Castle Season 8 Series Finale

Castle Recap: Serenity Now? What Was Really Behind Rick's 'Missing Time'?

Our (and, you know, Rick’s) long Castle nightmare is over.

In an episode that took the novelist/P.I. to Los Angeles and reunited Nathan Fillion with Firefly costar Summer Glau, viewers at long last got final resolution to the season-and-a-half-long mystery of Rick’s missing time. And it… is a doozy. (But we had been forewarned!)

When last touched upon in April 2015, Rick’s disappearance — which famously began just prior to his wedding — was in part explained as being due to an old prep school pal, Bilal Khan, breaking away from Al-Qaeda to turn himself over to U.S. intelligence. Bilal had demanded to surrender himself to trusted classmate-turned-high profile author Rick Castle, whose presence in Thailand was thus needed ASAP. After stepping in (and in doing so thwarting a terrorist attack), Castle’s memories were eventually “erased,” leaving him unable to account for his absence when he was found months later, adrift on a boat.

But what happened to him in the time in between Thailand and being found? One word: LokSat.

And here’s another word: Hayley. As in the investigator who first met Rick not a few months ago but a year-and-a-half ago, when CIA spook Jackson Hunt tasked the MI-6 freelancer with keeping an eye on his son, who had “gone rogue” in L.A. after the Thailand mishegas. Hayley lost track of Rick for a spell, and when next found him learned that he had been shot. He then begged her to lie about ever knowing him.

After that download, Hayley suggests that Rick let go of the issue, not knowing what “hell you might unleash,” and he agrees. For a moment. But at episode’s end, he decides not to let sleeping dogs lie, so Hayley points him toward a “dark net” safe to unlock. And when he does, he is presented with a video… of himself, explaining that he had found a connection between Senator Bracken and a partner dubbed “LokSat.” So inflammatory was this intel (bullet wound and all), Rick says in the video, he decided to have “their” memory erased, to protect Kate.

How he ended up on a boat? We don’t know.

Regardless, just like that, we learn that Rick’s missing time actually ties into the ongoing LokSat mystery, in that he was close to solving it 18 months ago but got spooked (and thus now feels guilt over Kate’s AG buddies getting snuffed). But now he and Hayley have a clue — the airport flights on the night Rick recorded that video to himself — to help Beckett crack this nut once… and… for… all!

Elsewhere, in the seemingly 57 minutes leading up to all of that….

Rick, Hayley and Alexis traveled to L.A. to investigate his recent memory “flashes,” where they quickly caught a case tied to a bi-coastal serial killer. (That allowed for occasional cutaways to RySpo back home, who were pranking Lanie about her new beau’s background check.) At stake for Rick in solving the case was an esteemed seat in the Greatest Detectives Society, provided he (and Hayley) could outwit Summer Glau’s character. Along the way, we learned that Hayley is at the very least bi, before Alexis stumbled across the fact that she was part of Rick’s missing time. (Hayley would later explain that she stuck around NYC because she grew fond of Rick and adored his daughter.) In the end, Rick was offered a place in the GDS, but he deferred — to instead keeping working with the best detective he knows, Kate Beckett.

What did you think of “The GDS” and the episode’s whopper of a reveal?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Kate says:

    Ugh. That’s about all I have to say about that episode.

    • Just one thing says:

      The moral of the story: Castle can lie to Kate to protect her at literally every turn, and it’s justified. Kate, under literally any circumstance concocted by (wo)man, cannot do the same to protect him.
      There’s more to it than that, but that’s the meat of it. Fatty meat, but y’know.

      • Fido says:

        Sounds exactly like the early season of Smallville where Clark would go round freely lying to all his friends but at the same time DEMANDING they are 100% honest with him about EVERYTHING.

      • gretchen thad says:

        Not sure why you are saying that Castle can lie to Kate. There have been consequences for his lies, as well. The way I saw last night was that protecting each other is their first priority. Of course, not sure how what they opt to do actually protects anyone but, that’s a whole different story.

        • Just one thing says:

          Please describe the consequences for Castle’s lying when:
          * He looked in Johanna Beckett’s murder behind Kate’s back soon after they met
          * He withheld info about the conspiracy a few years later
          * He investigated a high-profile FBI case behind her back soon after her job switch
          * He further investigated his own abduction alone and in another country soon after being found
          * He stayed on the lam and erased his memory knowing she was searching him
          Beckett always sees backpack from fans and Castle when she lies. I have yet to see that happen to him.

          • Just one thing says:

            Sorry, I don’t know how many backpacks Beckett sees from fans. But I know she gets a lot of backlash.

          • Stephanie says:

            100% agree

          • S. says:

            Very true. Nobody ever seems to call Rick on his crap. Just Kate whenever she dares keep anything from him. He’s gone rouge and hidden things a lot. If she hides anything for what she sincerely believes is for his own safety, she’s the one being mean? BS.

          • shirley says:

            Castle says he’s a writer. It’s in his nature to be curious(maybe even lie) I guess.

      • Stephanie says:


    • jahoney1 says:

      I had it on one of my TV’s for once. I glanced at it every now and then and what I saw I had the same feeling.

    • SAM says:

      This show used to be appointment TV for me but I stopped watching “Castle” when the inane “Kate-is-leaving-to-protect-Castle” story began. I just read this recap in order to see if it would entice me back to watching.

