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Teen Wolf Season 6 Spoilers

Teen Wolf EP Reveals Season 6's First Villain, Teases 'Something Big' With Stiles and Lydia, Plus More Scoop

If the end of Tuesday’s Teen Wolf finale felt a little too much like happily-ever-after for you, fear not — there’s plenty of hellish mayhem on the way in Season 6.

TVLine spoke with showrunner Jeff Davis about the episode’s most intriguing developments, how they’ll affect the show moving forward and, of course, what we didn’t see in the finale. For example:

“This was the first episode where ever actually did time compression,” Davis revealed. “It’s when the episode is a minute too long for airing, and we use a company that removes fractions of frames so we can cut a minute out of the episode. I couldn’t cut anything. It was impossible.”

Read on for our full Q&A with Davis, including his thoughts on Allison’s lingering presence, the mystery of Kira’s disappearance and the promising future of — wait for it — Stiles and Lydia!

Teen Wolf Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | Allison played a surprisingly big part this season. Can you talk about the decision to honor her character the way you did?
There are two things to it: We loved the idea of writing a love letter to Allison, and also to Crystal Reed. When we were able to get her back for that episode, we were able to tie it into the plot, even the way she looked. It was another way for us to have Allison save Scott’s life, to show that these incredible relationships and bonds survive even after death. She can still save his life, even from beyond the grave. It was also a way of starting to hand the baton over to Teen Wolf 2.0. It is a very different show now, so we acknowledged the past while also moving towards the future. We’re seeing our high school kids on the way to graduation. It’s a strange thing doing a teen show that lasts four seasons, because they do eventually have to grow up. … I don’t think we want to have to change the title to Adult Wolf or Man Wolf.

TVLINE | Am I crazy for hoping that whatever crawled out of the machine at the end will be played by Crystal Reed?
[Laughs] That was the Nazi werewolf! I can absolutely confirm that the soldier has left the machine and will be a part of Season 6, a threat. It was something we were planning for a while, and we weren’t sure if we were going to use that final shot, but once we started shooting Season 6, we figured we might as well use it.

TVLINE | Fair enough. What about Stiles and Lydia? They clearly have lingering feelings, so can we hope for some progression in Season 6?
They’re not only lingering feelings — they become a focus, a focal point of the next season. Something big happens in the very first episode of Season 6 between Stiles and Lydia, which you’ll have to tune in to see.

TVLINE | That’s bad news for Malia. Speaking of, should we expect to see the Desert Wolf back in the near future?
[Laughs] That depends on how Riverdale does. We were really happy with Marisol Nichols on the show, and we’d love to have her back. Malia’s relationship with her parents is always interesting, and you might see another parent show up soon.

Teen Wolf Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | How about Theo: Dead or alive?
I think he got his just desserts in the end, but I will say that we really like Cody Christian. We wanted to make sure we didn’t kill him, so we could possibly bring him back.

TVLINE | It seems like everybody got the ending they deserved. A lot of loose ends were tied up.
We absolutely wanted to do that. After the ending of 510, where we saw everyone at their lowest, we wanted to slowly bring everyone back up again, rebuild the pack. … That way, we could also get back to fun high school stuff, like seeing Coach again and getting Stiles back to humor.

TVLINE | Stiles has been on fire these past few weeks.
I remember being on set and demonstrating for the director exactly how Stiles should fumble the gun. The director asked me, “So, do they direct?” And I was like, “No, they should just stare at the gun on the floor,” and he should say, “I probably shouldn’t have a gun.” It’s fun to do moments like that, and I love that our show has a sense of humor.

TVLINE | Let’s talk Parrish: What’s next for him after all of this?
He is back in the world of being a deputy, and he’ll have to come to terms with what it means to be both supernatural and human. He’s definitely got some learning to do. His job wasn’t necessarily to kill the Beast, but to slow the Beast down enough. Was he the hero he was supposed to be in this last episode? He’ll be dealing with that in Season 6.

TVLINE | And I imagine Mason will be experiencing some repercussions from everything he’s been through?
We’re still debating that in the writers’ room as he develop Season 6. How much do we want this to effect Mason? Do we want his character to change? One of the things we like most about his character is that he’s utterly optimistic. He’s got this unflagging enthusiasm, so I don’t know how much we’re going to darken his character. He’s sort of a beacon of light for the other characters, and now that he’s human again, we’re most excited to see him being funny.

TVLINE | As long as Corey’s sticking around.
Yes, we’re going to explore that relationship — quite a bit, actually — in Season 6.

