Hawaii Five-0 Steve Catherine Truth

Hawaii Five-0 Recaplet: How Did Steve React to the Truth About Catherine?

Secretive sweethearts and lying ladies were in plentiful supply this Friday on CBS’ Hawaii Five-0.

First and foremost — and tying into the Case of the Week in a neat way — was the truth about Catherine Rollins’ “aid work in South Asia” aka the reason she bailed on Steve at the start of the season. This week’s episode revolved around stolen data that could expose undercover CIA operatives all over the world. In and of itself, that’s pretty high stakes. But when Steve is asked to get into contact with Catherine before her own cover is blown, he is understandably confused.

Because as he learns, she is not in South Asia but Kiev, out in the field for a clandestine operation. Worse, he’s been blowing off never made sense of her repeated attempts to reach him via sat phone.

In the immediate wake of that bombshell, Steve becomes laser-focused on stopping the stolen data from falling into the wrong hands, now that “somebody very important to me” is at risk. Later, after the Russian spy is nabbed, Danny reports that Catherine is A-OK — not that Steve can check in on her, while she’s in the field.

“You gonna be angry because she lied to you again?”

“Yeah, maybe,” McGarrett tells Danny. “But if I’m honest with myself, I also understand why she did it. Under similar circumstances, I’d have done the same thing.”

That said, Steve admits it’s “a little hard not to” worry about Catherine, now that he knows where she’s at and has an idea of what she is up to. Danny, though, reassures Steve that his almost-fiancee is “a tough lady,” thus “everything will be OK.”

Elsewhere in the episode: Five-0 talked about federal prosecutor Robert Coughlin targeting the team, bringing Abby up to speed on IA’s long-gestating beef with them — all while Abby keeps mum about her secret assignment. Afterward, she meets up with Coughlin, whom she has come to realize has a very personal agenda and thus is, as Five-0 said, on a “witch hunt” to uncover any damning impropriety. As such, at hour’s end, Abby cannot hold back when Chin suspects all is not OK with her. “No. There is something I need to tell you…,” she admits, before closing the door to come clean.

What did you think of Steve’s reaction, and Chin’s imminent one?

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  1. LiquidAloha says:

    How long before we hear she has been killed during the op in Kiev? Lenkov should love that kind of drama/pain for Steve. He didn’t torture him this season.

    • Konstantinos says:

      Sorry, what did you say? Drama/pain for Steve? He want WITH HIS OWN WILL to Afghanistan to help Catherine! He’s a godamn soldier! Get your facts straight. Cath followed him to North Korea in order to retrieve Freddy’s body, but we just skip that! And she won’t get killed because Steve will go to save her. And he has 3 options :
      1) He saves Catherine and they return together to O’ahu
      2) He tries to save her and dies because he screwes everything
      3) He tries to save her and they both die BECAUSE OF HIM!

      Just because Steve is a “Navy SEAL” doesn’t mean that he has to mess with everyone. I really wish that Lenkov would include Greek characters, so that Steve would learn a valuable lesson.

  2. Jason says:

    Whenever the show finally ends I hope they have enough foreknowledge to wrap their love story in a satisfying way. After all these years they deserve their happy ending.

    • Grace (Not Park) says:

      I hope so too…tho I really want Show to get them back together sooner than the ending. I loved them together. They are so alike and so pretty together.

    • gracenotpark says:

      I hope so too…only I hope they get back together even sooner than the end. They are clearly soul mates, and they are beautiful together. They have both taken risks for the other. And everyone at 5-0 likes Catherine.

      I’ve always been disappointed Show hasn’t done an ep with Cath and Kono partnering up on a case. Kono gets very little anymore without Adam. I’d love to see a girl-team kick some perp butt together!

    • JC1 says:

      I completely agree.

    • Gail Lessard says:

      I think when people say this they are referring to their own version of happiness. It’s a cop show. You want romance, watch soaps. Who says Steve had to get married to be happy?

    • Missisjoker says:

      Yes, the satisfying way would be- Steve on Hawaii with his ohana and a new loyal girlfriend, and Catehrine on the other side of the planet. She is such a mary sue, and MB is a bad actress,. I hope we got rid of her for good. Steve deserves happiness, and Catherine will give him nothing but misery.

  3. suzi says:

    It seemed obvious to me that Catherine was truly heartbroken that her duties forced her to leave Steve, and also that he would understand her situation. I agree with Jason, I hope they get their happy ending.

    • Nobie says:

      He did say he understood and he would have done the same. They are soul mates and have so much in common.

      • Missisjoker says:

        Soulmates? I’m gonna throw up. They are very much alike, sure, but soulmates? God forbid! It’s not a teenage drama to have her come back and forth because apparently the director just can’t get enough of MB. I don’t want to see this ramboette anywhere near Steve ever again. She is just like Steve’s mother- and he already had enough crap with that.

