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Jane the Virgin Season 2 Spoilers

Jane the Virgin Boss on Jane/Michael's [Spoiler], Petra's Icy Baby Names

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Monday’s episode of Jane the Virgin

Monday night’s Jane the Virgin revisited a promise made in its pilot: Jane and Michael are once again engaged to be married.

Elsewhere, Petra gave birth to her daughters, Elsa and Anna — yes, you read that correctly — with some help from her frenemy.

What better way to toast the happy occasions than with scoop from executive producer Jennie Urman?

Will Jane and Michael make it down the aisle? How will Petra handle being a new mother? And does Rafael stand a chance with either of his baby mamas? Read on to find out!

TVLINE | Now that Jane and Michael are engaged, can you say if the wedding you’re building toward in the season finale is theirs?
I feel like I shouldn’t say, but we are heading toward Jane and Michael’s wedding, certainly. Definitely, they are making plans to get married and very much in love. She has chosen Michael, definitively, at this moment.

TVLINE | They’re in a very good place right now, but are there any bumps ahead for Jane and Michael?
I wanted her to make a choice, and I really wanted the audience to understand where Jane’s coming from, no matter who you think is better for her. Hopefully, the audience wants her to be happy, and she is very happy with Michael. Their relationship continues to have little stresses, but they’re not stresses that are [about], “Should we or shouldn’t we be together?” The stresses are more, what’s the role of Michael as a stepfather-to-be in Mateo’s life? Does he get a vote on decisions? How do all three of them co-parent together? We introduce Michael’s family, who maybe are not as thrilled with Jane. They had this great relationship in the past, but since then, she’s broken Michael’s heart.

TVLINE | In the meantime, should the Jane and Rafael fans go into hibernation?
I don’t think they should go into hibernation. [Laughs] We are now halfway through our second season, so there’s ups and downs and journeys to be taken with these characters. We have a lot of ideas for that. So I can’t really say that that’s over, but it’s also not where we’re at in the story.

Jane the Virgin Season 2 SpoilersTVLINE | I love that even though Petra has feelings for Rafael, she didn’t just fall into his arms when he made a romantic overture toward her.
Me too. Petra is a proud character. She knows that her soft spot is Rafael, so she’s protective of herself, as she should be.

TVLINE | But now that they’re parenting together, will they get closer in a romantic sense?
Their parenting comes with its own challenges, so they’re both pulled together and apart.

TVLINE | How is Petra adjusting to motherhood?
Same as she had a much more difficult pregnancy, much more difficult birth [than Jane], she’s going to have a much more difficult initial dive into motherhood. And Petra’s version of what a mom looks like is different than Jane’s. She also has to reconcile that, and that’s OK.

Jane the Virgin RecapTVLINE | After Monday night’s episode, can we officially call Jane and Petra friends now?
I love this episode because I really just love Jane and Petra together. They made it through something, and they didn’t try to force their friendship. It just happened. She was there for her during her birth. They’re in a good place, certainly.

TVLINE | Is there a story behind the babies’ name, Anna and Elsa?
[Laughs] When I said, “The babies should be named Anna and Elsa,” the parents in the [writers’] room were like, “Oh, my God! That’s crazy!” and the people that weren’t parents had never heard the names Elsa and Anna.

TVLINE | Where have they been living?!
I know! But that made me think, “It’s perfectly legitimate. Why would Petra know [about] Elsa and Anna?” She’s going to get increasingly aggravated as people [point it out]. She might have to revert to nicknames at a certain point because she doesn’t want to hear anymore about Frozen… The theme of our episode was, “Let it go.” It seemed funny enough for the room to want to put it in.

Jane the Virgin fans, which of the episode’s big development are you most excited about? Hit the comments to share!

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  1. JJ says:

    There’s still 8 episodes left in this season, so I’m still holding up for a Jane/Rafael reunion by the season finale!! I think Michael and Jane will make it down the aisle but Jane will change her mind at the altar, hence a shocking, telenovela-esque season finale!! #TeamRafael

    • Tee says:

      I’m also Team Rafael; however, there’s already enough going on on the show, did they REALLY have to name the twins Anna and Elsa? I find it hard to believe that Rafael didn’t know about Frozen, after being in Mommy and Me classes in the first few episodes of season 2. The show made us believe that it was very random, and Rafael and Petra tossed suggestions into a hat and then each picked one, and he or she picked up and liked Anna and the other picked up and liked Elsa. That part of the plot/show/whatever is just stupid.

    • So glad im not the only one that’s team Raphael. I strongly dislike Mikey and Jane together.

  2. Jill says:

    This member of#TeamRafael is taking a break from the show. Michael and Jane have no appeal for me. Fortunately, there’s hot #Lucifer to watch instead.

