Switched At Birth Final Season

Switched at Birth's Final Season Won't Air Until 2017, Says Series Creator

Switched at Birth fans already got the bad news: Season 5 will be the Freeform fka ABC Family drama’s final season. And now, some worse news.

Series creator Lizzy Weiss shared on Twitter late Friday night that Bay and Daphne’s farewell tour won’t visit your screen until 2017 — meaning the show, which wrapped Season 4 on Oct. 26, 2015, will have been off the air for well over a year.

In recent years, Switched at Birth has aired the first half its season January through March, then unspooled the back half over the summer or fall — June through August or, last year, August through October.

Perhaps creating a bottleneck in the Freeform pipeline are the new series Guilt, Dead of Summer and Beyond, the first two which started production this month.

It was announced earlier this month that Season 5, which includes the milestone 100th episode, will be the final season for the Peabody Award-winning series. The 10-episode season will conclude with a special 90-minute episode.

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  1. chadcronin says:

    This is straight up crap. Total disrespect to fans by this network. I am so glad I am canceling cable this week. Ridiculous. I’ll wait for this to be sold digital and watch.

  2. johnhelvete says:

    I thought a late August/ September premiere was likely, didnt think Freeform would give the show a summer slot but 2017?

  3. Heather says:

    Stupid, stupid move… I don’t know about anyone else but chances are I won’t be waiting for this. I will have moved on for sure.

    • Ari says:

      I agree. I really like SAB but I’ll probably catch it when the new episodes pop up on Netflix. Some day far in the future. I hate when networks pull this garbage. It’s ten episode of a long running award winning show, find a freaking spot for it without waiting two years.

      • Dms says:

        I know it sucks, but overdramatize much? It won’t be off air for 2 years, it’ll be just over a year. Get over it.
        The fans of “Sherlock” wait patiently 2-3 years between series, and they only get 3 new episodes after waiting that long.

      • Cat says:

        it’s on Netflix… I watched all 4 seasons in like 10 days…

  4. Annie says:

    SERIOUSLY?!!?!!! Way to rub salt into a wound there Freeform.

  5. Becka says:

    Are you kidding me?!?!?! Why was this choice made? This show would have been even more popular if there wasn’t such a lull between seasons. It was a Favourite of mine. Now I don’t even know if it will we worth it! Better be one heck of a season!

  6. Lola says:

    And ABCFamily(because I refuse to call it Freeform)strikes again! I’m still seething over how they did Kyle XY and The Lying Game. This is the exact reason that I don’t watch any new shows from them. If you ain’t PLL, you stand no chance on this network.

    • chadcronin says:

      Exactly. They do have a long history of not treating shows right. Very sad. They aren’t getting anymore of my time

    • Gay Bailey Treat says:

      Thank you. You just wrote my feelings exactly right down to not using the word “Freeform”. I don’t even use the name: “Freeform”. And the Sci Fi channel is the Sci Fi channel. Not the SyFy channel. This delay makes me furious. And, yeah, I’m stil angry as hell over Kyle XY and The Lying Game also.. I don’;t feel so alone now – thanks.

      • Melissa Meyers says:

        I know what you mean about the Lying Game! I was so pissed when they cancelled it, let alone at when they cancelled it. Now they will be taking Switched at Birth off after this next season. This channel is going downhill! What were they thinking with that name change?!?

    • softballgrl23 says:

      We watched the Lying game too..I don’t understand why they just drop shows the way they do. Not sure how popular that one was, but I know for sure that SAB is a favorite of so many. Such a bad move on their part. Getting to the point that I don’t even want to watch series on this network anymore. It ends up being a let down.

    • Kelly coley says:

      You are completely correct in every way. They care about the $$$ not the viewers

  7. Kelly says:

    They should go ahead and air Switched instead of whatever new crap they have in the pipeline that I’m sure I won’t watch!!

  8. MelindaB says:

    Well, that’s dumb. I hope that the app keeps the whole show on so people can remember what happened. It was bad enough for me to remember previous episodes after a 3-month hiatus. This is really the only show that I watch on the network, after the crappy Kyle XY debacle, so I hope that I remember (or my DVR remembers) when it’s back on.

    On another note, I would have thought that the show had already hit 100 episodes, as it seemed that the first season was around 40 episodes on its own.

  9. David4 says:

    Be happy you are getting a final season. I can’t believe how ungrateful fans are that the show will actually have an ending!

