Fuller House vs. Girl Meets World: Which 'TGIF' Revival Series Is Better?

As Season 2 of Girl Meets World comes to a close Friday (Disney Channel, 8:30/7:30c), Fuller House‘s sophomore run is waiting just around the bend.

Is it too soon to declare that one “TGIF” sequel series is better than the other?

Girl Meets World, a continuation of the 1993-2000 sitcom Boy Meets World, centers on Riley, the teenage daughter of Cory (Ben Savage) and Topanga (Danielle Fishel), and does not attempt to focus on the adults who fronted the original program. Though appearances by Boy‘s most prominent alumni populated the tail end of Season 1 and the start of Season 2, more recent episodes have moved the focus entirely towards Riley and her maturing friend group; gone are the visits by Shawn, Eric and Feeny, making room for some “very special episodes” about bullying, autism and spirituality in an attempt to provide a family-friendly platform to discuss issues affecting parents and teens today.

Fuller HouseFuller House, on the other hand, is unapologetically about D.J., Stephanie and Kimmy, the kids of Full House-turned-adults of the Netflix follow-up series. The sitcom in no way tries to provide a modern take on issues affecting families, and appears completely satisfied pretending it’s still 1995 — not that there’s anything wrong with that! — while throwing in the occasional reference to online dating and social media.

Rather than attempt to find out what ever happened to the milkman or the paperboy, Fuller is fully satisfied coasting on the predictability that made its predecessor a hit, as opposed to Girl, which has distinctly evolved into its own entity. Take for instance the decision to start the pilot (aptly titled “Our Very First Show, Again”) not by introducing its central trio (Candace Cameron Bure, Jodie Sweetin and Andrea Barber), but instead by reacclimating with its legacy cast (John Stamos, Bob Saget, Dave Coulier and Lori Loughlin); couple that creative choice with the decision to open with Full House‘s Season 1 title sequence, and it’s glaringly obvious that Fuller is not being written for anyone other than ’90s nostalgics.

This stands in stark contrast to the Girl Meets World pilot, for which a knowledge of Boy was not needed for a new generation to sample and understand its sequel. What’s more, Fuller makes countless references to the characters’ sex lives and features the occasional joke about drug use, making its TV-G rating legitimately questionable whether or not you tend to side with the outspoken Parents Television Council.

DANIELLE FISHEL, SABRINA CARPENTER, ROWAN BLANCHARD, BEN SAVAGEAt times, Girl Meets World Season 2 has felt like it’s slowly weeding out Savage and Fishel, who in a show focused on their daughter, become less integral to the overall storyline as she grows up and begins high school (despite the fact that Cory remains her teacher). With Fuller, the concern isn’t whether The Powers That Be will eventually steer the focus towards D.J. and Kimmy’s kids, but whether the show could survive that change in focus and expect a new generation to cling onto kids who feel like they’re a relic of a bygone era.

While it’s perhaps unfair to weigh Fuller‘s inaugural 13-episode run against Girl‘s 50 episodes and counting, it was always apparent that these pickups by their respective cable and streaming networks were in response to a lack of shows of their ilk as the broadcast networks continue to dominate with hipper, single-camera comedies like Fresh Off the Boat and Modern Family. Whether or not they succeed at filling a void is a matter of opinion. With that in mind, we have to ask: Which TGIF sitcom follow-up do you prefer and why? Vote in our poll, then take this discussion to the comments.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    I loved Boy Meets World more, but Fuller House is the better continuation. And that’s because it revolves around THE ORIGINAL CHARACTERS! DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy are the main stars, followed by the new kids.
    With GMW, Cory and Topanga are forced to play second fiddle to the children, while Shawn, Eric and Feeny barely appear at all.

    • C.P. says:

      I feel like this is a perfect way to discuss their strengths. Both do their job well as family comedies, but Fuller House *feels* like a sequel to the original, GMW feels like it’s own show. Since I mostly watch both out of nostalgia, I have therefore tip it to Fuller House by a small margin.