  4. Lee says:

    I guess I was confused about the phone calls. He answered the calls & she didn’t speak so I didn’t see that as him blowing them off.

    I guess I also don’t understand Steve always understanding people lying to him but then again it’s really all he’s ever known which is sad.

    I’m not sure how this changes things though. Whether it was running aid to Nepal or an undercover op in the Ukraine she still chose to take a job that took her away and he told her he wouldn’t wait for her.

    Why show him moving on at the end of the Valentine’s episode and now change up just because she’s on a different mission than what she told him?

    • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

      Phone call booboo fixed.

    • Sarah says:

      I think it does make a difference that Steve found out the truth because if he is still under the impression that she is doing aid work, then it would suggest that Catherine didn’t love him enough to marry/be with him. However, because she is actually on an undercover op, he can understand that she didn’t say no because she didn’t love him. They are both soldiers, so in that sense, Steve understands why Catherine lied because if it were him, he would’ve done the same.

      I personally would like them to have a happy ending. They seemed good together. However, like you said, after showing that he’s moved on makes everything a bit more complicated.

      • bj says:

        The fact that she was referred to as “Lieutenant” Rollins also told him that she was still in the navy and under orders. I’m sure he lied many times in his career when he was under orders to keep his mouth shut too.

      • i dont think steve has really moved on lynne was just a rebound lady if you remember in ep i4 steve said that lynne thought she was a rebound well said

    • Nobie says:

      That was when he thought she left to help a friend. When he found out she was on secret mission, he understood why she did it.

  5. KLS says:

    How was the mule going to get the USB past airport security? It’s metal, right? Or do they come in plastic now? Why did the laptop at the end go dark when the cops cut the power? They have batteries, right? Or maybe they used an EMP? The Gatling gun was a nice retro touch as well.
    Regarding Steve’s reaction, he hardly re-acts to anything anyway.
    Not sure I will watch any more. When things don’t make sense, I bail.

  6. Jeffrey Sean Keith says:

    I hope it ends with Steve ,Catherine and Lynn having a three-way!

  7. peterwdawson says:

    Given all the stuff Five-0 has done over the years is it really a witch hunt or more just a hunt?

  8. JohnnyS says:

    Unsurprising and disappointing. Same thing as when Cath lied about McG’s mother, forgiveness to the point of ridiculousness. If they end up marrying after all Lenkov will have achieved a true Generation Xerox, ex-Navy turned cop gets on with spy who lies ‘to protect’ them (trying to avoid all the Oedipus stuff here) and we know how that ends.

  9. TiredFan says:

    enough… I had enough. Cath has been written off 3 times, they never manage to create the epic love story Lenkov was trying to sell at the beginning of S6 to give more drama to ep 03. We need to move on, possibly without making Steve an idiot who can’t understand when people uses him for their own stuff.
    when she came back Cath knew she was going to leave again but she didn’t warn Steve, she kept being his gf. Knowing Steve past at least she could have handle things in a different way. This is Doris all over again. Even the scene with Danny at the end was a great deja vu of Steve and Danny watching Doris’s plane take off in 301…
    I don’t care if they want to redeem her but they can’t ruin Steve in the process.

    Let us move on.

    • H50fanie says:

      Totally agree with you This sound as the producers want Catherine to return. For God sake NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! SO now because Steve knows the real reason , now he chnages hismind about her just like that? Im not buying that. Steve ends up being like and idiot!! Do not bring her back. It was better when steve did not know why Catherineleft him and of course he will understand her now because he also was in the military so that will give him m ore reason for him to forgive her regardless if she returns or not. But Steve has to know the time had passed he has move on with the other girl, he evel slept with her and now what? He is just going to dump her beause he now knows the reason why Catherine left and it was not because she did not love her? Steve wont be acting like a real gentleman but a total and complete JERK!!!

      If TPTB get rud of the new lady to make space to bring Catherine back at some point whether is soon or not. I will be stop watching this show. Enough is enough with Catherine she had been written off like 3 times, let it be like that? Why the obsession of the EP or writers with Catherine??????

      If she ever is to return let it be so she can now that Steve moved on and he can tell her he has a new life with another lady.

  10. Mary says:

    Back in season 3 she lied to Steve for months about Doris (Steve’s mother) … she acted like she didn’t know nothing, she grew closer to Doris … it came so easy for her. Then, she lied about the reason why she stayed away for a year, saying she was in Afghanistan helping poor kids … she came back and lied some more, again with the utmost ease, right to Steve’s face, again and again, then she told another pitiful lie to leave him again: she had to help the earthquake victims in Nepal, it was her call! So no, I absolutely don’t think Steve would have done the same thing, if these six years taught us something about this character… all those things that make me love this character so much. I wish he will realize, if he didn’t realize it already, that Catherine became a worse version of Doris and I really hope this will be the last time she will ever be mentioned on the show.

