American Idol Recap: Repeat Offenders

After all these years, American Idol is still pretty much my favorite thing on television, and yet I nevertheless spent the last seven days filled with unspeakable dread about this week’s performance show.

That’s not a knock on the remaining contestants in Idol‘s abbreviated, blink-and-you-missed it farewell tour, but rather, a dig at the show’s producers for bringing to us the worst theme week in 15 years*: Most-Performed Songs from Past Seasons. (*Yes, even worse than Season 6’s “Gwen Stefani and her musical influences!”)

I’d like to think that even Uncle Nigel would’ve known the Idoloonie Nation had not one iota of interest in the ninth incarnation of Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” (not the seventh, as Harry inaccurately put it) or Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want to Miss a Thing.” I mean, you don’t see Julia Louis-Dreyfus recycling her Seinfeld punchlines on Veep, do you?

But whether it’s cheapness (clearing new songs costs a few coins, I suppose) or indifference (“Eh, why not reheat some leftovers!” you can hear current EP Trish Kinane shrugging), it was indeed recycling night outside The House That Seems to Never Acknowledge the Brilliance of Former Inhabitant Melinda Doolittle.

Luckily for fans, La’Porsha Renae overcame some dubious styling and made us feel “Come Together” like we were Beatles virgins, touched for the very first time. I am not the kind of gay who says “Yaaassss, Queen!” but I will briefly amend my recap rules and say… “Yaaassss, Queen!”

While you absorb that ridiculata, let me get to my letter grades for this week’s performances — lo and behold, some of these crazy kids managed to make the terrible theme work…

Duet Round
Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae — Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” — Grade: A-
Sonika Vaid and Avalon Young — Andra Day’s “Rise Up” — Grade: B+
Dalton Rapattoni and MacKenzie Bourg — Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” — Grade: C-
Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean – Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” — Grade: C-

Sent to Safety (in Order of Performance)
La’Porsha Renae – The Beatles’ “Come Together” — Grade: A | She moved, she grooved, she growled and she soared. Yes, the sleeves of her peculiar outfit looked like something from the Buffalo Bill Second Skin Collection, but that snarl on “one thing I can tell you” combined with that final high note made this a “Come Together” that ranks right alongside (if not above) prior renditions by Carly, Crystal, Kris and Candice.

MacKenzie Bourg – Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” — Grade: B | MacKenzie played it straightforward and tender here — which is probably the kind of moment he needed at this point in the competition. And yet while I liked the crumble in his tone when he stretched to the top of his range, I wish he’d dug a little deeper into the lyric, brought a little more gravity and growl to lines like “you’re everything I hoped for.”

Trent Harmon – Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” — Grade: A- | OK, the “wah-wah” breakdown near the end was a little goofy — though not as goofy as J.Lo’s bikini top/midriff medallion/wardrobe malfunction-threatening mess of a dress. But I appreciated how Trent took a fairly repetitive tune and used it like a figure-skating compulsory, showing off all the colors (falsetto! runs! deep dips!) in his Crayola box. Keith Urban wasn’t wrong that Trent probably could’ve made the performance a little more “emotion-based,” but while I wasn’t completely moved, I was completely impressed.

Tristan McIntosh — Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing” — Grade: B- | I know Scott Borchetta wants us to believe in the Tristan McIntosh Is Reborn as a Front-Runner arc, but when the 15-year-old got away from the melody and got to riffing, there were some seriously dubious notes assaulting my ears. Perhaps even worse, there was a pageant-y patina coating the cover — without any real sense of humanity behind the lyrics. Harry’s question to Tristan about the meaning of the final verse was painted, bizarrely, as a compliment, but if you read between the producer-approved lines, I think what he really meant was, “You’re just singing notes, not telling a story, kiddo.”

Dalton Rapattoni — The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” — Grade: C- | Someone please explain the judges’ enthusiastic response to this collection of gasping delivery and bum notes — seriously, dude was flat for at least two thirds of the performance. Dalton was getting drown out by the band so consistently, I half expected Rickey Minor to throw him a life preserver. The Emperor of Season 15 may have perfectly applied guyliner, but where the hell are his clothes?

Bottom Three (Performing for the Judges’ Sole Save)
Avalon Young — Michael Jackson’s “P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” — Grade: B+ | The judges weren’t wrong in saying that Avalon’s “P.Y.T.” was similar in mood and tempo as most of her prior performances — and this one wasn’t as deeply sexy or in tune as last week’s epic “Earned It.” Still, the California girl once again reminded us of her beautifully breezy tone and inherent ability to catch a groove — qualities that should have kept her out of the Bottom 3 in the first place (especially considering how bad Dalton was last week, too). No, she was probably never going to be Kelly Clarkson’s bookend, but I might be looking to her post-Idol output most of all.

Lee Jean – The Beatles’ “Let It Be” — Grade: D+ | I don’t really have anything nice to say, and so in the spirit of not kicking a child on the occasion of his unceremonious elimination… let’s move on to Sonika.

Sonika Vaid – Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” — Grade: B+ | Uff da. J.Lo’s favorite Whitney Houston tune has to rank at No. 2 on the list of songs I never again want to hear on a reality singing competition — behind only the Phil Collins Soundtrack Ballad That Shall Not Be Named. That said, Sonika came pretty close to delivering a note-perfect rendition punctuated by the big, bombastic notes that sends the audience swaybots into screeching ecstasy. I still prefer the grittier Sonika we saw on “Bring Me to Life” — and honestly, returning to that vibe is the only chance she’s got to win this season — but I couldn’t really be too mad that she’s the one the judges chose to save.

Sonika (no doubt, she belongs in the Top 6, and yet…)

Avalon (Look, I know Scott Borchetta luvvvvs Tristan and Dalton, but is this really how you voted, America?)

OK, your turn. Vote for your fave performances in our poll below, then hit the comments and share your reasoning — and your thoughts about this week’s eliminations!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Tim says:

    Leave it to the producers to PUNISH the longtime, faithful viewers of this series as we near the end. I watched all 15 seasons, and this is how you repay me? Tonight was a “greatest hits” of everything I dislike about Idol … a theme of already overdone songs, results as you go that stress out and marginalize the contestant performances, and forcing contestants into duets with songs that obviously not one of them chose or wanted to do. These poor contestants! And poor viewers! And the judges STILL get final say in who goes home, not America? Producers, you DESERVE to lose your jobs after forcing us all to sit through this. You’ve managed to supplant my sentimentality with utter frustration. I am much less sad now that this show is going away.

    • PSCali says:

      I agree with everything you said. Nigel Lythgoe is a truly mediocre producer who is overpaid and very blind and deaf to the glaring issues and articulate outcries. But thank God for the relatively timeless Beattles songs.

      • PSCali says:

        Oops, my bad. I forgot that Nigel Lythgoe got justifiably canned as Executive Producer a couple years ago. My apologies. I miss Disqus where we could correct our mistakes.

        • vchugo says:

          Why do they always put the pretty girls right behind the judges??? Oh, yeah, ratings.

          These producers are just not current. They should let the contestants pick their own songs and sing it the way they want to sing it.

