partner so this shouldn’t have come as a surprise to Oliver.)
            She trusted him that they could work together even after they split up until he announced that they had to get married to Cupid’s sake and she realized that he was manipulating her because he thought she would get back with him.
            There are only so many times you can have another person break your trust before you stop believing them.

  6. A. D. says:

    Great episode! Please don’t let Felicity and Oliver get together again!

    • Celina says:

      Agreed! Olicity was ruining the show. Oliver was boring.

    • Lana says:

      Oh god yes. Aside from the plot dragging relationship issue, making Felicity this perfect cinnamon roll character is so annoying. I think literally every other character has gone down bad paths, made bad decisions and had to face them. – like flawed humans. Felicity is a tired quirky pixie girl trope at this point: I feel bad for the actress

  7. NM says:

    Yay. Now Oliver and Laurel can be together!!!

    • jrex says:

      That didn’t even work out in the comic books. They got divorced. And on the show they have less chemistry than on the comic page.

    • That would be the worst thing they could do. They have no chemistry and honestly Oliver is in love with Felicity and actually stayed faithful to her (even in Season 3 when they werent together) He hasnt been with anyone but her since Season 2 Ep 20 when he and Sara broke up. 2 years of faithfulness compared to years with Laurel (before the island) of him cheating on her and with her sister and even when he came back from the Island he said that Laurel got him thru the Island buy yet when he realised she was with Tommy instead of staying faithful to that relationship he then went on to sleep with McKenna, Helena before sleeping with Laurel (after telling his best friend to get Laurel cause he wasnt going to be with her) then jumping into bed with Isobel and Sara again. Hmm now that true love NOT.
      The fact he wants to still be with Felicity should show you something.

      • Carrie Hillebrand says:

        Nope, Laurel and Oliver will be together 4evafter. Felicity and Oliver were barely a thing in the comic, just like how Barry Allen was barely anything with Patty Spivot.

        • Joe says:

          Sorry oliver and laurel are a closed book on arrow…just like ga and bc were not together on smallville either…so to sum up 0/2 tv and not a couple in comics…iconic not…

  8. suzyque says:

    Great ep. I love when this show pumps the breaks on the crazy plot twists & magic and just lets the character beats breathe a bit more than usual. Since there’s still a bunch of episodes left this season I have no doubt Felicity and Oliver will work it out, but I’m glad to see they didn’t just sweep all of her hurt feelings under the rug. And I loved Speedy jumping on the back of the limo. Even Laurel was used better than she has been in months. Now if only the flashbacks could start leading somewhere…

  9. Stormie Woods says:

    The dialogue tonight especially Oliver and Felicity was so beautiful and I totally got where each was coming from. Dig is right Felicity needs time but Oliver isn’t giving up on them. I don’t for a second believe they are over. I mean Felicity’s love for Oliver got through to crazy cupid. Laurel was useful tonight as a lawyer but I think she made herself a target with Dark. Really looking forward to Bug Eyed Bandit being back next week.

  10. Just hoping that this is not the end for felicity and Oliver. Hoping still that they still end up together and hoping that felicity is not leaving the show

    • Lizzie says:

      It really truly isn’t the end of Felicity and Oliver. This is just another bump in the road. They’re still in love with each other. They just have to work things out first. I’m laughing at anyone who thinks this is over for good. It’s not! Have faith! :D

  11. Jenny says:

    So . . . are the flashbacks part of a different show??? I mean, they’ve never been that entertaining, but at least in previous seasons they made some sort of sense with the main storyline. Now all we have is some tenuous “mystic powers” connection. I think it might be past time for the writers to drop this story telling device.

    • Matt says:

      Right with ya here. The flashbacks have seemed pointless and aimless. In the past they were integral. Season 1 showed how he became skilled, Season 2 we got Slade and Sara’s backstory, Season 3 was strong but eventually tied in and it was obvious it would, but this is tiresome. I mentally tune out each time I hear flashback noise or see the island. There is so much going on in the present those extra minutes could help the current story line each week and give individual characters actual development.

