Scandal Recap

Scandal Recap: 'To New Beginnings'

A lot happened on Thursday’s Scandal, and we’re going to discuss everything in depth, but first thing’s first: Jake Ballard is a garbage person.

The world of Scandal has always been a veritable treasure trove of monsters — unlikable, selfish characters who abuse their power with reckless abandon — but Jake, particularly in recent weeks, has evolved into a very special type of bastard.

What kind of guy breaks into his ex-girlfriend’s apartment and enters her bedroom in the middle of the night? What kind of guy assumes it’s OK to force himself onto a woman just because she doesn’t immediately say no? Wasn’t Olivia’s (very obvious) fear and discomfort — not to mention the fact that Jake is in a committed relationship — enough to tell him he shouldn’t have been there in the first place?

The logical answers to those questions would be “a stalker,” “a potential rapist” and “yes.” But logic hasn’t exactly been Jake’s strong suit of late, which presents a whole new set of problems. When Liv asked him what he’s up to, I was genuinely curious to hear his response, yet was not surprised that he didn’t have one.

But more than anything, I hate that Jake continues to have a hold on Liv. I hate that she felt compelled to spy on his dates with Vanessa — the “perfect” woman, save for the fact that she’s not Liv — and I hate that she seems genuinely upset by the news of Jake’s engagement. Olivia Pope deserves better.

Oh, and yes, that was indeed Justified‘s Joelle Carter playing Vanessa. (That was some nifty stealth casting, Scandal.)

‘OLITZ’ GETS REAL | Fitz’s new frat-boy lifestyle is becoming a real problem, and not just for Abby, whose involvement in his dalliances stops short at actually dressing Little Fitz for battle. Even Mellie took a swing at her ex-husband this week, telling him, “Screw as many whores as you want, I’d expect nothing less. But you sure as hell better keep them away from my children.”

But it wasn’t until Liv read him the riot act — as part of OPA’s investigation into a dead hooker at a party for his Secret Security detail — that Fitz began to see the error of his ways. In fact, let’s all take a minute to appreciate Liv’s flawless takedown in full:

The fish rots from the head. Your buys in the Secret Service, they’re taking their cues from you, because you’re the head of the fish — reckless, negligent, selfish. You’re letting things get out of hand and your boys are following. What kind of example are you setting for the people who work for you? For the country? For your son? He looked up and saw his dad with some woman he didn’t know, some woman in a bathrobe. What is that, a Grant family tradition? You basically saw your father do the same thing, right? Is that who you are now? Are you your father now? Are you Big Jerry now? I don’t care what you do in your spare time, I really don’t. But you … you better think, and you better ask yourself: Is this really who you want to be? … Good to see you, Fitz.

(I don’t know if you could tell from Liv’s tone, but it was not — in fact — good to see Fitz. Not good at all.)

STRANGE BEDFELLOWS | Liv doesn’t realize this yet, but her little pep talk could sink Mellie’s campaign — which Liv is totally not running, by the way. Her words made Fitz want to be a better person, the type of President whose endorsement Susan Ross would gladly accept, which is exactly what Liv doesn’t want to happen. She knows that, as his ex-wife, Mellie will never get his endorsement, but to have him publicly backing her opponent is a whole other matter. I never thought I’d say this, but the Fitz/Liv/Mellie dynamic is somehow more complicated now that he isn’t with either of them. (Also, how long do we have to wait for the inevitable Susan/David/Elizabeth threesome?)

MIS-BEENE-HAVING | And then there’s Cyrus “Puppet Master” Beene, who was finally able to convince Governor Vargas to throw his hat into the Presidential ring — and all it took was one little white lie about a brother who doesn’t actually exist. (Question for the group: We’re all predicting that Vargas will discover Cyrus’ transgression sooner than later, yes? Also, to whom should I send my strongly worded e-mail about making Ricardo Chavira a series regular?)