    • Dude says:

      Well, there’s a lot to love about this series that has nothing to do with Jane’s love life. If you can’t see that,my ours not really a fan of the series anyways. So good riddance.

      • Bigdede says:

        While you’re telling people good riddance you need to look at the ratings. A lot of people have said good riddance. So keep being sarcastic because you’re the one looking like a fool.

    • Bigdede says:

      Michael and Jane don’t have any appeal. Since the show is called Jane the Virgin, her love life is what the majority of the show is about. There’s nothing about Michael that’s appealing. He is a bore.

    • Linda says:

      Same her Jane and Michael have no chemistry I stopped watching 2 weeks ago when I saw the two if them together as a possibility si glad I did

      • amandajean86 says:

        Well if you stopped watching then why are you so concerned about commenting on the show?? As a writer I think what the writer on this show are doing is awesome so as dude said good riddance

    • LKE says:

      I agree with you. She’s already dumped Michael TWICE and now she’s back with him. I stopped watching. Maybe I will catch up before the next season starts, but the show has no appeal for me now either.

  3. Dude says:

    Fav episode of the season. I love Jane and Petra together. They’re my fav relationship of the series. I also loved all the Jane/Michael scenes.

  4. Pdo says:

    Good thing Jane didn’t listen to Michael initially. Or there would be no Mateo. Ever think of that? It was all about Michael. If he really loved Jane, he would have told her from the beginning that it would be ok and they would figure it out.

  5. Cee says:

    Jane and Michael have matured and grown SO much it’s insane! They’re so great and they’ve returned some serious charm that been missing this season. It was also great to see Rafael genuinely happy holding his daughters. I hope his brother doesn’t mess that up

  6. anonymous says:

    Dumb movie.stoped watching after she chose michael

  7. Eni says:

    Love Jane and Michael.

  8. Carmen says:

    I can’t stand that Jane looks like she doesn’t even like Rafael. It’s all about Michael I think that they need new writers because I can’t see where there’s gonna b a season three. Thay all treat him awful and he really truly loves her I will watch it until the season ends but if she marrys boring Michael I won’t watch it any more. Honestly I’m watching it know because of Rogelio I love him. I don’t like where there going with rafaels carrecter. A love story between Michael and Petra I think would work in season one I felt the two were funny I enjoyed them together they have chemistry… Just saying it would pull the people back to start watching again .. Jane and Rafael can find there love for each other again. Team Rafael all the way. She should marry baby’s father.

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      I can’t imagine that the ratings are as good as they were when Jane and Rafael got together. I still watch, but have lost alot of enthusiasm for it because Jane and Michael are truly boring, Jane is self-righteous and the show generally treats Raf pretty badly. Rogelio is a stitch, but other than that, the other subplots lack interest.

    • I so agree with you Carmen. If she marries Michael, I am done.

  9. jj says:

    as usual the comments section is filled with threats to stop watching the show yet they still come and read the articles!

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      Ultimately, people actually will stop watching this show if something different doesn’t happen!

  10. Am I the only one that remembers the Narrator saying that Michael loved Jane until his last dying breath? I still feel he’s going to get whacked.

    • carmen says:

      I hope they don’t go that way I mean I don’t like Jane with him but I do like the guy.. They should have a love story with Petra and Michael I think that would work better. I don’t want him dying and then coming back because that’s what happens with telenovela and destroys Jane and Rafael again.

    • dean says:

      The Narrator also said that he would have a long and illustrious career, so NOPE.

  11. maddi says:

    I actually like Michael with Jane she’s content with him and Jane is the type of character who doesn’t mind being content. Although it’s equally great with suprises she seems to be fond of being content. She gets stressed from suprises like if she doesn’t know. She’s a planner. But Rafael is romantic with her and he is the bilogical father of mateo. They do question if they should be together which isn’t great for relationships. And Rafael is connected into all the murders, I’m not saying he is the murderer but he is around it which sucks for mateo.

  12. Nia says:

    I don’t see how this show is a love letter to telenovelas if we’re supposed to accept jane/michael as the main couple. Their relationship doesn’t compare to jane/rafael. I really liked this show but I’m not here for saint michael

  13. Gee says:

    I loved this episode! I love Jane/Michael, Petra/Jane scenes. I have nothing against him but I don’t feel any chemistry between Jane and him. He is way better with Petra and hopefully he will outgrow his immature phase as he is now a father of 3.

  14. This was the perfect episode. Michael and Jane are such a beautiful love story.

  15. luckystar7 says:

    I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve never understood what Jane saw in Michael from the first episode of the show. I’m sorry, but Michael and Jane have got to be the most boring couple in America. Seeing them together is like watching paint dry. No spark, no chemistry. It’s like watching a couple of tenth graders in the midst of a crush, which is why I was happy to see her head in Rafael’s direction. But, it’s pretty clear that this is the way the writers want Jane to roll. Like she said, “Michael’s safe and familiar.” So much for excitement in a relationship!