          Tristan ahead of Avalon and Sonika??? Unbelievable … everyone should get ONE vote.

          I’m a masochist, so I will continue to watch until the bitter end.

          • vchugo says:

            My Grades:

            Duet Round
            Trent Harmon and La’Porsha Renae — Wiz Khalifa and Charlie Puth’s “See You Again” — Grade: B+
            Sonika Vaid and Avalon Young — Andra Day’s “Rise Up” — Grade: B
            Dalton Rapattoni and MacKenzie Bourg — Backstreet Boys’ “I Want It That Way” — Grade: D
            Tristan McIntosh and Lee Jean – Aerosmith’s “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing” — Grade: C+

            Individual Round
            La’Porsha Renae – James Brown’s “Come Together” — Grade: A
            MacKenzie Bourg – Joe Cocker’s “You Are So Beautiful” — Grade: A-
            Trent Harmon – Ben E. King’s “Stand By Me” — Grade: B
            Tristan McIntosh — Martina McBride’s “A Broken Wing” — Grade: B-
            Dalton Rapattoni — The Beatles’ “Eleanor Rigby” — Grade: B+

            Bottom Three (Performing for the Judges’ Sole Save)
            Avalon Young — Michael Jackson’s ‘P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing)” — Grade: B
            Lee Jean – The Beatles’ “Let It Be” — Grade: C-
            Sonika Vaid – Whitney Houston’s “I Have Nothing” — Grade: B+

          • Steven says:

            The producers don’t care. The shows cancelled. Its a three away season :just look at format the last two weeks

          • Mary says:

            I will give you credit but I just can’t. I will DVR for past idols and good performances that get praise on this site.

      • Sally McLinn says:

        Does Nigel still produce American Idol? I thought they fired him.

    • Mike says:

      That’s a point I’ve been complaining about for the past few seasons. These contestants sometimes don’t have a choice for songs and yet the judges are giving them crap for it. Maybe Harry should just ask them if they chose the song before harrassing them about it.

      • smokey says:

        these songs are ‘Assigned’ from a short list and the Band and stage managers help decide what they will do. Many times they don’t pick a better song, because no option was given.

        • Mike says:

          Exactly and if the judges know this, then criticizing them on their “choice” in song is BS. If you know they have little if no control of song choice then it shouldn’t be fair game when it comes to criticism.
          Of course, then you have the judges complain about how Mackenzie not making “I wnat it that way” his own song like he normally does….and then make no mention of how he did nothing different with “You are so Beautiful”. And that’s not to say he didn’t do a good job with it, but please be consistent with your comments. :(

      • bradybunch4u says:

        Exactly. No way did MacKenzie and Dalton pick that song.

        • Smokey says:

          In a popularity poll I seen , (has no opinion on good/bad singing, just popularity) ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

          MacKenzie Bourg has slipped to the bottom 2 and is in danger of elimination unless saved next week.

    • JM says:

      Well said, Tim. I felt like tonight was a waste of time.

    • Trey Rhodes says:

      I TOTALLY AGREE!!! it’s like they complied a list of every song i didnt want to hear and told the contestants to perform them tonight. and the worst part is that i couldnt help but compare each and every performance to the idol legends (ie tristan to jordin, who didnt even do a third as well as jordin’s pinnacle moment on the show, dalton to david cook, trent to david archuleta, and even tho i love la’porsha, this did not live up to candice glover’s version unfortunately)

      • S. says:

        I knew we were doomed to hear “I Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing” but at least there was no “Against All Odds” or “I’ll Be” or “I Believe I Can Fly.” I don’t get Michael’s B+ for Sonika. She straight up butchered “I Have Nothing.” The flatness, oh the flatness. To the point that I’d be concerned for her making it through next week. (I can’t believe Dalton would go home although he deserves to.) Go listen to Whitney and cleanse your ear-palate, guys.

    • analythinker says:

      You took the words right out of my mouth. I’ll just be on the lookout for Trent or LaPorsha videos on YouTube.

    • danin says:

      I too have sat through this series from Season 1. I can only conclude they (the big shots) haven’t cared for quite some time and can’t wait for it to be over.

    • TJ says:

      Also eliminating 2 contestants a week isn’t fair to your 15 season watchers either. Avalon did not deserve to go home. This just feels so rushed. Can we go to one a week now so we get to see more?

      • miamac says:

        You do know why they are doing this, right? Shortening the weeks by sending 2 home instead of just 1. Well, so they go out with a bang by showcasing past Idol talent and current stars. Not fair, I know.

      • HTGR says:

        Yeah the double elims for lives are the single worst thing about The Voice so why is that the thing they copied over for the final season??

    • Sally McLinn says:

      Am I the only one who cannot look at Laporsha? She’s just too overly overly the top with the hair and the cat suit. It doesn’t work and takes away from her singing, which is imitation Fantasia & Patti Labelle.

  2. Mike says:


    • Aislinn says:

      Big mistake on the judges’ part. Just because Sonika sang a traditional idol ballad does not mean she deserved to stay over Avalon. Really disappointed she got sent home.

      • Scout says:

        I wasn’t really that impressed with Sonika tonight. It was a derivative in a way that really wasn’t that interesting.

        • Emma says:

          Maybe so but Lee definitely deserved to be eliminated and there was no way they were going to save Avalon twice in a row, so Sonika really was their only choice. I don’t think she has any chance of winning, but neither did Avalon or Lee. Shrug.

      • I disagree HEAVILY with everyone saying Sonika should’ve gone home over Avalon. The only reason that people are saying she should have is because she landed in the bottom three alongside Lee and Avalon. Had Dalton been there instead of Sonika, everyone would be gunning for him. Same thing goes for MacKenzie, or Tristan, etc.

        My theory is that Tristan or Dalton should’ve gone home. Dalton may have uniqueness, but I feel like his voice isn’t as good as everyone says it is, and he’s overhyped. And Tristan?W ell, she has a good voice, but I don’t think she’s got that marketability or reliability. One of them should’ve gone home over Avalon.

        I do not think Avalon should’ve gone home, But I am glad just glad that it wasn’t Lee who was saved. And truth be told, I liked Avalon, but I didn’t think she was going to win. I’m sensing a showdown between Trent and La’Porsha in the finale.

        • Leely says:

          There are definitely others that should have gone home over either Sonika or Avalon. When people say that Avalon should have stayed over Sonika they are more than likely looking at it from the choices they were given from the bottom three. I like Sonika and think she should stay but if I compare ONLY tonight’s bottom three performances (not who I believe should be in the bottom) and take into account how out of tune some of the notes in her rendition was to me then I would have picked Avalon to stay over her as well. If I had it my way, Lee and Tristan would be the bottom 2. Dalton is not the greatest singer and was bad last week but I’m not bored by his performances and I can’t say the same about my choice bottom.

        • smokey says:

          I would find a final between Trent and LaPorsha to be nothing but boring. Good singers, yes. Wouldn’t care who won.

        • MJ says:

          I think all of you are nuts for the infatuation with Avalon. She has a decent voice but I think so many of you are just drawn into her likable personality and her ability to perform. Sonika has by far the better voice (top 3 IMO) but she isn’t yet as comfortable on the stage. She’ll get there. It sucks for her and others that need a little more experience performing for the live crowd that the season is so rushed.