      It didn’t.

      • JS says:

        Ditto…loved this show and gave up at the same time. Poor writing in my opinion

      • annie says:

        Same here. Last night’s episode is the first that I have no intention of watching though. I kept hoping that they would salvage something of the show I loved. Last night was just unwatchable. Juvenile, inconsistent, and utterly ridiculous.

        • annie says:

          From the two clips I’ve seen.

        • Anon says:

          Yep, stopped watching myself, the Twitter feeds are more entertaining. Can you tell they are desperate.. they have Nathan and his cronies (whoever he can get) live tweeting every week. They will get a break next week, when they all get to pretend that they dont work on the show…Beckett who?

          • Just one thing says:

            Haha, yes. Nailed it.
            Then again, I’d rather radio silence from Team Fillion than to see how awkwardly they tweet around/through/over/under the Beckett stuff.

          • Castlebuzz says:

            I’d rather radio silence from Fillion every week. Why does a 44 year-old man need to tell the world he needs the bathroom? Won’t be reading his tweets again.

      • mazel tov says:

        Same here. Been watching since episode 1, season 1. Watched the first 2 episodes this year and nothing since. I DVR every episode in the hope that something watchable will appear. Based on the comments here it is time to erase last night’s program from the DVR.

      • shirley says:

        Then stop reading recaps and you won’t be dissapointed or unhappy with tv or life.
        We hope you’ll ber happier then

  2. Sam says:

    That was quite possibly one of the worst hours of television I have ever watched. What was that? If this was a spinoff pitch – absolutely not. If this was a filler episode – a clips show would have been better. This was miserable. Wow, didn’t realize Stana wanted out of so many eps this season. First time ever. Let the show end. These new showrunners have ruined the show. No question about it.

    • Sage says:

      Totally agree! I’m not sure what happened to the show we all loved.

      • Just one thing says:

        I think that’s a mystery we’re never gonna solve.

      • kath says:

        The new showrunners decided to revamp it. They wanted to split up Castle and Beckett because writing for a couople happily together was too hard and they wanted to put Castle into his own P.I. storylines with the Mary Sue characdters of Alexis and Hayley.instead of working with Beckett, Ryan, Esposito and Lainie.

        Don’t you love the New! Improved! Castle show? I really don’t.

        • Craig Riley says:

          Or possibly it was because Katic only signed on with the condition that she gets a certain number of episodes off per year, and they had to come up with something for Castle to do in the meantime.

          • Ann says:

            I agree, some how I don’t think.she wants a s 9 and if thats the case finish the show on a good note

          • Just one thing says:

            I wonder if Katic also said, “I don’t want Beckett to appear at all in episodes that focus heavily on Castle, either comedic or dramatic.”
            She must have personally requested that. Probably during her phone call with Hawley and Winter while abroad.

          • Carolina says:

            Yes, JOT – totally agree. She must have also requested in that phone call with Hawley & Winter for them to totally belittle her character every chance they get (Captain of the NYPD called a hoochie mama w/absolutely NO defense from her husband!) and to make everything her fault, with Castle telling her she likes being broken. I’m sure she asked for alllll that, so she could get a little extra time off this year.

          • leo says:

            And she had them ordered an In and Out Buger as well,ha.

          • Just one thing says:

            I think we’re on to something, Carolina.
            If Stana Katic has demonstrated anything over the last eight years, it’s that she doesn’t care about her character’s integrity, the Castle/Beckett relationship OR what the fans enjoy.
            There’s absolutely zero evidence to suggest otherwise.
            So, it stands to reason that she didn’t care what they did to her character as long as she got that extra time off. Beckett’s elimination from entire episodes was her idea and hers alone.

          • kath says:

            I don’t have a laminated copy of SK’s contract but even if she did request to be out for a number of episodes, there is no excuse for the juvenile and nasty way Ryan and Esposito treated Lanie.
            The show has dropped about 50 IQ points this season.

          • S. says:

            Ugh, it’s really hard to respond to individuals in this long thread, but I’ll try. kath: What Ryan and Espo did to Lanie wasn’t nasty. It was funny and you’d have thought it swell in the early seasons. You’re letting your feelings about the recent storylines color your thinking. I doubt very seriously the people who claim they were giving the show a new, fair shot despite getting upset about the “breakup” really were. They were mad from the first jump and nothing short of some public apology from the showrunners will assuage them. JOT: That’s ridiculous to assume Stana doesn’t want to be in Castle heavy episodes. There’s a easy explanation, non-conspiracy theory. The precise reason they’re Castle heavy is because she’s not in them. What would you like them to focus on? Perlmutter? It makes sense if you can entirely write her out for a show to do that rather than use her a little bit and have to find yet another week off for her to have. You end up with a Beckett-lite ep *and* a Beckett-free ep instead of just a Beckett-free ep. Sam: One of the worst eps you’ve ever watched? I enjoyed it well enough considering all the balls they had to keep in the air about Hayley, Castle’s disappearance, Loksat, the Detective Society, etc. I suggest watching more tv. I really think you’ve either not seen enough or been spoiled. This doesn’t even come close to the garbage you can find out there. Toxic Fan Syndrome is a thing y’all.

