The 100 Lexa Dead

The 100's Latest Castoff Mourns Slain Character: 'May We Meet Again'

If you’re a fan of The CW’s The 100, you’re probably still reeling from this week’s shocking death. And you’re not alone.

Alycia Debnam Carey, whose Commander Lexa died in Clarke’s arms after being caught in Titus’ crossfire, is mourning the loss of her character on social media, while also thanking fans for their undying (no pun intended) support.

The process began late Thursday night with this heartbreaking Instagram post:

Then came a flood of tweets, thanking the fans, showrunner Jason Rothenberg, and the entire cast and crew of The 100:

And what better way to officially sign off than this?

TVLine spoke with Rothenberg about the decision to write out Debnam Carey, who was basically on loan this season from AMC, where she stars in Fear the Walking Dead.

“Lots of factors went into this, No. 1 being that [she] is a series regular on another show,” Rothenberg told us. “As hard as it was to do, because of how much I love the character and the actor, it seemed to be the best choice.”

The 100 fans, have you even begun to accept Lexa’s death? Drop a comment with your thoughts below.

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  1. we are done!!! no heda no more!!!

  2. ” who was basically on loan this season from AMC, where she stars in Fear the Walking Dead.” and that’s why I wasn’t surprised she was killed off. I was surprised she was in the show this season at all.

  3. Z says:

    I liked the character but from the moment she got cast on “Fear” it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that she would be leaving soon… It was a good episode and I hope it leads to some compelling storylines going forward.

  4. Den says:

    killing a lesbian character off by a stray bullet right after a love scene……. groundbreaking. bye the 100.

    • dave2442 says:

      Would you prefer they recast the role since the main actress would likely be unavailable due to her new show?

      • E says:

        she could have been off screen or in a coma or anything else, literally anything else. none of the other guest stars are in all of the episodes and they clearly dont need her anymore for the plot, he could have also shot her scenes later when she was available again, they shot it all in one go after all before airing. stealing one of the most iconic and tragic scenes from whedon to kill off one character representing a minority is the worst jason could have done. especially after going around and calling himself a representative of said minority. he used one of the worst tropes ever “queer girl dies after five minutes of happyness” and it is unexcusable. everyone knew she would die, everyone was expecting it, but the execution, the build up, its the worst. her storyline now is that love is weakness and does get you killed. peace is unattainable bc peace keeper leaders get killed (by stray bullets from their father figures who disagree with their (queer) relationship) no less. the execution is the problem, not the death itself. also that “she was cast on ftwd” is a bs excuse. if jason wanted her, he could have given her a different contract last season already. and there were a million ways how to work around this. if he is not creative enough to write something else than “queer girl dies after sex with gf the same way tara died on buffy” then Im sorry, but this is not the show for me. And it is his fault for not thinking outside the box. and this doesnt even touch on the fact that i only ignored his racism bc at least the rest of the show was good, but polis was literally the only interesting thing about s3 and the queer representation endeared him to me, but now it is clear he was just baiting that minority for raitings and after promising he wasnt just using them and wouldnt use the lesbian death trope he does and does it in the worst way. heda lexa doesnt die in battle for something she believes in. but she dies bc her father figure doesnt agree with her relationship with another girl. literally everyone deserved better than this. so yeah, her death was not inevitable, and if it was, it could have been done much much better. and without ripping off other showrunners.

        • Z says:

          It wasn’t that the character didnt want her to have a relationship with a girl… he said she shouldnt have a relationship with anyone that love would make her weak… it wasnt about being gay.

        • dave2442 says:

          The actual storyline is the need for vengeance gets the ones closest to you killed, as Titus found out. That ties into everything the show has been emphasizing this season.Hopefully you noticed that he intended to kill Clarke because she’s from Skaikru as is Murphy who’s been making “heretical” statements contrary to the legend of the Commander?

          Hopefully you noticed that Clarke is still alive – are you expecting her to also get killed off as well?

          • Jami says:

            good point.

          • Jared says:

            Never thought about it that way but if they kill Clark the show is over

          • Ginger says:

            Thank you! It’s extremely frustrating that so many people are reading it as “she was killed because she was gay.” They are missing the whole chunk of storyline about Love being weakness. This was even something Lexa talked about several times on the show. That was her motto. Clarke changed her feelings about love and Titus didn’t like it because he felt it made her weak. Especially because Lexa felt strongly about that all along. Its baffling. And the writers nor Alycia herself should have to change their schedules and shoot scenes at certain times and disrupt Alycias life and everyone else’s schedule just to please people angry about her death! Show some respect for her. If she TRULY wanted to remain on the show she could have fought for it and changed her own schedule. She can’t be forced to. Jason and the rest of the team would have loved her staying and welcomed her with open arms. However, as stated, she was on loan being she was a main character on another show and she chose to focus her career on FTWD right now. She can’t run herself down to please some angry fans. Its not fair to her.

          • Ginger says:

            Exactly! Well said.

        • leo says:

          Geez, it’s fiction, it’s not an allegory, get a life.

