Post Mortems

Grimm Episode 100: Claire Coffee and Bree Turner on Adalind and Rosalee's 'Shared Secret,' What It Means for Nick

This post contains spoilers for Friday’s episode of Grimm.

The moment Adalind Schade has feared for months arrived — in snarling, bone-cracking fashion — during Friday’s Grimm.

The hour, which marked the 100th episode for the NBC drama, saw the unexpected (and unwelcome) return of Adalind’s Hexenbiest powers, brought on by a subconscious desire to protect Rosalee, herself and baby Kelly. The metamorphosis began while Nick and Monroe were off searching in Germany’s Black Forest, when Rosalee’s strung-out old friend Tony showed up at the spice shop, demanding money and growing so violent he knocked her to the ground.

Tony wheeled on Adalind when she entered the room and quickly raised his hand to harm her… except he was stopped, mid-blow, by an unseen force. As Ad realized that her dormant Hexenbiest powers were returning — and started chanting a horrified “Oh my god” in response — the thug’s fingers bent backward, one by one, until each broke and he ran from the shop, howling in pain.

After the incident, Rosalee tried to calm her new friend, who feared that the return of her Wesen abilities would mean a swift and definitive end to her relationship with Nick: After all, Hexen-Adalind was a vicious wench who stopped at nothing (poisoning, deception, matters of dubious consent) in order to get her way.

She protested that she couldn’t return to her former self, but a later scene made it seem as though she had no choice: The bitch is (on her way) back.

During a February visit to the series’ Portland, Ore., set, TVLine talked to Claire Coffee and Bree Turner separately about the episode and what it means for the Scooby Gang — and little Kelly’s parents, in particular. Read on for the scoop.

TVLINE | It seems like Adalind getting her powers back surprises her, even though she knew it was a possibility.
COFFEE | It was always a possibility, and the way the writers bring them back is so instinctive — and then it saves Rosalee’s life, so they have this shared secret together, which is really good, but then it also complicates things for another six episodes because now I have a secret that I’m keeping from Nick. Getting her powers back completely jeopardizes their relationship, and then they’re co-parenting with Kelly, so it’s a much more global situation for her life than it was ever before.
TURNER | Rosalee always has known that it was just a suppressant that they gave Adalind. It wasn’t like they took her powers away forever. So it always has been a little bit of a ticking time bomb. But at this point, Rosalee really cares about Adalind. She’s more than proven herself that she’s a changed woman, and Rosalee is also a reformed person so she has more tolerance and compassion when it comes to people being able to have second chances.

TVLINE | She was a bitch when she was a Hexenbiest.
COFFEE | Definitely.

Grimm - Season 5TVLINE | But she’s not now. Is the transformation full-on? Will she go back to being an evil menace?
COFFEE | The fear for her — and what she expresses to Rosalee in this episode — is that “You don’t understand what happened, how that takes over.” Because Rosalee is trying to tell her, “You’re different now. Maybe it will be different.” And she’s saying no, this thing takes hold of you and it controls you. I think for the episodes that follow, you’ll see little bits and pieces of that Hexenbiest weaving back in.
TURNER | Adalind’s vulnerability at that point — she really, really doesn’t want this to be happening. She feels good in who she is now, she has these pure feelings for Nick, and they have their child together. This is just going to f—k everything up. [Laughs]

TVLINE | This is a huge thing to keep from someone you’re living with and sleeping with. Is Adalind worried Nick’s going to find out?
COFFEE | Yes. Constantly. I think the thing that’s helping their situation is Nick’s workaholism and baby times. [Laughs] They don’t see each other as often as a normal domestic partnership would, so she has that. But the thing about the woge, as we know, is it comes out in times of emotional stress. So here’s this emotionally stressful situation… Yeah, it’s intense.

TVLINE | Looking ahead, does Rosalee actively help Adalind cover this up?
COFFEE | She’s not actively helping her cover it up. On the contrary, her loyalties lie with Nick. And that’s very clear. But I think she really wants Adalind to tell him because she feels confident that they have a relationship that can withstand that kind of pressure.

TVLINE | What does this mean in terms of Black Claw/Hadrian’s Wall?
COFFEE | You find out a few episodes after the 100th episode what the larger implications of that will be for her, in this larger picture with Black Claw and where she’s going to align herself.

