The Good Wife Recap

The Good Wife Recap: Lewd — Looks Like a Lady

I’m not sure if The Good Wife‘s Lucca Quinn takes longer than your average attorney to score a bowl of chips while out for drinks at a Chicago pub.

But even if said mission required her to exit said establishment, walk down the block to the nearest corner store and smuggle back a bag of Funyuns, I’m pretty sure her pals Alicia Florrick and Jason Crouse wouldn’t have time to safely “shock the monkey” underneath their corner table before Lucca’s return.

So while this week’s episode may have wanted to raise our eyebrows by having the Illinois governor’s wife court a Sun-Times front-page scandal with her own spin on Beyoncé’s “Why can’t I keep my fingers off it, baby?” lyric from “Drunk in Love,” I’m more alarmed that our horny protagonist and her tattooed lover would risk subjecting their pal to such an unforgivably awkward PDA.

107803_0664bNot cool, Jason! Not cool, Alicia! Not even if you promise to cover Lucca’s bar tab for the next 12 months — there are just some things that can’t be unseen!

Anyhow, while you debate whether I’m unnecessarily harshing on a delicious moment of dirty hotness, allow me to recap the action from Season 7, Episode 17:

GRACE UNDER FIRE | The week’s best storyline finds Alicia going toe-to-toe with a steely college admissions officer who’s been using a software company’s program to detect plagiarism in students’ application essays. When Grace’s quotation of the Sermon on the Mount gets her flagged — and potentially blacklisted — Alicia winds up threatening “the class action suit to end all class action suits” — and Grace finds it all so inspiring that she decides she’s destined to follow her mother into the legal profession. I kinda wish the show’s writers had delved deeper into this arc — not only because the technological aspect of the case seemed tailor-made for a Good Wife deep dive — but also because Alicia is most fun when she’s deeply incensed and not trying to contain her vicious edge.

DOES ANYBODY CARE ABOUT CARY? | Diane takes Alicia out for martinis — though Alicia sticks with water — to discuss her idea for a firm consisting of only female named partners. When Alicia mentions Lucca’s unhappiness with cubicle life, Diane tests the younger associate on the case of the week, and finding her awesome, moves her into an empty office. Alicia is sufficiently pleased with this development to the point that when Cary approaches her and once again asks if Diane is looking to oust him, Alicia ignores Lucca’s advice, lies with a casual smile and tells him he has nothing to worry about. Maybe it’s law-firm musical chairs fatigue, but I hate where this arc is going — and I’d hate it just as much if it was Alicia and Cary aligning against Diane. How is it that David Lee isn’t the one on the ropes?

107803_0198bTHAT TEACHER FROM GLEE MIGHT BE CRAFTIER THAN WE FIRST THOUGHT | Speaking of being on the brink of a TKO, Eli continues his semi-comic handicapped bathroom eavesdropping and learns at least one member of the grand jury investigating Gov. Florrick doesn’t believe the testimony of Peter’s big donor whose son’s murder trial ended in a mistrial. Alicia is instructed to play up said donor’s selective memory — and it’s pretty hilarious to watch U.S. Attorney Connor Fox flail at answers when he’d expected Alicia to plead spousal privilege. But at the end of the hour, be brings back the donor (Lloyd Garber) and Mike Tascione’s chihuahua isn’t enough to calm his nerves about what it all means.

THE OTHER WOMAN?! | Alicia happens to spy Jason greeting a sexy blonde woman in a bar with a kiss that definitely says “more than just friends.” Lucca eventually breaks Alicia’s confidence and tells the sexy investigator what’s bugging her buddy, but when Jason tries to come clean, Alicia cuts him off. “I am married. If anyone should be explaining, it should be me,” she says, clearly having made peace with her jealousy. And just like that, everything’s all bawitdaba-chica-wah-wah — leading to the subsequent happy hour where Alicia throws her saintly public image to the wind, whispers dirty to Jason and unzips his pants under the red-and-white-checked bistro tablecloth.

