Person of Interest Season 5

Person of Interest Season 5 Premiere Date Announced (and There's a Twist)

CBS is making up for lost time where Person of Interest‘s long-delayed fifth season is concerned. The Eye network has announced that POI will air twice a week — Mondays and Tuesdays at 10/9c — beginning in early May.

The J.J. Abrams drama will launch Season 5 on Tuesday, May 3, with Episode 2 airing the following Monday, May 9 (and then Episode 3 on Tuesday, May 10, and so on). The show’s season finale is slated to fall on Tuesday, June 21.

CBS is still not declaring Season 5 POI‘s swan song, but all signs are pointing in that direction. UPDATE: CBS is now confirming that POI will end at the conclusion of Season 5.

“My guess is [Season 5] is the final season,” executive producer J.J. Abrams admitted in January at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. “The only heartbreak there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have continued.”

Although Abrams said “the goal” was to craft a finale that could serve as a series finale, “Obviously things can be adjusted if [there’s] a miraculous [ratings] performance. But I think the idea is that this would be the finale.

“[Showrunners] Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman have done such an amazing job on the show,” Abrams continued, “and I know what these episodes are that they’ve done, wrapping it up. We don’t yet have a schedule, but I know these episodes will see the light of day. People will get to see these episodes.”

Speculation about the series’ sad fate was first born of its shortened, 13-episode order for Season 5. Its absence from CBS’ original 2015-16 schedule — and then any subsequent midseason announcements — only added fuel to the fire. The final nail in the show’s coffin appeared to come late last month when co-star Sarah Shahi snagged the title role in CBS’ Nancy Drew drama pilot.

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  1. stephon js says:

    About damn time.

  2. Jennifer says:

    And there’s the final nail that POI will not be returning for Season 6. RIP POI. You were once a great show.

    • jj says:

      Agreed. They are burning it off quickly. Truly the final nail.

    • Ben says:

      It still is a great show. And look at it this way, it will probably never NOT be a great show. I’ve always felt like the sweet spot is 5-7 seasons, and the shows that I still love many years later often fit into this range. I’m really pleased that the showrunners were given an opportunity to really know it was the end and plan as such.

  3. velhaquacker says:

    About damn time! Twice a week is the least they could do at this point. I just want to watch it all.

  4. Rob says:

    Well that’s a burn-off if I’ve ever seen one.

  5. Gary says:

    So limitless and NCIS LA both finish in April or very early May that’s surprising as sweeps run through to the 25th

  6. Schatzi49 says:

    Finally, the best show on tv and CBS screws around with it.

  7. Kate says:

    Sigh, okay. The news about Sarah wasn’t necessarily the death knell. While I think Root and John think its highly likely, the common held belief is that she is dead. And she could have easily opted for an out like Kara’s since that is who Decima/Samaritan is basically trying to make her.

  8. JenJ says:

    Well, we mostly already knew that it would probably be the final season especially after the way the show has been treated. But I am so glad that they have finally given us a date for its return! I so love this show, and don’t think it has been given the respect it deserves. At least we all can now get our final looks at the series, I’m so looking forward to seeing what happened after such a realllllllllllllly long break.

  9. Thithya says:

    FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have been waiting for a premiere date forever. I’ve rewatched season 1-4 about three og four times, for almost a year, while waiting for season 5.
    So happy to hear that it is gonna air twice a week.
    I REALLY REALLY that the ratings improve this season, that a lot people have caught up on POI on Netflix, then we’ll get a sixth and final season.

    • Robin says:

      Yes, I truly hope the ratings increase significantly. CBS should have advertised the show. I don’t think I ever seen an advertisement for it. CBS should have let them go somewhere it would be appreciated so we could see it the way the writers and producers intended it to be. I cannot get enough of this show. The story is brilliant!!! I would love to see it run its course through all the seasons the way the writers intended it to run, This is NOT just a cop show, but it is SO MUCH MORE!!! There is a so much BIGGER picture than a cop show. I love John C. too, and Harold, how he stays on course with the programming of the machine. I love all the other characters too. There is so much depth in this show. It makes you think about yourself, your life, the good and the difference you can make. Its a show that if you have only seen a show or two, you may not get it. But if you see it from the beginning, or if you start watching it regularly, you will want to keep watching it, because there are lessons in each one. You can see the real struggles of the world in it. It makes you think about life. And the last show on season 4, WOW!! Harold has so much to do. The show needs to finish the way the writers intended, it needs to be completed the way it was supposed to. PLEASE don’t make them rush it. PLEASE don’t make them leave out the important evolution of the process, of the characters, of the machine, of the battle of good and evil. PLEASE let them do this so we can really feel the REWARDS of all that’s been lost, of all that’s been suffered. PLEASE LET US FEEL THE VICTORY AS IF IT WERE OURS!!!! This is the most remarkable and remembered AI show of all time. If CBS can’t afford to do this show, then hopefully a new network will pick it up. Hopefully if CBS won’t let them finish the show as it was intended, then they can finish it in a way that it can be restarted in a chapter two on a new network. I have so much more to say about how wonderful this show is, but cannot go into detail. Just know that its the most awesome show I’ve ever watched, and I’ve been a loyal fan.

