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The Voice Battle Rounds Recap: Is the 'Girl Curse' About to End?

Ours is not to ask why The Voice can only fit six Battle Rounds pairings into a two-hour episode — relegating three others to the dreaded montage treatment that I’ve complained about bitterly for the last nine seasons.

Instead, ours is to wonder: Is there anybody on Season 10’s fairly deep and interesting bench who can match the brute vocal strength and leaping-dolphin magic of Alisan Porter?

Granted, you can’t forget that Alisan is on Team Xtina, that she isn’t afraid of an unflattering hat, and that female coaches are 0-for-9 in NBC’s reality singing competition. But lost in the show’s repetition of that “Girl Curse” stat is the fact that exec producer Mark Burnett & Co. have never allowed more than one lady to sit in a red spinning chair during a given cycle.

Yep, dudes are 9-for-27 to date, but they’ve had three times as many chances as their counterparts with bleach blonde hair and two X chromosomes.

While you ponder Alisan’s chances to use her early-season advantage and sprint all the way to the goal line, allow me to rank the episode’s Battle Rounds in order from least- to most-promising winner:

6. Team Adam: Caroline Burns defeats Mike Schiavo on Meghan Trainor and John Legend’s “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” | Blind Audition standout Mike was slightly more subdued than Caroline, but his craggly lower register and indisputable accuracy made him the obvious choice to win over an opponent whose unformed instrument and shrill upper register tell me she should’ve waited another two or three years before returning to the show that rejected her last season. In other words, what the hell was Adam Levine thinking?!

5. Team Xtina: Daniel Passino defeats Kristen Marie on Adele’s “Turning Tables” | Daniel’s got exacto-knife accuracy and a lot of vocal horsepower, so I can’t argue he didn’t deserve to win over Kristen, who took Xtina’s “play with the melody” imperative and ran right off pitch with it. Still, there’s a strident quality and a lack of warmth to Daniel’s tone that I find offputting. It’ll be interesting to see how Xtina handles him in the Knockouts — as cannon fodder or a Plan B if her Curly Sue rebirth arc fails to pan out.

4. Team Pharrell: Emily Keener defeats Jonathan Bach on Ellie Goulding’s “Explosions” | It’s entirely possible this Battle didn’t capture my imagination simply because I find “Explosions” to be as exciting as a mug of lukewarm tap water, but for a four-chair turn, I found Emily’s lack of fire and occasionally wobbly pitch to be a wee bit eyebrow-raising.

3. Team Pharrell: Abby Celso defeats Brian Nhira on Maroon 5’s “Sugar” (Brian stolen by Adam) | I can’t help but smile when Pharrell chooses the contestant all of his fellow judges side against — in the hopes of creating a Steal situation. Still, while Abby dropped her nifty “bleep, bloop” run that she rocked during rehearsals, I thought she brought more sensuality and groove to the performance than the slightly-at-arm’s-length Brian. I’m just not sure either one of ’em, though, is ready to go deep into Season 10.

2. Team Blake: Adam Wakefield defeats Jared Harder on Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See” | Adam brought grit and soul to the stage with his deep, rumbling lower register, but his falsetto on the opening verse was pretty damn impressive, too. There’s a reason he’s Xtina’s favorite non-Team Xtina contestant this season.

1. Team Xtina: Alisan Porter defeats Lacy Mandigo on The Mamas and Papas’ “California Dreamin’” (Lacy stolen by Blake) | This was one of those typical Xtina Battles where both singers amped up the holleration and broke out every trick in their arsenal in an attempt to score a decisive TKO. Unfortunately for the talented but raw-as-a-freshly-shucked-ear-of-corn Lacy, Alisan (aka The Artist Formerly Known as Curly Sue) simply had more weapons at her disposal. That Patti LaBelle-requested elongation of “pretended to pray” and the explosive run on “Day-ay-ay” were bombastic, sure, but also gorgeous. I just wish someone on Xtina’s style team had nixed the giant hat that obstructed viewers’ view of Alisan’s eyes. And while Lacy was clearly second best here, I was kinda stoked to see her stolen. If Blake sends her in a rockier direction, she could find herself as a Top 10 player.