Good Wife Blair UnderwoodCASE OF THE WEEK | The episode begins with a gut-punch opening sequence where we see Blair Underwood as a hopeful dad reliving his baby girl’s milestones — right up until she’s shot in the neck on prom night by a stray bullet fired by a drug dealer next door. The subsequent action — Underwood’s motel owner gets sued after putting up a billboard blaming a local gun shop for taking his daughter’s life – is a little less nuanced than the best of The Good Wife’s legal moments, but Underwood’s quiet grief makes it nevertheless compelling. And all’s well that was maybe only B/B- writing when Judge Abernathy rules in favor of the plaintiff — then tells Underwood’s character that he’ll have to pay a dime for every day he fails to take down the billboard.

What did you think of this week’s Good Wife? Were you turned on or turned off by Alicia and Jason’s public sex? And where is this Grand Jury business heading? Share your thoughts and theories below!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Rob says:

    Am I the only one who was irrationally angry that they made the otherwise street-savvy Jason learn for the FIRST time in his 40-something years of living on Earth what an island in a kitchen is called?

    • Tony says:

      Well, it didn’t make me angry, but I thought it was odd and awkward.

    • suzi says:

      I think annoyed says it best for me….annoyed by the island ignorance, the Cary betrayal and the restaurant foolishness. I found Blair Underwood and the two cases the only tolerable parts of the show,

  2. abz says:

    I really like this new found confidence in Alicia during this last stretch. My one hope is that as much as I’ve enjoyed having Jason around, with only 5 episodes left for series :'( I would really like to see more time devoted to other characters like Diane and other storylines. And can we please get a Florrick divorce already?!?!

    • Tony says:

      Yes, they are wasting time on such silliness when seven years of main story should be wrapping up. As it is, it looks like we will get a couple of episodes with Noth. So much rich material is being ignored.

      • mcfindin says:

        Yes, yes, yes! The writing this whole season has been silly — stupid when there could have been important issues aired, politically, and a movement toward resolution within the firm. How many ridiculous asides can a viewer tolerate? The ant-chasing judge, the female attorney doing Yoga while having a business meeting, her former husband, carrying their dog around the Courthouse, Eli posted in a handy-capped bathroom? Please! It’s too bad this once intriguing, intellectually demanding show has to end on such a low note!

  3. Pixel says:

    Poor Cary. Poor Matt Czuchry. After 7 years with that show he desevers better than this. It’s obvious those writers are going to screw Cary over. Another sign the show should have ended last season.

    • Matt Murdock says:

      It should’ve ended after season 5. Then we wouldn’t have been subjected to the travesty that was season 6.

      • Pixel says:

        Season 6 had something that season doesn’t have. Soul. And the characters we knew still were and acted like themselves. That season is the worst one IMO.

      • Peggy says:

        Matt then why are you still watching it?

        • Tony says:

          Weak comeback, Peggy … Matt has stayed because he has a soft spot for the show, which is why most o0f us who have become disillusioned with it has stayed. We love the show so much that we care when it is not living up to its potential.

    • Tony says:

      The Kings lost interest in Cary a long time ago. He was a great character during the first three years … his relationship with Alicia has only been a cosmetic aspect to their overall design. Nothing ever in-depth was given.

  4. Linda says:

    This show has become so predictable. It would have been better if the writers let Jason stay in San Fran instead of bringing him back for what we all knew would be an affair with Alicia. Alicia has become a less sympathetic character. The best part of this show has been the courtroom scenes with various guest actors. I agree with abz – enough with Jason already – spend the time left with the other characters like Cary and Diane.

  5. Rosie says:

    I love this show, the multi tasking of plots, Diane and her snobbiness And Alicia being so savy . Also love the relationship with the investigator….. Great show!!

  6. Phoebe says:

    Very disappointing episode. Is Alicia not worried about being photographed snuggling with Jason in a bar? She is the governor’s wife! Poor writing this week.

    • Steven says:

      I said the same thing, but at this point I think she’s past the point of caring. She was reading a potential headline to her of if they got caught. She seems over it.

  7. to thanh son says:

    trang cua ban tuyet dep OK

  8. Blake says:

    Are Christine and Julianna not doing scenes together now, too? It was pretty apparent they were each talking to stand-ins for the entirety of that restaurant scene of theirs.