      • Phoenix5634 says:

        Well that’s your problem right there; you say you ” mentally tune out” the flashbacks, so obviously your not going to understand them. So impatient. Almost as bad as the people who fast forward the shipping scenes they disagree with. Lol And no we don’t need any extra minutes dedicated to any of this shipping nonsense/drama this season

      • Adviel says:


        • Jenny says:

          But your dislike of the “shipping” issues is a personal preference. Which is totally legit. But even if you don’t like the focus on the relationship, you have to admit that they serve a purpose. They show the complexity and sacrifice of what Oliver has taken on.

          The flashbacks are inefficient, long-winded, convoluted, AND BORING. They’ve stopped serving a purpose. And even when they do reveal info to us, they give such small bits that it’s silly. At this stage, it would be a better storytelling mechanism for Oliver to just say, “When I was on the island, this thing happened . . .”.

          I don’t mind the show telling a story about characters that I’m uninterested in (for example, Dig’s brother) IF it’s done in a compelling manner. That is not the flashbacks.

  12. Ames says:

    Matt – I love that you relegated the entire series of flashback scenes to one line of your review.Some might say even that was generous. Nobody cares what’s happening back on Lian Yu. I thought the Hong Kong flashbacks were bad, but these are even worse.

  13. Mike says:

    Am I the only one that feels Felicity is being selfish by leaving team Arrow? We know they’ll be less effective without her. It was her choice to leave Oliver. I just feel she’s punishing those around her for hist mistakes.

    • Jen says:

      Apparently you’ve never had to work with an Ex after breaking up with them because of something they did. It’s horrible to your mental health. She wouldn’t be effective to the team because she wouldn’t be in top form to do her job properly. And there’s nothing wrong with being selfish when it means taking care of you. It’s not life or death, it’s not the end of the world. They know how to do what she does, it’s just more convenient to have someone at the cave while they’re out on patrols. And he left her no choice in her decision to leave him.

      • Mike says:

        Actually I have. And it sucks, but it’s not impossible. And in their situation, it can be life or death. It’s not like this is a fast food job. I just feel sometimes the cause is more important. We’re all allowed our opinions.

    • 134sc says:

      Well now Oliver will actually have to think and be creative. Like season 1. Hopefully the show will b better off for it

      • Jonah says:

        Yes – Felicity is the Wesley Crusher of our time lol. Send her to the Flash where her sunny self righteousness can really be appreciated

  14. kelly says:

    I just don’t get the outrage over what Oliver did. His son’s mother made him promise not to tell Felicity if he wanted to ever see his son. It was a silly plot device, in my opinion, but there it is, and Oliver has never seemed to be one to make a promise and break it. He said he hoped in time he could get her to change her mind, and until then, was keeping the promise. It’s not like he decided on his own to hide something from Felicity, so I really don’t see it as reverting back to island mode.

    As for a history of going it alone because of the island, I feel compassion for the character and what he went through that made him like that. Isn’t part of loving someone loving them through that sort of trauma? Nobody is perfect, and if she can’t accept him with his flaws and scars, then I think they should stay broken up so he can find someone who will, and she can find someone more compatible for her.

    • Janie says:

      At the beginning I agreed with you that Oliver was keeping a promise to the boy’s mother, but that fell apart after Malcolm and Thea found out. Then it no longer made sense to keep lying to her. And I don’t think lying was as big of an issue for her as his refusal to talk to her about his big life decisions. I’m not saying Felicity should have had a say in whether or not his son was sent away, but he listened to advice from Thea, Dig and even Vixen on the subject. Not even talking it through with her? Ouch.

      Plus, he basically spent half of last season deceiving her, so if anyone has some well-earned trust issues, it’s Felicity.

      • kelly says:

        Good point. Everyone should have been let in after Malcolm found out. Then again, he kept Oliver’s identity a secret, so maybe he figured he could trust him in a weird way. Also, he didn’t actually tell Malcolm or Thea, so hadn’t broken his promise, which might still have meant something to him. Weird storyline…

      • Gail says:

        Plus the fact that Barry told Ollie what happened in the alternate timeline when Felicity found out that Ollie lied to her. Yet Ollie still chose to keep silent. Felicity is right there will always be something that Ollie feels he can’t share with her. She doesn’t want to be married to someone like that. She is correct in leaving.
        With this episode it seems likely Detective Lance is in the future grave. Hopefully this is not true and they just want us to think so.

