Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin Boss on Petra's 'Angrier' Labor, Jane and Michael's Challenge

Remember how lovingly Jane the Virgin brought baby Mateo into the world last season? Well, don’t expect an equally blissful experience when Petra delivers her twin girls in tonight’s episode (The CW, 9/8c).

“Everything in Petra’s pregnancy and birth is opposite of what Jane [went through],” executive producer Jennie Urman tells TVLine. “Everything that can go wrong is going wrong. It’s a much more painful, less utopian birth. She’s less prepared, and also maybe angrier about it.”

Although you definitely don’t want to mess with a petulant Petra, Jane steps in when her frenemy goes into labor and Rafael is unable to reach his (latest) baby mama in time. Then a miracle occurs: the delivery “brings Jane and Petra together,” Urman reveals.

“We’ve been doing a lot about their relationship – Are they friends? Are they not? – and the fact that they’re, basically, oil and water,” the EP notes. “What I wanted this episode to be is about showing their relationship when they’re not trying to become friends and exploiting their natural differences.”

Jane will have a second hurdle to overcome when a Rafael-related issue threatens to burst her and Michael’s happily reunited bubble.

“They’re dealing with the reality of the fact that, for a year, she left him and she was with someone else,” Urman previews. “Normally, when you break up with someone, you can wish them well and go on your way, but this ex is in her life forever because he’s Mateo’s dad. So what happened during that year and who Rafael is in their lives continually stresses and challenges Jane and Michael’s relationship.”

Jane the Virgin fans, are you excited to see Jane and Petra as friends?

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  1. bigdede says:

    And the ratings will drop drop and drop even lower. If they didn’t write Michael to be so darn annoying, I could root for him. But for 2 seasons he was super annoying. Not likable at all.

    • MCNY says:

      I agree with you. It’s already showing in the numbers.

    • MCNY says:

      I agree with you. The numbers show that fans stopped watching when Michael and Jane are getting together. Oh Well! It was nice while it lasted. This should be the last season.

      • turretgunnerl says:

        Interesting. I stopped watching when Michael and Jane broke up about 3 or 4 episodes ago.I always thought he and Jane were the best fit for each other and I just got tired of the back and forth of it all – over the top novella melodrama, notwithstanding Actually, I don’t think that Michael has been turned into as bad a character as you believe. What has he done that has been so horrible?

        • Bryan says:

          seems like those 3 negative comments came from the same person. Typical CW fans and their ships.

        • T.M. says:

          It is just people being blinded by Rafael’s beautiful jaw line .Not that I can blame them. At this point everyone has done something stupid. I was actually going to peace out a few episodes ago because of the darn love triangle, but then I realized I don’t care so much about which boy she ends up with. I care about the family. I want Xo, Abuela, and Jane to be happy. If that ends with Jane with Rafael or Michael that is okay with me. They both bring out things in Jane, but between the two of them I feel Michael is the long term fit for the kind of life that Jane wants. Whereas what I feel Rafael needs may just be something that he can’t get from Jane. But only time will tell :) I hope they have a plan involved for if it doesn’t get renewed and if she does get married.. will it still be called jane the virgin?

    • LKE says:

      100% agree with you.

  2. brendhafs says:

    Rafael is so annoying he wants force Jane be with him because they have a son together. No woman or man should stay with someone they don’t love because they have a kid, Mateo don’t deserve grow up in a family who always fight. Because Jane and Rafael were always fight when they were together. So I don’t think Michael is the safe choice, he is the RIGHT choice. #TeamMichael

  3. WingsStef says:

    I am glad she is back with Michael, even though I don’t hate Rafael either. Yes, Michael did freak out about the pregnancy at first and with his feud with Rafael, I understood why he and Jane had their break. Michael and Jane have history, they have their friendship. Their goofy little phone chats (and Michael’s goofy grin for that matter) always make me laugh. Michael has always been there for her and her family. They just seem to click. Again, I don’t hate Rafael, they share a son together and he will always be in their lives. However, Jane was still very likely still in love with Michael during their relationship which is not fair to any of them. Petra and Jane’s new “relationship” trying to be civil since they share a baby daddy will be interesting. The three children will be siblings so it’s best if they can try to make it work, though we all know there will be many hiccups as there should be.

  4. Chai says:

    Watching the first time, I was rooting for Rafael, but I might have just been caught up with Justin Baldoni’s looks. Rewatching straight through has been interesting, I’m realizing how crazy it was for Jane to leave Michael for Rafael. She doesn’t know Rafael; they don’t have a lot of interaction (few 10 min talks here and there) before she starts having the sex dreams of him. Now I’m glad she is back with Michael.

    • Chai_DIT says:

      Can I ask why you took my comment from Jane the Virgin reddit and posted it here? I wrote that comment over there, and you copy/pasted it to tvline. (www.reddit.com/r/JaneTheVirginCW/comments/43y0tj/rewatching_jane_the_virgin_from_the_beginning/) You just added “Now I’m glad she is back with Michael,” which I don’t agree with….