        • shirley says:

          Us fans are aware of that by now.
          Hope you find something better to do with your time.

    • AJR says:

      Why comment if you have nothing positive to say? So tired of all you “haters” out there. Go cry a river on someone else’s shoulders for a change.

      • Just one thing says:

        Your whining about other people’s whining is both ironic and silly.

        • Castlebuzz says:

          Thanks, JOT, for saving me the trouble of taking AJR down from her pedestal.
          AJR – here’s something positive. I’m glad, as I’ve been predicting, that Rick’s disappearance and LokSat/Bracken are linked. It was almost worth watching the ep for those few minutes of REVEAL.
          By: Not a Hater

        • AJR says:

          You’re the worst offender JOT. Booohooo whawha

          • Just one thing says:

            “OMG, why don’t you guys like the show like I do. It’s so annoying and rude.”
            “Wahh, stop sharing your independent thoughts in the comments section of this TV show article. My feeble wittle brain can’t handle the IMMENSE conflict.”

      • jahoney1 says:

        So what. Not much positive to say about a show that took a summer and about two episodes to go from a highly rated tv show within the top 35 watched shows in the US to circling the drain and falling. You disagree with some of the other opinions out there again that is your choice. Whining about what others are saying corny, ironic, and really a bit sad. Everyone has a choice. Freewill and all.

      • Opinions matter says:

        It’s called a comment section, not a ‘write only positive thoughts here’ section which would clearly give a one-sided view of a tv show.
        A negative opinion is as valid as a positive, regardless of whether you agree with it or not.

      • Kris says:

        *cue JT’s Cry Me A River song*

      • annie says:

        Here’s something positive. Thank you Alexi Hawley for making this season so bad that I won’t be the least bit upset to see the end of the series. You’ve made it easy to say goodbye. Something I didn’t think possible before your tenure.

    • jahoney1 says:

      I suspect that when negotiations went one two big things happened. Nathan gets I am guessing 100,000 per episode. If the national pay difference between men and women in the same position holds true for Castle my guess is that Stana makes around 82,000 per episode. There is a big pay difference between the two stars. So Stana I suspect negotiated for time off because of that pay difference and other life events in her life.
      This is the show that we would have gotten after season 4 if Hawley and Fillion had gotten their way.

      • Just one thing says:

        Not that I have a laminated copy of their contracts or anything, but I would bet my own monthly salary that they’re both making FAR more than $100k per ep at this point.
        But that’s really none of my business.

        • jahoney1 says:

          Of course I don’t have a contract in front of me. You are right of course that now they are making well north of that amount from what I remember are the season 3 numbers for Nathan that I have seen on the upper web. My biggest point is that I suspect that with the pay difference between the two stars and the events in Stana’s life she negotiated for all the time off. (I have not proof of this other than experiences during contract negotiations.)

          • Carolina says:

            It’s possible they both asked for time off, more likely Fillion did given his previous meltdowns over wanting more time off. But it is also possible that she had more time off due to her character getting pushed to the backburner, and also the possibility that the script was written to not include her character.

    • Jack Bailey says:

      I totally agree with Sam. They have definitely ruined the show. I used to really like the show, but they have messed it up big time. I think it`s all over. I don`t like it all when Beckett is not in it.

  3. Anon says:

    That was the most pathetic episode ever.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Epic fail. Boring story. So far fetched. No Beckett at all….again!! Can’t believe the POS that this episode was.
    Fire Alexi Hawley now. Fix this Channing Dungey. Fix it or kill it. Unbelievable how bad this show has become.

  5. andreabettis says:

    Matt, I do t know how you kept it straight writing this article. Whew! That was a lot of info in two minutes… The article and the episode :) What an ending!

  6. Court says:

    Worst episode EVER! Only part I liked was the last 5 minutes

  7. TNT says:

    Well played..
    Good twist..

  8. Dj says:

    I loved seeing Summer and would like to see more of her. I also like the way they tied Rick missing time to loksat. Rick finding out was the first domino to fall. But how did he find out.

  9. Lauren says:

    Okay, I think I’m having a brain fart but when did we first learn about Loksat? Wasn’t it after rick’s disappearance? And therefore, wouldn’t the whole timeline be off?

  10. bob says:

    it was meh till the end but we know they end it in 8×16 so how different is the show gonna be

  11. ndixit says:

    So two of the worst plot lines this show has had turned out to be connected. What a surprise!!!!

  12. Whoa Nellie says:

    Warning. Chewing on this can cause nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and rashes. You may experience an overwhelming desire to regain the hour you lost watching this. If these symptoms persist call your physician to have your memory erased immediately.

  13. Sad State says:

    And now we know how they plan on getting rid of Beckett / Stana Katic. The stage has now been firmly set for her exit and the spin off. She is going to be killed and written off. It’s very obvious and so easy to see if you open your eyes and look.

    • DB says:

      So very true. This has become a disastrous show.

    • bob says:

      lol maybe but low rated shows dont usually get spinoffs but stana did say she was excited to return

      • jahoney1 says:

        Fillion’s buddy Former ABC President Paul Lee I believe is no longer a part of ABC along with most of the leadership. Fillion’s negations with ABC I read have slowed way down with new smarter leadership at ABC.