          • Emma says:

            I think maybe Avalon’s cool, laid back, vibe was mistaken for cockiness by viewers and that’s why she didn’t get the votes. That or her always picking boy songs to sing.

          • MJ says:

            No, that’s not it. She just isn’t that good.

    • Anni says:

      Sorry, but she’s a one-trick pony. Nice, smooth voice, but what else ya got? There’s no fire. Top 2 are La’Porsha and Trent. Obvs.

      • Ben says:

        +1. MacKenzie is the 3th best, but he doesn’t have the voice to challenge this Top 2.

        I’m sure tho that they can improve more.. La’Porsha giving more versatility and Trent reducing his effected performances.

    • Lisa G says:

      I liked Avalon, but I do think Sonika was better tonight. The thing that I would have done if I were Avalon, though, is throw the mic at Jennifer when she suggested that Avalon do something different. Two weeks ago they told her NOT to do something different when she tried because they liked her better in her “pocket.” Tonight they just threw an excuse to get rid of her that made no sense.

  3. Marianne says:

    Sonika can sing. Sonika is not cool. Sonika will not be marketable. Avalon can sing. Avalon is cool. Avalon would have been marketable. :(

    • I agree, and I thought they would, but I guess they didn’t want to save Avalon a second time. Too bad it’s not like The Voice, so we could have had #SaveAvalon.

    • Mike says:

      That seems to be the problem with both the Voice and American Idol. It seems that the people that actually vote through the eventual winner aren’t the ones buying the music afterwards. How many of these winners fail because the ones that vote them through aren’t the ones downloading the music afterwards? I’m not disappointed that Sonika is through. I’m more disappointed that Dalton was horrible last week and somehow he got voted through and Avalon who was awesome in her bottom 3 performance, didn’t.

      • Scout says:

        “It seems that the people that actually vote through the eventual winner aren’t the ones buying the music afterwards.”


        • smokey says:

          Been very true about the past 3 winners, none of them have done anything much in selling their songs. Maybe Fadianni will get a boost from tonight, but I didn’t care anything about his song.

          • tealeaves says:

            But have the non-winners from their seasons sold more? Each year is its own competition. Voters are voting on the show performances.

          • Emma says:

            I thought he and his song were dreadful. But at least they let a former idol perform, hopefully that trend continues the rest of the season. No more non-idols and please gawd no JHo!

      • Ryan says:

        Based on tonight’s performances…
        My Bottom 2:
        Tristan McIntosh
        Dalton Rapattoni

          • Emma says:

            the only thing I liked about his performance was the violinists, they were awesome, hah

          • Ally says:

            (This is directed at the original commenter, not you, Emma! Your opinion is cool because it’s an opinion) Is that original commenter a troll? Like seriously? What you said is disgusting and rude and you should be ashamed of yourself. You’re no better than the school bully. I happen to know Dalton in real life (since 8th grade) and I hope to god he never visits this site. He is a nice person and you are out of line. What you said isn’t an opinion, nor was it constructive criticism. You don’t even know him. (May I repeat, you don’t even know him!!!!) He struggles with bipolar disorder and has since he was 9. You are out of line, that’s all I can say. I’m a bit heated because what you said is very rude and that’s undeniable and more rude than whatever anybody else has said up here. What is it with this irrational hatred? Like seriously, so you have a stick up your butt? (Once again, this was directed at you Emma! You simply stated your opinion and that’s chill, because that’s your own opinion, and you weren’t bullying him.) I know I’m saying a lot, but it gets me disappointed and a bit angry when a.) people make personal attacks against somebody they don’t know, and b.) somebody is rude to one of my friends. Lay off, dude, and stop trolling. Nobody this season has gotten this much hate at all, and it’s sad because Dalton’s a great guy.

          • Ally says:

            And what I said was directed at the commenter who said that Dalton is “trash”, and please ignore my spelling mistakes! :) I was typing fast.

          • Alan Dvorkis says:

            Brilliant comment.He has been the most creative singer on the show. Last night was not his best, still, I would rather hear a bad night from Dalton, than the same runs over and over again from Laporsha.

      • Lking says:

        I mostly over the years feel like the voters put through the wrong people. And now the judges are messing with the results. That said, we will likely get another winner who will, go nowhere after the show…pretty much business as usual. That’s what’s predictable and basically the charm of this show we love to hate it….the Voice just doesn’t have that funky vibe that drove Idol making household names out if a kid fresh off the farm.

      • daynamonet says:

        I want to say this because I think it’s very important and it’s something many of you fail to realize. As a singer myself, I’ve been told my many people in the business that people just aren’t buying music anymore, period. Even just 10 years ago, the music industry had better sales. I mean if you’re not beyonce, Taylor Swift or adele, you’re not selling millions of albums so let’s stop penalizing these recent idol winners on lack of sales because even popular singers can’t even go gold anymore these days. The money is in touring, doing shows, songwritibg, endorsements and other endeavors. Wake up and look around people.

    • TuckersMom says:

      That’s what a lot of people said about Carrie Underwood.

      • Lisa G says:

        Carrie was still in the era where the themes were genres. They were expected to be able to sing anything. That’s one of the reasons that so many of the early singers found careers after they lost; thy had demonstrated strong talents in many genres. Diana DeGarmo and Constantine found homes on Simon’s dreaded Broadway. Mandisa and George Huff went to Christian music. Now they all sound the same, they are encouraged to only sing one genre throughout the competition. You don’t see them demonstrate strong skills in other areas.

    • Mary says:

      Look at the demographics for this show, the majority probably don’t listen to current music. A singer like Avalon didn’t stand a chance. Personally I think Avalon is better off without winning because quite frankly Scott wouldn’t know how to promote her. He is Country and that is why he is pushing for Tristian. The remaining Contestants better watch their back because I am not so sure he can help them. I don’t know what he did to Nick but it didn’t even sound like him – maybe radio friendly – I will be surprise if he breaks out even slightly.

      • A.R. Vega says:

        I didn’t watch AI last season but that Nick guy stinks. Hope to never hear or see him again.

        • JoMarch says:

          He sounded better last night than he ever did; I still don’t know how he won.

          • Emma says:

            That was ‘better’?!? He must have been really bad before! It was horrible, and made all the worse by the camera cutting to puppet-master Scott Bruschetta and his smarmy smile afterwards. Barf.

        • Ben says:

          +1. Nick seem to be a really nice guy… but all his performances were this flat and not memorable at all the past year. It’s sad to have him in this final season like if he were in competition… still trying to make it…thanks to Borchetta.

    • Like is the farewell season I think you people from American Idol Production team could consider to have a WINNER and three finalists by genre; Story telling category, Best performance on stage category and best entertainer category. It is a pity to waste the opportunity to boost an artist a true artist. If can I make a suggestion; Why don’t you try to make sing Sonika Vaid “I don’t want a miss the thing” by Steven Tayler. La Porsha singing “Hello” by Adele, Mackenzie singing “Take me Home” by Phil Collins and Trent singing “long and Winding Road” by Lennon McCartney and invite to sing to Avalon “Piece by Piece” by Kelly Clarkson. In my humble opinion; America failed eliminating Avalon instead of Dalton who by the way is a tremendous entertainer. Thank you very much to give me the opportunity to make an statement.