    • well he saidhe would have done the same thing so there you go i am glad abby is going or she would have been the next one to get picked on so i hope cath is back soon looking good

  11. isnt it strange again that people are having another dig at cath what about abby she is a bad one was anything said about her hurting chin and the rest of the team no it is just a personal thing that people have against MB well i hope she comes backALL THIS RESENTMENT IS GETTING TIRED NOW

    • aliMcG says:

      I think that they will Cath back. Why have they written her out three times? They are keeping us on our toes. Believe me she will be back by the end of the season 6.

    • H50fanie says:

      Dont worry Abby will be gone soon I hope they wrap up thta story soon. The actress had landed a pilot for a new tv showTraining day i just read so that means Abby wont be long on the show I guess

    • Nobie says:

      They just hate Catherine and some of us love her on the show.

  12. i hope steve tells cath about lynne but he tells her it meant nothing to him she was just a rebound girl but cath has always been is true love and she forgives him because they love each other

    • Stevieo says:

      You again but think about it even if Steve understands why she did it but he was still mad. I do not think she will return any in season six and if we get season seven I hope the writers do not have Steve going to get her or she pops in Oahu. I don’t think Steve would Want to be with her if she is a cia op like Doris and be gone all the time. It is time for Abby to tell chin the truth and five o bring him down. I for my self I enyoyed the episode.

      Steve was hurt by his mother for lying to him many times. Catherine is doing the same to him Do you think he will put up one more time with a person who resembles his mother in the way she is acting? I mean Steve can understand Catherien for not tellin ghim what she was doing after she left him. But can you even consider that Steve may like a more relaxed life with someone who wont vanish and gone all the time because your partner isa CIA op so for the job she has to dissapear very often? What kind of life is that for Steve? He had enough with the job his mother has, now to have and endure his gf doing the same thing as your mother?? Is not fair to him and that is no life. Do you think he wants another Doris in his life when clearly he is mad at his mother for the job she is doing, what makes people think Steve will put up with the same situatiion once again with Catherine and be all this fiorgiving and understanding guy?

      He went through once that situation with his mother why he will have to go through again? No way

      He needs someone with him most of the time someone who wont dissapear and return to him who knows when, in order to have a normal relationship, that is no a solid irelationship.

      WHat kind of love relationship is the one when you are always anxious about your partner whereabouts, about the possibility of getting killed any moment. Today you are with him, tomorrow who knows where she will be, That is not a normal relationship.

      Lynn or any other women who does not work for the government, CIA, FBI is good for Steve he had enough with his mother and with Catherine lying to him several times, that to put up with her one more time..

      • aliMcG says:

        After reading your review I have to agree with you. If Lynn and Cath are not coming back, then there is only one thing for it I shall have to take their place.

    • Missisjoker says:

      I’m gonna throw up. I hope Catherine gets killed off camera and we will never see or hear about her again. She is such a worthless and toxic character, the worst on the show – and so is the actress.

  13. Carly says:

    I don’t care how many women Steve dates, Catherine is always going to be it for him. I have always liked them as a couple, right from the beginning.

    • Sharon says:

      I agree!!! They have already renewed for next season, which was really early compared to last season and I personally think it’s because of the appearance of Catherine again! Most of us want them together, and always have, but there are always going to be haters. The only reason she left the first time was because they let her go. The made a big mistake by making her retire from the Navy, going to work for 5-0 and giving her just bit lines after that. She was really unhappy that they basically gave up on her role. When she didn’t show up for the third season, and no one knew, myself and many others went balistic!! Ratings dropped big time and I don’t usually write producers, but I had to on that one! It’s no coincidence that when she and Steve have gotten together, albeit briefly, the ratings have gone up again. And no one has approved of any other rebound girlfriends. They keep trying but many don’t like it. Itt’s clear that he’s going to try, but it won’t happen because we like Steve and Catherine. They are equals and that’s more important than anything. Okay, they’re cute together too. 😊

    • Nobie says:

      Yes. She is the only one like him. She understands what he does and he understands her. They are a lot alike

  14. henry says:


    • Another Poster says:

      Go to CBS .com, and you should be able to see it for free. I have done it plenty of times when the local network prements it for a sporting or weather event. CBS makes it free and easy to see most of their programs, just in case, a person is not able to watch it during their usual schedule times.