        • So it was “iconic” when Joss did it but offensive when Jason did it? I find it very odd that you would bring Joss Whedon into the discussion when he has killed off/killed far more main female characters. Buffy died twice. Tara died. Cordelia died. Fred died. Anya died. The men, on the other hand, made it out pretty much unscathed. Zander, the biggest weakling of them all, made it out with all but an eye.

          Clark and Alexa had a beautifully drawn relationship; the fact that it was somewhat short=lived is unsurprising, considering the world in which they live. I would much rather see a beautiful, short-lived relationship than a long, drawn-out, boring one. Queer-baiting would have involved bringing a gay character on the show only to kill him off in an episode or two. Queer-baiting would have involved suggesting that a character was gay but never doing anything with it or having the action occur off-scene. How ridiculous to even suggest that Alexa’s death was remotely comparable. I’m surprised we have any representation on TV when people like you cry foul even after being treated to such a beautiful storyline, however heart-breaking it may have been in the end.

        • tvjunkie says:

          No choice that kept her off screen would have made sense, period. You do not create a strong leader with the mythology of her people being she is front and center for everything and then keep her off camera. It would have made no sense. Put her in a coma? This isn’t a soap opera, furthermore that would have been a major sign of weakness her people would not put up with. It would make no sense. The rest of your rant is thus irrelevant.

          • Sawyeri says:

            No kidding a coma, this show is not Dallas.

          • Ginger says:

            Yes, a coma would have made no sense. Filming her scenes another time would have been too crazy for Alycia let alone everyone else. She was going to film in Mexico so running all over to film both shows would have been a lot for her to do.
            She needed to be dead anyways for the AI storyline to take off. It all fits.

        • Jami says:

          oldest story in history classic Romeo and Juliet/ Westside Story. Great episode, the show gave us beautiful relationship. The show is about survival. Great acting love Eliza Taylor, thanks ADC I knew as soon as FTWD, ADC would not make it through season 3. This show is not the L Word. Lexa dying in battle, we the fans would have missed the amazing scene Lexa dying in Clarke’s arms. Fans are upset I understand, but the show had to move on from the storyline.

        • DawnMac says:

          Isn’t that part of the show though? Everyone can die at anytime and some deaths aren’t heroic they are just sad i.e. Friendly Fire. This show has never backed away from making the hard calls when it comes to their characters and have killed some of their most popular RIP Finn, why is it when they killed off Lexa is is troup and gay baiting? The fact that she was gay had nothing to do with her story. Yes she was gay, but she was also a fearsome fighter and great commander who made the hard calls. For you to define her as gay is a deserve. Lexa needed to die, she was going against the wishes of her people and though she was right, she was never going to have a long life. The fact it is was friendly fire makes her death more poignant.

          I’m tired of people who don’t understand that the writers always have a plan and for you to decide that the death of Lexa is anything other then a tragedy proves you have no idea what this show is about. Yes, she died and it sucked BUT so did 12 year old girl who jumped off a mountain.

          What you and many others are doing by this ridiculous ranting and raving is giving other show runners a pause when they are writing gay characters. God forbid they write something you don’t agree with and they are subjected to what Jason and his writers have seen going through. Enough.

          • BingoBabey says:

            Her death was actually ironic. The way she died fit perfectly! Titus wanted Clarke dead because her and Lexa’s love for each other was making Lexa weak in Titus’s eyes. Her people wanted her to continue being a tough and fearless leader however Clarke started to change her. It pisses Titus off. He wanted the weak Clarke gone and the old tough Lexa back. He shoots Lexa while trying to kill Clarke. Now, due to his mistake and stupidity he lost the tough Lexa,whom he loved and taught to be a fearless commander. Now, he’s left with Clarke, the one he wanted dead!

        • dragdark says:

          Wow thanks for explaining everything so perfectly. Thanks. You are amazing

        • dolly says:

          I agreed 100%

        • Nikki says:

          Titus is incredibly loyal, protective, and subservient to Heda. She trusted him with her life and he would do anything to protect Heda from harm-this was his virtue AND his downfall. He is definetely not antigay or a father figure for that matter: she was his BOSS, and while he quarrels with her, it is always obvious he defers to her, even as her teacher. Deferring is something Clarke doesnt do, she stands up to Lexa and this definetely rubs Titus the wrong way. He doesnt care about sexuality-he cares about protecting Heda from vulnerability and infuence. Costia (the ice queens victim) was beheaded and it clearly had a large affect on Hedas emotional state. Titus sees “love as weakness, ” in general for this compassionate Commander. And the way I see it, ironically it is Titus’s love for Lexa, that leads to both his and her downfall, in a misguided attempt to protect her from what HE sees as Hedas biggest threat. When Clarke arrived, Lexas coalition was compromised, she was thrown into one on one combat for Wanheda, a man yelled “death to the commander” and attempted again to kill Lexa, following a decision influenced by Clarke….plus, Clarke was given decision making power unlike anyone else in the show…all of this in Titus’s mind meant Clarke was a repeat threat to the safety/power of the Commander….It is obvious to me Titus is not a bad guy: misguided and brutal perhaps…but we can say the same thing about alot of 100 main characters. That is why Heda still wanted Titus to serve the future Heda and why I think Clarke (despite much grief and anger towards Titus) will not attempt to punish him as a murderer. Sure, I am pissed it was a bullet that killed Lexa, I am not happy in the manner in which she died…but I understand it. Lexa was a superior fighter, the Clans were not at war, she just won a major challenge against one of the chief enemies of her coalition, all her warriors were off barracading Arkadia so as to move the story along…Lexa had no reason to “run off and disappear” or randomly get sick…since the writers knew she was going to die, the enemies had to be close to her and it had to be clean. Titus would never come after Heda with a knife and after the throne room incedent, no one is stupid enough to try again (anytime soon), the gun solution was the most plausible in staging an “accidental death.” I wish she could have been severely injured and not dead, because I love her character SO MUCH, but then the AI storyline wouldnt come to fruition and that is the major plotline of this season-not Clexa. Dystopian scifi you break my heart, hopefully Lexa will be back in some capacity.