Odds and Ends:

* I completely forgot about the existence of Cyrus’ prostitute husband, but I’m glad to see his hairdressing skills are improving.

* How amazing would a Scandal after show be, assuming it was hosted by Kate Burton as Sally Langston? (Also, remember when Sally killed her husband with a paperweight?)

* Does anyone else feel like Scandal is missing… something? Despite the weight of the show’s current events, I’m just not feeling that same rush I did in the first half of the season. (Perhaps a little confession from Olivia to Fitz might give this show the boost it so desperately needs.)

Your thoughts on this week’s Scandal, as well as this season’s general direction? Drop ’em in a comment below.

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Cena Gomez says:

    Jake has always been creepy garbage. Some were just blinded by the their Fitz hate.

    • They’ve hated Fitz so much they didn’t realize that Jake wasn’t this white knight they claimed him to be. Though they’ll probably have a list of excuses as to why Fitz is still worse than Jake. It’ll be gross justifications I would rather do without.

      • Carm says:

        They are all horrible. The only good guy (so far) on this show is the new one at OPA. The rest have all done horrible things. They are all bad. So there is no point in debating who is worse.

        • Cena Gomez says:

          Jake is worse because as you can see, Fitz has remorse for his wrong doings and he will apologize. Jake is so full of himself, he has never apologized for choking Olivia, Killing James, or other innocent people, Not even the guy he killed so that he could get the NSA job. Fitz has apologized for Verna and shooting down that plane and he has shown remorse. Fitz has even shown remorse for his affair with Olivia. So Pleas don’t compare the two…Jake is like Rowan, incapable of remorse or loving someone. Fitz knows how to love and forgive.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic says:

          You mean Marcus, the guy who was having an affair with a married woman, hid in a closet while she died, that Marcus? He’s just as gross as the rest of them.

          The only good ones I see are Susan Ross and Abby.

          • Susan Ross who lied about her daughter’s father and Abby, who was in on all the early OPA dirt and also probably paid a doctor to lie about Little Jerry’s paternity test results…well we seem to be at zero here!

        • carma says:

          Give them time–they’ll destroy the “new guy’s” character as well–eventually.

        • Neicey says:

          I agree

    • Sara says:

      FITZ IS NOT A GOOD GUY EITHER MR. SWIFT. Olivia should not be with either one of these men.

      • KCris says:

        Totally agree with you.

      • Cena Gomez says:

        Fitz is a good guy, but he has flaws and he’s not perfect. Olivia loves Fitz because she wants him to be the best President he can be. Olake is creepy and never were based on love. Olitz is always love between two complicated people.

        • Stacy says:

          Your recap says different. Both men are garbage and it says a LOT about Olivia who loves nothing more than to switch back and forth between them. She deserves better? Im not so sure – With her behavior think she’s getting exactly what she deserves.

    • Stacy says:

      He might be garbage but what does that say about Olivia since she loves to roll in it?

      • Erin B says:

        Exactly. Olivia has totally become a garbage person too. I’ve considered tuning out, but I keep hoping she has some grand plan that will reveal why she is willingly sleeping with a man she knows has murdered several people. Not to mention having family dinners with her dad who has also murdered several people. It’s not looking like she has a plan though & only after Huck (the voice of reason?!) called her out does she seem like she’s bothered by it.

    • Lara says:

      I’ve never liked Jake. I thought I was the only one!

  2. Cena Gomez says:

    “The logical answers to those questions would be “a stalker,” “a potential rapist” and “yes.” “….YES! On the money Tvline. There was nothing sexy about that scene. I felt like Jake violated Olivia. But you will have people defending like they defended him after CHOKING Olivia at gun point. Jake only destiny on this show is DEATH. I can’t see how he can remain alive on this show.

  3. WTF! says:

    Maybe the Scandal Recaps would be better off being written by someone who is not an Olitz fan! Is this a recap or a review???

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m not an ‘Olitz’ fan. In fact, I think we can all agree that neither guy is healthy for Olivia.