        • lindag413 says:

          I read that things have come to halt with the new ABC head and Nathan.
          Shows with better numbers have been canceled.They may be waiting to see what the numbers say.
          Personally if they renew or spinoff I will not follow without the formula that made this show.
          By the way don’t they spin off successful shows not ones on life support?

          • Matt Webb Mitovich says:

            LOL “A halt!”

          • Just one thing says:

            I think it’s even funnier that contract negotiations should/would take months in this case.
            What is there to haggle, and who has the most leverage this season?

    • Ann says:

      I hope u r wrong without katic there is no show spinoff will not work so just end.the series

    • Jerri says:

      I had no idea you were psychic. What are the winning lottery numbers?

    • They may do a spin off but it would much more likely involve Hayley and Alexis than Castle and Beckett. Unless Katic is just enthused about married life and wants to drop the ball I would guess it is far more likely that Beckett will be with child by season’s end than written off. Wow, there are some seriously gender inferiority complexes on here. The show is called “Castle”…..about a writer…..guess who the costar and who the main star is. I like Katic as much as Fillion…..more for obvious reasons but some of you guys need to steer clear off high bridges on the off chance you just decide to jump.

  14. Kaitlin says:

    I actually thought it was great! The mystery of the week and the great detective society stuff was so-so, but the twist that Hayley has known about Rick’s missing time ad then the twist that his time and LokSat are connected saved this season for me. I didn’t like the random addition of a new character(Hayley) but now that she has a real purpose it makes more sense. Hopefully we will see a full resolution of the missing time/LokSat case with Castle and Beckett working together.

    • Ann says:

      Good way to end series bringing down loksat together

      • Disappointed says:

        But as recently as Mar 4 Hawley told EW

        “Our hope is to get to a place where they do get to confront LokSat and get something satisfying,” he adds. “It would be great to have something of a cliffhanger.”

        So it doesn’t sound like he’s planning for them to take down Loksnore completely by the S8 finale, and if the show is cancelled………….

        • jahoney1 says:

          I suspect he does not really care. He already has a new show in production in conjunction with Mark Gordon productions. What I have read from other sites and bigger magazines is that even if Castle is not canceled (not very likely) He will not longer be the Executive Producer.

  15. George H. says:

    Felt sloppy, like they rushed together a script without going through the editing process.

  16. Regina says:

    Yeah Matt, I wanted to know about the boat too…on the other side of the country.

  17. tbwrealestate says:

    I loved it. Felt like a classic Castle episode, even with Beckett there. Missed here but still enjoyed it.

    • Just one thing says:

      I’m curious what about this episode felt like “classic” Castle to you. Was it the primary location, the usual cast of characters, a clearly delineated A and B storyline?
      I haven’t watched “classic” Castle in some time, but you’re making me question my memory.

      • John NYC says:

        Having not watched in some time how can you question an actual viewers opinion?

        The dramedy was there so there’s that “feel”.

        • Just one thing says:

          Oh, so elements of the genre are what made it seem classic. Kkkkk
          And you’re right, it’s pointless to question someone’s opinion. Sorry, tbwrealestate.

  18. annek says:

    Terrible, awful, brutal, boring. Apparently AH forgot that there is a character named Beckett on the show. Not even a phone call? Nothing while he is investigating his missing time (which he should be doing with his wife). Hayley is so annoying, yet has somehow become Castle’s best friend suddenly? If this is S9, good luck to them. Epic fail

    • Craig Riley says:

      Because Katic is contracted to have a few episodes off now. Wanna blame someone, blame her for wanting some holiday.

      • White Tulip says:

        I know zilch about the terms of her contract but why would she be the one to blame ? She asked and they agreed to give her time off…blame the ones who granted her request…and even if she wasn’t there when they filmed the episode, they had plenty of time when she was back to insert a phone call / a skype convo to include her ..and they chose not to do it…why, I don’t know…

      • annek says:

        Even if she asked for time off, doesnt excuse terrible writing, inane storylines and out of character behaviour. Throw in a fake phone call – didnt even have to see SK, just make the connection that they care about eachother and she was checking on him. Not rocket science. Oh but AH wrote this. He has an aversion to all things Beckett

      • Dj says:

        You can’t blame SK when its easier for her stans to blame NF. But everyone involved should take a share of the blame.

      • Carolina says:

        While she may not have been in the episode because she asked for time off, it is also very possible she was not in the episode because it was written that way, and had absolutely nothing to do with her wanting a vacation. Can’t blame her for a poorly written script and a poorly written excuse for LokSnore. Even if she asked for time off and they gave it to her, she is not to blame for poor writing.

  19. KLS says:

    What just happened?

  20. JImN says:

    Like so many of this season’s episodes this one was flat. I know they were filling in here while Stana went to Europe for 2 weeks or so, but it really, really felt like so many little skits glued together. This approach is very common this season. Then a LokSat reveal at the end, who cares? If this was supposed to be the big launch into Castle PI, it fizzled on the launch pad. For a real launch go to season 1 episode 1.

    Did like Laine and Ryan along with the psycho studio head.

  21. Kristine S says:

    Not good. This may have been the last nail in the coffin for me and Castle.