        • Tammsey says:

          Film Her scenes at a later time when she could? Are you serious? So the show should go on hiatus until Alycia is finished with her contract with FTWD to film her scenes for the 100? Come on people, let her go and enjoy her new endeavours thay she was already committed to. It’s very disrespectful to her that you would expect her to have to do that to please angry fans.

      • AliceM1993 says:

        How about not have the character killed 5 min after having sex with Clarke?

        You know, what most people are complaining isn’t the fact that they killed Lexa, it’s the how. They could have done the exact same thing, minus the queerbaiting.

        • Z says:

          Well they killed Clarke’s previous love interest on the show also… so maybe she’s just unlucky? If they killed her without them every getting together people would be complaining about that also… you cant win.

          • BingoBabey says:

            And what about Clarke having sex with Nyliah? They had sex and Clarke up and left. No feelings. No one is commenting about that. She loved Lexa at that time but she had sex with another woman. She was falling in love with Finn. Had sex with him too. He died. Her luck isn’t very good. Girlfriend gets around lol. How long have they been there? 5-6 months? In love with 2 people and sex with 3. Naughty Clarke ;)

        • tvjunkie says:

          No, most people are complaining about the fact they killed her period. And so far none of those gay related arguments have shown an ounce of validity, but a whole lot of hypocrisy.

        • Jami says:

          Clarke and Lexa did not have sex, they made love, a big difference. Lexa death has been talked about in the last 4 episodes by Lexa herself. She is part AI, and this isa sci-fi show ,so Lexa will return in episode 11 and The finale.

          • tildarose3 says:

            I highly doubt they Will. Bringing her back would negate the Impact her death had/will have on Clarke and those around her. I’m sure they probably explored all other avenues but this was probably the only viable one. They’ve been able to do it for this long because Fear The Walking Dead was filmed in the same place as The 100 but now FTWD has moved filming to Mexico so There would have been problems with scheduling.

        • intd2001gdn says:

          I agree 100%, the thing that pissed me off was the fact that Lexa survived so much, only to be killed accidently by a bullet which was not meant for her. There were so many other ways that they could have killed her. Goodbye The 100

        • Nikki says:

          Yeah, that made me upset too, but I have to point out, that tactic is used all throughout this show. I think I would have been more upset if it didnt happen. I also think that if it had happened in earlier episodes, for a longer duration, it would have been out of place. They needed to be together a long time in Polis before their relationship could happen. Clarke had to forgive Lexa and face her demons (on her own), then Lexa had to deal with civil unrest, then both Clarke and Lexa had to grow metaphorical balls to be comfortable admitting their feelings, which is a great risk to both of them as leaders and a precusor to opening old wounds. If Clarke wasnt faced with the proposition of leaving, their relationship might not have ever happened from a writers standpoint. Sooooo sucky though. Just sad.

          • BingoBabey says:

            And what about Clarke having sex with Nyliah? They had sex and Clarke up and left. No feelings. No one is commenting about that. She loved Lexa at that time but she had sex with another woman. She was falling in love with Finn. Had sex with him too. He died. Her luck isn’t very good. Girlfriend gets around lol. How long have they been there? 5-6 months? In love with 2 people and sex with 3. Naughty Clarke ;)

        • I wonder if people would have had the same issue had Lexa died right after sleeping with a man? I understand why the gay community(including me) would be upset about her death…there is a very limited number of gay and lesbian characters on tv(especially lesbian) so when they kill off a very strong, interesting character it is hard to stomach. I wish that there were more G and L characters on tv like Lexa. That said, I think that the motivation to do what they did had to do with their plan for the character of Clarke. In a span of minutes, she experienced the high of love/the consummation of her love for Lexa and then the absolute low of watching her lover die needlessly. That experience should change Clarke in a profound way which, I think, will play a factor in her eventually leading all of the clans. Just a guess.

          I thought that the episode was beautiful and beautifully tragic which, in my opinion, is effective storytelling.