      As for this being a “review,” any recap worth reading includes an opinion.

      • Gospino says:

        Well, that’s your opinion that “any recap worth reading includes an opinion.” I prefer recaps that simply recap instead of editorializing.

        • Lisa G says:

          Sounds like you’re looking for a plot summary. You can find that on IMDB for each episode. Recaps always include the recapper’s perspective, otherwise they wouldn’t be needed since we watch the show.

        • Eran says:

          Then just bloody go elsewhere if you don’t like what this awesome site and its staff of talented writers have to offer. Episode synopses are all over the net. Editorialised recaps elicit discussion which is the best part of what comes after watching an episode.

    • Gospino says:

      I’d prefer to see unbiased recaps. It annoys me to read biased summaries, even when I agree with most of what the writer says (as I do here). But I definitely did not get a pro-Olivia/Fitz vibe from this particular editorial.

      I wish the show would come up with a decent love interest for Olivia. Of the main ones so far, I’ve always despised Fitz, and Jake has had only brief periods where I kind of liked him in that role.

    • Liza says:

      100% right!

    • Callie says:

      I’m not a “shipper” because I finally realized that it’s pointless to invest in any couple on a SR show. So, speaking as a non-shipper and former (sadly) fan, I applaud this recap. It’s quite satisfying to see a mainstream entertainment site assess Jake for what he is: garbage. I especially appreciate the recap highlighting the dubious consent dynamics. I think that many viewers were bamboozled because they saw SF and projected “good guy” Noel from Felicity. Not to mention that SR wrote Fitz into the ground, making him more and more unlikeable. That being said, it was Jake’s lackluster character, his twisted relationship with Olivia, Rowan, B613/endless spa drama, etc. that sunk the show. I no longer watch but still read the recaps, hoping that it will rebound, and I’m about to throw in the towel. I hung in as long as I did because I love Kerry Washington.

    • OA says:

      I’m sorry but any recap that makes it worthy for us TV-watchers to automatically go to TVline instead of countless other websites, is one with added value. Added value in the sense of appreciating if not necessarily agreeing with the writers opinion. For a recap of the facts you can use Wiki.

  4. KEISHA JONES says:

    Olivia brings best out of Pres Fitz”Fish rots from the Head” couldn’t said it better time to bring these two together!

    • Liza says:

      I love how Fitz supporters will justify overlooking all the awful things he’s done. He’s not the better choice!!!

      • Cena Gomez says:

        Nobody over looks Fitz bad deeds. But Fitz is not a bad guy. He has flaws, a lot of flaws, but at the end of the day, he does the right thing and fixes his mess in the end. Yes, Olivia brings out the best in Fitz and Fitz brings out the best in Olivia. Olivia is lost and trying to find her way. Quinn was right, Olivia misses being with Fitz in the WH not only because she loves him but because she has no life or power now.

  5. Ree says:

    Thank you for the evaluation of the serious issues with Jake Ballard and that storyline. Far too many entertainment press stories just “OMG, look cutie Scott Foley,” and overlook his seriously problematic behavior. Tonight was shockingly problematic.

    This show is struggling in many ways, but having an entire storyline about Olivia-Jake that is repelling — at best — is not good. I could barely watch that scene tonight. It was truly awful. If she willingly engages in sex with him again after that, I’m not sure what to make of Olivia Pope.

  6. niloofar22 says:


  7. Ian says:

    Where are we supposed to feel like the show is going?? Im so lost. So Olivia must be ending up with neither of them now, right? And if she’s not backing Mellie, what are her ties going to be in Washington? There’s an unexplained abortion hanging in the air… WTF, Shonda?

    • Andy Swift says:

      I’m also curious about where this season is heading. In previous years, we’ve been able to anticipate the climax.