  4. La’Porsha and Trent’s duet was 100x better than the others’. So glad. They should be in the finale, and I hope they will be.

    • Scout says:

      It was great. But they happen to be better than all of the singers too. And that would be one GREAT finale. Hope it happens.

    • chris says:

      They are also two of the three oldest contestants. In fact, the duets seemed to be pairings of similar aged singers. That’s why the quality declined with each duet. LaPorsha and Trent have more experience. The teenagers are still learning,

  5. TK says:

    I’m glad Michael started using “overnight” and not “in about an hour” anymore.

  6. Somebody says:

    Hey–I actually agree with every single one of your letter grades tonight! Thank you for acknowledging Dalton’s general weakness as a singer of any depth or power. It’s to the point I’m actually getting kind of annoyed by him, despite having started out sort of liking him.

    • UGH says:

      I’m boggled that America voted Dalton in after that terrible performance last week over AVALON.

      • JM says:

        AND I’m boggled that the judges didn’t give him one ounce of criticism this week. He continuously ran out of breath on every line–it was worse than bad.

        • Somebody says:

          I feel as though there has to be too much going on behind the scenes to ever truly understand why the judges say half the things they do–or don’t say them, as the case may be. But yes, it was as if I had watched a different performance from the judges where it came to Dalton.

        • Jaszy says:

          I was like “what the heck is this?!” That arrangement and the heaviness of the instruments drowned out his horrible vocals. If you were to strip all of the music away and hear how his voice sounded acapella, we’d all be running for the hills.
          Such a travesty that performance. I really enjoy that song, but he butchered it with his below sub par vocals. This dude CANNOT win!
          I miss Olivia Rox…

      • Scout says:

        They voted him in because he’s a boy and he’s like dreamy and all that. It is ridiculous that the superior-vocalist-in-every-way Avalon is gone though. I thought she was especially awesome tonight.

        • Oy says:

          Wow. That’s completely unfair. Did you poll ALL of Dalton’s voters to come up with the conclusion that they are only voting for him on his looks? Not cool. He happens to be a really good musician with a lot of music history prior to Idol. Just because he isn’t the typical Idol singer who belts and does runs and all that doesn’t mean his fans voting for him are only looking at his face and not his talent.

          • Jaszy says:

            You’ve have got to be stupid not to see that Dalton’s looks have EVERYTHING to do with him being over-hyped as he is! Girls vote for cute boys! Face facts! His vocals were AWFUL tonight, yet, you could hear all the girls screaming anyway. “Who cares if he can’t sing, he’s cute so let’s vote him through!” I’m SICK of these MEDIOCRE WGWG’s. If Dalton wins…worst winner ever.

          • Oy says:


            No, I’m not stupid and do yourself a favor and watch what you are typing. This site does now allow for name calling among posters. You would be wise to note that people have differences of opinion and just let it go. I stand by what I said. Dalton is more than just looks and his fans are voting on more than just looks. He also isn’t a WGWG. So have a great night and again, watch those words. Toodles.

          • HeartMN says:

            Thank you Oy! I am not 13 and I do not think he is dreamy. I do however, really enjoy his theatrical take on many of the songs. He knows how to put on a show! It is fun to see what he will come up with. I appreciated his take on the song – almost a funeral dirge – but it is a song about all of the lonely people – it is NOT a happy song.

          • Mary says:

            He was in a boy band that didn’t break out like others. Maybe that is what Scott is looking for. Look at what Simon did with one direction. Weren’t good singers but promoted the cute young guys and obviously it paid off. I guess auto-tune can help with the voice, but I will be honest the one thing I always enjoyed about AI was the contestants and singers could sing live. Oh well it doesn’t matter because quite frankly I don’t see the winner going to far after the show.

        • Tom says:

          As I have said before the Name of the show is American Idol, not America’s Best Singer. So Looks and stage presence are what they are supposed to be judged on in addition to their voice.

        • Kbella says:

          I couldn’t agree with you more. This show is a joke.

    • Anni says:

      Dalton is just not a great singer, by any means. I just see the dude from Green Day every time I look at him. The Backstreet Boys cover was puke city. Harry’s critique over song choice was dead on.

      • Somebody says:

        The funny thing–and I learned this from Reality Check (thank you, Michael)–is that Dalton actually used to be in a boy band (IM5–you can find some of their videos on YouTube). In theory, he should have nailed that Backstreet Boys track. But he was kind of terrible. Mackenzie had no idea what he was doing either, but at least he managed to do some interesting things.

    • Ashley says:

      I really loved Dalton until last week’s performance, which was tremendously bad! I feel he’s lost all of his spark. I want “Phantom of the Opera” Dalton back. With his performance tonight, all I could think about was when David Cook sang that song with the exact same arrangement and absolutely slayed it.; his voice was soaring and his excitement was visceral. I felt like Dalton was doing a heinous David Cook karaoke.

      • Somebody says:

        Right!? Where is that version of Dalton? I haven’t really been thrilled with him since they got out of Hollywood week, but he at least seemed “ready” for some sort of career in music. The past few weeks have been baffling, though. His voice just seems to have disappeared leaving him with–at best–some stage presence.

  7. Mak says:

    This is so sad how they are shuffling the show out the door.

    • Scout says:

      I am loving all of the snippets of previous singers/seasons, but they have definitely ruined the show with this format. It’s been a while since the first season, but they have forgotten that the whole point of the show is that the viewers pick who stays and goes. Oh well, it’s about time it ends.

    • Leo says:

      Yeah this double-elimination really really sucks and it already claimed Olivia Rox and now Avalon, at least with single elimination, we’d have more performances to remember them by,
      F- you American Idol for giving us the worst worst season ever. Even worse than the season when they stacked the deck with weak guys just to get a female winner. #IdolConspiracy
      I’d check out only Trent and Laporsha’s performances because apparently they’re the only ones capable of holding a note without crumbling. (Lookin’ at you Sonika)

  8. Wire Dream says:

    “James Brown’s Come Together”? Huh?

    • JLR says:

      Thank you! Must still be time to fix that error.

    • Lisa G says:

      I know, Slezak must have been distracted by HTGAWM already. I liked Dalton more than Tristan, but I think they deserve the bottom two next week. Harry needs to stop asking contestants about the lyrics if they aren’t choosing their own songs. The duets were clearly assigned, and Tristan and Lee got stuck with a song that neither of them had any business signing…especially to each other! I miss the days when contestants actually had a say in what they were singing. When Nick was singing I could have sworn he was doing a cover. Did he sample something?

    • Ani says:

      Yes, thank you! I was beginning I had heard a different so Good!

  9. Florence+TheMachineRulez!!! #TeamMariah says:

    My favorites tonight were LAPORSHA, Sonika, and Avalon!!! Plz, let Sonika through at least top 5!!! Vote!!! Also is it me or is Mackenzie slowly rising and dalton slowly falling? And Tristan . . . She did good on her solo, but she keeps on overthink everything kinda like dalton, but it’s more obvious. She’s got a great voice, she needs to take control of herself. Would love if she sang something kinda acapella or on the piano more.