Teen Wolf Season 6 SpoilersTVLINE | Lastly, the fans are worried about Kira, who apparently loves to leave town. Why was she gone so much this season, and when can we expect her back?
There are some big changes coming to the show next season; you’ll have to wait and see the fate of Kira. It was partially because we wanted her to go down a difficult path. We wanted to see her with her mother in the desert, to make sure we gave her a full episode to explore her character. As for certain characters not being in certain episodes, it’s a lot like The Walking Dead — some episodes, we just focus on different characters. It’s about where the show and the characters are all headed as we start to hand things off to our 2.0 characters. We’ll see the older ones graduate and go off and have other lives.

Your thoughts on Davis’ teases? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. Michelle says:

    Bring back Allison. Thats all I ask. Crystal wants back in, and so do we. I dont care how it happens. Drop them into the ice tubs again. Just do it please.

    • Ian says:

      Supernatural cloning? Why not. MUCH stranger things happen on Teen Wolf.

    • Adrian Montoya says:

      Revive a Allison, aunque sea la manera mas absurda, pero la queremos de vuelta!!:c

    • James says:

      She’s dead.

      • Lois says:

        So were Hayden and Corey, and they’re still here.

        • Katherine D says:

          I think dead and buried for at lease a few months is different then dead and deposited on a huge tree stump but I’m all for bringing her back and I’d love to see how they would spin it.

        • James says:

          But they were chimeras that Theo have managed to revive because of what they are. Allison’s human.

    • Leticia says:

      Crystal wants back in? That’s wonderful to read, i miss her! Where did she say it?

    • Mariana says:

      Love to see Allison come back somehow someway. She was one of he originals and she was wonderful.

    • Liz says:

      Where did she say she wanted back in? The reason Allison died in the first place is because Reed wanted out; she even said in an interview that she didn’t want to play a teenager anymore—she wanted to take on older roles.

    • Weezy says:

      Where are you getting this from? Can you show me where Crystal wants back in? It was her decision to leave in the first place…

    • Gareth Mills says:

      Well, that just gave me a thought of them sticking a rotting corps in such bath tub of joy and seeing her transform from rotting corps to looking great and stronger than ever lol. I am a big fan of Allison though was a great character. I also want to see Stiles as a werewolf give him super strength or something and looking forward to the romance between Stiles and Lydia next season.

  2. Steven says:

    A this talk about Teen Wolf 2.0 just shows how much this show has changed. And not for the better. I dropped Teen Wolf earlier this season and as much as I love the characters the storyline are just awful and the plots are way too confusing.

    • hannah says:

      then why do you still care about teen wolf? you’re here reading an article about it.

      • Steven says:

        As I said I still like the characters. I always liked Stylidia and I was a fan of the show for about 5 years. I have every right to read an article and comment on a show I invested time in.

        • Tim says:

          He didnt say that your not allowed to read it, at all..JUst curious as to why you would read an article about characters of a show that you dont like?? thats fair enough!

          • Dude says:

            You can no longer like a show and still be interested in where it’s going. Those things aren’t mutually exclusive.

          • Steven says:

            Dude, your statement is false. I was curious to see where the characters ended up, so I read the article.

    • Ari says:

      I have to say I don’t think I’d be as interested in a show about the newbies. Liam is going to be the lead werewolf someday? No thanks! Sounds like the main cast has expiring contracts and Jeff Davis is trying to convince us the new kids are worth watching.

      • Ailee says:

        We all know what happened when Glee attempted it, sadly.

      • Alex says:

        It just wouldnt be the same…dont do it!!

      • chlocubs says:

        As much as I love and am obsessed with teen wolf, I feel like that would just absolutely kill it… the main cast they have right now is perfect, I’d hate to watch it go downhill if they take the leads off the show or even off the main focus…

    • Sam says:

      Things are definitely confusing. I still like the show, but half the time I have no idea what they’re talking about. There’s too many things in play. I started forgetting why Ducalion was even there, what the story was behind the talons, and whatever Kira gave Scott at the end. And then all of a sudden the cane just happens to be the weapon. The show wants to make some things super convenient and expects you to remember other things from like seasons ago.

      • Michael says:

        That’s your fault lol

        People like you honestly irk me.. If you don’t understand something doesn’t mean they have to dumb down the show so you’ll understand it

        How bout you rewatch season 1-4 and add 5 and finish it?