    • Lerbert says:

      Agree! This show feels like it’s close to running off the rails. Jake is a garbage person (are they spinning him out for a big finish before his next gig?) but going back to a previous comment–ALL of the characters are basically garbage except for Susan. I guess Abby is “neutral.” I enjoy a show with characters that are terrible people–but the plot has to be really tight otherwise it becomes a jumble of random misdeeds.

  8. lzld says:

    Olitz is missing. The end.

  9. Brian says:

    Great recap. It’s refreshing seeing someone calling out the Jake character. For the most part, most of the mainstream media do not call out this guy’s character and it has always made me want to puke seeing this. And it makes me even more sick seeing Olivia being wasted on this character. I don’t get it.

  10. jakis says:

    HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE. Is that clear enough? Jake is garbage, and the Olivia I thought I knew would’ve eviscerated him before she’d let him treat her like this. Plus ragging on Fitz when he shouldn’t care what she and her lying butt think of him or how he behaves as president? He murdered a plane full of people, murdered a supreme court justice and waged a war to get back his mistress, not to mention stole an election, so whatever he does with hookers is small potatoes at this point. Every character on this show is HORRIBLE. I hate every single one of them, even David, and no, I don’t want to watch anymore.

  11. Al says:

    Jake’s a bastard now?
    Jake who hospitalised Olivia and coached her to lie, distributed a sex tape of her with no qualms, choked her, slut shamed her, has lied to both her and Fitz repeatedly despite both of them saving his life individually and collectively more than once and broke into Olivia’s house to blame her for Rowan murdering the wife he never told her existed (this is a man who murdered Cyrus’s husband James who wasn’t even a spy BTW, but when it happened to him still played the victim)
    Rowan killed Fitz’s child and Fitz never held it against her, but Jake blamed her for Rowan killing a woman who was trying to kill him as well.
    All this time everyone was still pretending Jake was the good guy and NOW he’s turned into ‘a special type of bastard’, Mr @i’m going to take advantage of you?’
    Jake is who he has always seen, the only difference is that now that Fitz and Olivia are done for good, People who were blinded by their hate of Fitz can actually SEE him.
    Still it gives one hope. Maybe people will finally realise that Mellie released her child’s killer into the streets and was caught by her daughter giving a family friend a blow job so her outrage at finding Fitz with a woman in an empty house is nonsense. Her supposed worry for Teddy who she induced to keep Fitz is nonsense.
    Her calling these single women dating a single man whores ISN’T feminism or ‘sisterhood’, and her dig at Olivia being the one in the bathrobe is spiteful and untrue. The only time she caught them together was after she BEGGED Olivia to continue the affair.
    But Mellie’s a victim?
    This show is the way it is because people supported Olivia being trashed by Jake, Mellie and Rowan for so long that it’s now a writing habit.
    This is the show those people helped the writers make.

    • Nina says:

      Slow clap it our for you, it appears you’re one of the few people who remember the storylines that brought us here. The show seems to be doing a revisionist back half of the season and he’ll, the writers obviously don’t watch this show of theirs or else we wouldn’t be here. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers exactly what else has happened in the past, although the writers seem adamant about wanting us to.

    • Cena Gomez says:

      They were blinded by their Fitz hate to see the real creepy killer Jake.
      Olivia just looks stupid to still be sleeping with Jake after she knows he killed that innocent man to get the NSA job. Oh yeah, seems like Liv forgot that Jake killed James and Papa killed Harrison and the President’s son. This show is ridiculous.

  12. Carol says:

    You forgot to mention that Scott Foley is such a boring actor that his scenes suck all the life from the show. Even his so-called sex scenes with Kerry are boring since they have no chemistry and the scenes look fake. You see an actor like the guy playing Governor Vargas and say he’s good. Foley is the weak link on this show who is propped up by the other actors.

    Why is Jake still on this show? The character should have died two seasons back.