    • Trent says:

      I agree on your favourites, only adding Trent into that mix.
      I feel like if I compare the two, I vastly prefer Mackenzie over Dalton, and preferred him in their duet (although that’s not saying much)
      I don’t think Tristan has a strong enough sense of pitch to be able to pull off a cappella. She just needs to sing a song that she can nail, that is within her capabilities in terms of range , technical ability and life experience

    • Just Sayin' says:

      All valid points. So sad to see Avalon go. But I am afraid the some in middle America, even in 2016, were not ready for Avalon to rhyme with thespian. This makes me sad.

      • guest says:

        Haha good one thespian it’s true…too bad she didn’t make it she was so good last week

      • Scout says:

        LOL. Rhyme with thespian. It is disappointing, considering her huge amount of raw talent. I hope her career prevails anyway.

      • vicky says:

        i think avalons big mistake was doing a micheal jackson song. if youre going to do micheal you had better be movin and dancin. it was boring to watch.

        • HeartMN says:

          I also thought the back up singers had more of a groove than she did – she was floating around the stage – however, I did like her interaction with them.

    • PSCali says:

      Sonika is a great singer and has been improving, but I don’t believe the Idol Producers will allow a no chair turn from The Voice into the top five. Expect Sonika to get the “death spot” in the near future.

      • smokey says:

        With Avalon gone now, the only ones left that I will enjoy watching/listening to are Sonika and Tristan……… Nothing against the singing skills of the others — just no interest………. too many good girl singers/performers already gone

    • JM says:

      It’s not you. Mackenzie was better tonight, and Dalton was bad two weeks in a row. It’s too bad, because he had promise, and he seems to want it so much.

  10. Trent says:

    I do not understand for the life of me why Idol would do a theme like this! Yet somehow, I enjoyed the evening’s performances vastly over last week’s.
    Trent, La’Porsha, Sonika and Avalon came out to play tonight, yet 2 of them landed in the bottom 3……..
    I suppose it wasn’t surprising to see Avalon, Lee and Sonika there. Avalon did land there last week but she also totally killed her ‘save me’ performance!! I guess she never really got enough of a fanbase behind her. So sad to see her go :( Wasn’t surprising to see Sonika or Lee there either, based on performances/feedback last week. I think Dalton, Tristan, Sonika and maybe even Mackenzie are in trouble. I think Dalton and Tristan should be the next ones to go.

    • JM says:

      Let’s hope they’re the next ones to go. They were the ones I didn’t vote for, so we can only pray that America gets it right.

      • Mary says:

        America doesn’t help but lets be honest here, Scott is pulling the strings. I will bet that next week if one of his chosen one is in the bottom, they will do the bottom two so he can choose who stays. I don’t understand why he is pushing for Tristian. I know he thinks he has another T Swift but the truth is Taylor wasn’t the best singer but she could write and had personality, something that Tristian is lacking. Also it is annoying to keep pushing the back stories. I thought last week her grandfather broke his back and this week it was his lung – keep the story straight please if you are going to push it down people’s throat.

  11. I would swap MacKenzie and Trent’s grades. I’m not even a MacKenzie fan, but that performance was beautiful.

    • Scout says:

      I miss the unrefined, hat-wearing, face-pulling Trent. There was some magic and theater in that. He is super-pretty now, but that’s not as interesting to watch. Still love him though…

  12. I had to watch Candace’s version to clear my palate tonight.

  13. Logan says:

    I was actually really disappointed with tonight. Laporsha and Trent set the bar for me, and no one matched it after.

    Laporsha did well with that song, continuing to show diversity

    Mackenzie and Dalton need to go.

    I was sad to see Avalon go, but wasnt surprised

    My Laporsha and Trent finale is looking more plausible by the minute.

    • Guy says:

      Was anything funnier/sadder than seeing Dalton and MacKenzie stand there in silence like buffoons after Harry asked them the meaning of the song? Geez, these contestants.

      • Oy says:

        You should include Harry in that because as he said, the song really does make no sense. Any of these contestants would have stood there looking puzzled. It is a pop song that works because of the hook and chorus but the lyrics mean nothing.

        • Guy says:

          Harry didn’t pick the song though. Dalton and MacKenzie did. It’s their fault for picking a nonsensical song thinking it would pay off because “oh hey we’re cute boys so let’s sing a crappy Backstreet Boys song and all the girls will go wild!” They should have at least attempted to say what the song is about instead of just standing there. It only served to show how immature they are as singers and performers.

          • Lisa G says:

            You really think they picked that? These songs were very producer forced in my view. No way they chose that. Tristan and Lee also seemed to indicate their song didn’t match their vocal zones. I hate they get criticized that way. At least in the past a judge would pick a song or the contestant and you could criticize them for stupidity.

          • Selina says:

            The producers chose the songs for all of the duets and they chose very poorly. I didn’t enjoy any of the duets.

          • M says:

            Actually, the producers have the final say. (Or somebody else) I saw that last week at the bottom of the screen it said that you could send in requests for what you wanted your favorite contestants to sing, but it also said that the producers always have the final say.

          • The producers picked the duet songs per Scott in an interview.

    • Scout says:

      I would trade both Mackenzie and Dalton for Avalon. I am getting bored with their limited range, especially Mackenzie. What the judges are calling his skill at emoting, I am calling an inability to actually hit notes or doing anything else interesting.

      • danin says:

        Yeah really, he is so lightweight..Mack and Dalton saying he has edge,hahaha..what edge? His voice has absolutely zero edge, except for that final portion of his song.Someone should have told him to start w/the intensity he ended with and I don’t mean bring the growl, just some urgency at the beginning and through all of the song..I love Avalon’s ease and thought to myself how is she going to top Earned it.And yes,the judges were right to tell her to expand her reach out in to TV land, performance wise. But good God,Carrie Underwood had zero presence during her season. Yes,she had a beauty of a voice, but Bo Nice had the total package. Ah, after watching from Season 1, I’ve seen all the manipulation frrom producers,and voter heavy Country Western Voters& then WGWG over balancing,to make up for when kids couldn’t play their instruments, to the shift in preference for singer-songwriter in the public.

      • Smokey says:

        I have known Avalon, and her friend Luna Blake, through youtube video’s for some time — well before she popped-up on Idol. They do some duets together, yes…….. Luna Blake/Avalon

  14. kevstar says:

    La’Porsha and Trent at the top of the leaderboard. Life as it should be.

    • kevstar says:

      It’s almost unfair to the others to pair those two together. Oh, well. I got to hear them sing together. Life ain’t fair.

  15. Oy says:

    Caution – *major minority opinion ahead*

    Dalton is still my fave. I like his style and his choice choices and singing style is my personal preference compared to all the belting singers this season. It is 2016. Sometimes singing shows showcase that a big personality and stage presence is just as important in terms of being marketable as a big voice. Sad to see Dalton’s support on here down to basically nothing but I’ll continue to vote hard for him.