  15. MB isplaying a character in a tv show doing what she is told so her being written out three times is not her fault it the fault of the writers what ever happened was a long time ago it is time to move on and let it go ishe stuck up forherself and people didnt like that tough

    • H50fanie says:

      I dont want to get into details but even if it could be writers fault. Her behavior as a person could had played a role also in her departure, even if it was a little involvment

      • well if she is that bad a person why do they keep bringing her back

        • H50fanie says:

          The writers or the EP are obsessed with the actress or hypnotized by her in some way. There are other actresses from other shows that after leaving a show, they start looking for other tv gigs and move on, for MB it seems she does not do that , she does not move on as it seems she just sits and no look for another job and just wait the moment she is called to show on H50 again because is like that is the only show she wants to be in, She does nto move on as an actress like other actresses.

          • the reason she left this time she just made a film i suppose she will get slated for that anyway we have different opinions and it is only a tv show after all

          • LC says:

            If MB hadn’t move on with her career, then why her name appears in the cast of the film “Teenage Cocktail” at SXSW??
            Maybe you’re not well-informed!

          • H50fanie says:

            I guess that is a minor role in 2 years? And just let me put an example what former actresses from the show had been doing since they left.

            Lauren German has already been in two different tv series after Five 0

            Sarah Carter is in another tv series at the same time and 1 movie, she is also a musician.

            Julie Benz has already another show lined up.

            So why MB cant do something similar? Just saying.

          • maybe she doesnt need to work all the time and i think it is apersonal thing with you people that dont like MB ANYWAY IF THE PEOPLE AT CBS didnt like her why keep bringing her back

          • Tonka says:

            Because she has no other projects out there to full fill and since she is always available so is why CBS keep calling her,. but also is like she is there just wating for a call to tell her ok you are in the show one more time.or like she just does not want to other other things as she only wants to be on H50 and nothing more. She is no longer part of the show,she needs to go out there like other actress, look for jobs in other series, and develop her acting skills in other programs, why being stereotype and cast in just one show?

      • Nobie says:

        She had only signed a 2 year contract but 5-0 fans bad attitudes played into it too. Some were hateful just like some on this site. I’m sure she would love to come back on.

  16. JustSayin' says:

    Ugh, Cath again. Why can’t this end already? People who repeatedly choose something that is not you don’t actually love you that much. But the cat came back, the very next day.

    As for Abby, it seems she’s gotten into the Five-0 Kool-Aid. Seriously almost everyone set up to be the antagonist on a cop level has eventually “seen the light”. Look at Grover. Hell, look at Danny, even. It’s a tad silly. I do think the Coughlin guy’s reasons are personal, though. Easier to dismiss him as the bad guy that way…

  17. Love that mcgarrett. Love that show also like. Mcgrretts new girlfriend. But better with catherine will catherine come back

  18. Peggy says:

    I thot it was one of the season’s best shows. Lots of action. Good storyline. Nice to know why catherine left. Of course it’s not. ‘Her’ choice, it’s what the writer’s decide for her charcter. Now, will they kill her off and will steve keep seeing what’s her name?

  19. Peggy says:

    Enough already. Allow the characters to be together and stop making cath’s character into a liar just to,keep them apart. It’s a tired way of handling their story

  20. well we dont no if she is still part of the show she could come back who knows

  21. sherry says:

    In my opinion there are only 2 options. You bring Catherine back & keep her on the show, but she keeps coming & going or you kill Catherine off & let Steve move on. Personally I hope they don’t bring her back. Steve has moved on.

    • Tonka says:

      I agree with you. This is tiring. Why dont let Steve move on. I mean either kill her off and Steve can finally move on, or if she returns do not let her be once again Steve gf but be there doing other things but not let her be involved romantically with Steve as he does not deserve her. She has became another Doris, why he will stick with a woman who resembles what he dislike the most? I mean for Steve is not sne that his gf vanishes and disspears often due to her job nature, that is not a healthy relationship, he will be anxious the whole time not knowing where his gf is? Is that good ? No.. Steve needs some peace and his peace is not with Catherine is with another woman regardless if it is Lynn or another woman, but a woman who does not have a job with the police, the military or any job that is risky.

      • Sharon says:

        Are you a neanderthal or what?! The kind of woman he dislikes the most?! WTH? He was angry with Doris for faking her death from his childhiod. Hardly what Catherine is doing! Her character is playing an extrenely important role as a CIA operative in defense of iur country, much like his character as a Navy SEAl. If anything, they understand each other more than anyone else does and the risks that the job entails. He deserves some peace? His character is the head of the ekite force of Hawaii Five-0. Tell me, if you were that oersons spouse, how much peace would you get every day when they go to work and put their lives in jeopardy? I realize this a TV show, however, your comments are totally illogical for any of today’s characters. Just saying.

  22. Lindsay says:

    After the episode where she left last time, I have not watched a single new one since. They’re all recorded on my DVR but until the drama with Catherine is wrapped up and she’s back with Steve where she belongs, I won’t watch a single new episode. They’re great together and this has been drawn out WAY too long.