      • Jami says:

        They did it on Bewitched with Darren and no one cared. Just kidding. I am gay, I watched the show because I love Sci-fi and The 100 is The best show on tv imo. Yes was it a kick in the gut Lexa dying, Clarke pain and sorrow. The best episode of the season, it was tasteful and a lot of emotion.

    • Z says:

      I dont think her being a .lesbian had anything to do with her getting killed off. She had to leave the show because of her new show so they gave her a dramatic death scene.

      • E says:

        but she was a lesbian and merely a guest star. saying he couldnt make it work makes this lazy writing and his lazyness shows toward a character that represented a minority. of course that is an issue.

        • Z says:

          I think you have to let the storyline play out… her death probably will move the story forward and lead to new things…. calling it lazy writing when you dont know the next step in the story is wrong… The show has a ton of minorities on it so saying something like that seems inaccurate to me.

          • leo says:

            Silly comments all of them, this is not your story to write. That’s why we all watch, to be entertained, to be surprised, to have our emotions raised or dashed, that’s called entertainement. You may think you can write a better story, do it just not here.

        • tvjunkie says:

          Your lack of ability to understand simple sentences is astounding. They had to beg to get the actress for as long as they did. She had ZERO availability after this episode. There was no way to keep her alive off scene that made sense given the established mythology of her people and the commander being a strong leader who is ALWAYS front and center. If you have the character off screen the whole time you invalidate the entire mythology. There were no other good choices but to kill her off. Just be glad they were able to get her at all for this season, given they had to beg. I certainly didn’t think she would appear as much as she did, if at all, given her series regular role on FTWD.

      • Jami says:

        I am a lesbian, no queer bating for this fan. I have always loved Clarke since season 1 episode 1. I had no idea Jason was planning to make Clarke character bisexual. I thought the episode was a masterpiece. It was probably one of the best love story, I have seen on television. Lexa and Clarke were headed to war. Did you want them to meet on the battle field and kill each other. I was personally shocked when Lexa was killed by Titus. That was a great performance from Eliiza Taylor and ADC. Season 3 has not been a disappointment. Very sad Lexa is gone, but Clarke is the story, ADC was a fan favorite. The writer let the story play out and it was beautiful.

    • Sarah says:

      Her being a lesbian is irrelevant. This show kills characters. It killed straight white boy Finn. It killed little girl Charlotte and it killed good guy Wells. It killed Atom and Monroe. It’s understandable that you liked a character that got killed and you’re upset by it but complaining that she should have lived simply to be the token lesbian is just as bad as if the writers didn’t include a diverse character to begin with. The show still has LGBTQ representation. Clarke is still bisexual even if Lexa is dead, even if Clarke goes on to date men. Miller is still canonly gay (though he doesn’t get nearly enough screen time.)

      • tvjunkie says:

        Don’t forget the trading girl Clarke had sex with earlier in the season. She may not return, but she is still alive.

      • NM says:

        I think what’s worse is the assumption that Lexa was a lesbian. The words, “I’m straight” or “I’m gay” or “I’m bisexual” have never been a topic up for a discussion in this show. It’s just accepted. For all we know, Lexa was a pansexual who loved Clarke for who she was as a person, not her gender. People pulling out the world “queer bait” and “lesbian” makes them look like a fool. How about we look at the fact that a character was killed, regardless of their sexuality. They were killed and they will be missed. I liked Lexa and it’s said she’s gone, but I will be looking at the loss of a human being whether grounder or sky crew. Not a lesbian grounder or a lesbian sky crew.

      • Jami says:

        More Miller time he is under rated.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Being a hypocrite not so groundbreaking for those with your opinion. why should LGBT characters get special treatment? I thought the LGBT community was supposed to be all about equality. Where were you to protest one one of the first characters killed on the show was a black guy? Nothing wrong with that either, but it just further illustrates the hypocrisy of those of you voicing this opinion.

      • Jami says:

        hey that is the same thing I said. Wells black, murdered Jaha Black brain dead and Pike is the bad guy we want dead. Where is Black lives matter. Jeez Lexa death was not about sexuality, the show is about survival.

    • Jami says:

      Actually tragic. great episode. I am a lesbian ADC was great as Lexa, loved the Clarke and their love story. The 100 has 16 episodes to tell a story. This lesbian will watch as long as Clarke, Bellamy, Octavia. The storyline will continue.

    • DawnMac says:

      It’s called friendly fire it happens all the time.

    • kyasia says:

      Yes i am Very annoyed they killed of lexa, i grew fond of her character, and to have her killed off quite early in the season makes me disappointed, but i guess everyone cant survive, Bye the 100.

    • intd2001gdn says:

      100% with you. Lexa was the most interesting character, there was so much left to learn about her history. How did she grow up, what happened to her parents, who is the 8th initiative (from her tattoo). I won’t be watching the show anymore, unless they somehow keep the character alive through the AI (Lexa takes over), but that would also be disrespectful to the character. Goodbye The 100.

    • Jada says:

      Yea I agree I don’t think I want to watch this show ever again. I loved Clexa and they went and killed Lexa off right after her and clarke’s moment that they shared. Tbh that scene broke me.

  5. L says:

    She was the best character. This was a bad choice.. I don’t know if I want to see another episode without her in it.

