The 100 Lexa Death

The 100 Boss 'Surprised' by Outrage From LGBT Fans After Lexa's Death

When showrunner Jason Rothenberg spoke with TVLine about The 100‘s latest death, he described it as “the best choice,” all things considered. Weeks later, he’s singing a slightly different tune.

In a new interview with TV Insider, Rothenberg admits he was “a little surprised” by the outrage that came with Lexa’s March 3 death — in addition to being a high-ranking Commander, Alycia Debnam Carey’s character was also the love interest of leading lady Clarke (played by Eliza Taylor) — though he has “come to understand” the reasons behind said outrage.

“As a straight white male, I obviously didn’t anticipate how deeply it would affect certain people,” he says. (If you didn’t catch it on Twitter, fans accused Rothenberg of queer baiting, and rallied to get “LGBT fans deserve better” trending during The 100‘s March 10 episode, exactly one week after Lexa’s death.)

All things considered, though, Rothenberg doesn’t regret killing Lexa; he reaffirms in the interview that “this is a show where characters die.” In fact, the showrunner intends on killing off another beloved character — and soon.

So what would Rothenberg have done differently if he’d known that unceremoniously killing Lexa would cause so much pain to so many viewers?

“Knowing what I know now and sort of realizing the things that I’ve realized, we should have done less [celebrating of the episode on Twitter],” he says. “We should have done less buildup knowing where this was going to end up and knowing how this was going to affect people.”

The 100 fans, are you satisfied with Rothenberg’s latest thoughts on Lexa’s demise? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. WHY says:

    Why the spoiler in the title?

    • katie says:

      This is a SPOILER website, and Lexa died weeks ago. Get a grip. Honestly, people are always looking for a reason whine.

    • Mike says:

      Considering it already happened, it’s not a spoiler.

    • Andy Swift says:

      I considered putting [Spoiler] instead of “Lexa,” but given that this happened 3 weeks ago and her death is already being discussed so publicly, I didn’t see the point.

      • Exactly. You were right.

      • Steven says:

        I’m 3 episodes into the season, but this got ruined for me the night it happened. People on Facebook and Tumblr are not as considerate.

        • SAM says:

          Yes, people should not spoil anything on the night it is shown, however, you may want to consider avoiding places where you are likely to see spoilers until you are caught up.

        • liame says:

          Yeah those damn social media people, if only there was away to avoid them?

        • Dude says:

          Again. It’s not a spoiler if it already happened. When people make the choice not to watch live, the world doesn’t owe it to them to protect them. If you don’t like spoilers, watch when it airs or stay off of social media until you do.

      • WHY says:

        I was waiting for the entire season to binge watch it. I didn’t see anyone talking about this… I followed this site for years and i don’t remember getting spoiled from the title of an article before. I use Feedly and the spoiler was right in the title, couldn’t avoid it… :(

      • Ben says:

        :( point for some of us overseas who get it later. I’d successfully avoided it until now, and I try not to get it illegally. Oh well, I’m not mad or anything, but major death spoilers are something I always wish were flagged so you can avoid.

        • Ben says:

          Sorry, I mean I successfully avoided the spoiler, and I don’t want to download the show illegally.

        • Dude says:

          You have the Internet. You can watch with everyone else if you wanted to. Don’t go on a TV news site unless you want to know what happens on said TV shows.

    • Dude says:

      Because you should have watched live and you have no one to blame but yourself.

      • GrumpyMittens says:

        Indeed. Because only people from the US visit this site and no one living outside of your country watches this show.
        Irony aside: you don’t see us spoiling Sherlock, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, The Musketeers, Night Manager or any other show available in Europe weeks before US release. Stop, think and respect the fact that even though something aired in the US, not putting major spoilers in titles is a courtesy for users from other countries.

  2. Kat says:

    Yeah, no one who follows the cast is going to be surprised at the next character death, because the cast member in question has been dragging Jason Rothenberg for being a bully and crappy human being for awhile now, and speaking of their character in the past tense.

  3. No. He completely missed the point and didn’t learn anything at all. He wouldn’t change HOW he killed her, he wouldn’t change the use of the trope. He doesn’t regret anything and his silence was actually preferred to this terrible interview.

    • Annie says:

      He completely missed the point. And so does everyone else who doesn’t get it. It gets exhausting trying to explain to people why stuff is problematic. Like stop trying to justify yourself and listen to what we’re saying.

    • Blah says:

      I dont feel that I can relate to your specific views about representation. I’m a straight guy and apparently that doesn’t count for much. However if you can’t kill off the leader of a large group of people who is alienating a lot of those people by pushing for long lasting social change, who can you kill?

      It sucks for the people who it affects that they lost their favourite TV character, assuming Lexa’s death was inevitable. What would you prefer. A closeted or unrequited relationship that leaves the relationship ambiguous or a fully realised and loving relationship that is unfortunately ended shortly

      • katie says:

        I’m not sure I understand why those two are the only options and the fact that you would present it that way just shows that, I agree, you really can’t understand the frustration about representation.