        • kath says:

          Barry told Oliver that Felicity broke up with him and “I think you have a kid”. He wasn’t close enough to them to hear what was actually said, which is that Felicity went off mad because Oliver had lied to her (but didn’t actually break up with him).
          So it’s Barry’s fault that Oliver thought he had to lie or Felicity would leave him.

          • Actually, it was a breakup. Felicity actually said the exact same words in the alternate timeline as she did in this one. And without bothering to hear his side of the story either. (Because Ollie hadn’t had time to lie to her or tell her yet, he had only just found out himself.)

          • kath says:

            Felicity gave the same reasons for being angry (continuity!) and then she walked away presumably to cool down. She never said “we’re through” in the first timeline. Barry just assumed that.

      • Michelle says:

        Thea is his sister though. Thea knowing > Felicity knowing. Sorry but not really.

        • Armando says:

          Malcolm knew about William but Oliver wasn’t aware the Malcolm knew

          • Mari says:

            At the end of episode 14, Malcolm told Oliver that he knew about William, the same episode that he found out that Thea knew. William was kidnapped in the next episode.

          • Dj says:

            it was at the end of episode 13 that Malcolm went to Darhk and told him about William. Yeah it was 14 that Thea found out and William was taken at the end of 14.

          • Armando says:

            Malcolm told darhk that he had the perfect weapon to get to Oliver. And that was William that was the end of episode 14

    • kelly says:

      Oh, another weird thing about this storyline. He was happy living off the grid with her in suburbia, while she helped the team behind his back and lied to him about it. (irony) She was the one who wanted to go back to the craziness of Arrow that she is now walking away from. Go figure.

      • Jess says:

        Oh, but see felicity is allowed to have privacy and secrets and its spunky but Oliver is required to report in to the controlling partner about every aspect of his life. I would love it if he got over her – I hate seeing him emotionally manipulated and it’s supposedly what she wants. (Except we know she just wants him to miserable – otherwise why twist the knife to n the way out the door?)

        • Mari says:

          Which huge secret was Felicity keeping to manipulate Oliver? Not telling him she was working for the team after he announced they both would be leaving? Because I’m pretty sure she would have told him that if she could have without him getting upset.
          Or not telling him that her dad was a bad guy and wanted to steal Palmer technology? He was too busy at that point, trying to find the son he never told her about, on top of the secrets he kept last year about joining the League of Assassins (which Diggle was angry at too), and all the other secrets over the years.
          The two aren’t nearly comparable.
          As for who is emotionally manipulating whom, how about forcing Felicity into a fake wedding so he could say his real vows and try to get her back? She thought she could work with him until he pulled that one.

  15. Karen says:

    I’m going to stop watching breaking/c they belong together.

  16. Phoenix5634 says:

    Too much shipping drama, not enough Arrow and Damien Darhk.

  17. Ricky23 says:

    Can someone tell me or confirm when the person in the grave meets his or her maker??? And are we all agreed that its definitely a member of the Lance family???

    • Sarah T. says:

      I think it’s almost certainly Detective Lance given his testimony on tonight’s episode. Damien will be out for blood.
      Also, I agree that the fight scenes are suffering somewhat with so many “heroes” involved. I think that’s what has diminished this season a bit. I feel like I’m watching the Justice Leauge movie when I really just wanted to see Batman. A teamup is great every once in awhile but I prefer just Dig & Oliver. Give the girls their own show or move them to LOT, it’s getting tiresome.

      • If you look at Paul Blackthorne FB page he is on set today taking candids of people so really cant be him if he is still on set. I think you will find its Laurel as Damien has said he will kill Laurel if Lance went behind his back.

        • Dj says:

          Most tv shows film episodes out of order so that doesn’t mean anything.

          • suzyque says:

            Arrow doesn’t film out of order. Sometimes they shoot two eps at overlapping times, but if you follow Amell on Facebook he often talks about whichever episode they’re filming at the time, and it’s in order. They shot a big funeral scene a few weeks ago.

  18. kath says:

    Funny recap, Matt.

    I liked this episode much more than I thought i would. Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy both did good work in the courtroom, Amy Gumerick was fun as Cupid, and Oliver and Felicity broke my heart with admitting they love each other but she can’t be with him.
    The exchange Cupid had with Felicity was one of the best scenes and I’m glad Felicity convinced Carrie to give love another try even if she couldn’t convince herself.