  13. Anna says:

    Give me a break with your selective memory! S4, Jake and Olivia, on the beach under the scene? Doesn’t Jake have Olivia’s apartment’s KEYS? Didn’t she know the last time they had sex that he was seeing someone and that it was serious? Wasn’t she enjoying the whole thing and didn’t she have to muster some courage to be able to say no? Aren’t we all familiar with Olivia and Jake’s “love” making?
    Violating her, forcing himself on her… Yeah right! She seemed very hurt and violated afterwards. If Liv’s such a delicate, pure and fragile flower, why did it take her so long to say “No” after he told her he would stop as soon as she said so (what he did btw) and ABOVE ALL, what woman in her right man would even give her apartment’s keys to a man who kills someone in cold blood just to further his agenda?
    It takes two to tango so need to cry wolf here!

    • Anna says:

      “right mind”

    • Al says:

      @Anna, Nothing you’ve said here changes the fact that Jake entered her room and house without invitation and has attacked her physically more than once.
      Her having sex with him on a beach doesn’t give him a permanent right to her body forever, that’s not how consent works.
      Saying it takes two to tango and why did it take her so long to say no, is classic victim blaming.
      as for ‘didn’t she have to muster some courage to be able to say no?’. I’m not even going to touch that. The fact that she needs courage to stand up to Jake tells its own story.
      With regards to what kind of women would keep sleeping with Jake, a serial killer who licks people’s tears, its clear Olivia isn’t in her right mind, but what I wonder is what kind of person would defend Jake and victim blame the way you have?

      • Anna says:

        Really? Do you even know what the word ” logic” means? If I want someone to be invited before entering my house, if I want my sex-buddy whom I was never bothered to see coming as he pleases in my house and my room,wouldn’t I ask for my keys back? I didn’t even bother to go past your first argument because obviously, you lack some basic common sense.
        Then, they go around and say that people are blinded by their hatred or love of some characters when they can even take a step back and make simple logical arguments. Jack being garbage or not, it isn’t a point. It’s disingenuous to qualify a situation for what it isn’t: a sexual assault when there’s none and even a person with zero legal education can see that. Stop trivializing serious things just for the sake of supporting your dislike of a character, and by you, I also include the recapper Andy.

        • Sheila says:

          I mostly agree. Jake and Liv have a twisted thing and they enjoy their “dance” too. It will continue.

          • Sheila says:

            Time has passed. Anna’s post was correct. Liv loved it and returned the favor. Unfortunately, it seems like these folks crying rape were just a few Olitz shippers who HATE Jake.

        • You are a rapist apologist trash.

          A couple of people have keys to my house. That does not mean they have the right to walk in in the middle of the night, sit on my bed, and then proceeded to stick their fingers up my cooch. And for the record, arousal does not equal consent.

          Physical assault, verbal assault, & now blatant sexual thought, but you’re going to find that pos to the end.

    • sweettweeny says:

      Olivia was sexaully assaulted. Just because a woman has had sex with a man previously doesn’t give the man the right to do what Jake did to Olivia. For those of us with great memory, during Olivia and Jake’s previous sexual encounters, it was always Olivia calling Jake over to her house. He never once took it upon himself to let himself into her apartment. During episode 5×10, he was waiting outside her door. So the moral of the story, even if you give your boyfriend a set of keys, he doesn’t have the right to come to your house, unannounced, and go into your bedroom while you a asleep and stand over you. Also, when you threaten to call the cops on him, he doesn’t have to right to say “I know what you want” and proceed to take his liberties. Just because it might have felt good to Olivia, still doesn’t mitigate the fact that she was sexually assaulted. And, more importantly, it is very dangerous to even have these type of thoughts.

      You are blaming Olivia, the victim, on what happened to her. She gave him her keys because maybe she felt she could trust him. Previously, they always had sex on Olivia’s terms, the way it should be. As for being this delicate, pure and fragile flower, news flash, none of those women who alleged being raped by Bill Cosby look like fragile flowers either, yet, they stated they were sexually assaulted. Just because a woman is considered as being able to take care of herself, doesn’t mitigate the fact that she could be sexually assaulted. And also, Olivia Pope is 5’2 and probably weighs about 100 pounds soaking wet, so what exactly do you consider as fragile and delicate.