        • Tiredofpccrap says:

          I dont get why everyone has a right to use “you just dont get it” as a valid excuse. Maybe its that ignorant comment that makes others just not care. I dont get it and dont care. I loved the character and was mad she died but its a show. I am pretty sure they didnt kill her because she was lesbian so get over it.

          • Jami says:

            I am a lesbian, loved the character, love Clarke and The 100 she was not killed off because she was a lesbian. She was killed off, because she is a regular on FTWD. Jason said he only had her or 7 episodes. I hope episode 2 does not count she was only in it 2 minutes This explains how Lexa kicked Roans ass. I turned to my wife and said Lexa is part AI. That episode was best of the series and also the saddest of the series. I knew Lexa would get killed off. How and when would Clexa ever work? Never both their people want war. Clarke seeing Titus take the chip out of Lexa make sense in regards to The City of Lights. Great acting great tragic love story. I am with Jason, even though it was cliché it was not a slap in the face to LBGT IMO. The show is great. I will continue to watch and so will my gay friends.

        • Whatever says:

          The actress can not work on 100% full time nor for much longer as she is contracted for another show. Do you prefer the character just go for a walk about and never to be heard from again? Based on her character position in the story, death is pretty much the only option. The only variable left was how to promote the episode and he is admitting they got the tone wrong. How about we all try to learn from this and be a bit more understanding of everyone’s restriction and frustration?

        • Blah says:

          So essentially this conversation has devolved into a discussion about the writers choosing to write a show that differs to the version you as a viewer wanted to see. I can understand that frustration ( Longtime HIMYM and CHUCK viewer) however Lexa was going to die. The 100 has never been shy about killing important characters. RIP Jaha’s Kid, Finn, The Commander before Lexa ect There is little difference between any of those deaths and Lexa in a practical sense and how they served the narrative. (Jaha’s kid was stabbed by an 8 year old girl who was scared that’s hardly glamorous or heroic). Finns death was arguably much worse as he was written out of character for the specific purpose of killing him off. Yet few complained.

          Obviously people who identify as non heteronormative have experienced some poor writing in regards to how people who reperesent them on TV have been depicted, and as a trend it is disappointing. However to site this specific case as just another body on the pile is ridiculous. Beloved non hero characters are at greater risk of being killed off because they are usually the most loved non lead on the show. That increases the likelihood of bad things happening to them for dramatic effect.

          • Sarahliz9 says:

            This is totally how I feel about the whole thing. There have been other, more emotional, deaths on the 100 – and more than likely the soon to be added Lincoln. Lexa’s death was a necessary part of the plot. If she’d just been randomly killed off with no reason, then I’d get it…but that totally isn’t the case.

      • Doctor Donna says:

        I understand why Lexa had to die. Once they introduced about the reincarnation for the commander thing I was pretty sure it was only a matter of time… but there was always the hope that we could still occasionally see Lexa via the new Commander/inheritor of the chip kind of like Head!Six in BSG. So death was always on the table here, the problem is the HOW she was killed. Lexa is a warrior, politician, and the head of her people. Getting her randomly shot by her advisor after she consumated the relationship with Clarke was BS. I understand the implications it will potentially bring in the upcoming episodes… but there were so many better ways they could have gone that would have built with the narrative and made everyone less angry. They could have had her go out during the fight with the ice nation. She could have come to Clarke’s defense and fought with the gun “accidently” going off (still annoying, but it makes HER the active party instead of the passive victim. Less OOPS I GOT SHOT For being gay in the wrong place). The way they wrote it was very cheap, and very tropey and did nothing to service the character’s arc at all. I don’t mind random deaths. Most of my favorite books and shows usually have a high body count, and in my opinion no one should ever be safe from getting the axe to serve a story. (Still holding out hope that one day Daryl or Rick from TWD will die ;p) But for me the way that arc unfolded was disappointing, and especially from a show runner that has shown other times that they can be better than what is the normal thing done on television. This happens way too often for the gay characters in any show. Even if it were flipped with a straight character in LExa’s place I’d still be angry because it is SO LAZY and JRoth isn’t living up to the standard he has been promising his audience. And he had spent months promising that they were better than that. Which is part of why it has hurt the LGBT community to be promised so much and in the end seeing a beloved character get treated like a garbage throw away actor on a daytime soap instead of the Commander Lexa was.

  4. Kvivik says:

    People, characters die no matter their orientation, just like regular humans.
    I understand being passionate about a character, but accusing them of ‘queer baiting?’ A little extreme.
    I suggest they roll out the next death really soon.

    • N says:

      People are rediculous

    • alistaircrane says:

      It’s hysterical when straight people try to tell LGBT people how to feel about LGBT issues. GMAFB.

      • spindae2 says:

        The hysterical thing is that the LGBT people, who are suffering under so much hate and being misunderstood on a daily basis are spreading even more hate and misunderstanding around.

