Awkward Recap

Awkward Premiere Recap: Jenna 3.0

“God knows we’ve all had our fill of Matty and Jenna drama,” Ashley Rickards sighed midway through Tuesday’s midseason premiere of Awkward. And I agree! So… why was there more Matty and Jenna drama than ever?

Before I get into all of that, let’s see what the Palos Hill gang is up to one year after graduating high school:

* Jenna is a summer fellow at Idea Bin, which is basically Awkward‘s version of BuzzFeed. Everyone who works there — including Jenna’s boss, played by Mean Girls‘ Jonathan Bennett — is mind-bogglingly insufferable; it’s like a room full of Evas. (Remember Eva?!) The one silver lining of Jenna’s summer gig is that she gets to spend quality time with Luke. Naked quality time.

* Tamara and Sadie are now best friends, having spent a year bonding in New York City. Tamara’s go-getter attitude, which previously hovered between 8 and 9, has been cranked up way past 11 — she refuses to fly coach anymore because it’s “so not chic” — and Jenna is, understandably, struggling to relate. Meanwhile, Sadie is somehow more of a monster than ever, and I can’t say I felt an ounce of sympathy for her upon discovering that Sergio had moved on.

* Lissa is working as Lacey and Kevin’s new nanny (“duh!”), and they let Jake — who now works at the local country club — sleep over whenever he wants. Oh, did I forget to mention that Lissa and Jake are back together? (I’ve always felt they were right for each other, and long overdue for a reunion.)

OK, let’s talk Jenna and Matty: Something happened between them during their first year at their respective colleges which led to a catastrophic breakup. They could barely speak to each other in the premiere, save for Jenna accidentally calling his new girlfriend a “sloppy rando” and Matty calling Jenna a “self-righteous hippie chick who thinks she’s better than everyone, standing there with some stupid thing stuck in your nose.”

Ouch! These people were once likable, right? Like, I didn’t totally imagine that?

Let’s hear your thoughts on Awkward‘s post-high school existence thus far: Grade the episode below, then drop a comment with your full review.

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  1. hannah says:

    its so annoying that after we waited so long for jenna and matty to get back together… their back to being apart and fighting. ugh.

  2. Bwhit says:

    I read this review first before I watched but was pleasantly surprised. You are spot on about Jenna and Matty but the rest was hilarious! I LOVE Ethan and hope he stays around, Luke didn’t seem as annoying but time will tell, Jake/Lissa um, okay, I felt bad for Sadie even though she is terrible at times. Whatever happened with them, I’m team Matty, no one is THAT angry unless they were seriously betrayed. I just have one question…. The Hamilton house seems to at least have one spare bedroom, why is Jenna crashing in her little sister’s nursery/her old bedroom? Plus that baby was pretty big for a supposed six-ish month old (if my calculations are accurate).

  3. Dontbeawkward says:

    It wasn’t that bad Andy. You made it seem like the most insufferable half hour of your life. I like the way they’re easing us back into the characters, and showing that people actually do change after starting college.

  4. Scott says:

    Jenna 3.0 is as much of a b**** as Jenna 1.0 & 2.0

  5. Bonnie W says:

    I don’t remember Luke….someone refresh my memory please.

  6. Klynn1075 says:

    I agree with Andy. I found myself rolling my eyes when Jenna woke up and her parents and Lissa basically didn’t acknowledge her existence. I thought, here we go again. Last season left off in such a different place and I felt like this episode was a back peddle. Also, if they felt the need to break Matty and Jenna up AGAIN (which to me is very realistic under the circumstances), why not do it in the “long distance doesn’t work way”. Why does it have to be that Jenna did something so awful (although I am curious to found out what she did)? With that said, I will of course keep watching so I guess there is no point in really complaining. I missed these characters but I was getting annoyed by Jenna having to deal with the same circumstances.

  7. Guest says:

    Feel like Jenna and Matty are the new Peyton and Lucas…lot of drama then they finally get together at the end of senior year only to break up because of some huge secret that only a few people know about during a time jump

  8. Lilac says:

    The writers have totally butchered what could have been with matt and jenna. It should have stopped at the end of 5a. We finally got to see their happy ending and now they just **** all over it. And now it’s like they are trying to sell Matty and Jenna again. Sorry but they ruined what could have been a happy ending. I don’t see how this series could have a decent finale at this point.

  9. Pallavi says:

    So wanting to watch awkward season 5b….can’t view newer online