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  1. Lianne says:

    Adalind is so much more entertaining as a Hexenbiest.

  2. Jason says:

    Perhaps there is a way to use their new toy (old stick), to temper the negative affects of being a hexenbeist while allowing her to wield her witchy powers. I really want to see her fighting alongside the rest of the gang. Nick and Adalind would be a serious power couple.

  3. Shaun says:

    Why not just dose her again?

  4. Good lord. This show has gotten so dumb. Terrible writing, and terrible acting. It was so good once. What happened?

    • James says:

      What happened is that it’s still good.

      • Agree, James. Last season wasn’t as good, but I am really enjoying this one more. I actually like both Juliet and Adalind’s characters better now than last year, and less Trubel and more Renard is more to my liking.

        • James says:

          I like to imagine that the showrunners intended to make last season not-so-good as they were brewing things up to lead up to the goldmine we’re getting this year, starting with the introduction of Chavez and the yet-to-be-named Hadrian’s Wall.

          • Matlex says:

            I have to stop all this insight by saying: when Adalind told Nick she couldn’t let him go on the journey without telling him how she felt even if it was a mistake and said “I Love You”. It melted my heart. Whatever happens it Mede it life.
            I’m a Coffee fan. Just say’in. Wait did I say just say’in?? I need to grow up and so does Kelly. You better come back.

    • Jorgon says:

      Adalind is useless now, I dont care about her, Most fans still like her because she is beautiful, I hate Adalind so much!!!

      • tsevca says:

        I´d like to think I´m not that shallow. I like Bones and I don´t consider her very pretty, Beckett was even ugly with that short hair for me and I actually liked her more than now.

  5. ninergrl6 says:

    I loved the 100th episode! Didn’t see the return of Adalind’s powers coming AT ALL. In fact, I thought it might be baby Kelly breaking that dude’s fingers (the baby has to have some supernatural abilities, right?). Great twist!

  6. Jizam says:

    Really hope this doesn’t turn into a repeat of Nick/Juliette season 4. I’m slightly hopeful though that the writers will do something different with it. Also Claire said it will complicate things for 6 episodes, with episode 18 being titled Good to the bone, maybe that hints to her coming through it for the better?

  7. Mtalex says:

    l love Claire/Adalind whatever it takes to give her more screen time makes it great.. She is the spice to the whole show. She owns Nick in such a good way. I hope they have more kids.
    This show should branch off into the Adalind Shade Show and get fun and less predictable. Claire Coffee shines!

  8. Ali says:

    I’m thrilled Adalind’s powers are back. Experiencing normal and loving Nick and Kelly has changed who she is at the core. She won’t revert to the old Adalind. I’ll be glad to see a bit of her sass come back, though. I’m hoping she and Nick will work through it because I want them to kick some baddy’s asses together and then go home together!

  9. Jax&Juice's Girl says:

    In the beginning I HATED Adalind! But now I like her a lot and to be honest I would like her to go back as a Hexenbiest, because if she’s alone w/baby Kelly how can she defend herself? But then at the same time she can be very dangerous and can hurt those around her…..only she can try to CONTROL her powers. Plus her and Nick kicking ass as power couple would be REALLY GOOD!

  10. Nelly says:

    I really hope the writers are not repeating the whole juliette/nick story from last season..but just with adalind now. I mean the whole she is afraid to tell nick the truth is already starting to sound so really they need to do some diffrent story with her.

  11. grys03 says:

    Adalind’s powers return or baby Kelly protecting mum (ala Charmed)?
    Quoting: ‘But the thing about the woge, as we know, is it comes out in times of emotional stress’; is this implying that it is Adalind based?

    • Nelly says:

      Yeah adalind powers are is almost confirmed with this interview..but i hope they will do the whole becoming a hexenbeast story different…because i really do not want to see a repeat of the julliete story from last season

  12. Maureen says:

    I think It would be messed up if he accepts adalind when he couldn’t his fiancée of years if she reverts back. If Juliette couldn’t be good it wouldn’t make sense to have adalind be good all of the sudden.