        • Sarahliz says:

          As an LGBT individual, I kinda agree with this.

          This individual circumstance made sense. The way they went about it did not. I believe that is what made it fall into the “Another Dead Lesbian” trope and definitely added to queer baiting.

          However – had Lexa been given a death worthy of the strong character she was I would more fully be on the writers’ side. Choices that support the story should happen, but consider the how and the social impact. It may seem trivial but if you read through the list of dead lesbian and bisexual characters from television shows, you may tilt your head and go “huh, that is a lot”

          • She got better than Finn. So in the context of the show, she was treated better than the presumptive heteronormative love interest who existed from the show’s conception. Is asking for different treatment than other love interests really what would be best for the show or LGBT characters to magically become immortal because of who they love? Treating everyone equally matter of factly within the show is a very positive representation.

          • spindae2 says:

            For me sexuality doesn’t matter at all and that is certainly cause I’m straight and don’t feel the importance of it. And I agree that there are a lot dead LGBT characters, but that is more of a writers issue who don’t really know to write quality stories for the and take the easy road out.

            But than again Jason did a great story with Clexa and developed such an amazing relationship there .

            I agree that her death should’ve been more meaningful and apart from the hook up. But Jason hadn’t enough time to tell a story in continuity. Making Lexa disappear for 10 eps and than continue would have not worked either.

            The other thing is I love the stray bullet story. I feel it so on point mean so on point. Her being a victim of protecting Clarke would’ve been so cheesy and pointless. This way her story was part of the bigger story.

      • Hurley says:


        • Jami says:

          Thank you as a lesbian and a fan of The 100. People get killed. I watched this show way before CLARKE’S sexuality was revealed. Really the LBGT community only watched The 100 because the lead character was bi-sexual, that sounds shallow.

    • ? says:

      I think if they had given Lexa a heroic death instead of an accidental one, and if it had happened the episode (or two) after she hooked up with Clarke, people would be upset with losing her, but not angry with the show over it. It’s not that it was done, it was the way they handled it. Which, I agree, as a straight white male nothing seemed unusual or unfair about it, it happens on other shows all the time for the lead charaxter’s manpain (in this case Clarke’s a girl, but it’s still for her manpain). But I guess there’s a deep source of hurt in the LGBT community going back to the death of Tara in Buffy about killing characters in this manner that people outside the community are unaware of, and after learning about it, I understand it. I don’t think the showrunner should apologize (he couldn’t reasonably have anticipated this), but I do think he should make a statement showing he’s aware now and sympathizes.

    • Pamela says:

      Kvovik: Ditto

    • Luli says:

      I’m just pissed, more than pissed, that my favorite character died. I don’t care about her sexuality. That wasn’t the thing that made her my favorite character. She was a complex, interesting, badass, smart character. And no she is dead. So yeah I’m still angry with their decision of killing Lexa.

      I know it is a big deal for the LGBT community, and I respect that. But in the 100 world a character’s orientation does not matter, so it shouldn’t matter when they die.

    • Jami says:

      I agree. I never saw the 100 as queer baiting

  5. Roger says:

    Great interview and agree with Jason on all fronts. ANYONE can die in The 100 and that’s why it’s adored like Battlestar Galactica.

    Lexa was doomed to die as soon as Alycia signed on as a regular to FTWD. I fully expect Lincoln to die next as Ricky also has a show where he’s a series regular. This allows character growth for Octavia and would dry an even further wrench between her and Bellamy.

    • Goldenvibefan says:


    • Annie says:

      BSG was also at fault for killing off its queer and POC characters too though, just like The 100. Gaeta was the only out queer character, dead. Dee, Elosha, and Kendra were women of colour and they all died.
      The problem is that queer and POC characters are so rarely represented on tv and when they are there, they die quite frequently.

    • Juliet says:

      You don’t understand. The people who are upset (well most people anyway) are upset because of HOW Lexa was killed. Lexa was undoubtedly one of the most badass characters in the show, so why in the hell did Jason think it was okay to have her die in the most pointless way possible – a stray bullet shot by someone she saw as a father figure. I wouldn’t be nearly as upset by Lexa’s death if she was at least killed off in a heroic fashion, not the most insignificant way possible.

      • Jami says:

        Never thought about it for a second when she was shot by Titus. I am a Lesbian. So you would rather Lexa die a warrior death and Clarke gets the news from Indra she died a warrior. I am a lesbian, and my reaction was obviously totally different from yours. Jason gave the Clexa fans what they wanted. Clarke and Lexa to consummate their love. Which he did in the most beautiful way he could and tragically her death to tie in the AI connection with Lexa in regards to The City of Lights.

    • A fan of TV says:

      And ravens actress has a show next year too now right?

  6. Roger says:

    Finally, LGBT deserves representation of TV. LGBT characters do NOT deserve special treatment where nothing bad can happen to them. Never once has any LGBT character on The 100 defined themselves as such. They simply are who they are.