    The only negative was the reasons given for Diggle not being a credible witness (if Oliver couldn’t pay him, how about CEO Felicity? and who believes a drug dealer anyway?).
    Surprisingly, even the flashbacks were tolerable although they kept taking me out of the present day story.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      I audibly yelled at the TV, “No!” when the first flashbacks came tonight.

      • pat says:

        Matt, after watching Arrow and Criminal Minds tonight, I just turned off the TV and went to bed in defeat. When I saw your line about those “mystical doohickey” flashbacks, I smiled for the first time tonight! 😃 Those flashbacks are so annoying now.

  19. ktc1986 says:

    The court scenes aside, the entire episode was boring. I remember when Oliver was an awesome hero who could take down bad guys on his own, now he’s struggling against the Discount Harley Quinn and next week is getting owned by a bee lady.

    I love this show but the writing is God awful. I’m sick of this romantic soap opera nonsense, i watch this show for action and intrigue.

    Arrow was once the crown jewel of the DC TV roster, now it’s the joke of the DC Universe. Even Gotham is better viewing.

  20. Anita says:

    Hated that they didn’t get married. would have loved to see their relationship make it to the end. Working together and through stuff. But comic book heroes not real life.

  21. Mary says:

    Heart wrenching episode – I just hate this breakup – so unbelievable – he stands by her completely during her paraylization, protects Felicity & gang in the Gas Chamber. I love Felicity but she is being so self centered. In real life it wouldn’t play out like this. Please get them back together and on the right path.

    • Gail says:

      Fact of TV life, Happy couples are boring and TV shows will put things in the way to keep them apart.

    • Jen says:

      Uh, yeah it would, at least for me. If I found out that my fiance had kept the fact that he had a child from me, especially after a few people found out, because at that point the promise that he made to the mother to begin with was stupid, I would leave them to. You need complete honesty in a marriage. Your spouse is your partner, not someone you keep important secrets from. Apparently you’ve never been lied to about something life changing in a serious relationship. It ruins trust. it is real life…it’s very realistic.

      • Mary says:

        I don’t think I stated it as I meant it. In real life he would have told her- frankly how would William’s mother ever known, he told everyone but Felicity, Makes no sense. Especially how their relationship has evolved. I loved their natural love that they protrayed in very small ways – a touch here and there – an extra second of a hand hold. Seems dumb to take this turn.

        • Jen says:

          Oh okay. Lol. Yeah, the whole keep it secret thing seemed stupid to me and obviously a forced drama to break them up for the interim. I seriously didn’t think he would agree, but when he did I looked at the screen in confusion. I don’t know why they felt the need to add drama to their relationship, they were doing fine, they weren’t forcing it down our throats, it was perfect. =(

      • Catherine Dumas says:

        If the child is from a previous marriage or relationship how is it any of your business? You sound exactly like Felicity, manipulative and controlling.

  22. lanna hall says:

    I hate what you done to arrow. you took his money, than every women on the show is tougher than he is. he is great looking and you pair him with a nerd girl who dump him and talks down to him. he needs to take his show back and run all these peoples who tell him how to do everything. he should have never look at this girl. this show was great, but now all you do is see him eat crow. hero does not get run over by everyone. thank you

  23. Stephen says:

    Felicity is a bitch

  24. BLAYNE GOWER says:

    I used to love this show but now its just another CW melodrama about some angsty girl mad because “reasons” and some guy groveling for approval because “that is what he is supposed to do”. I liked the felicity character and I liked her and oliver together, but this nonsense has just killed all of the enjoyment I had for this show. The entire time I was watching the episode I just kept waiting for Oliver to say “Fine you want out because I was put in an untenable situation with no easy choices and I only made the best choices I could at the time” , but no we don’t get that. We get another idiot standing on a soap box to profess his love and admiration only to be shot down by another “strong” woman because “reasons”. All this focus has been on Felicity and how this has impacted her and how she should have reacted, with no real thought to how Oliver Queen would and should react. He just gets portrayed as another bumbling idiot guy character who throws himself on his sword for the love of a woman, only to have her smirk kick dirt in the wound and walk away. I am literally done with this show. This is another poor example of how the writers are taking an interesting character and just assigning some weak teenage drama tropes to them. I will not be watching this show anymore, I want DVR it, I won’t participate in any conversations about it, I won’t even acknowledge its existence anymore (because I still watch the flash). These guys have taken a surprisingly good show and turned it into the Vampire Diaries.