    • Exactly. GMW is a spinoff of BMW. Fuller House is a sequel. Besides, Full House centered around the ENTIRE family, some episodes dealing with the adults, not just the children. BMW was more about Cory and his dealings with ‘his world,” the parents/adults were the supporting characters. Full House wasn’t.

  2. Infinite says:

    I really like both but I enjoy Girl Meets World a lot more.

  3. MissVCI says:

    The fact that Girl Meets World hasn’t gotten 100% of the votes shocks me. Sure I enjoyed Fuller House(only do to the slight nostalgia factor) but Girl Meets World is an actual series like Ryan stated. Even comparing the first 13 episodes against one another GMW is the clear winner.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Nostalgia isn’t a bad thing, nor is it the only reason to watch Fuller House. The problem with Girl Meets World is that it revolves around the new characters that we don’t care about at the expense of the veteran characters we actually want to see. I don’t care about Riley or Maya. I just tune in to GMW because I want to continue following the adventures of Cory and Topanga like when I was young.

      • TayMads says:

        I think that is WHY I like Girl Meets World more than Fuller House. Nostalgia is nice and while I love Boy Meets World the 90’s is over and if I want to watch it I will pop in my DVD player and watch it. I like that fact that Girl Meets World is about Cory and Topanga’s daughter and while they are both in it, it’s about her, her friends and the lessons they learn. I like the fact that it is something new. Fuller House is there for the older fans and caters to them heavily. But Girl Meets World helps bring in a new generation of fans by introducing new characters the younger generation can relate to which in my opinion makes it better.

        • alistaircrane says:

          The 90s is only over if you want it to be. I live my life like it’s still the 90s because this is currently the most horrible decade I’ve ever lived through. We need to get back to those times.

          • Mia says:

            I agree! And plus im a mom who grew up in the 90s & i realte more with fuller house. Gmw is too preachy at times i feel

          • 628494 says:

            You want to backtrack the world? The 90s had great TV, but they are over. The world is now in an era with more equal rights and better technology, and you no longer have to make someone get off the phone to use the Internet. Those times are just over, and of a show can’t adapt to a new society, then it’s not a very good show.

      • sarah t says:

        I agree. I’ve watched Girl Meets World occasionally but it’s definitely a kids show with new characters that I (clearly) just don’t relate to anymore. And that’s fine, it’s on Disney so that’s to be expected. One thing I would like more from Fuller House is if they did balance out the adults with more kid time (I feel like they don’t really know what to do with the kids on that show, which is shame because the kid that plays “Max” is hilarious). The original Full House did a pretty good balance of adult story lines as well as kid story lines. It was definitely cheesy but it was family oriented and unfortunately, there is little of these type of shows on TV right now. The innuendos on the original show were pretty tame and though I don’t think the reboot is crazy out of line, I think they could do a better balance of original characters (nostalgia) with the newer kid characters. Overall though, I’ve really liked the reboot.

      • Philip Zamora says:

        I couldn’t disagree more. The new characters have already grown on me and I’ve only seen the first season. Riley, Maya, Lucas, Farkle, and Auggie are all terrific additions to the universe of Boy Meets World. In fact, my favorite episodes are those that focus entirely on those new kids. Boy Meets World was never about the adult characters anyway it was about the kids.

    • Go Away says:

      Umm… Fat dude… Chill and stop being a 12 year old. Fuller House is waaaaaaaaay better then any crap disney could pull outta their asses. I mean who would rather watch 2 sassy whores who talk about boys for 30 minutes then an amazing show about 3 girls who love each other so much that they would spend the rest of their lives helping then and plus Jodie Sweetin!

  4. Marianne says:

    I think 1 key difference between the 2 shows is that Girl Meets World is on Disney and Fuller House is on Netflix. While I do find Girl Meets World enjoyable as an adult, I do expect it to be geared a little younger as the target audience is supposed to be. And Fuller House is not mixed in with the children’s programming on Netflix, so the difference in content between the 2 shows does not surprise me.