  9. Eurydice says:

    Alicia was certainly testing her power during this episode, and also letting go of emotional baggage. I was feeling sorry for Cary until Diane reminded me that he’d been plotting with David Lee. And I have to say that I couldn’t really watch the final scene – not because it was shocking or anything, but because I was so sure some photographer or family friend or Diane or Eli or somebody would see them and it would all be some horrible predictable cliffhanger and a stupidly embarrassing way to end the episode…but that’s not what happened…I don’t think…

    • Pixel says:

      Cary wasn’t plotting against Diane. He was worried she was plotting against him and he was RIGHT. There’s no way I can’t buy that new firm like the “right” thing to do. And there’s no way I can consider a positive thing the fact that it took so little for Alicia to backstab Cary. After everythig they went through that was really low even for the “new” Alicia.

  10. Helen G says:

    Did ANYONE notice the Alicia-Diane sequence tonight was shot so they were NEVER in the same frame together ?!
    The uses of stand-ins with their back to the camera were employed.
    Shades of Alicia-Kalinda.
    Guess she can’t stand Christine Baranski anymore; what a diva

  11. Shirley says:

    I loved this week’s episode! The ending scene was not offensive to me—I think it illustrates how happy Alicia has been with Jason and it’s fun to finally see a smile on her face again.  The gun control case was timely and is a topic front and center right now—whichever side of the fence you’re on, you most likely will have a strong opinion one way or the other. And finally, I believe the case against Peter is headed towards sending him back to the slammer. I’d rather not see that end for Peter as I actually really like him in spite of his deficiencies, but it would be poetic justice, and give the series a sense of coming full circle. My vote is Peter winds up right back where we found him—behind bars…

  12. JosiahBartlet4President says:

    With a face as visible as Alicia’s, it’s ridiculous to think that she could be with Jason at a bar and no one would notice. Ah well.

    • Gabby says:

      Yeah, that’s the point. She no longer cares about her association with Peter, and I think you’ll see that play out next week. When Jason says, “What if I’m jealous of your husband?” She replies, “Don’t be.” She’s talking about more than a romantic relationship here; she’s basically saying, “Peter’s not even a factor anymore; I’m not wasting my life for him anymore.”

      • JosiahBartlet4President says:

        I wonder though how that will affect her all female firm with Diane. Will Diane like the fact that Alicia is ridding herself of Peter? Or will she be less likely to want Alicia without the political ties to Peter?

  13. niloofar says:

    Love Denis O’Hare’s Judge Abernathy.

    • Mike M says:

      Your comment wins – Denis was the absolutely only redeeming part of the entire episode. It was sooo great to see him back – and play such a wonderful part in delivering a fair ruling that no, there can not be damages awarded to your class action, and yes you lose against the gun shop too…. you will have to pay… TEN CENTS A DAY for as long as you keep that billboard up… it was perfect. 5/10 for the episode – 4/10 of that for Judge Abernathy. And why they chose to destroy Jason’s “cool” character in 2 episodes is totally beyond me.

  14. Matt Murdock says:

    The best part of this episode was Blair Underwood.

  15. Aj says:

    I like seeing Alicia happy again, but it doesn’t seem authentic to me, almost forced. Although this wasn’t a terrible episode, the storylines are weak and messy. I know they are wrapping the series up in a few weeks, so I was hoping for much better but the writers are letting me down. Hopefully the next few weeks end the show on a high note.

  16. Lisa Echerd says:

    While we have to stretch reality on the best of shows, it is completely inconceivable that Alicia would never be recognized or approached in public. She’s the first lady of Illinois, her husband just ran for President and she had her own campaign for public office not that long ago. Yet, not only is she never recognized, they have her thinking she can get away with the lewd behavior in public. I’d forgotten all about Quinn but you are right, that would be awful to witness. Alicia and Peter have an understanding, maybe, I don’t really think Peter understands but he should. That means she can sleep with whomever she wants in private! The show is treading water. I’m sick of the grand jury thing. Are we supposed to remember Lloyd Garber, I don’t. Was Diane and Alicia’s across the table meeting another green screen?

  17. Tony says:

    Boring episode. B-O-R-I-N-G. It’s like no one even tried to make this particular show interesting. No matter how they try, Alicia and Jason are just contrived and forced; poor Matt and Christine are just background filler; the stories were lacklustre; and the grand jury plot is ridiculously absurd. The Kings lost interest in this show a long time ago.