  25. Becky says:

    I will keep it short and sweet.If Felicity leaves the Arrow ,then so will I.

  26. Kamille says:

    this show has become so awful is not even funny. Tonight’s episode was so bad I skipped most of it and i don’t even care about the next one. I think i’m done with this crappy series for good.

  27. Tina says:

    I love Arrow and the team but it’s starting to fade. Among everyones character, I find Felicity annoying. Felicity’s strong character is great but the show paints her as too perfect, no wrong choices or mistakes other than her college fiasco at MIT. Further, Felicity’s control in the Olicity relationship is ridiculous…. her my way or take the highway attitude sucks. As a result, Oliver looks like an underdog when it comes to Felicity. Clearly it defies Oliver’s character as a “hero” . Flash on the other hand, exemplifies love, trust, patience, friendship, communication and heroism – in their personal relationships and adventures thus making it more interesting and fun to watch. I hope the Arrow script reconsiders the Olicity relationship with Felicity softening her demeanor (less selfish/self-centered) and working on their relationship rather than walking away. Granted, Oliver struggles to overcome his demons from the past, isn’t that what love is all about … For better or for worse!!?? Oliver changing doesn’t happen overnight but in due time. Felicity has to have a more realistic, more human character.

    • Felicity is a strong character and the fact that people are blasting her for making a decision on leaving him (regarding a secret he kept from her regarding a child that would have been her step child) in which she had every right to be pissed about is really confusing me. Do people in RL really want their partner keeping secrets from each other because a person that means absolutely nothing to you (Samantha in this case) tells you too and then when others find out still not tell you what that huge thing is. Really because I definately would hate to be in that sort of relationship. I cannot see any selfishness in this at all. She is protecting herself and is trying to make him see that there is another way just as she did when he stopped killing. I am hoping Oliver sees that and makes amends by proving he does trust her completely. She had every right to walk out and as for Flash having normal relationships etc what about Barry not confiding in Patty and her having to trick him into finding out, cause that a real relationship too. Hmm I really find it sad that people think that keeping secrets from loved ones is ok and there shouldnt be consequences when they do.

      • Catherine Dumas says:

        Its even sadder that you have no idea how real life works. So you have absolutely NO secrets from you partner? NONE at all?? Or perhaps.. you dont have a partner..

    • Shaun says:

      Tina, what you said is absolutely correct and makes perfect sense.

      I believe since this show is on the CW, tailored to younger viewers, the writers are tailoring to what they believe is the large demographic of 18-35 +50% women and feel the need to add in relationships, weddings, hurt feelings of fake betrayals…but Arrow was never intended to be like that, it was supposed to be dark and gritty and perhaps somewhat shakespearan tagic. Now I feel like I am watching One Tree Hill, 90210 or the Gilmore Girls.

  28. sirsiu says:

    Possibility: Olicity is crumbling because Barry Allen went back in time to change the gigantic distaster caused by Vandal Savage that would have wiped out everyone. Therefore, this “disaster” strikes back at a different future point of time, and it happened to be part of the Olicity relationship.

  29. Sanman says:

    I just realized i had a son that I never heard of heard of before, I didn’t tell you because my kids mom who’s so insane didn’t tell me I had a son for 7 years and rejected my million dollar cheque that could have improved my kids life . Well Oliver our relationship is over because you didn’t tell me that.
    Smoke you felicity

  30. Ella says:

    Ugh, don’t care. To think I once loved and got excited for Arrow. Olicity has turned it into a show I’m struggling to keep watching. Basically tuning in for Diggle and Laurel because I’m a huge Katie Cassidy fan but frankly, their treatment of her also has me running for the hills.

    • Lena says:

      this comment is exactly how i feel. i started watching for david ramsey (followed him from blue bloods) but i kept watching for katie/laurel, and the very idea we might lose her, especially considering how little screentime she’s been having, it truly puts me off gathering up the energy to watch a season five.