        It’s a great show but you have to pay attention. The Talons are from belasko episode 1 Season 5

        • Weezy says:

          I agree with Michael. TV is already far to dumbed down for alot of us. I’m sorry but I can predict (as I’m sure many others can) what’s going to happen on the shows I watch around 50% of the time. I thoroughly enjoyed the confusion of this season. Sure there were some convenient plot points (cane, talons, Theo in many situations), but I will take that over predictability any day of the week.

      • Greg says:

        We’re not all confused, and not everyone would want a show that’s all dumbed down. If you have trouble following, perhaps Barney would be more your speed? :o

        Seriously though, this is part of the problem for many these days; that things get dumbed down too much for some, leaving others of us less interested. Some of us can follow, and prefer that things are a bit more involved.

    • John says:

      The dread doctors sucked balls

  3. hannah says:


  4. Me says:

    Watch this awful writers as usual tease every and any ship that has Dylan and Stiles attached to it because what else can he do, with his falling ratings and awful writing he needs to cling to the most popular lead character and popular actor, and watch Idiot Stydia and Stalia shippers not only fall for it, but create a war between them because of a man who is never gonna deliver anything with substance in his story

    • Sterek_Always says:

      Wow dude I thought it was a great storyline and I loved the plot twists. I followed everything in the season and I thought the writing was really good as well. You try and write a series that’s been going for 5 seasons! Back the hell off and if you think there’s no ‘substance’ in the show then why are you watching it in the first place? I personally love hearing about Stiles and Dylan as much as possible cause I love him. If you wanna hate on a good show go do it on some other website!!

  5. Jimmy says:

    I was not a fan of this entire season and glad to see it end. I’m hoping for a better season 6. One thing that would make it better is dropping the character of Kira. She adds nothing to the series.

  6. Stephanie says:

    Give me all the Stydia!!!!

  7. dakota says:

    Allisons coming back most deff and why i say that is bc they kept the crystal reed episode from us for like 7 months and those foot prints look like a girls foot prints and they talked about allison for like 5 minutes and then they show foot prints come one its obvious its either allison or marie jeane

    • Thomas Cope says:

      As much as I’d like her back. Its definitely not her literally everything in the series tells you it is a nazi soldier alpha. Sorry to crush that theory for you.

    • Kat says:

      Also when Alison was killed off they asked Jeff ” why did you guys kill her off?
      and he replied ” The thing with Teen Wolf is our characters never really die”.
      I hope they bring Alison back :)

  8. Goldenvibefan says:

    no no no no! I don’t like the sound of this. Stalia makes more sense than Stydia will ever make sense. uggggg jeff so silly.

    • Cameron says:

      Oh my gosh I agree stiles and Malia have to get back together before anything else

    • hannah says:

      stalia makes sense? they hooked up at a mental institution and started dating during the time jump. he was never even in love with her. while stydia developed beautiful friendship that has turned into love. your the silly one.

      • alejandro gonzalez perez says:

        I just want to say that your are rigth lista and stiles feels like ment to be because they have history but stiles grew up .. Even scott mentioned in an episode he has an obsesión with her but now its different there’s friendship in between and Malia and Stiles creates a bond instantly but never forget that he lacks of expirience she migth surprise us maybe jeff brings back theo and well who knows… We have lista who migth starting to see him different and A growing up Malia that could finally know what she wants.. 😀

    • lola says:

      Stalia actually makes no sense. They had like 4 sweet moments together and 2 are literally just sex. And one of them is the first time they actually tall to each other which turned into sex. There’s only sexual connection between the two and sometimes some cute scenes. Stydia has countless sweet moments that show how much they mean to each other. Countless. There really is a difference between caring enough to not let someone die and loving someone so much that their death would make a part of them die too, and stydia is the latter.

  9. Ian says:

    Just sounds completely like Davis is willing to do everything fandom’s begged for all this time. OTPs Scallison and Stydia being re-established, Kira and Malia going away, and the gay black character survives to a promise of screentime and a relationship next season.
    He really wants this show to feel relevant again, but we’ll see if its too late.

  10. Maddy says:

    Please stop with the Stydia baiting. Stiles and Lydia are better as friends. They’ve established a nice solid friendship. Let’s leave it at that.

    • actually, Jeff Davis directed stiles and lydia for the kiss in season 3A and asked lydia to act as tho the kiss felt something more than she expected. He said on Afterbuzz TV, you can check it out on Youtube. They been slowly working it out since season 3.

      • Maddy says:

        And Jeff Davis also said, at NY Comic Con, that he purposefully hinted at Stiles being bi so I don’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth.

        • Philypa says:

          Preach, that man is the king of lies and subterfuge.

