Teen Wolf Season 6 Teaser Hints at New Nightmares in Beacon Hills

A new four-legged foe is coming to Teen Wolf in Season 6 — and it has hooves!

Following Teen Wolf‘s fifth season finale on Tuesday, MTV released a 15-second teaser for the drama’s upcoming sixth. As always, the powers that be kept things pretty vague.

Only a few images are even fully decipherable: a mysterious man riding a horse, chasing Hayden and Liam through the woods; Stiles entering what appears to be a hospital room, looking forlorn; and someone (Stiles perhaps?) holding the hand of a sleeping patient.

I’m just spitballing here, but could the man on horseback be one of the “ghost riders” Kira’s mom mentioned during her monologue about the “wild hunt” in the Season 5 premiere? Perhaps it’s being summoned to Beacon Hills after Parrish’s inner hellhound completed its mission?

Thanks to showrunner Jeff Davis, we know that the Nazi werewolf — who was seen escaping from its mechanic prison in the final moments of Tuesday’s finale — will factor heavily into Season 6, as will Stiles and Lydia’s “not-only-lingering” feelings for one another.

Hit PLAY on the teaser video above, then drop a comment below: What are your hopes, predictions and fears for Season 6?

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  1. mike says:

    as season 6 Premiere date been announced

  2. Megan says:

    This isn’t a teaser. These are all clips from 5b

  3. Kate says:

    That ghost rider guy was the only new piece in the whole trailer, the rest were all from the half season (they just started filming season 6, and I would bet that ghost rider guy replaces at least one piece of the dread doctors imagery in the opening credits). But that was Hayden and Liam running from the Beast, I think our first introduction to it. Not sure whose hospital room that was that Stiles was walking into, but it could honestly be from anything season four forward (Dylan O’Brien doesn’t quite look the same season 3 or before). The thing I was more focused on was the idea that it is coming soon. From filming to episode, its like three weeks (based on when they were filming the 5B finale) they could be preparing for another June premiere date that they have done more often than not. Even though I was actually picturing a later August premiere date, just to take the place of Finding Carter since they might think Scream is enough for the early summer.

    • Maysie says:

      The scene of Stiles walking into the hospital room was the first episode of 5B when he went to visit Lydia, and Lydia’s mom basically threw him out. The scene of the people holding hands in the bed – was also Stiles and Lydia – the episode where he visits her in Eichen House, and again her mother makes him leave after he discovers the patch of hair shaved in her head.

  4. I worry about these Season 6 interviews Jeff Davis keeps giving about passing the torch to Teen Wolf 2.0 cast as the others graduate and leave. Sorry, if you think the show will survive with Hayden, Liam and Mason leading the pack you are sorely mistaken.

    • Shaun says:

      Stuff can happen during summer breaks :p.Or maybe they can flash forward a few years.

      • Emma says:

        I hate it when tv shows do the flash forward, it leaves you missing a whole chunk of their lives. TV shows usually fill it in as the series go, but it’s extremely annoying not to understand what a character is talking about.

    • Maysie says:

      I agree – I am extremely uninterested in Teen Wolf 2.0. I’ll probably watch some of the episodes where the old cast is featured, other than that, I think I’ll pass.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      Agree, I’m worried about this teen wolf 2.0 talk too. I like the show as it is, I don’t see why there’s that big of problem just becuz they graduated, if they even did pass lol, given the amount of days they skipped. Could even have Scott be more like Derek was in the early seasons.

    • Tyra says:

      Yeah there can’t be Teen Wolf without the remaining original group. They need to keep Scott, Stiles and Lydia the main characters. I hope that they will because at the end of the finale they ended with the three of them together talking about how they always seem to find each other, so the season really ended with Scott, Stiles, Lydia and Allison.

    • That is whats killed glee so I hope Jeff will not go that way

  5. Its by far the best I’ve seen. Amma a die hard fan :D can’t just wait for season 6

  6. Phobe Grey says:

    For God’s sake let this donkey die instead of flogging it to death. Even Jeff Davis has jumped ship along with most of the original cast!

  7. Nick says:

    I want Allison Argent back!

  8. georgia says:

    hoping Kira doesn’t come back, no chemistry at all.

  9. Phoenix5634 says:

    I hope Deucalion is in season 6. And what happened to Derek and Peter ?

  10. Connor says:

    Anybody else feel like there’s a hidden message in that teaser? It sounds like they inserted a backwards message in it. I may be wrong, but I’m going to try and find out.

