Agents of SHIELD Secret Warriors

S.H.I.E.L.D. Bosses Deflect Talk That 'Secret Warriors' Are Taking Over Team

During Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.‘s winter hiatus, much of any upcoming intel revolved around the “Secret Warriors” team being assembled by Daisy. And in the midseason premiere, that crew — comprised of Lincoln, Joey and “just visiting” newcomer Elena aka “Yo-Yo” — dominated the action, leading myself if not others to worry that the Inhuman faction was overpowering their differently abled friends, including screentime-wise.

But during a recent press event on the ABC series set, showrunners Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen maintained that Daisy & Co. were a complementary, not supplementary, unit.

On the topic of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s seemingly, increasingly distinct halves, “We’ve been asked that before, and it hasn’t felt like we’ve been trying to juggle two separate teams,” Tancharoen said. “It feels like it’s just an extension of the team that we have, a new dynamic within.”

Namely, Daisy’s bold, new project is designed to help develop her as a team leader — a far cry from her days as a tagalong hacker named Skye.

The Secret Warriors element “is more about trying to reflect Daisy’s pursuit of this idea, her desire to bring people like her together,” said Whedon. “And that does create complications, as you see [in the winter premiere] — Hunter saying, ‘Bloody powers…. How can we compete?’ And everybody who’s human in the field [last week] gets kidnapped because they can’t compete. So it’s definitely creating a dynamic within the team.”

“Daisy is proud [to be Inhuman], and we’re feeling that pride,” Tancharoen added. “And it’s also about building her leadership role within the team, being the point person. Having these new people come into play is more about asserting this new arc that we have for Daisy.”

But as she evolves into that more empowered role, will Daisy always see eye-to-eye with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director? Or might that “dynamic within” ultimately breed infighting?

“As much as [Daisy] might butt heads [with Coulson] about certain issues, they definitely balance each other out,” said her portrayer Chloe Bennet. “I think that her loyalty, overall, isn’t necessarily to S.H.I.E.L.D. but really to Coulson. I think that’s what she really believes in, her relationship with Coulson.” (With reporting by Scott Huver)

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  1. Dani says:

    They might not feel like they’re juggling two separate teams but that’s because everything revolves around the Inhuman storyline.+

  2. dancmh says:

    Every episode Joey shows up in, I expect him to die. Other than a quick passing mention of a boyfriend in his first episode, nothing else has been elaborated on. The family he wanted to see again last week? Kind of out of the blue.

  3. Adam says:

    These X-Men wannabes need to go.

  4. It’s hilarious that people are complaining about this considering all the backlash in Season 1 about how the show DOESN’T have superpowers and human agents in suits are so boring. Now that they’re finally swinging around to superheroes, everyone is complaining about THAT, too. Just go watch Arrow and The Flash since apparently you’ll never be happy with this show no matter what it does.

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Hmm, sounds to me like either set of “complainers” are merely asking for BALANCE.

      • lugia says:

        Yes. Yes, I agree. BALANCE would be nice. I like BALANCE. :)

        Focus on the Agents without superpowers too, not only on InhuMons. The Agents are just dressing in the background in the movies, and since episode 301, they are more or less dressing in the background in their own show.

        And some Alien artifacts (Chitauri-Technology or Gravitonium) or other threats now and then would be nice, not just InhuMon of the week.

        Or Agents of SHIELD should decide whether it is a show about Agents without powers and what it is like to not have powers in a world with powers, or a show about superpowers and how it is like to be Inhuman in a world with powers.

      • Debra says:

        Thank you because they went from one extreme to the other without thinking about what was working and what wasn’t.

      • I’m not seeing how the show lacks balance. There was plenty of Coulson, May, Fitz, Simmons, Hunter, Bobbi and Mack in the first half of the season. So what if last week’s episode focused more on the Secret Warriors with the introduction of Elena? When there was an entire episode about Simmons on the planet, was anyone complaining about the lack of people with powers?

        • Ben says:

          I agree. I haven’t felt like the show lacks balance. The focus this season hasn’t felt like it is on the Secret Warriors, to me, at all. The focus of the first episode, and the first episode of midseason, both did. But overall I’ve felt the show has also really focussed well on the story of Coulson, the Jemma/Fitz stuff (they have had great content this year) and Mack coming into his own as a leader. We’ve also had the May/Andrew stuff. I feel like we are getting a real balance, I didn’t even know that anyone felt it was unbalanced until I read this comments section.

  5. Jason says:

    But can we really blame them? AoS as it was previously constructed wasn’t getting the job done ratings wise or with the most fans really so is it wrong to adjust for something new in hopes that it works?

  6. Kim R says:

    I have really enjoyed this show from the beginning. As the new team gets into their groove I just hope for a balance on the other side. The reason I stayed tuned in originally was because of Coulson and the rest working together and I want them to keep that in mind. New doesn’t necessarily have to replace old, it can compliment instead.

  7. I think having some of the powered team members be part-time (with the whole decision to let them live their lives and be on call when needed) will keep things in balance. Besides, Joey has hardly done anything since his intro episode, so it was good for him to get some screen time; this was Elena’s intro episode, so of course she was a main focus; and Lincoln barely did anything this week – so I didn’t see any imbalance.