Shown in Montage
Team Pharrell: Moushumi defeats Jonathan Hutcherson
Team Blake: Angie Keilhauer defeats Teresa Guidry
Team Adam: Katherine Ho defeats Lily Green

What did you think of The Voice‘s third set of Season 10 Battles? Any potential winners in the mix? Take our poll, then sound off in the comments!

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  1. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    ALISAN, just SANG!!! She’s winning not only in fans but in iTunes and performances as well. She is THE QUEEN. LUVED her, along with mike, Caroline, Abby, and lacy.

  2. Kaba says:

    Why on God’s green earth did Caroline win that battle?
    Such an unbelievable robbery.

    • Andres says:

      I agree. I have a feeling she is going to the lives shoes and she is up against Kathrine

    • JM says:

      100% agree. Adam is an idiot. Too bad Mike picked him.

      • Allie says:

        while I agree – Mike is better than Caroline – he reminds me of Jeffrey from last season and that is an unfortunate comparison for him because Jeffrey is FAR better.

      • Allie says:

        American Idol looks like the junior high little sibling show compared to The Voice this season (except for LaPortia). I just wish The Voice could figure out how to make superstars out of their contestants.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Jordan’s doing pretty solid thus far, his album is currently at number #3 on iTunes.

          • Andres says:

            That’s good.

          • annie says:

            Hits Daily Double projecting he will sell 35-40K his 1st week. Which is ok, but isn’t close to the numbers you need to really get the industry’s attention. He’s also being pushed as a CCM/AC artist, which isn’t going to get him much mainstream attention down the road. So the chances of him becoming a superstar, at least outside of the CCM world, are pretty slim. They need a mainstream artist they can promote, not a niche one.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            That is sad, that the chosen, manipulate the public as much as we can, winner, is finding more success than prior superior singers.

          • Jenks says:

            This is the first time I’ve seen the previous winner hyped on the show, PLUS they finally managed to get an album out quickly. I think that’s what sinks a lot of the winners and close finishers — they don’t get an album out soon enough to capitalize on their time on the show. Not sure who’s to blame for that, but I have to think a lot of it is on the recording company.

        • Alan Dvorkis says:

          However Adam Levines presence is the great equalizer. I do not mean that in a good way.

      • TexasBrigade says:

        Adam didn’t make the decision the producers did
        Cute teenage girls are good for ratings

    • JM1 says:

      It happens for me at least once a season…a singer who is just not experienced or good enough and sounds like the pesky kid at her parents’ party who stays up late to sing for the guests and they are forced to compliment her. That’s Caroline, for sure.

    • davmon says:

      Disappointed because Mike Schiavo, who was in my Top 3 coming out of Blinds, was epically mishandled and is gone—in favor of Miss Adorable. Yes, she is adorable; but how appropriate is that to dwell on—much less give credence….But tis show business, where looks do matter. C’est la vie! Plus, Caroline was much better tonight than in Blinds, where she hardly deserved a turn. Less shaky. Nice voice….The prob was how the song and coaching stifled Mike, took away his guitar and his vocal agility—sending him home way too soon! He was terrific before Adam stripped him of his skill set and treated him to a karaoke competition at the county fair.

      • gemapet says:

        Agree – disappointed in the song choice that clearly was not in Mike’s favor and that he didn’t get stolen.

    • Toba7 says:

      Mike schiavo was my favorite. I usually agree with Adam but that was a big mistake. Cuteness is not the point.

    • Alan Dvorkis says:

      That was the worst decision I have seen since I began watching the show 5 so called seasons ago.

    • Larry Davis says:

      She won cuz she is just cute, fuzzy & adorable, and Adam could do more with her than Mike. He also was hoping Mike would be stolen, but wasn’t. My take, the show will have a bringback bit, and Adam will bring Mike back. He also wants to see what voters do and give her the shot…plus she was a returnee from last season, so he wants to see how far she goes…yet Natalie shoulda been saved as well…she was a returnee & an original…

    • analythinker says:

      I think… this is just an observation… Mike’s facial expression throughout the rehearsal process showed that he was uncomfortable (with maybe the song choice, the duet partner, maybe everything), and sometimes, the artist’s attitude can sway coaches’ decision. In this case, “why coach someone who doesn’t want to be molded?” (I get that Mike might feel he’s his own type of artist and doesn’t necessarily want to get molded.)

