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Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.: Adrianne Palicki, Nick Blood Weigh In on 'HuntingBird' Twist, Tease Most Wanted Spinoff

The following contains spoilers from this Tuesday’s episode of Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

As this week’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. came to a close, we learned what a “Spy’s Goodbye” was — and just how sad it can be.

Facing a triple-assassination rap whilst on Russian soil, married agents Bobbi “Mockingbird” Morse and Lance Hunter (played by Adrianne Palicki and Nick Blood) kindly declined S.H.I.E.L.D. director Phil Coulson’s offer to spirit them away and hide them under fake identities and instead “take a bullet” for the team at large, lest the “decommissioned” organization land back in the world’s crosshairs. So at episode’s end, Bobbi and Lance were (discreetly) toasted farewell by Jemma, Mack, Coulson et al, from the corners and shadows of a bar.

Here, Palicki and Blood share their reactions to their characters’ truly “emotional” send-off, as well as let slip a few hints about their next mission — as the leads of ABC’s Marvel’s Most Wanted spinoff.

TVLINE | Did you know where this episode was leading as you read the script for the first time?
NICK BLOOD | I had a vague idea, yeah. You pick up little bits and pieces here and there, and [writer] Paul Z[byszewski] had kind of given us a few hints as to how it’s going to end. But when you get the script, it’s always a fun day as you race through it to find out what happens. I just loved the way they put it together with the flashbacks, flashforwards… I enjoyed all the interrogation room scenes, it was a nice way of framing the action of the episode.

TVLINE | Obviously things get drawn out with multiple takes and turnarounds, but when you’re doing that final scene there at the bar, does it still get emotional for the cast?
ADRIANNE PALICKI | I cried in every take, whether the camera was on me or not, because every time I would look at Henry [Simmons, who plays Mack] I fell apart.
BLOOD | And in between takes I was poking her.
PALICKI | He kept pinching me under the table! That was the other thing. No, you form these friendships and these bonds, plus it was very parallel to what’s happening [on-screen]. We’re leaving the show, these characters are leaving the show…. It’s emotional.

Watch the “Spy’s Goodbye” scene below, then read on for more:

TVLINE | What were your initial reactions when the idea of a spinoff was first floated by you? It’s quite the compliment, after all.
BLOOD | My reaction was… [silence]. You can’t see that because it was a facial expression, but my reaction was non-verbal.
PALICKI | You were like, “Oh God, I get to be stuck with her.”
BLOOD | That was the face I was doing, the “Oh God, I get to be stuck with her” face.
PALICKI | It is the ultimate flattery, the fact that people believe enough in our characters and the chemistry and fun that we share. And the fact that they had an awesome idea to do something completely different with these two characters…. I couldn’t have been more flattered and excited, and hopeful.

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TVLINE | How “completely different” will the new show be?
PALICKI | Well, not completely different.
BLOOD | It’s all in Dutch. They just speak Dutch and it’s subtitled. That’s the main difference.
PALICKI | But Bobbi does it really badly. [Laughs]
BLOOD | Actually, I’m playing Bobbi and Adrianne is playing Hunter.
PALICKI | I think you would make a beautiful woman. No, what I meant was that these two characters will be thrown into a completelyshield-bobbi-lance-quit-team different dynamic. It’s not a world of knowing where we’re going and what we’re doing, being part of a team. It’s us trying to figure out and navigate things, and we only have each other to rely on. It’s very different in that way.

TVLINE | Can you say what the gist of the premise is? Are there any official talking points?
BLOOD | [Clears throat] I think the way to go on that is probably “no.” Adrianne, do you have a talking point?
PALICKI | I thought you would have the talking point!

TVLINE | Lastly, can we expect to see either of you back on S.H.I.E.L.D. this season?
PALICKI | We’re not at liberty to say anything. We go where they tell us to go!

TVLINE | So it’s possible that the next time we see you, it will be as part of the spinoff.
PALICKI | It’s possible.
BLOOD | Or not.

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  1. Bwhit says:

    Okay.., for these two, if it gets picked up, I will give it a go. If it doesn’t work out… Please have way for them to be back on SHIELD!

    • KT says:

      So agreeing with this. I really enjoy them both and would hate to not have them on SHIELD if their spinoff doesn’t make it.

    • g says:

      don’t worry if the show doesn’t get picked up they’ll definitely return in Season 4 (if not before the end of Season 3 for a cameo)

      and even if they don’t return to the show for a while – they’ll come back to the tv shows or may be even the movies eventually.

    • Carlos Baez says:

      Yeah, I’m with you on that one… was great to have them part of the team.

  2. Lola says:

    I, as many others I have seen, Wasn’t sure they could carry their own show until tonight. Adrianne and Nick were flawless tonight and I can see Most Wanted becoming very successful under them. Sad to see them leave SHIELD (not a dry eye in that ending scene, with the entire squad toasting the two) but I now have high hopes that their departure means that both shows can prosper.

    • g says:

      assuming Most Wanted gets picked up and it’s for a full 22 episodes – I’ld guess they’ld pair it with AoS – for a two hour power block – similar to Thurs nites with the 3 hours of Shondaland

      and then if that succeeds and Damage Control gets green lighted also – then they’ld put that at 8 or 8:30 PM and then AoS at 9PM and Most Wanted at 10PM
      Tues nite will become Marvel TV nite !! ….. count on it

      • IMO, that’s part of the reason why they wrote off those 2 from AOS. They wrote of 2 of the most loved AOS characters in expectation that a big portion of AOS fans will support and anticipate the new show.

        If the new show got picked up but the rating is still low, they might do crossovers between the 2 shows, kinda like Arrow and Flash to jack up the rating.