  7. Den says:

    He continues to miss the point and learn from what he did. The episode was flawless up until that moment. It’s not that he killed her off (most of us had come to terms with it), it’s the fact that A) he ASSURED us it wouldn’t happen and B) he did it in the most idiotic, senseless way possible. Had he written it to be in a dignifying way for this character (like in battle), maybe it wouldn’t have been so bad. What that interview tells me is that truly, he has learned nothing from it.

  8. No this will not be enough for Lexa fans. They are immature and attack anyone who dares says anything bad against Lexa the character. Ask the guy who plays Bellamy

    The problem with Lexa’s death is that they needed Clarke and Murphy to be in the same room when it happened so they could see the chip being taken out. That limits death options. I would have liked to see something a bit different, say Titus sending an assassin but Lexa saves her. Also get rid of the Murphy torture scenes and replace that with him bringing him right to Lexa . That could have solved the stray bullet problem.

  9. I won’t debate whether Lexa’s death was the strongest and/or right choice for the narrative (though I will say writers don’t necessarily have to kill a character in order to write them off a show because of actor unavailability).

    But let’s say Lexa’s death was inevitable. That’s fine. But couldn’t they have given Lexa a more honorable death than accidentally getting shot by Titus? Or at the very least, couldn’t they have spaced out her death a bit from the love scene — more than a commercial break?

    Yes, people wanted Lexa to live. But I think a lot of us are less upset about the fact that she died (because lots of characters die indiscriminately on The100), and more upset about how and when she died — stray bullet roughly 30 seconds after her love scene with Clarke.

  10. E says:

    He is making things worse right now, because he still doesn’t get it, nor does he seem to care all that much. The only thing I get from these ‘breaking the silence interviews’ with Jason is more bs and contradictions out his mouth.

    And we all know these interviews were released today right in time for WonderCon this weekend. But good to know he’s only made things worse.

    • e. says:

      Can you fill me in because honestly this was the best most sensical death given the circumstances. I would feel no differently regardless of orientation or gender of the character. She was the ultimate leader who could not be defeated by her enemies only her friends.

      Also doesn’t she jump in front of the bullet to save Clarke? Self-sacrifice isn’t “for nothing”.

      • Luli says:

        She didn’t jump in to save Clarke… She was just entering Clarke’s room, and Titus is a bad shot. So she died by a stray bullet. But hey jasper can survive from a spear to the chest. Ridiculous .

  11. Simon Jester says:

    “As a straight white male, I obviously didn’t anticipate how deeply it would affect certain people” — Oh, come now. You don’t have to be gay *or* female to know about this well-worn TV trope.

    • Annie says:

      Does explain why he seems happy to just kill off and torture all the characters of colour and the queer people.

      • Finn, Murphy, Maya, Gustus, President Wallace(Both), Almost all of Mt Weather-Sure the show never kills or tortures Straight White People

        • anon123 says:

          You can have Finn

          • Jami says:

            Damn are the people who are complaining actually watch this show? Titus killed Lexa because she heard shots from Clarke’s room. Lexa swore fielty to Clarke in episode 3. Lexa bowed to Clarke ( however I don’t think Clarke realized a union was taking place). Lexa to the rescue when Clarke is involved. Man it sucks Lexa is gone, but I am sure they will meet again.

  12. Goldenvibefan says:

    It’s kinda pathetic that fans are accusing him of all these different things. What else did you expect from the show? The actress playing Lexa is in Fear the Walking Dead. That said, it’s difficult for her to film 2 shows, considering the 100 is filmed in vancouver and fear the walking dead is filmed elsewhere. One of the great things about the 100 is that they aren’t afraid to kill off characters to progress the show in a natural way.

    • Annie says:

      It’s not necessarily that they killed her off, it’s that they killed her right after the Big Lesbian Sex Scene. It’s *literally* a trope. It’s a trope that is riddled with homophobia and lack of creativity. They could have killed her in a dozen different ways, yet they went with the least creative and highly offensive way.

      • Goldenvibefan says:

        So now you’re accusing him of homophobia. Wow….. How else could they have done that scene? They had to be able to have both Clarke and Murphy be there to see the chip in Lexa’s neck. So the way it happened is the way it had to happen, otherwise they probably wouldn’t even know about the chip. They were doing it in a way to merge the 2 separate storylines together.

      • Radha says:

        And as far as I’m concerned, there shouldn’t have been any romantic scene between Clarke and Lexa in the first place. Where I could have once been behind a pairing between them, (if they had not rushed Clarke through her grief for Finn before getting involved with Lexa…first a kiss, Clarke tells her she isn’t ready and then, miraculously by the finale where Lexa betrays her, Clarke is in love with her? Already?) I no longer could root for them as a potential pairing. I didn’t sit through all that crap with her and Finn to have her just grieve for him for 2 eps and then be done. And don’t say she didn’t love him because that is BS.