        • so because stiles is considered bi, should he first get into a same sex relationship before getting into a relationship with Lydia? I’m Pansexual, meaning i can be attracted to a guy, a girl, a trans, a gender fluid person.. but i only always been in a relationship with guys.. that doesn’t mean i could be in couple with someone only once i’ve been with all other gender types.

      • iveebert says:

        do you know whether stydia and for that matter stiles at all is still happening in season 6? (with dylans recovery and projects and all) i’d be devastated to see him go!

    • Agreed. Romantic Stydia is cliché and they are both better single or with other love interest.

      • Radha says:

        Who cares if it’s cliché?! I’m so tired of people griping about clichés. Fact: All storylines at some point are gonna be cliché because stuff gets recycled. If you’re expecting hugely original storytelling 24/7 it’s just not gonna happen. Bring on Stydia.

        • diarra says:


        • Right, so let’s just “enjoy” another typical couple, similar to countless in other shows, let’s just dumb ourselves for another plot we already have seen like hundred of times because we can’t avoid clichés… oh wait, we can avoid it. Oh wait! And it even makes sense! Wow! So yeah, cheers for platonic Stydia.

    • hannah says:

      it was never going to be just a friendship. you were just kidding yourself if you never thought stydia would happen.

    • Alejandro Gonzalez Perez says:

      Agree! But I would like to see trouble before hehehehe and then a very solid telation between Malia and Stiles..😉

  11. A says:

    I wonder if season 6 will be the last season of Teen Wolf? Because some TV shows should end and not dragged out like SuperNatural that was on for 0ver 10 seasons.

  12. Amanda says:

    I love Teen Wolf and can’t wait for Season 6. The amount of people that comment on the MTV instagram page should be enough evidence for the cast and writer to know how much people love the show and want more. Anyway Good luck Jeff Davis, Cast and everyone else. : )

    I speak for the fans!

  13. Bridget says:

    Stydia Stydia Stydia!!!! Can’t wait to see them season 6!!

  14. Brandon says:

    Those who aren’t on board with Stiles and Lydia clearly haven’t understood their relationship. Yes, they are AMAZING friends. But THAT is exactly why they would work and most likely be endgame. The way their relationship has developed is only a testament to the bond that will forever be a part of their lives.

    • Connor says:

      In my opinion, and I’m not trying to offend anybody, even though I will, I think you should chill with the ships. I honestly do not care that much. Although, I do feel like if certain people were together, it’d be weird (such as Scott and Lydia). Although, I highly doubt a Stiles and Lydia thing will happen, as Jeff Davis stated that Malia and Lydia are growing closer, and I’m sure she wouldn’t date her newly found friend’s ex.

    • lola says:

      PREACH. Yes. I totally agree. The fact that they’re beautifully loving friends now is why they’d work as a couple, unlike stalia who had sex the first time right away they talked to each other in a mental institution basement when stiles was looking for information about his dark soul being infested. Malia is nice and awesome and I hope she finds a person who would love her the way stiles will always love lydia bcs Stydia just makes much more beautiful sense.

  15. Andres says:

    Whatever I just want more Cory and Mason!!!!

  16. Nadia says:

    Are the calavaras coming back the Hispanic family hunters in season6 will they be hunting la loba aka Kate argent

  17. jrex says:

    Not sure I like the sound of a Teen Wolf 2.0? Although Liam, Mason and now Corey have grown on me the show just wouldn’t feel right without Scott, Stiles and Lydia. Scott is just graduating high school and has at least a couple more years as a teenager before they need to call him Man-Wolf or Wolfman.

    • Miranda says:

      I agree. I still haven’t grown accustomed, nor greatly enjoy ANY of the 2.0 characters. When Scott and Stiles are gone, I’m out.
      Besides, Smallville went on for ten seasons, most of the latter seasons having nothing to do with Clark in Smallville. This show can still go on as Teen Wolf without the characters actually being teens.
      Although, really, I’d much rather this series end with season six, personally it hasn’t been at peak creative levels since 3A.

  18. Connor says:

    I was kind of disappointed with this episode. I mean, Parrish lost a fight to the beast, and so did Scott. The only two people I was hoping would be some kind of threat. I also don’t like how Scott started to walk towards Theo when he asked for help. Like, he just threw your friend into a hole and paralyzed you with venom. We were promised Scott would have a darker side to him, and he’d be a bada** alpha this half of the season. Yeah, he roared a few times, that’s nothing. Lydia was the hero this episode, overall. I know she hasn’t had many heroic moments and they thought it was time, but this one should’ve been handed to Scott or Parrish. They also promised us a big fight between the Beast and the Hell hound. We barely saw them hit each other. I’m guessing I just went into this episode expecting too much. Also at the end, when Cory caught Mason, I instantly thought “This [guy] couldn’t man up for once and actually try to do something?” and when they got closer, I started to think “They better not kiss… if they kiss I’m done for ever. This is no time for kissing.” Overall, I did like the conversation between Sebastian and Sheriff Stilinski, and I also liked the unmasking of the Dread Doctor scene.

