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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Recap: Couple's Retreat

The following recap, by the very definition of the word “recap,” containers spoilers from this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

This week on ABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the “cold-blooded” murder of three highly decorated members of the Russian government wound up, quite sadly, subtracting from the ranks of Coulson’s team.

As the episode opens, both Bobbi and Lance are being held for interrogation in the wake of the aforementioned assassinations, which took place at a decommissioned power plant being used for Malick’s meet-up with Russian delegate Anton Petrov. As they cheekily respond to the barrage of questions — Bobbi places a dinner order (Curly fries, crispy”), while Lance regales us with fun facts about mushroom-based cuisine (“Dried porcini!”) — flashbacks reveal how we got to this point….

Upon escaping from “the belly of the beast” aka Malick’s jet, Bobbi and Lance perform recon of the area (when not arguing about whether they’ve ever had a proper vacation), spying an Inhuman being wheeled into the complex. They’re soon enough caught, yet easily overpower the guards. The rest of the team eventually joins them for an infiltration, a it is gleaned that no less than a Russian general is an Inhuman and he is on the premises — with the intent to “deal with” the prime minister who opposes the sanctuary plan.

The general’s “power” is the ability to split off his “shadow,” a tactile entity capable of wielding much muscle while being impossible to counterattack. As such, it does quite a number on Mack, and then Daisy. Lance is the last to go up against the shadow, though by then Simmons has suggested that taking out the general himself will neuter the threat — and that is precisely what Bobbi does, with a bullet, before surrendering to her eventual captors. Ditto Lance, who all this time bravely, thanklessly, protected the prime minister.

Back to current time shield-bobbi-lance-quit-teamin the interrogation rooms, Coulson arrives on the scene to covertly offer Bobbi and Lance an “out,” one that will save them from prosecution, but they instead agree to “take the bullet” and in doing so keep S.H.I.E.L.D. out of the global crosshairs. The duo then stick to their story — they were just a couple on a mushroom hunt, not affiliated with any spy organization — after which Coulson remarks to the prime minister, quite pointedly, that these two civilians A) saved the bigwig’s life and B) wiped out his opposition. With that made clear, the prime minster concurs that they are free to go.

Now without a country, Bobbi and Lance retreat to a watering hole to ruminate about their next destination… until the former realizes that Jemma is there, in a corner, to discreetly toast them goodbye. As is Mack. And May…. The whole team deftly showed up to give them a “spy’s goodbye.”

Following that bittersweet note, the episode leaves us with a typical tease, in which Malick relates the latest developments (Hive and Coulson’s obliviousness included) to a young woman — his apparently fierce daughter Stephanie, played by One Tree Hill alum Bethany Joy Lenz.

What’s next for “HuntingBird,” and will they ever appear on S.H.I.E.L.D. again? TVline will have a Q&A with Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood following the West Coast broadcast.


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  1. Jordan says:

    That scene wrecked me. All the feels.

  2. VJ says:

    Well, I’ve seen some of my favourite characters die and suffer heartbreak and never shed a tear, but this goodbye scene got me. At the May/Hunter scene I thought: Ok, this is going to end with one of them dead or both of them gone. This episode showed me just how much I don’t want them to leave AoS and I hope it’s not the last time that we’ll see them before the spin off airs (as for that: was that a definite yes on the spin off? And if they don’t get the spin off, can they be back? Please?)

    • g says:

      no it’s not official yet – first they make the pilot – literally in production right now and then ABC will around May if the show will get green lighted or not

      and if it DOESN’T go forward then it’s easily likely they’ll just incorporate whatever the show was about into AoS and very likely Bobbi & Hunter will return to AoS at some point if not right away

      and if they don’t come back as series regulars they’ll DEFINITELY return as guest stars at some point

  3. Juan says:

    First time I cried at SHIELD. Wow that last scene really got to me and I know it’s for the spin off but seriously it made me so sad. Can’t wait to see Bobby and Hunter on my screen again.

  4. Ash says:

    Well, I need to catch up on the show now that Bethany Joy Lenz is part of it! Glad I randomly decided to read this review.

  5. Racpie says:

    All this time I hated Bobbi but ya totally cried tonight. Feeeeelz

  6. Karen MT says:

    I need another tissue. *sniff*

  7. A says:

    I wanted to cry. SHIELD won’t be the same without Huntingbird!! And Mack was crying! 😭😭

  8. The spinoff, if it even gets picked up, won’t air til next season. Why did this storyline have to happen so soon?! Will we still see them on the show? I hope so! I cried more in that scene than I did for most characters’ deaths.

    • g says:

      it happen now because the actors need time away from AoS so they can actually film the pilot (which is in production currently thru March & April) so ABC can decide by May if they want to pick up the new show or not

      can’t do a pilot and AoS at the same time – unless they were both Inhumans and could create duplicates of themselves to be in two places at the same time ….

  9. Dj says:

    This was the second best episode this season. What a sad but great send of for Bobbi and Hunter. I hope the spin-off is picked are at least they get to return if it isn’t.

  10. Bwhit says:

    That was one of the best episodes of the season. They were team focused again and on a mission. That last scene punched me in all the feels and I’m still not okay. How can you let Mack cry like that?!? I don’t want their pilot to get picked up, I want a loophole and them to be in SHIELD!