    • DookDood says:

      He’s still my favorite too. And I haven’t stopped voting either. He’s got a star quality I don’t see elsewhere. I liked Eleanor Rigby very much tonight. Dalton – for American Idol!

      • guest says:

        Totally agree. It may not be the biggest belt performance, but I thought it was far and away the most entertaining.

        • Lking says:

          Agree I think Dalton has a chance at a career. LaPorsha and Trent are superior singers, but I would not go to see eiteger perform outside Idol.

          • Mary says:

            I wouldn’t go see any of the three in concert. I am not into runs but I will say LaPorsha has the most talent to the other two. Trent facial ticks are to distracting and I do not like what he does with his voice. Dalton running around on stage and has no voice at all for me is not entertainment, it is call smoke and mirrors. I don’t usually go for big voices but sorry Dalton voice is drown out by the band, if he sang without it you just might see that he really cannot sing.

    • Anni says:

      Sorry, but I like my singing contests to have good singers. Dalton’s style can be found at any Hot Topic store in America.

    • SoozinCA says:

      I also still like Dalton. He and LaPorsha are my faves. Dalton doesn’t have the best voice but he makes his performances interesting, and that is what keeps me voting for him. I loved his version of Eleanor Rigby, though found it funny that Keith didn’t realize how dark that song is just from the lyrics.

    • He’s still my favorite too! I like his song choices. I wish he would have slowed down Radioactive last week. And Eleanor Rigby could have been slowed down too in order to drive home the lyrics. I miss Rebel Yell Dalton. I was so disappointed in last nights show that I can’t even put it into words. I hope everyone is ready to crown Tristan the winner cause that’s where it’s headed. After her solo critique I looked at my family and said brace yourselves. Hope I’m wrong…

    • Selina says:

      I’m a Dalton supporter. I have been since day one and always will be. Just because he doesn’t fit the typical mold, does not make him a bad singer. I guess most of the people on here only like the technical singers. I like the more obscure music/artists that aren’t a dime a dozen & on every radio station. I love his band Fly Away Hero and his other original music. Also, Dalton has been through a lot to get here. There are things he hasn’t mentioned on the show or hardly anywhere really, probably because he doesn’t want the sympathy/woe is me votes. Some contestants put their sob stories out there off the bat. People can hate all they want, but Dalton’s a great kid and a great artist and I’ll always support him.

  16. Yadon says:

    Get rid of Sonika and Dalton.

  17. logan sweeney says:

    Best of the Night—MacKenzie singing YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL…

  18. Andres says:

    Why are the live round going fast. It makes no sense. It feels like the voice live shows which sucks cause we don’t get to connect with the artists as much as we have in pat seasons.

    I was only excited about laporsha.

    • Lisa G says:

      This. When I was watching tonight and realized where the bottom three were going I thought it was sad we were doing double elims, because some of these kids could have really improved. I do think the performance/elimination combo show is terrible. It makes every performance worse. Sad.

  19. Avalon should have gotten a pass just from last week. Not cool Idol. Not cool. Avalon’s cool though.

  20. Owen says:

    Okay, America. If you don’t want Avalon, you don’t GET Avalon. She was too godamned special for you anyway!!!

  21. Guy says:

    They made the right choice keeping Sonika and letting Lee and Avalon go. Lee just isn’t good and Avalon is kind of annoying to me. Not a huge Sonika fan (she’s often too much of a rehearsed pageant singer), but at least she can sing.
    Dalton needs to go. He’s given bad performances for a few weeks now and it’s become clear he just isn’t that talented (cute hair and blue eyes and skinny jeans isn’t a talent).
    I can’t believe that American Idol is going out on such a low note. This is easily one of the worst seasons (if not THE worst) of the show, thanks to the idiotic producers and judges.

  22. DarkDefender says:

    I’m just going to hope Pharell or somebody takes Avalon under their wing and signs this girl. She is talented and it was an injustice for her to be gone over Tristan or Dalton.
    And yes… LaFreakingPorsha –> Sing Heffa!

  23. Trey Rhodes says:


    based on the results tonight, let me know your opinions on my new predictions:

    1.) La’Porsha Renae
    2.) Trent Harmon
    3.) Sonika Vaid
    4.) MacKenzie Bourg
    5.) Dalton Rappattoni
    6.) Tristan McIntosh


    7 & 8.) Lee Jean & Avalon Young
    9 & 10.) Gianna Isabella & Olivia Rox

    • Kari says:

      I totally agree that Avalon leaving really really sucked… she was the most original one there… But she’s not a boy that plays guitar so she never got the credit. I agree with your predictions but I would swap Mackenzie and Sonika.

  24. Rob says:

    I have nothing (no pun intended) but respect for the late, great Whitney Huston but if I hear I Have Nothing one more freakin time on a reality singing competition, I will move to the mountains with Jeneve Mitchell and her family to hide out in seclusion for the remaining years of my life.

  25. I’m still confused as to why JLo’s bra was snapped to her granny panties.

  26. JM says:

    Don’t tar me, but…
    I think the song ‘You are so beautiful’ is overrated. It’s the same lines over and over again. Hearing it once in awhile is fine, but it’s way overdone on reality singing shows.
    Also, after getting on Michael’s case about Trent’s grade last week, this week, I think his grade is too high! I just thought he tried too hard and came across as overly dramatic. So I’d probably give him a ‘B’. Still better than most of the singers tonight.

  27. RK says:

    So LaPorsha is Queen. Now why has she not been assigned a stylist to make her look her best diva fabulous self possible? I seriously want that job, stat.

  28. Jaszy says:

    After Olivia’s elimination last week and Avalon’s elimination this week, I kind of feel like washing my hands of this season. It’s not turning out to be as good as I hoped this last season could be. The best singers and performers are leaving left and right. I believe they want Dalton to win. I don’t get the hype of him. He has one of the weakest voices in my eyes, yet everyone goes crazy over his lame vocals. So much for a girl winning this season. Thinking back, the judges, and to a lesser extent, America, have gotten it wrong. Some of the strongest females went home early: Melanie Tierce gets sent home after the first round of Hollywood week? Jessica Cabral’s final solo performance is never shown and she gets cut because of a supposed lack of connection? Shelbie Z had a powerful stage presence, personality, and VOICE and she gets sent home? Olivia frickin Rox gets cut in a double elimination when she had the BEST voice and the most potential out of all of them? This year’s Top 24 is by far one of the weakest Top 24’s Idol’s had.
    This was a bad way to end what used to be an amazing show. What is everybody in a hurry for? This is the final season. They should be taking their precious time with these singers, yet we’ve had 2 double eliminations and we’re down to a final 6 after only 2 weeks?
    None of these 6 singers that are left do it for me. Olivia Rox should still be there.

    • Could not agree more. To be honest? I feel like American Idol’s relevancy ended with season 8. When season 9 came around, that’s when the show started to fall into irrelevancy.

    • smokey says:

      some of the reasons the show is not good again, is because the same Judges panel, Scotty, Borchetta, and the same lower level show producers with outdated ideas, are running the same show that tanked the past 2 years………………………………………………………………………………………..

