Once Upon a Time Sneak Peek: In the Underworld, Granny's Serves Surprises

This isn’t your grandmother’s… er, Granny’s, as becomes evident when ABC’s Once Upon a Time sets foot in the Underworld.

In the midseason premiere “Souls of the Departed” (airing Sunday at 8/7c), Emma, Regina et al promptly spread out upon arriving in the ruinous realm’s topsy-turvy version of Storybrooke, in search of freshly deceased Hook. Snow White (played by Ginnifer Goodwin) handles the recon of Granny’s diner, which in the Underworld features a skeletal line cook and the Blind Witch (again played by Buffy alum Emma Caulfield) as proprietor.

The Blind Witch sniffs out the presence of the Enchanted Forest’s bandit-turned-princess, then gets the 411 on her mission. From there, yada yada… and then Rumple shows up to make a pronouncement about his role in this search-and-rescue.

Elsewhere in the episode, Regina reunites with her mother Cora, setting the stage for quite the emotional roller coaster, while in flashback we RSVP for the Evil Queen’s birthday, where she is the recipient of a most unexpected gift.

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  1. Samui says:

    This show is so desperate right now. I hope it finish this year.

  2. Margaret says:

    This looks so fun! Can’t wait for the rest of the episode.

  3. Gail says:

    Surprised James would know he had a twin brother. David didn’t know until after James was killed. Do people in the Underworld know what has been going on in the living world after they die?

  4. Sarah says:

    Awesome sneak peek! I missed this show so much, I can’t wait for it to be back. Josh Dallas is such a gift, watching him play both James and David is such a treat! I’m so excited for this arc and for the episode. Bring it on!

  5. Chet says:

    I swear, there’s nothing Horowitz and Kitsis love more than violating women through force or fraud.

    • Danyelle says:

      some people take ish wayyyyyyy too seriously, my god. so every kiss in tv and movie history that involved deception is some form of “violation”? okayyyy. good luck with that mission.

      • Anna says:

        Girl please look for help, I bet you find Hook/Emma & Regina/Robin romantic. Have fun with your forced pairings and the show ratings dropping each day.

      • Jeeves says:

        Wow. Wow. Actually, yes. Every kiss on TV or movies that involved deception WAS a violation. Imagine that! And it’ll never change until people call it out, particularly when a whole show is a string of violations so good on you, Chet, and Danyelle, I truly hope that never happens to you.

        • John NYC says:

          They are effectively ALL deception as the two actors involved have no interest in each other and the kiss is directed and imposed on them by a script.

      • Chet says:

        Emma only dates men who forcibly kiss her first.

        I’m sure you know how much women just love and swoon over men forcing themselves on them.

        • Sunny says:

          The effort that some people take to hate on a fictional pairing on a show on ABC thats about fairy-tales is unreal. It goes to show what happens when you don’t have much of a life outside of the computer/ tv. Smh

      • Shawn says:

        Personally I find it refreshing not to have feminist man hating in this show. Women on this show know their place is loving men, being a man’s wife is what women are for, and raising men’s children.

        Men are good if women prioritize them like women are supposed to.

        • Maryann says:

          Are you for real? I think I’ll go throw up now. And oh, by the way, I love the show.

        • Bwhit says:

          Thank you so much for your insight. If I had read this first, I would have saved myself the trouble of enlisting in the Navy, going to school after I was done and working a full time job! All I needed to do was know my ‘place’ as a woman? How easy! 🙄 Also, I have never gotten that vibe from this show, but hey maybe I’m looking at it through my feminist glasses.

  6. Francene says:

    How come Snow didn’t realized that it wasn’t David as he kisses her, she only surprised when he said he wasn’t . Also why snow calling hook a friend, when he wanted to kill her entire familyLike yesterday ?

    • Kate says:

      Because Killian is a real hero, I don’t know why all of you hate Hook, he’s Emma’s true love and he loves Henry and wants to be his father. He has learned so much and he’s so good for Emma, he fixed her.

      • Chet says:

        The misogyny required to ship Captain Swan in one post.

      • Carly says:

        Nothing creeps me out more than talking about human beings, even fictional ones, as something that needs to be “fixed” like some broken toy. But what makes it worse is women talking about other women like that and implying that a man is necessary to “fix” a woman. This kind of response to a somewhat problematic pairing is exactly why some viewers feel that the show has lost its course, especially as far as the focus on strong women is concerned.

        • John NYC says:

          A specific gender might not be necessary, but SOMEONE often plays an important role in aiding a person through their recovery. And that aid most certainly does NOT subtract from “strong women”.

    • Carmen says:

      Why does everyone forget the fact that Hook was being controlled as a DARK ONE during the finale? The Dark One’s powers alter someone’s personality and makes them do things they normally wouldn’t do…it’s like being possessed or being on drugs. Emma nearly killed Merida at the beginning of the season because she was also being controlled by the Dark One’s powers, and Merida forgave her literally minutes after Emma put her heart back in. Everyone seemed to be okay with Emma’s actions because everyone knew she was struggling with the Dark One’s voices making her do something she wouldn’t want to do normally. So if everyone was fine with Emma nearly committing murder and being persuaded at the last second to not do it, then why is Hook getting so much more hate for doing the exact same thing? It’s a blatant double standard in the fandom.