    That said, I actually think Girl Meets World is a stronger show. It has its moments of nostalgia to remember Boy Meets World, but it never goes over the top. I actually cringed a lot about things in Fuller House. Like at times it felt to me like they needed to point out that what they were doing was funny and the audience was supposed to laugh. I also like that with Girl Meets World you don’t need to have seen every Boy Meets World episode to get it. I think that’s another thing I disliked about Fuller House. The show could have been a lot more if they did the mix of old stuff, but also made the series its own thing. It relied too much on old for my taste.

    • Lizzie says:

      Yeah the hugging and being so meta about it threw me off with Fuller House. It was the obvious reference of “did ya see that, nudge nudge, did ya we did that thing we use too do” Versus GMW is more “OMG did they just reference that one thing. They did awe how cool freakin loved that episode” . Like in Erica’s return, they didn’t really bother to explain the plays with squirrels reference they new we understood it and even though it had another origins it made sense to old viewers. Love both but got to say my 6 year old niece dig GMW but didn’t like Fuller as much even with watching both originals.

  5. They’re both good and fun in their own right.

  6. Tricia says:

    Let’s be honest here, GMW is the superior show. But who cares, I’m here for ALL OF IT. Now bring on a Sabrina the Teenaged Witch sequel.

  7. One, Girl, HAS to be about its main protagonist as that is the core premise, while the other, Fuller, HAS to be about ALL the inhabitants of the house they share since that ITS core premise.

  8. leash10 says:

    I think you set up the comparisons nicely. I like Fuller House for the full on nostalgia of the original show & since my girls (8 & 11) have watched Full House in reruns, I was excited to watch with them. However, I find myself cringing now & then at the innuendos and “adult” dialogue. Most of it is ok, though & either goes over their heads or something we can talk about, though it truly is geared more towards the adults who grew up with Full House.

    Girl Meets World, however…I love my girls watching this show. The bigger themes and storylines can truly have a positive impact within an entertainment setting. I love that the kids are the focus, yet it gives of nostalgic glimpses here & there. I find myself moved to tears almost every episode.

  9. nhogan47 says:

    I feel like they would both be exactly the same as their flagship shows if one wasn’t on the Disney Channel. Just sayin’.

  10. Adam says:

    Girl Meets World is just okay and Fuller House was really, really bad with no redeeming qualities. So I’ll vote for Girl Meets World, even though I watched far more of Fuller House (I felt trapped and couldn’t stop as much as I wanted to).

  11. TheJasonStation says:

    Girl Meets World is the better show in terms of quality, but I would assume there are a lot of Boy Meets World fans that wish the old cast was around as much as the old cast from Full House appears on Fuller House. Girl Meets World does a better job of balancing nostalgia while trying to capture a new generation of fans. I can’t imagine anyone who never saw Full House enjoying Fuller House, while I think there a lot of young fans of Girl Meets World that never saw Boy Meets World.

  12. alistaircrane says:

    The producers of Girl Meets World don’t care about the original show or its fans. If they did, the veteran characters would have more to do. I can’t see how anyone is happy with how much Topanga is underutilized. And Shawn and Eric’s subplots were abruptly dropped.
    If the GMW producers didn’t want to offer anything of substance to BMW fans, they should have done a GMW series with brand-new characters instead of trying to cash in on BMW fans and then not delivering.
    Preferably, they should have done a Man Meets World series with the focus on Cory and Topanga as they deal with adulthood, with their kids occupying the B and C stories. Sadly, it’s the other way around, and it sucks. Actually, it’s worse because Cory and Topanga don’t even have their own stories, they simply serve the children, which is insulting and awful.