  18. I hate the direction they are going with Cary and Alicia. Maybe I wasn’t paying attention, but turning on Cary came out of left field for me. I don’t remember anything he did that would have provoked that. Cary and Alicia started this show as a sort of united front, and I think having them go out that way would be a much better ending. Their relationship has been consistent throughout and it seems bleak to put them at odds in the last episodes.

    • Pixel says:

      Lucca was introduced to replace Cary. Once they introduced her it was clear where they’re going with Cary. Indeed they stopped to care and write about the character and now they’re screwing him over for good. Obviously Matt Czuchry ended up on the show’s black list. What they’ve done with him and his character is a proven evidence.

    • Pixel says:

      It’s cleare that Lucca was introduced to replace Cary, Writers stopped to write about him since then and they simply don’t care about him or his relationship with Alicia anymore. And now they’re screwing him over for good just because they want to do it. Obviously Matt Czuchry ended up on the show’s black list and they way the show treated him and his character that season is a proven evidence of that thing.

  19. Geald says:

    Can this be cancelled already.
    Alicia is turning into a terrible person.
    Dating the slimy cheating Jason.
    Then performing a lewd act in public, while Lucca is getting a drink at the bar.
    Lying on the stand and trying to make someone out to be absent minded.
    Pretending to be married to Peter.
    Lying to Cary and thinking about pushing him out after he has been nothing but a friend to her through thick and thin. She should be dropping Diane like a hot potato.
    Ugh. I’ll watch to the end and hope they redeem this show somehow.

  20. Kathy says:

    Alicia is no longer the “Good Wife”, over the past few years she has become downright slutty, this season is the topper. Jeffrey Dean Morgan(Jason) goes from one series to another playing the sex interest for starving women,( with Katherine Heigel in Greys Anatomy, Halie Barry in Extant and now Alicia) is that all he can play? I’ll watch until the end because I have watched from the beginning, but this show has sunk to an all time low with the hand action under the table, Yuk!!!

    • Tony says:

      Yeah, Jason Crouse is pretty much just a formula character played by a very limited actor. But then again, Alicia has proven to be a self-absorbed and narcissistic character who probably deserves such a one-note mate.

    • Todd says:

      Well said! When she first started sleeping with her husband again, I thought the writers were going to pave a path towards reconciling their marriage. Yeah, I know… I should’ve known better. Now she seems to be everything that she hated in her husband in the first seasons.

  21. Sharon says:

    I for one could not keep my hands off Jeffrey Dean Morgan and I bet you could not either!

  22. KT5 says:

    Is it me or does Alicia’s hairdo improve when her mood improves?

  23. Chris says:

    Grace’s guidance counselor was hot.

  24. Are we supposed to believe that (formerly) classy Alicia would give a guy a hand job in a bar ? YUK

  25. Todd says:

    I guess I’m the wrong guy for the wrong show here. The whole premise of the show “The Good Wife” seemed to imply that Alicia would evolve as a person and keep her family together in spite of Peter’s failures. Alicia was outraged by her husbands extramarital affairs–even after she had an affair with Will Gardner. Now it seems like she is in competition with Peter to see who can be the worst example of a spouse. This show was at its best when Alicia continued to grow and overcome the odds as a character. Where this show has failed is how relative and flimsy ethics are both in and out of the courtroom. If that was the intention, then mission accomplished. Again, maybe I’m the wrong guy for the wrong show here.

  26. Cherie Fletcher says:

    We’ve watched The Good Wife for a long time and have tolerated some of the questionable scenes but last night was off the chart. We are so disgusted with the producers thinking that junk is good viewing. Seriously? The very last scene at the restaurant with Jason being compromised in public was the final straw!!!! We will no longer be viewers. Thank you producers for making this decision so easy.

  27. Lisa says:

    I’ve watched a lot of television in my life and killing Will Gardner was one of if not the most powerful scenes I’ve ever witnessed. It was truly gut wrenching and heartbreaking. The show lost its soul with Will. Lucca Quinn is the only thing this show has done right since. Eli and Mr. Tascione are entertaining at least. But a hand-job, seriously, I just can’t.

  28. maregolden says:

    Diane keeps talking about buying Cary out to make an all female partners law firm. She never says anything about David Lee. He is one of the named partners too, and he will not go quietly into the night. I wonder why they are ignoring that?