  16. I’m sorry but there is just no appeal in Jane and Michael for me. He’s a such a wet lettuce and how the writers think that such a character can be a romantic lead for the main character is beyond me. Let’s just be perfectly blunt here, compared to Rafael, Michael loses when it comes to looks, personality, wealth, chemistry and character development. I honestly think the writers are just trying to ‘different’ in Jane’s choice but there is a reason the ‘Michael’ characters are not romantic leads – they’re BORING!! There is no story. Certainly not for a show based on the influences of a telenovela.

    I feel like I’ve been robbed of my time here. All last season we had the growing relationship between Jane and Rafael. They had passion, a heat, a fire between them. Michael’s barely a warm blanket! Jane and Rafael ended because Rafael was worried he wasn’t good for her and she’s been p***ed at him ever since. And Rafael has been trying to win her back ever since but she’s just plain refused to listen. She always looks for the bad in Rafael in a way she doesn’t with anyone else. She makes me feel really bad for him.

    In addition all we’ve seen of Jane and Michael is a couple of episodes were Jane just inexplicably decides he’s the one for her. Then half a dozen more where she’s moved on. Then they’re engaged?! Would someone explain this to me? Even without Rafael, Jane has changed alot since the beginning and I think Michael is still in love with who she was then not who she is now.

    If Jane marries Michael I just can’t continue with this show. This season has so far been a huge disappointment for me because I loved the first.

    • carmen says:

      Omg I could not have said it better myself. I feel the same way one was so much better. I hope they don’t marry them because there won’t be a third season. I love the show but the two main people should be together. Team Rafael Jane & Mateo.

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      Catherine Wood, you wrote everything I was feeling! Somebody tell the writers to bring back some excitement to the show with Jane and Raf!!!

  17. Chris says:

    Yay go Jane and Michael!

  18. Ulonda Goode says:

    As long as Jane has stupidly chosen to be with Michael… I won’t be watching

  19. Carion says:

    I Really Liked Rafael & Janes Relationship More Than Michaels With Jane. I Think Michael Is Too Much Of A Crybaby & I Just See Jane & Rafael In The Future Together But During The Scene When Michael Rescued Petra , I Seen Petra & Michael Together In The Future I Just Prefer Jane Being A Relationship With The Father Of Her Child So It Doesn’t Cause The Baby Too Grow Up With A Step & A Biological Father. (Jane+Rafael=Love At First Sight)

  20. Han says:

    I’ve binge watched this series over the last few days and now I feel so involved! After reading the other comments I hope the writers take notice. Jane and Rafael are such a great couple together, there is so much chemistry, remember the sparks from season one? Also in season one Jane and Rafael both made reference that their love was like something they had never felt before, why can’t they just take it back to this?! It was so exciting to watch!

    I feel bad for Michael in a way because he is a nice guy. Unfortunately, there is nothing exciting about ‘nice’. When he and Jane are together on screen I find myself checking my phone or zoning out because he is just so dull! It would be so much easier for him to move on as he could literally cut all ties and not see them again. That could never happen with Rafael as his child is involved and he will always be a part of Jane’s life, romantically or not.

    I’m not threatening to stop watching the show if Jane and Michael get married I’m just saying that I, and it looks like a few other fans, would likely lose interest because Michael is so boring. It’s supposed to reflect a Telenovela, full of romance and passion. Which sadly, it is lacking the further we get into season two.

    • Postshow Commenter says:

      Han, you said what so, so many are thinking and with such class and grace. But besides our being bored with Jane and Michael, you said something that is key: a telanovela should be full of passion…alas, wilthout Rafael, the passion is gone. Thanks.

      • carmen says:

        I agree Jane & Michael have no chemistry. Jane and Rafael look so good together there is so much passion between them. I hope the writers are reading these comments If they want this show to last. Team RAFAEL!!!!

        • phil charles says:

          I do not know exactly how to feel. Yeah,yeah Michael is the right smart choice which is what Jane has been all her life. The point of this is to break her out of that. Who else can see unmitigated trouble down the line for her and Michael?
          And also Petra and Rafe have all this ugly history, there literally is no way for them to be able to fully trust each other again they will just end up having these rich relationships where all the fire and passion die out and they live with all these secrets, each one secretly wanting someone else. However Petra and Michael together would add an interesting dynamic to this and Jane and Rafael will always have this constant earthy passionate struggle with each other which will make this oh so interesting to see.
          I think the writers are brilliant, in true telenovela style they are playing with our emotions to keep us interested just to give us a twist we were not expecting just to get us back to where they need us to be…………………HOOKED.