      • Carly says:

        Hook was the Dark One ever since Camelot and yet he did just fine in Storybrooke up until he was told that he was the DO. If the powers seriously alter someone’s personality and therefore Hook can’t be blamed for what he’s done as the DO since he had no control over it… why didn’t we see this overwhelming unfluence of the DO powers take effect before? And we have seen that others have been capable of fighting said influence at various points over the show’s 5 seasons. So really… let’s not make too many excuses for the guy.

        • Francene says:

          Also he still wears the ring of his victimes (as a trophy) on his fingers while he romances Emma he only spill his secret being the DO nowBecause he felt that is the perfect excuse to do what he please

        • Carmen says:

          But we did see the overwhelming influence of the Dark One powers take effect. Immediately after Hook was raised from the Dark One vault, he was seeing visions of Rumple and Nimue in his head and was taunted by them. That doesn’t happen when you’re not a Dark One. The overwhelming influence of the Dark One powers pushed him to the point of ripping out Merlin’s heart and crushing it, exactly how Emma was pushed to the point of ripping out Merida’s heart and also Violet’s heart. Emma and Hook under normal circumstances would never have ripped out those hearts, but because they had the Dark Curse inside them, we have to give them slack for their behavior while under its influence. And yes, you can fight off the Dark One’s influence, which is what we saw with both Emma and Hook. Emma was able to fight it off and not crush Merida’s heart. Hook was able to fight it off and destroy all the Dark Ones during the finale. And the reason Hook was fine in Storybrooke for a while was because Emma was using a glamour spell to trick him into believing he wasn’t a Dark One. We’re supposed to assume that if you don’t know you’re a Dark One, you’re not being taunted by any of the head demons and dark thoughts, so there wasn’t anything in Hook’s head to bait him into doing dark things.

          Do you hold Emma 100% responsible for ripping out Merida’s heart and nearly killing her? Do you hold her 100% responsible for ripping out Violet’s heart and forcing her to lie to Henry? Do you hold her 100% responsible for lying to her family in Storybrooke and her plan to murder Zelena? I’d be willing to bet that you give Emma a bit of slack because she was battling the Dark One curse that entire time and it altered her personality and enabled her to do darker things normal Emma wouldn’t want to do. So if we give Emma that same slack, we have to be willing to give Hook a bit of slack, too.

    • Vari says:

      @Francene Hook also SAVED them, when he overcame the darkness and decided to sacrificed himself for Emma and her family!!! Big fat clue in the finale episode!!!

      • Francene says:

        What clue all I see is him fixing his mess he caused in the first place , then Have the balls to addressing himself as a “HERO”

  7. Suzy says:

    Wow, this actually looks good! I’m actually excited for it to come back on.

  8. Mona says:

    Where is Hook? I don’t care about Snow/Charming scenes, it’s time for Hook to shine and I want Killian/Emma scenes! I loved S5.

  9. Leah says:

    James is hot. I’m tired of JMo’s breathless, bug-eyed “acting.” Goodwin is phoning it in. Ho hum.

    • Maria says:

      I’m sure Lana’s overacting and chewing the scenery gets you going! Nothing like making faces into the camera to call brillant. Thanks

  10. John NYC says:

    Man, the break is just making it so hard to garner ANY energy for this return…..

  11. Carly says:

    I’m hoping David being in the Underworld means Snow and Charming are going to have an actual story and more screentime during this arc. It’s about time. I’m just not really feeling OUAT’s need to come back to characters kissing others while pretending to be someone else.

  12. Vari says:

    James & Snow lol. Red-tint will start 2 get irritating after awhile imo.
    Poor Emma, you will find Hook #CaptainSwan #SaveHook

  13. Bellamy says:

    Good to see Hookers finally admit nothing Rumple does is Rumple’s fault, because he was cursed.

    And also tactically acknowledge that Hook didn’t overcome the darkness so much as resist it momentarily. Obviously had Emma not killed him, the helpless kitten to blame for nothing would’ve slaughered his family as he intended.

    I am, howevef, unsure how putting out a fire you started makes you a hero who saved people rather than simply didn’t murder them. Really, Regina and Emma saved everyone.

    Alas, there’s a reason Kitsis massages CoD in public I suppose.

    • Carmen says:

      I think most people realize that Rumple has been under a curse for centuries. Coward Rumple’s personality before the curse is drastically different than his personality when he’s the Dark One.

      And how do you feel about Regina putting out the fire she made in Season 2 at the last second? If she couldn’t stop the fail safe that SHE created, everyone would have died, including Emma, Henry, Snow, and Charming. It’s basically the exact same situation Hook was in, except she was never under any Dark Curse and Henry called her a hero in that same episode for putting out her own fire. Double standard again.

      • Bellamy says:

        Don’t recall her calling herself a hero, do you?

        Yeah, that’s because she didn’t.

        • Carmen says:

          I never said she did, I said Henry called her a hero, which means that’s what the narrative wants us to accept. Is your entire hangup because of the one line “let me die a hero”?