  6. leo says:

    Wow, talk about getting blindsided. First Lexa is killed, out of no where, then we learn the suprising backstory of Polairus that is directly conected to Lexa, Wow! That’s getting hit by a truck followed by being run over by a bus and bleeding out on a lonely dark street. Bravo, never saw any of that coming.

  7. Lindsey says:

    The story line this season was cruel. If they knew they were only going to use her for a few episodes and were going to kill her, why give their LGBT fans so much hope? Why film the finale in the open to give hope? Why give so many interviews about how the show is different and progressive? Because they needed the viewers and the hype for another season. They used their LGBT fans and then cast them aside by blaming Alycia and AMC for “scheduling conflicts”. This episode was filmed in September and FTWD didn’t start filming until December. Scheduling my ass. This was just lazy writing.

    • Z says:

      The show is different and progressive…. Her dying doesnt change that. And he said in his interview they only had her for seven episodes. I dont know when this episode filmed but the actress might have wanted some time off between shoots or AMC required them to be there earlier for rehearsals or something like that. Again, saying “lazy writing” when you dont know where the storyline is going is lazy commenting.

    • leo says:

      Why not write it this way, it’s the writers choice and they don’t need to ask permission.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Your “ass” has no clue what goes on behind the scenes, so don’t pretend that it does. Furthermore even if your timeline is accurate it doesn’t change the fact she was under contract for FTWD and they wouldn’t let her do more episodes of The 100. Your blaming the writers for not writing her into addition episodes she could not legally perform in is asinine.

    • Ghostly says:

      Why can’t there be characters who happen to be gay where their orientation is not the most important part of their identity? Like in Elementary where Watson is an Asian woman but her ethnicity and sex are incidental to the story. Do we really want LGBT characters to be on par with the black best friend or asian friend who is good with computers?

    • Dmac says:

      What hope we’re you given? When were you ever promised a happy ending. Truth be told Clarke and Lexa were on opposite sides and would probably meet on the field some where and only one would return. On this show there is no hero’s and happy endings are hard to come by. This isn’t a freaking fairy tail and no promises were made to led you to believe that. This isn’t fan fiction and Clexa was never going to ride off into the sunset together.

  8. I hope that the android thing that was removed carried on the feelings for clarke from lexa and it chooses a new commander that clarke would grow to come close to. I hope the love she and lexa had does not die. They said the commanders are passed on through that little thing from the neck, so im hoping. Titus did say it chooses so i will cross my fingers.

    • Z says:

      The new commander will probably be that blonde kid they have been showing the last couple of episodes…… However, the City of Light thing seems to have something to do with reincarnation so you never know.

      • So far all the commanders have been women. They said the next would have been the girl wo was with the ice queen even after Lexa said Aiden would be next at the beginning of the episode. But Titus saying the gadget would choose could very well be a surprising twist for clarke and us all hopefully :)

      • Anna says:

        I think you are right or at least I hope so. If the fans are paying attention then they know that you cannot die in the City of Light with one of those things in your system. She could well be still alive in the city of light but it will take some time for the others to go on board with Jaha. Also this is a show it has seasons and just because actors are on other shows does not mean they will not return later. Maybe in the end they will meet again. I do believe that Clarke and Lexa were supposed to be together but only the writers will know what happens in the end. Like I said we can only hope. She was an awesome character for sure. At SDCC the cast said it will start to get very futuristic in the new seasons to come.

    • Noel Snow says:

      I can’t remember the word Titus used to describe them, but there seems to be a group of people with AI chips. If there was only one going around Tri-krew then Lexa and Anya would be the same person. I’m thinking Lexa’s chip will chose a new body, but her kid brother will be the next Heda. They did something similar with Dax on Star Trek. Knowing the show writers love surprises, something will probably go horribly wrong with the reincarnation ritual and Lexa’s chip will end up in a character we already know like Belamy.

  9. KM says:

    I cant believe it ! The best actor on the show gets killed off. I’m not watching it anymore. Lol.

    • tvjunkie says:

      What part about that actor no longer being available to shoot more episodes do you not understand? Are you really that thick? LOL

  10. dxnvers says:

    Sorry but I won’t watch the rest of the show. It was queer baiting at its finest and honestly, I feel betrayed, especially with how much JRoth preached about being progressive and how much hope he gave to Clexa fans this season. He was just stringing along the fans for the ratings.

    Lexa’s one of the most beloved (and the most popular) character they’ve ever had on the show. Most of the people in the fandom watched the show because of her.

    I won’t even be surprised if the ratings tank on the next episode. And by the looks of the promo, it looks boring anyway.

    Say goodbye to your Season 4 renewal, Jason. You just killed your own show.

    • ClarkeRules says:

      yeah, clarke isn’t in the next episode either. So even more boring. I quit this show.

    • tvjunkie says:

      You’re a hypocrite and all those of you voicing a similar opinion are hypocrites. You preach equality then ask for special treatment.