  23. Jake says:

    Don’t mind the actress playing Catherine, but I don’t care about Steve’s love life. More importantly, the show is such a cartoon it’s hard to watch. They had the woman Russian agent boxed in on all sides by police cars, yet the Russians manage to still drive a cargo van in the middle of all of it, carrying a Gatling gun, no less – I’m sure they just drive that thing around Hawaii, just in case…
    What total nonsense this show is.

  24. Grace says:

    At this point they kind of have to bring Catherine back to wrap things up one way or another! Unless we’re supposed to take Steve being sad at the end as a sign that he’s going to let go and move on? He kept the ring–I think that means something. I love how Danny went to comfort him at the end. The bromance is my favorite part of the show! I’m glad Abby came clean to Chin, too, but I wonder where that will go. I have a bad feeling she’ll get killed by Gabriel or something and then Chin will be out for blood.

  25. wendy says:

    Time for Catherine to leave H50 permanently. Personally, I think they should kill her off in Kiev. I don’t want to kick the hornet’s nest here, but am I the only one who has noticed that the chemistry between Cath and Steve hasn’t been the same since like Season 3? I don’t think it’s just the writing, it seemed to me that Alex can’t stand to even be near Michelle in the beginning of Season 6. The ultimate fans that ship McRoll are chasing a ghost. What does Danny call him now….a half baked chocolate chip cookie, right? Steve deserves to be happy, and honestly, MB is not that talented an actress. Caught her episode of Law and Order recently on reruns, and she was so awful even my husband noticed!

    • Xica says:

      Im glad im not the only one who think like you. I also think Catherine should be kiil off in Kiev. I mean the writers should stop playing with the fans giving hope she will return with stories like last Friday, where Steve may forgive her for ditching him and because of that her story will still be part of the show even if she is not even around. WHy cant the EP or the writers give up already.. Peter Lenkov did say in an interview kast year that this season there wont be any wedding, so that gives me hope, Steve wont return with Catherine.

      I mean why Steve will like to be with a woman who resembles her mother for the job she has? Steve still disagrees her mom lied to him and he still is upset for it. Why he would like to be the partner of a woman who can also dissapears any moment and cant say where she goes because it is confidential as part of her job. A job where she leaves and cant say where she will return. A job where Steve will be anxious the whole time not know if your partner is in danger or not, a partner where you cant have a normal relationship because your partner simply could be on duty 24 hrs, a woman who you may not even take to dinner because suddenly, you get a call saying you have to leave immediately for a job. That is no life for Steve, that is not a normal relationship and is not fair to Seve to be witha woman under that condition. I want a woman who are with me, and dont have to run off and leave me hanging without telling me where she is going cause she cant say. . Steve needs a woman whose job is not police or military.

      Steve needs some peace of mind

    • what is with you people that dont like MB no one nos what is going to happen yet whether she will come backor noti hope that she does because steve and cath are good together and WHERE IS LYNNE STEVES NEW GIRLFRIEND DISSAPEARED HAS SHE

      • Wendy says:

        Stop with the “you people who don’t like MB”. ( Although her lack of other roles kind of speaks for itself!) There’s nowhere left for her to go on the show, she was Navy, Five 0, girlfriend, non-girlfriend, and still couldn’t pull it off as one of the gang. We met the new girlfriend, we know she’s around, and she should stay in the background with the other husbands, wives and girlfriends. The show is about a task force, not a soap opera. BTW, nice spelling and punctuation!

  26. Paula says:

    love this show..Steve’s reaction was real and he had his best bud and partner right beside him telling him she’s going to be okay. Abby needs to fess up to Chin. He deserves that much.

  27. wow all this negitivity towards MB i think are really hoping she doesnt come back but no one what is going to happen till the end of the show maybe there will be some surprises in store for us i think it is very sad there that are agroup of people who find nothing better to do other than keep on about MB PL nos what he is doing and if people are going to complain about it THEN DONT WATCH

    • Ann M Bauer says:

      All I will say is this ~ no matter how everyone feels (and you all have very valid points to offer) you can’t stop watching the show! If that happens, there will be no show and none of this will matter. All we can hope for is that Peter will find a way to make everyone happy and we’ll have H50 for a long time.

      • Wendy says:

        You are 100% correct! I love the show and I hope to hear that they are returning for a 7th season, if not more. I do not understand the people that won’t watch because they don’t get their way. Ideally, the show should revolve around the main characters..Steve, Danny, Chin, Kono and Lou. Well, I would argue that Kamekono should also be honorary H50! Their personal lives, we should know they are all happy and taken care of at home, but we want to see them together. Just put Steve and Danny in a car, that’s where the magic happens!