    • chadcronin says:

      We have paid them good money every month for years. This is a business, we are not beggars. Any show that has run 3 plus years deserves a proper ending. It’s like going to a movie and then 20 minutes before it’s over they turn off the projector. It’s not about being ungrateful. What it’s about is being told the new network doesn’t mean anything will change and using a ton of Switched at Birth cast in the promos, then no news, then told instead of 20-22 episodes we are only getting 10, then being told it’s the Final season already when it could and should have run longer, then the worst, instead of just giving it to us now when we are ready to see it, making us wait a year so that we try out other shows. Total crap. Forcing us into other things is not gonna work. Yes I am happy the show hit 100 episodes and gets an end, but it doesn’t excuse their handling of it.

      • hannah says:

        kyle xy had 3 seasons and had a popular fanbase and then they cancelled it without warning. they didn’t give the creators and writers time to write a proper ending. they had already filmed all the episodes. they could have given it a full season order, which would have given them enough time to wrap up the stories. losing the show would have still been hard. but it would have been a lot easier to handle if it actually got an ending. so if your an abc family show and you actually get told that the show is ending well in advance, then i say you are lucky and should be grateful. abc family has treated their other cancelled shows horribly in the past.

      • David4 says:

        You don’t deserve anything. This is a TV show, they clearly aren’t making the money they want to off the show, so it’s ending. It’s a business. You paying for cable then complaining about a TV show not being on when you want it to be is whining, not a business.

        • chadcronin says:

          Get lost. You have zero right to tell me what I deserve and are no fan of TV if you think we should shut up and let them just be a business. Yep that makes sense.

        • Nicaela says:

          How do you think they earn money? If we the fans are not watching their shows,then they get no advertising. No advertising, means no shows and no shows, means no network and no network, means no MONEY.. So yes it’s a business, built off the backs of fans because without us there are no shows. Your such an idiot. They have a habit of canceling shows and those fans leave and they don’t come back. You know why,because they keep canceling shows that are well liked.

      • Dms says:

        You actually paid the network your own personal money? Out of your pocket? Because I kind of doubt that. And no, just paying your cable bill does NOT count. Everyone pays their bill.

        • chadcronin says:

          Thanks for that non-sensical reply. Where do you think the money goes to that we pay to the cable companies? Why do you think they charge so much in equipment and fees, because they have to give a lot of what they get to the networks on a per subscriber basis. Your reply means nothing. Canceling cable will hurt them in the end. Money talks

    • Fans are grateful to be getting an ending.But do YOU like waiting a year or more for cable/Netflix shows season to start?Fans have a right to be mad that the show is being held for a year,year & half even if it’s getting an ending-that’s not a cool way to treat the shows fans or the show-whicgh was been one if few successes for the network -or the show ,cast & crew.They started filming s5 in Jan 2016btw and now are gonna miss pilot season.

    • Gospino says:

      I’m with you, David! This network put the show on the air and will have shown five seasons by the end. I’m grateful for that. It could have never existed instead. Negative, angry emotions make one a less happy, positive person and are bad for one’s health and psyche. Thank you, Freeform, for having SaB on your network! :D

    • Jim J. says:

      That is not true. Why should fans be UNgrateful that the show will have an ending? I think the complaining about “Switched at Birth”‘s final season being delayed until 2017 is because the long hiatus between its fourth and fifth seasons would be a year and a half. A show’s fans just do not like a hiatus between its seasons to be for over a full year.

      IMHO, I think if they could have just aired “SAB”‘s final season in the fall of 2016 instead, then maybe the fans wouldn’t have to whine as much.

    • Daniella says:

      True, if you watched Kyle xy and saw how they just dropped it without any ending I’m so glad that they will make another 10 episodes. So I totally agree with you.

    • MB says:

      There is so much more to be written about. They could have had at least 2 more season showing everyone’s happy ending instead of just speculation. It is a popular show why they hell why needs to be explained.

  10. I thought the Season 5 premiere was in April (2016)

  11. SweetFace says:

    No!!! Please don’t cancel this show. Switched at Birth is a good show. Please Please bring it back this year.

  12. Gina says:

    Well I guess it’s good they are gonna hopefully end it right now. Maybe now they will just put bay and Emmett together and stop toying with them. Dumb move they are making us wait over a year for it. It’s almost like they don’t want us watching…., I hope season 7 is pll’s last. Cuz that’s like the only show they seem to care about now. Although I was pretty happy they renewed Shadowhunters.