        If the writers had had Lexa and Clarke’s relationship build slowly and not immediately after the kiss, I would have liked them more. But once Lexa saved only her people at Mt. Weather? I was done. I don’t get why this Clexa pairing is so popular after what happened plotwise. Clarke has always been all about her people and now, after kissing this girl once and her betraying and putting Clark’s people in danger, I’m supposed to be behind their romance in season 3? What should have happened is Clarke actually killing her like she screamed that she was going to do. That would have at least made sense.

        Was Lexa’s death lazy writing? Sure it was. Because it should have been Clarke getting revenge on her instead of them playing house up in that tower. Clarke who is all about her people–until she’s faced with staying with Lexa. That entire storyline made no sense at all to me. Why couldn’t Clarke get over her issues and go back home and Lexa go with her? Why was she sequestered away in Lexa’s compound and not wanting to be with her people? She wasn’t helping matters by being there. Titus saw that she was warping Lexa’s thinking and the people were starting to want to riot. Eventually somebody would have tried to take Lexa out–and it was all because of Clarke. So yeah, this isn’t someone who was buying anything about their “epic” love. Once somebody betrays me to that extent, I wouldn’t have wanted anything to do with them. The fact that the show was trying to depict otherwise is what lost all credibility. IF Lexa had stolen Clarke’s shirt, I can understand Clarke forgiving that. Instead she abandoned Clarke when she needed her help most, which then resulted in the Arkers getting killed one by one for their bone marrow until Clarke was forced to kill an entire mountain of people–many of whom were innocent–just to stop it. All because of Lexa. The difference between the two is that Clarke would have devised a plan to save both of their groups of people. Lexa only saved her own. What if Clarke had been captured and killed after Lexa left? She could have come back to help Clarke after her people were safe, but Lexa didn’t come back. So why do people ship these two again? Just for representation? Well, personally, I’d like better representation when the entire foundation of their relationship is rooted in betrayal.

  13. Jimmy says:

    The way I view it, the character’s sexuality didn’t have anything to do with her death. I agree that the unceremonious way in which Lexa died was a misguided decision, but the fact that she was a lesbian doesn’t mean the show is anti-LGBT or that she was purposely marked for death because of that reason.

    Lexa’s death was in the cards for a while. Not only is Alycia Debnam-Carey on another show as a series regular, but due to some of Lexa’s recent decisions, I expected Grounders to rise up against her, like Semet tried to, or even Titus, since he didn’t agree with many of her choices. I thought she was going to die much earlier, actually, in the battle against Roan.

    Also, because of the City of Light reveal, I think this move makes sense. It reveals a lot about what Alie is about, and the flashbacks in the episode also helped to tie things together. However, in spite of all that, I’ll still miss Lexa.

    I just don’t think The 100 and Jason Rothenberg deserve all the hate and anger because of a decision they were a) forced in to because of Debnam-Carey’s contractual obligation to Fear the Walking Dead, b) it tied together the two major stories on the show, and c) there will be serious ramifications because of her death that will propel story forward.

    Side note: the beloved character about to die next better not be Kane. I will be extremely outraged if this happens.

  14. Gina says:

    I think the next one is Lincoln since he’s starring In a new show. Which is sad cuz I love him
    But ya gotta do what ya gotta do

  15. Helen says:

    Why can’t i see my comment? Is it because i had a link in it? It’s not spam, you can check it yourselves.

    • Helen says:

      Just go to the wedeservedbetter . com page to see why lgbt fans had that reaction against this showrunner who kept baiting them for a year. Even if he wanted to kill Lexa he should have picked a better way without duplicating the exact same way of the lesbian death from Buffy.
      Also, First he said she killed her because she couldn’t stay longer due to her other job and now he says he had this death planned from the start. Which of these statements is false?

  16. Anon says:

    Why does everyone flip out when a LGBT character is killed off? Especially in shows like the 100 when it’s inevitable that they will die. Especially after starring in a huge show! To be honest I’m shocked she wasn’t killed off sooner. If Jason hated lesbians which everyone sure is acting like he does then why would he have had Clarke be bi and even interested in women at all. She had a sex scenes on the show with another female if I remember correctly. But no one ever thinks of that. They just flip out when a gay, black. Lesbian or transgender is ever killed pulling out the race card as well. Sometimes they just have to kill that specific character off. It doesn’t mean they are being racist or hate gays. Especially in shows like this where pretty much no one is safe. Which by the way non of them are. I think make only Clarke, Bellamy, and Octavia are safe. And I can guarantee Lincoln and maybe even Raven will be killed off soon. Will everyone make as big a deal about it as this. I doubt it.

    • Simon Jester says:

      “Why does everyone flip out when a LGBT character is killed off?” Because there are so few of them, and it happens with distressing regularity AS SOON AS A LESBIAN CHARACTER EXPERIENCES HAPPINESS. Let me put it this way: Do you think people would ‘flip out’ if a quarter of all black characters on TV were killed in the first three months of the year? Because so far, eight lesbian characters have been killed off in 2016 — or roughly a quarter of those represented in primetime.