    • John says:

      ” We were promised Scott would have a darker side to him, and he’d be a bada** alpha this half of the season. Yeah, he roared a few times, that’s nothing.” <- Thats all what i want to say. There was nothing. Its one of the biggest reason why i whatch this tv-series, because I want to see that Scott is boss and Truealpha.

    • UND Person says:

      If you read the article, you’ll see the issue with Parrish was done on purpose. It leaves open was this really the fight that he was destined for, or is it something else.

  19. madamquill says:

    I think people need to start bracing themselves for Scott, Stiles and Lydia, at minimum, to be written out of the show in S6. JD keeps talking about a teen wolf 2.0 and handing things off. He’s got Liam and Mason aka Scott and Stiles, now Hayden aka Allison. The problem is that between the increasingly thin plot lines and rushed character arcs, not to mention replacing Scott and Stiles is impssible, I don’t see Teen Wolf 2.0 going the distance.

  20. Phoenix5634 says:

    I hope Deucalion stays around for season 6. Bring back the self proclaimed demon wolf, give him the dread doctors cane, and a good storyline. Maybe he can finally be Scott’s mentor ? I was really hoping Deucalion would find a way to steal the Beasts’ power. Can’t wait for season 6!

  21. Jayden Johnson says:

    Am I the only one who wishes that the ghost thing of La Bête du Gévaudan got away at the end? I just think that he was such a sick and insanely powerful villian and had a very interesting myth/true story behind him.

    • Phoenix5634 says:

      I was hoping for that. To be honest I was hoping for Deucalion to swoop in and take the power once the beast lost his physical form. Or for it to fuse with Parrish ( Cerberus ). I knew Deucalion was using his alpha eyes to see the whole time, so I was expecting more there.

      • Jayden Johnson says:

        I feel like if he was going to get his power taken from him it should’ve been by Scott since he hasn’t really been a very strong werewolf even though he is a true alpha. But I just think that La Bête is like end game, he is like I said insanely powerful and I’d say without a doubt the biggest threat the pack has faced. That’s why I wanted him to get away cause when they decide which season is going to be the last I wanted him to return has the villian.

  22. raghuvanshi says:

    I felt the finale was a weaker episode as too much happened in just 40 minutes . They said in the beginning of the season that the show will be darker which it was for the most part . But what I truly understand by that is that the heroes suffer collateral damage. They killed Theo temporarily I guess , killed the Beast who they developed for the full season and probably killed the Desert Wolf who they teased from the last season. I like the Supernatural genre and I like this show but it could have been better…………lastly I want to mention that I am happy that Scott had a plan just like in season 2 he had one which unfolded at the last moment.

  23. Amanda says:

    What happen to Derrick??

  24. Tyanna Cooper says:

    Teen wolf 2.0
    A more reckless and restless generation sent to keep beacon hill safe. U love it. It will give us a chance to have more diversity on the show while examining youth culture and generational gaps.

  25. Max says:

    No Teen Wolf 2.0. Won’t watch it. Stick with the original then end it.

  26. Isaac R. says:

    Give me scallison BACK BABY

  27. Andre Bautista says:

    The episode had it’s high points but overall felt lacking. It was just too much going on and the pacing was just abyssmal. I’m also disappointed in the writing as of this season particularly for the character of Kira I thought she had a lot of potential going on for this season but it seems as though her story arc just was getting put on the back burner this season. One last point that left me on the fence was in this interview, regarding the term “Teen Wolf 2.0” things have definitely changed since season 1 but the idea of carrying on the show without Scott, Stiles, Lydia, heck even Kira and Malia, would seem depressing. I’d rather the show not go down the path of tv shows like degrassi. It starts the original characters and I think it should end with them.

  28. Gio says:

    I thought it was awesome how Deucalion was on Scott’s side the whole time!! And it was great to have them show Allison as the savior of Scott’s life. But I continue to be disappointed at the lack of Scott’s ‘True Alpha’ powers…seems like he has never really showed any true power. Does anyone else remeber back in the season of the deadpool when he’s about to kill an assassin and he slowly transforming into a crazy looking beast??? I was expecting that from him this season!!
    And can someone explain to me where this Nazi soldier Alpha came from??? I thought the soldier was Sebastian who drank water from the wolfs par print???