      • Hondo says:

        Wow. You really need to get out more often.

      • Peter says:

        Excellent comment! I know exactly how you feel. I can’t recall a more interesting, diverse and intriguing drama on tv. This show has it all!
        In my opinion some tv viewers are lazy. They want to be simply entertained and not have to follow or try to figure out an intricate story line and plot. The problem is this show is far and above most people’s ability of comprehension. Hopefully another network will pick it up. With the World as it is and the rapid advancement of technology, this show has a long way to go.

        • GREG says:

          Excellent show. I liked when John would be in a scene and some humor would be added and he would get this look like, am I supposed to laugh after all we just went through. A very stoic character. I would certainly go to a theater to see it if a movie was made. Maybe that’s what they need to do. A two hour length movie every year or every other year.

  10. Katy says:

    Burning them off quickly which is odd considering the ratings will probably be decent or better than a few shows on there current lineup.

    • tvjunkie says:

      LOL at people who think ratings are the only thing that matters. What matters most is how profitable a show is and this is reportedly a very expensive show to make.

      • dejoshed says:

        Also, cbs does not own the show and can’t put it on cbs all-access. that’s why they stifled the show and burnt it off.

  11. HAP says:

    I guess CBS could have even harsher to the show by scheduling the episodes on Friday and Saturday.

  12. percysowner says:

    They have been so totally disrespectful of this series. They have every right to decide they don’t want it. They have every right to treat it as a burn off. But to refuse to cut ties so the producers could try to shop it elsewhere stinks.

  13. NC says:

    CBS has been trying to kill this show for years which is a shame. It’s the best show on tv. CBS scheduling of this show has been horrible. Last year after November sweeps after it was gaining momentum they aired 1 episode in December and lost momentum. And that was the triolgy they said. They’ve been scheduling like that for years and now they are doing a “burn off”. Shame on you CBS for killijg a great show. I’m happy its finally coming back. Just hope some other network picks it up.

    • cej says:

      Guess they need space for more NCIS and Criminal Minds spin offs. Sigh.

    • Bobby Holmes says:

      Sucks this is the final chapter, when idiotic shows like big bang theory, criminal minds, csi cyber, just to name a few, have nothing to offer. And this awesome show too, like Monk, will be off the air after a couple years in syndication. TV execs and their marketing skills prove there is such a thing as too much education.

    • Shirley says:

      Donald Trump would say “Your Fired” to the Fat Bastard at CBS that Cancelled the show.

  14. Gail says:

    Burn Baby Burn.

  15. Lisa says:

    isn’t this a pretty popular show with a fanbase that has been waiting for the new season for like a year and a half?? a show that, it’s important to note, has been syndicated on at least two networks in the meanwhile and accumulating viewers that way?

    why would CBS throw out ratings and $$ just to burn off eps faster?

    • Eric H says:

      They see no real financial benefit from the show continuing in syndication because it’s wholly owned by Warner Bros. That’s why CBS and WB had such big disagreements over it and why CBS basically stuck it in a poor timeslot with little to no advertising support.

  16. kmw says:

    Its about time they stated when they are going to return. Too bad CBS is kicking it to the curb, it deserves better than that. Hope it can go out on a high note

  17. Luis says:

    Jesus, if they want to burn it off so fast, why don’t they just call it a miniseries and air it every night at 10 until it’s done?

  18. I don’t think CBS has ever handled POI well since it first aired. Network TV is notorious for pre-empting shows with sports and other programming and one thing that always bugged me about POI was that the schedule was never “every week”….first season had 7 episodes, then skipped a week, then another episode, then skipped 2 weeks, then 2 episodes, then the 3 week winter break, then its 2 episodes, then another 2 week break and so on. Started on Thursdays and then switched to Tuesdays after season 2. Thank goodness for DVR’s.

  19. Deion says:

    Terrible, but I am so glad it is back. May JJ Abrams never give CBS such gold again.