      Unfortunately, the writers have turned Olivia into such a hated character that even her sexual assault is looked upon as consensual. Olivia never gave her consent – on the contrary, she threatened to call the cops. The writers gave Olivia Pope the jeezebel treatment – a black woman cannot be raped by a white man because deep down inside the black woman really wanted it all along.

      • Neicey says:

        Give me a break What about Fitz pulling Olivia in the closet to have sex in the White House
        I agree that Jake being a bastard in these last two episode but normally Jake did not take advantage of Olivia until she gave him permission

        • rach says:

          The closet sex was consentual. Fitz pulled her into the closet and kissed her then she slapped him and pulled away. There was a gap between them. Oliva made the choice to continue without any coercion from Fitz. We can argue that Fitz was a jerk but Olivia clearly made a choice to stay in the closet and have sex with Fitz.

    • Neicey says:

      What about Fitz pulling Olivia in the closet to have sex

  14. Sam says:

    I’m pretty happy with the show right now. If Papa Pope gets less than a minute of screen time, I’m generally pleased with a Scandal episode these days. I will say though that the OPA dynamic is a bit boring to me. I still love Huck and Quinn and the new guy is good, but the actual drama doing on there is just a bit too bland. Abby does fine as Fitz’s person, but its just no where near the level of Cyrus or Mellie or Olivia. With the way things are going I don’t think it would happen, but I really just want Abby to go back to OPA and have that base be like it used to be. Not asking for a season 1 show, just that OPA is back to being OPA while we get the rest of this drama, because I do like a lot of things happening on the show right now.

    • Brian says:

      Abby is missed at OPA, but i’m actually enjoying her more at the White House. I just wish OPA could land better cases.

  15. bigdede says:

    Sorry but who is Olivia to tell that to Fitz??? When Fitz started humping her while he was married he became just like his father. What kind of example is he setting for his children? Um does Olivia not remember that his kids know that the woman who was suppose to be helping their family turned out to be the woman their father had been cheating on their mother with? The secret service knew Fitz was humping Olivia while married who they took their cues from him years ago. And Mellie is working with one of Fitz’s wh0res who was around their children. So I guess if one of these wh0res can help her win the White House, she’ll befriend them. I just can’t with this show anymore

  16. bigdede says:

    And what hold does Jake have over Olivia? When Olivia kept choosing Fitz, it was Olivia who kept calling Jake. Olivia is the one who continues to keep Jake in her life. She has a choice to get rid of him.

  17. INeverRememberMyScreenName says:

    “Also, to whom should I send my strongly worded e-mail about making Ricardo Chavira a series regular?” You can’t be serious. They have like 25 regulars at this point and it’s one of the primary reason the show is sucking–they’re struggling to find something for all these characters to do.

  18. Tracy says:

    Scandal has turned into one big garbage fest.

  19. Imzadi says:

    It was nice to see Michael, and I loved that he appeared to be a caring father to little Ella. Cyrus doesn’t seem to give a damn about her, so it’s a good thing Michael does! Braiding (black) Barbie’s hair into a milkmaid for practice! My very favorite part of the entire episode. I thought we might get to see Ella (She DOES exist!), but at least we caught a glimpse of Teddy.

    In a land of characters you can love to hate, my biggest hate is for Elizabeth. The way she’s playing poor noble Susan is just WRONG! She’d be worse than Rowan if she’d killed anyone!

  20. Laurie says:

    I feel the same way about Scandal missing something. I think it is because I am not rooting for anyone. Fitz is a manwhore. Liv is acting weak. David is deceiving Susan. Cy is a master manipulator. Definitely no white hats in sight.

  21. Dude says:

    Jake sucks. Fitz sucks. Why do the writers of Scandal think the only interesting relationships to be explored are of the abusive stalker variety? That doesn’t make a relationship interesting or complex, it just makes it unpleasant.

