Young & Hungry Season 4

Young & Hungry Renewed for Season 4

Freeform is keeping Young & Hungry on its menu.

The network on Monday announced that its Emily Osment-led sitcom has been renewed for a fourth season, which begins production immediately.

Young & Hungry is the first series we’ve renewed under the new Freeform banner,” notes Karey Burke, the network’s executive vice president of programming and development. “It remains a staple in our comedy diet. The show’s humor, quality and wonderful actors fit perfectly with our evolving brand.”

This announcement confirms Osment’s not-so-cryptic tweet from February:

Your thoughts on Young & Hungry‘s future? Drop ’em in a comment below.

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  1. PriceIsRightCancelled says:

    That makes me very happy and more Emily Osment.

  2. Infinite says:

    I’m happy. I love this show!

  3. Patrick says:

    I like the show, but the will they/won’t they of the leads is getting out of hand. They build to a season finale where one or both admits feelings for the other only to break up or diminish that declaration very early in the new season. Further, the “side kicks” of the PR and House keeper characters are becoming very grating.

    • Tracendo says:

      I agree 100% with everything you said!

    • Megan says:

      Techibcally I think Josh and gabi will be fine to be together once Josh no longer has issues with being committed to someone for a long time.

      • Mp says:

        Yes but it’s getting tiring waiting for him. He ruins her relationships but looks for new ones. I can only take so many annoying gay jokes. Something needs to make it worth watching.

  4. tallsy says:

    What about Baby Daddy?

    • Megan says:

      That one probably has not been renewed yet they probably want to see how the current season goes before renewing baby daddy for another season

  5. Mack says:

    I like this news, but hope they’ll renew Baby Daddy as well.

  6. Bill says:

    Just renew Baby Daddy already
    Sad about Kevin From Work, me and my wife liked that show

  7. John NYC says:

    Cute little show, that and Baby Daddy were both pleasant surprises.

  8. LE says:

    How many episodes is s3 going to have?

    Because I’m wondering will 3B air on summer or the 4th season with the other half of Baby daddy’s 5th season?

  9. Mak says:

    Great news!

  10. MoshiMoshi says:


  11. Kim says:

    I love young and hungry !!! Gotta get josh and gabi together !!!!

  12. K Blanco says:

    This makes me happy. It’s a cute show with potential. I really love Emily and Aimee, they’re both very funny and a joy to watch…

  13. Amada Chee says:

    I love watching Young and Hungry. Yes, you have to have the espiodes going. When does the new season come on. Can’t wait….

  14. Ashley says:

    yess can’t wait to watch season 4 ! We need josh and gabi together !

  15. Natalya S. says:

    I love this show so much although I hate how when one realizes their love for the other the other always ends up with someone else, then they break up and then they realize their love for the other one and it just becomes a repeating cycle. I’m like be together already

  16. Chio says:

    I love this show and all the actors! Please keep the episodes coming. Can’t wait for season 4 as I just finished watching season 3. Loved it!

  17. Laura Sayre says:

    I am in absolute love with this show!!!! I was so excited to hear that there was going to be a season 4!!!! Keep it coming!

  18. Melissa says:

    I’m so glad there is going to be a season 4, but damn, they just need to get them together for good, and leave the bouncing around to the supporting cast. Those two learning to be a couple, and the progression of the relationship would give plenty of room for comedy and drama. I was really excited when I thought we were done with this back and forth crap. Love to me is not I love you today, but now I kinda think I like him/her.

  19. Brooke Hudson says:

    I love that show so much, I’m SO glad they’re continuing the show. I don’t get to watch it like most people, because I don’t have cable. However, Hulu and the like are how I watch it. I’ve already re-watched the series twice and plan to watch it a third time.

  20. Nikki says:

    Dissapointed that Josh allowed Gabis tantrum to let it be over. Disappointed gabi didn’t want to listen to him in waiting in the first place when he originally asked. Really hoping they finally figure it out and just get married so fights can’t let them split so easily. They both have tantrums and if they just stayed in a room to figure it out….. When watching I keep saying again….. Wth. Really hoping they see reality and understand that their history means something and was basically an open relationship that whole time… And it’s time to seal the deal… For real.

  21. Tina Hedge says:

    I love this show!! Now I just wish Sofia would hook up and have an ongoing fling with someone. I think that would be awesome. I was really bummed when her and Josh’s brother didn’t work out. :(

  22. LuLu says:

    What time does,”Young and Hungry” come on FreeForm?

  23. Timothy Kibodeaux says:

    Great show. Love it!!!

  24. Theresia Jackson says:

    I love the show, and I would enjoy Josh and Gabi as a couple, however with entertaining ups and downs. The chase is good, but I am sick of false hope. Keep them together, but make it nerve wrecking. Meaning, the challenges of a couple lasting. Most shows,the couples never stay together, and its so sad. Keep Gabi and Josh together. But I love the diversity, the comedy, and every characters adds to the balance. And every character adds the audience you looking for. Everyone must stay!! I love this show!

  25. Amada Chee says:

    Hey! People I’m a fan of young n hungry season four. Can someone please let me know what’s going??! Thx amadachee@gmail

  26. Monica says:

    The last episode upset me!!! That therapist is a creepy stalker what’s wrong with Josh!!! If he ends up with her I have to draw the line. Why can’t Gabi and Josh just call each other and make up already??? But for real STALKER has to go!!!

  27. lavora says:

    i just started watch this on netflix a couple of weeks ago and it is really funny. i just got to the end of session 3 and can’t wait to see what is going to happen next session. glad to know it will be back i could watch this cast forever they really work well together. so so funny all 6 are just great. more

  28. Kayla says:

    Love this show! Started watching it when it first came out, fell off for a bit but catching back up on Netflix to watch season 4!