  29. Kathy says:

    Truly miss the great show that this used to be, it died with Will and the departure of Kalinda, Alica has just jumped from one guy to another since Will was killed off, she has become Peter, except we never had to watch him be sleazy. Get rid of Jeffrey Dean Morgan, he sucks. They are just wasting Eli’s talent, he has given us some of the great moments in this show, now he’s listening through an air vent in a public restroom. Is it over yet?????

  30. Ella Jasper says:

    Are the Kings going for shock value? I thought it was disgusting and an insult to long time viewers and quite frankly, the rest of the cast members who deserve more air time than Jason. The characters of Cary and Diane have been cast aside in the last episodes of the series for Jason and that guy with the dog. Good grief. Like I said, an insult to all.

  31. WENDY V says:

    Well you have just lost a watcher. I have had enough political agendas thrown in my face. I am looking for entertainment not hot button issues.

    • abz says:

      Here folks is an example of someone who doesn’t pay attention to what they’re watching. Are you really just realizing in the FINAL SEASON that The Good Wife tackles hot button issues that happen in the world? SMH! This is not something new.

  32. Puchinsmom says:

    I thought Eli listening at the vent was pretty funny….last week. And the lawyer with the dog was cracking me up too, last week. Less this week, but entertaining at least. Happy for Alicia to be in a relationship that she’s happy with. But that last scene in the bar was kinda gross and completely unrealistic. As Jason said early in the episode: “grow up.” That goes for almost everybody on the show!
    I too am disappointed in Alicia’s new lack of ethics. And I don’t even mean sexually. One thing to be freer, but to totally loose her morals? And lie to Cary? If I don’t like or respect Alica, than I kind of loose my taste for the show. I liked rooting for her.
    Eli and his daughter are my favorite characters. Tom the dog’s cool too!

  33. Sheila says:

    Getting a little sick of the “GOOD” wife and blatant sexual actions-isn’t this the very thing that she left her husband for? Gimme a break-lets have some decent writing before it tanks.

  34. H says:

    Lol I sometimes wonder if this show even realized how ridiculous it has become

    • Mike M says:

      I’m sure in the writer’s room the Kings renamed it for the final season, and the board said/says “The Good Riddance”.

  35. Elle says:

    It seems a lot of viewers who commented here finds Alicia less likable when she is sexually active : it was ok when romantic and hidden with Will, but now than she frees herself from her marriage and take chances to be seen…maybe she needs one or two steps to get that she doesn’t need her poltical powered husband…she is taking control!

  36. jerili says:

    I started watching the show again because I love Jeffrey Dean Morgan

  37. jerili says:

    I started watching again because of Jeffrey Dean Morgan

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      Does anybody wonder that maybe Jason is being pulled in more deeply than he ever planned? I was struck by the comment, “what if I’m jealous of your husband?” I think Jason is starting to actually care. Will was Alicia’s true Camelot, but she knows that ship has sailed. While I was certainly not crazy about the end scene in bar, Alicia is giving herself permission to go after sex and romance with Jason…she even said that she wasted 20 years and wasn’t going to waste anymore time. Jason is somewhat of a dark, mysterious guy…but he is some kinda hot…can’t blame the girl.

  38. Carel Nickey says:

    I’m not liking the “Horn Dog” Alicia has morphed into. Was she going to eat chips with that hand? I’m afraid The Good Wife has seen better days.

  39. Tony says:

    So how exactly has Alicia grown as a person over the last seven years? She doesn’t care if Jason is screwing around with other women? She lies to Cary? She has become Peter Florrick. Great character development.

  40. shirl says:

    The writing of Good Wife has not been good for a very long time and Will and Jason has been the only fun part about it in my opinion. Who cares about what happens at court and all the quabble. I love the love scenes and I adore Jason but I will be seeing him again on Walking Dead just not so sexy and he is a sexy dude.

  41. Liz985 says:

    Blech. Have been a viewer and fan since Day 1, but Alicia is no longer a character I care about. I’ll watch to the end for closure, but can’t help feeling that even the Kings can’t bring this character full circle at this point.


    am i the only who are hating what are doing with cary? what th ehell are happen with alicia and diane, cary is one of us, luca is anyone the kings are losing it