    • John says:

      ” But I continue to be disappointed at the lack of Scott’s ‘True Alpha’ powers…seems like he has never really showed any true power. Does anyone else remeber back in the season of the deadpool when he’s about to kill an assassin and he slowly transforming into a crazy looking beast??? I was expecting that from him this season!! ”

      ^ Thats what im thinking too! Cuz they said that Scott will be bada*ss alpha and leader for his pack. So i thought that they show to us Scott’s true power. But there was nothing like that. Every episode just waiting what Scott gonna do, because wanna see so badly Scotts power!

    • Sam says:

      Yeah i remembered that. i was expecting that in season 5 when he was fighting d beast…is it just me or is it not crazy hw liam is stronger than scott even as he is a true alpha

    • Sam says:

      Yeah i remembered that. i was expecting that in season 5 when he was fighting d beast…is it just me or is it not crazy hw liam is stronger than scott even as he is a true alpha.guy lf stydia ocurrs what about malia, who would she be dating………or there’s a chance of scalia….lol;-)

  29. Hugh says:

    This season was decent for the most part but I have to say my favorite is the last one with Void stiles, the onis, and berzerkers.That season was much darker.

  30. John says:

    One thing what I want for season 6 is that we’ll see more Scott being alpha. I mean that when the alphamoment comes, it only takes seconds. Maybe those moments cant be longer, but if there can be more those moments. Focus that Scott is truealpha!

  31. Davut Giouzel Amet says:

    I got some really great ideas on how we should go at season 6.

    Ideas upon request

  32. UND Person says:

    I know I’ll upset some people, but I feel Parrish should be the one ending up with Lydia. Him and her just work. As for Stiles, him and her make better friends then I think they do as a couple.

    • lola says:

      But lydia has never even shown any interest at all towards parrish. And to be brutally honest, I thought he was kind of a creep for constantly imagining and hallucinating lydia naked and wanting ti have sex with him all the time. She never even wanted him. She’s just nice enough to care about him not dying. But yea I love lydia single. She seems like an inspiration to girls that there’s nth wrong with being single to figure yourself out and save lives instead of being worried about the non existence of a soulmate. She should either be single or with stiles bcs he’s the only one who deserves her.

  33. Kailey Radwan says:

    I want to see more of the storyline of Stiles and his mom! (And I’m exciting to see what happens with him and Lydia). Basically anything where we get to see more of O’Brien!

    • Gagan says:

      exactly ..i think its time to make stiles the focal point of the show

      • wolf12345 says:

        Oh, come on. Stiles is already hyped enough. Lots of people seem to hate Scott, and love Stiles. i say keep Scott the main focus of the show.

        I probably aint responding again. no hate, thnx

  34. Mada says:

    But , where is Derek? omg why is nobody asking ?

    • amanda says:

      I did and phone grey said he took a part on another show I missed him all season it was crap they acted like he just didn’t exist nemore wtf ? He was the only reason I watched it!! Couldn’t wait to see him as a real wolf !!! Ya and also parish n Lydia were getn all hot n heavy she has to hook up with him they’re great together and styles n malia belong together !

  35. jedododo says:

    when is the start of next season?

  36. Morgan ReAnne says:

    will Stydia ever happen again?

    • yinloveyang says:

      No I don’t believe it will happen but I love and prefer it this way cause I’m not a huge fan of Teen Wolf romance :)) But well, they can tease :)

    • wolf12345 says:

      Its never happened, as a romance, basically. And hopefully, it never will

  37. MaliaTate says:

    I am really sorry to say I’m going to stop watching this show….
    I’ve been a fan since the beginning, and even tought mostly every person i know told me this show sucked, i defended it every time.
    But now? It really sucks.
    When season 5a started i actually tought it was one of the best plots ever. I mean, we’ve known the beast since season one, and now we’ll be facing it.
    But Jeff Davis is so freaking desesperate for views, and instead of making a good Scott Alpha scene or some good pack scenes, he just puts some stydia because he knows how needy the fans are.
    And in my opinion, stydia scenes RUIN this whole season. They put one scene in every freaking good one, i mean, the whole pack saved her, and “stiles saved me” or the stupid hand touching… Isnt this SCOTTS story?! Isnt TEEN WOLF the name? We barely know whats going in whit Scott! And the other characters just are there… The whole dessert wolf thing didnt even matter to the pack, the only ones that ever asked where Kira and Melissa. It was like malia wasnt even part of the pack.
    Kira just keep on desapearing because its clearly that jeff has no freaking idea in where yo put her!
    Parrish was THE hellhound, and yet jeff gets to make Him irrelevant. I really wanted to see more of him, but no, of course, lydia and stiles are way more important.
    And DEUCALION was there… He was a demon wolf for gods sake!! And no one cared. Scott knew that Theo got him, but no… More screen time to stydia holding hands, of course!!
    Stydia ruin this season, i tought this show was way more than a cliché thing. I really wanted to see a lot more of Scott, malia, Parrish, Liam and Kira… Because guess what? They are part of the show believe it or not!! So, after reading this “big thing” between stiles and lydia, I’m done. They didnt even asked about Scott in this interview… And he is the main character. I’m tired about stiles and lydia, They are freaking overrated and irrelevant. So thanks jeff for ruin a good material for a show! Thanks for making teen wolf a kindergarden show! This is my opinion. May not match yours.
    Sorry for typos, inglish it’s not my main language

    • Justė says:

      Totally agree. This show has become a joke.
      Scott is true alpha but it seems like he is weakest of them all… It seems like his pack are just for “to save Lydia”. Malia and Kira are in pack too but both must face with their problems alone, no one cares. The Desert Wolf story is weak for me. This season needed more scenes with Malia.
      But the most nerve-wracking thing was Stalia and Stydia. I started show because of Stydia. But after 3 seasons of NOTHING I gave up. I started shipping Stalia because they were so cute. And then they destroyed Stalia. Stalia barely talked the whole season 5 and this makes no sense. A)They broke up for good? B)They’ll try to make a relationships work again? No answer the whole season 5B… And still, I don’t get why Stalia broke up? Coz Malia was with Stiles in all terms, when Scott wasn’t? That makes no sense again. I waited when they’ll make up but… Okey maybe Stydia will rise, but again they don’t talking either. What are their feelings to each other?
      No Stalia, no Stydia, no proper Scira… All in all, this is a torture how are falling quality and ratings of this show. It just makes me sad and disappointed. The only good thing in this season was Cody.

    • John says:

      Yes! They should focus Scotts story. More than others.

      • Gold says:

        Totaly agree with you dropping this show,itz getting realy akward…i wanted to see more of scott,kira and malia not stiles and lydia….itz as if kira and malia arent important cause they get to solve their problems alone,and itz as if no one cares…teenwolf storyline is wack

        • wolf12345 says:

          Dont drop the show. its bad right now, but it could make an awesome come back next season! Plus, the stydia bs is probably just temporary, hopefully.

    • wolf12345 says:

      I am sad your no longer watching it. But I agree. MY favorite characters, in order, are: Scott, Malia, and Parrish. And stydia is indeed ovverated. but just watch some episodes of the new season. hopefully stalia will makeup and it will be good

    • Gaby Denisse says:

      Wtf is your problem they barely make a SINGLE question about them. You are exagerrating things. You can stop seeing the show! No one is stopping you! But dont say that Stydia ruin the show when they basically save it. Its true about the whole Scott thing but that its Jeff problem not Stydia they only make Stydia happen a little just because of the fan-base. SO CHILL!! All of the characters had their moments through the season!

  38. JR says:

    I found the ending a little unsatisfying. It felt shortcut. There was not enough explanation about all the doublecrosses that suddenly happened between the Argents, Deucalion, etc. Just suddenly everyone was working with everyone else out of nowhere. In fact, the Argent’s participation this whole season didn’t really fit to me other than to tie in the history, but they weren’t really very involved. I think maybe for once they had too many characters running around to give a satisfying story.

    Its funny…I see a lot of people on here being critical of the “Teen Wolf 2.0” that is mentioned in the article and jumping to the conclusion that that means the plan is for Scott, Styles, and Lydia to move on and the show refocus on Liam, Hayden, Mason, etc….that’s exactly where I’ve been hoping/expecting things were heading this season. The actors clearly aren’t teens anymore, nothing is worse than a show where they drag out high school for 8 or 10 years.

    • wolf12345 says:

      ThIs aint Degrassi! I prefer if they carry the show on with the Pack going on with their lives and possibly moving farther into adulthood, like college or traveling. Or just staying and living in Beacon Hills!

  39. What about Lydia and Pharris? I think they’re really cute together! And Stiles en Malia have to get back together, in my opinion. I love to see Stiles en Lydia, but I think Lydia en Pharris would be great together.