      • Olivia says:

        Look, I only watched this show’s pilot and quit as soon as I saw that the awful idiot that is I. Washington was in it, so I have nothing to defend regarding what’s happening on this show. Actually, I’m quite convinced that I couldn’t enjoy it if I tried.

        However, being curious as to what all the fuss was about on twitter, I decided to read about it, hence me reading the comments. Your multiple comments telling people, and a minority at that, how they’re thick, hypocrites and whatever because they dare have feelings… it’s truly revolting. Even I, a non fan, feel insulted. You would never dare to show such contempt if it were about another community, racial or religious for example. Read as if your comment was addressed to POC and ask yourself: is that true and if so, is that ok to say? Who’s the hypocrite again?

        How about you let people vent and stop policing the way they experience & judge their OWN FRIGGIN’ VISIBILITY ON TV? Don’t you have anything better to do than setting your own scale of hypocrisy in the comments section? Because as a lesbian myself, and as much as I despise this show just for having I.W. on it, I feel obliged to inform you that you do not have the right to state that equality = LGBTs shutting up when an LGBT character dies because “duh, straights do too”. There something called ratio, and another called accuracy. When LGBT characters are in most shows, unapologetically, not only in teen/confused/sweep arcs, without being used as queer bait (so many shows still have them !!) and in greater numbers and variety to mirror life THEN you’ll have a leg to stand on. Until then, please take a sit and worry about your own representation if this subject is genuinely of interest to you, which I doubt.

        Or I don’t know, maybe try to champion the inclusion of more racial mixity, disabled people, badass women, main female characters, and calling for shows to pass the Bechdel test for more than an episode. How about that for gaining some “expert on all things equality” creds? Come back when you know what equality means (hint: it’s not “In my very important opinion there are enough [insert type of character here] opposite the 90% straight white able-bodied males so it’s representation, necessarily a good one obviously, hey let’s call it equality!”).

        Thank you. Have a nice day.

    • Noel Snow says:

      I am certain we will have more Lexa but with a different actress. We’ve just introduced the idea that these leaders were actually AI and all that talk about reincarnation wasn’t just weird superstition.

    • Jada says:

      Yea I hope they know that they lost a lot of their ratings for killing Lexa off and ruining Clexa

  11. Really? The bury your gays trope? says:

    Well next week this show is going to realize a new battle cry:

    “No ratings no more”

    • tvjunkie says:

      Why, because a few hypocrites had their feelings hurt that they didn’t get special treatment? Or is the fools who don’t understand what contractually unavailable to shoot any more episodes means? What were they supposed to do? Throw out the entire mythology of the grounders they’ve spent 3 seasons developing?

  12. Paul says:

    Let’s face it, she is dead, it was going to happen, the show producers were lucky enough to have her for this long seeing that she stars in Fear the Walking Dead, and as much as I hate it because I love Lexa and the Commander we all know this was going to happen.

    You all keep screaming about how a lesbian character gets killed after having sex, so what? It happens in many shows, hell Game of Thrones shows babies getting slaughtered and kids getting drowned, it’s not about the minority because how often do you see a Bi character star as the main protagonist.

    Alycia (Lexa) was always going to die, its the sad but harsh reality of the acting world, you can’t star in two shows at once because for one it tough on the actor/actress because she has double the work to do and reason number two the producers of both shows will have to share her and that doesn’t work in the industry she’s in.

    I loved Eliza’s (Clarkes) and Alycia’s (Lexas) chemistry but I think we all know where this show is going to end up in terms of Clarkes love interests and that’s either with Bellamy or nobody at all.

    I personally thought that the episode was well done and it was an excellent way to say goodbye to a great character.

    May we meet again.

  13. Michelle says:

    It’s gross that people are now posting J Roth’s address on social media because of a character death.

  14. ClarkeRules says:

    This show is done. Never watching it. Will NOT support another show that feeds into the pervasive, harmful, stupid lesbian death trope. Never again. We were used for ratings once again. I hope this show gets cancelled.

    • leo says:

      Are you sure you speak for thousands or only for yourself.

    • tvjunkie says:

      Your a hypocrite. You’re basically asking for special treatment. The show has killed hundreds and hundreds of straight people. Dozens of those characters had speaking lines, including more than a dozen who were either regulars or had significant recurring roles. Many of them represented minorities. Where was your outrage then? This is why your asking for special treatment is so hypocritical.

  15. L says:

    I hope that this was “fake” death. That is favorite now. Maybe she have to run somewhere. 12 clans are not ready for her philosophy Blood must not have blood.

  16. Even as a queer female, I never wanted to see Lexa again after she betrayed Clarke at mount weather. I thought nothing she could do would ever redeem her actions. But after 7 episodes of character development, I fell in love with her. While there was some foreshadowing to indicate her death and some cheesy tropes to indicate true love between Lexa and Clarke, I still find myself grieving for the love that should have been and frankly unsure if I can forgive the writers for doing this to us. I mean kill her 5 minutes after her and Clarke get together? I don’t care that they killed they only lesbian character, it seems that, based on what we saw in the previous episode, we will see more lgbt representation on the show…. Hopefully. But that the wrote such a cheesy and tragic love story…. Punch me in the face.