      • Miranda says:

        I’d imagine he was uncomfortable. Poor guy had to sing a love song with a small 15/16 year old girl on national television.

  3. Andres says:

    I feel like the results of these battlesites were very predictable from the start, and takes away the suspense of who is moving on. I felt like the only one battle that wasn’t sk predictable was Kathrine vs lily and they were montaged.

    Any way I liked lacy and alisan. Both were amazing and I am glad that both are moving on. I am sad to see Mike leave.

  4. Angie_Overrated says:

    Daniel Passino. That is all I have to say. I doubt this will be a popular opinion but I thought he was immeasurably better than Curly Sue tonight.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      He’s good, but I think he doesn’t truly bring the angst out of many songs. He seems to not really know what kind of artist he wants to be.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I think he wants to be one of those artists who sounds really good. lol The style takes a back seat to sounding awesome. In that sense he’s a bit of a Haley Reinhart. Yeah, I just went there.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          But Haley was LIFE!!! She was magic, she is magic.

        • Gregk says:

          Haley is the best unrewarded performer ever on any show. Her achingly sweet duet rendition of Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling in Love” on AI a couple weeks ago was more memorable than most any competition performances, almost on par with Adam Lambert’s “Mad World”.

    • SaraPo says:

      I agree 100%!!!! I hated his audition song choice, but loved HIM. His voice is amazing! He was great tonight. I don’t see him going far, but he is honestly one of my top 5 faves this season.

    • akillesheel says:

      He was my second best of the night, and I’m probably biased because I loved Alisan’s blind and hated his (mostly due to song choice, admittedly). He was very, very good.

      Mike was absolutely robbed, and the comments after that battle gave us the single creepiest moment of this show’s history (or at least top 5).

    • JM says:

      I love Daniel!!! I don’t understand Michael’s disdain for him. I’ve liked him from the beginning even with that horrible audition song. However, I’m not sure he’s better than Alison. She is truly amazing.

    • SaraPo says:

      I agree 100%!!! I have re-watched his audition countless times, not the best song choice, but there is just something special about him. He was fantastic tonight. I have a feeling he won’t go that much further, I hope I’m wrong. But he’s definitely in my top 5 favorites of this season.

    • Kaba says:

      Him and Alisan were the only folk worth talking about in the winners circle…Abby was nice though

    • JM says:

      okay, trying a third time to reply…
      Yes, I love Daniel!!! I don’t understand Michael’s disdain for him. I have liked him from the beginning even with that horrible audition song choice. However, I’m not sure he’s better than Alison, who is truly amazing.

    • MC says:

      Alisan was quite good tonight. I liked her more on this song because she showed a little restraint and she was guilty of some oversinging on Blue Bayou. It was just too consistently high pitched for me. Daniel was excellent tonight, although Kristen seemed to be very confused and defeated after her counseling session.

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        There were a few pitch moments I found unsettling with Curly Sue. Winners don’t typically have those. Maybe it was an off night for her. Her blind audition was very good, so I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          She was against a contestant who seemed unsure and sounded very off, so ALISAN probably holded back

          • MC says:

            ITA. It was a slam dunk situation. I enjoyed Alisan more this week because she loved this song and it’s also one of my favorites. Blue Bayou was “Hey, Mom watch me hit all of the notes.” This week she actually enjoyed singing these lyrics and she took some risks.

    • Mike says:

      Really? I didn’t even think he won his battle. Am I the only one that liked Kristen Marie?

      • Angie_Overrated says:

        I liked Kristen too. I was disappointed she was not stolen. Not only did she sound great, but she did a great job singing with Daniel. The two of them together sounded like a professional quality collaboration.