    • I hate what they did with Angela’s character

    • Lizzie says:

      Bitter much. But you knew from the beginning it was meant to cater to a new audience. It is meant to relive nostalgia for the older audience. If you went in think it was a full reboot that on you. They said from the get go it was to follow Riley’s life. The references are there subtle and all. There are episodes where it is almost the same as the original. It isn’t a disrespect for any fans if you knew from the beginning what was happening.

    • The show has Riley, Cory and Topanga’s daughter, as the protagonist. The story is mostly going to revolve around her. She is the main POV character. Sometimes the show gives us Topanga and Auggie scenes to parallel what’s going on with the episode’s main story.

      At least we’ve been able to see/learn some of Topanga’s lawyer stuff, even if we haven’t seen her in an office working with colleagues. She’s the best damn lawyer in town; she can work wherever she damn well pleases (esp. if it’s within episode budget constraints).

      I’ll agree that Shawn’s character arc on the show has been badly done (at least for s2). They set something up for him, with being Maya’s father-figure and potentially some kind of friendship/romance with Katy, and then he was never seen again. Rider Strong directed many s2 episodes, so he’s still very much involved with the show, but his character has been let down by the writing. I do believe there’s some hope for him, though, with season 3.

      And Eric, I believe, is busy being a sen-a-tor.

      • Ola says:

        If you kept watching they give Shawn a whole plotlone that intertwines with the main theme of the story. They are doing it at their own pace and it’s beautiful. Try watching some more. It’s not like fuller house trying give you a reboot. It’s trying to spur the next generation like BMW did for us.

  13. Remy says:

    I would have picked GMW until season 2 happened. I haven’t enjoyed the love triangle or many or the season 2 storylines. I’ve almost stopped watching.

    • Ola says:

      The resolved the triangle and even explained why themat came about all while giving a stellar message. I’d really suggest continuing on.

  14. Lily says:

    I love them both so much, but if I have to choose one, then I’m going with Girl Meets World. I loved Boy Meets World and still watch it, however, I don’t necessarily miss the characters. They’re there and I like that, but I always knew that this show was going to revolve around their kids. You can tell by the title and I don’t mind at all. It’s a good show for the next generation to fall in love. As for Fuller House, my work day had never gone by so slow waiting to go home and watch it. I love the show and can’t wait for the second season. I just think as a whole and reaching out to newer audiences instead of people like me, GMW is better.

  15. Ram510 says:

    Girl Meets World by a mile

  16. hannah says:

    Girl Meets World is a little better. But i don’t understand why they don’t focus more on Cory and Topanga and have the old boy meets world cast guest more often. On Boy Meets World, the Cory’s parents would have side storylines sometime. But on Girl Meets World, they rarely ever give Cory and Topanga that.

    • Jennifer says:

      Because it’s a new generation. This wasn’t meant to be about the adults. It’s about their kids navigating growing up like BMW was for them. Now they are the adults. Did THEIR parents feature prominently in BMW? It’s supposed to focus on the kids. Which makes it great. And that they tackle issues that are facing kids today – all the better. If there is something to help me talk to my 12 year old daughter about these issues, more power to them.

      • alistaircrane says:

        That’s not entirely true. If GMW were solely intended for a new generation, they would have used a brand-new cast and not original BMW characters. They used the BMW connection to lure in old fans. It hurts to see Cory and Topanga used as glorified props and not allowed to have their own stories or perspective. I don’t care about Riley. I’m a BMW fan and I am suffering through this crap for Cory and Topanga. I just wish they’d made a better show.

      • alistaircrane says:

        Bull. GMW is very much an attempt to cash in on nostalgia. That’s why they feature Cory and Topanga and trot out the other vets from time to time. I am a BMW fan first and foremost. I suffer through this awful show for my original faves. Sadly, it hurts to see Cory and Topanga used as glorified props and not allowed to have their own story or do anything of substance.