  22. Lia says:

    The showrunners should know: no Caskett, no Castle. This episode shows it. It was awful, so boring. It took so long for Castle to remember Beckett. If this is the new show, I am not interested. I don’t care about Hayley and Alexis.
    I want Castle back. The show I fell in love with, the banter between Castle and Beckett. The good old times.
    The showrunners failed this show.

  23. kath says:

    What was that mess? The writer should be fired — except he’s the co-showrunner, which explains a lot about why this season has been so bad.

    If this was supposed to be a backdoor pilot, we needed more on Summer Glau’s and Gerald McRainey’s character, not to mention more about the club. That was the ‘D’ plot and I can’t get interested in that.

    The two-coast serial killer plot was interesting except there was never any explanation for why they become serial killers. Surely that was important too?

    I don’t mind Hayley but she and Alexis are not enough to interest me in watching the show. Beckett and Martha were sorely missed.

    Ryan and Espo pranking Lanie when she went to Ryan for help gets two thumbs down for me. Where is the the fire extinguisher I can turn on the writer? I loved Castle when it was about six characters supporting each other. You, Show, are not that Castle.

    Finally, the first time we heard that Castle tried to erase his memory was lame. This time 3rd? 4th? it’s the sorriest plot point ever. Someone on that show needs to realize that Castle can keep Beckett safer by remembering what went wrong and how to keep that from happening than all there “you made me promise to keep it from you”.

  24. DarkDefender says:

    That was an amazing hour of television. Best written episode of Castle since Veritas.
    GDS spinoff- yes, please.
    I love Caskett.. So much, but I have to say I did not miss Beckett tonight.
    Lanie killed it. The boys had it coming.

  25. Just one thing says:

    Richard Castle is a super spy.
    Richard Castle is one of the greatest detective.
    Richard Castle was kidnapped because he alone was needed to save the world.
    Richard Castle saved the world while kidnapped and also saved his wife’s life.
    Richard Castle is officially, without a doubt, a post-modern Marty Stu.

    • brad says:

      lol while making beckett seem dumb and helpless

    • Carolina says:

      That is exactly what Season 8 is – all about how great Richard Castle is (while turning himself into a clown) and how selfish and dumb his wife is. Anyone in doubt as to who is calling the shots and why?

      • Just one thing says:

        Obviously Stana Katic has a reserved seat in the writers room where she dictates new and exciting ways for the show to stop factoring Beckett into the equation.
        Come to think of it, she must’ve first gotten that seat reserved right before 6×23 was rewritten.
        Considering her background and track record, it’s easy to see how she might not have wanted Castle and Beckett to get married. I can see how Stana Katic might’ve also hatched the original Castle P.I. theory, recognizing of course the true “brand” behind the series and wanting everyone to capitalize on that.
        It’s amazing the kind of sway Stana Katic must have. Throughout two seasons and four showrunners, she’s managed to finally realize her vision for Castle and Beckett – one where her character plays second fiddle to nearly every other character on the show, while apparently homeless and on this crusade that her Brilliant, Interesting Hero Husband will ultimately solve with his P.I. Squad.
        I bet Stana Katic also advised the promo team to dig deep for clips of Beckett in other episodes so they can falsely advertise her presence in episodes she completely opted out of.
        That Stana Katic is a sly one. Gotta keep an eye on her at all times.

  26. brad says:

    i wish someone would say why stana missed two episodes this season is nathan kicking her to the curb they never talk about each but he does with the other stars or does she really have days off in her contract

  27. Mari says:

    It’s really hard to watch these episodes l!! Where is the ABC president when we need her I had the tv on but just watched bits and pieces what I did watch was pretty gut wrenching. It’s too bad it has to end this way!

  28. The Librarian says:

    I remember the final season of “Moonlighting”….this feels so much like that. If it gets a 9th season (which I have my doubts) I am guessing we get a dozen episodes and that’s it.

    • jahoney1 says:

      Sadly Hawley and Fillion were so worried about the “Moonlight Curse” that they moonlight the show themselves. Marlowe, Miller, and Aman for the most part had the right balance in the show. ABC realistically would be wasting money to give this show another season. There was a reason that Paul Lee and the entire ABC leadership was let go (told to resign. If what I have read is true.)

      • annie says:

        Marlowe doesn’t get off scot free. He has said it was his decision not to go through with the wedding and set up the “Rick is missing” storyline at the end of 6×23. His fear of the “Moonlighting” curse is responsible for the entire missing time fiasco.

        • Just one thing says:

          He also said the final 6×23 script was written in only a few days, when we all know that they break and write those episodes weeks and weeks in advance.
          It always sounded like a last-minute Page 1 rewrite, but we of course never found out why. I always assumed it was the studio/network’s interference…

    • Dgregg says:

      Strangely enough, I think the final season of Moonlighting was more in character and made a lot more sense than this LokStat/missing Castle plot lines and the final season of Moonlighting made a lot of mistakes.

      • L8wrtr says:

        I have to agree.. to compare this to the final season of Moonlighting is decidedly unfair to the final season of Moonlighting… and that says a lot, because that was a painful season.