  11. Mollymoo says:

    I might have cried the moment that first drink hit the bar. *sniff*

  12. DonnaMama says:

    Wow what an episode! I agree why did they have to leave so soon and if this pilot is not picked up are they back on AoS?? My oh my!! They will be missed

  13. truthless says:

    The last scene… Heartbreaking.

  14. That ending was heartbreaking and I felt a Marvel comics vibe from it. LOVED it.

  15. Cris says:

    Such a good episode – I was not prepared for the emotional roller coaster. Oh man, I’m going to miss Bobbi and Hunter.

  16. Hope says:

    I was crying and Mack turned me into a complete wreck :(

  17. laurelnev says:

    Man…couldn’t they have done the spin off some other way? My eyes are SO leaking about now!

  18. Show of hands, who actually wants a Mockingbird/Hunter spin-off? As far as I can tell there was no real desire by the fans for it, so why make it?
    P.S. I really liked this episode, but the whole spinoff thing just annoys me. I can see no good reason for it other than wasting to good characters for what basically amounts to an entire season. (Presuming they air the spinoff in the midseason break period that Agent Carter has occupied for the last 2 years.)

  19. Ben says:

    That ending pulled at the heartstrings and left me teary eyed (especially when mack walked past 😢). Best episode of season so far. Gonna miss Hunter and Bobbi. Favourite 2 characters besides Daisy. Hunters wisecracks were brilliant. They’ll both be missed!!!??

  20. Georgia says:

    This episode was one of the best just because of the last scene. It was incredible and I feel so bad for Mack. Another thing helping it be one of my favourites is having Bethany Joy Lenz in the show. Still developing a judgment on Stephanie.

  21. Cyn says:

    I cried so hard and then rewound show back to watch the “Spy’s farewell” again! Man oh man! I cried harder than if AoS had actually killed them off. I guess I wasn’t expecting their farewell to be so permanent.
    I look forward to their new show and if it doesn’t pan out, I really hope they find a way to bring them back to this AOS.

    • g says:

      don’t worry if the spin off doesn’t happen there are plenty of ways for them to remain on the show and still evolve the story and their characters and still incorporate the planned ideas for the spin-off as story ideas on AoS – both shows have the same writers/ producers – so it’s all in good hands

      and if anything the characters will be alive no matter what and can always be brought back in Season 4 at any time thru a story that may be will involve the general public learning SHIELD is active again (which is the main reason why they had to quit)

      where there’s a will there’s a way and more importantly in comic book shows/ stories – there’s ALWAYS a new idea to keep characters around or bring them back at some point

  22. Krystal says:

    Seriously, of all the characters they choose to let go, these two? I hear stories of a spinoff, but I think there is enough Marvel series’ on the air as it is.
    If I had to choose who would go, it would be May (as much as she’s considered a veteran, she’s still boring and uninteresting), Daisy’s new love interest (whatever his name is), and Mack. They all really feel like dead weight.

  23. Rau says:

    Wow, I just watched the episode, and I’m not ashamed to say I kind of got misty-eyed, I guess I was used and definitely attached to see the whole team together and Hunter and Bobbi as an integral and splendiferous duo are gonna be missed. Immensely grateful to the writers and the cast for deciding not to kill their darlings. The show must go on, even if Shield is now short-staffed without two of their best pillars, I hate this, but that’s the whole point, it gets us to like them even more, an ironic and happy-ish ending for two unforgettable characters. Cheers to Hunter and Bobbi, crossing my fingers in hopes of seeing them again.

  24. christopher bee says:

    A big shoutout to Composer Bear McCreary! His “Farewell” Theme is one of his finest and brought my tear-waterworks going. What a scene.

    • Edwin says:

      Agreed! I was wondering who the composer was! Thank you Christopher!

    • RedReddington says:

      He’s one of the best composers out there. From BSG, to The Walking Dead, to AOS. Just so good. He has a way to invoke major feels in a scene. 😢

  25. Manny says:

    i would hate to see Bobbi & Lance leave the show. She was interesting character.

  26. Manny says:

    Hate to see Bobbi and Lance go. I hope they find away to bring them back.

  27. Angie says:

    I was a bit sniffly…then Mack’s goodbye…hello alligator tears.

  28. Joey Padron says:

    great episode. kudos to Bobbi and Hunter taking the fall and keeping the team safe and not be public to the world. bittersweet goodbye to them with the team at the bar. gonna miss Bobbi and Hunter on the show.

  29. John says:

    Very good episode, I hope they come back in the future.

  30. Chris P says:

    I hope the two of them are brought back at some point. I really enjoyed Hunter’s humor and Mockingbird just kicked ass like May.

  31. Myb says:

    Sitting here sniffin like hey they’ll be back. Cries* I hope.

  32. Linda says:

    You should NOT cry when you have a cold. My nose wouldn’t stop leaking. :)

  33. Ella says:

    Honestly, I don’t see the point in all these spinoffs. Why can’t we just have a strong ensemble cast in ONE strong show, rather than stretching them all so thin? I thought Bobby and Hunter were strong additions to the cast but I don’t see them carrying a show on their own. On a different note, I couldn’t stand Haley on OTH but excited to see BJL stretch her acting muscles on Shield as a villainess.

  34. Jon says:

    Watching in the uk and nearly cried sad to see them go great actors and characters

  35. Melanie gee says:

    Tears rolling down my face as we say goodbye to two of the best characters on shield .as a Brit I will really miss hunter’s sense of humour x