  17. Veronica rose says:

    Lexa’s death killed me…..

  18. TvAddict says:

    Well it was a good few seasons but no Lexa no Me. Also she dies in such a BS way why couldn’t it have been more meaningful

    • tvjunkie says:

      Not meaningful? She was killed by the one person who’s only responsibility was to protect her and keep her safe. There is great irony and therefore meaning in that. Furthermore if you don’t seriously think this won’t have major repercussions on the direction of the story then you haven’t been paying attention.

  19. Emmy says:

    I’m glad, couldn’t stand her (though I do love her on Fear the walking dead).

  20. Ceiara says:

    I was really mad when she died and even cried a little; who is clark gonna be with now

    • Dmac says:

      Who Clarke is going to be with isn’t the point. This show isn’t about romance it’s about war and survival. What do you think you are watching?

  21. Heather says:

    All I have to say is that I watched this show only to see where lexa and Clarke go. So since they lost her. They lost me. I loved her character, and her death made me cry like a baby! I don’t even see where this show could go without her and I’m not sticking around to find out!

  22. A Fan Still says:

    Knew it was coming once Alycia signed as a regular on Fear. Must say I loved the character of Lexa and how Alycia bought her to life on screen, beauty, strength and vulnerability all rolled into one. Would have liked to see how Lexa and Clarke tried to make things work emotionally but hey that’s TV right. Anyway I will continue to watch Alycia Debnam Carey on Fear and stay with The 100 till the end of the season but I must say it does not feel like it did back in season 1 and 2 so this could be it for me. P.S. can someone tell me where the “F” Kyle Wick is ?

  23. Angel says:

    I hate it…not sure if I can watch anymore. She and Clarke were great and made the show great drama. It was sad as both characters have made the show so powerful.

  24. Donatino says:

    As far as i know, Lexa will be in the season finale. I have seen some set photos a month ago… Lexa and Clarke in a morden city? Clarke is wearing her season 2 outfit which suggests something strange is going on. Maybe a dream sequence?

  25. Jce (@imjce) says:

    People who say they will be boycotting the show because Lexa was written off, aren’t true fans in the first place. The episode, from the writing, to the cinematography, and even the musical score, was brilliantly done. Though I would be lying if I said it didn’t pain me horribly.

    Rothenberg made do with the hand he was dealt. If Alycia Debnam-Carey wasn’t cast in Fear the Walking Dead, the fate of Lexa might have been different. But the fact of the matter is, she was, and so, the show had to go on, and unfortunately in this case, without Lexa (and ADC). I would much rather they gave Lexa a proper send off then have her character recast. And for those that said they could’ve either not written for Lexa at all, or have her film ‘The 100’ when she isn’t filming with AMC, you have no idea. And that’s the point. Neither did Jason Rothenberg. The man is the showrunner. And occasional writer. For him to not know when he’ll be able to use Alycia Debnam-Carey, must have been maddening for him from a creative standpoint. They, obviously, needed Lexa this season to push the Becca/ALIE storyline.

    There is a shred of hope, however minute, and perhaps, even wishful thinking. But from 2×10 in ‘Survival of the Fittest’, the character Lexa has mentioned, on more than one occasion, that death is not the end. The only thing we can do at this point is take that, and run; run with it, and hide.

    This show is brilliant, not because of one character (Lexa). but the dynamic the characters share. I, for one, am quite saddened by the character’s departure – not to mention Alycia Debnam-Carey, whom I simply adore – but the groundwork for season 3 has only just begun. More will be revealed. And, hopefully, down the line, may they meet again.

    PS: You have got to admit, though, at the very end when Clarke recited that Traveler’s Prayer, how touching it was. It was beautiful. Simply, and heartbreakingly, beautiful.

  26. Jeanna says:

    Soooo sad to see her go. Hopefully she and Eliza Taylor will at least get Performers of the Week for that heartbreaking scene. I’m still upset!

  27. badgirl68 says:

    What I don’t understand is why she would want to leave the 100 it’s much better than fear the walking dead. And lexa is a great character she is stubborn yet she is loveable. The point is her being killed is the worst thing I think that can ever happen to the 100. I don’t want to sound rude but I hope she dies in fear the walking dead so she can come back to the show like being in that city of light but in the second one where clarke would find her there and then I would be so happy

    • tvjunkie says:

      So you’re comparing 2.5 seasons to 6 episodes? Yeah that’s a fair comparison, NOT. However, quality is irrelevant in this case. She has never been a regular on The 100, but she is a regular on FTWD. FTWD, was pretty much guaranteed to blow the ratings for The 100 out of the water, which it did. Put those together and it elevates the actress’ professional profile an public visibility a lot more than staying a recurring character on The 100. Basically for her it was a positive career move, so can you blame her for taking it?