  13. First Hit The Floor had a year & half hiatues then Reign got benched for three months now SaB will have a year or more hiatues after they pushed 4b friom June to late Aug and everyone assumed s5 would start in Jan but a couple months ago Lizzy said it would be April.

  14. pinky says:

    This is total crap! It’s like the network’s trying to justify it cancelling the show by demonstrating low ratings, and achieving said low ratings by waiting 2 (!) years between seasons.
    Who does the network expect to stick around for 2 years – remember the plot, stay emotionally involved in the characters and story – to only watch 10 episodes? (not even a full season)

    This is really a shame…it was one of my favorite shows.

  15. Chezbenito says:

    I’m 30 and I love this show. I have been waiting for season five patiently and then Deezform does this?! It’s utter BS. I hope to see the main characters in other projects soon. This is one of my favorites.

    Isn’t there a petition we can sign or something???

  16. vickiro51 says:

    These people at Freeform are so short sighted. They are only interested in the new “gag me” shows and not the shows that are the best. I’ll watch the last season, since i have watched the show since the beginning, but the management at Freeform is the worst,

  17. Ab says:

    When will this be back on ??

  18. Francisca says:

    Omgee ! I Been Waiting Tonss I Cant Wait Then This 😑Nice Move .

  19. I’m with the more than year long break that a lot of people will forget about it and the ratings will suffer

  20. KAY says:

    I’m so upset by this in general. I watched from the beginning. I hate that they are cancelling the show but not seeing it til next yr is crazy.

  21. i figured the show was possibly going to end soon but why the f is the last season not airing till 2017

  22. Terry says:

    Well that is so stupid, I love this show!

  23. Dreadful show. Cancel it immediately.

  24. Mary Shelton says:

    Go to net flex like full house did

  25. Anna says:

    How dare you

  26. monieet says:

    Who will even remember waiting that long. Just ask Lost Girl. They lost me. Bye

  27. Dani says:

    Bay and Her sister have to be back on tv for season 5 of switch at birth

  28. Judy says:

    I am so sorry to hear this ! Switched,,, is an intelligent , thought provoking, well acted & written drama,, with LOTS of heart ! Not enough “sleaze factor” for the general public ? Grrrrrrr !

  29. Pat says:

    Why wait another year for the final of switched at birth. It totally ridiculous, by the time the next season is aired, you won’t remember what happen in season 4. Bad on the writer and Freeform TOO.

  30. Dawn says:

    I been wondering why it not back on and now I have wait until 2017. I’m deaf and all my friends watch. Please put on early. We all miss the show. So sad

  31. Amanda says:

    This is outrageous. Can we start a petition. Why is it going off air? Not only does it help hearing and deaf alike, but it was an actually good show!

  32. April says:

    It makes no sense that shows like this one, unlike any other show ever, would be cancelled.

  33. Kelly says:

    True fans will wait for it to come out….

  34. Tishy says:

    Why are the good shows always cancelled and the garbage stays? This is such a great show, I’ve been looking forward to the season starting and now have to wait. Is this a ploy so people forget and you can just tank the final season

  35. Kathy says:

    So you are saying season 5 won’t be out until 2017 ? Please let me know because I was a late starter watching this show ,now I can’t get enough of it. Did season 4 end when the girls were in China and Bay Was running to her sister. I just want to make sure I didn’t miss any of it. Thanks!

  36. Octavia says:


  37. Dee says:

    This is total BS. ABC family has always been a favorite of mine for many years but Free-form sucks. 2017 really? I will so forget about it by then. Why would you make such a stupid decision like that? Sorry Freeform but you are going to lose a lot of fans over all this. Actually you did when you changed to your stupid name. What morons! Good bye Freeform

  38. christeina08 says:

    Well guess once I get my closure with Switched at Birth I will no longer be watching any show on Freeform. This royally sucks and Freeform is stupid for letting this show go. I can’t believe they are doing this to us.

  39. christeina08 says:

    Well guess after I get my closure with Switched at Birth I will no longer need to watch anything on Freeform. This royally sucks and Freeform is just plain stupid for this decision.