    • Sam says:

      I so agree. I really want to see those relationships fleshed out. I’d much rather see that than Lydia and Stiles.

  40. Gagan says:

    I think its time to include some vampires in the show ..vampires vs werewolf would be amqzing

  41. Phobe Grey says:

    They honor Allison but not one word is said about Derek Hale or Isaac or Danny or any of the other revolving door, throw away characters. What a load of crap!

    • John036 says:

      Why would they reference Danny? Like I get referencing Derek and Isaac, but Danny? I’m sorry, but he added nothing to the series and Keahu (the actor who plays Danny) is like a brick wall. Jeff Davis even said he was planning on Danny to have a bigger role in the series but had to change it because Keahu was a bad actor

  42. Guest says:

    Teen wolf 2.0, sounds like Tyler, Dylan and Holland are going to be leaving us soon. As long as their stories are given a good proper ending I’ll be happy to watch it until then. None of the new characters really grab me with the same charm the original cast did. Even though I don’t think I’ll tune in it’ll still be way better than the majority of the stuff on MTV so I wish Teen wolf 2.0 all the luck! :)

  43. KiaraDucre says:

    Where is Derek or Issac, we’ve been expecting them all season, Derek and Parrish could possibly fight or could’ve fought the beast, but they didn’t bring him back.I hope he comes back in S6.

    • Lyn says:

      That would would have had great story lines with Derrick, Issac, and Parish, working in their own way in trying to defeat the Beast. Then coming together with Scotts pack to finally defeat him. Would so love to see Derek, Issac, and Alison back.

  44. prethibi says:

    I dont like the idea of stiles and lydia , I like malia and stiles better.I wish they patch up.

    • wolf12345 says:

      Me too. I will be pretty happy if stalia reconciled and got back together. That alone would really convince me to watch show entirely.

  45. Evie says:

    Just bring the Skinwalkers back! Give them and Kira a good storyline. You can’t just introduce amazing characters like that then have them disappear. Ugh! 😩😩

  46. LuisGodinho says:

    Since Kira is gonne, and scott dont have no one, i think they should bring Crystal as a new character and scott would fall for her since she reminds him of Allison

  47. Sam says:

    Well dang, just when I was hopeful again for the Stiles and Malia relationship. It was the most interesting relationship on the show, and I guess they’re just brushing it away with no closure. Makes me sad. It had so much potential! But that being said, I can’t wait to see what happens for Malia now that she has both her own power, and her mothers.

    • hannah says:

      the most interesting? seriously? of all the relationships on the show in the past 5 seasons, stalia is the most interesting? they met at a mental institution. they hooked up right away and started dating. i guess you don’t like buildup.

      • wolf12345 says:

        There is no stydia buildup. stiles and malia met and bonded at their most vunerable. She saw something special in him and took the opportunity. Lydia ignored him for years and has no reason to suddenly fall for him.

        Stalia was the longest relationship, both in episodes and in the months between. It indeed was the best in the show, in my opinion at elast, and they should reconcile.

        • teenwolf says:

          I totally agree,i dont underestand the stiles and lydia ship.Lydia ignored stiles for so long,didnt even talk to him,and then they became so close all of the sudden,i dont like stiles and lydia,i love stiles and malia,lydia should stick to parrish or be single.

  48. Josh miller says:

    Teen Wolf is irrefutably my favorite show on tv right now. The actors and actresses are great! I even have a few friends come over on Tuesdays to watch the show it’s kind of our guys night during the week. The action, drama, and writing of this show are impeccable! I truly to hope after season 6, y’all can make teen wolf move forward. It’s been an awesome show to watch and is definitely something me and my friends look forward to every Tuesday. Keep up the amazing work! And me and my friends can’t wait for season 6. P.S. Is there any chance of a 7th or 8th season?

  49. Linda says:

    I’d like to see Scott grow up and be the man he is supposed to be. Like when they said “you’re afraid of the man he is going to be” in season 3 I think. When they say that they’re not going to change the title to Man Wolf, I get worried as to where this is heading. As if some of the main cast is going to be replaced. Would be a showkiller for me..

    • samuel says:

      I’did like to see scott playing a full envolved turning into a beast but a more protective beast while liam can become a Alfah too with more power and scott the Head.And also making scott have a new form of romance in malia or someone new.But not a constant one.

  50. Tia Edwards says:

    It would cool if Mason was in fact still a chimera, but not a chimera that should be feared and he would have to learn how to explore his new supernatural abilities