      • TayMads says:

        I agree with you. From the beginning, whenever the cast was interviewed by people they straight up said that the show was going to be about Riley and NOT Cory and Topanga. If you seriously thought that Girl Meets World was going to be about Cory and Topanga then you were not paying attention while it was being promoted. Yes, occasionally they had guest appearances from the cast members that were on Boy Meets World. But that does not mean that the show is just purely for nostalgia. The argument that they should have just cast all new characters does not make any sense. There is nothing wrong with paying homage to the show that came before you while not just trying to ride on the coattails of a show that ended 10 years ago during the entire run of the show. Girl Meets World is trying to do its own thing and there is nothing wrong with that. Just like there is nothing wrong with Fuller House focusing on its past success instead of trying to do something new. They are doing what works for them.

        • I can’t really judge the shows on which one is better because I’ve only seen a few scenes of GMW and I just didn’t like the Riley character or the Disney channel feel of the show. I loved the two episodes of Fuller House for the nostalgia. I am a true nostalgia freak! However, Full House was not a great show. Let’s face it, it was cheesy yet we still loved it. I enjoy watching it with my nieces and nephews and watching them fall in love with it. For those saying GMW was only intended to be about Riley, I get that. However, why didn’t the producers just create an original series that focused on a girl coming of age instead of making it a spinoff of BMW? I’ll tell you why, they did it to cash in on the BMW fans. I have a problem with reboots of movies and shows that cash in on a familiar title with a built in fan base but have no intention of paying homage to the show. BMW could have focused more on the old characters but when I saw what they were doing, I quickly changed the channel. I loved BMW and all the kid characters on there. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t connect with Riley and her friends.

  17. Jennifer says:

    I have a 12 year old daughter. She watches GMW and it does start conversations. Which is a great thing. Because as anyone with kids know, at this age, they don’t like to talk. So anything that gets them to open up and talk is a good thing.

    Don’t get me wrong. I loved Full House and like Fuller House, but it is all about nostalgia. Which for me is good. But i have to go with GWM – It IS supposed to be about the kids. Just like BMW was back when it was new.

    • alistaircrane says:

      No, Girl Meets World is very much for old fans too. That’s why Cory and Topanga are there. Sadly, they are poorly used.

  18. Jason Moore says:

    Based on the differences you present in the article, both continuations are staying fairly true to their original concepts.

    Boy Meets World was a show about kids growing up and the adults were there to provide the necessary adult interactions and guidance. It’s follow up Girl Meets World is likewise about kids growing up and the adults are once again there for the necessary interactions and guidance. So while it’s nice that the adults in both series are fantastic characters who we as fans care a great deal about, both shows at their core are about KIDS growing up.

    Full House on the other hand was a show about a group of adults coming together to deal with raising kids with the kids, though they did eventually grow into their own, essentially starting out as props the adult characters had to manage. Likewise, once getting passed the initial nostalgia pilot, Fuller House is also about a group of adults coming together to raise kids, so of course the focus is on the adults. The adults in this case just happen to be the same characters we already know from the previous show, but the core concept is still adults raising kids.

    So really, both follow up shows are exactly what their predecessors were. Also, both have entertainment value in their own way, both as current shows and nostalgia havens. I personally prefer the substance behind both of the “Meets World” series over the the silly fun of the Full Houses, but enjoy both for what they are.

  19. Asia says:

    GMW is such a colossal disappointment in my opinion. I tried to give the show a chance; I watched the whole first season without any complaint. But when they started hinting at the kiddie love triangle I was done. It’s hard to believe that the show has same writers and creators as BMW. I’m not the under the impression that BMW was perfect (it wasn’t) but GMW is all over the place. The show tries too hard. It takes itself way too seriously. The adults don’t hold the same weight as they did in the original. They’ve missed the mark when it comes to showing and not telling. The show has this obnoxious vibe that says, ‘Look at us we’re dealing with important issues, we’re so deep’. It’s not genuine and it’s definitely not organic. Fuller House wasn’t perfect and I didn’t expect to be but regardless it was still far more enjoyable than GMW ever was. It had the same heart and feel as the original and has no problem making fun of itself.