  29. Teri says:

    The writers have to make due without Beckett when Stana is off doing whatever. She was gone and that is on her. So, there was a few good twists and Lanie finally getting more than 2 words was nice. Ryan and Espo good as usual. Alexis was smart and caring. That girl sure misses a lot of classes. Hayley is a good character. I did not want her to be bad, so I must like her more than I realized. This Loksat thing is mind numbing….I don’t get it. They talk about Jackson Hunt and I hope we see him again. I will rewatch to make more sense of it all.

    • TVHead says:

      Nathan has projects too but He is front and center of almost every show he is in.The show has become Castle Centric with a lot of Castle GDS to boot.Kate Beckett is barely seen most of the shows she is in not to mention stripping Beckett of her identity bit by bit which is Not justified by her projects or vacations that Others also take.It is obvious that Hawley and others have rewriten Castle to what THEY thought it should have been in the earlier seasons.Don’t blame Stana for Their misjudgements.There is no Castle without Caskett.Blame the Show runners and Writers.

  30. Anonymous says:

    My fear tomorrow is that this episode somehow gets decent ratings. They sold us a bill of goods and we East Coasters fell for it. It will just embolden AH/TPW/NF that this s–tty storytelling can continue unchecked.
    So Please. West Coasters! If you’re a Nielsen family like us, do not watch this crappy episode tonight. Anything but this.
    The Castle showrunners and ABC do not deserve our viewership or loyalty. They’ve shown none in return. Send a message. Loud and clear. Through the ratings. Only way to make this horrible train wreck stop.

    • Just one thing says:

      It is funny that they showed a Beckett clip in the promo that aired last week. Some might call that falss advertising.

      • Just one thing says:

        Or false.

        • lkh says:

          or saying false with a little hisssss to it–falssss It’s an attitude thing.
          Sorry for all the pain–I watched Blindspot-she really did lose her memory–now, you’d like to lose yours. :)
          The only good thing about that show is my being able to read y’all commenting. I think that makes me both sadistic and masochistic.

          • Just one thing says:

            I like it! And we all must have a little sadomasochism in us to continue watching this show.

      • KLS says:

        ABC did the same thing for Cool Boys. Never trust the promos.

      • brad says:

        lol super huge they made it look as if its possible she was in it compared to the cool boys promo

    • Ellen says:

      Instead of forcing your opinion on others, why not let them watch and decide for themselves.

      • Castlebuzz says:

        Ellen, nothing in what Anonymous posted is forcing anything on anyone. Cripes, s/he even said ‘please.’

  31. John NYC says:

    The secret society stuff didn’t do it for me. Even with my fondness for McRaney. Liked the case of the week and loved the 12th pranks and fallout and the Hayley reveals.

    That his dad had a hand in the mystery seemed preordained.

    Looking forward to Rick’s return to the best detective in the world. Presumably back from her honeymoon?

    • Dj says:

      I think they wanted everything to link back to his dad from the start but they knew they couldn’t get James back.

  32. lauri5567 says:

    I actually liked this episode as we didn’t hear about the world’s stupidest pretend separation. I was hoping that Hayley would turn out to be evil, but I guess there is still time.
    I thought the AG team was killed because of a hit in a query that Kate wrote. How does that mean Rick is to blame? OTOH, at least we have somehing that makes a little more sense of why Rick had his mind wiped. (Sense in a TV reality not real world reality way)

    • KLS says:

      Maybe a Rick feels guilty because he knew about LokSat 18 months ago. Couldn’t do anything about it and chose to hide from it.

  33. Et al. says:

    Well, now that Summer Glau has appeared, they can go ahead and cancel the show.

  34. Castlebuzz says:

    Just wondering. When the head of the GDS told off Rick and Kendall with the words “messy, boorish, and lacking sophistication,” was he talking about this and many other episodes this season?

    • Just one thing says:

      Kind of like when the studio exec said that he’s in charge now and they want to get back in the Richard Castle business…

    • Castlefan says:

      I wrote that down when he said it as I was planning to use it in my own post, but you beat me to it! Great minds and all that.

  35. jahoney1 says:

    Ratings wise Castle is absolutely dead in the water. It would seem to make more economic sense for ABC to cancel the show and make better use of the syndication money that keeps coming in the the season 1-7 of truly classic Castle. This episode felt rushed to me like someone told the executive produces that the they needed to get this fixed fast because the new ABC leadership was seriously thinking about canceling the show.

  36. N says:

    I liked it

    • Suzy says:

      I did too. We got the big twist at the end, Castle didn’t act like an idiot the whole time, Alexis wasn’t annoying, Haley’s character made a little more sense, and we got to see Lanie. While it’s sad there was no Beckett you cant fault a person for wanting time off, when they are allowed to take it.

  37. Miriam Maurer says:

    Yes this season is not as it should be…but that said….I am really tired of The Show Runners and Nathan getting all the blame…the new Show Runners told Stana what they were going to do so and she signed a contract so she should also get some of the blame! As a Castle fan I liked it…but I did miss her ! It is highly obvious that most of the people here are Beckett fans so…

    • TVHead says:

      I am sure she had NO idea how POORLY the show runners and writers would handle the story line.The script is not written when the actors sign their contracts.They get an overall arc of the storyline.It IS the fault of the show runners and writers.