  22. Betty Davenport says:

    Yes, the show has lost its focus. The love story of Fitz and Liv is the story. Everything else feeds that story and without it just another show like all the other grade b shows that need to get the axe.

  23. cuius says:

    It’s going to look pretty tame compared to a Trump presidency

  24. Betsy says:

    I don’t watch it any more. I loved to watch it and I couldn’t wait for Thursday night. Scandal has turned a different way.

  25. carma says:

    Jake has never veered far off the disgusting, immoral and amoral path since the inception of his character. Whey is that just being noticed now? Olivia has become a stalker and why does she care about what Jake is doing unless she has some stupid, unresolved feelings for him?
    She’s given mixed signals to both of the men in her life but has treated fit, imo, abominably, especially when she has/had professed all she wants is Fitz and share their life in Vermont. That she not only loves him but also is truly IN LOVE with him. Shonda has ruined that relationship beyond repair, and there is no need to try to recapture anything between them.
    I despised the way she talk to Fitz, and worse, that fact that he stood there like a whipped puppy. Where was this “big confrontation” the promos “promoted”?? What’s with emasculating and belittling Fitz by all these women? Liv can bounce in and berate him about his behavior (is hers any better—stalking and jealous), tells him how to live his life when hers is in shambles, etc. He’s the leader of the free world, single and available. As long as he’s discreet, what’s the problem? Her little “rant” (flawless takedown”, ha!) could have applied to her and OPA. Now, suddenly she has a conscience when she’s done just as much despicable dirt as the rest? And just as suddenly, Fitz now realizes that Liv just wants him to be a “better man” and stop acting like a frat boy? Puh-leeze!! Mellie jealous, Liz jealous, Abby – weak and looks to Liv for advice – pathetic characterization of these women. They need to get over themselves; it makes look small and petty.
    Don’t get me started on this twisted Meliv friendship/partnership, either (regardless that Liv is not running Mellie’s campaign). WTH. They’re OK working “collaboratively” (book, filibuster) AND now, seemingly working against the man they both loved? Stupid storyline. Cyrus—what is there to say—evil, vindictive and treacherous? I don’t want to start on the other threesome.
    The entire storyline is asinine and ridiculous. Shonda’s lost her touch—if she really ever had it. As a woman, I’m disgusted with Scandal and do not see any of these women portraying characters of strength, maturity or using common sense.

  26. Tee Lynn says:

    Cyrus Beane is the Man! Jake wants Liv to fight for him. I do too.

  27. Ram510 says:

    Yes, Ricardo needs to be a series regular!!!! So great to see him back on tv.
    Now if they could get Eva Longoria to play his wife that’d be awesome too

  28. Gabrielle says:

    I think the presidential race subplots are coming along nicely. I love Abby’s arc, but there is the glaring issue of Liv not being in any way credible. Having her leave Fitz
    to return to marginilization under the thumb of Jake and Rowan is disappointing to say the least. It seems a complete contradiction and a disappointing let down to this character. I think the ratings free fall echoes that sentiment. I have at least three friends who quit watching altogether. I am diehard Tony and Kerry fans and the rest of the cast too, that is why I still watch. I have very little hope for the story line. I think it will probably get bumped off of TGIT next year for Shonda’s new show.

    • sweettweeny says:

      I love Abby’s arc too and according to the previews she is going to make a play for the Chief of Staff position and Olivia “counsels” her on power.

  29. Did I need to see the picture of Fitz on one knee with candles champagne red roses and white lilies all the things I like? Anyway, Liv is great in the bedroom but cannot get past the sex to get to love. With parents like hers, who would have taught her how to love?

  30. robandco says:

    I agree with the last bullet point at the end of the recap. Something is missing. The pacing is not the same. But this week was better, far better than the last 2 or 3. Maybe because there was a case of the week for OPA.
    I can’t wrap my head around Susan Ross being a republican. It just doesn’t feel true to her character. I had a hard time seeing Fitz as one too, but after season 4 I finally accepted it. It takes time.