  40. Pam says:

    Why is it that all the good family shows get cancelled and the trash shows stay on? I love this show, I think this needs to stay on

  41. Wow, really Freeform?! One of my favorite shows, adding it to the list of shows that have been canceled!

  42. nesh says:

    I’m not even going to wait until 217 to watch this show… smh they tried it!! it sucks cause i really loved it.. but next!!

  43. Della says:

    I think it is wrong to leave fans hanging. This is one fan long time fan who will not be watching the final season.

  44. Michael Sturgis says:

    This here is my 1st time really posting anything on anything Internet. I am disabled veteran with traumatic brain injury and I’m really not crying type guy only had 3 times my life I have actually had tears, but this show got me in tears most episodes. I never knew til recently about this show til I decided to watch season 1 Netflix, all these actors and actresses should very proud the work that they have accomplished. I wish that I had known about this show years ago. I have only started seeing show from 3 days ago and everything else I use to watch went to wayside. This show takes place in city that is very close to where I’m from and touches on subjects that very few people even know about even in area it’s portrayed. People talking about the ratings are low I believe there only low due to fact that I myself have never seen any advertiseing about show. I know for fact this show could be the single most bridge gapping show to get Americans and not just Americans the whole world open their eyes to everyone throughout the nation to make changes to the way people percieve/view/faith/hate. My brother is great example of what 1 these upcoming episodes could been about yes certain things happen in birth, yes the birth defects change people around babies life, but once these things happen they are hard to go through difficult on marriages and most don’t last but it changes those parents view as well on the world after they come to terms with the changes. My brother his ex had trouble getting their own biological children and ended up doing in veto and got pregnant with twins.
    my niece and nephew, my nephew on other hand had term called (wolf) syndrome and was born pretty mature due to he wasn’t getting enough food and was born with hole in his heart. My brother his ex did everything they could my nephew lived a total of 7 months 7 heart surgery and he ended up developing seizure that ended up causing my nephew to become brain death and had to make decision that I don’t know if I couldn’t even do, take him off the machines and let him die in his arms while holding him. As I found out from this that this is not a rare thing that happens it happens more often than majority of Americans even know. Sorry about my long chat, but if the people in show see this be proud of what you have brought to the screen as it has touched and even moved people in ways that you probably don’t realize yourself this show touched me deep inside! This show can change the way most Americans view see this world and can enrich and change the way people who haven’t gone through or going through life and change them from the core if and only if put effort into reaching them. So, take this as you may, people need to know and be informed and doing so by 1 person at a time. I myself see this show as foundation that all of the world should strive to be and this platform can open everyone’s eyes and not just few. I’m not sure how well my words come across maybe long winded but please don’t look at negative and strive to make it positive outcome and if you think my remark is good you can post it too any other whatever they call these chats these days as iv never posted anything in my life and do not have twitter or anything. So thx to the stars who chose to choose this shows as path in their career, as said before iv only cried 3 times in my lifetime once when I was young for my grandpa, 2nd time in Iraq when friend died, and 3rd was when my nephew was pulled off his machine and I have had many things to cry over just this show had many moments that literally brought me to tears and I thank you for bring that emotion your brought to the screen as that’s what you as show was to do.

  45. Michael Sturgis says:

    Sorry about mistakes in my writing as just reread my comment after I posted and didn’t check it over before posted it.

  46. Kelsey says:

    This is so upsetting!!! If I have to wait until 2017 and Bay ends up with Travis, I’m going to be ultra PO’d.

  47. anon says:

    Is this a joke?? April fools was OVER yesterday at noon! This is extremely not fair nor okay to us. First, you guys cancel the show AND now you have decided to bring it back for its final season in 2017?! That’s not cool! I’ve been watching SAB since the very beginning & do not DESERVE to have to wait an entire year to watch the rest of it! So messed up that such a beautiful show about the bringing together of both ASL & English has turned into such a worrisome ending… Not to mention how low the ratings will be in 2017….

  48. Miriamd says:

    I am very disappointed 1. That switched at birth will be airing it’s final season and 2. Because nit till 2017. This show was one I looked forward to every season. Won’t you please reconsider?

  49. J. R. Dennison says:

    Since you chose to wait over a rear I will not be watching. It was a dumb show anyway that morphed from the story to nothing but sex. I think you know where you can put your show.

  50. Pam says:

    I’m 63 and love this show it breaks my heart it has been cancelled and having to wait so long for the final season!