  31. Lucifer says:

    loved the episode.. Stephen and Emily did a great job

  32. Lorraine Lovette says:

    Dear Arrow Writers, I love the show but on every tv series the lead character never gets the girl . He gets girls then loses girl what does this shows the world there’s no love or happiness out in the world. People mirror tv everyone knows this I was hoping you would let Olivia and Felicity but happy and beat evil together. Maybe train her also to fight would put spin on show.

  33. Ana says:

    I don’t quite know how I feel about Arrow anymore to be honest. I haven’t known for a while…I’m definitely not a fan of the whole mysticism and magic that has imbued the show this season. It’s just not Arrow. It’s Constantine and Supernatural etc. but if I wanted that I’d watch those shows. So I’ve been finding myself forwarding a lot during the episodes. I’ve never really been in it for the fights either but for the characters. I thought the speech Oliver made was beautiful and heartfelt but Felicity’s reaction to it wasn’t in line with who I was led to believe she was. She’s always known who Oliver was and part of who he is is also his experience on the island which he’s never fully shared with anyone. She knew all that and she was still convinced – and convinced Oliver – that they could be together despite the reality of his life as a hero and everything that entails. It feels like the writers are creating artificial drama and it doesn’t feel organic. The character arcs have been lacking for a while.

  34. peterwdawson says:

    Oh good, an annoying villain, people making jokes after people were murdered, and an annoying plot turn because heaven forbid we have a show where the main character can be married and happy in at least one respect and not have the drama come from other sources.

  35. Shaun says:

    Please save the show. Kill off Felicity.

  36. Lena says:

    i would like to take every single olicity scene from this episode, and just… give them to other characters.

  37. Carrie Hillebrand says:

    Of COURSE they’re doing this, they’ll put them back together for a minute and then separate them for good, just like Christina Yang and Owen Hunt. Anyway, Arrow is suppose to end up with black canary (Laurel Lance) anyway.

  38. Unknown says:

    So discussed this issue with one of my friends and they were an agreement with me that Oliver was right in not telling felicity as we all saw he wanted to tell her he had a son but the mother put him and difficult situation by asking him not tell anyone if he wanted to be apart of his son life and he did what most parents would do and that is choose his son now if he had the time I’m sure he would have been able to eventually tell felicity but he didn’t and when it came down to what to about keeping his son safe as parent he chose to send his son away with his mother everything in my view he did as a parent and yes I can understand felicity’s view but given the choice between your child or fiancé your child especially one you just found out you had will and should come first ever time so for me in this instance I agree with Ollie plus it’s tv we all knew they were going to break up anyway can’t really have a happy couple on tv and for comic book characters they are tortured souls

  39. Ally says:

    Loved the episode except for the flashbacks. But does anyone else think that from this episode Lance is a marked man and ergo might be the one in the grave? Episode 19 is entitled “Canary Cry” is this also a clue to his death or Laurels? (I know these might be questions for the questions shot but I thought I’d put it out there. Also, Matt what do you think of the theory going around that its Felicity’s ghost/ hallucination that’s in the limo with Oliver?

  40. The Carpooler says:

    Emily looked so fantastic in her wedding gown. Stunning and elegant.

  41. Effie says:

    The flashback recap might be the greatest thing I’ve read all week. Bless. (No seriously, I did two shots every time we returned to the People’s Republic of I Don’t Give a Damn. Made it so much easier to stomach.)

  42. 134sc says:

    I was so bored. No matter how bad an episode got, at least I was never bored. The courtroom stuff was not good or compelling. No circumstantial evidence? Come on, all they presented was circumstantial evidence. To my recolection, Arrow has done courtroom storylines 3 times and every time it was terrible, if your gonna do it, at least do it right. O and if you think I’m picking on Arrow for this, I’m not, Daredevil had a courtroom scene that was actually worse.

    The best part of the episode was the wedding and subsequent Olicity chats. It was compelling and necessary, but now that it’s taken care of, I hope there is no Olicity for a while. It was beginning to drag the show and Oliver down. Ollie was such a wuss this episode. Every time he kept on Felicity, with those puppy dog eyes, I got so frustrated. Oliver, my man, you did this alone for a while and you did just fine. Stop moping around and get it done. Jeeze.