        • davmon says:

          Thank you for that, because I for one preferred Kristen to Daniel, because she had warmth and character and texture. If I may be heretical, both Daniel and Alisan sound polished and professional with great dynamics, but there is a noticeable lack of warmth and texture. I do believe they are Top Ten material–and the way people vote, they may make the Finals. But I am sad Kristen and Mike are gone now.

          • MC says:

            Great point. My favorites are Laith and Angie Keilhauer. I would buy their recordings now because they bring grit and passion to their music. Strong, clean voices are important, but I need more than that if I want to stay with someone after The Voice season has concluded.

        • Timmah says:

          I was disappointed too that Kristen wasn’t stolen. She had an interesting and unusual quality to her voice.

    • danin says:

      Yeah.Though disliked his Marvin Gaye song and wasn’t enamored of him first time around, dude has a voice that’s clear as a bell and would take him over Curly Sue. I thought Kristen should have been stolen.Yes and I liked Abby a lot!

    • Timmah says:

      I would agree, though partly because I don’t really care for Curly Sue at all. Daniel is really good though.

    • analythinker says:

      While I didn’t like Alisan on that song, I wouldn’t say Daniel was immeasurably better ;) I get where you’re coming from, technical standpoint and such, but to my ears he sounded a bit too calculated, even with his runs. I felt like Kristen’s presence (her voice, I mean) helped make his performance 1.000 times better. I would have stolen Kristen just for her tone.

  5. SaraPo says:

    I cannot believe that Adam picked Caroline over Mike. My jaw literally dropped when he said her name and that shock turned to rage when I realized nobody was going to steal him. Adam is an idiot. Wrong decision, then telling Pharrell she could be a Sawyer type artist? Dream on. I totally lost interest in this episode (and possibly the season altogether) after that travesty.

    • daynamonet says:

      I was pissed as well. I literally play his studio version of his blind on repeat constantly

    • JM1 says:

      Mike looked pretty shocked/pissed, as well.

      • SaraPo says:

        I agree that he didn’t go full throttle on his performance, throwing Caroline a bone, then she gets chosen over him. If he had, he would’ve absolutely crushed her…I think he could’ve been a contender for the finale, not only that, but he would likely make an album i would actually buy. I have yet to buy any album from any Voice winners. Adam needs a reality check if he thinks Caroline will not be crushed by literally every other contestant this season, much less make it to the finale. What a waste.

    • paige says:

      Caroline is annoying and lacks polish. Mike is the real talent. This year’s been a joke so far in terms of their choices. Wouldn’t doubt that Burnett’s hand is in this.

    • Timmah says:

      I actually preferred Caroline. I thought Mike was kind of bland and boring.

  6. Mo Saïd says:

    Daniel was the surprise of the night. His accuracy, precision and control were ridiculous. I was in awe.

  7. dan says:

    Hey, Slezak, aren’t you supposed to tell us the steals???

  8. Tiff @ Mostly YA Lit says:

    What an effing travesty – Caroline so obviously did not win that battle with Mike, I’m seeing red. Clearly Mike did something to piss off the producers, because he sang beautifully, effortlessly, and with a hell of a lot more control and emotion than Caroline. GRR.

  9. CK says:

    I felt sorry that Lacy had to go up against Alison. And by “had to go up”, I mean was sacrificed as fodder because who in their right mind would send Alison home before the live rounds? On American Idol (because she’s not 15) maybe, but not the Voice.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      I highly doubt that even idol or factor would send her home that early, though they did eliminate Jessica Cabral so what do I know. Anyways, I actually think this is Alisans season to lose. 😍🙌🙏 #Slaysan

  10. JM says:

    My picks:
    1. Alison
    2. Daniel
    3. Adam
    Michael, I don’t understand your disdain for Daniel. He’s wonderful.
    BTW, I tried 3 times to reply to Angie_Overrated regarding Daniel, but my posts were lost…

  11. Lea says:

    Alisan was my favorite of the night, with Daniel a strong second (I don’t get Michael’s ranking here)! GO TEAM XTINA!! I think her time has finally come!

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      I hope. She’s been slaying iTunes thus far. ALISAN is life

    • JM1 says:

      We can likely all agree that X-Tina gets nicer/less bitchy each season (at least, in the early stages). Would love to see her rewarded with a “W”!