  28. The Doris and Cath story line is essentially the same and both like the Wofat story line was and has been drawn out long enough. Would like to see both done by the end of 6 and start anew for season 7! Abby and Lynn both have great rapport with the other cast members and would love to see the show delve into their past! Looking forward to season 7!

    • maybe steve will go and find cath and they will get married in secret or she might come back with his baby a little steve

      • Missisjoker says:

        Or may be she will catch a bullet with her head and we will never see her again. That would be a perfect wrap for their “romance”.

        • Wendy says:

          I so hope you are right!! The best way to start S7 would be with the news that she was killed on her secret op in the Kiev!!

  29. maybe steve will go and find cath and they will get married in secret he still has the ring how goodwould that be she might even come back with his baby alittle steve

    • Wendy says:

      Forget the babies, there isn’t a maternal bone in Catherine’s body! Steve had all of these great scenes with his niece Joan, and Catherine was not in any of them. If Steve really loved her, he would have proposed on the spot when she told him she was leaving….the ring was in his pocket for crying out loud! But he didn’t, because he doesn’t trust her. The ratings went up in S6 after she left, I hope they don’t bring her back.

      • well we dont no if she is coming back for S7 funny iread that the ratings could have been better i hope that there are some big surprises for us in S7 and cath comes back for good and thet do have lots of BABIES

  30. kono married a man who killed his brother and she is a cop and the team covered it up he was also the head of the yukuzza an she ran away with him anything said about that no funny dont no think ok cath lied but she must have had a reason as was said in ep17 she did it to keep steve safe so i hope she comes back and explains it to him and adam should stay in jail for a long time and they all have done bad things but nothing said about that so this is all about MBdoesnt matter who adams brother was he still killed him remember ellie clayton who destroyed evidence steve was involved in that nothing said there though danny and his involvement with his crooked brother none of them are very honest are they danny lying to his girlfriend sorry i forgot it only matters with cath lies

  31. Norma Jean says:

    The reason that I think that she will be back is the writers would not have his best friend that was killed tell him that Catherine was the one. Or have his mom say she really likes her and that Catherine really loves Steve. Even his aunt said to take care of him when she’s gone because she had the feeling she’s going to be there. These characters are like planets that revolve around the earth. Catherine, Adam, his mother, Danny’s ex-wife, etc. They come in and out of orbit.

  32. Nobie says:

    She’s got to come back. Too much invested in that relationship for PL to end it or to kill her off.

    • i expect that people will have bad things to say about the film she just made why cant they move on from the nastiness towards michelle borth it has gone on to long i hope she comes back in S7 but if she doesnt then so be it they didnt like it because she defended herself and good for her so you got to let it go some people enjoy being spitefull very sad

  33. Peggy says:

    If they don’t bring catherine back this season i’m done with this show, she was a strong female character, which they are sadly lacking in this show. Not just because of the steve romance but in her role in kicking ass. Anyone notice there are seven guys in this show with the token Kono female character. Boring. I thot abby might be a strong female character to balance out this show but we only saw her a few times. And NOW gerry will get a badge too! It is 2016 boys. Wake up. Women like a good combo of strong male and female characters to keep us interested. The bromance is the focus of season finale. I’ll skip that thanks.

  34. Carla says:

    I miss seeing Catherine (Michelle Borth) on Hawaii 5-0, I wish that the show would stop all the crap and get things resolved with Michelle Borth so she can return back to being a main character on Hawaii 5-0. Catherine and Steve have amazing chemistry together and it’s believable, there’s no other actress that they’ve put with him that mesh together so well. Al, his other girlfriends have just looked awkward together. Catherine has been on the show since the beginning, the two of them together just reel you in. They play off each other so well, Steve needs someone like her, they completely understand each other with no words. Steve needs a strong women character, they both have similar backgrounds so they really do understand each other and the fact that she’s been around since season 1 has allowed them both to fine tune there characters together. Whenever Catherine is in an episode with Steve on Hawaii 5-0, I’m so glued to the tv, I won’t get up for anything, but when there not on together I’m not as interested, they just bring you right in. Plus on the Hawaii 5-0 DVDs I wish they would put her on the cover as well, she’s never been on a cover and I think Michelle Borth deserves to be on give credit where credit is deserved, the show needs to appreciate her more and acknowledge that she is a great actress! Plus Steve would do anything for Catherine, when he went with her to Afghanistan and he got captured and tortured he almost died and would have and he wouldn’t give up her name no matter what, you wouldn’t just do that for just anyone if anything it showed how much he truly loves her. Even against orders he wanted to go back to help her and make sure she was safe, no one does that for just anyone. When I was watching the episode when she was saying good bye to Steve, I kept thinking just pull out that damn ring and propose to her already, it’s not the most perfect way to propose, but it might have given her that push to stay, I know I would have stayed. I’d love if they would bring her back either Steve going over there to save her, it would be awesome if there was a pregnancy twist to her coming back of course with Steve being the father. I just want her back on the show, most important back in Steve’s life, I think it makes Steve a better person when Catherine and he are together, he’s a happier more rounded character, plus the show needs another strong female actress and Abby isn’t one. Plus how about giving Steve a permanent female in his life, someone that’s been around him the longest like Catherine, plus together there funny and bring out the best in each other and Danno plays off her character great as well. Plus the people that are commenting saying to watch a soap opera are ridiculous, this is way better then some ridiculous soap opera, plus let’s not insult the higher caliber of actors and actresses on Hawaii 5-0!!