  11. unknown says:

    I would like for stiles and malia to get back together in season 6.

  12. Sage says:

    So gay how they killed the Beast like that after such a Build up. No Parrish full form. No Theo vs Scott no all out Brawls NOTHING! And all Lidia had to do was say Mason lollll wow just wow. BIG LET DOWN

    • Tyra says:

      yeah I seriously wanted more action. Parrish should have fully transformed and Lydia could have used her power of like directing her scream so that it would have at least done SOMETHING to the beast instead of just screaming mason. Also I think the name Mason has French roots, so she could have at least said his name in French or something like that

  13. Ella says:

    Honestly, I just want Stalia back together. Stiles deserves so much better than Lydia, his feelings were too unrequited and to put them together at this late stage when she has shown absolutely zero interest towards him is just terrible writing.

  14. Wayne says:

    I reckon it will be Liam that will kill the Nazi alpha (if they do kill him off), and then that will be leading into how Liam, Mason, Hayden & Corey take over the show.

  15. oc says:

    Soooo for all the love on teen wolf i love teen wolf very very much but i cant get this one thing out of my head.. their was a a part where lydia said stiles is gonna die… i really love stilies and he cannot go so if he does end up getting killed do you think before he takes his last breath scott will bitee him and turn him?? stilies deserves to become something he is a big part in all this…. if it wasnt for him their would alot of people could have died

  16. mwisal afridi says:

    when where season 6 release plzz tell me the date

  17. AshshipsStydia says:

    I WANT ISAAC BACK, And more Humour ! and i would seriously ditch this show if season 6 is all about Liam corey mason and Hayden, i want it to all be about ‘the fox and the wolf’ and Stydia (I ship it).

    • Tyra says:

      I really want Isaac back as well, Jeff Davis said that Daniel was always welcome back on the show, so I really hope he does come back, I love him so much, definitely one of my favorite characters

    • Maribelle carrion says:

      Me too … Where is Isaac?Peter, Derrick ? And please bring Allison back!!

  18. Karna says:

    Why isn’t getting any stronger, we have seen in s4 that he can get stronger because he is evolving and it always looks like he’s still scared of losing control so that is why he is still scared of using his full power. When will he start believing in his power start evolving into a much stronger alpha?

    • Karna says:

      Why isn’t Scott getting any stronger, we have seen in s4 that he can get stronger because he is evolving and it always looks like he’s still scared of losing control so that is why he is still scared of using his full power. When will he start believing in his power start evolving into a much stronger alpha?

    • Tyra says:

      Well we know that Derek is supposed to be a recurring character, so him and maybe Peter are going to be in season 6. It’s now also confirmed that Deucalion is on Scott’s side, so early on in season 5b I had a theory that Derek and Deucalion (maybe Peter, peter may actually have a crucial role in this if he does make an appearance) will help Scott lose control, sort of like how Ethan and Aidan tried to make him lost control. But they will all help him lost control so that he reaches his full potential, and then they will help him control it, so that he can control how much he transforms every time he shifts.

  19. Tyler says:

    I Think The Ghost Riders Will Be The Hellhounds Hometownn Family, And The Nazi Werewolf Will Have Scott And His Pack Learning More History Between Him And The Dread Doctors. And What The New Villains Myths Are.

  20. Devin says:

    I predict Liam killing the nazi alpha to become one. He’ll be much stronger than Scott. The creator of the show. Should show Scott true formation as a true alpha. The killer that’s inside him for the villains that even try against Scott. If Liam become a alpha don’t make him weak. Show his true transformation of the alpha ability.

  21. Kendall says:

    Don’t you get it they showed those scenes because it is showing that Lydia is going to forget all the memories about stiles and stuff hence the title of the first episode “memorie loss”

  22. Obed Asamoah says:

    Notify me when teen wolf season 6 is out

  23. Kat says:

    Anyone know when season 6 starts.

  24. LIndsay says:

    I love this show so I hope he just ends it in season 7 by giving us more of the main characters we have come to love. Tie up loose ends, bring the story back around and give Stiles, Scott, Lydia etc fitting story lines with satifying ends. I don’t want to see a Teen Wolf 2.0, no offense Jeff Davis.

  25. LIndsay says:

    Bring back Isaac, Allison and Derek….end it with the original cast.

  26. Abdur Raheem says:

    I’m super excited about the season coming but sad at the same time that it’s the last one. And by the way you guys don’t try to threaten us because people are sensible enough to know what to write. And I’m gonna curse anybody because it is my favorite show