      Playing games, detouring good talent that might challenge their ideas for putting together a top 10. and pushing cannon-fodder like Gianna and Lee through the tunnel so they won’t challenge their early picks and J Lo’s “visions” of who should be in the finals.

    • smokey says:

      somehow Jessica Cabral must have had a run-in with someone from Idol, or they just wanted her out because she was a non-compliant real threat to knock-off the chosen ones that were getting all the extra camera time and promo in the earlier parts of the show.

    • Smokey says:

      Try youtube-avalon young-marvin’s room.

  29. TL;DR, neither Avalon nor Sonika should’ve gone home, Tristan or Dalton should’ve went home alongside Lee.

    And now for the full version…

    Right now, there is one person I feel is causing voting to go lopsided this season: Dalton. I feel like he’s a bit overrated, and yet he keeps getting more votes than contestants who are better than him like Olivia, Avalon, and Sonika. His popularity is the only thing keeping him in the competition right now, and it makes me very afraid that he may end up winning when I don’t feel he should win whatsoever. So to put it simply, I would be upset at him. or Tristan. Not Sonika.

    It’s funny. Last week people were complaining heavily that Avalon should have gone home and Olivia should have stayed. And this week, people are saying that Sonika should’ve gone home and Avalon should’ve stayed. In other words, it’s not because who stayed should’ve gone, it’s anger and frustration that someone who should NOT have gone hom ended up going home. Which was inevitable based on who ended up in the bottom three.

    How much you wanna bet that, speaking hypothetically, Sonika and MacKenzie end up being next week’s bottom three. And let’s just say that Sonika ends up being the one who goes home. I’d bet that everyone would jump on the “I hate MacKenzie!” bandwagon solely based on the feeling Sonika that should’ve have gone home (again, all hypothetical).

    • Mary says:

      I see what you are saying but based on the performances and I like all three girls, Olivia was the correct person to go home last week. Sorry I thought Avalon performance was better than Sonika this week, but I knew she didn’t stand a chance because of being in the bottom last week. It is obvious America is not voting for her, so hopefully she can find a right fit for her because quite truthfully I think she is the most marketable but AI demographics are not alway up on current music.

      • Puchinsmom says:

        I’ve been thinking Avalon would be really marketable too. I’m not a big fan of her genre, but it was pretty apparent that she was a good performer, and had a good voice. When she sang that duet she sounded even better to me. It was a different type of song, and when she sang it, she sounded so good! Similar to her duet with Rubin. It pushed her, and she rose to the occasion.

  30. kevstar says:

    Harry is right. I Want It That Way IS a nonsense song. If you’re going to sing it, at least have fun with it. Mac and Dalton took all the fun out of that song. If I never have to hear the Armageddon song ever again, I’d be eternally grateful.

  31. laura says:

    Literally loved Avalon…so so sad to see her go.

  32. danin says:

    Wahhh..I want my enjoyable Avalon back! Michael, our letter grades were so close for each solo&duet that I’m not going to bother posting.

  33. Owen says:

    I loved Avalon. So much. Probably more than I have loved an Idol since Jena Irene. But my other favorite is Dalton. Except for last week, where he got lost, I totally, always enjoy watching him perform. He’s got an okay voice, in some ways better than McKenzie’s, but it’s true, there are much better singers in this competition. But Dalton has something special. I mean beyond his boy-band looks. There is depth there, impossibly it seems, but it’s definitely there. He’s fascinating to watch and his star quality is only matched by LaPorsha (of all the Idols this year, those are the two I could imagine having acting careers as well as singing). Now (how??) that my Avalon is gone, his is the performance I will look forward to most. So, if the girls want to keep voting for the boy with the mascara and cute blue eyes, then yay! Cause he’s much more than that.

    • Oy says:

      I agree with you. I love when it is Dalton’s time to perform because I know I am in for a show for at least 1:30. It isn’t just someone getting up on stage, standing in one spot (or moving to one side and then the other) and belting out a tune. I really like how each performance is like a mini-emo punk concert. And that translates to being marketable when the show is over, win or lose. Unfortunately, I think he may hit the bottom next week and if the judges still have a say, I can’t see them saving him over anyone who is left really. So, we can only hope he doesn’t hit the bottom.

  34. Sarcasm Font says:

    Been watching (and mostly enjoying) since season one, but I think after tonight, I’ll just scan through it on the dvr to catch the guest performances. Don’t understand all the (vocal) love for Dalton, but at this rate, the producers will get their Dalton/LaPorsha finale that they have so clearly been gunning for since Hollywood week, and we’ll end up with another average WGWG as the final Idol. Truthfully, I don’t get all the fawning over LaPorsha either…she’s very good, but I guess I was hoping for the second coming of Kelly Clarkson for this season, and they cut Jessica Cabral, so not getting that now.

    And Tristan-bot…hooooboy, where to start. She’s clearly sweet, and lovely and talented, but she. Is. Not. Ready. AND picks uninteresting songs every freaking week AND always looks terrified. Go home, mature, and then come back to the Voice in three or four years, sweetie.

  35. drock says:

    Nooooooo America! First this, and then Donald Trump!

  36. Marilyn says:

    I have so loved this show over the years, and the way they are hurrying through this thing is so sad. It’s like I actually feel it in my stomach that this show is getting no respect (probably because it’s only the 10th most watched show – which by the way is still good), I suppose Fox will only give them so much time, but couldn’t we lose just one contestant a week? We aren’t even going to get to know these kids – it’s going so fast. And what’s with the judges – I thought KU was going to always be super honest but tonight???? Dalton is so cute and sweet, but tonight he just raced through that song. No, you three, I didn’t feel the dark subtext of the song because of Dalton’s interpretation. Eleanor Rigby has always been a sad song with a feel of loneliness. There is still the young girl vote which is why Dalton is around because he hasn’t been stellar for a couple weeks I would have felt worse when Avalon left but we already know why she’s not getting votes. I know I’m rambling, but I just feel so sad that this is just being pushed through as fast as possible. I always enjoyed getting to know these kids and invest my time in them.

  37. Brandy says:

    I have to say, I’ve liked Sonika from day one, but Avalon is so cool and unique and talented, I was sad to see her go. i actually agree with those who have said Avalon is more marketable and would probably do better long term. I don’t think Avalon or Sonika would have won though, so I guess it was only a matter of time. On another note, im not sure why all the hatred for Dalton. He’s actually my favorite, super talented and an authentic musician with great performance skills. It’s ridiculous that people think we vote for him just based on looks. He’s so talented and different than the others and always finds ways to make a song his, which can’t be said for some still on the show. And my last thing, if Tristan makes it one more week over the rest of these folks, I believe the producers truly are pulling all the strings. She’s so pitchy most of the time and just really not likeable for me… But they clearly love her.

  38. NJIdoloonie says:

    Hey, are we supposed to be voting? I don’t remember anything about voting on the show…I guess I’ll just leave it up to the judges.
    BTW, anyone else think the mentoring is lazy? And lame? and probably favoring the favorites?