  31. Anita B. says:

    Scandal is my favorite show, but now it seem to be falling at the road side. I enjoyed the first three seasons but the last season and this one are not attention holders. I use to rush in from work and do all my mommy stuff before 8:59. My children knew from 8:59 to 9:00 p.m. was my time. Now my answer become its on DVR

  32. michelle says:

    This brand new Olivia is pathetic and so is this show with its faux feminism.
    Strong confident women do not:
    Have to disparage a man to feel empowered, they uplift each other
    Have to sleep around to feel good about themselves, they can feel confident with or without a man
    Have abortions as birth control they are responsible, ever heard of the morning after pill
    Allow people to disparage them, ever heard of self respect
    Flaws are one thing but this is degrading
    I signed up for season one and two Olivia so I am out!

  33. leo21 says:

    Can Kate Burton get an Emmy, please!

  34. Stacy says:

    Clearly you are an Olitz shipper. Not defending Jake but the whole No means no doesn’t apply in Scandal. How many times has she told Fitz no and he dismisses it? Jake is “garbage” but Fitz is being a frat boy? You got the boy part right. Please try some objectivity in you next review (although I won’t be reading) and recognize Fitz for the sleazy weak whipped little stalker he is.

    • Brian says:

      Are you serious? Fitz has always been called out by critics, at times unfairly. While Jake has always mostly been white washed by most of the mainstream critics So it was awesome seeing this recap keeping it real when it came to discussing Jake’s actions last night. It really tells us how bad his actions were when this week alone finally brought out alot of negativity towards his character in these recaps.

    • Neicey says:

      Solo true

  35. Jada says:

    The show is getting kind of sloppy. How is David going to prosecute those Agents without taking down Olivia as well? Didn’t she and her team clean up the crime scene? We learned in Season 1 that they leave behind no evidence to protect their client, so David most likely has no evidence to go off of ( unless they all confess, but even then Olivia would still be in trouble for tampering with the crime scene). Also where oh where is Cyrus’s baby!!!?

  36. Diane says:

    Thank you for calling it like it is: Joke is garbage.

  37. Carly says:

    I think we need to look at the whole picture here. I feel Shonda and her writers are so caught up in crazy and twisted storytelling that they have lost sight of the characters they created. The show is no longer complicated or compelling, it has just turned into a mess. The falling ratings can attest to that.

    Reading through the comments, I see I am not alone in my feelings. I am not sure Shonda can get the show back on track, but I hope she can and the sooner the better. Time will tell how much longer I can hang in there. I really like all of the actors, but they can only do so much with what they are given to work with.

  38. Nira says:

    Jakes a Rapist .. lmao. The show was good last night. Jakes magical finger scene was hot as Hell. The storyline moved and gave me a few laughs. Glad Cyrus is back in the game being his nefarious self. I think the writers focus on all those vying for the Presidency makes for an interesting plot. Fitz’s #hoedown at Motel 1600 Pennsylvania was funny. Jake/Roman will they equally be making a push for the Presidency looking forward to this plot twist. Olivia evolution has been interesting this season but I am always here to support KW. As a sophomore show I am satisfied Scandal is still holding its own from what I can see nobody is blowing up the screen across all of Network TV. Season 5b has not been dull I am here for it.

  39. Calvin Adolph says:

    The whole show was meant to teach common, everyday people that there are NO good people in Washington politics. Spoiler alert: I think that Rowan is grooming Jake to run for President. Everyone else is backing somebody, why not Rowan? At that point, the show would need to be ended. The only person I liked with Olivia was the senator who truly loved her, Senator Edison Davis.

  40. Cara says:

    I so want to see Olivia married and happy. Preferably with Jake. Also hope Danny Pinto become a permanent cast member as Vargas brother.