      And, for me, I prefer her ability to actually coach vocals as opposed to Gwen’s coaching her team to be cool.

  12. Kim Moores says:

    Emily has no business being above Daniel.
    He and Alisan are the only things good about tonight.

  13. annie says:

    Why did no one steal Mike? He was better than most everyone else who performed tonight.

  14. davmon says:

    The montages are a blight on the show. Who is Lacy Mandigo? Well, she was montaged on Episode 2 of the Blinds. And tonight, she Battled with The Anointed One, Alisan Porter…and was her equal!!! I really liked the warm tones in her voice—lovely low register pockets. Alisan has great range & vocal dexterity, but unexceptional tones. As a former Broadway performer, Alisan had the stage kudos. Lacy has youth & good looks—something Blake, no doubt, took note of when he saved! [But will Gwen let him keep her or view her a threat, going forward?]…So, the phoenix rise of Lacy shows montage artists deserve respect & air time if they made a chair turn in the Blinds and thereafter! Each artist deserves the chance to have a following who wants to see and hear how they do, even if they are pitchy or run off-stage crying. If they have a weak sob story, just give it less time—is that so hard?….If the public has not heard them and have no investment in them, when voting starts, guess who advances….Yet, Lacy suddenly seems like a Blake candidate destined for the Finals!

    • Kim Moores says:

      Waaaaay too much hyperbole surrounding Lacy.
      She was good, but not that good. Definitely in the top 5 of the night, but certainly not worth the hype you’re giving.

    • akillesheel says:

      I don’t necessarily think Lacy’s as good as you think she is, but this is going to be one of my favorite Voice-related sentences written this season:

      “[But will Gwen let him keep her or view her a threat, going forward?]”

    • davmon says:

      True, I have only heard Lacy this one night due to montage. But I sense she has the package to go far: good vocals, pretty-while-young-white-and-female, nice legs—the Trinity which got Deanna to the Top 10 in Season 8 and Emily Ann to runner-up in Season 9 [with Blake]. And Lacy is a better singer than either of them. Am I being somewhat cynical? Yeah. I mean putting her in a club micro-mini was over-the-top unless it was to make up for her montage last round. Nevertheless, she has plenty of talent to go far in this—if she is consistent. [But then, last time, Emily Ann was not at all consistent, until her late run of good performances.]

  15. Russ says:

    A few questions

    1. Why would you post this? I have no problem with people that read spoiler sites. But I do have a problem when people post spoiler info like this and ruin it for those that do not go to the spoiler sites.

    2. Are they changing the format this year? Because normally the lives start with 20. America votes for 2 contestants each coach and each coach saves another. Also you can not divide 15 by 4 and get a whole number so to me this list is incomplete.

    3. going off topic here but did Pharrell save Abby because he thought Brian had the better chance to be saved ?

  16. Michael says:

    Everyone knows that the Voice coach formula is simple: Blake, Adam, a blonde woman and a black guy. Everyone who’s not Blake or Adam is interchangeable…

  17. danin says:

    Lacy Mandigo..wasn’t very good..why they stole her and none stole Mike,I just through my hands up in the air!

  18. paige says:

    Can’t stand Alison. She’s too full of herself. She had a shot at stardom in Hollywood and blew it… literally up her nose. I’m sick of the screamers. Unfortunately Christina’s a screamer, as is Patti LaBelle. Screaming isn’t singing.

    • Lane says:

      Thank you. Screaming is exactly what she does. If she is the best this season I need to stop watching now.

    • Timmah says:

      I can’t stand her either. The sense of entitlement and the screaming are both a turn-off.

      • Kim Moores says:

        I love this part. Projecting pre-conceived ideas upon the contestant simply because of stylistic choice.
        So because she approached this performance with bombast she’s the entitled screecher?
        Such a pitiful thought process from all of you insisting she’s entitled, but alright.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          Thank you Kim. I was like do you know ALISAN personally? Do you know how her voice works. People need to stop complaining and enjoy a show.