  17. Revenger says:

    I was extremely disappointed by the disrespectful reaction of some fans. Saying it is homophobic is just beyond me and down-right ridiculous. That statement alone is homophobic as it’s indicating that being homosexual is sth special, which it isn’t. Everyone should be able to love you they want to love.

    And boycotting every single poll, survey and rating for the 100 and giving it awful votes, is just so naiv and so childish. I get it, her death was sad and maybe not executed the way that most of us had hoped, but Jason is right, people die, and yes, by an accident sometimes. Jason Rothenberg does not need to justify his actions and it’s ridiculous that he even has to attempt to do so.

    Those people should be ashamed of themselves, really. If you hate the 100 now, at least let the rest of the fans still enjoy it.

    • Simon Jester says:

      “If you hate the 100 now, at least let the rest of the fans still enjoy it.” — Because it’s impossible for you to enjoy it if others voice a different opinion?

  18. Jorge says:

    I liked lexa… But she betrayed Clarke and Sky People last season… So, have fun in hell, or the city of light, idn.

  19. A says:

    “The 8 LGBT women killed off in 2016 represents roughly 28% of the LGBT women currently on network shows. The equivalent would be if 384 straight characters had been killed off network shows in 2016. If 384 straight characters had been killed off this year so far, wouldn’t you be pissed about it too?”

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      If it made sense with the storyline, no I wouldn’t be pissed off. Besides, I don’t watch shows for the characters that are my sexuality, I watch for the stories they tell. Characters die each year, no matter what race, sexuality, or gender they are. You don’t see asian, white or black people complain and call the showrunners racist if they kill of a character that is their race. But yet, the LGBT community is allowed to call the showrunner homophobic, and spew hate at them. That’s honestly pathetic.

      • A fan of TV says:

        Actually, yes they do. Exhibit walking dead killing off black men.

        • Cory Skelton says:

          But The Walking Dead kills literally every race of person. Not killing the black characters for the sake of being black is just as much a problem. Not killing a gay character because they are gay is offensive to me as a gay man, equality means equal shots at death in fiction.

          Frankly I find this blowback against the show disgusting and ludicrous. I haven’t even been able to enjoy any message board discussions about the show for weeks because people can’t just let it go. It’s the same malarkey that ruined the Sleepy Hollow fandom.

          • A fan of TV says:

            I’m not disagreeing. Comment said no other identifiable groups that aren’t straight white males complain when killed off and that’s not true.

      • Nicole says:

        You don’t “watch shows for the characters that are your sexuality” because *every* show represents heterosexual couples; you don’t *have* to seek out shows in which you can see yourself reflected because you’re literally surrounded by them. The LGBT community doesn’t have that luxury, so when a show prominently features lesbian and bisexual characters, it makes sense that fans become attached. The “stories that these shows tell” are harmful to such a vulnerable audience that was promised a positive outcome by the showrunner himself, only to be cruelly misled into watching yet another lesbian character be killed in a senseless act of violence intended to further the plot in a way that lacks any creativity or inspiration. It’s not just Lexa’s death that has fans upset, but the entire social situation surrounding it, combined with Rothenberg’s ignorance of the way his actions hurt the very people he’s been pandering to for months. No one’s calling him homophobic, merely callous, with an inflated sense of self-worth.

  20. Anna says:

    I am a disabled 31 year old woman does that mean I can go into a rant about how disabled people aren’t viewed in committed relationships and they don’t get their happy ending? Honestly the writer does not need to justify people’s hurt feelings over this. It’s his show and I would be surprised if even one person has a happy ending. There’s people dying, being killed, war and incurable diseases your going to sit here and go in about a trope?

  21. Spignejr says:

    Same talk happened when Tara was killed off on Buffy. I’d rather a writer write organically than appeal to sections of fans.

  22. A fan of TV says:

    Especially since The Walking Dead pulled the same trick last night with Denise and Tara and their ‘I love you later’ bit, I do feel like The 100 is being targeted a little too harshly. I agree with the premise of the argument against Lexa’s death and the way it was done, but if the whole point is that so many shows do this same trope then perhaps making an example of The 100 like this is overdoing it…?

  23. Julian says:

    People should get over this. No matter how passionate you are about certain character, writers would do whatever they want with the story -unless they are Arrow’s writers and let Olicity happened even if that ruined the show-, and you can’t controlled, we just have to watch it, we are not the writers!

  24. N says:

    What I would worry about is the backlash that would occur if Clarke’s next relationship is with a man, such as Bellamy which is where i’ve always thought the show was heading and I still do. I just don’t think the show runners realized until now how important it has been to the LBGT community to have a Clarke, the main character, be involved in a Lesbian relationship with a powerful female lesbian character in Lexa. The problem is that I don’t believe the writers see Clarke as a Lesbian but a Bisexual character thus enabling her to end up with Bellamy, or another male, in the end which would upset a lot more fans than the show is prepared for. Hopefully the writers can find a scenario which would appease all fans, but i fear Clarke- Bellamy has always been the end game for the writers .