  8. Dan says:

    I just want to see Melinda May kick ass again and not relegated to 30 second scenes in the background. For me, last season was MUCH better than what we get now.

  9. Maggie says:

    still remember the days when they said not all heroes have superpowers, and now……

  10. Louise says:

    This is such a ridiculous question?? Like this show is Daisy’s origin story the producers said so before so whatever is currently relevant to Daisy’s story is the focus of the show obviously? This being 1a – SHIELD 1b – HYDRA 2a – search for her origins/Cal leading to the city & her egtting powers 2b – discovering her powers & the Inhumans/Jiaying and Cal 3a – build-up for the Secret Warriors & Hive as a bad Inhuman example for a Civil War-esque plot 3b – Secret Warriors. It’s really not hard to follow the thematic trends of the show? But so many people seem to convenietly keep forgetting that Daisy is the protagonist so obviously the show is gonna revolve around what’s relevant to her life

  11. AJ says:

    Really? The first half of the season was more about Coulson and Price, the ATCU, Maveth, Will and Simmons, Fitz and Simmons and Kill Ward and Kill Ward 2 than it was about the inhumans. Yes, there was the Lash storyline and Joey way back in the background but those plots came of as very secondary to the others. 1 episode back from the hiatus that was inhuman-centric and all the sudden the team is being taken over by inhumans? This show has a huge cast and with lots of plot threads, of course the focus is going to shift from time to time. Man, people are so hard to please. If this show has proven anything it’s that it likes to build up to really good stuff. Have some patience and trust.

  12. lshoemaker says:

    I feel like sometimes the producers don’t quite get that when there’s talk about having characters with powers or abilities on AOS, it’s often about characters from the movies, like Captain America or Hulk. Or maybe they do get it, know it will never happen and so, we get some of the Inhumans as a consolation prize. The issue for me is that with the Secret Warriors storyline, you have to be very invested in the story of Daisy. And I’m really not invested in her story. They really don’ t give her much to do except use her powers, cry or get grumpy with people who outrank her. I’m kind of just biding my time and hoping that the story will circle back to the other characters or that they’ll spin Daisy off into her own show

  13. Jason says:

    In any large ensemble there is going to be an ebb and flow of who takes center focus from week to week. One week certain characters will be in the background while the next may find them in the thick of it. These days everybody wants all things at all times but it’s just not possible. Every episode is part of a larger story and I prefer not to make snap judgements about the series based on one episode. For the first half of the season everybody kept saying “why is it taking so long to build Daisy’s team? Where are these Secret Warriors they talked up during the summer?” Now we get one episode where they are the main focus and everybody is worried about the opposite. I’m sure everybody will get their due attention in good time. Just don’t expect everyone to have equal time every week. After all, they do only have about 40 minutes to work with.

  14. Robert Dassler says:

    I would hate to be the people running AoS. One week it’s all, “Stop doing (x) we want (y) instead!” and so they do it. And that is met with a wail of, “Stop doing (y) we want (z) instead!”
    The balance is there. It’s just that the agendas and prejudices of some fans are preventing them from seeing it. This show is awesome. Some people need to grow up and accept it.

  15. Greg says:

    The SHIELD bosses are stupid. This is exactly what the show should have been from the start. No one wants to watch a superhero show where the powers are “fights good”, “hacks computers” and “invents stuff”.

  16. esromjk says:

    I stopped watching the show with 7 eps to go in season 1, still read all the little articles/episode reviews.

    I just never liked the character of Skye/Daisy- I always thought like she felt that she had the right to know what ever she wanted, just because that what she wanted & was better that everyone else, then Colson panded to her & would give in.

    I’m probably the only one who doesn’t like the character.

  17. Ali says:

    You know, I think that this is the only site that I’ve seen people worrying about the Inhumans taking center stage…
    I don’t see it myself. I’ve always felt that SHIELD does a fairly good job balancing the plotlines between cast members. I mean we haven’t seen as much of May this season, but with the size of the cast and the focus that 3a had on the ATCU and FitzSimmons, that’s hardly surprising.

  18. mac says:

    How about just retiteling this show to “Daisy and these other guys” ?

  19. Crystal says:

    Thank u for writing this, this is basically the first time I saw reviewer who shows concerns about where this Shield storyline is going. Personally, I am not really into this inhuman storyline and still love the original idea of people without powers protecting us from this “strange world”. This is why we love Coulson, right?!

  20. Blah says:

    I think they are underestimating Skye/Daisy’s journey. As a leader she’s already there as coulsons 2IC and potential replacement. To me it was the thing that made the MAC – Director Of Shield Arc so jarring. He wasn’t even the leader on his own field team at the time.

    I hear that most people think she’s a Mary Sue. But shields problem is that daisy Johnson as a character is an avengers level character in terms of talent, intelligence, skill ect. She’d be fine if she was in that group. But she tends to outshine the rest of shield as an agent. Even when she doesn’t use her powers

  21. John NYC says:

    An interesting journey for Skye/Daisy.

    The shows fun.