  39. kevstar says:

    We knew they weren’t going to save Avalon by their comments. Who knows why the viewers didn’t connect with her. Maybe they don’t “get” her. Her vocals were way better than Tristan’s or Dalton’s tonight.

    • smokey says:

      It’s all a popularity contest. Avalon was different enough and had a rapper’s vibe, that many Idol watchers/voters did not identify with at all — I liked Avalon and voted for her, but knew she wouldn’t last long in the top 8.

  40. pdamico says:

    I’m completely baffled by all the LaPorsha praise tonight. I thought “Come Together” was a mess: a terrible song choice (although, I’m using the word “choice” loosely), the arrangement was so bad as to be almost cheesey, and the person responsible for that outfit she wore tonight oughta’ be ashamed. The duet wasn’t that great, either. Until I came here, I would’ve predicted trouble for her in the voting. Still won’t be surprised if she’s in the bottom 3 next week.

    Tristan negated all the good will from last week. She’s very talented; She’s just too young and inexperienced.

    Trent’s solo tonight was the very first time I enjoyed him. I hope he doesn’t listen to JLo and start wearing those affected outfits again, and I REALLY hope he doesn’t listen to those saying he should go back to making those facial contortions.

    Avalon’s the only one I’ve found consistently, mildly interesting, but in all honesty, both of her performances were weak tonight. Her phrasing was off… (too many clipped endings which is why Harry mentioned her loss of the beat), and she was off-key a lot. I think Tristan and Lee should’ve been the ones going home, but I can’t get worked up over any of this. None of these contestants are ever going to be heard from again after this season ends.

    Speaking which of: I have to add my two cents re: what a missed opportunity this final go ’round has been. It was never so obvious than when they were showing those uninspired montages of past years. For the life of me, I can’t understand why more effort wasn’t put into those pieces. Had they prepared compilations of things like: Top 10 Idol Moments, Best Song Change-ups, Most Shocking Vote-offs, 10 Most Viewed Performances on YouTube, Biggest Vote Getting Performances, etc. the lack of talent this season would have paled compared to real fan/past contestant tributes. My only explanation for so many missed opportunities is that the entire production crew must be too busy typing resumes.

  41. Lori says:

    Uh, James Brown did not write Come Together. #majorfail

  42. That time during group week during Bootcamp week where Sonika & her group ditched Tristan made me not a fan of Sonika. She has a really beautiful voice but her stage presence is like a dear in headlights every time. Avalon had such great energy & a beautiful voice & was entertaining at least! I’ll miss my home girl! but at least my favs Trent & Mack are still there! But i swear if they give them anymore songs/arrangements–idk what i’ll do lol. It’s just super painful & frustrating to watch them having to sing these songs that they’re forced to sing. Goddamn.

  43. Omarr says:

    All I can do after tonight’s telecast is roll my eyes and say… UGHH! I won’t even get into whether I think Avalon deserved the steal over Sonika or not because Tristan and Dalton should’ve been in the Bottom 3 in place of Sonika and Avalon. The producers are tampering with the picks and it’s pretty evident. I knew this type of madness would happen from the moment they sent home Jessica Cabral (no, I’m still not over it). Wouldn’t be surprised if they send home Sonika or Trent next week just to keep Dalton and Tristan around. I really hope La’Porsha wins! Even if you’re not a fan of hers, you can’t deny that she is one of the only ones, if not the only one, who actually brings the house down every time she sings. Judging by past observances of Idol, I’d say Sonika is the next to be eliminated even though I hope this isn’t the case because I love her. Usually once you’re in the Bottom 3 once, you’re out by next week (i.e. Avalon).THANK GOD Adam Lambert will be on next week. He’ll definitely bring some Kelly Clarkson – style greatness to the show.
    It is getting really hard to keep watching this show!!!

  44. Diz says:

    I wish you could vote them out instead of voting for them to stay. I want that Trent guy gone. I can’t stand him!

  45. Nel Criswell says:

    Trent Harmon knocks it out of the ballpark every week; he’s the dark horse, so to speak, to steal the top spot from La’ Porsha! Those two plus MacKenzie are unbelievably talented and most definitely THE TOP THREE! Here’so wishing Trent is the next AmericanIdol!

  46. Fat and ugly. She does not belong in American Idol. She is a cabaret singer.

    • marie says:

      That kind of unwarranted personal attack does not belong on this board. I hope your comment gets deleted.

    • Luke says:

      “Moonshine”, Your poor taste in adjectives reflects your personality, no doubt. What you so rudely wrote has nothing to do with talent. Of course, your personal taste might be shallow enough to only appreciate slim and attractive singers, actors, etc.

    • Timmah says:

      I’m no fan of JLo either, but I wouldn’t call her fat…

  47. JMay says:

    I think JLo wants to sleep with Trent’s voice.

    • Angie says:

      Oh, me too. When he started on his “wa wa wa wa”. It was magical.

      Only his style on stage has changed, he still performs the same, faces and all. :D

  48. karenb says:

    What a lack of creativity or even effort on Idol’s part. Glad I missed this episode. Good thing I went to that Bernie rally after all!

  49. Jodi Anderson says:

    La Porsha sucked, tonight! First, she was sweating and breathing quite hard, as if she was going to go into cardiac arrest. I was ready to call 911 for her! Second, she looked as if those leather pants were going to rip at any time! Don’t get me started about the song choice! It’s so obvious, by now, that the judges pity her, instead of favor her! She will never make it in showbusiness, just wait and see!

    • S. says:

      She’s giving a musical performance. Good luck NOT sweating and breathing quite hard. Her clothes fit fine, sweetie. She’s a star and you’re a fat shamer, plain and simple. As the apparent gate keeper of show business, you’re gonna have to resign from your duties. Ya failed.

      • Jodi Anderson says:

        Trust me, hun, as a musical theatre major and music freelance artist, here, in the great city of Las Vegas, if you are not fit enough to even perform one song, which La Porsha WAS NOT, then there is no way you can get through a whole concert, to please your fans. La Porsha desperately needs to get in shape or she has no successful future in showbusiness. Just wait and see!

  50. Miscellaneopolan says:

    Maybe it’s because I didn’t start watching Idol until later in its run (I’d never heard anyone do P.Y.T.), but I didn’t mind the repeats too much. And what can I say: “Come Together,” “You Are So Beautiful,” “Stand By Me,” “Eleanor Rigby,” and “Let It Be” are really good songs.
    Geez, the Beatles really got a workout tonight, didn’t they? And why in the world did Slezak write “James Brown’s ‘Come Together'” up top? James Brown’s?
    Sonika earned her spot in the Top 6, but I still would’ve chosen Avalon. I hate this shortened season. We could have pruned off Giana and Lee the first two weeks and had a really good Top 8. Ah, well.
    Big mystery grade above is Dalton. I liked him tonight more than I ever have. Curious to read Slezak’s reasoning.
    Speaking of Slezak…so you’re the kind of gay who mainlines sauv blanc, breaks into random faux-French, and envies Jessica Sanchez her ability to do the “Naomi Campbell walk” from Beyonce’s extended “Get Me Bodied” video, but you’re NOT the kind of gay who says “YAAASS, QUEEN?” Are you SURE about that?