      • Disappointed says:

        It was announced on May 12 that Stana had re-signed and she tweeted this

        “I’m so pleased to announce that, after talking with our new show runners, Terence Paul Winter and Alexi Hawley (both of whom I’ve had the pleasure of working with before) I’m excited about the future plans for Beckett and delighted to be returning for a season 8 of Castle”

        But how much detail could the show runners have given her because

        “After taking a day to move offices from his previous job as co-showrunner of The Following, Hawley, along with Winter and the Castle writing staff, went on a writers retreat where they hashed out a bible for Season 8.” (This happened at the end of May begining in June)

        On Aug 5 the showruners told Entertainment Weekly that by promoting Beckett

        “The position will also provide the writers with a wealth of new story avenues for Beckett outside her professional life, says EP Alexi Hawley. “Since she doesn’t have to be boots on the ground in every aspect of the case, it also gives us opportunities with her to open up her character a little bit more and to take her down some other roads,” he says.”

        I’m still waiting for those wealth of new storylines to materialise because Captain Beckett has been pretty boring and stilted.

        And on Sept 28 Winter told TV Line

        WINTER | In every single episode, they do end up working together. They end up building theory together.

        Well we now know that isn’t true, but wouldn’t he have known about the time Stana wanted off before he said that because isn’t it more likely that she negotiated it before re-signing rather than just demanded a break in the middle of the season’s filming.

        • David says:

          That tweet is a feel good PR blurb.
          From what I understand stars rarely tweet themselves it’s usually a PR guy or an intern doing it.

        • TVHead says:

          EXACTLY.Repeat EXACTLY.Thanks for clearing it up for all who seem so eager to blame Stana for the Show Runners and Writers horrible choices.

    • Castlefan says:

      Unfortunately it’s the showrunners who have not only misled the viewers from the start but also have a warped idea of what constitutes fun. It’s Nathan who keeps bringing in his friends regardless of what’s best for the show (I know this happens in general, but five in a single season is extreme) and can’t stop goofing about.

      Stana’s time off will of course have had a bearing on how much of her they can film, but I’ve seen no evidence of her actually doing anything to harm the show and when she’s there, she’s good. Somehow I doubt she was informed that the show was going to be all about goofball Castle PI and super-sleuth Alexis with a sidetracked Beckett being made to look bad.

      None of us know what happened behind the scenes before this season started, but going on what I’ve seen on screen and in interviews, for me the problems are mainly down to Hawley and Fillion.

      • David says:

        Don’t blame Nathan, in an interview he commented that he was surprised & confused that Winter & co were splitting Caskett up…

        • Castlefan says:

          I’m not blaming Nathan for the plot line – that’s down to the showrunners. I’m blaming Nathan for the attitude which seems to need the show centred around him and his friends. I could be wrong – I don’t know any of them – but purely from watching I have got the impression that his own sense of humour is imposing on Castle, and five old friends guest starring in one season both seems excessive and suggests to me that he has considerable input.

          • TVHead says:

            Sounds like Nate took advantage of Hawley and Winters aversion to Beckett.It IS all about Castle and Castle GDS.Castle even barks orders to perps when the boys are standing right there and has become quite the Hero in season *.

          • Carolina says:

            I think it is very obvious he has considerable input. And as for what he said about Caskett’s split, if he’d known ahead of time or asked them to do that, do you think he would even admit to it? Of course not, he’s no dummy, he wouldn’t want to piss off a major part of the fan base. He needs fans to love him and love Castle PI/GDS, and now that he has the power of negotiation, he could very well have asked for changes and to bring in all the friends he wants, do what he wants, change Richard Castle in the way that he has (from the suave cocky charmer that kept an eye on his daughter to a slapstick clown that doesn’t care what his daughter does).

      • L8wrtr says:

        Having his previous co-stars is NOT what’s killing season 8, TERRIBLE writing and a complete misunderstanding of what fans like about the show is what has utterly destroyed the show.
        The pro/anti Nathan/Stana camps are hysterically childish. Sorry to be name-calling, but sometimes you gotta call a spade a spade. Fact is, we don’t know squat about the inner workings and politics. We can all theorize (I’m no different, I have my theories) but that is all they are. Those that cast blame and dispersions as if they are factual and otherwise indisputable and then castigate those that are pro/anti opposite of their position are.. well, moronic dunces. Sorry to resort to being negative directly at fellow fans, but it really gets tiresome to read *this* particular type of feedback.
        Yes we all have opinions and theories. We all have feelings, emotional reactions, positive and negative to this season and we are all entitled to those and debating the merits of plot points and story interpretations. I read where someone says they like an episode and I can think “wow, I really don’t understand that point of view, but that’s fine, I just feel different” but the folks who attack others because they’re ‘whiners’ or they’re “pro Nathan” or “pro Stana”, well that’s just inane. Regardless of whether you like or dislike one of the leads, to blame actors for this mess is just small-mindedness.
        I’ll break it down for you. Ask yourself one simple question, what has changed? Outside of Penny Johnson Jerald, the cast is the same (plus some unneeded additions). Nathan didn’t forget how to play the part of Rick Castle in one summer, and neither did Stana. The difference is 100% writing. The actors deliver performances based on script and direction. Actors are paid to act. Writers are paid to write. There’s only one group not living up to their responsibility here, and it’s not even a point of debate. Outside of episodes 23 and 24 of Season 6, every single episode of the first 6 seasons is superior to season 8 on all levels. I’d say that the writing of Season 8 is amateur hour, but that’s an insult to amateurs everywhere.