  28. SabrinaMb says:

    I’m actually heartbroken over this episode.. Lexa was and still is my Favourite character.. I would often find myself replaying her scenes over and over again.. In addition to this, I love #Clexa ! Now, all of that are just sweet memories.. I actually felt frustrated and angry too at the creator for having to do this but after I heard about the reasons why they had to do that, I guess there’s really nothing much to say cause its understandable.. LEXA WILL FOREVER BE IN OUR HEART!!! MAY WE MEET AGAIN :’)

  29. Sawyeri says:

    When is CW going to announce season 4 renewal.

  30. stacie says:

    Don’t think I can continue to watch this show I only follow because I love the orca Clarke relationship :-(

  31. Amy Dee says:

    Why did they made such a big deal of clarke/Lexa’s relationship if they knew Lexa would have to go ? I would have been happy with Clarke being in love with another beautiful girl. She first was really happy with a grounder… Boom. She dies. The she sleeps with a girl but never sees her again. Ok… We start to think that it’s gonna be Lexa. And indeed It is. But… Hey… Why why why. Please, give Clarke (and all of us lesbians) a break : let her love and be happy a little.

  32. sait says:

    İ cant understand why lexa dead rly broken heart pls bring her back to life in the next ep

  33. amelia says:

    To be honest I have never seen an actress/actor on a TV series portray, so perfectly, the balance between such intensity and bitter heartbreak in the span of only a few scenes. From watching the 100 and specifically watching Alycia Debnam-Carey, I have undergone so many different emotions in one single episode than i care to admit. This specific actress has made feel so many different things and she is so beautifully talented that, if i am being honest, i have come to love (as much as i can for a person i don’t actually know). Thank you to Alycia Debnam-Carey for putting everything into your acting because it has surely affected me

  34. amelia says:

    to be honest i’m just upset because i may or may not have fallen in love with Alycia Debnam-Carey

  35. Why killed her off when her character arc was so magnificently build (imo it was better written than any of the regulars on the shows)? If they can’t afford to have ADC back they should have just not bring her character back at all, but instead…

  36. Joe says:

    FTWD has a total commitment of 21 episodes over two seasons. Even in these days of glorified mini-series, that is barely a single season of many shows. It is fiction that The 100 couldn’t have written around Alycia’s schedule, especially knowing it well in advance.

    Still, what irritates many of us is the ham-handed way in which this was done. Tara’s death on BTVS tritely borrowed the literary trope of punishing women, and especially lesbians, for seeking happiness. Fifteen years later, if The 100 brain trust really wanted to kill off their best character and strongest actor, they might have given it more than 15 seconds of thought before copying.

  37. Spencer says:

    No Lexa, no the 100

  38. Kelli says:

    This is the hardest death to accept. This year of all the shows I have watched. I 100% love Lexa as a character. Its earth shattering to see her go. I hope Clarke does not pair off with anyone else. Stay true to Lexa. And let them meet again. Until then Jus Drein Just Daun. Clexa4ever#

  39. Lorena martinez says:

    I think they shouldnt have cut her off cause alot of people think it would have come out another way but it was real tragic but it was for the best.

  40. Billy says:

    Bring back lexa pls…#clexa

  41. Laura says:

    Really upset about this. Lexa was my favorite character on the show and I’m really going to miss her. Alycia is the bomb.

  42. dolly says:

    Will not watch this show anymore since the main character Lexa is gone…you guys kill the darn show by taking the icing off the cake in Lexa…bye bye. .

  43. Jess says:

    Noooooo!!!! My heart…. I was surprised….. I knew she’d have to go I just thought it make it a little longer booooo my favorite character ( no offense Clark) but I was definitely team clexa…..

    However after reading the earlier comments I really don’t think her death had absolutely anything to do with being gay…. So that should just stop….. And this coming from someone within that community….. People really just need to stop having such sensitive feelings….. If you want to feel the warm and fuzzies this show is not for you….. Go find a safe space and watch will and grace.

  44. Chris sherman says:

    What if it was not Lexa? What if it was the A.I. that Clarke unknowingly cares about? You all have seen what version one can do. This is version 2. Soooooo… Wait and see.

  45. victor says:

    i love Alycia Debnam-Carey.. i hate Rothenberg ><

  46. kate says:

    why kill lexa?? she was the best character ><

  47. nina says:

    my heart is so broken :( it has been the WORST decision you have made ><

  48. Assia says:

    I hate that she died and i’m not gonna watch anymore because of it……

  49. JD says:

    bring her back the show won’t be nearly as good without her :(

  50. Lin Brand says:

    The other female character Clarke is shown having sex with also died shortly thereafter. The writers will probably keep killing off her female love interests, and ultimately settle her down with a man, lolz. So typical.

    • Connie says:

      Just because she has a female lover, doesn’t mean she has to leave the show. She was my favorite character and when she died i was actually really sad. I know the writers didn’t want a lesbian relationship but it happened and i didn’t think it was bad, it was really emotional. Lexa and Clarke were obviously not meant to be together in a writers point of view, but their love and passion for each other was beautiful, they brought life to each other and they brought readers to watch more and more, and that’s all a writer can really ask for, to be famous and for people to be happy of what they read. I mean, as i say again, she is my favorite character over the whole show because she is so passionate with her work it’s amazing! Bringing her back to the show won’t be nearly as good without her in it. :(