  43. Luis says:

    God bless Felicity Smoak, and God bless Emily Bett Rickards. Just when I feared “Arrow” writers might resolve the latest Ollicity drama with a tearful reunion after those touching declarations of love, Felicity stepped up and dumped an ice cold bucket of reality on Oliver’s head. She handed Oliver his ring back, again, and did the only thing she could do to save herself – she broke up with Team Arrow. You might be able to keep working in the same place as an ex, but a workplace where you literally depend on each other for survival, on a regular basis? The emotional toll would be decimating, and I credit the writers for having Felicity step up and do what’s necessary for her own emotional well-being. Ms. Rickards played the drama out perfectly, from the brittle, bitter sense of humor at the beginning to the anguish at the conclusion. I don’t for a moment believe that this is the end of the road for Ollicity, but I credit the writers for recognizing that this was a necessary detour for the couple.
    As for the episode itself – meh. Much as I like the actress, I cannot stand Cupid as a character, and the idea that ARGUS would simply open their doors and let her walk out is ridiculous. As for her crusade against love, not even Hollywood has that many celebrity couples tying the knot in that short a period of time. I hate using such a contrivance to advance the Ollicity story. If “Arrow” needs to bring back a female villain, just back a dump truck full of money to Jessica De Gouw’s back yard and bring back Huntress.
    I agree with the commenter who said “Arrow: writers have had very little success with their courtroom scenes, which is ironic when one of the main characters is an assistant D.A. In this case, though, I credit the writers for having the essentials of the preliminary hearing process down, giving the scenes a little more credibility than past courtroom encounters. Congrats to Paul Blackthorne and Katie Cassidy for their strong performances. Laurel’s anguish in putting her father in the line of fire and Quentin’s determination to make amends for working with Darhk were both palpable. while I fear these actions may have sown the seeds for the upcoming graveside scenes, both Paul and Katie have done some of their best work on the show this season.
    I didn’t think the flashbacks could be worse than last season. i was wrong.
    Also, i DON”T want to know where that ring was before it was in Darhk’s mouth.

    • Matt says:

      Maybe you will get that Felicity spin off you’re clearly dreaming about lol. Maybe titled ‘Not That Felicity’ and there could be a crossover where Keri Russell travels fwd in time to rescue the USSR and teach Felicity how to really pack her suitcase

    • Catherine Dumas says:

      Hah! Good one Matt. Luis you showed you have no idea what is going on with your comment “the idea that ARGUS would simply open their doors and let her walk out is ridiculous”. No its not, its called the suicide squad. They even explained it in this episode or did you somehow miss that too?

  44. Dj says:

    I do agree that having 4 heroes in every fight since is to much. Since Felicity isnt helping the team can Diggle take her place and stay at the base. Then have Black Canary focus on the Darhk trial (lbh KC looks ridiculously in the Canary costume and her fights scenes are alway the worst) and just send Arrow and Speedy out. You dont need the whole team for every fight. Save that for special threats.

  45. Vasiliki says:

    I think that the real reason of their break up is hidden to the conversation that Felicity had with her mother. Donna said that they are a “perfect” couple because they never lied to each other and Oliver whould became a great father in the future. But Felicity finds out not only that he didn’t tell her the truth again but she saw him to sent his kid away (even if it was for his protection).
    Because she replied “to my bones”. So maybe now she doesn’t trust him to be the father of her kids anymore. Then how is possible to have a common future?

  46. Charles says:

    Arrow use to be a great show in season 1 and 2 but now it is a soap opera with magical non-sense that took away from the show.

  47. Ian Barber says:

    Yes! Please please please keep Oliver and Felicity broken up! The characters were both so much better before this relationship! Let’s have Felicity stick to her convictions. I want her back on the team, but the Olicity part needs to be finished.

  48. Christina says:

    Is it me or did anyone else notice Felicity was a little off? First she said she didn’t want to quit the team and then towards the end she left. Also she took a USB stick out of the computer and basically told Oliver there was no chance of them getting back together. It seemed like she was intentionally trying to push him away. I think she is being blackmailed by her dad or Damien Darkh

  49. lz says:


  50. Lopez says:

    Even the thought of Olicity ending their relationship drives me crazy! I refuse to believe that there is no hope for them. I appreciate the sincerity and the reality of the show, I’m actually more in love with the characters the way they are handling real world problems. However, love is love and as much as Oliver and Felicity love each other, this cannot be the end. Not after all these seasons of falling in love with them!