  20. Jennifer says:

    If only. I started to lose interest once they started with the whole “Samaritan” story line. I still have the last 13-ish episodes on my DVR. Been holding to binge before the new season starts. Just couldn’t get into it.

    Guess I know what I’m doing the weekend my daughter goes camping with the Girl Scouts. :)

    • Mac says:

      Not on your computer or cell phone commenting on a show you don’t watch anymore?

      • Jennifer says:


        I never said i stopped watching. I SAID “Been holding to binge before the new season starts. Just couldn’t get into it.” I WILL watch and binge before the new season starts. I have loved this show from the start. I didn’t like the storyline.

        Again. RIF.

  21. Mr. Tran K says:

    Really hope POI should end after five seasons if JJ Abrams is right.

  22. Momo says:

    Honestly though, why does CBS hate POI???

  23. Chase says:

    You know people will complain about “CBS burning the Final Season off” and to an extent thats true. But honestly i have been giving outcry to give me and the fellows fans our show back for what seems like centuries now that i don’t care about a burn off theory. I just want my POI back to give me a awesome final ending. Person Of Interest will always be my favorite tv drama of all time no matter what CBS or these companies think they can or can’t do.

    • Mac says:

      Burned off to an extent? Are you serious? When was the last time a broadcast network in the history of television has scheduled a veteran drama to air in May when it has been explicitly made clear that it would air in the spring?

  24. luv good tv says:

    Hate if this is the end! Carter got a great send off,hope the writers can do the same for a great series.

  25. Barbara says:

    Wow, CBS really knows how to treat a respected well-liked show like rubbish. They essentially are trying to burn off the new episodes as fast as possible.
    CBS grow up and declare the show finished already.

  26. Love_My_POI_sniff says:

    Seems like when the networks shows multiple episodes of a series at one time, it’s a swan song set — like they’re getting those episodes out of the way asap. That just depresses me. I’m such a fan of POI and it just sucks that it’s probably going to be the last time soon. Even if Sara Shahi has a new series (she’s a talented actress and deserves a starring role, so I’ll be watching that for sure), she could still have an intermittent appearance on the show, like Paige Turco did with Zoe Morgan. Zoe was such an interesting character and the fact that I never knew when Zoe would show up to help the crew, made her character even more interesting. I really wanted to know more about her background.

    Anyway, I wouldn’t miss those final (sniff) episodes. Dear TV Gods: please make a miracle happen.

  27. Love_My_POI_sniff says:

    What a dream come true if Netflix would pick up Person of Interest for new seasons. Netflix would be my hero. I can only hope Person of Interest’s previous seasons are so popular on Netflix that they can’t not give us new seasons. Fingers Crossed.

  28. Jim J. says:

    CBS having not confirmed season 5 as the last season for “Person of Interest” will mean potential unresolved storylines within the show,. I’m thinking CBS would wait and see how the season’s ratings go before making the cancellation decision on “PoI”. At this point, it will be a miracle for “PoI” to be renewed for season 6 (which would be a absolute shocker).

    Regardless, that is a really great way to screw over a critically-acclaimed drama series, CBS, whether you “own” such a series or not”.

  29. tribulationschimeriques says:

    Yyeeaaahhh at least some news!!

    OK i’m confused now.
    Is season 5 15 episodes?

    May 3
    May 9 & 10
    May 16 & 17
    May 23 & 24
    May 30 & 31
    June 6 & 7
    June 13 & 14
    June 20 & 21

    Am I reading wrong??

    • Lisa Turner says:

      I put the dates into my calendar and also came up with 15 shows based on the start and end date mentioned in the article. I wonder if Memorial Day is a factor and there are really only 13 shows as has been mentioned for nearly a year now.

  30. NJ Viewer says:

    Wonderful news – so why is CBS showing the same amount of disrespect
    towards NCIS LA & Scorpion that it has shown towards POI? Are we
    to assume that both will have now have shortened seasons? Will CBS
    decide to show them on some other night? Does anyone @ CBS have
    any idea of how to schedule shows? Do not get me wrong I am a
    big fan of POI. I also enjoy both NCIS LA & Scorpion. It is bad enough
    that both H50 , Elementary are both borderline for renewal and it appears
    that POI is finished. I would hate to see NCIS LA & Scorpion also
    end up that way.

    • Eric H says:

      NCIS: LA, Scorpion, and Limitless will have finished their seasons by then so CBS isn’t cutting them off at all. CBS actually cares about those shows since they’re owned by CBS and stand to gain more financially by having those shows continue over WB-owned POI continuing.

  31. Kat says:

    I’m going to miss Root the most as a disabled person I can relate so much to her.