    • sarah t says:


    • Ola says:

      That’s because GMW wasn’t geared towards 90s kids. This is a disgruntled BMW fan who thought they were going to get attention again. Take GMW in a new light, one of this era. The middle school era was cheesy because middle school was cheesy. But high school got more mature just like really life does.

  20. A says:

    Fuller House definitely. GMW is really disappointing in comparison. It overly dramatic and nowhere near as good as its predecessor.

  21. Guy says:

    Not really a contest given that Fuller House is one of the most heinous atrocities I’ve witnessed on TV in quite some time.

  22. KSM says:

    I grew up watching both, and have shamelessly watched both as an adult. GMW is totally better. I don’t even understand how this is a contest.

  23. CordyChase says:

    I love Fuller House

  24. Kristen says:

    I LOVED Boy Meets World, and was never that into Full House (though my sister loved it). That said, Fuller House is clearly the better show. GMW tries to address a new issue every episode, it’s incredibly preachy, and looks very “disney-fied.” Boy Meets World didn’t jam a lesson down your throat over and over and over again every episode, address grown up topics, and was much more grounded in reality than whatever world Girl Meets World is taking place in. Fuller House has jokes for adults, isn’t preachy, and is basically a continuation of Full House. They know the majority of their audience are the now-adults who watched as kids in the 90s, and they write to that. GMW doesn’t know who its audience is–if they wanted to write a stand alone show, they should have done just that without dragging Cory, Topanga, and Shawn into it. I tried so hard to like it, I watched the first season and a half, but I can’t get over how every episode has a theme and lesson that is just repeated, word for word, about 100 times. It’s lazy and sloppy and honestly, repetitive and boring.

  25. I would’ve picked girl meets world but lately girl meets world has been really really bad, and to be honest the only good girl meets world episodes are the ones with the old boy meets world characters like eric, jack, shawn etc.
    So yes I’d rather see nostalgia because I relate to 90’s live more than todays, fuller house is the winner for me.

  26. Fuller House is a festering garbage fire. I am shocked that it has a single vote

  27. Rob says:

    I don’t understand the question and I won’t respond to it.

  28. Randall says:

    You just listed exactly why I enjoy Girl Meets World better. It’s more enjoyable when I don’t know when original characters and callbacks will happen. Whereas Fuller House reintroduced every single gag from the original series in it’s pilot, I’m glad I had to anticipate when the Feeny call would return, and I love that his character will feature in every premiere. It gives me a reason to want to watch this show till the end. Also, the kids are the future of the show and I would love to see the next ‘…Meets World’ because I am already invested in Riley and Lucas’ future. I can’t say how much I care about the kids on Fuller House yet, simply because their organic storyline is being sidelined for nostalgia. I can always go back and watch the original Full House for my nostalgia kicks. Enjoying Girl Meets World as an original show that never forgets to remind me why it’s just as good as it’s predecessor (without blatantly trying to be it) is a far more rewarding experience.

  29. I really enjoyed Fuller House, not only for the nostalgia but cause it’s a great show; traditional, sweet and funny.

  30. Tai says:

    Girl Meets World hands down. I just couldn’t enjoy Fuller House. I tried. But I just didn’t find it to be very good. I still enjoy Girl Meets World. It doesn’t feature the old stars all the time but maybe that’s a strength. I like the new kids. They’re enjoyable. And seeing them interact with the old BMW stars is awesome. And when we do get the older stars back it’s always fun and gets me excited for the episode. I just didn’t get the same kind of feelings from Fuller House.