    • Fran says:

      Juliette did some horrible things to Nick, someone she supposedly loved, which is why he couldn’t accept her in the end. She was no longer the person he knew (on the inside). I’m sure that if Adalind reverted and concocted to have the royals behead his best friends, he would not accept her either, but if she showed that she had changed, it would be different. And there are lots of signs that she would be much better than Juliette. For starters, Juliette is for more cold-blooded as a Hexenbiest than Adalind ever was. Adalind showed extreme loyalty to the people she cared about. like Renard, her mother and even Meissner. She saw Nick, however as an enemy which is why she did terrible things to him. Contrast this with Juliette, who turned into a sociopath as a Hexenbiest. She wasn’t even capable of caring for the people who loved her. Despite the brutal rejection by her mother and Renard, Adalind still tried to regain their affection by trying to become a hexenbiest again. Adalind also showed character progression after being a mother, even as a Hexenbiest….Her priorities changed completely. So if she became a hexenbiest, I think she would be different.

      • Maureen says:

        I didn’t like Juliette as a human nor adalind. The moment Juliette turned nick hated her. Adalind did horrible things to him too, don’t forget. I think they could have made Juliette a good one but since they made her bad it would contradict all they stand for. I don’t really care who he ends up with it would just go against loyalty to turn his back on Juliette because she turned and never asked for it but stay with adalind because she was always one then turned back. I just hate how Juliette was “broken” and everyone kinda replaced her with adalind

      • Maureen says:

        How would you feel after everything that happened when Juliette turned, nick hating you, him getting another women pregnant then ur man protecting her. Man even without being an evil hexenbeast I’d flip out

  13. Loyal fan says:

    I really like Adalind and Nick being together as well and I hope he want be mad at Adalind or change the way he feels for her. She has completely changed and loves him very much and she really don’t want to have those powers back. She just want them to be a loving family and the return of her daughter. I also hope that once Diana is returned to her, that she doesn’t resent Adalind for not being apart her life and think that she gave her away, but I hope she finds out or know the truth about what really happened to her… But I thing the story line my be headed in the direction of, now that Adalind has her powers back, Mesiner might black mail or convince Adalind to work for Hadrian’s Wall and he will give her Diana back because their was never any proof that he gave her back to the Royals. Unless I’m mistaken and missed that part. I only remember him telling Renard that he gave her back or that she was with friends.

  14. Adalind is going to align her self with the “Black Claw”! I knew she wasn’t going to continue as a sweet mother for Kelley & a wonderful wife for Nick! That’s just too darn boring isn’t it, to all the & fans like me! We all love a good looking woman who turns into a “hexenbiest” I do believe!

  15. Roy says:

    Don’t forget the Captain’s mother, Elizabeth–a GOOD Hexenbiest.
    This could be really great if the Show Runners don’t make her evil again.

    • Mtalex says:

      Good call! The Captains Mom is key too.
      I’m hoping for season 6 too.
      Adalind and Nick rock. Adalind is badass.

  16. Fran says:

    I like the idea of Adalind becoming a hexenbiest again. I think that she has changed a lot and those changes started even before she became human this time. I really hope they don’t repeat the Juliette story with Nick and that Adalind. Adalind was also much more “human” as a hexenbiest than Juliette ever was. Nick didn’t reject Juliette because she became a hexenbiest. He rejected her because of how it changed her as a person and because of the terrible things she did to him. I think that if Adalind is still changed in a good way as a Hexenbiest it will say a lot about Nick’s character if he can accept her as she is. The Adalind Nick story is one of the many good things about this season.

    • AnnieM says:

      Not only that, I don’t think we’ve ever seen Adalind try to control the ‘evil’ part of being a Henenbeist before. I’m with you – I hope Adalind becomes the Hexenbeist that many of us were hoping that Juliette could have been last season – the one who fights alongside Nick and the gang. And I do like her and Nick as a couple.

      I just wish they’d renovate that dumpy warehouse they live in a bit more – it’s one of the most dank & depressing sets I’ve ever seen on a TV program! LOL.

  17. Weezy says:

    Did anyone else see the assassination/red headed woman coming from a mile away? I wish they hadn’t telegraphed it in the past few episodes because it could’ve been a nice twist.

  18. Drappa says:

    This is one of the most exciting episodes this season. Grimm is one of the best shows on TV