    • Missisjoker says:

      Steve and Catherine have zero chemistry unless they are rolling in the sheets together. She is toxic for him, he already had his mother dearest dump him at the age of 15, and his father too., he doesn’t need a new “intelligence officer-suddenly-turned-superhero” woman who would rather be in some armpit of the planet doing who knows what then with him, building a family. If she needs special ops to feel accomplished- so be it. Just stay away from Steve. As for the actress- if she is such a great actress, why can’t she find any job outside 5-0?

  35. i hope when S7 starts they cut dannys ep appearances another season of him complaining and getting on everyones nerves it spoils the show good job he is not like that in real life or he would be a very lonely man i would love it to be steve chin grover and kono as the main people and danny just now and then

  36. Liza says:

    With Steve and Catherine, not one man nor woman in the world would tolerate repeated lying and running away. Her dialogue is always I, me, my mine. She also told Steve that she wants her own thing and needed to be elsewhere away from him. He wasnt enough. Their relationship though long, has always been a honeymoon – together for a few weeks and apart for long periods. One could say it is purely familiarity, and loving the friends with benefits thing, but not being in love.She was not seen to make friends of her own nor to get a job of her own. Everything she did was in following Steve’s footsteps, even as far as finding out that positive retirement for him was not what she really wanted. Hiding behind I know why she did it, or you should know why I did it, in this case as with all of theirs dictates that he chooses not to have emotion, and conceals it behind his duty and moral code. Remember, he also kind of pushed her to her ex when working together and he didnt completely trust either of them, especially when he saw the way they looked at each other when she was at her formal retirement. Multiple times she lied and even when she takes off, she then tells him to get on with his life and then turns up out of the blue or keeps contacting. What if he had a girlfriend that he fell in love with??? I hope they kill the bitch off. Also cant stand the whiny, voice. This story is so old completely off.Maybe he should be left to CHOOSE to be single, date or get a girlfriend as opposed to having it inflicted upon him constantly. I cant see him allowing for himself to be treated as a bitch the way he is portrayed to, by women. Remember, she lied big time to him regarding his mother and he loathed her for that. Once a liar, always a liar.

    • Wendy says:

      I so totally agree with you. I don’t understand the people who are fanatically devoted to McRoll. Catherine has lied to him about his Mom, she got him captured in Afghanistan, and then told him not to wait for him, she found her place there. Then she came back again for Kono’s wedding, and we’re supposed to believe he was going to ask her to marry him after being gone for a whole year and they didn’t talk about it? Then she left again, (he could have proposed to make her stay, he didn’t) and he finds out she LIED AGAIN. If you knew Steve in real life (remember people, he’s a fictional character) would you ever advise him to get back with her? NOOOOO…you wouldn’t. I just wish they would kill her off, enough already. That’s just from the how the script went. Add in how Michelle Borth acted to the fans and the fact that it seems like the rest of the cast really can’t stand her, and it’s time to let Catherine get herself killed in Kiev. Like any normal female would walk away from Steve McGarrett….

    • well if he has such a moral code why did he let kono escape with a man who killed his brother doesnt matter if adams brother wasnot nice kono is a police officer and she ran away with adam not a lot of morals there i dont think

      • Wendy says:

        Do you watch the show? It wasn’t about his brother not being nice, Adam killed his brother because he was going to kill Kono and then he was going to kill Adam to take over the Yakuza. He didn’t want Adam to make their father’s business legitimate. In real life, Grace Park was pregnant, that’s why they had her character go on the run with Adam, and that’s why MB was added in that season, to pick up for the fact that Kono wasn’t around.

        • yes i no that but it doesnt matter they are still police officers with as you say a moral code didnt show any moral code well i stilhope MBcomes back and i dont understand why you and your few little people still keep this going about MB yawn yawn i hope there are few surprises in S7 i think it is just jealousy because she is so beautifull and lynne looked like a scraggy dog and you dont like anyone who is so pretty on the show

          • Wendy says:

            I thought we were talking about Adam and Kono. I thought we were talking about H50, not jealousy and bad mouthing Sarah Carter. I enjoy watching the show and everyone on it, pretty or not, and will continue to do so. Obviously MB is very important to you, so i hope all your dreams come true.