  31. SadaboutGMW says:

    The problem I have with GMW is not that it is about new characters, it is that it is so poorly done. I find it preachy and pedantic, the writers/producers more concerned with getting their moral across than creating something worth watching. The episodes do not take advantage of any of the actors abilities. This is a talented cast that is being smothered with poor writing. My children ages 6,8,10,11,and 13 refuse to watch it. Even compared to a typical Disney tween show it is terrible. If you watch BMW yes there were lessons presented but they were part of the story, not in your face. It’s like they think their target market are idiots who cannot understand unless it is spelled out. Season 1 had potential, season 2 gets worse every episode.

  32. A fan of TV says:

    S1 of FH was absolutely fan-service and everything above is not wrong, but if I’m not mistaken GMW’s network gave them even more s1 eps than 13 to build a base, got fan-service generally out of the way (fans now know where pretty much all OCs are today), and can now shift focus. As a fan of FH’s original series, I’m actually interested in what will become of their kids, now, and think enough old fans watched with their kids that if FH shifts focus, the people that matter to the show will care.

    That said, consider the original concepts of BMW and Full House: BMW almost NEVER focused on the adults on the show. Feeny was a voice of reason but it’s not like the camera followed him home every night, while Full House was always as much about the adults as the kids. And it will stay that way, generally, just like GMW is following their own OS’s formula…Voting on this comes down to personal preference/subjectivity, not any objective vote on quality, IMO.

  33. People also need to remember that Fuller House is a sequel, and GMW boasts as a spinoff. Full House as a series was about the ENTIRE family, with episodes about the adults and others about the kids. Boy Meets World was about Cory and his antics, trying to navigate through his own world. We saw the world through HIS eyes, Cory’s eyes. The adults were supporting characters. That being said, GMW is a spinoff, so Cory and Topanga should remain in the background or supporting characters. Fuller House is a sequel, the continuation of the original, in which we see what’s happening with DJ, Stephanie and Kimmy (and the occasional cameos from the adults). The kids have their own episodes as well, which I think is doing a good job continuing with the Full House tradition.

    • alistaircrane says:

      Girl Meets World is not a spinoff. It’s also a sequel. Cory and Topanga are the main reason I (and many other fans) even watch the show. It’s shameful how poorly the new show has treated them.
      If the GMW producers wanted a new generation of viewers, they should have given Riley different parents with no connection to the original series. As long as Cory and Topanga are on GMW, I will continue to watch and continue to pray they (and the long-time fans) get treated with more respect.

  34. trio danny jesse joy with becky says:

    more uncle Jesse and Becky , Danny , trio Danny Jesse and Joy :D they are the best :)

  35. Phil says:

    Now, see I enjoy both of these shows, but Girl Meets World is better IMO!

  36. RKG says:

    How is this even a question? Neither show is very good, but Fuller House is at least watchable for those of us who grew up watching the original series. Girl Meets World is just awful, and I can’t understand how it continues to receive positive reviews. I really don’t care whether either show focuses on the old or new characters, as long as it is well written. Both shows are bad, but Fuller House is a masterpiece compared to the abomination that is Girl Meets World.

  37. Jason says:

    Girl Meets World has it’s own unique and irreverent identity. It doesn’t feel like a rehash but more like an evolution. I would like to see season 3 have a more balanced approach pertaining to the older alumni. Maybe scatter them throughout the season instead of front loading their appearances.

  38. Natalie says:

    I loved GMW in the first season but they started to get too social and political in s2. My favorite episodes of BMW were the later, more meta ones. I’m not interested in lessons and social messages. ‘Fuller house’ is just more fun to watch.

  39. Mark says:

    I have yet to watch Fuller House (so I didn’t vote), but the “very special” episodes of GMW are driving me crazy. They aren’t funny, and I don’t tune in to be lectured at. I tune in to laugh. I laughed so hard at the first season, but the lectures are ruining the second season for me. I’m hoping that turns around in the third.

  40. Dabak says:

    As a fan of BMW, GMW did a bad justice on Cory and Topanga storyline. I know that audience target for FH and GMW are different. The more I watch GMW (all for the sake of the original casts) I want the show to be over already or give us some Cory and Topanga. I think Michael Jacobs should change the show to Cory and Topanga meets parenting. Because GMW is slowly losing its storylines and ratings. I have never watch original FH but the sequel is a winner for me. I have lost interest from GMW.