  38. Castlefan says:

    Oh dear. After the last few episodes I was really hoping that there’d be a decent run to the finale: not classic Castle maybe, but at least a few entertaining hours. Instead we get a second Beckett-free episode (what was that about her being in all 22?) and a story which was meant to reveal all about Castle’s disappearance gets sidetracked to some friends-of Fillion nonsense and another you-don’t-want-to-remember cop out.

    On the plus side, it’s nice to know Lanie is still capable of speaking more than single sentences in an episode, and there was a split-second of hope when theoretically Hayley could have strangled Alexis (I know, it was never going to happen but a girl can hope).

    As for LokSat, apart from the Castle disappearance connection to Bracken which several people had already predicted, it’s still ongoing and that’s a story which requires Beckett even more than a standard episode. They couldn’t even have her make a phone call? If Stana was unavailable I’m sure they have some unused footage they could have spliced in – anything!

    Unlike some people I have no objection to the LokSat, Castle disappearance or continuing Bracken storylines, but I want them addressed in proper episodes of Castle rather than ridiculous wannabe spin-off shows. I still quite like Hayley, but she’s not meant to be one of the leads!

    I’m not watching trailers any more: last week’s almost put me off what turned out to be a pretty decent episode and this week’s led me to believe Beckett would be involved. Advertising standards, anyone?

    Final note: If I hear any more of Nathan’s friends are guest starring I’m officially boycotting the episode. Pains me to say it, but I’ve had enough.

  39. peterwdawson says:

    Can’t help but feel the connection is forced. Also, feels like we’ve got a possible double standard here on keeping secrets for their own good and such.

  40. Fido says:

    Wished the show had had Summer’s character where a pair of mirrored sunglasses when in her police gear. :)

  41. David says:

    I love Castle….but, it just doesn’t work without Kate & Rick working together solving crimes. I don’t want to complain about the show, because it is still my favourite tv show. If Stana negotiated for time off, you can’t blame the writers, they had to do something to accomodate her request. I guess they did the best they could with what they had. Just hope Stana does not have any more time off in the next 8 episodes…

  42. Imzadi says:

    For the love of God, I could not believe that ending! Kate is a cop. She may not risk death as often now that she’s a captain, but she is still at risk. I’m beginning to think Castle is an idiot. And I thought Summer Glau looked awful. Has it been THAT long since Firefly? Gerald McRaney, on the other hand, hasn’t changed much since Major Dad!

  43. C.C. says:

    Incoherent storyline. There was a tv show i used to love, but it is now gone. Sorry but what took MilMar to create and keep running for 5 seasons was destroyed in the current season. is it that the writers don’t keep track of the previous related episodes to have the right storyline? to the executive producers, please, the Alexis and Hailey characters will never fill Beckett’s place in regards to the chemistry with R. Castle.

  44. Alex says:

    Yeah this was bad.

  45. Diane says:

    The show fell completely apart for me when he disappeared just before the wedding. After reading this, it sounds just as ridiculous. The show will built on snarky repartee between all the main characters and a bit of mystery besides. That’s been missing as well.

  46. gretchen thad says:

    I love Fillion and will watch him in anything and I had a hard time watching last night. Really boring. Bad writing both in terms of plot and other characters. I am so over Rick’s kidnapping and LokSat. Shouldn’t a story arc be thought through to its conclusion before it makes it to air? Making it up as you go along definitely doesn’t work. And fans deserved better.

  47. lame says:

    What is most surprising is that RC can remember anything at all. First his memories of the black operation in Thailand are erased, then his memories of roaming L.A. for Loksat are erased, by whomm is unclear.How many doses of memory eradicating drugs can the human brain withstand before losing touch with reality and permanent damage .
    How did he get from Montreal to L.A. without money or credit cards. We know this because Beckett would’ve found him had he used plastic. How did he servive at least six weeks without food ,exchanging his watch for a bowl of Kung pao and a fortune cookie.
    Fast forward to his rescue at sea and he’s wearing the same clothes he wore in L.A. which must have reeked, Sans his shoes which he most likely lost when being rolled by fellow homeless street people.

    • lame says:

      I’m glad so many questions were answered, I can sleep in peace till the episode, resting assured that direction of the series is in arthritic hands.

  48. chuckfanforever says:

    A lot of “Stars” of series become Producers these day’s. That said it seems ever since Stana and Nathan have done it with Castle the Show has TANKED!!!! The show has lots its rudder(the original Ex. Producers) and has wallowed in $#!T for the last season and a half plus. Locksat was never ever needed. The whole Castle disappearing mystery was never ever needed. The vision to make the show more about the back story of
    Beckett’s or Castle’s past and less about the Totally Awesome Pairing of the Mystery writer Castle and the Smart Detective he made Great is a fools errand. This is not what the viewers want to see. I want mystery and Murder and most of all I want to see Castle and Beckett solve these TOGETHER!!!
    A GREAT Show ruined by foolish show runners……

  49. FormerCastleFan says:

    This is a test to see if this posts….but wow, this was bad!

  50. Linda says:

    How low can they go! This season lost me the first episode. Who needs the extra characters the writers have added? They add nothing but boring to the series.