        • well wendy i like H50 as well so let us continue to enjoy S7 no matter what happens or who is in it well and no matter who we like or dont like it is only a tv show so good luck with S7 i live in the UK so i dont no if sky 1 is going to pick it up for another season so hope you enjoy S7 lucky you

  37. Have proof do you that the rest of the cast dont like her and as you said IT IS A PART SHE IS PLAYING ON A TV SHOW this thing or what ever you have against MB is getting tired now you fans that dont like her well that is up to you but it is up to the writers to make the decision if they want her back and i hope they make the decision to bring her back

    • Wendy says:

      My point is just that in addition to the way the character of Catherine has been written, the actions of the actress that played her has also been a factor in her likability. And yes, I get that you seem very passionate about this, but please stop with the all caps, I get that you’re yelling as you type.

      • no i am not yelling as i type in fact i coudnt be more quiet we each have our own opnions but i no from what i have read that you and a small group of fans dont like MB but no one knows what she is like in reallity she was attacked on twitter and stuck up for herself good for her and why are you concerned about me writing in capital letters it is my choice if i want to do that i am not swearing or usuing bad language i dont need to yell so dont concern yourself i guess a few of you that dont like mb text each other and say what can we write about mb today very sad

  38. ihope the ratings for S7 are better than they were in S6it is funny people said the ratings where low because of MBbut she was only in three eps in S6 and the ratings were still not to good funny that i think

  39. well chin is living happy ever after with abby who tried to fetch down five o any bad comments no and yet again they are still hating cath well i am not sure but i think she may be coming back for S7 so lets hope cath and steve are endgame

  40. If we are lucky Catherine will remain in Columbia taking acting lessons so she can sound like S Vergara and mumble more than ever. There was no chemistry between her and him, or anyone. The blind date is another story – she was like a female McGarrett.

    • well catherine is coming back for S7 so i dont think she will be staying in Columbia she is coming home to be with her man cant wait

    • Wendy says:

      Amen Nikki! Those who think she is coming back for sure are reading way too much into what Peter Lenkov has said. He has said she’s still a part of the show, and we’ll push that storyline. He’s dangling her for all the McRoll lovers, that’s all. No chemistry, lousy actress, people are tired of it already. She’s lied to him enough…killing her off would bring her back into the storyline too!!! I’m sure Michelle Borth would agree to film some more flashbacks, she’s not getting work anywhere else.

      • So you no for certain that MB isnt getting work anywhere else do you did she email you and say i have to go back to go back to H50 because i have no more work i dont think so do you no for certain that PETER LENKOV IS doing that you seem to no everything about what is going on how do you no people are tired of it there are a lot of people that like them together so before you make all these comments make sure you have proof about what you are writing if you are right then fair enough but no onenos what is going to happen yet

        • Wendy says:

          Agree to disagree, ok? You are a McRoll fan, I am not. I have had NO conversations with PL or MB. I can read however, and I KNOW that other than a small film, MB has done nothing since H50. I KNOW that I don’t like the Cath plotline, and I KNOW that others share my opinion that there is no chemistry between AOL and MB. I also KNOW that you have no proof of anything either. This section is the “what do you think” section, so you have to be able to see things that you disagree with, see how that works? I know what I know, you no what you no, ok?

          • anyway you have your opinions and i have mine so lets wait and see what happens apoligise for spelling mistakes my laptop is dying on me

          • i never said i had proof of anything i just read these things i no there are a large group of people that want her to come back to come back in S7 as well as those who dont

          • Wendy says:

            Listen Christine Ward, you were the one who jumped down my throat about having “proof” about what I wrote. I wrote my opinion, andI was responding to something somebody else had written, not you. Now I suggest you go and figure out the difference between “know” and “no” before you comment further on anything.

          • Listen Wendy i will comment on what i like and if you dont like it dont read it bye

  41. Sharon says:

    Steve definitely deserves a woman willing to be open and honest with him (and also to
    challenge him and call him out on any bad behaviour). Chin deserves better too. I don’t
    blame anyone for hating Abby or screaming at the TV “How could you do that????” At
    least Julie Benz looks more natural and not as plastic and Barbie Doll skinny as Sarah
    Carter or Michelle Borth. Alex has no chemistry with skinny minnies (apologies if you
    happen to be one!). Get a clue, Peter Lenkov, FFS.

    • Ally says:

      Thank you, Sharon. I totally agree. He needs a strong family oriented woman to ground him, but one that challenges him and calls him on his bs. One that will actually make him put forth effort in the relationship without having to give hints. I was actually impressed with how they wrote Grover’s wife and how she handled the situation when they were on the run.