  3. Robin says:

    Not really a fan of Lance Hunter at all but I really like Adrianne Palicki, so I’m happy for her. But personally if something unfortunate happened to Lance Hunter in the pilot for Most Wanted… I wouldn’t complain. :D One can hope.

    • g says:

      hey hey hey ….. that’s Amadeus Hunter … and don’t be wishing bad things to Hunter he’s earned his place on AoS and on this new show possibility – he’s hilarious

  4. Bryan says:

    if the pilot’s a go and the show fizzles out, bring em back to SHIELD. (if that doesnt fizzle out first) K

  5. Lex says:

    This show seems pointless. SHIELD was disbanded and there’s no way an unfunded organization could last, much less fly all over the place with no intelligence. They made one of their good guys bad and had nothing for him to do, so they killed him and made him possessed magic-evil. This is SHIELD, not the Vampire Diaries.

    • Ash says:

      First Ward is dead his body is being used by an inhuman who happens to be a parasite, that is not magic. Second SHIELD is funded by the government and Fury at this point. Third they do have intelligence, SHIELD is more then the characters we see every week.

    • g says:

      1 – who’s forcing you to watch it?? if you don’t like or understand the show just don’t watch it
      2 – they have plenty of funds … secret and off the books – that’s part of the Twin Brother’s job in handling all that for Coulson so he can concentrate on the spy stuff – plus Fury had everything set up incase of emergency including w/ various secret back up bases around the country / world – Fury was ready for the fall of SHIELD.
      3 – why are you on here and apparently watch the show for 3 years if you don’t like it?

      4 – people – if you don’t like a show – just quit watching it and don’t torture yourself
      if you didn’t like stuff up your butt – would you keep sticking stuff up there ???

  6. Mark says:

    So Shield gets rid of the one Avenger from the comics. And carries on with a sub inhumans plot thats going to have nothing to do with the upcoming movies. Sounds like when they split the tv and movie sides of Marvel common sense went out the window. Great episode only if the other show is green lit and a success, otherwise two great characters lost.

  7. Debbe says:

    Fitz and Daisey were also at the bar to say goodbye.

  8. Brigid says:

    Great episode! These 2 are awesome together, I will miss their presence on the show:(

  9. wrstlgirl says:

    Okay so yeah, that “good bye” tugged at my heartstrings a bit but I just kept thinking if they were being watched like they said, anybody would have seen that for what it was unless they were complete morons.

  10. I love this series and all the characters from the beginning till now. I hate it when they have to take great actors out of the show. Great for spinoff and all that, but do you writers ever think that these people are great because the chemistry in the show they are in now is what makes them and the show great. Sometimes leaving shows as is is what’s best for fans.

  11. Melanie says:

    Great episode. Cried like a baby. Glad I didn’t know in advance that they were leaving to form own show. Sometimes it helps not to be “in the know.” They episode was authentic for me.

  12. Christina says:

    Thanks for the interview! Definitely going to miss these two.

  13. Big mistake. Sending Bobbi and Hunter into a spin-off leaves a gaping hole in the team’s chemistry, and removes the last vestige of any humor from the show. Shield began getting better this season but messing with the chemistry is a big gamble. Not sure that either show will be an improvement over the existing show. Would much rather see Agent Carter renewed.

    • g says:

      if they move to the new show – don’t worry new characters will be added up bumped up (ie. Joey or others) to replace Bobbi & Hunter. And as for the humor – don’t worry Daisy isn’t going anywhere – and she’s hilarious!

      after she opened the door for Bobbi she says: De Nada! (all proud of herself)
      then Bobbi said: that’s Spanish
      Daisy: whatever (still all proud of herself) –

  14. Al says:

    These two were the reasons I felt Shield has gotten better!

  15. talia says:

    I knew they were leaving the show but wasn;t expecting to cry. They will be missed but hope the spin-off is a sucess.

  16. So Happy says:

    Loved the interview! :0)

  17. K.M. Sutton says:

    I believe this is what is called “Interview Gold” literally laughed the whole time reading this. I think the producers just need to let them ad lib the spin off.

  18. Will says:

    I did not expect to shed a tear. I’ll miss both of these actors. Hope to see whatever direction they go be a success. If not, bring them back to SHIELD!

  19. Paula says:

    It’s bittersweet! They brought SO MUCH to the Team, they are taking a Big hit losing them! I really hope they’re brought back!

  20. What a plot hole tho. The president denied the existence of SHIELD, so technically SHIELD doesn’t exist. If SHIELD doesn’t exist, then who’s disavowing them? Who were they taking a bullet for?

    I’m saying, in the end they were free to go, right? So what’s really keeping them to go back to SHIELD if they want to? It’d be different if they were incriminated, so SHIELD and USA denied any ties to them as to not cause a war.

  21. Hollywood Al says:

    I was shocked. I was getting accustomed to all the cast. I do not want anybody to leave including Palicki and Blood. But I know in Hollywood handling actors as assets they make mistakes not keeping the cast of popular characters/actors in the same family is a mistake. I hope this will not be a disappointment again as a viewer. I love the show. A great ensemble of characters and actors.

  22. jason says:

    Hated to see there characters leave the show but glade to hear about there spin off hope its a success if not bring them back to shield.

  23. Alex Anderson says:

    These two were my absolute favorite characters of the show, and I’m very disappointed that their spin-off didn’t get picked up by ABC.

    They are amazing actors, and I really
    Hope that the producers can somewhat integrate back on the show as main cast again. I also agree that there is basically no space left for humor on the show, besides maybe Jemma and Fitz.

    I was so depressed when they got cut :( I hope the show continues to be good without them!

  24. Tyreess says:

    Bring Bobby and hunter back.. (Please) I actually cried a little.