    • Goldenvibefan says:

      There isn’t really a way to appease all fans. Everyone has their different ship. Some like Clarke with Bellamy, some love her with Lexa.

    • Jess says:

      Clarke has already been in a romantic relationship with a male character (Finn). My understanding is that the writers confirmed that Clarke was bisexual following the episode that she and Lexa kissed the first time. I don’t believe this is a decision that the writer’s have suddenly made to pursue a certain endgame.

      On another note, I think it’s important for bisexuality to be represented on television. I hope that in the future Clarke can continue to have relationships with both men and women.

  25. telling-it-like-it-is says:

    It’s the gays and lesbians whining about the killing of a gay and lesbian character. I swear, Hollywood is over-sensitive regarding certain demographics where it concerns races. Take a look at 2012, where Hollywood seems to be too afraid that portraying Islam getting wiped out in the “apocalypse” of 2012 must be the only people who are immune to avoiding the end of the world? I hate to be the one to say this, but when an “extinction-level-event” strikes this planet, it’s not gonna care who is American, who is white, who is gay or who is Muslim. It’s an equal opportunity destroyer.

  26. Luc says:

    I don’t get the fuss about this?
    I’m a gay guy myself and I really don’t see the problem with killing her off. It shouldn’t matter how you do it, as long as it pushes the story forward (which I’m sure it will).
    I understand there are passionate fans who loved Lexa, but come on! People get killed off on TV all the time, it’s called a drama series! That’s what they deliver, drama.
    Job well done!

  27. Spence says:

    As a gay teen who is a hug advocate for all LGBTQIA+ rights, I can’t find myself being offended by this. Just as Jason said, people die on this show, regardless of gender, sexuality, color, etc. and picking fights over something that doesn’t exist isn’t helping anyone. These fans are screaming that it’s homophobic under the assumption that they killed Lexa to erase Clarke’s bisexuality, when in reality, we have no idea who the writers plan to next pair Clarke with. Wanting Clarke to be with Lexa, who royally betrayed Clarke and her people, just because of the representation it provides isn’t helping said representation.

    • Spence says:

      That said, I haven’t watched the episode yet and can’t really speak to how her death came to be. Perhaps I’ll change my mind on this argument after watching the actual episode, but as of right now, I didn’t really care about Lexa to begin with, so I’m happy she’s gone. I see where people come from and I wish my community could have an abundance of representation on TV, but I just don’t see the point of arguing about the death of a character who happens to be queer.

  28. Charissa29 says:

    Yes. As a showrunner his obligation is to provide us, the viewers, with the most engrossing storyline that he can. This was a terrific episode. It is a very diverse, both racially and sexually, show in which anyone can die. Clarke is our hero and it is a post apocalyptic show, so really she will be unhappy most f the time. Clarke killed her first love interest in the second season, and Lexa dying was brilliant for the story. Lexa wasn’t killed because, ho-hum the writers considered her a disposable character and hey, she’s gay so let’s off her, but because her death is the fulcrum of the third season. It connects everything. My hope is that everyone gets over themselves, or not, but that at least the real fans of the SHOW won’t have to listen to the incessant stream of whining! It is a bloody terrific show!

  29. Lolo says:

    Honestly, these “get over it” comments are really tired. Why do you care so much that people took offence to a story they think was handled insensitively? Are people not aloud to voice when they are hurt anymore without having someone, who is not directly impacted tell them they shouldn’t be? I do understand that there have been some strong and inappropriate fan reactions. I do, but they’re in the minority for sure. But here’s where in this case the main issue is from my point of view, it’s not that she died- in fact I’ve been bracing myself since season 2 for her death. Yes, I would of been upset regardless, because I appreciated her character. But I wouldn’t have felt this tired and sad about it. It’s how everything around it was handled. It was that a driving fan force behind this show became teenage LGBT girls who are very social media savvy who pushed this show into this “must watch” thing. And in term, the high social media presence by the shows team encouraged them. They writers assured them and interacted with them. They patted themselves on the back for having what was probably the best representation currently on air. It’s that they fell into a very familiar pattern with having a lesbian character have her moment of happiness and then kill her after commercial break.The fiercest warrior this show has seen died because of bad timing while entering a room.They told fans *spoiler warning* to come down and visit the set and they were filming the finale with Lexa, showing them they she was still in the finale. To have fan keep watching, when they knew she was dead and gone. And no one is asking for LGBT characters to be bulletproof or whatever. I get it. People die. Characters die. But on prime time tv, it’s the proportionality rate that it happens. I get it, that if it doesn’t affect you, or you don’t see your self in the characters that die, you might not notice or you might not get it, and I understand that. But stop trying to invalidate peoples very really feelings around this subject. Listen to their very real concerns. What kind of message do you think it sends to the show’s young LGBT audience who has finale found a great, well developed and well rounded characters, who is like them, that they’re not going to ever get a happy ending, because they see it every single time they turn on their tv. 8 LGBT deaths this years would be the equivalent to 300 something non. And if 300 something of people like you died on TV in 3 months, you would notice. This might be the most eloquent of comments but I recommend a piece the Hollywood Reporter put on their website today regarding this. Really great and informative read. ANYWAYS, point is, stop trying to invalidate peoples really concerns regarding representation- especially if you have always felt positive portrayal of people like yourself when you turn on the TV. You’re not telling it like it is, you’re misinformed and part of the problem. TV is a microcosm of society and how what happens on screen majorly affects people.