  41. Bozo says:

    Comparing season 1 alone, Girl Meets World is definitely better. Hopefully, though, season 2 of Fuller House will be better than season 2 of GMW. The show wasn’t as fun this season. It seemed like every episode had to have some sort of message to preach, instead of including life lessons naturally. It felt very preachy.

    • Bozo says:

      More specifically, the life lessons lacked the subtlety that makes great TV. They have to come right out and say what the lesson is, rather than let the audience figure it out on their own. Apparently DIsney thinks kids can’t pick up on a message unless they are directly told what the message is.

  42. My Opinion says:

    I used to watch both Boy Meets World and Full House. Full House won of the two shows in my point of view. Now we have Girl Meets World and Fuller House I have watched “some” of GMW and although it’s nice to see Cory and Topanga and this show based on their daughter, I just couldn’t find myself connecting to the characters.
    Fuller House on the other hand gets a total thumbs up! And of course as many viewers, there is a hope that Mary-Kate and or Ashley Olsen will have a change of heart and make an appearance or two on Season 2 as Michelle.
    I love how the show will show flashbacks to the original Full House in showing how some situations were handled. And little Max is both adorable and quite a little character! He’s funny.
    It’s only been 13 episodes compared to GMW’s 50 or so. But in my opinion, even with just 13 episodes, Fuller House is still the Front Runner!

  43. Harmony says:

    Girl Meets World all the way. Once you get used to how dysfunctional the kids are it’s a really great, really sweet show. And the writing is really good.

  44. Austin says:

    I prefer Fuller House as the better spin-off & continuation of the 90’s hit show since they treat the audience as equal with Kid friendly-matured and who grew up with the series. They do a much more proper storyline & makes sure nothing loses continuity or makes the characters change character. I first enjoyed Girl Meets World until the second season when I realized most of the dialogue & humor were mostly targeted to 8-13 year olds (Due to the Disney a Channel network). I Loge that Fuller House is all live where the laughter aren’t forced unlike Girl Meets World. I’m really impressed by the cast of Fuller House since try all do an amazing job & the returning characters are still the same we know and Love. I lost it when Cory Matthews (BMW-GMW) started to lose interest in his wife Topanga & is more loving to his best friend Shawn Hunter. I miss that old Cory who always payed attention to Topanga. If GMW was on a different network maybe mature, we could’ve gotten that old energetic character. For some reason, Riley Matthews is always forgetting that she shouldn’t be jealous of her parents during every episode. I just won’t like the forced humor the spin off gives.

    That is all. In my own scores: Fuller House 100%. Girl Meets World: 70%.

  45. Fuller House is more for a nostalgic trip
    but honestly Girl Meets World is such a beautiful and amazing show! I’m a grown adult and I adore it. I love the storytelling they are doing on Disney of all places even. With Feminist plotlines and bullying. It can get very real and it stays in heart with Boy Meets World. It will probably never go ask dark with plotlines but for Disney Channel it’s such a big step.

  46. Ola says:

    I think we need to stop being selfish. Fuller House was geared to 90s kids to relive their “glory days”, and while that’s all well and good, the world has changed and the issues have changed as well. I love Girl Meets World because it gives a little bit of nostalgia, but still relates to current issues that the new generation needs to be involved in. It’s not about the 90s anymore and honestly it shouldn’t be. GMW all the way ❤

  47. tanairic says:

    Fuller house life everyone when is season 3 going to come and it should be DJ and Matt to date and get married forever

  48. tanairic says:

    I love fuller house no matter what if there not better than girl meets world or they didn’t win against then!!!

  49. tanairic says:

    That’s cute but DJ should be with Matt

  50. Brittany says:

    I think that girl meets world is a better story line and fuller house well not so much