    Also, any news on Amy Acker and her upcoming projects? She sure snagged a title role somewhere too, right? Right?

  32. Linda maurer says:

    Put it on Thursday its a dud knight

  33. cej says:

    What a shame this will be the last season. This was one of my favorite shows. Such a great cast of characters!

  34. Donna says:

    I hope Netflix can grab it, I adore this show!

  35. dioxinblues says:

    I wanna know who in the Person of Interest production sphere killed Les Moonves’ grandmother because CBS’ disdain for the show is radioactive. And it’s a freakin’ brilliant show!

  36. Judie says:

    I will miss POI alot. I never missed a show. Get rid of all thr crummy reality shows and keep POI, because it is an interesting, intelligent show.
    P.s. I love the dog!

  37. retsim says:

    Hope they finish it of with a good story line .One of my favourite shows. So sad.

  38. Kevin says:

    Tv’s best show cancelled but hey more time for reality shows and lame awards shows… CBS u made a mistake but I have come to expect this from the networks

  39. I love POI, and I’m going to miss it. However, by showing 2 episodes a week, was a sign that this was the end. At least it stayed on for five seasons.

  40. Barbara Wabs says:

    This show is so intense… Just captivating… How can they cancel such a great show… Love LOVE LOVE the dynamic between Reese n Harold… I see Reese as the sidekick and Harold as the hero… And then throw in the Lionel spark… Totally needs to stay. Get rid of some lame reality show… Don’t they know those are so over

  41. Such a great show and how typical to cancel it.

  42. ann says:

    I’m from the UK and having just finished watching series 4 of POI went on Netflix and Amazon to see if I could watch series 5. I have just come accross all your comments and to my horror have realised they will only be making a 5th series. I can’t believe this! The ratings appear good in the UK and everyone who watches it anxiously awaits each new series. I personally would like to see the team find a way to overcome Samaritan – but either way, I would just love to be able to look forward to a 6th series.

    My favourite American series was NCIS with Jethro – but then I found POI. I just can’t believe they would axe such a fantastic program.

  43. guaranteedfresh1 says:

    This show has had higher ratings than Hawaii Five-0 and even Blue Bloods, yet they give it the axe because of their corporate greed. Such a waste of a great storyline, actors/actresses and writers.

  44. William Cook says:

    What killed the show was killing Carter and bringing in two psycho chicks. Sad because it was a very good show.

  45. guaranteedfresh1 says:

    Hello, there is a petition going on at Also Netflix has said that if we the fanbase prove to them how much we love the show and want to keep it rolling that they will seriously consider picking it up. So if you want to sign the petition there is an abundance of info over there about Netflix and other ways to be heard if you have the time. Please check it out and maybe we can get Netflix to save the show!

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Where is this Netflix correspondence…?

      • guaranteedfresh1 says:

        The person that started the petition stated that she had talked to someone at Netflix and they had that conversation. It’s all over at if you want to check it out.

  46. Deleterious says:

    The schedule seems to be off…

    Ep 1: 5/3
    Ep 2: 5/9
    Ep 3 : 5/10
    Ep 4: 5/16
    Ep 5: 5/17
    Ep 6: 5/23
    Ep 7: 5/24
    Ep 8: 5/30
    Ep 9: 5/31
    Ep 10: 6/6
    Ep 11: 6/7
    Ep 12: 6/13
    Ep 13: 6/14

    Either there are actually 15 episodes (pretty sure that’s not the case), or the show actually ends on June 14th, or there’s an off week that won’t have new episodes.

    What’s the story?

  47. Betsy says:

    Canceling the best show they got…cbs executives are not the brightest bulbs in the box are they?

  48. ron says:

    What a shame.Truly the most intelligent exciting tv show to grace the idiot box.Each episode felt like a movie and glued me to my chair.Leave to CBS to make such a terrible decision to cancel this show.I remember sitting in front of my tv with my old man and him telling me this show is why he loves CBS so much.When i told him of its cancellation he told me to remove cbs from his channel list.If americduh wants dumbed down tv have at it.There can never be another show this good.Someone needs to pick this up.

  49. CBS, have the kindness to allow some more seasons of Person Of Interest please! I know your plans are different but try to negotiate about this one and have more seasons. Thank you.

  50. Leona Jones says:

    I Agree this was an Excellent mind engaging and CBS waiting sooo too long to Make up its MIND!weather to show Or NOT made the Public viewers and Fan Weary of WAITING -So I Blame CBS for really it’s. Perceived failure!! Or was It REALLY A POLITICAL Issue??? Can’t wait to SEE Whenever U Get around To It!!