    • Radha says:

      You have a point. But I would also remind these young people that this is TV and a huge majority of it is fiction. Personally I don’t get why people keep saying they need to see themselves in fictionalized television in order to be happy. I’m a black female. I don’t sit down in front of my television and go: “Man I really hope there’s a black female lead I can identify with.” Because with a majority of shows I DON’T see that. Do you think I don’t notice? Sure I do. But I also have a ton of more important things to worry about in my life. Such as a sick mom and bills to pay etc. etc. Seeing more white female leads on my tv shows doesn’t enrage me. And it won’t stop me from watching and enjoying shows. There does need to be more representation on ALL FRONTS. Not just the LGTB front. But I also think young people should recognize that it’s fiction and most people are not going to think like they do and if they REALLY want to change things, grow up and produce their own tv shows and get that representation that they want. Because in life, you are rarely going to be pleased 100% of the time by everybody. Change starts with the individual. So sure, I think what these young LGTB people should be thinking is: “We need representation, so I’m going to aspire to grow up and write my own show or produce or get that message out there. This goes for POC as well.

      • Lolo says:

        I agree with you, about better repersentation needed across all fronts, and about fiction not being the be all end all in real life but I do encourage you to look into something parasocial bonding. It’s a completely fair request that people dont just want any repersentation, but good rep. I think you have to take into account who the upset demographic is; young lgbt people coming to terms with who they are and might not know anyone like them. This show advertised it’s self as a safe space for them when it really was’t. I just think this character was a breaking point for change. Fans have raised over 50 thousand dollars for the trevor project in regards to this, which deals with lgbt repersentation in the media. I think this is going to be a propellant for change and there is already evidence of this. A lot of fans aren’t just whining but facilitating real social change in the media. This caused them to do something. It’s great that you don’t have a requirement to see yourself to feel any validation and I honestly commend you. I don’t have a leg to stand on in regards to poc repersentation so I’ll agree with you. And you can believe it or not but I’ll repeat myself; TV is a microcosm of society and how what happens on screen majorly affects people in a very real way.

  30. Kevin says:

    She die. Lots of characters die on a show about survival. Get over it people. But I wish they killed off Jaha instead. The scenes he’s in are worse than the commercials.

  31. Chicago Dan says:

    Controversy is great for a show that’s barely watched. Now millions more are aware of it. It’s the best way to break through the clutter. BTW – where was this outrage when Sara was killed off on Arrow? Thank goodness for LOT or else the character probably wouldn’t have been resurrected.

  32. Luli says:

    I’m just really mad that my favorite character died. I don’t care about her sexuality. That wasn’t the thing that made her my favorite character. She was a complex, interesting, badass, smart character. And now she is dead. So yeah I’m still angry with their decision of killing Lexa.

    I get that people feel betrayed because the lesbian died, but that should not matter. The show has never made a big deal about gender, orientation or race, so that shouldn’t matter when a character is killed. What matters is that they killed a great character. And I get that Alycia has another show, but couldn’t they just have written her out without killing her? Or maybe don’t fall into the damn trope.

  33. Charles g says:

    She had to leave to go to do Fear the Walking Dead. How did you not see this coming

  34. The Truth says:

    Its a Fictional Character people. Fict-ion-al Character. Let it go. The actor got another job, and killing her made the show more interesting.

  35. Sawyer says:

    This is so ridicules. The Clexa storyline was the focal point for 7 episodes, actually as a fan of the show, as a gay person I feel Jason went out of his way to build an epic love story between Clarke and Lexa. I have been watching this show since S1 this has been one of the best shows ever, and because Lexa died 5 minutes after having consummating their CLEXA love. People are pissed because they did not like how she died. This explained so many things about what really happened 97 years ago to Earth. You did not like the way Lexa died. I didn’t like the 11 year old murdering Wells and then the 11 year old jumps off the side of the mountain and commits suicide. Oh yeah Murphy was about to get lynched, and Clarke decides to banish Murphy, who is tortured by the Grounders. I didn’t like the fact Clarke killed Finn, because Lexa Blood Must have Blood. CLARKE WILL NEVER BE HAPPY she is the HERO and unless she steals Lexa spirit (AI chip) no one get’s a happy ending on this show.

  36. Jo says:

    The good thing about gay people is that they can’t come into your house unless you invite them in.

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