          • Lizzie says:

            Pretty soon, we get to vote. If someone comes across as an entitled screecher to a percentage of voters and iTunes buyers of music then it will affect the longevity of a singer’s run on the show. The package presented by The Voice for each singer, is unfortunately part of what influences people to vote, clear down to whatever Carson yells about them as they come out to the stage to sing. Alisan is being presented in a way that may harm her chances of being evaluated for her vocal ability, which is clearly substantial. I’m waiting for the “Where the Boys Are” singer to show again – I like her voice better than Alisan’s .

        • Timmah says:

          That’s just how she comes across to me in her interviews. Likeability is a factor in these competitions, like it or not.

          • Kim Moores says:

            Well of course, but it becomes less about likability and a disinterest in liking someone when you’re flat out creating reasons for why you dislike someone.
            Please cite adequate reasoning for her sense of entitlement because so far the only thing I’ve gotten from complainers is this idea that because she goes for big notes she’s an entitled snob.

          • Timmah says:

            What is this, a court of law, lol? Relax, Kim, not everyone is going to like the ones you like.

          • Kim Moores says:

            It could be. If your only reasoning for insisting she’s entitled is how she approaches a song, one song, with bombast then a precedent has been established. What separates her from ‘humble’ bombastic vocalists? A lack of a home name via a well received movie?
            Im frankly indifferent to Alisan so far, but phrasing like this is tiresome.

          • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

            What? Based on her interviews, she seems like on of the most down to earth people that I have ever seen. Almost jelly clarkson like.

    • Nedsdag says:

      She literally has to tone it down. Christina will make the same mistake with Alisan that she made with Jacquie Lee. Not everyone can “belt” like Christina.

      • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        Don’t worry, she is much more toned down than Jacque ever was. She can REALLY sing subtle songs

        • Kim Moores says:

          It’s as if her audition doesn’t exist.
          The one where she literally only hit big notes toward the end.

  19. Lane says:

    Adam let Mike go because he didn’t like him. Mike was good and I’m guessing he acted like he was Really good which must have made other coaches not want him either. Talent wise he should still be on the show but you could tell as early as his blind audition he had a chip on his shoulders.

    • analythinker says:

      THIS is what I observed as well. He didn’t look happy (or thankful he’s there) throughout the rehearsal.

  20. Regina Rosy says:

    I Feel that Lacy had what it takes, but she just didn’t show it last night.Of course Allison had a very strong voice and she gave it what it takes.Lacy was 18 and Allison is 34. Big age difference.

  21. lori says:

    I think I’m in the minority here, but Alisan’s style is too screamy for me. I do like her, but wish she would tone it down. More of a “California Nightmare” for me.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      Trust me, she can. She only belts it out when she is really emotional. She can also go very subtle as well. Check out her videos

      • Lizzie says:

        I would rather wait to see how she sings on the remainder of the show, and evaluate her performance solely on what she brings to the shows, not what she or anyone else sticks on You Tube. I am already tired of hearing her described as the former child star, it was interesting at the beginning, but I spend a fair amount of time wondering why people with industry connections, don’t just use them.

        • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

          I understand Lizzie, but based on just 2 performances, were already calling her the screamer of the season. Like wait and listen until the later rounds. She has more restraint and power to unyield from overdoing it.

  22. Ginger says:

    I love The Voice but they could make it even better by showing ALL of the contestants. We don’t need to see TWO mentoring sessions. By the time they hit the stage we’ve practically seen it all…and we know if someone is going to be stolen!!! They’ve sucked all the fun and suspense out of if for us.

  23. Eric says:

    I agree that it was a tragedy that Mike not only lost, but was not stolen.

    Alisan is already getting on my nerves. Her talent is undeniable. Her range is incredible. However, her tone leaves something to be desired. She’s well aware of this, I think, and tries to compensate by singing everything at 250%. I dislike the screamers. You cannot simply overpower everything to a win. She needs to learn control, restraint and how not to oversing everything.

    No matter what Xtina and Mark Burnett think, she is NOT this season’s Jordan Smith. Not by a longshot.

    • Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

      She can sing very softly, it just the song choices. She has much more restraint than Jacque so theirs that. Check her videos, when she sings light, it’s ANGELIC

    • Timmah says:

      Agreed. Jordan had a delicate touch and dynamics in his approach, in addition to being able to blast it when he wanted. Alisan appears to be just a one-trick belting pony.

      • Florence+TheMachinesRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

        You should really check her earlier stuff. Especially a song she has called Stay. It’s very delicate and very angelic.

    • davmon says:

      Eric is right. On Mike, I bet he got into it with Adam over being mishandled, then other coaches were told he was difficult; thus no save. A travesty! I am tired of coach Adam!… On Alisan, yes, great dynamics but a thin sound lacking warmth or soul. She does well maximizing her limited instrument; and Xtina is a good coach. She can go far in this, but should not win. But hey, Megan in Season 8 was runner-up to Sawyer despite erratic pitch and shrill patches; she got an assist by being the best remaining Team Blake, which always has an over-sized following. This time, Lacy could be the beneficiary of that if she can be fairly consistent, stay pretty, and keep showing her legs; she actually did have a decent voice.

      • Timmah says:

        Thank you, you have put your finger on what I don’t like about Curly Sue and said it much better than I could with “a thin sound lacking warmth or soul”. I prefer singers with a rich, inviting tone when they’re singing, whether they’re singing softly or belting it out. Xtina has that. Jordan had that. Curly Sue just doesn’t, IMO.

  24. Asdac says:

    Does anyone know if the show is doing the “Coaches Comebacks” again this year?

    It didn’t go over that well last season, but still…

  25. Asdac says:

    Does anyone know if the show is doing “Coaches Comebacks” again this year?

    It didn’t go over that well last season, but still…

  26. Chris G says:

    So, Curly Sue or La’porsha?

  27. Kbella says:

    Wow, I know I’m going to get a lot of blowback but I have to stick up for Caroline. I thought she sounded great! She was pitch-perfect and had a nice stage presence. I also really liked Mike and was disappointed he wasn’t stolen. This was one of my favorite battles of the night because they were both so good. I’ll duck now.

  28. Lyn Jensen says:

    BTW I like Alisan’s hat!

  29. Debz says:

    Watched The Voice for the first time ever last night (nothing else on) and, can’t believe I’m saying this, but liked one of the duets enough to download it from iTunes, “Like I’m Gonna Lose You” — Caroline’s voice gave me chills, surprised you ranked her last.
    Her partner was good, but sounded very much like Ed Sheeran. The two that sang California Dreaming sure have pipes but it deteriorated into a scream-fest for me.

    • Lizzie says:

      Unless California Dreaming sounded a whole lot better in the studio than it did over my quite good TV’s sound system, I was a bit taken aback by the screech level of what Pharrell called the weather system last night – seemed to sharp a little. Lacy definitely has some of her dad’s heavy metal influence, and that could make her different in a good way. Caroline may have something to offer vocally, but the visual of her appearance is so childlike, it is a little disconcerting.

  30. Zayne says:

    Did you guys see the Knockout trailer tonight?

    So upset that Daniel Passino is up against Alisan Porter =(

  31. Justin says:

    Alisan and Adam were great. Lacy was a verypleasant surprise. I actually prefer her huskier vocal tone to Alisan’s higher pitched one and can see myself liking her more if she gets the right songs. Emily had one of my favorite auditions but that crappy song was just not right for her. Adam picking Caroline over Mike was a strategic decision because she is “ZOMG so adorable” and for some reason Americans are more forgiving on vocal deficiencies when they come out of the mouths of young, blonde females.

  32. Timmah says:

    No recap for tonight?

  33. Sharon Keilhauer says:

    I want to see & hear Angie Keilhauer – she is the BEST :)

  34. I want to see & hear Angie Keilhauer – she is the BEST!

  35. I want to see more of Angie Keilhauer – very disappointing she was montaged

  36. Timmah says:

    To address the main topic of the article, I really couldn’t care less which coach wins. And I think in general there is too much emphasis on the coaches. The important thing is the contestants, including the fact that they need to do a better job of helping them succeed once they’ve left the show. It would also give the show more credibility if they had a successful winner.