  5. Lily says:

    I wish they would’ve made Michael’s character less annoying, then maybe I wouldn’t hate him so much. It’s not even about me being Team Raf..I just don’t like Michael. She can go be with anyone else. I just wish he would go away..in the mean time, I’ll suffer through their relationship because I love the show!!

  6. Lesley says:

    I really don’t understand why I should care about Petra and her “stolen” offspring. She took away Rafael’s choice to use his sample with a woman of his own choosing. Not just once but twice now and all anyone can remember now is how bad Rafael is because he’s not in love with her again! And Jane back with Michael?? Really?? Season 1 was great but Season 2 is another story. Jane is only interesting when she is the link between her family and Rafael’s world. Funny how she’s back with Michael but she also went back to work at the Marbella and immediately got involved with Rafael’s sister Luisa and we can’t forget Petra. Didn’t Jane have an offer to teach at the school, and another to write for the telenovela? But look where she’s at!! Rafael is getting a half brother, but where is Michael’s family members for Jane to interact with? Where is his “hated” brother? Right now Michael is just a spectator in Jane’s life when all the plots she’s involved in keep her more involved with Rafael’s world outside of his being Mateo’s dad….

  7. redjane12 says:

    I am already totally bored by the Jane-Michael reunion… Ship preferences aside, the issues in that relationship do not make much compelling TV IMO while the ‘we’re from opposite worlds’ and ‘your ex-wife is insane’ provided unending storylines when Jane was with Rafael…

    Speaking of the ex-wife, Petra was more fun when she was evil in Season 1… Now they made her into a socially awkward woman which doesn’t seem too much in character to me as she was a master social butterfly and manipulator last year…

  8. Kiki says:

    I just want to give Justin Baldoni props for breathing life and heart into a what has to be the most vapid and shallow character ever written.

    This character has no real relationship with anybody. He has a sister that he spends no time with (have they had one scene with just them and his son) They do not bother to actually show him with his son unless it is to serve a plot point for Jane/Michael/Petra. He has no belief system…celebrates no holidays…He’s just a former playboy who had cancer and married a sex crazed,money hungry women… who likes to still his sperm. The writers have literally not added anything else to this character to give the actor something to build on. Despite all of that he has just as many people rooting for his character as the other more developed and actually written for characters.. The writers should really thank you.

    • sona says:

      if this is the case then does this show have any character that is not vapid and shallow? He has a past that clearly made him who he is. He has serious fears and insecurities. He has dreams. He has a strong relationship with the mother of his child and he is a great father. Just because he has no belief system does not mean he is a poorly written character. They rarely show Jane with Mateo unless it is to serve a plot point, how are they going to fit in Rafael/Mateo time?

      • Kiki says:

        What are his hopes and dreams besides being with Jane? He is half the owner of this hotel is that all he wants to do are does he have dreams of owning more? I know Jane want’s to be a writer and we see her do that on screen on every show. Michael wants to be a detective, we see him do that on screen on almost every show. Petra wants to make the world her “B”, have Raf’s baby and we watched her fight a man that was blackmailing her. The showed us her background with flashbacks. Rogelio wants to be a t.v. star that is shown almost every show. XO wants to be a singer, that has been shown with plenty of history and background information. Jane’s Abuela wanted to become a citizen we got to see that…Rafael did nothing but sleep with women? He did not make one friend along the way…He did not celebrate one holiday?

        One of the ways they can fit in Rafael/Mateo time is to have Mateo with him sometime. Just once without Jane he could be hanging with him in his office…Rafael could roll him around in the stroller like Jane does…

        • Lesley says:

          Rafael’s dream is to make the hotel a success and leave something for his children. He’s said it so many times. Is it his fault that there were murders at his hotel that have been bad for his business? He bought the Marbella with the best intentions for it to be a success. He didn’t invite Sin Rostro or his mother there to set up their illegal operations. Rafael underwrote Luisa’s insurance, and stood to loose it all when Jane sued Luisa. He did that for Luisa when she stood by him when he had cancer, which is why he stood by Petra during her pregnancy. As far as friends, the show killed off his college buddy, who was also sleeping with Petra. I want Rafael to raise Mateo. I don’t want to see Michael having any say in raising a kid he originally wanted Jane to abort or give up for adoption.

  9. LKE says:

    I’ve totally checked out on this season. She’s already dumped Michael TWICE for basically being a total jerk and now she’s back with him. Ugh.

  10. Terrolyn says:

    I am team Raf and I just hate that they put her and Michael back together. Jane and Raf never really had an opportunity to build a relationship because Michael was always involved at some point. I just think that they need more time together to first get to know one another and then move forward in a relationship it would be nice to be with the father of your so . I think…